[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Directly bootstrapping arm architectures

Angus Lees gus at debian.org
Mon Jul 18 01:13:15 UTC 2016

There should be no need to bundle them into orig-dl tarball, even
temporarily.  Bootstrapping new architectures for Rust is no different to
breaking other circular dependencies:

   - Install the required dependencies "somehow"
   - For Rust+arm this probably means installing the upstream pre-built
      compiler, as you've suggested.  For new architectures it will require a
      working cross-compiler (and LLVM support).
   - Use it to build rustc.deb
      - Possibly by hacking the build-deps to remove dependencies that
      can't be satisfied through the packaging system, but I think we have the
      right build profiles in place to make manual edits unnecessary.
   - Use the resulting rustc.deb (and other build-deps) to build a "clean"
   rustc.deb, with no build-profiles or manual debian/control hacks.
   - Upload the resulting clean rustc.deb (binary-only upload).

 - Gus

On Sun, 17 Jul 2016 at 23:17 Ximin Luo <infinity0 at debian.org> wrote:

> Instead of building a cross-compiler, we can directly bootstrap
> arm64,armel,armhf using the 1.9.0 binaries provided by Rust upstream. We
> can bundle these into the orig-dl tarball as we did for amd64,i386 in
> previous versions. After the initial versions are uploaded, we can drop the
> orig-dl for the next version.
> I'm building this right now on asachi (arm64 porterbox) and the build is
> going well.
> Unless anyone complains, I'm going to proceed with this once the build
> succeeds and I'm happy with the results. I know that bootstrapping via
> cross-compilation is "cleaner" from a Debian perspective, but it would take
> much much more work. :( (And there are plenty of other architectures to try
> this with, in the future!)
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