[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#424629: security upgrade broke permissions check.

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Sat May 19 05:57:10 UTC 2007

> > I'm not sure what you should do for testing users (or stable, or anybody
> > else), since there currently is no security-fixed version that doesn't
> > break functionality.  Figuring out how we can fix this problem in stable
> > is my priority.  If we can figure out a way to fix the vulnerabilities
> > without breaking functionality, the secure-testing team ought to be able
> > to help by uploading to testing-security.

The samba team just sent me the attached patch which supposedly fixes
#424629 for 3.0.24-6etch1 (in short, it fixes that RC bug in etch's

I'm currently test-building a 3.0.24-6etch2 samba for etch. Security
team, how do you want to handle this (which is no longer a strict
security issue but a consequence of the security fix)? I can upload to
stable-security (but last time wasn't entirely successful, though I
hope to do it better now)....or just leave it up to you guys.

The same bug will be fixed in unstable by a 3.0.25a upload when that
version will be released.

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samba (3.0.24-6etch2) stable-security; urgency=high

  * The fix for CVE-2007-2444 broke the behaviour of "force group" when
    for forced group is a local Unix group for domain member servers
    Applied an upstream patch (security-CVE-2007-244_fixed-force-group.patch)
    that is part of samba 3.0.25a.
    Closes: #424629

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Sat, 19 May 2007 07:24:19 +0200

samba (3.0.24-6etch1) stable-security; urgency=high

  * Security fixes:
    - CVE-2007-2444 (User privilege elevation because of a local SID/Name
      translation bug)
    - CVE-2007-2446 (Multiple heap overflows allow remote code execution)
    - CVE-2007-2447 (Unescaped user input parameters are passed as
                     arguments to /bin/sh allowing for remote command

 -- Noah Meyerhans <noahm at debian.org>  Mon, 14 May 2007 11:33:21 -0400

samba (3.0.24-6) unstable; urgency=high

  * Arrrgh, cut'n'paste error in the regexp in the last upload, so the bug
    is still present :/  Fix a missing ] in the regexp for passdb backend
    checking, really-closes: #415725.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sat, 24 Mar 2007 03:32:46 -0700

samba (3.0.24-5) unstable; urgency=high

  * The "see what you get for trusting the quality of my packages,
    release team?  Release team, please unblock this package" release.
  * High-urgency brown-paper-upload for etch-targetted fix for
    regression introduced in the last version

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Fixed the regexp used for matching broken passdb backend settings,
    since we were getting false positives on *all* values. :/  The
    correct match should be: one or more non-space, non-comma
    characters, followed by a space or a comma, followed by zero or more
    spaces, followed by one or more non-space characters.  Closes: #415725.

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Nepali
  * Korean; closes: #414883.
  * Russian
  * Arabic
  * Portuguese
  * Greek. Closes: #415122
  * Norwegian Nynorsk added.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Wed, 21 Mar 2007 13:49:46 -0700

samba (3.0.24-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Documentation fix for a problem affecting upgrades from sarge: if
    passdb backend is still a comma- or space-separated list after any
    attempts at automatic fix-ups, throw a debconf error notifying the
    user that they'll need to fix this manually.  Closes: #408981.

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * French
  * Spanish
  * Galician; closes: #414605.
  * Swedish; closes: #414610.
  * Brazilian Portuguese; closes: #414603.
  * German; closes: #414630.
  * Norwegian Bokm?l; closes: #414619.
  * Bulgarian; closes: #414624.
  * Romanian; closes: #414629.
  * Tagalog; closes: #414637.
  * Khmer; closes: #381833.
  * Thai; closes: #414664.
  * Slovak; closes: #414665.
  * Slovenian
  * Simplified Chinese; closes: #414671.
  * Japanese; closes: #414673.
  * Hungarian; closes: #414677.
  * Dzongkha; closes: #414680.
  * Estonian; closes: #414679.
  * Catalan
  * Malayalam; closes: #414728
  * Traditional Chinese; closes: #414730
  * Turkish
  * Italian; closes: #414708
  * Finnish; closes: #414736
  * Dutch; closes: #414741
  * Albanian; closes: #414778.
  * Czech; closes: #414793.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Tue, 13 Mar 2007 16:29:21 -0700

samba (3.0.24-3) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * Merge some Ubuntu changes:
    - do not expose the Samba version anymore
    - default workgroup set to WORKGROUP (default workgroup of
      Windows workstations)
  * Fix FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD. Thanks to Petr Salinger for the patch
    Closes: #394830
  * Add commented "winbind enum*" settings in smb.conf
    This will point users to these important settings which changed
    their default behaviour between sarge and etch. Closes: #368251

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * samba-common.dhcp: support creating /etc/samba/dhcp.conf the first
    time the script is called if the dhcp client was already running at
    the time of install, and manually reload samba to get the updated
    config files read.  Thanks to Bas Zoetekouw for the patch.
    Closes: #407408.
  * While we're at it, use atomic replace for /etc/samba/dhcp.conf just
    in case someone else reloads samba while the script is running.  Low
    impact, low-risk change.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sun, 11 Mar 2007 23:34:10 -0700

samba (3.0.24-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Re-upload with a proper .orig.tar.gz.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Mon,  5 Feb 2007 19:55:34 -0800

samba (3.0.24-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New upstream release, security update
  * Fixes for the following security advisories:
    - Directly affecting Debian:
      - CVE-2007-0452 (Potential Denial of Service bug in smbd)
    - Not affecting Debian:
      - CVE-2007-0453 (Buffer overrun in NSS host lookup Winbind
        NSS library on Solaris)
      - CVE-2007-0454 (Format string bug in afsacl.so VFS plugin)
  * Correct paths for the documentation pointers in the default smb.conf
    file. Thanks to Ted Percival for his care reporting this. Closes: #408898

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Mon,  5 Feb 2007 05:27:07 +0100

samba (3.0.23d-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Debconf translation updates:
    - Slovenian added.

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Wed,  3 Jan 2007 08:43:50 +0100

samba (3.0.23d-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Debconf translation updates:
    - Malayalam added. Closes: #403107
    - Tamil added. Closes: #403353

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Mon,  1 Jan 2007 10:17:18 +0100

samba (3.0.23d-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Build-Conflicts: libfam-dev to avoid problems accessing shares
    when using GAMIN. Closes: #400617
  * Lintian fixes:
    - Run debconf-updatepo in the clean target to ensure up-to-date PO
      and POT files
    - debian/patches/no_unbreakable_spaces_in_man.patch:
      Replace all non-breakable spaces by regular spaces in man pages.
      They are encoded in ISO-8859-1 which is not recommended in man pages.
      This should be submitted upstream.
    - reformat too long lines in package description

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Sun,  3 Dec 2006 09:39:29 +0100

samba (3.0.23d-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * new upstream release (2006-11-15)

  [ No?l K?the ]
  * updated documentation.patch for 3.0.23d
  * updated non-linux-ports.patch for 3.0.23d
  * updated adapt_machine_creation_script.patch for 3.0.23d
  * updated autoconf.patch for 3.0.23d

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Added Bosnian. Closes: #396634
  * Added Bulgarian. Closes: #397773

 -- No?l K?the <noel at debian.org>  Thu, 16 Nov 2006 13:55:26 +0100

samba (3.0.23c-4) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Added Greek.
  * Added Gujarati. Closes: #394430
  * Added Korean. Closes: #394509
  * Added Nepali.
  * Updated Czech (typo fixed).
  * Added Wolof. Closes: #396079

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Sun,  5 Nov 2006 09:42:40 +0100

samba (3.0.23c-3) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Updated Catalan; thanks to Guillem Jover for his help
  * Updated Russian.
  * Updated Spanish. Add a missing word and correct the copyright header
  * Updated Vietnamese. Closes: #394164
  * Added Albanian. Closes: #393777
  * Added Chinese (Traditional).
  * Added Thai.

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Sat, 21 Oct 2006 10:44:11 +0200

samba (3.0.23c-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Updated Swedish. Closes: #386510.
  * Updated Japanese. Closes: #386534.
  * Updated Italian. Closes: #386691.
  * Updated Romanian. Closes: #388254.
  * Updated German. Closes: #389072.
  * Updated Brazilian Portuguese. Closes: #389097.
  * Updated Basque. Closes: #389722.
  * Updated Turkish. Closes: #390887
  * Updated Danish. Closes: #390878
  * Updated German. Closes: #390813
  * Updated Simplified Chinese. Closes: #390959
  * Updated Arabic.
  * Updated Spanish. Closes: #391735
  * Updated Dutch. Closes: #392082
  * Added Slovak. Closes: #386847.
  * Added Finnish. Closes: #390150.
  * Added Estonian. Closes: #391102.
  * Added Norwegian Bokm?l. Closes: #391692
  * Added Hungarian. Closes: #391746

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Change the Maintainer field at last to the mailing list... gives
    our spam rules some testing, in response to popular demand :)
  * Check for update-inetd on purge before trying to invoke it;
    closes: #388606.

  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * Make swat binNMU-safe by using ${source:Version} for dependency on
  * Make samba-common owner of /var/{cache,log,run}/samba, let samba and
    winbind only delete files they know they're exclusive owners of.
    Closes: #370718.
  * Use python-central to manage installation of python-samba.
    Closes: #386499.  (patch by Patrick Winnertz)
  * Use upstream makefile to install Python module.
  * Build-Depend on python-dev instead of python-all-dev.
  * Removed old upgrade support.
  * Remove possibly leftover comma from "passdb backend" setting in
    smb.conf on upgrade. Closes: ##383307.
  * Added libpam-smbpass logcheck file by martin f krafft.
    Closes: #391487, #391916.

  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * Add LSB info to the init script

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Thu, 12 Oct 2006 18:31:46 +0200 

samba (3.0.23c-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * New upstream version
  * Split out samba/run_mode with "__Choices".
  [ No?l K?the ]
  * corrected samba override disparity:
    samba-dbg_3.0.23b-2_i386.deb: package says priority is optional, override says extra.

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Updated Galician. Closes: #383001.
  * Updated Danish. Closes: #383025.
  * Added Tagalog. Closes: #383039, #383252.
  * Updated Khmer.
  * Updated Arabic.
  * Updated Dzongkha. Closes: #383125.
  * Updated Vietnamese. Closes: #383126.
  * Updated Czech. Closes: #384760.

  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * Preseed configure result for method to detect interfaces in
    debian/config.cache; the test might otherwise fail if there are no
    interfaces configured at build time. Closes: #382429.
  * Refined panic-action script text. Closes: #382500.

 -- No?l K?the <noel at debian.org>  Mon, 04 Sep 2006 12:10:28 +0200

samba (3.0.23b-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Updated Romanian. Closes: #382358
  * Updated Dzongkha. Closes: #382448, #382948
  * Updated Basque. Closes: #382456
  * Added Simplified Chinese. Closes: #382489

  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * Remove no longer functioning "guest" value from "passdb backend"
    setting in smb.conf on upgrade. Closes: #382296

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Drop code and debconf questions specific to upgrades from samba <= 2.2.
  * Reword some debconf translations as discussed on the list.
  * Rerun debconf-updatepo.
  * Switch debian/ca.po to UTF-8.
  * Restore some reverted strings for Galician, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese,
    Spanish, French, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese.
  * Update translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian,
    Catalan, and Portuguese.

 -- Peter Eisentraut <petere at debian.org>  Mon, 14 Aug 2006 19:04:31 +0200

samba (3.0.23b-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Updated Galician. Closes: #381988

 -- No?l K?the <noel at debian.org>  Tue, 08 Aug 2006 22:28:00 +0200

samba (3.0.23a-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release

  * Fixes the following Debian bugs:
    - winbind: panic()s when started outside of a domain context.
      Closes: #337070
    - Make smbclient -L use RPC to list shares, fall back to RAP.
      Closes: #168732
    - Potential hang in nmbd. Upstream bug #3779. Closes: #367472
    - Typos in "ldap group suffix" in smb.conf(5) (upstream #3780).
      Closes: #367507
    - Erroneous permissions checks after 3.0.10 -> 3.0.14a
      (upstream #2591). Closes: #307626
    - Anonymous memory exhaustion DoS (CVE-2006-3403). Closes: #378070
    - ImportError exception raised when trying to import samba.smb
      (upstream #3567). Closes: #350050
    - Changed references from pam_pwdb to pam_unix (upstream #3225).
      Closes: #206672
    - SWAT segfault (upstream #3702). Closes: #363523

  [ Adam Conrad ]
  * Fix typo in smb.conf that causes all samba apps to whine.
    Closes: #369782
  * Add myself to Uploaders, on the off chance that I might upload.

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Add Galician translation of debconf templates. Closes: #361204, #369403
  * Add Basque translation of debconf templates. Closes: #375104
  * Add Romanian translation of debconf templates. Closes: #379246
  * Add Khmer translation of debconf templates. Closes: #381833
  * Add Dzongkha translation of debconf templates.
  * Updated Russian. Closes: #369375
  * Updated Czech. Closes: #369408
  * Updated Japanese. Closes: #369457
  * Updated Italian. Closes: #369587
  * Updated Swedish. Closes: #369730
  * Updated Dutch. Closes: #376515
  * Updated Vietnamese. Closes: #381557
  * Updated French.
  * Updated Brazilian.
  * Updated Portuguese. Closes: #372632
  * Updated Arabic.

  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * Add dependency on procps for samba, as ps is used in init scripts.
    Thanks to Bastian Blank for reporting. Closes: #365618
  * Rewrite debconf templates to be compliant with 6.5.2 of the Developer's
  * Add support for /etc/default/winbind. Closes: #262313, #374411
    Thanks to Guido Guenther for the old patch and to J?r?me Warnier
    for reminding us about it.
  * Compile with --with-cifsmount which is now needed to properly compile
    mount.cifs and umount.cifs. See samba bug #3799

  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * Use debian/compat instead of DH_COMPAT
  * Updated Standards-Version to 3.7.2 (no changes needed)
  * Replaced libsmbclient shlibs file by dh_makeshlibs call, so the
    required ldconfig calls appear in the maintainer scripts
  * Adjusted debian/rules to get 3.0.23rc1 to build
  * Updated to debhelper level 5
  * Rearranged dh_strip calls so that build succeeds with
    DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip. Closes: #288995
  * Create /var/spool/samba and use it as default printer spool.
    Closes: #275241
  * Made winbind init script more careful about returning proper exit code
  * Added winbindd_priv group as owner of winbindd_privileged directory.
    Closes: #307257
  * Python transition preparations: renamed package to python-samba,
    removed hardcoded references to Python version 2.3. Closes: #380939
  * Removed unwanted swat debconf warning
  * Put localized swat messages into /usr/share/samba, where swat looks for
    them. Closes: #376991

 -- Peter Eisentraut <petere at debian.org>  Mon,  7 Aug 2006 23:00:49 +0200

samba (3.0.22-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * New upstream release
    - CAN-2006-1059: fixes an information leak in logfiles of systems using
      winbind with log level >= 5.
  * Fix a typo in the default smb.conf (closes: #354495).

  [ No?l K?the ]
  * replacing SMB with SMB/CIFS in the descriptions like
    named on the samba.org webpage. Closes: #356335

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sun, 12 Mar 2006 22:40:28 +0100

samba (3.0.21c-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
  * add a few logon-related parameters as good and safe
    examples for *DC-type settings. Closes: #349051
  * add an example "add user script". Closes: #349050
  * drop outdated information from the smbfs package description
    Closes: #352828

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Sat, 25 Feb 2006 11:58:45 +0100

samba (3.0.21b-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * The "Tridge" release: celebrates the 2005 Free Software Award winner

  * New upstream release

  * Upstream bugs fixed by the new upstream release:
    - Support changing expired passwords in
      pam_winbindd. Closes: #258302
    - vfs_full_audit fixes for multiple connections. Closes: #348419
    - crashes of smbd in security=server mode
      Closes: #346045, #346069, #350598, #351448

  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * Put correct paths for Debian installations into the man pages, and
    remove outdated swat setup instructions therein. Closes: #321005
  * Fix lintian overrides and install them into the right packages.
  * Remove swat inetd registration in remove, not purge. Closes: #313214
  * Add findsmb script. Closes: #231806
  * Fix sonames of libnss_win{bind,s}.so. Closes: #333290
  * Remove autoconf build dependency.
  * Remove remnants of old patch system.
  * Install smbumount setgid root. Closes: #253437
  * Add watch file.
  * Activate kernel oplocks. Closes: #218511
  * Disable PIE compilation. Closes: #346416

  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * activate building of idmap_rid. Closes: #284681.
    Thanks to Ubuntu patches
  * activate building of idmap_ad. Closes: #341814
  * modify the long description of the libsmbclient-dev package to
    avoid repeating the long description. Thanks, linda.

