[Pkg-samba-maint] Going to SambaXP

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Mon Jan 16 07:42:09 UTC 2006

>From #debian-devel:

(vorlon is Steve Langasek who acts as the samba package release manager
and is also overall Debian Release manager, Sesse is Steinar
H. Gunderson who began the work on samba4 packiging along with Jelmer
Vernooij. Steve lives in USA/Oregon, Steinar lives in
Norway. "bubulle" is me)

02:03 < Sesse> vorlon: speaking of conferences, are you guys (as in the samba maintainers) going to sambaxp?
02:05 < vorlon> Sesse: bubulle usually goes.  I haven't.
02:05 < Sesse> ok
02:05 < vorlon> I don't imagine I will this year either; I'm not buying my own plane ticket, and no one else has offered to.

Given my past experience of the SambaXP conference and the current
increased activity in the maintenance of samba packages in Debian as
well as the increased interaction between Debian maintainers and the
Samba Team, I think it would be great to have Steve and Steinar attend
the SambaXP conference.

I will attend, personnally, because I'm lucky enough to have my
company pay for it and so will Noèl Köthe for the same reasons.

However, I think we have a good opportunity this year to increase the
relations between Debian aintainers and the Samba Team. Would there be
a chance that we find a solution for funding a possible travel (and
conference fee) for Steve and Steinar to Göttingen?

Gerald, Andrew, I suppose there is some system available in some
manner for such funding (for instance your own expenses) so I would be
ashamed if I at least do not ask...:-). Of course, please feel free to
point me to the relevant people in case this is needed.

I really would like to organize what I already mentioned in the
pkg-samba-maint mailing list, namely a work session around Debian
samba packages maintenance and Debian/Samba Team interaction, and do
it with as many real life people as possible.


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