[Pkg-samba-maint] Plans for samba packages

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Sat Jul 12 14:56:52 UTC 2008

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle at debian.org):
> Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle at debian.org):
> > Our plans are currently to wait for 3.0.30-4 to enter testing as a
> > "safe" option. Then, upload 3.2.0 to unstable and maybe block it for testing
> > transition in case the freeze is not announced in the meantime (that
> > would allow deeper testing than the usual 10 days).
> From the comments about 3.0.31 in another thread, another option could
> be:
> - build 3.0.31 (I already did this)
> - upload with urgency=medium (to not lose the 5 days where 3.0.30-4
> already stayed in unstable)
> - wait for it to enter testing
> ... then go with the 3.2.0 stuff.
> That would guarantee 3.0.31 in testing in case 3.2.0 doesn't make
> it. Easier to understand for our users than a 3.0.30 which indeed
> includes one of the changes for 3.0.31....

I'll probably go for that option. As a consequence, I will rewrite the
note to -release accordingly.

I'll be waiting until tomorrow Sunday morning (UTC) to give Steve a
chance to comment before he leaves his place to come to a decent
timezone for a few days.

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