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(new) libwbclient0_3.2.0~pre2-1_i386.deb optional libs
client library for interfacing with winbind service
 libwbclient is an API for client interactions with the winbind service.
 This library abstracts the winbind pipe protocol into a stable API that
 allows the winbind server to be independently upgraded.
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Changes: samba (3.2.0~pre2-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream (pre-)release. It closes the following bugs:
    - typos in net.8. Closes: #460487, #460491
    - mention insmb.conf(5) that logging still occurs when
      "syslog only" is enabled and "syslog=0". Closes: #311300
    - bad link in HTML docs. Closes: #358479
    - enhance a useless and confusing debug message in pdb_ldap
      Closes: #448546
    - mention the correct default debug level in smbclient(1)
      Closes: #292371
    - no longer mention that "ip" parameter can use the host name
      in mount.cifs(8). Closes: #296057
    - wrong spelling of "its own" in source comments fixed
      Closes: #448686
    - fix "ldapsam_getgroup: Did not find group" debug message
      Closes: #448546
    - fix smbclient(1): useless use of cat. Closes: #429349
  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * debian/patches/fix-manpage-htmlchars.patch: patch all the manpages from
    3.2.0pre2, which ended up with html entity encodings embedded in them
    by mistake.  This patch is expected to go away again for 3.2.0pre3.
  * fix up the FHS patches for the new upstream release:
    - debian/patches/fhs-newpaths.patch has been merged upstream, drop it.
    - debian/patches/fhs-filespaths.patch has been mostly applied; only one
      path usage remains inconsistent, and a new .tdb has been added with
      the wrong path so fix this up here too.
    - debian/patches/fhs-filespaths-debatable.patch: updated for some new
      uses of lock_path() which we map to cache_path().
    - debian/patches/fhs-assignpaths.patch: patch source/m4/check_path.m4
      instead of source/configure.in.
  * debian/patches/smbstatus-locking.patch: merged upstream
  * debian/patches/smbpasswd-syslog.patch: updated to account for new
    calls to logging functions
  * Handle the new libraries available in samba 3.2: ship libwbclient as a
    shared library, link against the system libtalloc (adding a
    build-dependency on libtalloc-dev - which is actually sort of kludgy
    because this only works as long as the system libtalloc has the same
    soname as the one within the samba tree, this should be fixed to
    properly build against the system libtalloc), and suppress generation
    of the tdb and netapi libraries which aren't useful to us right now.

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samba-dbg_3.2.0~pre2-1_i386.deb - extra devel
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samba-doc_3.2.0~pre2-1_all.deb - optional doc
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samba_3.2.0~pre2-1_i386.deb - optional net
smbclient_3.2.0~pre2-1_i386.deb - optional net
smbfs_3.2.0~pre2-1_i386.deb - optional otherosfs
swat_3.2.0~pre2-1_i386.deb - optional net
winbind_3.2.0~pre2-1_i386.deb - optional net

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