[Pkg-samba-maint] [samba] annotated tag debian/2%4.0.10+dfsg-3 created (now f422d1d)

Ivo De Decker idd-guest at alioth.debian.org
Tue Oct 22 07:14:38 UTC 2013

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        at  f422d1d   (tag)
   tagging  181a9c8513d40539022506679e1d846239b3edae (commit)
  replaces  debian/2%4.0.10+dfsg-2
 tagged by  Ivo De Decker
        on  Tue Oct 22 09:14:19 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba Debian release 2:4.0.10+dfsg-3

Ivo De Decker (46):
      Update VCS URL's for new git repo.
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.15'
      New upstream bugfix release. Closes: #707042
      Lowering recommends of libnss- and libpam-winbind
      release samba 2:3.6.15-1 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 3.6.16
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.16'
      update changelog for upstream version 3.6.16
      add gbp.conf for master branch
      refresh patches for upstream version 3.6.16
      release 2:3.6.16-1 to unstable
      Make build-dep on libtevent-dev explicit.
      Fix waf-as-source.patch
      release samba 2:3.6.16-2 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 3.6.17
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.17'
      update changelog for upstream version 3.6.17
      release samba 2:3.6.17-1 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 3.6.18
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.18'
      update changelog for new upstream release 3.6.18
      release samba 2:3.6.18-1 to unstable
      update README.source for git repo
      Imported Upstream version 3.6.19
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.19'
      update changelog for new upstream release 3.6.19
      release samba 2:3.6.19-1 to unstable
      Include /etc/pam.d/samba in samba-common
      Remove unused alternatives links on upgrade in samba-common-bin.prerm
      Add support for 'status' in samba-ad-dc init script.
      Don't fail on errors in samba init script.
      Remove Sesse from uploaders
      Fix umask in make_shlibs
      Enable verbose build log.
      Revert commit to ease merge in samba_4.0 branch
      Merge branch 'master' into samba_4.0
      Run xsltproc under faketime
      Restore build-dep on libcups2-dev
      Add wrapper for cups-config
      Also add other build-deps which were present in samba 2:3.6.19-1
      remove more obsolete build-deps
      abort if tdb move can't be done on upgrade
      avoid moving only some tdb files and not others
      Document swat removal. Closes: #726751
      release samba 2:4.0.10+dfsg-3 to unstable

Jeroen Dekkers (2):
      Reorder calls to dh_installinit so nmbd and smbd init scripts are installed before the samba init script
      Call dh_installinit reload-smbd with --noscripts

Steve Langasek (19):
      Drop support for running smbd from inetd; this is not well-supported upstream, and can't correctly handle all of the long-running services that are needed as part of modern samba.  Closes: #707622.
      Split the samba init script into nmbd and smbd init scripts, for better alignment with how init systems other than sysvinit work.  This also drops the override of the arguments to update-rc.d in debian/rules, no longer needed in the post-insserv world.
      Remove the old samba init script on upgrade
      Remove the links to the obsolete samba init script.
      Add upstart jobs from Ubuntu for smbd, nmbd, and winbind.
      Update logrotate scripts for the new split init script
      Update the DHCP hook for the new split init script
      Include the reload-smbd upstart job in the package
      Merge support for upstart jobs
      Don't drop the samba init script after all, we want this as a wrapper for
      Merge branch 'init-script-split-and-upstart-jobs'
      Don't pass --noscripts for reload-smbd: we need the old /etc/init.d/reload-smbd
      call dh_installinit with --noscripts for samba, since it's just a wrapper
      By default, don't start/stop /etc/init.d/samba in any runlevel
      Bah, spell the option name right (--noscripts)
      Pass --parallel to dh rather than to dh_auto_build, which is slightly more correct.
      Check testparm explicitly instead of ignoring all errors
      Drop wrong build-dep on libkrb5-dev, samba4 uses heimdal instead.
      debian/patches/bug_221618_precise-64bit-prototype.patch: adjust the LFS handling to work independently of header include order.  Closes: #727065.


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