[Pkg-samba-maint] [samba] branch master updated (0647cfa -> 5632000)

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at moszumanska.debian.org
Sat Jan 9 20:21:09 UTC 2016

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  discards  0647cfa   Add dependency on libtevent-dev in samba-dev.
     omits  33f6044   Merge in 2:4.1.21-2.
     omits  9da96cf   releasing package samba version 2:4.1.22+dfsg-1
     omits  30847e9   debian/control: Depend on newer system ldb (2:1.1.24).
     omits  73f17f8   New upstream release.
     omits  cceafa6   Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.22+dfsg' into unstable
     omits  9b759d9   Imported Upstream version 4.1.22+dfsg
     omits  717e4f9   Imported Upstream version 4.1.21+dfsg
     omits  da14e39   Imported Upstream version 4.1.21+dfsg
     omits  102c3ec   Imported Upstream version 4.1.21+dfsg
     omits  5e12600   releasing package samba version 2:4.1.21+dfsg-2
     omits  85a05c5   Rebuild against newer ldb.
     omits  4b7f298   Commit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadata
     omits  b31d7c0   releasing package samba version 2:4.1.21+dfsg-1
     omits  4c828d8   Re-add README.packaging4.
     omits  2b4d651   Rebuild aginst newer ldb. Closes: #805176
     omits  6906360   Remove gitignore.
     omits  420b548   Apply patches.
     omits  d671d25   New upstream release.
     omits  0bb8445   Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.21+dfsg' into unstable
     omits  ce43a71   Imported Upstream version 4.1.21+dfsg
     omits  6397681   VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.21 release.
     omits  821493c   WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.21.
     omits  74aa336   Fix epoch for dependency on ldb. Closes: #800331
     omits  18e3eba   samr4: Use <SID=%s> in GetGroupsForUser
     omits  64305df   VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.21...
      adds  2bdaf53   VERSION: change to 4.2.0pre1
      adds  e3c2dd1   time: don't try to use the coarse clock
      adds  cf87f85   time: prefer CLOCK_BOOTTIME for clock_gettime_mono()
      adds  415235b   docs: Fix typo.
      adds  f87dcdc   docs: Fix typo.
      adds  e322420   rpc_cli: Remove some unnecessary initializations
      adds  e6f79b9   tevent: document tevent_req_create state zeroing
      adds  baecc86   lib/util: add 'ldb' debug class
      adds  8e0752f   lib/ldb-samba: make use of DBGC_LDB
      adds  5f93822   lib/ldb-samba: only debug LDB_DEBUG_TRACE at level 10
      adds  cd36a3e   lib/param: sync debug related options with source3/param
      adds  aef8aad   smbd: Fix a profile problem
      adds  191e6b9   waf: Build with RELRO if supported by the compiler.
      adds  53aa069   s3-lib: fix segf while reading incomplete session info (bug #10003)
      adds  c52e61f   s3-lib: hide incomplete smbXsrv_tcon_global records
      adds  577cef8   s3-smbstatus: display [u|g]id of -1 as "-1" in connection list
      adds  df929d6   service_stream: Log if the connection termination is deferred or not (bug #9820)
      adds  2505d48   s4-winbindd: Do not terminate a connection that is still pending (bug #9820)
      adds  e6a58d3   s4:rpc_server: make sure we don't terminate a connection with pending requests (bug #9820)
      adds  1573638   Fix typos in man-pages
      adds  596b51c   s4:server: avoid calling into nss_winbind from within 'samba'
      adds  6ac6bf9   docs: Bump version in meta data up to 4.1.
      adds  f387d9a   ccan: Fix calling memset with zero length parameter
      adds  02ff6ab   srvsvc: Use a symbolic constant where we have one
      adds  940395d   smbd: Fix a 100% loop at shutdown time
      adds  0529b59   s3-winbind: Do not delete an existing valid credential cache.
      adds  a061b6f   s3:idmap_autorid: Use ARRAY_SIZE where appropriate
      adds  ca90681   s3:idmap_autorid: Don't zero in idmap_autorid_preallocate_wellknown
      adds  4a9e5d2   s3:idmap_autorid: Add a NULL check in idmap_autorid_preallocate_wellknown
      adds  9b2aa35   s3: Remove old mode special substitution.
      adds  9b58da9   Fix bug 10025 - Lack of Sanity Checking in calls to malloc()/calloc().
      adds  7420574   Fix memory leak in error code path.
      adds  33bce26   nsswitch: Don't enumerate all domains with wbinfo -u|-g.
      adds  51c68c2   librpc: srvsvc.idl: define level 1005 share info flags
      adds  1766f9e   Add ea_list_has_invalid_name() function.
      adds  f246d69   Ensure set_ea cannot set invalid Windows EA names.
      adds  66e7b15   Ensure we never return an EA name to a Windows client it can't handle.
      adds  21c9296   Ensure we can't create a file using SMB2_CREATE with an invalid EA list.
      adds  50a288c   Add the ability to send an NTSTATUS result back with a trans2 reply so we can return a parameter block with an error code.
      adds  fe542fc   Add error map of STATUS_INVALID_EA_NAME -> ERRDOS, ERRbadfile
      adds  66fb5ee   Ensure we can't create a file using TRANS2_OPEN with an invalid EA list.
      adds  4a43600   Ensure we can't create a file using NTTRANS with an invalid EA list.
      adds  b50b006   Ensure we do pathname processing before SD and EA processing in NTTRANS_CREATE.
      adds  5d54ac4   Reply with correct trans2 message on a setpathinfo with a bad EA name.
      adds  bb21fc5   Add torture tests to raw.eas to check sending Windows invalid names in the middle of an EA list.
      adds  44429f9   s3-printing: avoid KRB5CCNAME overwrite in printer publishing (Bug #7444).
      adds  b505111   s3-waf: Rename regedit to samba-regedit.
      adds  f25449b   tdb: Fix CID 1034960 Uninitialized scalar variable
      adds  a6a0d23   tdb: Fix CID 1034959 Uninitialized scalar variable
      adds  a1e0acc   smbd: Fix CID 1035538 Uninitialized pointer read
      adds  d7da8da   smbd: Fix CID 1035537 Uninitialized pointer read
      adds  fe06e1b   smbd: Fix CID 1035536 Uninitialized pointer read
      adds  e9ae36e   s4-lib/socket: Allocate a the larger sockaddr_un and not just a sockaddr_in in unixdom_get_peer_addr()
      adds  73e6fef   wbinfo: allow to define a custom krb5ccname for kerberized pam auth.
      adds  7ad3a36   s3-winbindd: support the DIR pragma for raw kerberos user pam authentication.
      adds  9adfe82   pam_winbind: update documentation for "DIR" krb5ccname pragma.
      adds  a7801db   docs-xml: Remove obsolete swat manpage and references.
      adds  077dfd0   s4-lib/socket: Allocate a the larger sockaddr_un and not just a sockaddr_in in unixdom_get_my_addr()
      adds  ca98d81   dynconfig: Remove last s3 markers now we have just one build system
      adds  03b44d2   dsdb-descriptor: Do not do a subtree search unless we have child entries
      adds  31fb7f9   dsdb: Rework subtree_rename module to use recursive LDB_SCOPE_ONELEVEL searches
      adds  db9c3c6   dsdb-ridalloc: Rework ridalloc to return error strings where RID allocation fails
      adds  ae0ba6b   selftest: Ensure the DC has started and and got a RID set before we proceed
      adds  e9faf50   dsdb: Add assert in drepl_take_FSMO_role
      adds  5e1f279   rpc_server-drsuapi: Improve comments and DEBUG lines
      adds  93b8315   selftest: ensure samba4.rpc.samr.large-dc.two.samr.many is always tested
      adds  6016ba3   selftest: ensure samba4.nss.test.*using.*winbind is always tested
      adds  63c05e8   dsdb/samdb: use RECYCLED it implies DELETED...
      adds  a74c7d7   torture/drs: Expand an error message to aid debugging
      adds  f908e6b   nsswitch: Add OPT_KRB5CCNAME to avoid an error message.
      adds  73a9e6a   selftest: Print error message when smbd does not have ADS support
      adds  45f5ea0   dns: Update TODO list
      adds  f62219e   s3:winbind: fix gid counting and error handling in the getgroups implementation
      adds  6e41745   s3:winbind: fix the getgroups implementation to include the user sid's GID in case of ID_TYPE_BOTH
      adds  482212e   s3:winbind: change getgroups to only do one sids2xids call instead of many
      adds  8f8e843   s3:winbind: add a warning DEBUG message when skipping a sid from the mapped GID list
      adds  d3aad89   dsdb: Prune deleted objects of links and extra attributes of replicated deletes
      adds  a796cad   dsdb/repl_meta_data: split out replmd_deletion_state()
      adds  32955a1   dsdb: Ensure we always force deleted objects back under the deleted objects DN
      adds  0162be3   dsdb: Improve DRS deleted link source/target handing in repl_meta_data
      adds  a9e565a   dsdb tests: Add member/memberOf checking to delete_objects testing
      adds  f2afdb6   dsdb: Include MS-ADTS doc references on deleted object contstraints
      adds  7615b25   samba-tool dbcheck: Correctly remove deleted DNs in dbcheck
      adds  afcc7be   schannel: Fix an unused variable
      adds  1a4ec0b   wbclient: fix conversion logic in wbcStringToSid
      adds  ba9d861   wbclient: fix conversion logic in wbcSidToStringBuf
      adds  34d3639   libcli: fix conversion logic in dom_sid_parse_endp
      adds  edd3302   libcli: fix conversion logic in dom_sid_string_buf
      adds  1a21bc0   torture: add more string_to_sid torture testcases
      adds  63db069   torture: add LOCAL-sid_to_string testcase
      adds  1af8b07   Wrap setting leases in become_root()/unbecome_root() to ensure correct delivery of signals.
      adds  f9d19c4   Ensure gpfs kernel leases are wrapped in a become_root()/unbecome_root() pair.
