[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#476334: Bug#476334: Repeated segfaults with 2k8 server domain member

Steve Langasek vorlon at debian.org
Fri Apr 18 05:09:50 UTC 2008

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 11:36:48AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Given that this is a segfault in the server, we probably want to have a
> > closer look at this instead of writing it off as a win2k8 bug.

> Not exactly this is a w2k8 bug, but this is asking a version of samba
> that's prior to w2k8 to work properly with it.

> Seeing the number of Samba developers around who are actively working
> on w2k8 stuff, I think we can quite safely assume that hiccups with
> w2k8 *will* happen in any samba release as of now.

> > Unfortunately, so far it's only been reproduced with an older (etch) version
> > of Samba, which makes it even harder to debug, but I think we still ought to
> > be sure before dismissing the bug.

> Well, from Brian explanations, there is no chance that someone ever
> tries to reproduce the bug so I really fail to see what benefit we
> have in keeping it...

> I think we shouldn't really deal with bugs involving w2k8 until
> upstream has claimed for "full" supprot.

We have a backtrace, which means that the bug may be identifiable by means
of code inspection.  Since segfaults often point to bugs that are also
exploitable as security holes, more consideration is warranted here.

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