[Pkg-samba-maint] nearly built 3.2.0~pre2-1

Michael Adam ma at sernet.de
Mon Mar 31 09:32:07 UTC 2008

Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 07:45:37AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle at debian.org):
> > > This morning, I attempted to build 3.2.0~pre2 after Steve's excellent
> > > work on merging trunk in our experimental branch.
> > I added libtalloc-dev and tdb-dev to Build-Depends but that's
> > apparently not enough.
> Yes, seems that the configure options in 3.2 don't include an option to link
> to a system build of talloc.  But we can kinda get around that by just
> building against the internal version of libtalloc, not bothering to install
> it, and picking up shlibdeps from the system version which *appears* to be
> binary compatible...  (If it's not, this is something we ought to work on
> fixing, post haste!)
> libtdb is trickier.  The soname doesn't match between the libtdb in the
> archive and the one in the samba tree (strangely, the one in the samba tree
> has a lower soname?), so we can't just use the system lib.  And the
> --with-static-libs=libtdb option doesn't actually work as advertised,
> because there are binaries that are listed in Makefile.in as explicitly
> depending on @LIBTDB_SHARED@, forcing it to pick up the shared library we
> asked not to have built!

There are two levels of enabling/disabling shared libs of subsystems: 

1. Disable linking against via "--with-static-libs=libtdb" .
   In this case, libtdb.so is still built (if possible), but it
   is not linked against. Note that in Makefile.in, @LIBTDB_SHARED@
   is used as a dependency, but @LIBTDB_LIBS@ is the linker
   input, which expands to "-ltdb" only if you don't specify

> So that's a bug in the upstream build rules, but it looks like we can do an
> end-run around it by passing --without-libtdb instead.

2. Right: Disable building of libtdb via "--with-libtdb=no".
   In this case libtdb.so is not built but only libtdb.a and binaries
   are linked against libtdb.a.

While this is admittedly clumsy and explicit support for external
shared libs of tdb, talloc and friends is missing, it at least
works (for me) to the extent claimed. :-)

> It would be nice,
> though, to be able to link against out-of-tree versions of these libraries,
> so we could just build-depend on the current versions which are already
> well-packaged and not have to worry about them within the samba package.

Steve/Christian, what kind of configure options to control building and
linking of shared libs would you imagine as useful?

Cheers - Michael

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