[Pkg-samba-maint] Re: Bug#268010: Any progress on the issue?

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Tue Jan 3 06:04:29 UTC 2006

> > I would vote to forward this patch to upstream because adding new
> > configuration parameters impacts the documentation and we certainly
> > don't want to have Debian's samba to behave differently from upstream.
> Um, it's not an upstream bug.  The Debian FHS patch disables the existing
> 'lock dir' option because it has non-FHS semantics; and it doesn't provide

Ah, OK. Then as I suspected, this bug is related to bugs about the
disabled "lock dir" and thus to the two other bugs I mentioned.

> I'm not keen to create Debian-specific smb.conf options, though; the FHS

Yes. I would definitely vote *against* this because this would need
maintaining specific documentation for it and it would anyway be very
confusing for our users who rely on the numerous documentation about

For software which is as popular as samba, we really must saty as
close to upstream as possible. I think everyone here will agree.

> patch desperately needs to be forwarded/integrated upstream, but this is
> going to take a fair amount of time for someone to discuss it with all the
> affected parties, work out which branch it should be integrated on, etc.
> I'm confident that the FHS patch does the right thing by Debian, but it may
> not meet the needs of other vendors.

This makes a very interesting topic to work on at the mini
samba+Debian meeting I've proposed for the next SambaXP....

We really need to find a way to bring you there, Steve..:)

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