[Pkg-samba-maint] Re: Going to SambaXP

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Fri Jan 20 06:04:40 UTC 2006

Quoting Gerald (Jerry) Carter (jerry at samba.org):
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> Christian Perrier wrote:
> >>From #debian-devel:
> > 
> > (vorlon is Steve Langasek who acts as the samba package release manager
> > and is also overall Debian Release manager, Sesse is Steinar
> > H. Gunderson who began the work on samba4 packiging along with Jelmer
> > Vernooij. Steve lives in USA/Oregon, Steinar lives in
> > Norway. "bubulle" is me)
> Christian,
> Remind what the original plan is.  I know it is for a debian/samba pkg
> mini-con.  Can you give me a quick outline of an agenda?  Are
> we talking about during the conference (one night) or a day before
> or after)?

I was thinking about something during the tutorial....with the
drawback of Noèl Köthe not being there.....or during the conference
(skipping a few talks?).

However, it appears that things might not be as easy as expected for
Steve Langasek given his schedule for all these weeks and him already
going to other conferences. Scheduling them and keeping some personal
life might be hard for him.

But, well, if we come up with things properly packaged, this could be
convincing enough for Steve. Uh, Steve? /me already volunteered for
talking to Patty...:-)

Steinar being able to come would be another target given the amount of
work he's currently putting in samba4 packaging.

To summarize (supposedly) interested people and their schedule:

Expenses and conference fees to cover for these people to have a
chance coming:
-Steve Langasek (samba Debian team), not sure, unknown schedule
-Steinar Gunderson (samba Debian team), not sure, unknown schedule

Expenses paid by other means:
-Noèl Köthe (samba Debian team), sure, 25/4 and 26/4
-Peter Eisentraut (samba Debian team), not sure, unknown schedule
-Christian Perrier (samba Debian team), sure, 24/4 to 26/4 (NOT AFTER)
-Jelmer Vernooij (Samba Team), sure, unknwon schedule
-Gerald Carter (Samba Team), sure?, 24/4 to 26/4 (or more?)
-Andrew Bartlett (Samba Team), sure, 24/4/to 26/4 (or more?)

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