[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#763744: printing related?

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Sat Oct 4 13:12:47 UTC 2014

On Sat, 4 Oct 2014, Jelmer Vernooij wrote:

> The backtrace you pasted seems to be related to printing, not to file names.

[ Note: Please don't forget to Cc: the submitter! I didn't receive this
  message and I had to download it from the BTS to be able to reply ].

Yes, the bug seems to be related to printing, and more specifically,
when the file to be printed has non-ascii chars in the filename,
like "españa.pdf", so it seems related to filenames as well.

I tried to reproduce this from Debian without success. I think the bug
may be triggered easily from a Windows machine, but I only use Debian,
so will have to wait until monday before I could try again.

In either case, maybe it would be better to forget about this
particular bug and upload 4.1.12 for unstable before the freeze, if


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