[Pkg-samba-maint] 2 day samba contract job

jidanni at jidanni.org jidanni at jidanni.org
Fri Jan 15 02:42:54 UTC 2010

My brother asks if anybody is interested in a short term contract job.
J> Hi Dan,

J> Got a very quick question for you - I need someone in America who
J> really knows Samba and Linux admin - got anyone who I can call on?
J> This is for a job - possibly a 1-2 day contract for someone who can
J> install samba on CentOS and make it serve Windows clients through
J> CIFS. Samba is pretty much the same on Debian so if they know that it
J> should be fine. There's plenty of tutorials out there, and smb.conf
J> setup guides that I have downloaded, but I don't have the time to do
J> it.
J> I need someone who can ssh in and get it done.

J> Got any ideas?

J> Thanks,
J> Andy
He can be reached at andy.jacobson @ dr.com and is in SF.CA.USA.

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