[Pkg-samba-maint] Strange libacl build dependency

Steve Langasek vorlon at debian.org
Wed Nov 2 08:20:02 UTC 2005

On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 01:17:07AM +0100, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Does anyone know what exactly this is supposed to accomplish:

> Build-Depends: libacl1-dev (>= 2.2.11-1) [i386 ia64 alpha amd64 arm hppa 
> m32r m68k mips mipsel powerpc ppc64 s390 s390x sh3 sh3eb sh4 sh4
> eb sparc]

> Would it not be better to write:

> Build-Depends: libacl1-dev (>= 2.2.11-1) [!hurd-i386 !kfreebsd-i386]

> Perhaps the inclusion list was once upon a time much shorter than the 
> exclusion list?

This is there because it's what type-handling generates as the value of "any
linux-gnu", which is much better than trying to keep track of all new Linux
(*or* non-Linux) ports by ourselves.

FWIW, this is the insane string that type-handling outputs if we instead use
"type-handling -r any linux-gnu":

!darwin-i386 !freebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-i386 !knetbsd-i386 !netbsd-i386 !openbsd-i386 !hurd-i386 !darwin-ia64 !freebsd-ia64 !kfreebsd-ia64 !knetbsd-ia64 !netbsd-ia64 !openbsd-ia64 !hurd-ia64 !darwin-alpha !freebsd-alpha !kfreebsd-alpha !knetbsd-alpha !netbsd-alpha !openbsd-alpha !hurd-alpha !darwin-amd64 !freebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-amd64 !knetbsd-amd64 !netbsd-amd64 !openbsd-amd64 !hurd-amd64 !darwin-arm !freebsd-arm !kfreebsd-arm !knetbsd-arm !netbsd-arm !openbsd-arm !hurd-arm !darwin-hppa !freebsd-hppa !kfreebsd-hppa !knetbsd-hppa !netbsd-hppa !openbsd-hppa !hurd-hppa !darwin-m32r !freebsd-m32r !kfreebsd-m32r !knetbsd-m32r !netbsd-m32r !openbsd-m32r !hurd-m32r !darwin-m68k !freebsd-m68k !kfreebsd-m68k !knetbsd-m68k !netbsd-m68k !openbsd-m68k !hurd-m68k !darwin-mips !freebsd-mips !kfreebsd-mips !knetbsd-mips !netbsd-mips !openbsd-mips !hurd-mips !darwin-mipsel !freebsd-mipsel !kfreebsd-mipsel !knetbsd-mipsel !netbsd-mipsel !openbsd-mipsel !hurd-mipsel !darwin-powerpc !freebsd-powerpc !kfreebsd-powerpc !knetbsd-powerpc !netbsd-powerpc !openbsd-powerpc !hurd-powerpc !darwin-ppc64 !freebsd-ppc64 !kfreebsd-ppc64 !knetbsd-ppc64 !netbsd-ppc64 !openbsd-ppc64 !hurd-ppc64 !darwin-s390 !freebsd-s390 !kfreebsd-s390 !knetbsd-s390 !netbsd-s390 !openbsd-s390 !hurd-s390 !darwin-s390x !freebsd-s390x !kfreebsd-s390x !knetbsd-s390x !netbsd-s390x !openbsd-s390x !hurd-s390x !darwin-sh3 !freebsd-sh3 !kfreebsd-sh3 !knetbsd-sh3 !netbsd-sh3 !openbsd-sh3 !hurd-sh3 !darwin-sh3eb !freebsd-sh3eb !kfreebsd-sh3eb !knetbsd-sh3eb !netbsd-sh3eb !openbsd-sh3eb !hurd-sh3eb !darwin-sh4 !freebsd-sh4 !kfreebsd-sh4 !knetbsd-sh4 !netbsd-sh4 !openbsd-sh4 !hurd-sh4 !darwin-sh4eb !freebsd-sh4eb !kfreebsd-sh4eb !knetbsd-sh4eb !netbsd-sh4eb !openbsd-sh4eb !hurd-sh4eb !darwin-sparc !freebsd-sparc !kfreebsd-sparc !knetbsd-sparc !netbsd-sparc !openbsd-sparc !hurd-sparc

Pretty crazy to think that things like darwin-s390 would get a Debian port.
<shrug>  Anyway, listing all the known Linux architectures is much, much
shorter than listing all the non-Linux ports that type-handling *thinks* are
possible. :)

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