[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#589218: also hit by this bug

Santiago Garcia Mantinan manty at debian.org
Wed Jan 12 08:50:57 UTC 2011


I've been also hit by this bug and saw the forwarding that Christian did
upstream and I'm afraid that if upstream didn't look at our bug they may not
be getting the spirit of it.

In fact, upstream bugtrack shows Jeff Layton asking:

I suppose we could disallow this somehow, but *should* we? Is this
specifically disallowed?

I don't see a problem in mount.cifs allowing to mount the same share on the
same mountpoint other than "mount -a" mounting things several times.

In fact, I used to relly on "mount -a" exit status to know if I have
everything mounted or not, and with this bug you cannot issue a "mount -a"
as you'll get all the cifs shares mounted again.

I think we should try to clarify this with upstream, if they want to allow
this behaviour maybe an option that could be used on fstab to disallow this
would be a good idea.

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