[Pkg-samba-maint] My notes from SambaXP talks

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Wed Apr 26 06:15:38 UTC 2006

Yesterday afternoon, we had three different talks about news from the
Samba Team and such related stuff.

Jerry talked about future plans in general, both about Samba 3 and
4. Then Andrew and Jelmer talked about Samba 4 technologies and
finally Volker talked deeper about Samba3 technical changes.

Below are my notes from the 3 talks. I post them as is, hoping that I
did not misundertood anything. Hopefully this will be handy for those
of you who didn't attend.

Today's talks are either user experience stuff (which I'll attend: I
have to motivate my boss paying me to come here) and developer track
(which I'd like to attend even though I don't understand a single bit
most of the time)

Updates on Samba - Jerry Carter

Upgrade releases: one per 4 months.

Part of GSoC (6 students last year)

3.0.23 end of may

Security releases always have a minor number increase (3.0.21x-->3.0.22)

new features at the horizon:
-Backport IDL from SAMBA_4_0
-nem /unixinfo named pipe
-cleaned up params in smb.conf (mostly those introduced to disable new features when they were introduced)

3.0.24 hopefully September-->comment from me: last target for etch?

turn smb.conf into a registry hive? half-joke by Jerry
 (maybe I misunderstood that one)

SAMBA_4_0 is
 hotbed for research of AD domain control
 successful experiment in CIFS and MS-RPC protocol coverage
 a buffet of useful subsystems (pidl, talloc, ldb...)
 the architecture blueprint for future samba release

Samba 3.0 is
 the production server devel tree

Samba4 has no printing (but could happen..:-))

Why re-implement {ldap,krb5}?

Goal is implement an AD DC--enough of those to do the job

La Biblioteca de Samba
 Library of knowledge for other OSS
 SAMBA_4_0 is an incomplete prototype of AD requirementns

New wiki.samba.org


Possibly use bazaar-ng for managaing the work with students (Jerry not
really planning to switch to bzr to main devel, though)

Samba 4 - J. Vernooj/A. Bartlett

lot of work on LDB and LDAP server
Kerberos logon on Winallation66

Work in progress
 Upgrade from Samba3
 Winbind: architecture in place
 Printing: skeleton in place
 Lanman browsing

Samba3 is better because of research done for samba4 (a lot of backporting)

Before the first alpha release, "we" need;
 primitive AD domain logon
 platform for future GP implementation
 MMC support
 command line tools
 samba3 client support

Ideal first samba4 site
 Experienced sysadmin
 Needs kerberos integration at the domain login stae
 Not yet running AD
 Small network (single DC)
 Multi-platform clients environment

Writing your own KDC and LDAP?
 -upsets established players
 -was essential to current progress

Making devel releases
 -needs careful expectation management
 -should I wait for Samba4?
 -how to describe early devel releases?
   -(too?) high expectations on "alpha" and "betas"
   - Technology Preview currently
 -how to describe lack of fucntionality

 (off record-->seems to me to motivate a quite early samba4 package in
 unstable, kept out of etch)

Protocol(s) keep popping up
 SMB2 in Vista
 Primitive client implementation
 Even more primitive server implementation

...and Andrew did the demo of a W2K3 machine joining a samba4 domain
   (with a nice Crocodile Dundee-style hat, btw)

Future of Samba3 - Volker Lendecke

Increased devel speed

 new offline mode in winbind
   "Laptop taken home"-->possible for Windows
   for NLD (a Novell thing?) --> added functionality
   somethign like Windows Offline Folders
 new krb suppo in pam_winbind
   winbind takes care of renewing krb tickets when taking care of user credentials
 non-root share management tools
   Windows allows Power Users to maintain their own shares
   new "usershare" parameters
   Admins can give users the ability to define shares

 Improved local group handling 
   3.0.3 supposedly added "support for local nested groups via winbind

 Until 3.0.22, the mapping code is messy

 net groupmap "examples of *how to NOT build command line interfaces"

 --> net sam
     net sam mapunixgroup: allowate a new RID and map a Unix group to the corresponding SID

     net sam create [builtin|local] group: add a mapping represneting a local group, needs winbind to alocate a GID

  net sam set: edit user accounts

"valid users = @BUILTIN\users" WORKS \o/ \o/


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