      adds  066a642   tevent: Remove the signal pipe if no signal events are around
      adds  8f98f5d   tevent: change version to 0.9.19
      adds  148499c   security.idl: add new security_secinfo bits
      adds  f556e71   Fix bug 9678 - Windows 8 Roaming profiles fail
      adds  ba40d0d   s3:lib/system fix build on AIX 7
      adds  859182d   dfs_server: Use dsdb_search_one to catch 0 results as well as NO_SUCH_OBJECT errors
      adds  852c9ac   There are tests all over the SMB1 code to check that srv_send_smb fails, but it never returns false.
      adds  b35a27b   Ensure we can never integer wrap when working on client-supplied max_data_bytes.
      adds  cae48e9   tevent: Add echo server sample code
      adds  9535029   auth/credentials: remove pointless talloc_reference() from cli_credentials_get_unparsed_name()
      adds  b8f0922   auth/credentials: remove pointless talloc_reference() from cli_credentials_get_principal_and_obtained()
      adds  6ff6778   auth/credentials: add cli_credentials_[set_]callback_data*
      adds  b3cd44d   auth/credentials: add cli_credentials_shallow_copy()
      adds  cfeeb3c   s3:ntlm_auth: remove pointless credentials->priv_data = NULL;
      adds  36b3c95   s4:torture/shell: simplify cli_credentials_set_password() call
      adds  d36fcaa   s4:torture/gentest: make use of cli_credentials_get_username()
      adds  d47bf46   s4:torture/rpc: make use of cli_credentials_set_netlogon_creds()
      adds  bbd63dd   s4:ntlm_auth: make use of cli_credentials_[set_]callback_data*
      adds  9325bd9   auth/credentials: keep cli_credentials private
      adds  26a7420   auth/credentials: get the old password from secrets.tdb
      adds  8ea36a8   auth/credentials: simplify password_tries state
      adds  b699d40   auth/credentials: use CRED_CALLBACK_RESULT after a callback
      adds  6dc7c63   s3-libads: Fail create_local_private_krb5_conf_for_domain() if parameters missing.
      adds  93e92fa   s3-net: pass down ndr_interface_table to connect_dst_pipe().
      adds  a1368ca   s3-rpc_cli: remove prototype of nonexisting cli_rpc_pipe_open_krb5().
      adds  fa37bbd   s3-libnetapi: pass down ndr_interface_table to libnetapi_get_binding_handle().
      adds  77f7f2a   s3-libnetapi: pass down ndr_interface_table to libnetapi_open_pipe().
      adds  0ce2178   s3-libnetapi: pass down ndr_interface_table to pipe_cm() and friends.
      adds  9b4fb5b   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to rpc_pipe_open_ncalrpc().
      adds  6886cff   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to rpc_pipe_open_interface().
      adds  f6d61b5   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to cli_rpc_pipe_open_schannel().
      adds  7f16947   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to cli_rpc_pipe_open_ntlmssp_auth_schannel().
      adds  3dc3a6c   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to cli_rpc_pipe_open_schannel_with_key().
      adds  9813fe2   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to cli_rpc_pipe_open_noauth().
      adds  9aa99c3   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to cli_rpc_pipe_open_noauth_transport().
      adds  34cc4b4   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to cli_rpc_pipe_open().
      adds  8cd3a06   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to rpc_pipe_open_np().
      adds  5c5cff0   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to rpc_pipe_open_tcp().
      adds  0ff8c2d   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to rpc_pipe_get_tcp_port().
      adds  7bdcfcb   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to rpc_pipe_open_tcp_port().
      adds  c41b6e5   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to rpc_transport_np_init().
      adds  b19e7e6   s3-rpc_cli: pass down ndr_interface_table to rpc_transport_np_init_send().
      adds  a9d5b2f   libcli/auth: also set secure channel type in netlogon_creds_client_init().
      adds  c11a79c   s3: libnet_join: add admin_domain.
      adds  cc0cbd4   s3: libnet_join: use admin_domain in libnetjoin.
      adds  c4d6d75   s3-libnetjoin: add machine_name length check.
      adds  d398a12   s3-libnetjoin: move "net rpc oldjoin" to use libnetjoin.
      adds  1242ab0   s3:libnet: let the caller truncate the pw in libnet_join_joindomain_rpc_unsecure()
      adds  9cfa625   s3-net: use libnetjoin for "net rpc testjoin".
      adds  3e4ded4   s3-net: use libnetjoin for "net rpc join" newstyle.
      adds  05d9b41   s3-net: avoid confusing output in net_rpc_oldjoin() if NET_FLAGS_EXPECT_FALLBACK is passed
      adds  34fa794   s4:librpc: fix netlogon connections against servers without AES support
      adds  d54c908   s3:rpcclient: use talloc_stackframe() in do_cmd()
      adds  39fedd2   libcli/auth: make netlogon_creds_crypt_samlogon_validation more robust
      adds  291f6a1   libcli/auth: fix shadowed declaration in netlogon_creds_crypt_samlogon_validation()
      adds  c7319fc   libcli/auth: add netlogon_creds_[de|en]crypt_samlogon_logon()
      adds  2ea749a   libcli/auth: add netlogon_creds_shallow_copy_logon()
      adds  9d54831   s4:netlogon: make use of netlogon_creds_decrypt_samlogon_logon()
      adds  7b3ddd1   s3:netlogon: make use of netlogon_creds_decrypt_samlogon_logon()
      adds  6ce645e   s3:rpc_client: make rpccli_schannel_bind_data() static
      adds  8a302fc   s3:rpc_client: use the correct context for netlogon_creds_copy() in rpccli_schannel_bind_data()
      adds  94be8d6   s3:rpc_client: rename same variables in cli_rpc_pipe_open_schannel_with_key()
      adds  6659f01   s3-libads: Print a message if no realm has been specified.
      adds  c8d8bb2   Fix bug #10010 - Missing integer wrap protection in EA list reading can cause server to loop with DOS.
      adds  c4cba82   Fix bug #10010 - Missing integer wrap protection in EA list reading can cause server to loop with DOS.
      adds  0602009   pyldb: decrement ref counters on py_results and quiet warnings
      adds  a93f9c3   s3:smbd: return NT_STATUS_INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH for GetInfo in case output_buffer_length is too small
      adds  a91d2b0   s3:smbd: allow GetInfo responses with STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW to return partial, but valid data
      adds  616777f   s3:smbd: allow status code in smbd_do_qfsinfo() to be set by information class handler
      adds  ec46f6b   s3:smbd: allow info class SMB_QUERY_FS_VOLUME_INFO to return partial data
      adds  270d29a   s3:smbd: allow info class SMB_QUERY_FS_ATTRIBUTE_INFO to return partial data
      adds  30e724c   FSCTL_GET_SHADOW_COPY_DATA: Initialize output array to zero
      adds  eb50fb8   FSCTL_GET_SHADOW_COPY_DATA: Don't return 4 extra bytes at end
      adds  0ede70c   libcli: Add security_token_system_privilege().
      adds  4520787   s3-rpc_server: Grant the system token full access.
      adds  8b1a214   s3-netlogon: Connecting with the system token should be sufficient.
      adds  0eb304d   torture-drsuapi: Make the name of the dc variable
      adds  5300984   torture: Quiet a warning about set but not used variable
      adds  927a103   s4-netlogon: do not add \\ it has already be done in the fill_netlogon_samlogon_response
      adds  b67085d   s4-netlogon: honnor DS_RETURN_DNS_NAME flag
      adds  2f7d772   Add Notes related to DRSUAPI
      adds  beead4d   drs-cracknames: Reorganise the cracknames list so that similar format names are group together
      adds  aa17a2c   drs-crackname: Fix cracknames for the format UNKNOWN when the data is actually a GUID
      adds  552b4f3   drs-cracknames: When cracking NT4 names we should just look at netbios for the match
      adds  029e80d   drs-crackname: Fix error code so that we have the same as windows
      adds  7fe4630   drs-cracksname: fix problems that prevented to pass our torture tests
      adds  3de2547   Remove the knownfail flag on cracknames as it didn't fail anymore
      adds  f6d1578   drs-cracknames: Add some debugs in the torture to know better which test has failed
      adds  6fb300f   docs: Add basic man page for vfs_syncops.
      adds  44eb680   doc: Fix prefix parameter name in vfs_full_audit man page
      adds  a973b1c   VFS plugin was sending the actual size of the volume instead of the total number of block units because of which windows was getting the wrong volume capacity.
      adds  86c79f1   torture: split out ioctl test file creation helper
      adds  8fde65e   lib: add FSCTL_[GET/SET]_COMPRESSION constants
      adds  d944841   torture: add smb2 FSCTL_[GET/SET]_COMPRESSION test
      adds  11e0be0   s3:libsmb: remove unused cli_state->is_guestlogin
      adds  d82ab70   s3:auth_domain: try to use NETLOGON_NEG_SUPPORTS_AES
      adds  beba326   s3:libnet_join: try to use NETLOGON_NEG_SUPPORTS_AES
      adds  0460063   s3:rpc_client: try to use NETLOGON_NEG_SUPPORTS_AES
      adds  e77a64f   s3:rpcclient: try to use NETLOGON_NEG_SUPPORTS_AES
      adds  90e28c1   s3:rpc_client: fix/add AES downgrade detection to rpc_pipe_bind_step_two_done()
      adds  e9c8e3f   s3:rpc_client: use netlogon_creds_copy before rpc_pipe_bind
      adds  eecb5ba   s3:rpc_client: add netr_LogonGetCapabilities to cli_rpc_pipe_open_schannel_with_key()
      adds  3302356   s3:rpc_client: remove netr_LogonGetCapabilities check from rpc_pipe_bind*
      adds  04938cb   s3:rpc_client: remove unused cli_rpc_pipe_open_ntlmssp_auth_schannel()
      adds  45c74c8   auth/gensec: first check GENSEC_FEATURE_SESSION_KEY before returning NOT_IMPLEMENTED
      adds  59b0956   auth/gensec: add gensec_security_by_auth_type()
      adds  9f2e81a   libcli/auth: maintain the sequence number for the NETLOGON SSP as 64bit
      adds  3321539   libcli/auth: add netsec_create_state()
      adds  e96142f   s3:cli_pipe: make use of netsec_create_state()
      adds  838cb53   s3:cli_pipe: pass down creds->computer_name to NL_AUTH_MESSAGE
      adds  af4dc30   s3:cli_pipe.c: return NO_USER_SESSION_KEY in cli_get_session_key() for schannel
      adds  a964309   s3:rpc_server: make use of netsec_create_state()
      adds  a36ccdc   s3:dcerpc_helpers: remove unused DEBUG message of schannel_state->seq_num.