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Also enable setresuid()/setresgid() on alpha and sparc now that support
    for Linux 2.2 is dropped.

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Mon,  6 Feb 2006 07:02:20 +0100

samba (3.0.21a-4) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * Add umount.cifs. Closes: #340967
  * Really make mount.cifs and umount.cifs suid root. Closes: #340966

  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * Add "bind interfaces only" and "interfaces" options (commented)
    to the default smb.conf file. Closes: #349043

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Add missing changes to source/include/config.h.in into the
    autoconf.patch, so that samba looks for files in /var/lib/samba like it's
    supposed to instead of in /var/run/samba!  Closes: #349372, #349464.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Mon, 23 Jan 2006 00:59:20 -0800

samba (3.0.21a-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add Build-Depends on quilt (>= 0.40 as we use quilt.make)

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Sat, 21 Jan 2006 23:02:32 +0100

samba (3.0.21a-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * Switch to quilt for patches management. Refresh all patches so
    that they apply cleanly. Closes: #345557
  * debian/patches/adapt_machine_creation_script.patch:
    - adapt example machine creation script to Debian. Closes: #346234
  * winbind.dirs:
    - added /var/run/samba. Closes: #347585

  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * swat.links:
    - file added. Closes: #346001

  [ No?l K?the ]
  * fixed typo in panic-script. Closes: #348410

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * debian/patches/autoconf.patch:
    - move changes to autogenerated files into their own patch now that we've
      lost the script that was calling autogen.sh for us; this also helps
      make debian/rules clean just a little bit cleaner.
  * debian/patches/fhs.patch:
    - fix new references to registry.tdb (closes: #348874).
    - also move account_policy.tdb, perfcount, and eventlog into /var/lib/samba
      where they belong

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Fri, 20 Jan 2006 14:20:35 +0100

samba (3.0.21a-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * *Really* make samba-doc suggest samba-doc-pdf. This change finally
    did not make it in the previous release.

  [ No?l K?the ]
  * new upstream release 3.0.21a
    - removed smbsh.1 from debian/rules
    - added new smbclient programm smbget (with conflict/replace
      to existing Debian smbget package)
    - added libsmbclient.7 to libsmbclient package
    - added umount.cifs.8 to smbfs package
    - added pam_winbind.7 to winbind package
    - added new /usr/bin/eventlogadm to samba package which is
      documented here http://www.samba.org/~jerry/Samba-EventLog-HOWTO.txt
    - fixed "cd command fails in smbclient". Closes: #307535
    - fixed "file descriptor leak". Closes: #339564
    - fixed "smbclient(1) doesn't list same options as
      smbclient usage statement". Closes: #154184
    - fixed "typo in smbmount.8". Closes: #260673
    - fixed "smbmount manual page doesn't have a link to
      smbumount". Closes: #297535
    - fixed "smb.conf man page references non-existent
      BROWSING.txt file". Closes: #316458
    - fixed "smb.conf - improve topic: hosts deny (S)". Closes: #273480
    - fixed "fails to manage groups containing spaces". Closes: #299592
    - corrected nonpic-libsmbclient.patch to apply
    - corrected fhs.patch to apply
  * added myself to Uploaders
  * Rewording of the panic action script. Closes: #335051
  * added missing swat translation to swat package

 -- No?l K?the <noel at debian.org>  Sun, 01 Jan 2006 12:45:33 +0100

samba (3.0.20b-4) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * Remove the smbldap-tools-* directory from the examples of samba-doc
    as these tools exist as an independent package. Closes: #341934
  * Swedish debconf translation update. Closes: #342022
  * Preserve the local admin settings for run_mode in /etc/default/samba
    when upgrading. Closes: #234038, #267988, #269735
  * Winbind also must depend on lsb-base. Closes: #343379
  * Enable swat in inetd when installing it and remove it when
    uninstalling. Closes: #87905, #230936, #268429

  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * Added separate samba-doc-pdf package, suggested by samba-doc.
    Closes: #281971
  * Removed duplicate documentation in swat package, symlinked to
    samba-doc; swat now depends on samba-doc. Closes: #233447

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Tue, 20 Dec 2005 17:08:20 +0100

samba (3.0.20b-3) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Drop the FHS transition code from the samba postinst, since it's
    not needed for upgrades from sarge (and most of it not for upgrades
    from woody).

  [ No?l K?the ]
  * libpam-smbpass dependency on samba-common
    Closes: #297923
  * Updated swedish debconf translation. Closes: #335784
  * Added Recommends: smbldap-tools. Closes: #227675

  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * Added doc-base support. Closes: #55580
  * Fixed dh_installexamples call so the debian/*.examples files are
    actually used.
  * Patched libpam-smbpass README to refer to examples directory.
    Closes: #215771

  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * Add a working passwd chat line to the default smb.conf file
    Closes: #269746
  * Add the profiles binary and man page to the shipped files. Closes: #225494
  * Add a dependency on samba-common for winbind and force versions to match
    Closes: #273007, #264855
  * Add /var/log/samba to winbind directories. Closes: #340833
  * Lintian cleaning:
    - Add a few lintian overrides to avoid lintian complaining
      for things done on purpose or just because it makes wrong assumptions
    - Corrected FSF address in debian/copyright
    - Make swat depend on netbase as it uses update-inetd in its postinst
    - Correct shebang lines in config scripts
    - Remove an extra copy of the GPL in smbldap-tool examples in samba-doc
    - Minor correction in libsmbclient-dev description to avoid strictly
      repeating the short description in the long description
    - Call confmodule in swat.postinst as this is the only way to guarantee
      that the config script is run in all cases

 -- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>  Sat,  3 Dec 2005 07:30:40 +0100

samba (3.0.20b-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Don't build with -gstabs any more; -g no longer gives a problematic
    size hit, and -gstabs is no longer supported on ia64.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Wed, 19 Oct 2005 19:02:44 -0700

samba (3.0.20b-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Christian Perrier:
    - Debconf translations:
      - Added Vietnamese. Closes: #317876
      - Updated German. Closes: #322907
  * Steve Langasek:
    - Use ${misc:Depends} in debian/control instead of depending on
      debconf directly, allowing use of cdebconf as an alternative.
      Closes: #332088.
  * No?l K?the
    - corrected libsmbclient priority to optional. Closes: #310045
    - corrected the path of ServerType.html in smb.conf. Closes: #296500
    - updated Standards-Version to 3.6.2 (no changes needed)
    - added homepage to description
    - switched init scripts (samba and winbind) to lsb-functions
      (took patches from ubuntu)
    - added Swedish. Closes: #331437
    - removed outdated "guest" value in "passdb backend" in default smb.conf
      Closes: #289519
    - moved smbpasswd(5) to samba-common where the binary and smbpasswd(8)
      is; Replaces: all previous versions of samba.  Closes: #253603
    - new upstream release 3.0.20b (from 2005-10-13). Closes: #324515
      - support for Windows Vista. Closes: #323489
      - Mac OS Tiger Problem fixed. Closes: #309836
      - BUG 2688: re-implement support for the -P (--port) option.
        Closes: #307746
      - "man smb.conf" warnings fixed. Closes: #266320
      - testprns removed by upstream so removed in samba.files
      - corrected docs/*.pdf names (samba-doc.docs)
      - corrected diagnosis.html path (samba.docs)
      - removing patches which are included upstream:
           (* BUG 2622: Remove DPTR_MASK as it makes no sense.)
           (* Hide dot files and directory logic fixes.)
           (* BUG 1998: Correct byte ordering bug when storing
              16-bit RAP print job ids.)
           (* BUG 2698: Fix infinite listing loop in smbclient
              caused by an invalid character set conversion.)
      - fixed the following patches which didn't applied cleanly

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Tue, 18 Oct 2005 19:02:21 -0700

samba (3.0.14a-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Use DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS instead of DEB_HOST_GNU_SYSTEM to detect
    Linux in debian/rules, for compatibility with dpkg-dev >= 1.13.9;
    add a versioned build-depend accordingly.  Closes: #315955
  * Switch to libreadline5.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Fri,  1 Jul 2005 00:13:12 -0700

samba (3.0.14a-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix libsmbclient.a to be built as non-PIC instead of PIC.
    Closes: #279243.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Wed,  8 Jun 2005 05:46:52 -0700

samba (3.0.14a-4) unstable; urgency=high

  * Last-minute upload for sarge, because I don't listen to anything
    that RM guy says
  * Patch smbmount to strip CAP_UNIX out of the capabilities passed to
    the kernel when uid, gid, dmask, or fmask options have been
    specified; this keeps the mount permissions from changing out from
    under the user when upgrading to a server (or to a kernel) that 
    supports unix extensions.  Closes: #310982.
  * Second patch to smbclient search continuation logic, from upstream:
    preserve the original UCS2 filename to guard against lossy
    conversions, and break out if we find ourselves looping.
    Closes: #311157.
  * Upstream fix to make print job cancellations work on big-endian
    systems when talking to RAP-style clients (i.e., smbclient).
    Closes: #311213.
  * Add build-dependency on libpopt-dev, so that we consistently use the
    system popt lib instead of the bundled one.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Thu,  2 Jun 2005 07:02:46 -0700

samba (3.0.14a-3) unstable; urgency=high

  * Urgency set to high for a bug that makes smbclient/libsmbclient
    /almost/ mostly unusable
  * Fix smbclient's search continuation logic so that it works correctly
    against 2K servers offering VFAT-hosted shares; many thanks to
    Jeremy Allison for the timely upstream fix.  Closes: #309798.
  * Update pt_BR debconf translation.  Thanks to Andre Luis Lopes
    <andrelop at debian.org>. (closes: #308510)
  * Add Russian debconf translation, thanks to Yuriy Talakan
    <yt at amur.elektra.ru>. (closes: #310063)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Thu, 26 May 2005 23:37:57 -0700

samba (3.0.14a-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Point the sense of the file_is_special() check right way around;
    thanks to Matthijs Mohlmann for catching this.  Closes: #305747.
  * debian/patches/dos7-xcopy-always-copies-files.patch:
    Fix the MS-DOS 7 XCOPY copying files over and over bug
    Closes: #309003
  * Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>:
    - Add Christian Perrier to Uploaders:.  Thanks, Christian :)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sun,  8 May 2005 04:43:21 -0700

samba (3.0.14a-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version
    - A more complete upstream fix for missing files in file listings,
      should really give us working (closes: #302771); drop
      xp-missing-files.patch, which has been superseded.
  * Use the right path when removing mount.cifs binary in the clean
    target.  Closes: #303318.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Mon, 18 Apr 2005 03:22:29 -0700

samba (3.0.11-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New upstream version
    - Fixes duplicated entry in swat(8) manpage (closes: #292957).
    - Fix queue handling so that processes serving print clients don't
      spin off into infinity and clobber the system (closes: #274969).
    - Make sure we use C-locale toupper/tolower functions for case
      conversion, since Turkish pairing rules are incompatible
      (closes: #286174).
  * Fix logrotate script to exit true instead of false when nmbd.pid is
    missing (closes: #287263).
  * Added Portuguese debconf translation. Thanks to Miguel Figueiredo
    <elmig at debianpt.org>. (closes: #286375)
  * Added Italian debconf translation. Thanks to Luca Monducci
    <luca.mo at tiscali.it>. (closes: #284125)
  * Add support for building on the Debian BSD and Hurd ports; thanks to
    Robert Millan for the patch. (closes: #266693)
  * debian/patches/xp-missing-files.patch: import patch from upstream to
    fix missing entries in directory listings when talking to WinXP
    servers (closes: #297771).

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Wed, 23 Mar 2005 00:13:16 -0800

samba (3.0.10-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New upstream release.
    - CAN-2004-1154: integer overflow can lead to remote code execution
      by authenticated users; closes: #286023.
  * High-urgency upload for sarge-targetted RC bugfix.  
  * Sync the fhs.patch to samba 3.0.10.
  * Install mount.cifs suid root, to make user mounts possible
    (closes: #283819).
  * debian/patches/cups.patch: Change the default printing system, so we
    can compile in CUPS support without making it the default -- CUPS is
    not a reasonable default on Debian, at least for sarge.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Fri, 17 Dec 2004 11:56:01 -0800

samba (3.0.9-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
    - Fixes Win9x printing; closes: #283530, #282571, #283818.
    - Fixes a problem with setting dosmodes on filesystems without ACL
      support; closes: #283661.
    - Drop ldapsam_compat.patch, redundant now that a fix is integrated

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Thu,  2 Dec 2004 01:11:39 -0800

samba (3.0.8-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix the module paths for python2.3-samba so that "import foo from samba"
    works, and include the __init__.py glue; closes: #222867).
  * Enable quota support; closes: #246839.
  * Fix missing symbols in libsmbclient (and libnss_wins), and add
    -Wl,-z,defs to the libsmbclient link options to prevent future
    instances of undefined symbols (closes: #281181).
  * Fix for the legacy ldapsam_compat backend; thanks to Fabien
    Chevalier for the patch (closes: #274155).

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Mon, 15 Nov 2004 06:54:13 -0800

samba (3.0.8-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New upstream package. Urgency set to "high" because of a potential
    Denial of Service vulnerability in previous 3.0.x releases
    (CAN-2004-0930). (Eloy)
  * Introduce new -dbg package, so we can make better sense out of the
    cleverly-supplied backtrace emails. (Vorlon)
  * Applied patch from Luke Mewburn <luke at mewburn.net> to fix missing
    lock_path() to state_path() change in the FHS patches. (Eloy)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon,  8 Nov 2004 13:39:34 -0500

samba (3.0.7-2) unstable; urgency=high

  * High-urgency upload for sarge-targetted RC fixes.
  * Use autogen.sh in unpatch-source as well as in patch-source, to get
    rid of the autom4te.cache cruft.
  * debian/patches/make-distclean.patch: add some missing files to the
    distclean target in source/Makefile.in (mostly-fixes: #276203).
  * Change compile-time default of 'use sendfile' to 'no', since the
    current Samba implementation is broken (closes: #261917, #275741,
  * Add mount.cifs into the smbfs package; thanks to Igor Belyi for
    showing us just how simple this patch should be. ;)  Since cifs is
    the preferred kernel driver in 2.6, bugs related to smbfs and 2.6
    are considered closed unless someone can show that they exist with
    the cifs driver as well (closes: #249890, #269443, #227791, #236869,
    #260707, #261808, #270175).
  * Fix FHS migration code so that it only affects upgrades from old
    package versions, and doesn't cause us to mess with non-standard
    directories that may have been re-added by the admin
   (closes: #251858).

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Tue, 26 Oct 2004 01:35:23 -0700

samba (3.0.7-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New upstream release. This release fixes two possible denial of
    service conditions; one in nmbd and one in smbd. The CVE numbers
    for these vulnerabilities are:

    CAN-2004-0807 for the smbd DoS
    CAN-2004-0808 for the nmbd DoS

    Urgency is set to "high" because of these vulnerabilities; so this
    new release propagates to testing ASAP.

