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(new) samba-tools_3.2.0-1_i386.deb optional net
tools provided by the Samba suite
 The Samba software suite is a collection of programs that
 implements the SMB/CIFS protocol for unix systems, allowing you to serve
 files and printers to Windows, NT, OS/2 and DOS clients. This protocol
 is sometimes also referred to as the LanManager or NetBIOS protocol.
 This package contains tools such as smbtorture which may help
 testing the performance of CIFS servers or clients.
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Changes: samba (2:3.2.0-1) experimental; urgency=low
  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * New samba-tools package to provide all "torture" tools:
    smbtorture msgtest masktest locktest locktest2 nsstest vfstest
    pdbtest talloctort replacetort tdbtorture smbconftort
  * Upgrade Standard to 3.8.0 (checked)
  * Merged from unstable:
    * Drop "invalid users = root" from the default smb.conf file
      as it differs from upstream's behaviour and upstream is fairly
      noisy about this choice of ours. Closes: #462046
    * Drop commented "guest account = nobody". This is already upstream's
    * Remove versioned Build-Depends when satisfied in etch (actually all
      versioning in Build-Depends)
    * Remove Conflicts with non-existing packages
    * Drop dpkg-dev and binutils from Build-Depends, since the versioned
      build-dep is no longer needed and these are both Build-Essential
    * Mini-policy for settings in smb.conf:
      - don't explicitly set settings to their default value
      - commented settings with the default value are commented with "#"
      - commented settings with a non-default value are commented with ";"
    * Apply this policy to "socket options". Closes: #476104
    * No longer gratuitously use /usr/lib/libsmbclient.so.0.1 but a more logical
      libsmbclient.so.0 as upstream doesn't assign versions
    * Add idmap_*(8) man pages (idea taken from SerNet packages)
    * Create the entire set of directories needed by clients for
      Point-and-Click printing (including old clients!) in
      /var/lib/samba/printers (idea taken from SerNet packages)
    * Update copyright and README.debian information for current and past
      maintainers. Remove redundant mention of Tridge (the copyright is enough)
    * Add doc-base files for samba-doc-pdf. Closes: #451685
    * add a soft dependency on slapd in init script to allow
      proper operation when dependency-based boot sequence is enabled.
      Thanks to Petter Reinholdtsen for reporting and providing a patch
      Closes: #478800
  * Rename libcupsys2-dev to libcups2-dev in build dependencies
  * Localize SWAT in German. Closes: #487681
  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Merged from unstable:
    * Kurdish. Closes: #480151
    * Romanian updated. Closes: #488709.
  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * New upstream release
  * Merged from unstable:
    * debian/patches/no-unnecessary-cups.patch: don't try to connect to a
      cups server when we know that no printers are configured.
      Closes: #479512.
  [ Jelmer Vernooij ]
  * Merged from unstable:
  * Fix bashism in smbtar. (Closes: #486056)
  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * Merged from unstable:
    * Removed myself from Uploaders

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