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Wed Jan 6 16:36:17 UTC 2010


------- Comment #44 from jra at samba.org  2010-01-06 10:36 CST -------
Yay ! I think the smb9 valgrind trace has the info I need to fix this bug....

==16948== 868,800 bytes in 200 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 60 of
==16948==    at 0x4023E8C: realloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:429)
==16948==    by 0x833F02C: Realloc (util.c:1115)
==16948==    by 0x8195048: prs_grow (parse_prs.c:292)
==16948==    by 0x8196A5E: prs_append_some_data (parse_prs.c:405)
==16948==    by 0x8196AD4: prs_append_some_prs_data (parse_prs.c:417)
==16948==    by 0x82C285D: create_next_pdu (srv_pipe.c:552)
==16948==    by 0x82B977D: np_read_send (srv_pipe_hnd.c:879)
==16948==    by 0x80E20E4: api_dcerpc_cmd_write_done (ipc.c:287)
==16948==    by 0x8351C49: _tevent_req_notify_callback (tevent_req.c:124)
==16948==    by 0x8351FB5: tevent_req_trigger (tevent_req.c:133)
==16948==    by 0x8350FAF: tevent_common_loop_immediate
==16948==    by 0x834F3EF: run_events (events.c:94)

The "868,800 bytes in 200 blocks are definitely lost" is a bit of a give-away,
and this is also an area that changed between 3.3.x and 3.4.x. Thanks a *lot*
for this.

More once I've isolated the bug....


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