[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Bug#1019570: librust-cbindgen-dev has been removed from Bullseye

Nick Brown nickbroon at graphiant.com
Mon Sep 12 10:21:45 BST 2022

Package: rust-cbindgen
Version:  0.23.0-1~deb11u1
Severity: important

 The NMU of 0.23.0-1~deb11u1 replaced 0.20.0-1~deb11u1 in Debian Bullseye
and in doing so removed librust-cbindgen-dev and librust-cbindgen+clap-dev



This means that any debian packages (or 3rd party debian packaged) that were built using librust-cbindgen-dev will no longer do so.

I had 3rd party debian packages that were being built against ibrust-cbindgen-dev that no longer builds, and only work around is now vendor ibrust-cbindgen-dev.

Why was ibrust-cbindgen-dev removed? Can it be restored?

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