[Pkg-samba-maint] r995 - trunk

Peter Eisentraut peter_e at gmx.net
Wed Jan 25 08:25:15 UTC 2006

Christian Perrier wrote:
> I confirm I already had this discussion with Steve and we agreed to
> leave the warnings and not hide them under the rug until we are
> really sure they're harmless.

Again, this sort of information should be recorded in a todo file or a 
bug tracker rather than, as it appears to have been done in this case, 
implicitly in the logs of an svn system.  A lot more people read, say, 
the BTS when installing or considering contributing to a package.

> Same comment. Here we should probably take care of forwarding this to
> lintian maintainer(s).

See #337034, but the existing overrides were nonfunctional nevertheless.

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