      adds  c014427   s4:libnet: avoid usage of dcerpc_schannel_creds()
      adds  2ea3a24   s4:torture: avoid usage of dcerpc_schannel_creds()
      adds  4cad5dc   s4:gensec/schannel: remove unused dcerpc_schannel_creds()
      adds  49f347e   s4:gensec/schannel: simplify the code by using netsec_create_state()
      adds  b510476   s4:gensec/schannel: use the correct computer_name from netlogon_creds_CredentialState
      adds  a07049a   s4:gensec/schannel: GENSEC_FEATURE_ASYNC_REPLIES is not supported
      adds  9b9ab1a   s4:gensec/schannel: there's no point in having schannel_session_key()
      adds  e90e1b5   s4:gensec/schannel: only require librpc/gen_ndr/dcerpc.h
      adds  4c978b6   libcli/auth/schannel: make struct schannel_state private
      adds  57bcbb9   libcli/auth/schannel: remove unused schannel_position
      adds  71c63e8   auth/gensec: introduce gensec_internal.h
      adds  3e3534f   auth/gensec: avoid talloc_reference in gensec_use_kerberos_mechs()
      adds  6a7a44d   auth/gensec: avoid talloc_reference in gensec_security_mechs()
      adds  e81550c   auth/gensec: make it possible to implement async backends
      adds  c81b6f7   auth/gensec: use 'const char * const *' for function parameters
      adds  966faef   auth/gensec: treat struct gensec_security_ops as const if possible.
      adds  f1e6014   libcli/auth: avoid possible mem leak in read_negTokenInit()
      adds  9177a0d   libcli/auth: add more const to spnego_negTokenInit->mechTypes
      adds  ce8fbdf   waf: fix build on AIX7
      adds  a742e87   waf: add --without-gettext option
      adds  07b3a04   waf: consolidate libintl related checks
      adds  20b64ea   waf: replace dependency to libintl with samba_intl
      adds  b055b31   auth/credentials: make sure cli_credentials_get_nt_hash() always returns a talloc object
      adds  ae6166a   s4:librpc: avoid talloc_reference() in dcerpc_epm_map_binding_send()
      adds  fd54ffa   s4:libcli: avoid talloc_reference() in finddcs_nbt_send()
      adds  270aee5   s4:torture/rpc/samsync: avoid talloc_reference()
      adds  72dec3c   s4:nbt_server: avoid talloc_reference()
      adds  6b99779   s4:torture/rpc: s/getgroups/getgr to avoid compiler warnings
      adds  82e969b   s4:wrepl_out_helpers.c: avoid talloc_reference() in most cases
      adds  a560d1d   s3:pylibsmb: remove compiler warnings
      adds  c17e5bd   s3:rpcclient: fix compiler warnings
      adds  55c3f8e   lsa4: Remove an unused variable
      adds  2175024   lsa4: Fix an set but unused variable warning
      adds  52c5175   lib: Remove unused "client_name"
      adds  68e6e7e   lib: Remove unused "get_peer_name"
      adds  8420d1c   smbd: Fix nonblank line endings
      adds  adc3ac9   smbd: Fix CID 1035550 Structurally dead code
      adds  f584474   libsmb: Avoid an unnecessary "else"
      adds  2e59d6c   libsmb: Remove an unnecessary variable assignment
      adds  d672535   libcli: Fix improper use of tevent_req_simple_recv_ntstatus
      adds  6a081e9   tevent: Fix tutorial reference
      adds  a39c956   tevent: Add tevent_received to tevent_req_simple_recv_ntstatus
      adds  7701053   librpc: Use tevent_req_simple_recv_ntstatus
      adds  c909c01   rpc_server3: Fix two const warnings
      adds  906de70   docs: Add man page for vfs_linux_xfs_sgid.
      adds  0260601   s3: smbd/connection: added routines to compute share connections
      adds  dc3c4c0   docs: Add man vfs_syncops.8 to waf build.
      adds  52d66d8   s3-winbind: Fix a segfault passing NULL to a fstring argument.
      adds  1b57fd1   s3-winbindd: fix fallback to ncacn_np in cm_connect_lsat().
      adds  5f75814   winbind3: Fix an invalid free
      adds  fbee7c1   smbd: Fix async echo handler forking (Bug 10086)
      adds  7080917   Followup patch for BUG: https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10082
      adds  f2fb829   s3:param: Correctly set up cli_maxprotocol, cli_minprotocol in our parameter block.
      adds  861ee93   s3:client: avoid interpret_protocol()
      adds  2c3c8ca   s3:torture: avoid interpret_protocol()
      adds  9188ee4   s3:lib: remove unused interpret_protocol()
      adds  42f510c   s3:libsmb: Modify cli_start_connection_connected() to use lp_cli_minprotocol()/lp_cli_maxprotocol() instead of hard coding PROTOCOL_CORE, PROTOCOL_NT1.
      adds  1442132   s3:libsmb: Ensure we ask for DEFAULT_SMB2_MAX_CREDITS on successful negprot.
      adds  7e455e9   s3:lib/netapi: make use of lp_cli_maxprotocol()
      adds  dd9155a   s3:winbindd: make use of lp_cli_{min,max}protocol()
      adds  42a493d   s3:libsmb: use lp_cli_minprotocol() in do_connect()
      adds  daeb0bd   s3:libsmb: make use of lp_cli_{min,max}protocol() in SMBC_server_internal()
      adds  f6ce50a   s3:smbcacls: Add -m<MAX PROTOCOL> option to smbcacls.
      adds  97288b7   libcli/smb: fix the credit handling on a SMB1 => SMB2 negotiate
      adds  00f784e   libcli/smb: Fix smb2cli_write_recv() and smb2cli_write() to return the bytes written.
      adds  1229881   libcli/smb: Change smb2cli_create() and smb2cli_create_recv() to return a parameter blob of the newly opened/created file.
      adds  318735f   libcli/smb: calculate the credit charge on the input and output dyn_len
      adds  4a33520   libcli/smb: pass max_dyn_len to smb2cli_req_create()
      adds  44b5393   libcli/smb: pass max_dyn_len to smb2cli_req_send()
      adds  111f529   libcli/smb: add smb1cli_conn_req_possible()
      adds  7efdc32   libcli/smb: add smb2cli_conn_req_possible()
      adds  b846b3a   s3:libsmb: rewrite cli_push* to use smb1cli_conn_req_possible()
      adds  8062aef   s3:libsmb: rewrite cli_pull* to use smb1cli_conn_req_possible()
      adds  9193a58   s3:libsmb: remove unused cli_readall*
      adds  9b4692f   s3:client: use the default io size
      adds  2394f87   s3:client: fix compiler warning
      adds  c80349e   s3:lib: Factor read_ea_list_entry() and read_nttrans_ea_list() out so they can be used by the SMB2 client code.
      adds  28591df   s3:libsmb: Add in the core of the libsmb client SMB2 functions.
      adds  c748a95   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_rename() inside cli_rename().
      adds  179c27d   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_unlink() inside cli_unlink().
      adds  46da267   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_mkdir() inside cli_mkdir().
      adds  04d3965   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_rmdir() inside cli_rmdir().
      adds  c1c4491   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_create_fnum() inside cli_ntcreate().
      adds  85f60cc   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_close_fnum() inside cli_close().
      adds  0bbc044   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_getattrE() inside cli_getattrE().
      adds  83c410c   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_setattrE() inside cli_setattrE().
      adds  ea267a7   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_setatr() inside cli_setatr().
      adds  75d2e18   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_getatr() inside cli_getatr().
      adds  c6ed0b8   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_dskattr() inside cli_dskattr().
      adds  c1aeada   s3:libsmb: Fix cli_set_ea_path() to use frame instead of talloc_tos().
      adds  3276853   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_set_ea_path() inside cli_set_ea_path().
      adds  f8dfc50   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_set_ea_fnum() inside cli_set_ea_fnum().
      adds  7e2d969   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_get_ea_list_path() inside cli_get_ea_list_path().
      adds  73255d3   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_list() inside cli_list().
      adds  f2f566b   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_qpathinfo2() inside cli_qpathinfo2().
      adds  e96309c   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_qpathinfo_streams() inside cli_qpathinfo_streams().
      adds  2bb3e25   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_qfileinfo_basic() inside cli_qfileinfo_basic().
      adds  cba3ed0   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_qpathinfo_basic() inside cli_qpathinfo_basic().
      adds  de895bf   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_qpathinfo_alt_name() inside cli_qpathinfo_alt_name().
      adds  1db7e90   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_query_security_descriptor() inside cli_query_security_descriptor().
      adds  80758e4   s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_set_security_descriptor() inside cli_set_security_descriptor().