    Thanks to the Samba Team and the Debian Security Team for the
    heads up.
  * Remove post-3.0.6 patches that are now in 3.0.7.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 13 Sep 2004 00:53:38 -0400

samba (3.0.6-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Update LDAP schema (closes: #269797).
  * Applied a couple of upstream fixes that will be present in Samba 3.0.7.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue,  7 Sep 2004 15:28:42 -0400

samba (3.0.6-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Put libsmbclient where it belongs, in /usr/lib. (closes: #267704)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:58:37 -0400

samba (3.0.6-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added Danish debconf translation. Thanks to Claus Hindsgaul
    <claus_h at image.dk>. (closes: #232884)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 23 Aug 2004 17:24:19 -0400

samba (3.0.6-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Incorporate Turkish debconf translation; thanks to Recai Oktas
    <roktas at omu.edu.tr>. (closes: #252031)
  * Update pt_BR debconf translation. Thanks to Andre Luis Lopes
    <andrelop at debian.org>. (closes: #208113)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 23 Aug 2004 12:34:44 -0400

samba (3.0.5-2) unstable; urgency=high

  * Patches from Fabien Chevalier <fabien.chevalier at supelec.fr>
    to fix:
    + libnss_wins crashes other programs (closes: #252591)
    + Can't list share files/dirs, but can acces deeper files/dirs
      (closes: #264572)
    + Samba 3.0.5 Printserver doesn't work with WinXP SP2 (closes: #265871)
  * Urgency "high" to make it into testing as soon as possible since
    at least #265871 is pretty bad now that WinXP SP2 has been released.
    Thanks for the help Fabien! Both Vorlon and I have been very busy

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 18 Aug 2004 13:25:41 -0400

samba (3.0.5-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New upstream version. Urgency "high" because of potential buffer
    overflows. The security fixes are the only difference between
    3.0.4 and 3.0.5.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 22 Jul 2004 08:07:36 -0400

samba (3.0.4-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Doh! Build-depends on libcupsys2-dev (>=1.1.20final+cvs20040330-4),
    not an unversioned libcupsys2-dev. (closes# 250523)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 25 May 2004 07:43:54 -0400

samba (3.0.4-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Rebuilt with libcupsys2-gnutls10 for unstable.
    Closes: #250424, #250483, #250491, #250515, #250523, #250592, #250736
    Closes: #250742, #250733

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 24 May 2004 22:32:52 -0400

samba (3.0.4-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Color me stupid; I uploaded an experimental version to unstable.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat, 22 May 2004 00:40:58 -0400

samba (3.0.4-1) unstable; urgency=low


  * New upstream version.
    Closes: #247640 (New upstream version available)
    Closes: #238905 (Printing crash fix)
    Closes: #247090 (panic in viewing printerqueue)


  * Incorporate Catalan debconf translations; thanks to
    Aleix Badia i Bosch <abadia at ica.es> and the Debian L10n Catalan Team.
    (closes: #236640)
  * Incorporate Czech debconf translations; thanks to
    Miroslav Kure <kurem at upcase.inf.upol.cz> (closes: #236274).
  * Update libsmbclient shlibs, due to an incompatibility with older
    versions that prevents gnome-vfs from working correctly
    (closes: #245869).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Fri, 21 May 2004 11:42:19 -0400

samba (3.0.2a-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 24 Feb 2004 10:30:47 -0500

samba (3.0.2-2) unstable; urgency=high

  * Apply patch from Urban Widmark <urban at teststation.com> to prevent
    users from mounting remote filesystems containing suid files
    (closes: 232327).  This represents an exploitable security hole on
    systems running Linux 2.6 kernels.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Thu, 12 Feb 2004 21:38:40 -0600

samba (3.0.2-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New upstream release.
    - LaMont Jones: correct false failure LFS test that resulted
      in _GNU_SOURCE not being defined (thus resulting in strndup()
      not being defined) (closes: #226694)
    - Segfault fixes. (closes: #230012) (maybe more, but we need bug
      reporters to confirm.)

    Urgency "high" due to a password initialization bug that could grant
    an attacker unauthorized access to a user account created by the
    mksmbpasswd.sh shell script. See WHATSNEWS.txt for details and
    workarounds for those not wishing to upgrade (which is a bad idea
    anyway since this new release fixes lots of other bugs.)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun,  8 Feb 2004 10:06:29 -0500

samba (3.0.1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Include ntlm_auth's man page.
  * Don't create directories outside of the source directory during
    package build time. (closes: #227221, #227238, #225862)
  * Don't include the "Using Samba" book in the swat package, just a
    symlink that points to the book included in the samba-doc package.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 13 Jan 2004 13:48:13 -0500

samba (3.0.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version (closes: #225565)
  * Add support in the dhcp hook for netbios scope, and handle better
    the case of multiple DHCP-using interfaces (closes: #224109).
  * Use "tail -n 1 ..." instead of "tail -1 ..." so POSIX-compliant
    tail works. Thanks to Paul Eggert <eggert at twinsun.com>.
  * Include /usr/bin/ntlm_auth in the winbind package.
  * Run configure with "--with-piddir=/var/run/samba" since the
    default got changed to /var/run in this new upstream version.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 30 Dec 2003 16:21:31 -0500

samba (3.0.0final-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * It's here, it's here, it's here, Samba 3.0.0 is here!
  * Incorporate Japanese debconf translations; thanks to Kenshi Muto
    <kmuto at debian.org>. (closes: #209291)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 25 Sep 2003 13:39:28 -0400

samba (3.0.0beta2+3.0.0rc4-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat, 13 Sep 2003 08:47:56 -0400

samba (3.0.0beta2+3.0.0rc3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. Last Release Candidate according to the
    Samba Team. Samba 3.0.0 is around the corner, in a week or so.
    - Fixes use of non-PIC code in nss shared libraries (closes: #208773)
    - 'unix password sync' option now runs the unix password program as
      root again (closes: #209739).
  * One-line patch to make packages buildable with distcc (closes: #210227)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue,  9 Sep 2003 07:57:16 -0400

samba (3.0.0beta2+3.0.0rc2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
  * Link against libgnutls7 instead of libgnutls5. (closes: #208151)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue,  2 Sep 2003 21:37:13 -0400

samba (3.0.0beta2+3.0.0rc1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version (skipped samba 3.0.0beta3 due to time
    constraints.) This ugly version number will go away when the final
    Samba 3.0.0 is released.
  * Drag new unpackaged tools into the packages: smbcquotas (smbclient),
    vfs modules (samba), smbtree(1) manpage (smbclient), tdbbackup(8)
    manpage (samba). (closes: #151158)
  * Switch to DH_COMPAT level 4:
    - no explicit conffile listings needed
    - the postinst for libsmbclient is now completely autogenerated
    - use the default init script handling (with support for
      invoke-rc.d) in debhelper, instead of the currently buggy upgrade
      path (closes: #185439)
    - add support for ${misc:Depends} in control for those packages with
      init scripts
  * Add versioned dependency on libpam-runtime and change
    /etc/pam.d/samba to use the new common PAM config blocks.
  * New python2.3-samba package (old python2.2-samba is no more.)
    (closes: #206171)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 25 Aug 2003 17:05:14 -0400

samba (3.0.0beta2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
    - The smb.conf(5) manpage documents config options again
      (closes: #197963).
    - Handling of winbind/idmap has been restructured; domain members
      should be able to map domain accounts to local accounts again
      (closes: #196815).
    - Use the locale charset for 'display charset' by default
      (closes: #194406).
    - Fix for segfault in smbclient when using the -b option
      (closes: #196833).
    - Handle an empty 'passdb backend' list gracefully (closes: #193946).
  * Don't set 'display charset' anymore on upgrade, since this is now
    grabbed from the locale by default -- a much better option.
  * Removed time.c.patch which is now in the upstream sources.
  * Update FHS patch for two new tdb files (netsamlogon_cache.tdb,
  * Remove python-linker.patch, since the Kerberos package has been
    fixed to no longer use rpath
  * Remove configure.patch: the hppa glibc bug this was added for is
    long since fixed, and upstream isn't interested in supporting this
  * Update references to missing documentation in sample smb.conf file
    (closes: #187632).
  * Fix handling of krb5 link line, building on a patch from Stefan
    Metzmacher <metze at metzemix.de>.
  * Add patch so smbclient's tar support works with popt
    (closes: #194921).

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Wed,  2 Jul 2003 20:59:09 -0500

samba (3.0.0beta1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Update build-deps to libacl1-dev (>= 2.2.11-1), libacl1 (>= 2.2.11-1)
    to make sure we get the right shlib dependencies (closes: #193149).
  * Update the dhcp config hooks so they're suitable for sourcing (i.e.,
    don't call "exit") (closes: #196477).
  * Bring package into line with current policy by adding support for
    the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS flag, and enabling debugging symbols (-gstabs)
    by default
  * Make sure libpam-smbpass is a self-contained DSO.
  * Fix a typo in samba-common.dhcp that caused us to spuriously rewrite
    the server list.
  * Fix python install script to ignore -Wl linker flags, as seen in the
    output from the latest krb5-config.
  * Add LDAP and Unicode information about upgrading from 2.2 to
  * Remove dangerous and confusing browse options from the default 
    smb.conf (closes: #198804).
  * Reorder smb.conf options for clearer grouping, and clarify the
  * Add a default [print$] share to the sample smb.conf, and create the
    necessary tree under /var/lib/samba/printers. (closes: #168173)
  * s/winbind/idmap/ in smb.conf, since the option names have changed.
  * Fix the patch for postexec handling, so that we chdir("/") at the
    right time.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Thu, 12 Jun 2003 15:02:00 -0500

samba (3.0.0beta1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
    - fix for empty browselist bug (closes: #194553)
    - fix for tab completion segfault in smbclient (closes: #194776)
    - Samba now works as a domain member again without segfaulting
      (closes: #194134, #194394, #194775)
    - WinXP machines can join a Samba-controlled domain again
      (closes: #195362)
  * Build-depend on python-dev >= 2.2 instead of on just python-dev
    (without version).
  * Added Vorlon'n patch to source/lib/time.c to fix #194075.
    (closes: #194075)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun,  8 Jun 2003 22:26:43 -0400

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha24-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Make sure Samba DSOs are compiled with -fPIC. (closes: #194324)
  * Rebuild against pristine Kerberos libs, to squelch warnings about
    versioned symbols. (closes: #194431, #194396)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Thu, 22 May 2003 15:32:00 -0500

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha24-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed description of the smbfs package. (closes: #194183)
  * Negate the sense of the unixsam check when upgrading. (closes: #194234)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Wed, 21 May 2003 12:21:53 -0400

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha24-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version. (closes: #189354)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 20 May 2003 13:55:57 -0400

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha23-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Move the python package from section "net" to section "python".
  * Make sure we use PIC code for python on all platforms.
  * French translation of an additional debconf template, courtesy of
    Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>. (closes: #188832)
  * Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation from Andr? Lu?s Lopes
    <andrelop at ig.com.br>.
  * s/unixsam/guest/ everywhere, since the unixsam backend is now
    deprecated. (closes: #190095)
  * Create our temp config file as /etc/samba/smb.conf.dpkg-tmp; not
    only does using /tmp violate SELinux policies, it introduces the
    possibility of data loss during the final copy if /tmp is a separate
    filesystem. (closes: #189823)
  * Pull in fix for SWAT, so that logins work again
    (closes: #188255, #192077).
  * Move passdb.tdb into /var/lib/samba, since it's not user-editable.
  * Make sure with don't ship any .cvsignore files.
  * Don't ship examples for python2.2-samba and samba-doc in an
    "examples" directory inside another "examples" directory.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue,  6 May 2003 12:05:46 -0400

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha23-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Instead of s/LPT1:/LPT:/, we need to do s/LPT:/LPT1:/ -- now all
    non-RPC printing clients are working again.
  * Change shlibs to 0 instead of 0.1.  The library already in the
    archive is using this soname, and there are no packages depending
    on libsmbclient, so skip changing the package name for now.
    (closes: #188661)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Fri, 11 Apr 2003 14:42:00 -0500

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha23-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Put the Samba Python modules in /usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/,
    not in /usr/lib/python2.2/lib-dynload/.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed,  9 Apr 2003 19:49:25 -0400

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha23-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * New package python2.2-samba that includes the Python modules
    included in the Samba sources. Feedback on these modules and the new
    package is welcome, as we (Debian Samba maintainers) don't use them.
    (closes: #170731, #173322)
  * Move libsmbclient-dev from section "devel" to "libdevel".
  * Fix panic action script to give a sensible error message instead of
    an empty backtrace when we don't have permission to attach to the
    process. (closes: #188164)
  * Fix libpam-smbpass so that it really does something. (closes: #178245)
  * Apply patch to fix printing-related segfaults. (closes: #188076)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun,  6 Apr 2003 21:40:33 -0400

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha23-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * new upstream release, includes security fix for DSA-262
  * tweak the debconf templates to avoid references to specific
    front-ends (closes: #183718)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sun,  9 Mar 2003 14:58:00 -0600

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha21-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * touch up the package descriptions a little bit (caps, punctuation)
  * remove addtosmbpass, which snuck back in when we weren't looking
  * reverse the position of the wins server tag, after looking more
    closely at the code (closes: #183061)
  * fix a glitch in the Spanish .po that rendered it invalid, plus a typo
  * updated Brazilian Portuguese templates (closes: #183295)
  * fix a typo in upstream manpage (s/shave/share/) (closes: #180546)
  * run sed before we run sed, to deal with crazybad special chars
    in the workgroup name (!) (closes: #176717)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sat,  1 Mar 2003 15:14:00 -0600

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha21-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * add scripts to samba-common to grab the netbios-name-servers options
    if we're running a DHCP client (closes: #38413)
  * major rearrangement of build scripts: install target now operates on
    debian/tmp, not debian/samba, so we can see when new files are
    added and decide where to put them; several files that should have
    been in samba-common but were in samba (for the above reason) --
    smbcacls, -- have been moved, with a replaces: added.
  * Fix rc script so that whitespace is consistent between inetd and
    daemon modes (closes: #174677).
  * smbclient -M must always connect to port 139, because port 445
    doesn't support messaging and we can't do the port 135 stuff yet
    (closes: #175292, #167859).
  * Import the diff from upstream CVS, which has fixed a few bugs
    (closes: #178219, #177583, #181467, #181487, #181603, #175864).
    Remove a few patches of ours which are now superseded.
  * Add po-debconf support to the tree, for better i18n.
  * Install the libsmbclient.so symlink in the libsmbclient-dev package,
    per policy (closes: #181466).

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Fri, 27 Dec 2002 00:37:00 -0600

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha21-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Drop --with-ldapsam from the configure options, since this no longer
    means what we thought it did.  Revert patch for changing the 'passdb
    backend' defaults.
  * Add patch from CVS HEAD to fix pdbedit segfault; postinst script
    should work better now. (Closes: #173936)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sun, 22 Dec 2002 13:29:00 -0600

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha21-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * add CONFIGDIR to the set of directories exported in the install
    target, so we don't try to write to /etc/ on the autobuilders.
  * Reset the default 'passdb backend' value to something sensible, so
    that we don't unnecessarily break upgrading systems (closes: #173731).

