[Pkg-salt-team] Bug#836297: salt: please set GSettings using dbus-run-session, not dbus-launch

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Thu Sep 1 12:05:12 UTC 2016

Source: salt
Version: 2016.3.2+ds-1
Severity: normal
User: dbus at packages.debian.org
Usertags: dbus-launch dbus-launch-for-infra

As described in <https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2016/08/msg00554.html>
I'm trying to reduce how much dbus-launch is used in Debian.

This package currently runs a couple of GSettings commands resembling this:

    cmd = 'dbus-launch --exit-with-session gsettings get {0} {1}'.format(self.SCHEMA, self.KEY)

Instead please consider using dbus-run-session:

    cmd = 'dbus-run-session -- gsettings get {0} {1}'.format(self.SCHEMA, self.KEY)

which requires dbus (>= 1.8), but does not require dbus-launch or X11.


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