[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#759008: Bug#759008: libtdb1: FTBFS on hurd-i386

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue Mar 3 09:00:08 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2015-03-03 at 09:52 +0100, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Andrew Bartlett, le Tue 03 Mar 2015 21:46:32 +1300, a écrit :
> > I don't see how you can declare this safe when the patch edits out whole
> > chunks of the testsuite?
> It only edits out the chunks which really require actual record locking
> support.

I still don't see how you can then build applications on top of this,
which expect this contract, and then not honour it.  You would do just
as well to build a libnottdb with tdb's API and all calls returning -1,
as at least that would be safe!

> > Or, fix your target OS to have fcntl() locks, like every other posix
> > system we have come across.  This would be far, far more productive. 
> Having to implement 100.000% POSIX before being able to build packages
> is really not productive, no.

It is a pretty fundamental feature.  Samba is pretty conservative in
what features it requires, and very broad in the systems we support, and
this is the first I've hard of any demand for a system without fcntl()
byte range locks.

Andrew Bartlett

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