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Fri, 20 Dec 2002 09:13:00 -0600

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha21-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * new upstream release, many patches now incorporated upstream

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Mon, 16 Dec 2002 23:39:00 -0600

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha20-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Remove obsolete comments about non-existant LDAP support in the
    Debian Samba packages. (Closes: #165035)
  * Apply patch for segfault in pam_smbpass when using the unixsam
  * Drop support for nmbd in inetd, since it's not supported by
    upstream and is reported to cause problems (closes: #23243, #137726,
  * Clarify example printing configs in smb.conf (closes: #168174).
  * Make sure nmbd still responds to SIGTERM if it has no interfaces to
    listen on (closes: #168079).
  * Fix to get samba working again on 64-bit archs, after a
    pointer<->int size mismatch bug.  Already fixed in upstream CVS.
  * Merge fix from CVS for broken libsmbclient.h references to internal
    structures (closes: #162956).
  * Add a default 'panic action' for Samba that will give us genuinely
    useful debugging information after a crash.
  * Fixed correct patch to example configurations in the libpam-smbpass
    packages (closes: #169350).
  * acl-dev is not in sid anymore; Build-Depend on libacl1-dev instead
    (closes: #169682).
  * Only ask the user for permission to edit if there's a chance of us
    damaging something.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Mon, 18 Nov 2002 19:53:00 -0500

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha20-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Make sure smbstatus behavior is sane when Samba *has* been started,
    as well as when it has not (closes: #164179).  Thank to Robbert Kouprie
    <robbert at radium.jvb.tudelft.nl> for this patch.
  * Not using 'killall' in any of the maintainer scripts (the last one
    remaining was winbind.logrotate.) We now just use 'kill' to send
    a SIGHUP to a specific PID (which is stored in a file in
  * Do not depend on procps because we're not using killall anymore.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 15 Oct 2002 22:15:57 -0400

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha20-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * fix an off-by-one error in smbd/lanman.c, which should shut off the
    flood of log messages (closes: #157432)
  * add a --config-cache option to the configure invocation, since
    autoconf 2.5 doesn't load config.cache by default (closes: #163504)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sat,  5 Oct 2002 01:40:00 -0500

samba (2.999+3.0.alpha20-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * new upstream release
    - non-primary groups appear to work again (closes: #161271)
  * the official beginning of the upstream 3.0 branch
  * exit without error from smbstatus when no connections have
    been seen yet (closes: #161489)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Wed,  2 Oct 2002 19:02:00 -0500

samba (2.999+3.0cvs20020906-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * CVS update
    - domain authentication works again (closes: #158698)
  * Factor out common code in samba-common.config
  * Handle character set settings in smb.conf on upgrade
    (closes: #153913, #158770)
  * Don't use killall in logrotate script; there are better ways
    (closes: #160076)
  * Ignore value of 'hostname lookups' for hosts allow/hosts deny
    (closes: #154376)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sat,  7 Sep 2002 11:46:00 -0500

samba (2.999+3.0cvs20020829-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * CVS update.
  * Move the smb.conf manpage to the samba-common package (closes: #159572)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Thu, 29 Aug 2002 17:53:25 -0500

samba (2.999+3.0cvs20020827-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * CVS update. (Closes: #158508)
  * Part 1 of 3 of the library separation patch that Vorlon wrote has
    gone upstream - removed the patch from our patches/ directory.
  * Debconf note to warn users that their smb.conf will be re-written
    and changed if they use Swat to maintain it. (Closes: #158479)
  * Fixed typo in samba.prerm.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 27 Aug 2002 15:23:23 -0400

samba (2.999+3.0cvs20020825-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * scale back the tdbsam migration support, because of undesirable
    side-effects; now always defaults to 'no'.
  * strip out hyperactive library dependencies that are only needed by
    smbd (closes: #155156).
  * nuke any broken registry.tdb files left by previous CVS snapshots.
  * support rolling back the smbpasswd->tdbsam conversion on downgrade,
    since many people are likely to need to downgrade for a while.
  * remove postrm handling of legacy directories, and add handling of
    current ones.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sun, 28 Jul 2002 09:44:24 -0500

samba (2.999+3.0cvs20020825-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * CVS update. These packages are based on Samba 3.0alpha19 + any
    code commited after 3.0alpha19 was released.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun, 25 Aug 2002 14:56:46 -0400

samba (2.999+3.0cvs20020723-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * remove spurious line from samba.config
  * migrate from smbpasswd to tdbsam
  * re-add the pdbedit util and manpage
  * compile in ldapsam support (closes: #146935)
  * add PRIVATEDIR to the list of vars we override for the install
    target, so Samba doesn't try to create /etc/samba (closes: #153746).
  * fix makefile handling of LOGBASEDIR, so that logs always end up in
    the right place (closes: 153727).
  * Fixed bug in the FHS migration path that causes nmbd to read its
    state from one location, but write it out to another. (closes: #154210)
  * Make sure nmbd is always looking for wins.tdb in the same place.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Fri, 19 Jul 2002 21:38:54 -0500

samba (2.99.cvs.20020713-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * first attempt for 3.0pre.
  * only post a debconf note about moving logfiles if we're upgrading
    from a version that had the logfiles in the old location
    (closes: #152924).

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sat, 13 Jul 2002 12:54:25 -0500

samba (2.2.5-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * No longer ship make_printerdef, which is deprecated. (closes: #63059)
  * Clean up some empty directories from the samba package.
  * Add call to dh_installinit for winbind rc.x symlinks (closes: #151860).
  * Clean up per-package documentation lists, to reduce clutter
    (closes: #147638).
  * Make sure we don't ship pdbedit's man page since we are still using
    smbpasswd passwords. (closes: #152208)
  * move libnss_wins.so to libnss_wins.so.2, where glibc expects to find
    it (closes: #148586).
  * reorder postinst, so that installing samba-common from scratch loads
    the debconf answers properly (closes: #151985).
  * add lintian overrides for winbind, to eliminate some noise.
  * rename pam_smbpass changelog to comply with policy.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sun, 23 Jun 2002 22:45:04 -0500

samba (2.2.5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun,  9 Jun 2002 15:49:21 -0400
samba (2.2.4+2.2.5pre1-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Getting ready for Samba 2.2.5.
  * Remove patches/parse_spoolss.patch, now included upstream.
  * Fixed thinko WRT POSIX ACL support, which we "half-enabled" in
    2.2.4-1. We don't use POSIX ACL support ourselves, so we'd
    appreciate reports from those using this feature so we can
    be sure this works.
  * Fix the filename-matching algorithm used for smbtar's 'exclude'
    functionality. (closes: #131571)
  * Look for secrets.tdb in /var/lib/samba, and handle in the postinst.
    This is not really a config file, because users don't edit it.
    (closes: #147429)
  * Doxygen fix for libsmbclient.h, thanks to Tommi Komulainen
    <Tommi.Komulainen at iki.fi> for the patch. (closes: #144847)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 28 May 2002 11:33:51 -0400

samba (2.2.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (closes: #144713)
  * Building with POSIX ACL support (closes: #137819)
  * Include samples, exclude INSTALL from libpam-smbpass (closes: #145055)
  * Compile with --with-automount, for NIS homedir support (closes: #123396)
  * Add a proper 'flags' field to the mount entry we write to /etc/mtab;
    fixes a display bug with mount (closes: #140397)
  * Added logic to /etc/init.d/samba so a help message is printed out
    when Samba is running from inetd _and_ we are not booting, i.e. the
    user called the init script manually. Thanks to Francesco
    Potorti <pot at gnu.org> for the suggestion on how to implement this.
    (Closes: #139807, #140204)
  * samba.postinst: added logic so we don't call /etc/init.d/samba if
    we are running from inetd (this prevents the stupid help message
    to be printed during package upgrades if we are running from inetd.)
  * samba.prerm: idem.
  * /etc/init.d/samba: delete stale PID files after nmbd and smbd are
    stopped. This prevents start-stop-daemon from printing an ugly
    error message when called from '/etc/init.d/samba stop'. I prefer
    this than running start-stop-daemon with --oknodo because
    start-stop-daemon might print other important error messages that with
    --oknodo it would otherwise not print. (Closes: #102187, #109301)
  * Patch from jerry at samba.org to fix parsing of spoolss structures.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 23 May 2002 23:16:52 -0400

samba (2.2.3a-7) unstable; urgency=medium

  * More README.debian updates.
  * Neutralize the smb.conf 'lock dir' directive, which doesn't mean
    what the FHS says it should, and causes us no end of grief.
    (Closes: #122299)
  * LPRng-handling patch so that jobs printed to recent versions of
    LPRng show up properly as 'done' instead of 'paused' in the Windows
    print queue.  Thanks to Jaroslav Serdula <serdula_jaroslav at vse.sk>
    for this patch. (Closes: #139458)
  * Applied patch from Urban Widmark <urban at teststation.com>
    (smbfs upstream maintainer) to add a '-n' option to smbmount
    that does the same as mount's '-n'. (Closes: #139590)
  * Minor tweak to unpatch-source so we unpatch sources in the
    reverse order we patched them.
  * Don't depend on grep in samba.prerm to determine if Samba was
    running before the upgrade starts.
  * Tweak the wording of debconf templates.
  * Incorporate debconf translations for French, Spanish and Portuguese;
    thanks to Carlos Valdivia Yag?e <valyag at hotpop.com> (es),
    Andre Luis Lopes <andrelop at ig.com.br> (pt_BR), and Philippe
    Batailler and Denis Barbier <barbier at debian.org> (fr).
    (closes: #142657, #142659, #141551, #141699, #141682)
  * Fixed symlinks in the swat package so the point to /usr/share/doc/
    instead of /usr/doc/. Added note to the description of the
    swat packages that says that samba-doc must be installed for
    the on-line documentation to work. Thanks to Torne Wuff
    <torne at wolfpuppy.org.uk>. (Closes: #95437)
  * 'dh_installinit -n' gives us no initscript handling -- we need to
    handle all starting and stopping of daemons ourselves, which wasn't
    happening in the {pre,post}rm scripts.
  * Vary the priority of the debconf question "Do you want to generate
    /etc/samba/smbpassd?" depending on whether the file already exists.
    File exists -> priority 'medium', file does not exist -> priority
    'low'. Changed priorities of all other questions from 'high' to 'medium'.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sat, 20 Apr 2002 17:48:27 -0400

samba (2.2.3a-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Call db_stop as soon as we're done with debconf in the postinst, to
    avoid hanging bugs (closes: #137813)
  * Ony call 'update-inetd --add' on first installation, just as we only
    call 'update-inetd --remove' on package purge.
  * Bring our shipped smb.conf closer in line with the upstream
    defaults: don't twiddle the send/recv buffer sizes, since the Linux
    kernel already provides a much better default setting
     (closes: #80966, #80934, #137415, #133477)
  * Added libnss_wins.so to the winbind package (closes: #137201)
  * Updates to README.debian.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 12 Mar 2002 10:57:40 -0500

samba (2.2.3a-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Having multiple workgroup lines in your smb.conf, though wacky, is 
    perfectly valid.  Account for this in samba-common.config.
    (closes: #137157)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sun, 10 Mar 2002 21:52:51 -0600

samba (2.2.3a-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed typo in samba.postinst. Cosmetic fixes there as well.
  * Fix to improper usage of /usr/bin/tr in samba-common config script
    (closes: #137744)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sat,  9 Mar 2002 14:14:02 -0500

samba (2.2.3a-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Make sure /etc/init.d/samba is executable before calling it
    in the postinst. Quickly checked all other maintainer scripts
    to make sure we are not calling an init script if it is not
    executable. (closes: #137321)
  * Fix up maintainer scripts to detect if samba was not running before 
    an upgrade. (closes: #33520, #130534)
  * Make sure /etc/samba/ is included in the samba-common package.
    Closes: #137157

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Fri,  8 Mar 2002 11:13:21 -0500

samba (2.2.3a-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * merge in debconf support:
    - Moved all smb.conf-related questions to samba-common (smb.conf
      is part of the samba-common package, not the samba package.)
    - smb.conf is not a samba-common conffile anymore since it is
      being managed by debconf. It is ABSOLUTELY necessary to make
      sure /etc/samba/smb.conf _NEVER_ gets overwritten by changes
      made via debconf. In other words, any changes made by the user
      should be honored by the debconf interface.
    - samba.postinst now moves old log files from /var/log/ to
      /var/log/samba/. There's a Debconf note that informs the user
      the log files are stored now in a new location.
    - debian/control:
      + Make samba depend on debconf.
    - New file debian/samba.templates.
    - New file debian/samba.config.
    - Re-worked debian/samba.postinst.
      + Got rid of all /etc/samba/debian_config sillyness.
    - remove /usr/sbin/sambaconfig; "dpkg-reconfigure samba" replaces 
    - Removed debian/samba.prerm.
    - Cleaned up /etc/init.d/samba.
      + Added infrastructure for debconf.
      + Got rid of all /etc/samba/debian_config sillyness.
      + Got rid of /etc/samba/smbpasswd conversion stuff for
        compatibility with versions of Samba < 2.0.0final-2.
    (closes: #127959, #34408, #113594)
  * make samba.postinst ignore the absence of /var/log/{s,n}mb*;
    makes for a clean upgrade path.
  * Building with MSDFS support (closes: #116793)

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Tue,  5 Mar 2002 14:14:33 -0600

samba (2.2.3a-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version (closes: #135001)
  * Potato builds were failing because debian/rules was not creating
    debian/winbind/etc/logrotate.d/. A user having problems creating
    Potato packages brought this to my attention. dh_installlogrotate
    takes care of creating the directory for us, that's why we didn't
  * Removed code that converts /etc/samba/smbpasswd from an ancient
    format to the new format of Samba 2.0.0 and later.
    Closes: #134375 - samba: postinst failed due to missing
  * Re-organized FHS migration code in samba.postinst. Make sure we
    don't fail when we move files that don't exist.
    Closes: #133813 - samba: Install failed.
  * Adding docs. to the libpam-smbpass package.
  * Remove man pages for findsmb because we are not providing this
    Closes: #134181 - findsmb referenced, but not included.
  * Removed replace.patch because it is now present upstream.
  * Added patch from Jerry Carter to fix a problem when saving
    document preferences for printing from NT clients.
  * The real winbindd daemon is a forked process so we can't use
    --make-pidfile when calling start-stop-daemon. Fixed 
    /etc/init.d/winbind to work around the issue. Thanks to 
    Lin Li <linl at xandros.com> for the patience and for reporting 
    the problems. Hopefully I got it right this time.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 20 Feb 2002 18:39:03 -0500

samba (2.2.3-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Make sure there are actual files in /var/state/samba before trying 
    to move them (Closes: #133534, #133510).
  * Fix up the 2.2.3 makefile so that pam_smbpass builds correctly 

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Tue, 12 Feb 2002 09:19:29 -0600

samba (2.2.3-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Whoops, missed a spot on the samba.postinst -- will fail badly if
    /var/state/samba/ no longer exists.  Better get this fix into the
    next upload. ;) (Closes: #133088)
  * Regenerate configure only if it is older than configure.in.
  * Fix smbd handling of network neighborhood lists, which was missed
    in the FHS conversion (Closes: #133091)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat,  9 Feb 2002 16:37:57 -0500

samba (2.2.3-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * FHS cleanup; files in /var are now properly sorted according to
    their nature. (Closes: #102101)
  * Remove patches to source/configure, since we now call autoconf to
    regenerate this file cleanly.
  * lintian fixes:
      - Create winbind.conffiles and add /etc/logrotate.d/winbind and
        /etc/init.d/winbind to it.
      - Use a relative symlink for /usr/lib/cups/backend/smb.
      - Removal of a .cvsignore file in the samba-doc package.
  * winbind.init fixes:
      - Corrected name of the pid file (Steve)
      - Make start-stop-daemon create a pid file for winbindd since it
        does not create one on his own.
  * #DEBHELPER# is not needed in samba.postinst because we are adding
    manually everything that debhelper adds automatically. In fact,
    since we are calling update-rc.d without standard paramaters I
    think we can't use #DEBHELPER#.
  * Fix fatal syntax error in samba.prerm.

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Thu,  7 Feb 2002 13:12:08 -0500

samba (2.2.3-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * work on lintian-cleanness in the package (wrong permissions,
    maintainer scripts in need of debhelpering)
  * /lib/security/pam_smbpass.so is now being included in the
    libpam-smbpass package only, and not in both the libpam-smbpass and
    samba packages (which was the case prior to 2.2.3-3.)
  * Instead of making our patch scripts executable in the rules file
    we run them through /bin/sh.
  * New 'winbind' package that has all the winbind stuff that was in the 
    samba package in 2.2.3-2 and before.
  * Added replace.patch: patch from Jeremy Allison to fix problems when
    replacing or overwriting files in a Samba share. Patch was sent to
    the samba mailing list.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue,  5 Feb 2002 21:12:48 -0500

samba (2.2.3-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * add support to debian/scripts/{patch-source,unpatch-source} for
    automatic updating and cleaning of <version.h>. This was a request
    from the Samba Team: they wanted us to clearly mark our packages
    so it is always known a user is running Samba with (possibly)
    Debian-specific patches.
  * Change init.d killscript link to K19samba, so we stop before autofs 
    (closes: 117327)
  * Make our patch scripts executable in the rules file -- dpkg won't do 
    this for us (closes: #132415).

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Mon,  4 Feb 2002 09:51:00 -0600

samba (2.2.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (closes: #131228).
  * Restructured build system that provides DBS-like separation of 
  * Fix typo in smbfs description (closes: #116209).
  * Use killall -q in logrotate.d script, to avoid spurious cron 
    emails (closes: #130100).