      adds  6896bf0   s3:libsmb: add SMB2 support to cli_push*
      adds  a85d451   s3:libsmb: add SMB2 support to cli_pull*
      adds  ccf7b37   s3:libsmb: add support for SMB2 in cli_writeall()
      adds  80d4f64   s3:libsmb: make cli_tdis_send/recv static
      adds  d732e9a   s3:libsmb: only set tcon to invalid in smb2cli_tdis*
      adds  e6be68f   s3:libsmb: call smb2cli_tdis() from cli_tdis()
      adds  1d7bdfc   s3:libsmb: make cli_ulogoff_send/recv static
      adds  b706ca6   s3:libsmb: call smb2cli_logoff() from cli_ulogoff()
      adds  f47ff9d   torture: extend FSCTL_[GET/SET]_COMPRESSION tests
      adds  e1b4586   torture: check for filesystem compression capability
      adds  0ad2ca9   torture: add compressed file attribute ioctl test
      adds  337a94f   torture: add file_attribs arg to file create helper
      adds  2c7c3fd   torture: add more [no-]compress-on-open ioctl tests
      adds  e0bda35   torture: support Windows 2k8 response for compress_invalid_buf
      adds  0a42493   libctdb: Avoid an explicit memset
      adds  52ec52b   loadparm: Use the new fully featured kcc by default
      adds  6c07582   tevent: Remove a pointless goto
      adds  54d9ec7   smbd: Make break_level2_to_none_async static
      adds  91b0ff7   smbd: Do not wait unnecessarily
      adds  c8c84b4   vfs_glusterfs: Implement proper mashalling/unmarshalling of ACLs
      adds  0627350   ldb: Fix a const warning
      adds  817e0ae   log2pcaphex: Fix nonempty line endings
      adds  f82daa0   registry4: Fix CID 1034911 Dereference before null check
      adds  35330aa   samdb: Fix CID 1034910 Dereference before null check
      adds  8c4e6f0   samdb: Fix CID 1034910 Dereference before null check
      adds  6417d9e   samdb: Fix CID 1034910 Dereference before null check
      adds  15bd8255  ldb: Fix CID 1034793 Dereference null return value
      adds  cbb5c1c   pyldb: Fix CID 1034792 Dereference null return value
      adds  cb598dd   ldb_map: Fix CID 1034791 Dereference null return value
      adds  cc983c9   smbd: Fix CID 1063259 Uninitialized scalar variable
      adds  2055ce1   registry4: Fix CID 1034911 Dereference before null check
      adds  980c757   gensec: Fix CID 1063258 Uninitialized scalar variable
      adds  02618cc   rpc_server: Fix CID 1063255 Resource leak
      adds  74829fe   Fix bug #10097 - MacOSX 10.9 will not follow path-based DFS referrals handed out by Samba.
      adds  4f96d57   libsmb: Fix a bunch of Coverity IDs
      adds  3e11421   Man pages for ntdb tools missing
      adds  1808316   docs: Fix variable list in man vfs_crossrename.
      adds  e7dab40   smbd: Replace a 0-timeout wakeup_send
      adds  534af20   smbd: Simplify new_break_message_smb1
      adds  6e82f70   Fix bug #10100 - rpcclient crashes when sending the 'netshareenum 502' command
      adds  25521c9   Remove restrictions on setting iosize inside smbclient for SMB2 connections.
      adds  81e1058   As SMB3 has transport level encryption, allow smbclient -e to force encryted SMB3 transport.
      adds  d9c88a5   Add new "timeout" command and -t option to smbclient to set the per-operation timeout.
      adds  646ed68   Add "max protocol" command line documentation for smbcacls.
      adds  5b60d95   Add "-e" encrypt transport command line option documentation for smbcacls.
      adds  252a6b6   Expand on the documentation of -m max-protocol for SMB2/3 for smbclient.
      adds  659f5fe   Fix the documentation for --send-buffersize for the new default value of zero for smbclient.
      adds  90566fd   Fix the documentation of the iosize command to explain the new zero default for smbclient.
      adds  4044e2b   Fix the documentation of --encrypt to explain SMB3 encryption for smbclient.
      adds  f7dc59b   Add documentation for the new -t <timeout> parameter in smbclient.
      adds  8d0392f   Add documentation for the new internal command timeout to smbclient.
      adds  122609a   smbtree: use the correct count variable from NetShareEnum result.
      adds  8d021b3   ntdb.3.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
      adds  9bef5aa   ntdbbackup.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
      adds  20d22f0   ntdbdump.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
      adds  178023a   ntdbrestore.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
      adds  cc82c16   ntdbtool.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
      adds  db1d034   client: add missing newlines to error messages for invalid iosize parameter.
      adds  a0b245c   s3-pkgconfig: remove leftovers from autoconf build.
      adds  573b455   pkgconfig: Do not hardcode library version numbers in pc files.
      adds  83d1495   smbd: Fix a debug message
      adds  971b39b   torture: Remove an unused variable
      adds  1927676   libsmb2: Fix opening the rootdirectory, part 1
      adds  ad8a1e2   libsmb2: Fix opening the rootdirectory, part 2
      adds  8f96d48   torture: Change smb2.getinfo into a suite
      adds  e1edffc   torture: Split the buffercheck into a separate test
      adds  3ddb77f   torture: Split the fsinfo check into a separate test
      adds  9423d5a   Fix bug #10063 - source3/lib/util.c:1493 leaking memory w/ pam_winbind.so / winbind
      adds  f124d6f   Fix the erroneous masking of chmod requests via the UNIX extensions.
      adds  ce77655   Allow UNIX extensions client to act on open fsp instead of pathname if available.
      adds  cf86adc   Fix the UNIX extensions CHOWN calls to use FCHOWN if available, else LCHOWN.
      adds  9cbd4fc   Pushed from the wrong branch - this is the version without Simo's review changes. Apologies to all and I'll re-submit in less of a haste after the weekend.
      adds  8e29963   Revert "Allow UNIX extensions client to act on open fsp instead of pathname if available."
      adds  84b8bdd   Revert "Fix the erroneous masking of chmod requests via the UNIX extensions."
      adds  7614278   smbd: Simplify dropbox special case in unix_convert
      adds  bd01569   Fix the erroneous masking of chmod requests via the UNIX extensions.
      adds  f1ff97f   Allow UNIX extensions client to act on open fsp instead of pathname if available.
      adds  d1593a2   Fix the UNIX extensions CHOWN calls to use FCHOWN if available, else LCHOWN.
      adds  323cccd   smbd: Use #defines in smb2_getinfo_send
      adds  fe790f6   Start to fix talloc memlimits with talloc pools.
      adds  7a6beae   Remove magic TC_HDR_SIZE handling inside talloc_memlimit_check().
      adds  4159a78   Change _talloc_total_mem_internal() to ignore memory allocated from a pool when calculating limit size.
      adds  a4ebbe7   Change __talloc() to only call talloc_memlimit_check()/talloc_memlimit_grow() on actual malloc allocation.
      adds  4dfde7d   Update memory limits when we call free() on a pool.
      adds  6bc190d   Inside _talloc_free_internal(), always call talloc_memlimit_update_on_free() before we free the real memory.
      adds  4386029   In _talloc_steal_internal(), correctly decrement the memory limit in the source, and increment in the destination.
      adds  0fbcfcc   Fix a conditional check. (size - tc->size > 0) is always true if size and tc->size are unsigned.
      adds  314508d   Don't call talloc_memlimit_update() inside _talloc_realloc() when we're just manipulating pool members.
      adds  8e2a543   Inside _talloc_realloc(), keep track of size changes over malloc/realloc/free.
      adds  3d0f717   Remove talloc_memlimit_update(). No longer used.
      adds  cbfc3ef   Add simple limited pool tests to test_memlimit().
      adds  617c647   Fix valgrind errors with memmove and talloc pools.
      adds  91186fc   s3: fix missing braces in nfs4_acls.c
      adds  1cae59c   dbwrap_ctdb: Treat empty records as non-existing
      adds  e1843cd   torture3: add clipathinfo-bufsize
      adds  5312399   smbd: qfilepathinfo has fixed/variable buffers
      adds  ac41df9   smbd: qfsinfo has fixed/variable buffers
      adds  9193961   smbd: Correctly return INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH in smb2_getinfo
      adds  40f6002   smbd: Correctly return BUFFER_OVERFLOW in smb2_getinfo
      adds  b37edda   smbd: Revert a93f9c3
      adds  5634f24   smbd: Fix error return for STREAM_INFO
      adds  1b1935b   smbd: Correctly return INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH for smb1
      adds  6e3650e   torture: Add buffercheck tests
      adds  4dd1523   docs: Add man samba-regedit.8.
      adds  0ca9c74   provision: Rewrite named.txt to be more useful
      adds  edca1f9   s3-winbindd: remove pointless variable assigment, see the strdup below.
      adds  57d5336   s3-winbindd: Fix memory leak in ads_cached_connection().
      adds  26ab219   s3-winbindd: Fix winbind on DC crash with trusted AD domains.
      adds  576c597   s3-winbindd: use find_domain_from_name() instead of find_domain_from_name_no_init().
      adds  b66ce75   s3-winbindd: make sure also the idmap code can deal with trusted domains.
      adds  77d7e2a   s3-winbindd: use get_trust_pw_clear() wrapper for AD connection code.
      adds  9d08ac4   s3-winbindd: remove unneded include of secrets.h from idmap_ad.c
      adds  91910fe   s3:winbind: fail ads_cached_connection_connect() if realm == NULL
      adds  ba04400   vfs_glusterfs: Fix excessive debug output from vfs_gluster_open().
      adds  0e6aca4   python/pyglue: filter out loopback and linklocal addresses unless all_interfaces is given
      adds  9edc027   s4:samba_upgradedns: don't pass linklocal=False to interface_ips_v6()
      adds  3430448   python/provision: remove unused linklocal=False argument from interface_ips_v6()
      adds  871488a   docs: fix a typo on the description of "acl check permissions"
      adds  94b3205   smbd: Simplify find_oplock_types
      adds  696bc56   smbd: Don't store in-memory only flags in locking.tdb
      adds  5006db9   smbd: Rename parameter "i" to "idx"
      adds  7d91ffc   smbd: Fix flawed share_mode_stale_pid API
      adds  ade8477   torture3: Trigger a nasty cleanup bug in smbd
      adds  dd12bfb   dsgetdcname_cache_fetch() doesn't use the site_name parameter so don't pass it.
      adds  66006be   Refactor dsgetdcname to be called via a wrapper function.
