[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Upstream has changed the bootstrap process

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Mon May 30 10:19:14 UTC 2016

Angus Lees:
> On Tue, 26 Apr 2016 at 00:36 Ximin Luo <infinity0 at debian.org> wrote:
>> Upstream HEAD (nightly, version 1.10) since
>> 02538d463a350f5c3658f7aabefca16eb599d31c have changed their bootstrap
>> process to use stable releases.
> Hooray!  This *should* mean we can just Build-Dep on rustc (==release-1) |
> rustc (== this release) to build rustc(*), and drop the stage0 orig tarball
> completely (**).
> (*) debian/rules will need to work out whether we're building with
> $release-1 (and do the regular build from stage1) or $release (and jump in
> at stage2), which is logic we need to implement first.
> (**) (Re-)Bootstrapping a new architectures is still a thing that we need
> to worry about that I won't repeat here.
> This breaks our make_orig-dl_tarball.py script. I made a start at fixing
>> it, but haven't yet finished. I probably won't have time for another few
>> weeks, so if someone wants to jump in ahead, then I've attached what I've
>> done so far.
> I'm busy for this week (at a conference), but I should be able to have a
> bash at it next week (or so).  I'm sorry we didn't have this more ready in
> time for this change, I wasn't paying enough attention to know this was
> finally arriving :/

Just a reminder to everyone that this will hit for the next stable version (1.10).

Sorry that I also don't have time to look at it myself.


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