[Pkg-samba-maint] Re: samba from experimental uninstallable --> future of Samba 4 packages

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Wed Apr 25 05:59:20 UTC 2007

(keeping Sesse and Jelmer CC'ed, I don't remember whether you guys are
subscribed to the list)

>  * libtalloc (memory management)

There's a request for this in #356088

>  * libtdb (simple database, basically gdbm with support for multiple
> writers and transactions). An older version of tdb is already packaged,
> but has been orphaned recently

We discussed this with Jelmer yesterday and it would be good to have
him maintain that package. The current package has many packages
depending on it but Jelmer mentioned that there are no API changes.

>  * libldb (LDAP-like embedded database)

No package existing for that one.

> >> It is nearly 100% likely that we'll have to keep both Samba 3 (for
> >> file and print services) and Samba 4 (for AD stuff) at the same time
> >> in the archive.
> > > Given that we want to release lenny with Samba 4 at all. I don't think we
> > want to.
> I think we'd want to release lenny with at least some bits of Samba 4.
> It will be possible to use the AD DC bits of Samba 4 separately of the
> other bits and I think there will be people interested in using packages
> from Debian before the end of the year.

Thanks, that really gives the directions. Getting these in Debian will
quite certainly depend on you. As we talk yesterday, having this work
done in the pkg-samba SVN and using this mailing list as communication
will probably enforce the (small) team we currently are. And no doubt
that Uncle Steve will bring his wisdom to give good advices.

We should also mention the samba4wins packages that are planned by
Michael Adam (the WINS part of Samba4, in short, including replication
and all that stuff).

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