      adds  181c110   Move the manipulation of site_name into the caller function dsgetdcname().
      adds  68e7b1c   Move the retry logic when site_name is passed in a NULL or "" to the wrapper function.
      adds  bdab6f9   Optimization. Don't do the retry logic if sitename_fetch() returned NULL, we already did a NULL query.
      adds  b106d90   scripting/join.py: Handle creating the dns-NAME account during a DC join
      adds  d19c437   scripting/samba_upgradedns: Tighten up exception and attribute list handling
      adds  e281037   selftest: Test creation of the dns-SERVER account during selftest
      adds  013c499   selftest: Start internal DNS server on domain provisioned for BIND9_DLZ
      adds  16b26ea   selftest: Add a basic test of samba_upgradedns
      adds  38e4396   torture: Ensure that GSSAPI and SPNEGO packets are accepted by dlz_bind9
      adds  0670975   smbd: Fix an ancient oplock bug
      adds  6096a59   smbd: Add a paranoia check to oplock_timeout_handler
      adds  46131cb   torture3: Fix a const warning
      adds  1173fed   lib: Add "mem_ctx" to gencache_get_data_blob
      adds  aaa6a68   torture3: Test getting a blob as a string
      adds  f630360   gencache: Fix SAFE_FREE vs data_blob_free
      adds  8a7246a   lib: Add a "mem_ctx" arg to gencache_get (unused so far)
      adds  6b915bf   Add a talloc context to saf_fetch().
      adds  32037e0   Add a talloc context to sitename_fetch().
      adds  d3c689f   lib: Use "mem_ctx" arg in gencache_get
      adds  5e450f5   smbd: Fix breaking level2 on allocate
      adds  f6afdcd   torture: Add a new w2k12 target
      adds  7786369   torture: Adapt raw.oplock to w2k12
      adds  196da59   smbd: Remove FORCE_OPLOCK_BREAK_TO_NONE
      adds  a7d7429   smbd: Simplify find_share_mode_entry
      adds  aee0f2c   smbd: Apply some const to share_modes_identical
      adds  e654268   smbd: Apply some const to find_share_mode_entry
      adds  cdc99b3   smbd: Remove unused should_notify_deferred_opens
      adds  1bf10ad   smbd: Remove two confusing TALLOC_FREE calls
      adds  451cde7   smbd: Fix a const warning
      adds  f4e4049   lib: Apply some const to pull_file_id_24
      adds  051b912   smbd: Apply some const to message_to_share_mode_entry
      adds  4ecf8b4   smbd: Remove a silly "? true : false"
      adds  392889c   smbd: Slightly simplify send_break_message
      adds  f9a7ea2   smbd: Slightly simplify do_break_to_none
      adds  5c9e10b   smbd: Slightly simplify enum_file_close_fn
      adds  81f8b9c   s3: include/smb : changing smb server version
      adds  1334c74   talloc: Decouple the dual use of chunk->pool
      adds  9887f38   talloc: Introduce __talloc_with_prefix
      adds  b87c8fd   talloc: Put pool-specific data before the chunk
      adds  a3d9099   talloc: Add a separate pool size
      adds  20ad6d7   talloc: Allow nested pools.
      adds  e82320e   talloc: Add talloc_pooled_object
      adds  256d10f   talloc: Test the pooled object
      adds  7f9bdab   smbd: Use talloc_pooled_object in cp_smb_filename
      adds  8f4069c   tevent: Use talloc_pooled_object for tevent_req_create
      adds  b8100af   gencache: Avoid a duplicate call to string_term_tdb_data
      adds  0af09f0   ldb: Do not build libldb-cmdline when using system ldb.
      adds  13094dc   s3-winbind: Don't set a default directory for DIR.
      adds  eae5373   s3-winbind: Add support for the kernel krb5 keyring buffer.
      adds  f942d01   doc: Update documentation of pam_winbind krb5 support.
      adds  340f7f1   s3:smbd/session: add filters to gather_sessioninfo()
      adds  69470a2   s3:smbd/session: Added a routine find_sessions()
      adds  2d14ab3   s3: rpc_server/srvsvc: use find_sessions() in NetSessDel
      adds  6bd5fef   lib: serverid.h needs "struct db_record" declaration
      adds  c8c0632   s3:smb2_find: Return that timestamps do not exist as directories
      adds  de3bc10   loadparm: add new parameter "acl allow execute always"
      adds  1e29d73   s3:smbd: ease file server upgrades from 3.6 and earlier with "acl allow execute aways"
      adds  a2a3c9f   docs: document "acl allow execute always"
      adds  d809cf6   Raise the level of a debug.
      adds  e533bf3   smbd: Fix blank line endings
      adds  cca8faa   smbd: Make brl_same_context static
      adds  2aa6844   smbd: Make brl_lock_failed static
      adds  e2bb3b0   smbd: Fix a typo
      adds  635c35d   smbd: Use ZERO_STRUCT instead of memset
      adds  6bcfc1a   smbd: Add brl_num_locks access function
      adds  07948ef   smbd: Add brl_fsp access function
      adds  20cc710   smbd: Move "struct byte_range_lock" definition to brlock.c
      adds  73278cd   smbd: Convert br_lck->lock_data to talloc
      adds  403ddac   dsdb: When using an LDAP backend, force use of the password from secrets.ldb
      adds  40db563   selftest: change to src dir for panic backtrace
      adds  776db7d   Fix is_legal_name() to not emit character conversion error messages.
      adds  8f41142   smbd: Properly protect against invalid lock data
      adds  4af7b70   docs: Fix typos.
      adds  20999fc   tdb: Fix some typos in comments.
      adds  ccb1beb   join.py: Handle exceptions when looking for GUID in a DN
      adds  bbeca62   join.py: Show which database we failed to find the DN on (clarify local v remote)
      adds  347b2c6   ldb: Show the type of failing operation in default error message
      adds  a5e4c45   samba-tool domain join subdomain: Set "reveal_internals:0" control so we can see the ncName
      adds  3af4f03   join.py: Handle more error cases with useful exceptions
      adds  cccc0de   dsdb: Add DSDB_SEARCH_ONE_ONLY support to dsdb_module_search*()
      adds  650eca0   join.py: Restore support for joining as a subdomain
      adds  35e56d2   dsdb: Use dsdb_next_callback() rather than a no-op per-module callback
      adds  84dc9f8   samba-tool domain join: Add --quite and --verbose
      adds  1d92d5b1  samba-tool domian join: Only print adminpass warning on subdomain creation
      adds  f75dc8f   s4-rpc_server/drsuapi: Print ldb error showing why we failed to perform the access check
      adds  ef830f7   samba-tool domain join: Set server role correctly to "active directory domain controller"
      adds  68f7cd1   samba-tool domain provision: Make ldap_backend_startup.sh +x and take optional arguments
      adds  3f464ca   auth/credentials: Add cli_credentials_{set,get}_forced_sasl_mech()
      adds  4dacaef   dsdb: Use credentials.get_forced_sasl_mech()
      adds  4a401d6   libcli/smb: add SMB3_DIALECT_REVISION_302
      adds  80623b8   libcli/smb: add PROTOCOL_SMB3_02
      adds  f8b3c71   libcli/smb: negotiate SMB3_DIALECT_REVISION_302 if PROTOCOL_SMB3_02 is requested
      adds  66d3064   lib/param: add PROTOCOL_SMB3_02 handling
      adds  4912378   s3:torture: add PROTOCOL_SMB3_02 handling
      adds  6ef3c98   docs-xml: document SMB3_02 as available protocol for the client side
      adds  f2bcceb   lib/ldb-samba/ldb_ildap: Also skip special base DNs
      adds  dcbd4ed   Fix OpenLDAP partition configs
      adds  6ed5b1c   Cleanup map return codes
      adds  1d54d8c   libcli/smb: use SMB1 MID=0 for the initial Negprot
      adds  af290a0   libcli/smb: fix non mendatory signing against some vendor SMB2 servers.
      adds  1c41feb   s3: libsmb : The short name length is only a one byte field.
      adds  0099c65   docs: point out side-effects of global "valid users" setting.
      adds  eaf1b8e   s3-rpc_server: fix typo in DEBUG statement.
      adds  cdc280d   s3: libsmb SMB2 wrapper layer. cli_smb2_get_ea_list_path() failed to close file on exit.
      adds  17a9a0f   s3: libsmb : Bug 10150 - Not all OEM servers support the ALTNAME info level.
      adds  4879d08   libcli/smb: only check the SMB2 session setup signature if required and valid
      adds  68a4081   Add an OpenLDAP-specific extended_dn_in module
      adds  ff88694   Give slapd a second to startup
      adds  75f353b   s3: libsmb - 10150 - Not all OEM servers support the ALTNAME info level.
      adds  887f4fb   Free memory on error
      adds  b3bb304   Prepare for SASL/EXTERNAL support
      adds  6bf59b0   Add SASL/EXTERNAL gensec module
      adds  743d4a4   Use SASL/EXTERNAL over ldapi://
      adds  31ca4fc   OpenLDAP provisioning tweaks
      adds  d9bf88d   Fix SEGV from improperly formed SUBSTRING/PRESENCE filter
      adds  4d2ec9e   gensec: move schannel module to toplevel.
      adds  d433ad0   gensec: remove duplicate gensec_security_by_authtype() call.
      adds  4f97952   gensec: check for NULL gensec_security in gensec_security_by_auth_type().
      adds  8fce75a   s3-auth: also load schannel module from auth_generic_client_prepare().
      adds  7b570b4   s3-rpc_cli: allow to pass down a netlogon CredentialState struct to gensec.
      adds  090671a   s3-auth: register schannel gensec module in auth_generic_prepare() as well.
      adds  89d0b89   s3-rpc_cli: use gensec for schannel bind.
      adds  a32a83b   s3-rpc_srv: use gensec for schannel bind.
      adds  5a62849   s3-rpc: use gensec for schannel footer processing.
