[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#437534: winbind: please add wins to nsswitch.conf by default

Lukasz Szybalski lszybalski at uniqueinsuranceco.com
Wed Apr 2 14:13:32 UTC 2008

As a Programmer and IT with 60 users on the network and 6 servers, with 
3 internal webistes I have to say that automatically resolving names via 
WINS hostname should be enabled by default!!!

1. Not a whole lot of people know how and which program is responsible 
for hostname resolution. (It took me 3 months before I found myself on a 
right track)
2. I see a lot of use for it. Internal websites, they all use hostname 
instead of ip addresses. You are looking for a computer share but you 
don't know which server its on? If this is enabled you can easily find 
it. If its not enabled then you have to switch to windows because 
windows has it as a default, and you don't have to to be searching 3 
months on how to enable hostname lookup. (That is bad!)
3. Windows has this feature enabled and as soon as you need to connect 
to a dynamic ip computer that changes its ip address every few days, you 
will love the fact that its enabled. (Not sure how mac does it)

I don't see ANY problems with enabling it by default? People are asking 
for it, therefore this bug, so what is stopping us from making it happen?


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