[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Request to join the rust team

Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre at debian.org
Tue Feb 10 14:32:54 UTC 2015


On 10/02/2015 15:27, Markus Wanner wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in Rust and would like to help getting this nice language
> packaged for Debian. I'm a DM and aspiring DD.
Cool! Welcome!
Don't apply to the alioth group.

> While this may seem early, most of my efforts so far have gone into
> packaging rust libraries required for building cargo. I'm focusing on
> dynamic libraries (even if those aren't stable, yet) as I don't believe
> in static linking.
Yes, the current status is temporary.

> Cargo has dependencies on about a dozen rust libraries that use cargo to
> be built. In a way, we're facing another dependency cycle, there. My
> approach is many-fold:
>  * I hacked cargo to emit some of the required files for packaging a
>    library for Debian (control, changelog, rules, .install) based on
>    Cargo.toml - including Build-Deps.
>  * I made it emit a Makefile with the appropriate rustc invocations to
>    generate different variants of the library (dylib, rlib, staticlib).
>    I imagine to extend this mechanism to allow the Makefile to create
>    test as well as real binaries, invoke rustdoc, etc..
>  * I patched debhelper to recognize that conglomerate of Cargo.toml and
>    the cargo-generated Makefile, so that debian/rules can be minimal.
>    (debian/rules essentially being a Makefile, this may seem strange at
>    first. However, I wanted to keep the Makefile.cargo as generally
>    usable as possible. So I thought it should feature the usual targets
>    just like a Makefile created by autoconf for it to be generally
>    useful, not just for Debian.)
> This works to some extent. For some of the cargo dependencies and
> certain versions of those few libraries (the ones that compile with
> rustc as currently "shipped" by something close to rustc as in the NEW
> queue).
> I'd like to ..
>  a) share my code (maybe on some git repo on alioth?)
>  b) get feedback on my approach (and code)
>  c) join the rust team and update a couple of wiki pages
>     (the policy for rust packaging of libraries still mentions rustpkg
>      rather than cargo, for example)
You don't need permissions to do that.

>  d) help with packaging rustc and its standard library
>  e) update my cargo patches to work with current rustc
>  f) extend cargo further to be able to cope with system-provided
>     libraries (I don't like it downloading stuff w/o asking and wasting
>     time re-building)
>  g) work with cargo upstream
>  h) get this thing flying
Great plans!


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