[Pkg-samba-maint] First tests on 3.2.0-pre2

Steve Langasek vorlon at debian.org
Thu Mar 6 19:58:13 UTC 2008

On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 07:04:08PM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Yesterday and today, I did preliminary tests to package 3.0.2-pre2.

> I used the debian/ directory from branches/experimental (the one used
> for 3.2.0-pre1 we have in experimental).

> What I did up to now on patches:

> documentation.patch
>  -->deactivated (manpages have been messed up upstream)

Should be resolved before upload, then; is this noted in a TODO somewhere?

> fhs-newpaths.patch
>  -->applied upstream (sligthly differently but seems consistent)
> fhs-filespaths.patch
>  -->applied upstream (sligthly differently but seems consistent)

What are the outstanding differences?  We should have a close look at this
to be sure there are no regressions.

> fhs-filespaths-debatable.patch
>  -->much lighter
>     Most of it have been applied upstream
>     We still have changes for the location of:
>     - winbindd_cache.tdb: we use "cachedir", upstream uses "lockdir"
>                           upstream says this should be persistent
>                           across reboots

'cache' is persistent across reboots.

>     - secrets.tdb: upstream uses private_dir, we use state_dir: weird?

Was discussed upstream.  The issue is that in Debian, our "private dir" is
under /etc/ for historical reasons (/etc/samba/smbpasswd).  Could be
reconciled by moving private dir to /var/lib, but not an immediate concern.

>     - printing.tdb: upstream uses lockdir, we use cachedir. upstream
>                     says it should be persistent across reboots
>                     ditto for printing/

Again, 'cache' *is* persistent across reboots.  But printing.tdb should not
be pruned by the admin either, so it should eventually be moved to lockdir
per discussions with upstream.

>     - gpo cache (gpo_fetch.c): upstream uses lockdir, we use cachedir
>     - idmap_cache.tdb: upstream uses lockdir, we use cachedir
>                        IIRC, upstream also said that this should
>                        be preserved across reboots

Preservation across reboots is the completely wrong standard for the
lockdir/cachedir split.

> fhs-assignpaths.patch
>  -->kept. But changes are now in source/configure and no longer
>           source/configure.in

Er, this is completely broken.  You can't edit source/configure, all edits
*must* be made to source/configure.in; this change is completely overwritten
later in the autoconf patch.

> no_smbmount_symlink.patch
>  -->dropped as upstream drops smbfs support

Did we already drop this on the svn trunk?  Where changes have already been
made in trunk, they should be merged to the experimental branch and
documented as such (ugh svn), rather than duplicating the changes in two

> #adapt_machine_creation_script.patch
>  -->deactivated (manpages have been messed up upstream)

Same comment as before.

> #missing_userspace_bugzilla999.patch
>  -->apparently applied

Yes, this has already been dropped from trunk.

> #linux-cifs-user-perms.patch
>  -->apparently applied. TO CHECK !

According to upstream in https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4780,
it's been applied in "3.0.28a and above", which includes 3.2.0~pre2.

> fhs-filespaths-debatable.patch:

>   We seem to have a strategical choice to make here. Either drop the
>   patch and get closer of upstream's behaviour. That would need to
>   move files for our users during upgrades. Or we keep the remaining
>   changes...

The changes need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Upstream is wrong
about several of these, and we're wrong about some as well.

> linux-cifs-user-perms.patch:

>   I'm unsure about upstream changes being the same than ours. I need
>   some expertise here.

I'm happy to assume that Jeremy's changes are correct.  If you have doubts,
I think the patch includes enough info to test?

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