[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Bug#1019090: librust-petgraph-dev: impossible to satisfy dependency

Peter Michael Green plugwash at debian.org
Sun Sep 4 01:42:37 BST 2022

There is a new upstream version of petgraph that uses the new version of 
fixedbitset, I suspect the most sensible way to fix this bug is 
uploading it and it has been prepared in debcargo-conf (initially 
byBlair Noctis with some further tweaking by myself)

However before I upload it, I wanted to check the reverse dependencies, 
I go started on doing so but rust-cargo-lock proved to be a fair bit of 
effort to update. I'll probablly look at the remaining packages soon, 
but if others want to take a look that is fine too.

rust-cargo-lock - update prepared in debcargo-conf (along with updates 
for gumdrop and gumdrop-derive which it depends on)
rust-lalrpop -update prepared in debcargo-conf
rust-rust-code-analysis - already broken and not in testing.
rust-tree-magic - update prepared in debcargo-conf
rust-tree-magic-mini - fixed upstream, but Debian packaging not 
investigated yet.
librust-ena+congruence-closure-dev - not investigated yet
librust-parking-lot-core+petgraph-dev - already depends on new version 
of petgraph
librust-parking-lot-core-0.4+petgraph-dev - not investigated yet
rust-code-analysis-cli - indirect depedency/built-using, already broken 
and not in testing.

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