[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Bug#822325: rustc: FTBFS in testing: test fail

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Sat May 14 12:52:55 UTC 2016

close 822325
severity 822325 important
affects 823530 rustc

> This looks like an artifact due to your build environment,
> [...]
> this looks like just some test instability on an emulated environment, 
> [...]

I really think this was not the case here, as I have now a more than
likely explanation for the FTBFS bug.

Your comments about the tests being heavily threaded made me to
remember that I filed two bugs very similar to this one:


(Note: I'm setting this one to "important" only to be in sync with
those two bugs, as it was a FTBFS bug after all, but I'm also closing
it at the same time).

In both cases the problem went away by setting
DefaultTasksMax=infinity in /etc/systemd/system.conf.

So I tried doing that with rustc and the problem went away as well.

For reference, this was the setting in systemd which most likely was
to blame for this:


This setting has been changed in systemd yesterday and it will reach
testing in four days, so if you still want to reproduce this in rustc
in testing (using the kernel in testing), maybe you could.

But for all purposes I consider this issue solved.

Thanks a lot.

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