 -- Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>  Sat,  2 Feb 2002 19:56:18 -0500

samba (2.2.2-12) unstable; urgency=high

  * (Steve) Patch for source/client/client.c.
    Closes: #86438 smbclient: Transfering several GB causes the average
            speed to be messed up.
  * Uploading with urgency=high to expedite the move from unstable
    to testing because of the security problem fixed in -11.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Fri, 25 Jan 2002 22:31:12 -0500

samba (2.2.2-11) unstable; urgency=low

  * Building with --with-libsmbclient. We have created two new
    packages: libsmbclient and libsmbclient-dev. Hopefully this
    will help some people that want to add the capability of
    speaking SMB to their applications.
    Closes: #117132 - libsmbclient support library?
  * (Steve) Make swat do the right thing when reading (parsing)
    the saved preferences in smb.conf.
    Closes: #55617 swat mutilates the linpopup message command.
  * Updated README.Debian. Updated descriptions in debian/control.
  * Remembered to bump up version number in source/include/version.h
    (need to automate this or else I'll keep forgetting.)
  * (Steve) one liner for source/web/diagnose.c.
    Closes: #106976 - smbd/nmbd not running message with swat/linuxconf.
  * Added '|| true' to the post-rotate script so logrotate doesn't
    fail if either nmbd or smbd is not running.
    Closes: #127897 - /etc/logrotate.d/samba fails if there is no smbd process.
  * Fixed incorrect file locations in swat's man page and added a
    Debian-specific note to /usr/share/doc/swat/README.
    Closes: #71586 swat: needs documentation fixes for debian.
  * smbmount in the smbfs package does not have the setuid bit set.
    Apparently, smbmount uses libsmb without checking the environment.
    Thanks to Christian Jaeger <christian.jaeger at sl.ethz.ch> for
    finding the local root exploit.
  * Applied old patch from Jerry) Carter" <jerry at samba.org> to correct
    the following two problems in Samba 2.2.2:
    - %U and %G could not be used in services names
      in smb.conf.
    - %G would fail to be expanded in an "include = ..."

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat, 19 Jan 2002 21:35:26 -0500

samba (2.2.2-10) unstable; urgency=low

  * (Steve) Add missing manual pages.
    Closes: Bug#128928: missing manpages in smbfs.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun, 13 Jan 2002 14:39:55 -0500

samba (2.2.2-9) unstable; urgency=low

  * (Steve) Fix broken URL's in HTML docs.
    Closes: Bug#17741: bad links in html docs (at last!!!)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Fri, 11 Jan 2002 13:37:07 -0500

samba (2.2.2-8) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added "Replaces: samba (<= 2.2.2-5)" to the smbclient section in
    debian/control so rpcclient.1, which was in samba-2.2.2-5, does not
    cause problems now that it is part of smbclient (>= 2.2.2-6).  Closes:
    Closes: Bug#128684: error upgrading smbclient in sid.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Fri, 11 Jan 2002 11:42:40 -0500

samba (2.2.2-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * (Steve) Patch to make behavior honor what the docs. say about "hosts allow"
    taking precedence over "hosts deny".
    Closes: Bug#49249: swat: error with host deny ?!

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 10 Jan 2002 12:36:58 -0500

samba (2.2.2-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * (Steve) Adds manpage for rpcclient to the proper file,
    removes smbtorture from the distro because this tool isn't intended for
    widespread consumption.
    Closes: #63057 - no manual page for smbtorture.
  * (Steve) Removed -gnu from the configure arguments (--build, --host) in
    debian/rules so config.sub is able to properly create the host and target

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed,  9 Jan 2002 14:39:51 -0500

samba (2.2.2-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixes from vorlon:
  * Use /usr/bin/pager instead of more.
    Closes: #125603: smbclient violates pager policy.
  * Make /etc/logrotate.d/samba a conffile, send smbd and nmbd
    a SIGHUP to have the log files reopened, fixes to
    Closes: #127897: log file rotation.
    Closes: #118277: /etc/logrotate.d/samba not listed in conffiles.
  * s/covert/convert/.
    Closes: #121653 probable typo in install message.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun,  6 Jan 2002 03:14:58 -0500

samba (2.2.2-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Applied patch from Steve to work around problem in glibc that affects the
    HPPA architecure. The patch detects the error condition at configure time
    and compiles without LFS support if necessary.
    Closes: Bug#126763: samba completely broken on hppa.
  * Including unicode_map.1251.
    Closes: Bug#126719: samba-common: unicode_map.1251 missing.
  * Updated smbd daemon version to match Debian package version.
    Closes: Bug#127199: Package version and smbd daemon version don't match.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 31 Dec 2001 14:32:47 -0500

samba (2.2.2-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added some spaces in package description in debian/control.
    Closes: #120730 - missing spaces in package description for nice
  * Spelling fixes.
    Closes: #125328, #125329, #125330, #125367, #125365, #125403.
  * Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org> is the co-maintainer of the Debian
    Samba packages!!! Added him to the uploaders field in debian/control.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 18 Dec 2001 00:54:25 -0500

samba (2.2.2-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Backed out changes to source/filename.c per Andrew Tridgell's request.
    This changes were introduced in 2.2.1a-7 as an attempt to fix #47493.
    Tridge found out that they break smbd.
  * Changed version number in source/includes/version.h so it is clear that
    this is a version of Samba packaged for Debian. This is another request from
    Tridge and will help the Samba Team to get bogus bug reports.
  * Added Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf and other README files to the
    /usr/share/doc/<package>/ directories.
  * Installing libnss_winbind.so and pam_winbind.so.
    Closes: #116790: nss and pam modules for winbind missing.
  * Removed user-emacs-settings from changelog.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 29 Oct 2001 19:16:26 -0500

samba (2.2.2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Temporary fix for #113763 (Steve Langasek)
  * Quick hack to avoid smbmount reveal password length. Please note
    that even with this hack there is a small window when password is
    completely visible with 'ps aux'. There are other methods that should
    be used to automate mounting of SMB shares.
    Closes: #112195: smbmount-2.2.x reveals password length.
  * Applied patch from Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org> to prevent
    forcing use of setresuid() in Sparc.
    Closes: #112779: samba build forces use of setresuid, which causes
                     smbd to fail on Sparc.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 15 Oct 2001 10:26:10 -0400

samba (2.2.1a-9) unstable; urgency=low

  * Replaced $(LD) with $(CC) all the way through source/Makefile.
    Closes: #111036: ld shouldn't be used to link shlibs.
  * s/\/bin\/mail/\/usr\/bin\/mail/ in smb.conf's man page (HTML and
    sgml as well.)
    Closes: #110963: smb.conf: mail should be /usr/bin/mail.
  * Documented better smbclient's -W behavior. Patch from Steve
    Closes: #53672: smbclient: -W flag is interpreted as domain, not

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue,  4 Sep 2001 23:10:41 -0400

samba (2.2.1a-8) unstable; urgency=low

  * Set some reasonable default perms for the samba logdir (again,
    thanks to vorlon :-)
    Closes: #72529: insecure permissions on log files.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun, 26 Aug 2001 15:40:47 -0400

samba (2.2.1a-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * Another attempt at fixing #47493. Patch from Steve Langasek
    <vorlon at netexpress.net>. Let's keep our fingers crossed Steve!

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun, 26 Aug 2001 13:37:06 -0400

samba (2.2.1a-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Backed out fix to #47493 introduced in 2.2.1a-4 as it is causing
    smbd to die with signal 11 under some unidentified situations.
    Closes: #109774: Latest debian version breaks printer driver download.
    Closes: #109946: not all files appear in samba-exported directories.
  * Another patch from Steve Langasek. This one adds quotes around 
    printer names for print systems it's reasonable for Debian to
    support. Together with the patch in #29957 (see changelog for
    2.2.1a-4), this should take care of the problems with multi-word 
    printer names in Samba.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Fri, 24 Aug 2001 21:12:27 -0400

samba (2.2.1a-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Important changes that affect how Samba is built on Debian
    machines are implemented in this release. All of this changes
    were suggested by the energetic Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org>,
    and his arguments were so sound and reasonable that I decided
    to implement them. Here's Steve's original changelog:

       * Fix up the build system to avoid needing to run configure 
         as root to answer questions we already know the answers to.
       * In the process, make surprising progress towards being able to
         cross-compile the samba packages.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Fri, 24 Aug 2001 01:08:06 -0400

samba (2.2.1a-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed typo in smbmount's mount page.
    Closes: #109317: smbfs: mistype in smbmount manpage.
  * Included symlink to smbspool to better support CUPS printing.
    Closes: #109509: include symlink for cups samba support.
  * Applied patch from Steve Langasek <vorlon at netexpress.net> to
    fix bug #29957.
    Closes: #29957: samba strips trailing " from strings in smb.conf.
  * First attempt at fixing #47493. Another patch from Steve "I want
    a bug-free Samba" Langasek.
    Closes: #47493: Samba doesn't handle ':' in dir names right.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 21 Aug 2001 23:26:38 -0400

samba (2.2.1a-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Steve Langasek <vorlon at netexpress.net> has been hard at work in
    the last few days looking at the long list of open bugs filed
    against the Samba packages. I don't know how to thank him. It's been
    a pleasure working with Steve, and all the fixes, patches, etc. in
    this release come from him. The bug list is greatly reduced thanks
    to Steve's efforts.
  * Steve's additions/modifications/patches/etc. are:
    - New package that (libpam-smbpass) provides pam_smbpass. Before, this
      was provided in another package but now the sources are part of
      the Samba sources so we can start providing it from here.
      Closes: #107043 - pam_smbpass now present in Samba source,
        should be built from there
    - Patch to source/smbd/service.c that allows admins to call
      /bin/umount from the root postexec of a Samba share.
      Closes: #40561 - samba pre/postexec commands do not work.
    - Clear TMPDIR before starting smbd in /etc/init.d/samba.
      Closes: #51295 - Problems with Samba and TMPDIR.
    - Correction to documentation of "guest only".
      Closes #38282 - "guest only" share still requires a password.
  * Applied patch from Santiago Vila <sanvila at unex.es> to convert
    /usr/sbin/mksmbpasswd from a shell script into a real awk script.
    Sorry it took so long, Santiago; I hadn't realized you even
    provided a patch :-)
    Closes: #77891 - mksmbpasswd could be a real awk script.
  * Updated description of the smbfs and smbclient packages. Also have
    each package recommend the other.
    Closes: #108650: Should suggest or recommend smbfs.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 13 Aug 2001 22:21:55 -0400

samba (2.2.1a-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Build-depends: depend on debhelper (>=2.0.103).
    Closes: #105795: Build-Depends are wrong.
  * Run samba's preinst and postinst scripts without -e so failed commands
    do not abort installation.
    Closes: #106384: postinstall crashes abnormally. (And really closes

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 26 Jul 2001 00:30:37 -0400

samba (2.2.1a-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Make sure samba's postinst script exits with a zero status.
    Closes: #104471: Samba postinst problem.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 12 Jul 2001 21:55:21 -0400

samba (2.2.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
    Closes: #103339: config.guess and config.sub update required.
    Closes: #98518: Samba 2.2 can't act as PDC for NT4/W2K due to 
                    incompatibility with PAM.
    Closes: #97447: nmbd crashes due to bugs in DAVE 2.5.2.
    Closes: #95777: Samba 2.2 is unable to join or authenticate against 
                    Samba 2.2 PDC domain.
    Closes: #68842: samba should use PAM for password changing (I
                    haven't personally tried this one, but it's been
                    advertised this works.)
    Closes: #102506: PAM account checking fails.
    Closes: #102518: Complains about unknown paramter "obey pam
    Closes: #94774: Build failure on PARISC machines.
  * Moved away from /etc/cron.weekly/samba for log file rotation.
    Now using logrotate.
    Closes: #95548: typo in /etc/cron.weekly/samba.
    Closes: #74951: nmbd does not rename its log file.
  * Removed Debian-specific addtosmbpass.8 man page since this script
    is not longer provided upstream. Users should use the smbpasswd
    program instead.
  * Updated sample /etc/samba/smb.conf to reflect the recent changes
    affecting handling of PAM authentication. Also updated

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 11 Jul 2001 00:44:14 -0400

samba (2.2.0.final.a-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New upstream version (contains security fix from DSA-065-1.)
    Closes: #97241: samba 2.2.0 fails to process hostnames in
      "hosts allow" config line.
  * Removed Debian-specific addtosmbpass.8 man page since this script
    is not longer provided upstream. Users should use the smbpasswd
    program instead.
    Closes: #98365: addtosmbpass is missing from 2.2.0.final-2.
  * Updated sample /etc/samba/smb.conf to reflect the recent changes
    affecting handling of PAM authentication. Also updated

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun, 24 Jun 2001 11:11:59 -0400

samba (2.2.0.final-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added libcupsys2-dev to Build-Depends.
  * Samba depends now (again) on netbase so update-inetd is always
    available for the Samba maintainer scripts.
    Closes: #86063: Fails to uninstall if inetd is not installed.
  * Updated source/config.{sub,guess} so ARM built doesn't fail.
    Closes: #94480: config.sub out of date; can't build on arm.
    Closes: #85801: config.sub/guess out of date.
  * Not using brace expansion, i.e. {foo,bar} in any of the maintainers
    scripts nor in debian/rules.
    Closes: #88007: samba postrm has is not POSIX sh compliant.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat, 21 Apr 2001 17:27:18 -0400

samba (2.2.0.final-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. Lots of new things. See WHATSNEW.txt.
  * Goofy version number because of my stupidity when assigning version
    numbers to the CVS packages I have been uploading to experimental.
    Will be fixed when 2.2.1 is released. I've no doubts a 2.2.1 release
    will follow soon.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 17 Apr 2001 22:58:14 -0400

samba (2.2.0.cvs20010416-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * CVS update.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 16 Apr 2001 21:25:15 -0400

samba (2.2.0.cvs20010410-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * CVS update.
  * Added libreadline4-dev to Build-Depends.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 10 Apr 2001 16:53:45 -0400

samba (2.2.0.cvs20010407-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * CVS update. Includes what is in 2.2.0alpha3.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat,  7 Apr 2001 16:00:33 -0400

samba (2.2.0.cvs20010316-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Started working on Samba 2.2.0. Using the SAMBA_2_2_0 branch
    from Samba CVS.
  * Not compiling rpctorture as it has compile errors. Change in
  * Removed Linux kernel 2.0.x and smbfs compatibility baggage. Now
    the smbfs does not support 2.0.x kernels; a kernel > 2.2.x is
    needed to use smbfs. Updated debian/control, debian/rules and
    README.Debian to reflect this change.
  * Added to swat a versioned dependency on samba (so a user is forced to
    install a new version of swat each time a new version of samba is

