[Pkg-samba-maint] DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5993] mount -o remount, brl or -o remount, nobrl changes the reported "mand" option, but has no effect

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Mon Aug 24 23:26:25 UTC 2009


------- Comment #4 from sfrench at us.ibm.com  2009-08-24 18:26 CST -------
We should support changing most of the cifs_fs_sb.h flags (at least those that
might not conflict with values on the tcon).   For updating tcon bit flags we
need to first check if the share (tcon) is mounted twice (two superblocks
pointing to one tcon - which presumably would preclude changing a flag common
to both).  Similarly we could change things on the smb session but few things
seem like good candidates to allow user to change there so for time being we
probably can fix cifs_remount to only allow chaning flags (most but not all) of
those in cifs_fs_sb.h and fail or ignore other changes.

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