[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#555462: Bug#555462: This bug should be fixed

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Tue Dec 22 06:07:12 UTC 2009

Quoting Adrian Benson (adrian.benson at vuw.ac.nz):
> Well its been 1-1/2 months and there is no sign of 3.4.4 in sid or
> experimental.

I highly suspect this is because there is no sign of 3.4.4 upstream as

When it comes to upstream bugs, we made the choice of waiting for
usptream releases instead of fixing them in advance with patches
upblished in upstream BTS but waiting for a release.

In short, we have enough to do with other package maintenance tasks
(or our other duties in the project, whatever) to be able to cope with
bugs....that are well handled upstream.

> This bug renders samba share browsing unusable. I have no stats to back
> this up, but I am pretty sure that share browsing is one of the most
> widely used aspects of samba.
> I encountered this bug just yesterday. Apart from being really annoying,
> the repeated login failures caused my account to be locked which meant
> no server access, no internet, no email. Its a good thing it didn't
> happen today otherwise I would have been without any of these services
> until 5 January.
> I understand that this is testing, however if you distribute broken
> packages and won't fix them when the fix is trivial (took me 1 minute +
> build time), then you will find that users will avoid using testing.

I suggest you consider investing an extra minute of time to provide a
complete patch to the Debian package (upstream patch, formatted
properly as we format things in debian/patches, debian/patches/series
file, and changelog entry).

I don't have upstream release schedule in mind right now, but 3.4.4 is
probably close enough for this to be just wasted time (uploading a
fixed package is not only just building it so it takes a little bit
more than a coupl of minutes).

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