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun, 18 Mar 2001 14:21:14 -0500

samba (2.0.7-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Transition from suidmanager to dpkg-statoverride.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 18 Jan 2001 23:51:56 -0500

samba (2.0.7-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Applied Urban Widmark <urban at teststation.com> fixes to smbmount. Urban
    is the maintainer of the smbfs in the kernel and of the userland
  * Links to HTML documents are correct now.
    Closes: #69439: swat: Broken help file symlinks
    Closes: #72615: samba-doc directory changed: removed htmldocs from path
    Closes: #75847: swat: Wrong symlink
    Closes: #66857: Wrong links to html documents.
    Closes: #77912: misplaced documentation symlinks for swat
  * Building Samba with CUPS support. For this I reverted the change to
    source/configure.in that I did in 2.0.7-3 and re-ran autoconf.
    Closes: #59038: samba: not compiled with cups support.
  * Fix against previous known/unknown user time difference patch to swat
    (make username / password lookups take the same time.) Remove CGI
    logging code in Swat.
    Closes: #76341 - Security holes in swat
  * Updated Build-depends.
  * Updated debian/copyright to refer to the correct location of the GPL.
  * debian/rules: changed DESTDIR to `pwd`/debian/samba (was
  * debian/rules: added '--sourcedir=debian/samba' to dh_movefiles (for some
    strange reason dh_installdirs is not creating debian/tmp/ so I needed
    to tweak everything to install stuff in debian/samba rather than in
  * debian/control: changed section of samba-docs to 'doc' (was 'docs')
  * Using relative symlinks in /usr/share/samba/swat/ (changed debian/rules
    and source/scripts/installswat.sh.)
  * Fixed (by tweaking debian/rules)
    /usr/bin/{smbmnt,smbumount-2.*,smbmount-2.*} to be suid.
  * Added "Provides: samba-client" to smbclient's section in control.
    Closes: #71143: smbclient: Smbclient should provide samba-client.
  * Fix for desired_access being zero in map_share_mode() (patch to
    source/smbd/nttrans.c.) Thanks to Gary Wilson
    <wilsong at sergievsky.cpmc.columbia.edu> for bringing this patch to my
  * Hacked source/lib/util_sec.c so smbd works fine in both 2.0.x and
    2.2.x kernels even when the build is done in a system running
    a 2.2.x kernel.
    Closes: #78858: samba-common: samba2.0.7 needs kernel 2.2.x but
                    doesnt depend on it.
    Closes: #72758: README.Debian should comment on 2.0.x kernels.
    Closes: #56935: Samba 2.0.6 and Kernel 2.0.x.
    Closes: #58126: Samba 2.0.6 and Kernel 2.0.x -- more info.
    Closes: #60580: samba: failed to set gid.
    Closes: #64280: Samba panics, can't set gid.
    Closes: #66816: Must deal with brokenness under 2.0.x.
    Closes: #67682: potatoe samba 2.0.7-3 out of order, 2.0.5a-1 OK.
    Closes: #69735: PANIC: failed to set gid
    Closes: #66122: "smbclient -L localhost -U%" returns with "tree
                    connect failed: code 0".
    Closes: #57637: Samba says tree connect error.
    Closes: #58015: potato samba wins support is broken.
  * Fixed comments in sample smb.conf to point to the correct location.
    Closes: #69578: comments in smb.conf points to wrong path.
  * Move codepages from /etc/samba/codepages/ to
    Closes: #63813: samba; codepages should go in /usr/lib.
  * Moved /var/samba/ to /var/state/samba/.
    Closes: #49011: samba package not FHS compliant.
  * Hacked source/configure.in (and re-ran autoconf) so yp_get_default_domain()
    is found.
    Closes: #44558: netgroup support missing in samba 2.0.5a-1.
  * /etc/init.d/samba was calling start-stop-daemon with both --pidfile and
    --exec. Got rid of --exec so --pidfile works.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 11 Jan 2001 00:15:57 -0500

samba (2.0.7-3) frozen unstable; urgency=high

  * Release manager: this closes a RC bug.
  * Commented out the section in source/configure.in that auto-detects
    CUPS support and then ran autoconf to generate a new configure
    script. This was done to prevent machines that have libcupsys-dev
    installed from detecting CUPS support and adding an unwanted
    dependency on libcupsys. This way the whole printing system
    won't break on upgrades. CUPS support should be added after
    Potato is released.
    Closes: #65185: samba-common: Upgrading removes printing system.
    Closes: #64496: smbfs: smbfs on powerpc has a dependency on cupsys.
  * Updated README.debian.
    Closes: #64594: Old README.Debian in /usr/share/doc/samba.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 20 Jun 2000 19:16:04 -0400

samba (2.0.7-2) frozen unstable; urgency=high

  * Release manager: this closes RC bug #63839 that prevents Samba
    to be built from source.
  * Fixed a stupid typo in debian/rules that was preventing Samba
    to be built from source.
    Closes: #63839: samba_2.0.7-1(frozen): build error (SAMBABOOK dir)
  * I forgot to mention that O'Reilly's book "Using Samba" was donated
    to the Open Source community. The book was included in Samba 2.0.7
    in HTML format and is part of the Debian Samba package since 
    Samba 2.0.7-1.
  * In Samba 2.0.7-1, the "Using Samba" book and a number of HTML help
    files were supposed to be provided in both the swat and the samba-doc
    packages. This duplication was a waste of space. Starting with
    Samba 2.0.7-2, swat recommends samba-doc and the book and the HTML
    files are included only in samba-doc, and are accessed via symlinks
    from within swat.
    Closes: #58810: superfluous files in swat?
  * Added a 'echo "."' to /etc/init.d/samba in the reload) section.
    Closes: #63394: "echo ." missing in reload section of init.d script
  * Fixed typo in docs/htmldocs/using_samba/ch06_05.html.
    Closes: #64344: typo "encrypted passwords"
  * Cleaned up samba's postrm script so important common files aren't
    deleted when samba is purged. Created a samba-common.postrm script.
    Closes: #62675: purging samba removes /etc/samba/smb.conf.
    Closes: #63386: samba --purge removes /etc/samba dir even though
            smbclient/smbfs/samba-common packages are still installed

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed,  3 May 2000 02:42:07 -0400

samba (2.0.7-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version. Dear Release Manager: please allow this 
    package to go to frozen as it contains fixes to a _lot_ of problems.
    You can take a look at all the problems fixed by this release in
    the official upstream announcement at
  * Added --with-utmp to add utmp support to smbd (this is new in Samba
  * Closes: #62148 - samba not rotating filled logs.
  * Closes: #56711: Samba doesn't manage well long share name (please note
      that it's possible to connect to shares with names longer than
      14 characters but the share will be listed with a name truncated to
      13 characters.)
  * Closes: #51752 - NT DOMAIN - NET USE * /HOME not mapping (error 67).
    Closes: #50907 - logon path not working.
    This is not a bug, it's just Samba doing the same thing an NT server
    does. See WHATSNEW.txt and smb.conf's man page for details.
  * Closes: #48497 - error executing smbsh in debian-potato. (smbwrapper
    is not supported anymore.)
  * Closes: #58994 swat: typo in swat description.
  * Closes: #45931 - Samba dies with SIGILL on startup. (Hardware 
    problems, person that reported the bug never came back.)
    Closes: #54398 - smbadduser fails, looks for ypcat.
  * Fixed swat's man page to include Debian specific installation
    instructions. There's not necessary to edit /etc/services or 
    (Closes: #58616 - incomplete install config && incorrect installation
  * s/SBINDIR/\"/usr/sbin\"/g in source/web/startstop.c to prevent swat
    to look for smbd and nmbd in the wrong place when requested to start or
    stop smbd or nmbd.
    (Closes: #55028 - swat can't start samba servers.)
  * Closes: #37274: smbclient does not honour pot. (Tested and seems to be
    working now.)
  * Not confirmed, but should fix #56699, #62185, #56247, #52218, #43492,
    #50479, #39818, #54383, #59411.
    (please re-open any of this if the problem still exists - I was unable
    to confirm any of this because I could never reproduce them.)
    Closes: #56699 - Samba's nmbd causes random kernel oops several
      times in a row.
    Closes: #62185 - nmbd's forking until no more file descriptors are 
    Closes: #56247 - session setup failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw.
    Closes: #52218 - Either wins proxy does not work, or I don't understand
    Closes: #43492 - intermittent problem changing password.
    Closes: #50479 - Can't access windows 2000 shares with samba.
    Closes: #39818 - samba-common: Upgrading Samba from the Slink version.
    Closes: #54383 - samba-common: Missing /etc/smb.conf.
    Closes: #59411 - smbclient: cannot browse Win2k shares.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 27 Apr 2000 16:07:45 -0400

samba (2.0.6-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * Oppsss! samba-common doesn't depend on libcupsys1 so the binaries
    in this package are broken unless libcupsys1 is installed.
    samba-common has a "grave" bug because of this. Instead of adding 
    libcupsys1 to the Depends: list of each package in debian/control
    I investigated why dh_shlibs was not picking the dependency
    automatically. It turns out that it's probably a bug in libcupsys1
    because the format of its shlibs file is not correct. I fixed that
    file (/var/lib/dpkg/info/libcupsys1.shlibs) and now dependencies are
    picked correctly. I'll talk to the libcupsys1 maintainer.

    I think the addition of CUPS support to Samba is a big change that
    should not go into Frozen. So, I decided to back up the addition
    of CUPS support I did in 2.0.6-4 to minimize problems. I'll add
    CUPS support again when I start working on Samba for Woody.
    (Closes: #59337 - samba-common has a missing dependency)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed,  1 Mar 2000 08:40:02 -0500

samba (2.0.6-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * It seems that sometimes nmbd or smbd are not killed when upgrading.
    I think it is because in samba's prerm script I was calling
    start-stop-daemon with the --pidfile switch and in old versions of
    Samba the nmbd and smbd daemons did not store their PIDs in a file in
    /var/samba/. I changed debian/samba.prerm so the existence of the
    PID files is checked before calling "start-stop-daemon --pidfile ..."
    If the PID files do not exist then start-stop-daemon is called
    without the --pidfile parameter.
    (Closes: #58058 - upgrade from slink went badly)
  * Fixed typo in description of swat package in debian/control.
  * Installed libcupsys1-dev so the configure script picks up CUPS
    and Samba is compiled with CUPS support. Also added libcupsys1 to
    the Depends: list of package samba in debian/control.
    (Closes: #59038 - samba not compiled with cups support)
  * Added a small paragraph to debian/README.debian warning about possible
    problems with the WINS code in Samba 2.0.6.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 28 Feb 2000 14:00:42 -0500

samba (2.0.6-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * Applied patch posted by Jeremy Allison to the samba mailing list
    that should take care of the internal errors reported in bug #52698
    (release-critical). Wichert: please test as I never could reproduce
    it here.
    (Closes: #52698 - samba gets interbal errors)
  * Moved samba-docs to the 'docs' section.
    (Closes: #51077 - samba-doc: wrong section)
  * Added reload capability to /etc/init.d/samba (only for smbd because
    nmbd does not support reloading after receiving a signal).
    (Closes: #50954 - patch to add reload support to /etc/init.d/samba)
  * Corrected "passwd chat" parameter in sample /etc/samba/smb.conf so
    Unix password syncronization works with the passwd program currently
    in Potato. Thanks to Augustin Luton <aluton at hybrigenics.fr> for
    the correct chat script.
  * Stole source/lib/util_sec.c from the CVS tree of what will become
    Samba 2.0.7 or whatever so we can use the same binaries under
    both 2.0.x and 2.2.x kernels.
    (Closes: #51331 - PANIC: failed to set gid)
  * smbadduser is now provided as an example and it's customized for Debian.
    I am not providing this script in /usr/sbin/ because then I would need
    a dependency on csh, something that I don't want to do.
    (Closes: #51697, #54052)
  * Fixed the short description of the smbfs package in debian/control.
    (Closes: 53534 - one-line description out of date).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 23 Nov 1999 16:32:12 -0500

samba (2.0.6-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * samba-common now depends on libpam-modules (not on libpam-pwdb, which
    I have been told is obsolete). I modified /etc/pam.d/samba accordingly
    to reflect the change.
    (Closes: Bug#50722: pam pwdb dependence?).
  * The old /etc/pam.d/samba file which had references to pam_pwdb caused
    smbd to die with a signal 11. The new /etc/pam.d/samba file fixes
    this problem.
    (Closes: #50876, #50838, #50698)
  * Compiled with syslog support (use at your own risk: syslog support
    is still experimental in Samba). I added the parameters "syslog = 0"
    and "syslog only = no" to the sample smb.conf to avoid pestering
    users that do not want Samba to log through syslog.
    (Closes: Bug#50703 - syslog only option doesn't work)
  * Removed the stupid code in the smbmount wrapper script that tries
    to load the smbfs module if smbfs is not listed in /proc/filesystems.
    (Closes: Bug#50759 - Non-root can't run smbmount if SMBFS is compiled
    as a module in the kernel)
  * Added /bin/mount.smb as a symlink pointing to /usr/bin/smbmount so
    'mount -t smb ...' works just as 'mount -t smbfs ...'.
    (Closes: Bug#50763 - 'mount -t smb' doesn't work)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat, 20 Nov 1999 18:53:35 -0500

samba (2.0.6-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Samba 2.0.6 has been released. This is the first try of the Debian
    Samba packages. I know for sure that smbd won't work properly on
    2.0.x kernels because the patch that Wichert sent me does not apply
    to the new source/lib/util_sec.c in Samba 2.0.6. That file was
    completely re-written by Tridge.
  * Updated README.Debian.
  * A new client utility called smbspool appeared in Samba 2.0.6. I added
    this utility to the smbclient package, although I haven't tried it yet.
  * Added the symlink /sbin/mount.smbfs that points to /usr/bin/smbmount.
    This is to be able to type "mouont -t smbfs ...". This symlink goes
    in the smbfs package, of course.
  * This new release should close the following bugs (some of these
    are fixed for sure in this new upstream release, some others I could
    not reproduce but I believe they are fixed if they were real bugs.
    As always, please feel free to re-open the bugs if the problem is not
      Closes: Bug#33240: icmp mask needs a bug workaround.
      Closes: Bug#37692: samba: Has problems detecting interfaces.
      Closes: Bug#38988: samba: Truly bizzare behavour from nmbd.
      Closes: Bug#46432: samba-2.0.5a-2: nmbd does not appear to broadcast
      Closes: Bug#44131: smbfs: no longer possible to set file and
      Closes: Bug#46992: smbmount-2.2.x manpage wrong.
      Closes: Bug#42335: smbfs: missing options from the new 2.2.x commandline.
      Closes: Bug#46605: smbmnt segfaults.
      Closes: Bug#48186: smbmount.
      Closes: Bug#38040: smbfs: Please add /sbin/mount.smb [included].
      Closes: Bug#47332: smbmount: could -f and -P be added back?
  * Samba has been compiled with PAM support (closes: Bug#39512 - samba PAM
    module). To succesfully add PAM support, I created /etc/pam.d/samba and
    added this file as a conffile for the samba-common package. I also made
    samba-common depend on libpam-pwdb.
  * Added simple man pages for the wrapper scripts smbmount and smbmount.
    (Closes: Bug#44705 - Missing smbmount man page)
  * Installed libreadlineg2-dev in my system so smbclient now has a
    "history" command and libreadline support :-)
  * This time I did add a check to the smbmount wrapper script to see if
    the kernel has support for smbfs, as suggested by Jeroen Schaap
    <J.Schaap at physiology.medfac.leidenuniv.nl>. I mentioned in the changelog
    for samba-2.0.5a-3 that I did this but I forgot at the end.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 11 Nov 1999 12:08:15 -0500

samba (2.0.5a-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * I am sorry to report that the smbwrapper package is gone for the
    moment. The reason for this is twofold: first of all, smbwrapper
    is completely broken in Samba-2.0.5a (it compiles but it doesn't
    run) and in the upcoming Samba-2.0.6 it doesn't even compile. Second,
    when I asked Andrew Tridgell (father of Samba) about the state of
    smbwrapper he told me that Ulrich Drepper (head of the glibc project)
    broke on purpose the glibc stuff in which smbwrapper is based.
    Consequently, Tridge recommended me to compile Samba without
    support for smbwrapper. When, I have no idea. Sorry folks. Here is
    the original message I received from Andrew:
    > 1) 2.0.5a's smbwrapper doesn't work under glibc2.1, and pre-2.0.6's
    > smbwrapper doesn't even compile under glibc2.1.
    yep, Ulrich deliberately broke it. It won't get fixed till glibc
    allows the sorts of games it plays to work again. I suggest you turn
    it off in your build scripts until that gets sorted out.
  * Swat's file are now in /usr/share/samba/ instead of
    /usr/lib/samba/ (bug #49011).
  * Man pages now in /usr/share/man/ instead of /usr/man/ (bug #49011).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue,  2 Nov 1999 12:59:13 -0500

samba (2.0.5a-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Applied patch from our fearless leader (Wichert) to fix the darn bug
    that prevents Samba to work on 2.0.x kernels if it was compiled
    in a system running a 2.2.x kernel. This closes #40645 (build uses
    setresuid which doesn't work under 2.0.34 (does apparently under
    2.2.x) ).
  * Fixed the entry that swat's postinst script adds to /etc/inetd.conf
    so it is '#<off># swat\t\tstream\ttcp\tnowait.400 ...' instead of
    '#<off>#swat\t\tstream\ttcp\tnowait.400 ...'. The old way caused
    'update-inetd --enable swat' to leave the entry for swat disabled.
    Thanks to Dave Burchell <burchell at inetnebr.com> for finding out
    this problem. This closes #48762 (swat uses non-standard syntax to 
    comment out inetd.conf entry).
  * /usr/sbin/swat does not think anymore that the smbd daemon lives
    in /usr/local/samba/bin/. To fix this I am running now source/configure
    with "--prefix=/usr --exec-prefix=/usr". This closes #47716 (samba
    'swat' fails: incorrect hardwired path in the binary).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun, 31 Oct 1999 03:42:38 -0500