      adds  639f60b   s3-rpc_cli: remove unused schannel calls from dcerpc_helpers.c
      adds  45949d7   s3-rpc_cli: remove unused schannel calls from cli_pipe.c
      adds  6965f91   s3-rpc_srv: remove unused schannel calls from srv_pipe.c
      adds  a623359   python/drs: Ensure to pass in the local invocationID during the domain join
      adds  40f9962   dsdb-repl_meta_data: Check for a NULL invocationID and do not proceed
      adds  4022d86   dsdb: Refuse to return an all-zero invocationID
      adds  c42db89   dsdb-repl_meta_data: Do not re-delete the Deleted Objects DN during replication
      adds  aa07b5c   dsdb-repl_meta_data: Make handling of Deleted Objects DN clearer in delete
      adds  b2b948a   lib/messaging: Check the server_id type correctly
      adds  ea3db09   libcli: continue to read from the socket even if the size is 0
      adds  88c1dbf   librpc/ndr: call ndr_table_list() from all ndr_X functions.
      adds  21200b1   librpc/ndr: make sure ndr_table_list() always calls ndr_init_table() first.
      adds  a94e278   s3-rpc: use table->name directly in DEBUG contexts.
      adds  3135533   s3-rpc: use ndr_interface_name() instead of get_pipe_name_from_syntax() in DEBUG.
      adds  40ee3d8   librpc: add dcerpc_default_transport_endpoint() function.
      adds  b73e2d9   s3-rpc: use dcerpc_default_transport_endpoint function.
      adds  807628e   s3-rpc: remove unused source3/librpc/rpc/rpc_common.c
      adds  e24fcf0   Fix bug 10162 - POSIX ACL mapping failing when setting DENY ACE's from Windows.
      adds  f33c1c8   auth: fix space/tab mixup in cli_credentials_get_password()
      adds  d5eb3b2   s4:torture: remove and useless variable and assignment in smb2.session.reauth5
      adds  096c962   Backport 0e97908 from WAF repository: symlink fix for OpenBSD
      adds  53c06d0   dsdb: Use WERR_DS_ATT_NOT_DEF_IN_SCHEMA for failed schema lookups
      adds  8d9986a   Remove confusing TODO file
      adds  334d83e   Remove NEWS file containing confusing information
      adds  274b899   smb.conf: Fill out the ntvfs handler smb.conf page from source4/NEWS
      adds  25d4baf   dsdb: Refuse to replicate an all-zero invocationID GUID in replPropertyMetaData
      adds  9e1dde1   dbcheck: Look for and fix the all-zero invocationID in replPropertyMetaData
      adds  9b8e174   selftest: Add script to assist in writing out a tree undump.sh can restore
      adds  9c11ad2   selftest: Only run referenceprovision and ldapcmp for the 4.0.0 test
      adds  038a9a7   selftest: Add release-4-1-0rc3 saved provision
      adds  a3f25f2   selftst: add tests based on 4.1.0rc3 to check for zero invocationID in replPropertyMetaData
      adds  c442305   build: reorganize idmap_rw and idmap_tdb int subsystems with proper dependencies
      adds  ee71610   build: remove vars=locals() from the IDMAP_AD subsystem: there is no need for this
      adds  1eef6bd   build: clean the idmap sybsystems/modules definitions
      adds  7025f5b   build: remove vars=locals() from the IDMAP_HASH subsystem: there is no need for this
      adds  44472c7   build: remove vars=locals() from the nss_info library: there is no need for this
      adds  abb47b6   build: fix spacing in the definition of the "idmap_autorid" target
      adds  8d8872a   python-samba-tool fsmo: Do not give an error on a successful role transfer
      adds  4da00f5   build: fix spacing in definition of "idmap_ldap" module
      adds  f8db64e   build: list sources directly in the netapi library and remove vars=locals()
      adds  fcb3d88   build: list sources of smbclient directly in the definition
      adds  0e9f716   build: list sources of nmbd directly in the definition and remove vars=locals()
      adds  f801de7   build: list sources directly in smbldap library and remove vars=locals()
      adds  db16256   build: list sources directly in definition of SAMBA_VERSION, and remove vars=locals()
      adds  fe5b618   build: list sources directly in the definition of LIBAFS subsystem and remove vars=locals()
      adds  63432e1   build: list sources directly in def of LIBAFS_SETTOKEN subsystem and remove vars=locals()
      adds  ac71b6f   build: LIBAFS depends on LIBAFS_SETTOKEN
      adds  2412682   build: make TDB_VALIDATE its own subsystem and have winbindd depend on it
      adds  94caaa3   build: list winbindd sources in definition and remove vars=locals()
      adds  0895928   build: define a subsystem TDB_LIB from TDB_LIB_SRC and depend on in sin samba3core
      adds  d3dc82d   build: list LIB_SRC files directly in samba3core.
      adds  3345634   build: list source of subsystem AVAHI directly in its definition.
      adds  2d4cc8e   build: list source of subsystem SERVER_MUTEX directly in its definition
      adds  a7e0d9d   build: list source of subsystem PASSCHANGE directly in definition and remove vars=locals()
      adds  559dc16   build: list sources of cli_spoolss directly in the definition.
      adds  8d5c63b   build: list sources of library libcli_lsa3 directly in the definition
      adds  bc2789e   build: list sources of subsystem LIBCLI_SAMR directly in the definition
      adds  d49ae22   build: list sources of libcli_netlogon3 library directly in the definition
      adds  928c237   build: split REG_PARSE_PRS as subsystem and list sources of REGFIO directly.
      adds  2b4d1af   build: list sources of subsystem samba3util directly in definition and remove vars=locals()
      adds  18cca29   build: list source of library popt_samba3 directly in definition and rm vars=locals()
      adds  aac0897   build: list source of subsystem PARAM_UTIL directly in definition and remove vars=locals()
      adds  9572a14   build: list source of subsystem param directly in definition
      adds  1780241   build: list source of subsystem KRBCLIENT directly in defintion, removing vars=locals()
      adds  40f19d6   build: list sources of library gpo directly in definition, removing vars=locals()
      adds  a216165   build: list sources of library ads directly in sources, removing vars=locals()
      adds  17e5cbb   build: list sources of subsystem LIBADS_SERVER directly in def, removing vars=locals()
      adds  ce4063e   build: list source of subsys LIBADS_PRINTER directly in def, removing vars=locals()
      adds  2d5d0c2   build: list sources of lib secrets3 directly in def, removing vars=locals()
      adds  2f05507   build: list sources of subsys LIBNMB directly in def, removing vars=locals()
      adds  43bd918   build: list sources of subsys LIBNTLMSSP in definition, removing vars=locals()
      adds  6ffbcfb   build: list sources of subsys TLDAP directly in definition
      adds  e03ddd1   build: list sources of library libsmb directly in def, also removing vars=locals()
      adds  a341a67   build: list sources of lib msrpc3 directly in def, removing vars=locals()
      adds  b4d9783   build: list sources of lib smbregistry directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  845422c   build: list sources of subsys REG_SMBCONF directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  2ddcd78   build: list sources of subsys REG_FULL directly in def, remov vars=locals()
      adds  c54cde2   build: list sources of REG_API_REGF directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  85b18b3   build: list sources of SERVICES directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  dc89fee   build: list source of subsys LIBEVENTLOG directly in definition, remove vars=locals()
      adds  f21fefb   build: list source of subsys RPC_CLIENT_SCHANNEL direclty in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  de8aaf0   build: list sources of subsys LOCKING directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  3f64a2a   build: list sources of lib pdb directly in def, removing vars=locals()
      adds  a53be34   build: list source of subsys GROUPDB direclty in def
      adds  0cbc839   build: list source of subsys PROFILE directly in definition
      adds  f14c3df   build: list sources of binary profiles directly in def, remov vars=locals()
      adds  92a764e   build: list sources of library smbd_base directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  bff339d   build: list source of FNAME_UTIL directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  78fcf14   build: list sources of subsys PLAINTEXT_AUTH directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  d68fe33   build: list sources of subsys SLCACHE directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  bb1f91d   build: list sources of subsys DCUTIL directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  1df37ec   build: list source of binary smbd/smbd diectly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  bd85cec   build: list sources of subsys PRINTING directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  2d2c4ef   build: list sources of subsys PRINTBASE directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  95ab312   build: list sources of subsys PRINTBACKEND direclty in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  c0b8ceb   build: list sources of binary smbstatus directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  d49b39e   build: list sources of binary smbcontrol directly in sources, remove vars=locals()
      adds  50ee465   build: list sources of smbtree direclty in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  6c67554   build: list source of binary testparm directly in dev, remove vars=locals()
      adds  c15f220   build: list sources of binary smbta-util directly in def, removing vars=locals()
      adds  f2dbe1c   build: list sources of binary test_lp_load directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  a693b32   build: list source of subsys PASSWD_UTIL directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  d346b1a   build: list source of binary smbpasswd directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  06ef203   build: list source of binary pdbedit directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  17a1778   build: list source of binary smbget directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  0dee7c2   build: list sources of binary rpcclinet directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  b734297   build: remove unused variable LIBSMBCLIENT_THREAD_SRC
      adds  6a56d2f   build: list sources of library smbsharemodes directly in def, remov vars=locals()
      adds  69cfe18   build: list sources of libsmbconf directly in def.
