[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#576415: Bug#576415: Fix in lp for the bug

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 5 12:57:54 UTC 2010

On 5 April 2010 13:22, Christian PERRIER <bubulle at debian.org> wrote:
> Quoting Dmitrijs Ledkovs (dmitrij.ledkov at ubuntu.com):
>> Right fix for the Debian bug 576415 is LP 462169
>>   + debian/rules, debian/samba.if-up: allow "NetworkManager" as a
>> recognized address
>>     family... it's obviously /not/ an address family, but it's what gets
>>     sent when using NM, so we'll cope for now.  (LP: #462169). Taken
>> from karmic-proposed.
>> The revision it was introduced in can be viewed here:
>> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/samba/lucid/revision/93
>> Or smaller diff at:
>> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/karmic/samba/karmic-proposed/revision/85
> Not all of this diff seems to be relevant for this bug but thanks
> anyway. It indeed brings the needed /etc/network/if-up.d/samba file
> and the mechanism to install it in debian/rules.

I thought it has irrelevant things but I have no clue in samba
packaging =) I haven't packaged a service/daemon ever yet before and I
have no clue what the bug is about. I read your blog post on planet
and applyed my launchpad-foo to narrow it down to one upload ;-)

> At first glance, it seems that this fix is OK to be applied in the
> Debian package (probably once we've confirmed that we don't go for
> 3.5......now).

My packages are ok to freeze for squeeze, but my things are really
small =) sorry not an expert to help release team or big packages.

Good luck =)
/me off to find something to do in debian

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