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------- Comment #41 from ross at biostat.ucsf.edu  2010-01-06 01:28 CST -------
Created an attachment (id=5141)
 --> (https://bugzilla.samba.org/attachment.cgi?id=5141&action=view)
Include valgrind trace (smbvalg9a) and wireshark capture (smbpackets9b)

I think this is a much more satisfactory test, with the key thing being
==16908== 3,032,112 bytes in 698 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 49
of 49
==16908==    at 0x4023E8C: realloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:429)
==16908==    by 0x833F02C: Realloc (util.c:1115)
==16908==    by 0x8195048: prs_grow (parse_prs.c:292)
==16908==    by 0x8196A5E: prs_append_some_data (parse_prs.c:405)
==16908==    by 0x8196AD4: prs_append_some_prs_data (parse_prs.c:417)
==16908==    by 0x82C285D: create_next_pdu (srv_pipe.c:552)
==16908==    by 0x82B977D: np_read_send (srv_pipe_hnd.c:879)
==16908==    by 0x80E20E4: api_dcerpc_cmd_write_done (ipc.c:287)
==16908==    by 0x8351C49: _tevent_req_notify_callback (tevent_req.c:124)
==16908==    by 0x8351FB5: tevent_req_trigger (tevent_req.c:133)
==16908==    by 0x8350FAF: tevent_common_loop_immediate
==16908==    by 0x834F3EF: run_events (events.c:94)

valgrind reported on a process that did not show up in my ps; I'm not sure what
it was.

I shut down samba and the Vista spooler.
I started nmbd and then, once it settled, smbd. I started the Vista spooler,
but there wasn't much activity until I opened the printers dialog and got
properties of rawPrinter.  This led to steady traffic, and the gradual increase
in size of the server process.  Capture ended because (I presume) of some
wireshark limit.  After capture ended I killed the apparently leaking process,
and then shutdown the others.

I included only about the first 1/3 of the packets because of limits on upload

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