[Pkg-salt-team] Bug#703600: salt: Fix check for systemd

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Mon Apr 29 21:13:03 UTC 2013

Hello Joe,

sorry for the late answer! I didn't actually get your response by
mail, I just spotted it on the BTS when reviewing the current patch

Joe Healy [2013-04-09 12:21 +1000]:
> Salt has recently updated the way it checks for systemd.
> The way salt is doing so is incorrect and the appropriate way to do so
> is in the patch.
> This patch is not debian specific, but should be applied upstream.

That's all correct. Almost all similar fixes went upstream by now (see
http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/cgroup-sd_booted.txt for my
tracking list).

> You have not raised an issue upstream regarding this (I did a quick
> search for systemd and found nothing relevant).

Right. I think I had some trouble actually finding an upstream bug
tracker, and I still cannot find one on http://saltstack.com.

> We can either apply this fix here (if it is urgent) or take it upstream.
> I think it would be more appropriate to send it upstream.

I agree, this isn't that urgent in Debian. But it would be nice to get
fixed after wheezy's release, so that we can start working on
introducing logind into Debian. I'll apply it to the Ubuntu package
now, as we moved to logind.


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