[Pkg-samba-maint] samba build failure on raspbian stretch rm: cannot remove '/«BUILDDIR»/samba-4.1.17+dfsg/debian/tmp/usr/share/man/man1/vfstest.1': No such file or directory

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at jelmer.uk
Mon May 4 03:17:55 UTC 2015

On Mon, May 04, 2015 at 03:38:11AM +0100, peter green wrote:
> On 04/05/15 02:34, Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> >You're very likely encountering bug 750593, see
> >http://bugs.debian.org/750593
> Searching the log for "bus error" didn't seem to turn anything up.
What about in bin/config.log? That doesn't get output to stdout so
won't show up in build logs.

That's where the result will end up as to whether Samba found xsltproc and
docbook-xsl stylesheets. Whether it found those determines whether
it'll try to build the various manpages (including whether it will
create necessary directories).



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