[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#639364: Bug#639364: samba: Cached and uncached file attributes have distinct timestamps

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Mon Aug 29 09:59:00 UTC 2011

Cyril Bouthors a écrit :
> On 27 Aug 2011, bubulle at debian.org wrote:
>> so "mount.cifs ///server/share /some_directory"?
> I think I've made a mistake: I'm not using CIFS but Samba.

That means nothing, sorry to say that..:-)

Samba is the name of the server that is used to export *nix resources 
using the CIFS protocol.

> I thought recent versions of Samba were using CIFS but I guess I was wrong.
> The issue I'm having is directly with Samba.
> To sum up, I can reproduce the bug with any FS mounted over Samba, the
> timestamps are not the same when cached and uncached.

"mounted over samba" means nothing too.

In understand you have a *nix machine that mounts ressources of another 
*nix machine, exported there by Samba.

> Please try this on any Samba exported FS:
> touch x; ls --full-time x; sleep 1; ls --full-time x

So, this is done on the *nix machine that mounts the resource, right?

So, this is a CIFS mount..:-)

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