      adds  f95e31f   build: list sources of binary smbconftort directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  05c6040   build: list source of subsys LIBNET directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  8038f39   build: list source of subsys LIBNET_DSSYNC directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  4705f2e   build: list sources of subsys LIBNET_SAMSYNC directly in dev, remove vars=locals()
      adds  0d3c2fc   build: list sources of binary net directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  a0ec8b5   build: list source of binary smbspool directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  351d768   build: list source of binary nmblookup directly in source, remove vars=locals()
      adds  26bc1d5   build: list sources of smbtorture(3) directly in dev, remove vars=locals()
      adds  d15064a   build: list source of binary msgtest direcly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  f70f3a0   build: list source of binary pdbtest directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  74970a4   build: list sources of binary vfstest directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  46f3115   build: list source of binary log2pcap directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  b7cce8c   build: list source of binary locktest2 directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  045e4c0   build: list source of binary smbcacls directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  02b3eed   build: list source of binary smbcquotas directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  351bf39   build: list source of binary eventlogadm directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  7059e00   build: list source of binary sharesec() directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  bc4aad7   build: list sources of binary debug2html directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  8c75910   build: list source of binary smbfilter directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  54b31d1   build: list sources of library nss_wins directly in dev
      adds  ecb3c92   build: list sources of binary ntlm_auth directly in dev, remove vars=locals()
      adds  636b711   build: list source of binary vlp directly in dev, remove vars=locals()
      adds  2dc6174   build: list source of binary rpc_open_tcp directly in dev, remove vars=locals()
      adds  e05a7a2   build: list source of binary dbwrap_tool directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  ba68add   build: list source of dbwrap_torture directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  9ccca63   build: list source of binary split_tokens directly in def, remove vars=locals()
      adds  49179ec   build: remove remaining occurrences of vars=locals() of source3/wscript_build
      adds  771b777   afs: format afs_syscall() properly
      adds  5fd4fd7   afs: implement afs_syscall() always, returning -1 if FAKE_KASERVER is not defined.
      adds  0fc53a1   s3:include: remove duplicate prototypes from afs functions from proto.h
      adds  c9a6805   s3:modules: vfs_afsacl has the afs_syscall prototype via proto.h
      adds  4f69b58   s4:torture:ldap: Fix misleading output
      adds  3d3e8b5   librpc/ndr: make ndr_pull/push_DATA_BLOB NDR64 aware
      adds  c18c6c9   librpc/ndr: make use of ndr_dump_data() in ndr_print_array_uint8()
      adds  51d8eba   drsuapi.idl: change the range for attribute values to 26214400 bytes.
      adds  fc11bab   frstrans.idl: add flag(NDR_PAHEX) to frstrans_BytePipe
      adds  aa5b369   idl: remove duplicate flag
      adds  26c1c15   idl: fix frsrpc idl with NDR64 fields
      adds  00dc30a   pidl: Generate NDR64/NDR32 aware code for the wireshark dissectors
      adds  167e2f2   pidl: Generate wireshark that conforms to the rules of Wireshark project
      adds  2a452f2   Cleanup start/stop code
      adds  bc1503a   Return a couple more attrs by default
      adds  93f3aba   Add LDB_MAP_RENDROP option
      adds  aea5b5c   Drop paged-search from OpenLDAP stack
      adds  5805b7a   s4-openldap: Added an -H option to delegation script
      adds  7570577   s4-openldap: Remove use of talloc_reference in ldb_map_outbound.c
      adds  fefdb27   Fix entryCSN format
      adds  5426e57   Fix DN RDN case in partition names
      adds  4a65969   libsmbconf:registry: rework smbconf_reg_parameter_forbidden(), renaming it.
      adds  c1be069   libsmbconf:registry: publish smbconf_reg_parameter_is_valid()
      adds  0c4e5fc   s3:net rpc conf: use the published smbconf_reg_parameter_is_valid()
      adds  bceb345   s3:net rpc conf: remove the (now) unused rpc_conf_reg_valname_forbidden()
      adds  b7db29e   s3:net rpc conf: print the provided parameter name on error, not the canonicalized one
      adds  76a008c   libsmbconf:registry: reorganize the validity check and canonicalization of the input in "setparm"
      adds  429ab4e   libsmbconf:registry: clarify the appearance of "includes" in forbidden_names
      adds  3e53097   s3:net rpc conf: reorganize the validity check and canonicalization of the input in "setparm"
      adds  a00f97a   s3:net rpc conf: setparm: introduce variables service_name, param_name, valstr for clarity
      adds  349bcaf   s3:net rpc conf: rename canon_valname->canon_param_name for clarity in setparm.
      adds  f7cf09e   s3:net rpc conf: factor validation of parameter out for re-use.
      adds  d16c2aa   s3:net: check for GLOBAL_NAME net_conf_param_valid()
      adds  1d9f281   s3:net conf: add the same parameter checks to "setparm" as in "net rpc conf".
      adds  8d67082   selftest: remove unused variables (copy'n'paste...) from test_net_conf.sh
      adds  dc222d8   selftest: update SED_INVALID_PARAMS in the registry.roundtrip test
      adds  21be539   selftest: add regression test for setting invalid parameters in registry config via "net [rpc] conf"
      adds  11ca7d9   selftest: add "state directory" to the forbidden parameters test in net conf
      adds  7cfab6b   selftest: include "state directory" in invalid parameters in registry roundtrip test
      adds  658fbef   libsmbconf:registry: add "state directory" to the list of forbidden parameters
      adds  bcd535e   dbcheck: Ensure to always increase the error_count
      adds  51101b3   pydsdb: Give KeyError when we fail a schema lookup in python
      adds  d787f7a   pydsdb: Raise a more useful exception when dsdb_wellknown_dn fails.
      adds  f4ff81f   dbcheck: Add back the elements that were wrongly removed from CN=Deleted Objects
      adds  f575b5c   build: get rid of source file variables in source3/modules/wscript_build
      adds  c6e1618   build: get rid of source-variables in source3/auth/wscript_build
      adds  7e974db   build: get rid of vars=locals() in source3/auth/wscript_build
      adds  9f15535   build: get rid of source variables and vars=locals() in source3/libgpo/gpext/wscript_build
      adds  f7112e0   build: get rid of source strings from source3/passdb/wscript_build
      adds  7e96639   build: get rid of source variables and vars=locals() in source3/rpc_server/wscript_build
      adds  41d818e   build: get rid of vars=locals() in source3/modules/wscript_build
      adds  58cb40d   build: get rid of vars=locals() in source3/lib/netapi/examples/wscript_build
      adds  fc486d8   s4-openldap: Restored openldap-related options to the provision script
      adds  89200c2   dsdb: Convert the full string from UTF16 to UTF8, including embedded NULLs
      adds  6bf9a77   Stop use after free
      adds  fdf8d93   idmap_autorid: add a db_context argument to idmap_autorid_get_domainrange()
      adds  dd004e8   idmap_autorid: add a db_context argument to idmap_autorid_loadconfig()
      adds  a54e21b   idmap_autorid: add a db_context argument to idmap_autorid_saveconfig()
      adds  105475c   idmap_autorid: add a db_context argument to idmap_autorid_init_hwm()
      adds  954d9fb   idmap_autorid: add path, and db parameters to idmap_autorid_db_init()
      adds  41450fe   idmap_autorid: remove the ignore_builtin bool from the global_config struct
      adds  f80f43c   idmap_autorid: extract common code to separate file
      adds  173cdfe   idmap_autorid_tdb: add idmap_autorid_getconfigstr()
      adds  56c80d1   idmap_autorid: refactor idmap_autorid_loadconfig to use idmap_config_getconfigstr
      adds  42a6bb7   idmap_autorid: rename TALLOC_CTX argument of idmap_autorid_loadconfig() to mem_ctx
      adds  f6c34b1   idmap_autorid: refactor idmap_autorid_parse_configstr() out of idmap_autorid_loadconfig()
      adds  802b9d7   idmap_autorid: change idmap_autorid_loadconfig() to return NTSTATUS
      adds  65881c3   idmap_autorid: move the checks from idmap_autorid_initialize to idmap_autorid_saveconfig()
      adds  65d7df1   idmap_autorid: improve idmap_autorid_saveconfig() by adding a talloc stackframe
      adds  7cacc48   idmap_autorid: remove autorid_global_config member from autorid_range_config
      adds  f8767cd   idmap_autorid: remove fstring keystr from autorid_range_config
      adds  2d8cc3e   idmap_autorid: factor building of the keystr into a function
      adds  94ca5dc   idmap_autorid: Use fstr_sprintf in idmap_autorid_build_keystr()
      adds  7d2fdaa   idmap_autorid: factor out domain range fetching part from idmap_autorid_get_domainrange()
      adds  e598ed1   idmap_autorid: improve a debug message in idmap_autorid_getrange_int()
      adds  69dbc15   idmap_autorid: add idmap_autorid_getrange()
      adds  6e08f5a   idmap_autorid: factor out domain range adding code into a separate function
      adds  4350bfb   idmap_autorid: add new function idmap_autorid_setrange()
      adds  266fddf   idmap_autorid: for clarity, add a wrapper idmap_autorid_acquire_range() to idmap_autorid_addrange()
      adds  85a15ca   idmap_autorid: fix a debug message in idmap_autorid_addrange()
      adds  11ea83e   idmap_autorid: improve two debug messages by printing NT error codes
      adds  e8c9161   idmap_autorid: Don't use db as a temporary talloc context.
      adds  7cde714   idmap_autorid: add a comment explaining idmap_autorid_get_domainrange()
      adds  4c937f2   idmap_autorid: add a comment explaining idmap_autorid_init_hwm()
      adds  4deba60   idmap_autorid: add a comment explaining idmap_autorid_db_init()
      adds  ae88bcd   idmap_autorid: add a comment explaining idmap_autorid_loadconfig()
      adds  4d0d348   idmap_autorid: add a comment explaining idmap_autorid_saveconfig()
      adds  01e1794   net: improve help text for "net idmap dump"
      adds  873ae9c   net: improve help text for "net idmap restore"
      adds  601b67b   net: rename "net idmap setmap" to "net idmap set"
      adds  a064119   net: move the "net idmap set" functionality to subcommand "net idmap set mapping"
      adds  68c4414   net: add the "net idmap set secret" subcommand as alias for "net idmap secret"
      adds  29a94b0   net: move the "net idmap delete" functionality to subcommand "net idmap delete mapping"
      adds  f531c36   net: rename "idmap_dump_ctx" to "net_idmap_ctx".