samba (2.0.5a-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * I am pretty darn busy with my MBA, I apologize for the long time it's
    taking to squash bugs in the Samba packages.
  * Built with debhelper v2 for FHS compliancy. Changed a couple of
    things in debian/rules to accomodate for the new place for the docs.
    I also had to change debian/{samba.postinst,samba.prerm,swat.postinst}
    to make sure that the symlink from /usr/doc/xxx exists and points to
    /usr/share/doc/xxx (the reason for this is that I am not letting
    debhelper to create these scripts for me automatically).
  * Built with latest libc6.
  * smbfs: finally, the nasty bug that causes smbmount to die after
    a while is gone thanks to Ben Tilly <Ben_Tilly at trepp.com>.
    The problem was just a typo in source/client/smbmount.c.
    This closes grave bug #42764 (smbmount dies) and #43341 
    (smbfs-2.2.x won't function after a while).
  * Fixed the smbmount wrapper script to eliminate a bashism (closes
    #45202 - "wrapper scripts use $* instead of "$@") and to recognize 
    2.3.x and 2.4.x kernels (closes #47688 - "smbfs: does not recognize 
    kernel 2.3.x").
  * Added a check to the smbmount wrapper script to see if the
    kernel has support for smbfs, as suggested by Jeroen Schaap
    <J.Schaap at physiology.medfac.leidenuniv.nl>.
  * swat's man page is now part of the swat package, not of the samba
    package. This closes #44808 (Samba has a man page for swat, but 
    the binary is not included).
  * The interface program smbrun is not longer needed by smbd because
    of the availability of execl() under Linux. Because of this, the
    smbrun is not even being compiled. Since there is no need for smbrun
    now, the smbrun man page was taken out of the samba package. This
    closes #45266 (/usr/bin/smbrun missing).
  * smbpasswd is now part of the samba-common package, and not part of
    the samba package. This is to let administrators that do not want
    to install a full Samba server administer passwords in remote
    machines. This closes bug #42624 (smbpasswd should be included in 
    smbclient). This bug report also suggests that swat becomes part of 
    the samba package, that smbfs becomes part of the smbclient package,
    and that the binary smbpasswd becomes part of the smbclient package.
    I moved smbpasswd to the samba-common package but I am reluctant to 
    do the other things the bug report suggests.
  * In order to keep dpkg happy when moving smbpasswd from the samba
    package to samba-common, I had to add a "Replaces: samba (<= 2.0.5a-2)"
    in the control section of the samba-common package and a
    "Replaces: samba-common (<= 2.0.5a-2)" in the control section of the
    samba package (in debian.control).
  * Samba is now being compiled with the "--with-netatalk" option. This
    closes #47480 (Could samba be compiled with the --with-netatalk option).
  * All packages that depend on samba-common have a versioned dependency
    now. This was accomplished by adding "(= ${Source-Version})" to the
    relevant sections of debian/control. Thanks t Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
    <gaia at iki.fi> for the hint. This closes #42985 (samba should probably
    have a versioned depends on samba-common).
  * Made sure the file docs/textdocs/DIAGNOSIS.txt gets installed in all
    the Samba packages. This closes bug #42049 (no DIAGNOSTICS.txt file).
  * Added the smbadduser helper script to the samba package. This closes
    #44480 (Samba doesn't come with the smbadduser program).
  * Applied patch from szasz at triton.sch.bme.hu that prevents smbmount
    to leave an entry in /etc/mtab for a share that could not be mounted
    because of invalid user of password. The patch also allows smbumount
    to unmount the share in the event that something goes wrong with the
    smbmount process. This closes bug #48613 (Mount/umount problems + 
    patch) as well as #44130 (failed mount is still mounted).
  * smbmount-2.2.x is now setuid root. This is needed for the patch
    applied above to be effective. If smbmount-2.2.x is not setuid root
    then an entry will be left in /etc/mtab even when the mount
    fails. I had to add "usr/bin/smbmount-2.2.x" to debian/smbfs.suid
    for this to work.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:36:13 -0400

samba (2.0.5a-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * This version is basically the same as 2.0.5a-1 but it was compiled
    on a Potato system with glibc2.1. See below the change log for 2.0.5a-1
    for more information.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 27 Jul 1999 02:25:29 -0400

samba (2.0.5a-1) stable; urgency=high

  * I'm back from the Honey Moon. We are pretty busy because we are moving
    to Pittsburgh (from Caracas, Venezuela) in aprox. 24 hours and we still
    have plenty of things to pack and to do. Samba 2.0.5 was released
    while I was in the Honey Moon and it is just now (almost 3 AM) when
    I have time to package it.
  * Because of the security problems fixed in 2.0.5, this upload goes
    to both stable and unstable (the Security Team asked for this).
  * This release (2.0.5a-1) was compiled on a Slink system. 2.0.5a-2 will
    be compiled on a Potato system.
  * Added a "Replaces: samba (<= 1.9.18p10-7)" to the samba-common
    section in debian/control (as suggested by Steve Haslam
    <araqnid at debian.org>) to fix the problems that appear when upgrading 
    from the Samba package in Slink. Please test this as I am completely 
    unable to do so. This should fix bug #39818 (Upgrading Samba from the 
    Slink version).
  * Removed the hacks to the autoconf stuff that I added to 2.0.4b-2 in 
    order to have defined several socket options when compiling with
    Linux 2.2.x kernel headers - the fix is now upstream.
  * Finally!!! smbmount was re-written (thanks Tridge :-) to use a command
    line syntax similar to the one used by the old smbmount (for 2.0.x 
    kernels). This means that the wrapper script is no longer necessary
    so I removed it. In its place there is a simple wrapper script that
    calls smbmount-2.0.x or smbmount-2.2.x depending on the kernel that is
  * Because of the wedding, the Honey Moon, and our move to Pittsburgh,
    I can't work on fixing other bugs in this release.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 27 Jul 1999 02:18:51 -0400

samba (2.0.4b-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Stupid mistake: I forgot to add /usr/bin/smbumount to debian/smbfs.files
    and because of this /usr/bin/smbumount was part of the samba package
    instead of part of the smbfs package.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu,  1 Jul 1999 01:51:24 -0400

samba (2.0.4b-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Dark (and archive maintainers): please remove from Potato the smbfsx 
    binary package and also the old source package for smbfs. smbfs and 
    smbfsx have been merged starting with this version.
  * Merged the old smbfs package with Samba. Now there is only one package
    for the smbfs utilities and is called "smbfs". The package smbfsx
    does not exist any more and this new smbfs package must be used
    for both 2.0.x and > 2.1.x kernels.
  * A wrapper script was added to handle the syntax change in smbmount
    in the new smbfs utilities (required for kernels > 2.1.70). The
    home page for this script is http://www.wittsend.com/mhw/smbmount.html.
    Please _note_ that this will change (for good) in Samba 2.0.5 :-)
  * Added debian/smbumount.sh. It's another wrapper that calls smbumount-2.2.x
    or smbumount-2.0.x depending on the kernel currently running.
  * Not using -t for savelog in cron.weekly script.
  * Recompiled without libreadlineg-dev (Samba does not seem to be using
    it so unnecessary dependencies are produced).
  * glibc2.1 build.
  * Removed smbpasswd.8 man page from the debian/ directory because it is
    now being provided upstream.
  * Got rid of the ugly hack I put in source/lib/util_sock.c to have
    IPTOS_LOWDELAY and IPTOS_THROUGHPUT defined. Now I patched the
    autoconf stuff to #include <netinet/ip.h>. I've sent the patch to
    Jeremy Allison so we have this upstream.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 28 Jun 1999 17:47:19 -0400

samba (2.0.4b-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. This release fixes the following Debian bugs:
    #33838 (Amanda/ Samba 2.0.2 and backing up large filesystems) and
    #33867 (Amanda 2.4.1 and Samba 2.0.2 and large filesystems). Jeremy
    Allison released Samba 2.0.4 and found out that there were a couple
    of minor bugs so he released 2.0.4a. Then he found out about more
    serious bugs and released 2.0.4b. I have built this package several
    times between yesterday and today because of this. Now I am releasing
    the Debian packages for Samba with what I believe will be the latest
    release the Samba Team will make at least in the next 4 days (Jeremy
    is taking a short vacation).
  * Still compiling against glibc2.0 (sorry about that :-)
  * Hacked source/smbwrapper/smbsh.c to fix the problem
    of smbsh not finding the shared library smbwrapper.so. It looks
    now in /usr/lib/samba/ for this file. This fixes #32971, #32989,
    #33278, #34911 and #36317.
  * Made smbfsx depend on samba-common because smbfsx uses /etc/samba/smb.conf
    and /etc/samba/codepages/. This fixes #33128 (smbmount complains about
    missing /etc/smb.conf).
  * Package swat does not depend on httpd anymore (there's no need to).
    This fixes #35795 (swat requires httpd).
  * Renamed smbmount-2.1.x and smbumount-2.1.x to smbmount-2.2.x and
    smbumount-2.2.x. Same applies to the man pages.
  * Changed minor type in smbmount's man page (changed "\"" by "\'"). This
    fixes #34070 (wrong quotes in manpage).
  * Used Fabrizio Polacco's <fpolacco at icenet.fi> procedure to create the
    Debian package for Samba. This closes #35781 (samba has no pristine 
  * Changes to /etc/cron.weely/samba: rotate /var/log/{nmb,smb}.old only
    if the size of either is different than 0. Also, added comments at the
    beginning of this script to explain how rotation of log files works in
    Samba. Thanks to ujr at physik.phy.tu-dresden.de (Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler)
    for the suggestions. This closes #37490 (cron.weekly script rotates not
    used [sn]mb.old files). As I side effect, this should also close
    #31462 (still trouble with /etc/cron.weekly/samba).
  * Check for old /etc/pam.d/samba file which is not provided by this version
    of the Debian Samba package but was provided in older versions. If this
    file exists we delete it. We check for this in the postinst. This closes
    #37356 (samba put stuff in pam.d that pam complains about) and #34312 
    (libpam0g: questions during upgrade).
  * Make sure the mode of /etc/samba/smbpasswd is set to 600. This is done
    in the postinst script. This closes #35730 (Security problem with 
    /etc/samba/smbpasswd when upgrading from samba 1.9.18p8-2 to 2.0.3-1).
  * I have just checked and it looks like #28748 (smbfsx doesn't "return ")
    has been fixed. This might have been fixed since a long time ago.
  * Long long standing bug #18488 (smbclient: internal tar is broken) is
    closed in this release of Samba. The bug might have been closed for a 
    long long time, but I did not check for this before.
  * Temporary fix to the annoying "Unknown socket option IPTOS_LOWDELAY"
    message. This fixes #33698 (socket option IPTOS_LOWDELAY no longer works),
    #34148 (warnings from smbd) and #35333 (samba warnings).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 20 May 1999 00:35:57 -0400

samba (2.0.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Removed the convert_smbpasswd.pl program I created and put in
    /usr/doc/samba/ because there's a convert_smbpasswd script in the
    upstream sources that does the same thing. I modified the postinst
    script to use this script instead of the one I created.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun, 28 Feb 1999 01:35:37 -0400

samba (2.0.2-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Updated the README.Debian file.
  * Updated the description of the samba package in the control file.
  * The binaries smbmnt and smbumount-2.1.x in the smbfsx package are now
    installed setuid root as they should be. This was done by doing a
    a "chmod u+s" for each binary in debian/rules and by creating the 
    file debian/smbfsx.suid.
  * Minor patch to source/client/smbumount.c to allow normal users
    to umount what they have mounted (problem was a kernel vs. libc6
    size mismatch). I sent the patch upstream.
  * Created debian/smbwrapper.dirs so the directory /usr/lib/samba/ is
  * Modified debian/rules to move smbwrapper.so from debian/tmp/usr/bin/ to
  * Hacked source/smbwrapper/smbsh.c to fix the problem
    of smbsh not finding the shared library smbwrapper.so.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:11:34 -0400

samba (2.0.2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 11 Feb 1999 01:35:51 -0400

samba (2.0.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat,  6 Feb 1999 06:51:18 -0400

samba (2.0.0final-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * The samba postinst made an unwarranted assumption that the file
    /etc/samba/smbpasswd exists. If the file did not exist (which is
    perfectly valid) the postinst will fail. This fixes #32953.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Fri,  5 Feb 1999 23:32:46 -0400

samba (2.0.0final-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added to debian/control a "Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}" line for the
    samba-common package so dependencies for this package are set
    correctly (thanks to Dark for pointing this out).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu,  4 Feb 1999 09:45:21 -0400

samba (2.0.0final-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Finally!!! The first upload to unstable. Sorry for the delay folks
    but I have been quite busy lately :-) Another reason for the delay
    is that I wanted to ease the migration from Samba 1.9.18p10 and
    before to Samba 2.0.0. I changed the location of the config. files 
    from /etc/ to /etc/samba/ and this made things a little bit harder.
  * This package needs 2.2 kernel headers to compile (well, this is
    true for the smbfsx package, all others compile fine with 2.0 kernel
  * Created a preinst script for the samba package to take care of the
    location migration of smb.conf (from /etc/ to /etc/samba/). The
    preinst script also takes care of moving /etc/smbpasswd to its new
    location (/etc/samba/).
  * Created postinst and postrm scripts to add/remove an entry for swat
    in /etc/inetd.conf.
  * I had forgotten to install the sambaconfig script so I changed
    debian/rules to install this script.
  * Added a postrm script for the samba package (I had forgotten to add 
    this script to the new Samba packages after the migration from 1.9.18 
    to 2.0.0).
  * Created a small Perl script that is called from the samba postinst
    to convert the smbpasswd from the old format used in version prior
    to 2.0.0 to the new one used in 2.0.0 and beyond.
  * The upgrade process should be automatically now. Please let me know
    of any problems you encounter.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat, 23 Jan 1999 09:34:10 -0400

samba (2.0.0final-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Finally!!! Samba 2.0.0 is here! I am not uploading to unstable
    because I still have to work out the migration from the old
    samba packages to the new ones. I also need to work more on the
    new swat package.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 14 Jan 1999 22:40:02 -0400

samba (2.0.0beta5-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue,  5 Jan 1999 00:37:57 -0400

samba (2.0.0beta4-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 23 Dec 1998 18:37:45 -0400

samba (2.0.0beta3-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * I have just realized that the documentation patches (for man pages)
    that I used for the 1.9.18 release are not longer necessary because
    there was a major re-write of all the Samba documentation that added
    the missing bits of information. So, I have just removed these minor

