[Pkg-salt-team] Bug#893817: Fwd: [saltstack/salt-jenkins] [Py3][Tornado 5.0] IOLoop tests failing with asyncio (#995)

Nicolas Braud-Santoni nicolas at braud-santoni.eu
Wed Aug 29 10:39:41 BST 2018


Upstream isn't fixing this in the next minor release of Salt, so it looks like
we won't be able to ship Salt 2018.3 in Debian any time soon (unless we switch
back to making it use Py2 temporarily).

I'm sorry to be bringing the bad news, and I would suggest waiting for the
Fluorine release:
- switching back and forth between py2 and py3 would likely break things,
- the ones who absolutely need Salt in buster or sid are likely using the
  vendor's repository (as Salt has been broken in Debian for ~half a year)

Of course, as I'm not in the Salt team, my opinion should likely be taken
with... a grain of salt  ;)



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This is not going to be fixed in 2018.3.3, you will have to stick with salt with python2 for versions where python-tornado is already upgraded.

This is will be fixed in Fluorine for python3 and if it is not too complicated it may be backported to 2018.3 once it has finished, but it is not holding up the 2018.3.3 release.

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