[Pkg-samba-maint] Samba Client Problem

Somló György somlo at flexys.hu
Wed Jul 23 16:47:17 UTC 2008

Dear DSM Guys,

We have hit the walls here in Hungary and need your help.

We are developing on Debian LINUX platform and our SW products intend to work 
on SAMBA-based file server environments (Windows and LINUX servers, Windows 
and LINUX clients, in widely varying combinations).

Recently we have serious problems on shared file accessing operations. 
Eventually we have pointed out that locking shared files on the server is 
definitely not working in our places. On debugging we can see as one client 
is locking some file and another client is able to lock and write the same 
file at the same time because the second client gets no declination from the 
server for its request to lock the file have already locked.

We are detecting this malfunction when using two LINUX Samba Client machines, 
have tried Etch and Lenny, Ubuntu and Debian. We have got the same result. We 
are detecting the problem no matter what the type of the server is (Windows, 
LINUX, Novell (NCP)).

We may setup or install something wrong. We do not really believe that Samba 
Client has such an enormous bug like that.

Please give us assistance ASAP because we have quite an issue here and are 
knee-deep in partner problems.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Fellows of FLEXYS Ltd.

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