[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#425680: samba: The security fix for CVE-2007-2446 broke Samba

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Sat May 26 09:54:58 UTC 2007

(coipy to submitter of #426002)

> This is a copy of a bug opened upstream. A patch is avaliable for
> 3.0.25 but not for 3.0.24 on etch.
> It happens on i386, and alpha. 3.0.24-etch2 suffers from the bug too.
> I'm using Gentoo (the stable tree) and Debian Etch. The recent update that
> fixes three security bugs has broken my samba domain. I'm able to login in 
> the
> domain but when accessing the share of a machine which is not the PDC, the
> sharing machine denies my access.
> "smbclient -L with my user" against that sharig machine returns me
> NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS. If I try smbclient against the PDC, the PDC 
> returns
> me the list of shares. The problem seems to be the fix for CVE-2007-2446. 
> If I
> recompile the samba package without that fix in my Gentoo boxes, the whole
> domain works perfectly. The same goes for the Debian machines, if I 
> downgrade
> the version to the non fixed.

Could you test packages from http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/samba?

1151c8a4d4356e8ec4deb60af87ed313  libpam-smbpass_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb
fc8a6990a952c06e60e12285e33a3d5f  libsmbclient-dev_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb
c8457c2980a2e291ea52a0432e2cb425  libsmbclient_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb
b6f34b7d41913203b195919d8e6f5adf  python-samba_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb
b842159ed11fcf83323cacaa41606a3e  samba-common_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb
8b814491a3ab52eb216fe291e50be19e  samba-dbg_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb
db52dd9d1e185a2e9f74f3001e6cae2b  samba-doc-pdf_3.0.24-6etch3_all.deb
c090aedf8110a2680d8deb3b2cc6b057  samba-doc_3.0.24-6etch3_all.deb
25424757cc9082884671ab95f938915e  samba_3.0.24-6etch3.diff.gz
ef244d5306c5575b66cf8147ce75d5c2  samba_3.0.24-6etch3.dsc
cd339e634942b8166ac2e583d4f86de8  samba_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.changes
ace5da23cc6f697341921d64d289fb44  samba_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb
e42e2c93819bc7039fdb2c09afdd3918  smbclient_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb
12980c866b761e64c4f3382abaf71cba  smbfs_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb
46a45a8c507affa4c6b62054808e24a3  swat_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb
3aee9f4a8a00698b375cbc4b0a0efc07  winbind_3.0.24-6etch3_i386.deb

We want to have these in etch ASAP but we would prefer that people
experiencing the bug can check if the bug is fixed.

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