[Pkg-salt-team] Bug#805071: salt-ssh: sal-ssh in sid does not work with a Wheezy target : no backports.ssl_match_hostname in the pushed bundle

Gilles Mocellin gilles.mocellin at nuagelibre.org
Mon May 30 18:21:20 UTC 2016

Le 30/05/2016 à 16:37, Wolodja Wentland a écrit :
> Hi Gilles,
> we have just uploaded a new salt version to unstable and this bug should
> have been fixed a while ago. As outlined in [0] I had to perform some
> additional cleanup steps before I was able to use salt-ssh with squeeze
> and wheezy targets again.
> It would be fantastic if you could check if this problem still occurs
> with the version currently in unstable as we would like to close it otherwise.
> [0] https://github.com/saltstack/salt/issues/27355#issuecomment-197275457

Yes !
Thank you, it works between my Debian SID workstation (salt-ssh 2016.3.0 
(Boron)) and one of my Proxmox server / Debian Wheezy (salt-call 
2015.5.3 (Lithium)).

I just did a dist-upgrade, and switched from salt 2015.8.8+ds-1 to 
2016.3.0+ds-1 on my workstation.
So I can-t tell if it worked with salt-ssh 2015.8.8.

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