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue,  8 Dec 1998 12:00:30 -0400

samba (2.0.0beta2-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * This new version fixes the potential security problem that
    was posted to debian-private (using the "message command" parameter
    to execute arbitrary commands from messages sent from LinPopUp).
  * Changed /etc/init.d/samba to use one of the variables stored in
    /etc/samba/debian_config to know how Samba is being run (from inetd or
    as daemons) instead of grepping /etc/inetd.conf which may not exist
    if the user is running xinetd (this fixes bug #29687 - assumes using 
    vanilla inetd)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 23 Nov 1998 23:32:03 -0400

samba (2.0.0beta1-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * First beta release of the samba-2.0.0 code. Before the beta I was
    working with sources downloaded directly from the CVS server. This
    package goes into experimental and I plan to release the new
    samba to unstable as soon as it gets out of beta.
  * Created several packages out of the Samba sources. They are:
    samba (nmbd and smbd daemons + related programs), smbclient (FTP
    like command line utility to retrieve files from SMB servers),
    swat (Samba Web Administration Tool), samba-common (common files
    used by samba, smbclient and swat), smbfsx (smbfs utilities for
    kernels >= 2.1.70), smbwrapper and samba-doc (Samba documentation).
  * Refreshed debian/samba-doc.docs so recently added docs. are
    installed in the samba-doc package. New additions include man
    pages in the /usr/doc/samba-doc/htmldocs/ directory.
  * Deleted Debian specific nmblookup(1) man page as it is now upstream.
  * Added smbtorture to smbclient package.
  * Moved rpcclient from the samba package to the smbclient package.
  * The Samba daemons (nmbd and smbd) now create a PID file so I changed
    all calls to start-stop-daemon to use the PID file.
  * Fixed debian/rules to install mksmbpasswd (fixes #27655).
  * Modified /etc/init.d/samba so nmbd is started without the -a (append
    to the log file instead of overwrite) switch. The new behavior of
    nmbd is to NOT overwrite log files, so the -a switch can be deleted
  * Moved from debstd to debhelper.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu,  1 Oct 1998 08:37:41 -0400

samba (1.9.18p10-5) frozen unstable; urgency=high

  * Oppsss!!! While fixing bug #26884 I introduced a bug even worse than
    the one I was trying to fix: in /etc/init.d/samba I got rid of the test
    that tells us whether the Samba daemons are running from inetd or as
    standalone daemons. I corrected the problem by editing again
    /etc/init.d/samba to uncomment the test.
  * Wishlist bug #28298 (typos in samba) was fixed.
  * Wishlist bug #28309 (typos in smb.conf) was fixed.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 28 Oct 1998 09:11:47 -0400

samba (1.9.18p10-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Minor patch to debian/rules to delete *substvars instead of only
    substvars when doing a "debian/rules clean" (thanks to Daniel Jacobowitz
    <dmj at andrew.cmu.edu> for this).
  * Small patch to source/shmem_sysv.c that eases compilation under
    glibc-2.1 (thanks to Daniel <dmj at andrew.cmu.edu> for this).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 17 Sep 1998 15:33:49 -0400

samba (1.9.18p10-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Patched smbclient again to fix minor formatting problem introduced
    by Magosanyi Arpad's smbclient patch.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu,  3 Sep 1998 11:03:23 -0400

samba (1.9.18p10-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Sync'ed include files for the smbfs utilities with the ones in
    kernel 2.1.119.
  * Added to the /usr/doc/samba/examples/ directory a new script called 
    wins2dns (courtesy of Jason Gunthorpe <jgg at deltatee.com>) that 
    generates BIND sonze files for hosts in the WINS database.
  * Patched smbclient to include enhancements by Magosanyi Arpad 
    <mag at bunuel.tii.matav.hu> that make scripting easier.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Fri, 28 Aug 1998 13:34:54 -0400

samba (1.9.18p10-1) stable unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version (see /usr/doc/samba/WHATSNEW.txt for a
    description of what has changed). I built a 1.9.18p9-1 but I
    never released it because an obscure bug was found just a couple
    of days before the official release, so the Samba Team stopped
    the rollover of 1.9.18p9.
  * Updated documentation (new files were added to the docs/ directory
    that were not installed in /usr/doc/samba/).
  * Fixed long standing bug #7695 (smb.conf's man page doesn't document
    'printing=lprng') - I made a couple of changes to the man page to 
    include references to lprng.
  * Fixes bug #24930 (samba needs to suggest psmisc?). I don't think it
    is necessary to make samba suggest psmisc just because the postinst
    script mentions to call killall. So, I removed all references to
    "killall" in the scripts.
  * Fixes bug #25999 (Samba does not by default work with unix password
    sync): I added the "passwd program" and "passwd chat" parameters to
    the sample smb.conf to reflect the Debian environment.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Fri, 21 Aug 1998 08:59:18 -0400

samba (1.9.18p9-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version (see /usr/doc/samba/WHATSNEW.txt for a
    description of what has changed).
  * Removed Jeremy Allison's patch applied to 1.9.18p8-2 because it is
    now part of the new upstream version.
  * Corrected small typo in addtosmbpass' man page (fixes #25629).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 11 Aug 1998 08:53:08 -0400

samba (1.9.18p8-2) frozen unstable; urgency=medium

  * Applied patch received from Jeremy Allison (Samba Team) that fixes
    "grave" bug #23903 (samba maps username before authenicating with 
    NT password server).
  * Added a "sleep 2" between "start-stop-daemon --stop" and
    "start-stop-daemon --start" in /etc/init.d/samba so when this script
    is called with the "restart" parameter the Samba daemons are restarted
    properly. This fixes bug #24211 (init.d script doesn't restart).
  * Sent start-stop-daemon output in /etc/init.d/samba to /dev/null to
    avoid annoying warning messages.
  * Added perfomance tune parameters to sample /etc/smb.conf (SO_SNDBUF=4096
    and SO_RCVBUF=4096 to "socket options" in /etc/smb.conf). I can't
    find who sent this suggestion to me. If you are listening, drop me a
    note and I'll put your name here :-)

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 29 Jun 1998 08:45:01 -0400

samba (1.9.18p8-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release that fixes _lots_ of "ugly" bugs. The list of
    fixed bugs is too long to include here (see /usr/doc/samba/WHATSNEW.txt).
  * Fixed postinst to quote arguments to if [ arg .. ] constructs
    (fixes #22881).
  * Applied Jeremy Allison's patch (posted to the samba-ntdom mailing
    list) that solves a problem with username maps (the Samba Team did
    not catch this problem before final 1.9.18p8).
  * Made /etc/init.d/samba to print out a warning when Samba is running
    from inetd and the user runs /etc/init.d/samba to start|stop|restart
    Samba (there's no point on doing this because inetd will start the
    daemons again when there is traffic on UDP port 137-139).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat, 13 Jun 1998 00:18:25 -0400

samba (1.9.18p7-4) frozen unstable; urgency=medium

  * Fixes the serious problem of having the WINS name server
    database getting deleted at boot time. That happened because the
    WINS database was being stored under /var/lock/samba/ and all files
    under /var/lock/ are deleted at boot time. The place where the WINS
    database is stored was moved to /var/samba/.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 18 May 1998 20:24:29 -0400

samba (1.9.18p7-3) stable; urgency=high

  * Libc5 version for Bo (stable) that fixes the recently reported
    security hole.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 18 May 1998 20:19:33 -0400

samba (1.9.18p7-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * Added patches from the non-mantainer upload that make us able
    to compile Samba on Alpha systems. This fixes bug #22379.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 13 May 1998 20:38:51 -0400

samba (1.9.18p7-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (just bug fixes, no new functionality).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 13 May 1998 11:47:32 -0400

samba (1.9.18p6-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * Uploaded to frozen (I forgot to upload last version to frozen
    so it got installed only in unstable).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 12 May 1998 18:10:17 -0400

samba (1.9.18p6-1.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * non-maintainer upload for Alpha
  * patch needed for source/quota.c (_syscall4() confusion)

 -- Paul Slootman <paul at debian.org>  Tue, 12 May 1998 20:39:13 +0200

samba (1.9.18p6-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release that fixes a possible buffer overflow.
    This security hole was reported on BugTraq by Drago. The
    previous Debian version (1.9.18p5-1) was not released because
    1.9.18p5 and 1.9.18p6 were released very closely.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 11 May 1998 20:28:33 -0400

samba (1.9.18p5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (no new funcionality, just bug fixes - see 
  * Backed off Debian patches that were added upstream.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 11 May 1998 08:43:53 -0400

samba (1.9.18p4-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * Patched smbclient(1) man page to not reference the unsopported
    -A parameter (fixes #6863).
  * Changes to start nmbd with the -a option (in /etc/init.d/samba
    and in the entry added to /etc/inetd.conf).
  * Fixed typo in sample smb.conf (fixes #21484).
  * Fixed yet another typo in sample smb.conf (fixes #21447).
 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Fri, 17 Apr 1998 22:19:23 -0400

samba (1.9.18p4-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version that fixes several bugs.
  * New scheme for keeping track of Debian specific configuration.
    This new scheme fixes bug #18624 (Samba always asks the user about
    configuration options). New scheme stores Debian specific
    configuration information in /etc/samba/debian_config.
  * Changes to /usr/sbin/sambaconfig, prerm and postinst to support the 
    new configuration scheme.
  * Moved required kernel 2.1.x include files inside the source tree
    so I don't have to do very nasty things like creating crazy
    symlinks in /usr/include to make this package compile. This
    allows non-root users to build the package and fixes bug
  * Fixed address of the FSF in /usr/doc/samba/copyright (problem
    reported by lintian).
  * The /etc/init.d/samba script now supports the force-reload
    argument, as required by the policy (problem reported by lintian).
  * Added a "rm /etc/cron.weekly/samba" at the end of the postinst.
  * Now the samba package can be installed even if no nmbd or smbd processes 
    are running. This fixes the following bugs: #8917, #9334, #10268, 
    #10411, #11146 and #13387.
  * Provides the original README in /usr/doc/samba. This fixes bug #9693.
  * Added a --no-reload option to sambaconfig to not reload Samba
    after configuration.
  * Created man pages for sambaconfig(8), addtosmbpass(8),
    mksmbpasswd(8) and nmblookup(1).
  * Corrected small typo in sample /etc/smb.conf.
  * Added two new parameters to /etc/smb.conf: "preserver case" and
    "short preserve case".
  * "rm -Rf /var/lock/samba" in postrm when package is being purged.
  * Patched upstream source (nmbd.c) to not overwrite log files when
    nmbd is called with the -a parameter (fixes #17704: nmbd ignores
    -a option).
  * /etc/init.d/samba now starts the nmbd daemon with the -a parameter
    to not overwrite log files.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 23 Mar 1998 21:22:03 -0400

samba (1.9.18p3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Oppsss!!! I really screwed it up (actually, debstd did).
    1.9.18p2-2 still contained man pages (smbmount and smbumount) part
    of other packages. This version does have this corrected. If not,
    I no longer deserve to be a Debian developer! So, this version
    fixes bug #18438 and some of the bugs I claimed to fix in
    1.9.18p2-2. Oh, by the way, I fixed the problem by running debstd
    with -m in debian/rules (man pages are installed by "make install"
    so it's a bad idea to re-install man pages with debstd).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon, 23 Feb 1998 17:32:42 -0400

samba (1.9.18p2-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixes bugs #18017, #17999, #17961, #17932: old 1.9.18p2-1 provided
    a man page for smbmount, which conflicts with package smbfs. This
    was solved by creating a multi-binary package that produces
    package samba and new package smbfsx.
  * Fixes bug #18000 (typo in postinst).
  * Fixes bug #17958 (postinst asks obsolete question). Actually,
    the question is still asked, but only if Samba is run as daemons.
  * Created a multi-binary package from the Samba sources: package
    samba and new package smbfsx which provides SMB mount utilities
    for kernels > 2.1.70.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Mon,  9 Feb 1998 19:47:05 -0400

samba (1.9.18p2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Removed /etc/cron.weekly/samba because Samba does not handle well
    rotation of log files (if the log file is rotated Samba will
    continue to log to the rotated file, instead of the just created
    one). In any case, Samba will rotate log files after an specific
    file size.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 27 Jan 1998 22:34:27 -0400

samba (1.9.18p1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Created a multi-binary package out of the Samba sources to provide
    packages samba and smbfsx (userland utilities to work with
    smbfs with kernels > 2.1.x.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sat, 17 Jan 1998 09:23:48 -0400

samba (1.9.18p1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Created /etc/cron.daily/samba to save a copy of /etc/smbpasswd in

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 14 Jan 1998 13:40:56 -0400

samba (1.9.18alpha14-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Added a note to the postinst script telling the user that he/she
    needs to run smbpasswd manually after creating a new /etc/smbpasswd
    from /etc/passwd.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 23 Dec 1997 23:44:37 -0400

samba (1.9.18alpha13-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 16 Dec 1997 13:02:32 -0400

samba (1.9.18alpha12-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Conflicts with the sambades package because the new Samba 1.9.18
    series do not depend on the DES libraries to support encrypted
  * Added parameter "encrypt passwords = yes" to /etc/smb.conf.
  * Compiled with support for quotas in disk_free().
  * Home directories are now exported read only by default.
  * Re-worked debian/rules.
  * Re-worked sample smb.conf.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu,  4 Dec 1997 22:50:34 -0400

samba (1.9.17p4-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Made /etc/smb.conf readable by everybody because some Samba utilities
    will fail otherwise when run by non-root users.
  * Dropped PAM support while the PAM libraries are ported to libc6.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Tue, 21 Oct 1997 18:08:49 -0400

samba (1.9.17p3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Made /etc/smb.conf readable only by root as suggested by smbd's man page.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 15 Oct 1997 09:21:25 -0400

samba (1.9.17p2-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Running Samba as daemons instead of from inetd.
  * Removing netbios entries in /etc/inetd.conf.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 9 Oct 1997 23:37:25 -0400

samba (1.9.17p2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version that fixes a serious security hole.
  * Removed Debian patches added in 1.9.17-1 and 1.9.17p1-1 because
    these patches are now part of the upstream release.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Sun, 28 Sep 1997 22:54:33 -0400

samba (1.9.17p1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Defined symbol _LINUX_C_LIB_VERSION_MAJOR as 6 in includes.h to shut up
    compiler warnings.
  * Included rpcsvc/ypclnt.h in includes.h to shut up compiler warnings.
  * Included crypt.h to have function prototype for crypt().
  * Included netinet/tcp.h to have some socket options included.
  * Included netinet/ip.h to have some socket options included.
  * Linking with libcrypt (LIBM='... -lcrypt'). Without including this
    library smbd generates a seg. fault when authenticating users (?).

 -- Eloy A. Paris <debian.org>  Wed, 10 Sep 1997 22:09:18 -0400

samba (1.9.17-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version (called the "Browse Fix Release")
  * Added the option --oknodo to the start-stop-daemon invocation in prerm
    script. This was because the prerm was failing because start-stop-daemon
    was returning an error code if no nmbd or smbd daemons were found
    to kill.
  * The function yp_get_default_domain(), referenced in three source
    files was part of libc5 but with libc6 (glibc2) it has been moved
    to libnss_nis. Since the linker was unable to find the function
    I had to add LIBSM='-lnss_nis' to debian/rules.
  * Added -DNO_ASMSIGNALH and -DGLIBC2 to FLAGSM in debian/rules
    because compiling was failing because of conflicts with glibc2.
  * Patched source/includes.h to include termios.h if GLIBC2 is defined.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Wed, 27 Aug 1997 08:39:32 -0400

samba (1.9.17alpha5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.

 -- Eloy A. Paris <peloy at debian.org>  Thu, 14 Aug 1997 18:05:02 -0400

samba (1.9.16p11-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed accidental omission of /etc/pam.d/samba.

 -- Klee Dienes <klee at debian.org>  Sat, 15 Mar 1997 22:31:26 -0500

samba (1.9.16p11-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Recompiled against newer PAM libraries.
  * Added /etc/pam.d/samba.

 -- Klee Dienes <klee at debian.org>  Sat, 8 Mar 1997 01:16:28 -0500

samba (1.9.16p11-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
  * Added PAM support.

 -- Klee Dienes <klee at debian.org>  Tue, 25 Feb 1997 18:00:12 -0500

samba (1.9.16p9-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * minor packaging changes

 -- Klee Dienes <klee at sauron.sedona.com>  Sun, 3 Nov 1996 11:45:37 -0700

samba (1.9.16p9-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * upgraded to new upstream version

 -- Klee Dienes <klee at sauron.sedona.com>  Sat, 26 Oct 1996 21:38:20 -0700

 * Removed Package_Revision from control file.
 * Removed -m486 compiler option.
 * Added Architecture, Section and Priority fields to control file.
 * Upgraded to latest upstream version.
 * Uses update-inetd now.
 * Added shadow passwords support.
 * Fixed Bug#1946: nmbd won't browse

 * Upgraded to latest upstream version.
   * Fixed many bugs.
   * Adds Master Browsing support.
 * Converted to ELF.
 * Fixed bug #1825 - nmbd is now killed when removing samba.

 950926 Andrew Howell <andrew at it.com.au>
 * Upgraded to latest version.
 * Fixed Bug #1139 - samba won't print

 * Fixes killing of inetd problem in debian.postint and debian.postrm 

 950704 Andrew Howell <andrew at it.com.au>
 * Taken over samba package from Bruce Perens.
 * Upgraded to newest version of samba.

 9-January-1994 Bruce Perens <Bruce at Pixar.com>
 * Added Debian GNU/Linux package maintenance system files, and
   configured for Debian systems.
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