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Thu Jun 11 05:54:37 UTC 2009

and what I needed to fix in order to get Samba working properly.

Now I rechecked the official HOWTO, and I see something like that in
chapter 11 "Account Information Databases", section "Password Backends -
ldapsam". This absolutely needs to be better integrated. For example,
the chapter 4 "Domain Control" has very few references to LDAP at all;
the chapter 5 "Backup Domain Control" surprisingly does have a few
references to LDAP (which are out of place, really), but no actual links
to the ldapsam description in chapter 11.

So in conclusion, for this bug to be properly closed, I think it would be
good to have two things:
* more explicit warnings in code that interprets sambaSID entries
  in order to help debug broken ldapsam backends
* more cross-references between the documentation sections in order
  to help the reader in actually finding the proper information

If you still want to close this bug, please do open a new one for these
important unresolved issues.

I'm also going to file two other related bug reports against 3.2 now,
but considerably less severe than this one :)

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