      adds  d560cd1   net: add new function net_idmap_opendb_autorid()
      adds  375168a   idmap_autorid: add idmap_autorid_saveconfigstr()
      adds  050fb74   net: add "net idmap set config" command to store the autorid global config
      adds  1be6c57   net: add "net idmap get" command
      adds  063ec55   net: add "net idmap get config" to read the autorid config from the database
      adds  d2c892c   net idmap: add utility function parse_uint32()
      adds  5aed3fa   net: add "net idmap set range" (for autorid backend)
      adds  8371f59   idmap_autorid: improve clarity of idmap_autorid_addrange_action() by adding mem_ctx.
      adds  350916c   net: implement "net idmap get range"
      adds  6d8cc47   idmap_autorid: extend idmap_autorid_addrange to allow to set mappings below the HWM
      adds  9b7f9f9   idmap_autorid: add idmap_autorid_build_keystr_talloc()
      adds  6cdae0d   idmap_autorid: add idmap_autorid_delete_range_by_sid()
      adds  1dd9218   idmap_autorid: add idmap_autorid_delete_range_by_num()
      adds  54a33eb   net: implement "net idmap delete range"
      adds  97dfa06   idmap_autorid: add idmap_autorid_iterate_domain_ranges[_read]()
      adds  fe8a8b5   net: add "net idmap get ranges" operation for autorid
      adds  a6f6ad8   idmap_autorid: add idmap_autorid_delete_domain_ranges()
      adds  7c2b83d   net: implement "net idmap delete ranges"
      adds  b2ed2d8   idmap_autorid: allow iterate functions to operate on all domain ranges
      adds  280f21a   net: allow "net idmap get ranges" to list all ranges
      adds  9ac3286   librpc: return a ndr_pull_error instead of just NDR_ERR_NDR64 when upper bits of 64 bit value are not 0
      adds  816e68f   libndr: Fix ndr_print_bitmap_flag for value=0
      adds  7c0277c   librpc: Fix blank line endings
      adds  4a7b792   s3:smb2_server: don't rely on the SMB2_HDR_FLAG_SIGNED if signing is required
      adds  c3a5fec   smbd:smb2: fix error code when the header says the request is signed but we don't have a sesseion
      adds  8f201fe   Remove dead code. Now we have no SWAT we don't use the invalid_services array or associated counter.
      adds  8b51eab   Revert "Support UPN_DNS_INFO in the PAC"
      adds  01cb889   shadow_copy2: break overly long lines in shadow_copy2_snapshot_to_gmt()
      adds  9361824   shadow_copy2: add comment header describing shadow_copy2_strip_snapshot()
      adds  5b494b3   shadow_copy2: add header comment explaining have_snapdir()
      adds  b90d1e6   shadow_copy2: add comment block explaining shadow_copy2_find_snapdir()
      adds  5da5512   shadow_copy2: add comment block explaining shadow_copy2_insert_string()
      adds  5c900fd   shadow_copy2: add comment block explaining shadow_copy2_convert()
      adds  6da7375   shadow_copy2: add comment explaining the SMB level GMT format pattern
      adds  1ecef57   shadow_copy2: introduce config struct and function shadow_copy2_connect()
      adds  8439549   shadow_copy2: introduce the bool "snapdir_absolute" in the config.
      adds  1e887fc   shadow_copy2: disable "snapdir:crossmountpoints" if the snapdir is absolute.
      adds  ed751b9   shadow_copy2: re-add the basedir option.
      adds  2d5a3af   shadow_copy2: introduce "shadow:mountpoint" option
      adds  d34dc1b   shadow_copy2: add rel_connectpath to config.
      adds  a7ca55c   shadow_copy2: add snapshot_basepath to the config.
      adds  c4f9954   shadow_copy2: log resulting config at the end of shadow_copy2_connect()
      adds  ea898ea   shadow_copy2: implement disk_free
      adds  dbdb436   shadow_copy2: in the classical case, use configured path in shadow_copy2_find_snapdir()
      adds  e86923e   shadow_copy2: make shadow_copy2_find_snapdir() return const char *
      adds  304a0f5   shadow_copy2: shadow_copy2_insert_string(): do not prepend a "/" in absolute mode
      adds  4cc5140   shadow_copy2: factor shadow_copy2_posix_gmt_string() out of shadow_copy2_insert_string()
      adds  38e1085   shadow_copy2: introduce shadow_copy2_snapshot_path()
      adds  3d053b1   shadow_copy2: add comments explaining decisions in shadow_copy2_strip_snapshot()
      adds  afcb84e   shadow_copy2: add some debug to shadow_copy2_strip_snapshot()
      adds  4b8d9c6   shadow_copy2: fix shadow_copy2_strip_snapshot() in the classical case
      adds  249e9b4   shadow_copy2: initialize "converted" string to null in shadow_copy2_convert()
      adds  86988db   shadow_copy2: add some blank lines for visual separation to shadow_copy2_convert()
      adds  9ab8937   shadow_copy2: fix shadow_copy2_convert() in the classical case.
      adds  935120d   shadow_copy2: improve debug in shadow_copy2_convert() in snapdirseverywhere mode
      adds  6ccbc13   shadow_copy2: use stored mount_point instead of recalculating.
      adds  8fe1f40   samba_backup: fix bug, add command line parameter, improve error messages
      adds  14e3f4b   s4:torture:smb2: fix a comment in the durable-open.lock-oplock test
      adds  39a965a   s4:torture:spoolss: use smb2_connect() instead of smb2_connet_ext()
      adds  4e99a0f   s4:libcli:smb2: add the client_guid to the smbcli_options
      adds  5736f13   s4:libcli:smb2: add the smb2_capabilities to the smbcli_options
      adds  596f802   s4:libcli:smb2: make smbcli_options argument to smb2_connect_(send|ext) const
      adds  a31ea15   s4:torture:smb2: add smbcli_options argument to torture_smb2_connection_ext()
      adds  6c6643c   s4:torture:smb2: fix durable-open lease tests to pass against windows.
      adds  1f14747   s4:torture:smb2: add durable-open.reopen2-lease test
      adds  d4f4d08   s4:torture:smb2: add durable-v2-open.reopen2-lease
      adds  5647287   s4:torture:smb2: add smb2_lease_v2_create() wrapper to smb2_lease_v2_create_share()
      adds  43c4a65   s4:torture:smb2: add durable-v2-open.reopen2-lease-v2
      adds  d8cd549   s4:torture:smb2: add a durable-open.reopen-lease-v2 test
      adds  9769f06   smbd:smb2_create: add comment about validity of check reconnect blob being only one
      adds  1bd2ab4   smbd:smb2: successfully answer a DHnC request when the initial create was DH2Q
      adds  6fc5661   s4:torture:smb2: extend the durable-v2-open.reopen2 test
      adds  bd3b922   s4:torture:smb2: extend the durable-open.reopen2 test
      adds  0ecfe17   s4:torture:smb2: add durable-v2-open.create-blob
      adds  ba05f70   s4:torture:smb2: add durable-v2-open.reopen2b
      adds  7b624cf   s4:torture:smb2: add durable-v2-open.reopen2c
      adds  ea51681   smbd:smb2_create: fix return code for durable handle create blob combinations
      adds  dd25679   smbd:smb2: ignore an dhnq blob along with a dhnc in create
      adds  9110c07   smbd:smb2: clarify and comment code treating dh2c blob check.
      adds  4cde5bf   smbd: Avoid calling serverid_exists twice
      adds  41857bd   smbd: Fix confusing comments
      adds  c134a37   smbd: Fix a comment
      adds  b40fcf3   torture: Fix a typo
      adds  eb5e817   libcli: Add const to smb2_lease_pull
      adds  c944d2e   libcli: Correct smb2_lease_pull
      adds  960bd9a   torture: Continue buffer check after NOT_IMPLEMENTED infolevels
      adds  3a72cdb   torture: Remove an unused variable
      adds  e9513bc   smbd: Convert some dbgtxt to DEBUG
      adds  f650bb9   smbd: Remove unused "brl->key" struct element
      adds  2b3c5be   smbd: Avoid an if-statement per read/write in the non-clustered case
      adds  5d8f64c   smbd: Restructure brl_get_locks_readonly
      adds  440e331   smbd: brl_get_locks_internal is always called r/w now
      adds  8c435cd   smbd: Remove the brl_get_locks wrapper
      adds  c952e11   smbd: Remove byte_range_lock->read_only
      adds  51c612e   Remove check_col from generated DCE/RPC dissectors.
      adds  2ad37cb   lib/util: remove unused (and not even compiled) lib/util/capability.c.
      adds  f9554a9   smbd: Change parameter from unsigned to uint32_t
      adds  ad2ba58   smbd: Make add_share_mode return bool
      adds  e0e5f67   smbd: Convert set_share_mode to return bool for success
      adds  b8b7e85   smbd: Simplify find_share_mode_entry callers
      adds  0cc2123   smbd: Simplify set_share_mode
      adds  0239315   smbd: Fix an error path in open_directory
      adds  0de6282   Fix bug #10187 - Missing talloc_free can leak stackframe in error path.
      adds  cd871a6   pidl-wireshark: fix trailing white space in the HF definition
      adds  5241617   pidl-wireshark: fix the trailling white space in the generated headers
      adds  b197de7   libndr: Avoid ommitting display of unset bitmap flags.
      adds  ca17392   dsdb/tests/ldap: fix test_ldapServiceName against w2k8r2
      adds  295b4de   s4:dsdb/rootdse: report 'dnsHostName' instead of 'dNSHostName'
      adds  da7ef12   dsdb/tests/ldap: fix test_distinguished_name against w2k8r2
      adds  d2ff474   ldb:rdn_name: reject 'distinguishedName' depending of the MOD flags
      adds  6da2dcd   dsdb: Provide a clearer error when we fail to store the sequence number in metadata.tdb
      adds  a90067e   provision: Fix comment to refer to correct file (krb5.conf)
      adds  a2d45cf   provision/sambadns: CN=MicrosoftDNS,CN=System, is relative to DOMAINDN
      adds  48b979c   provision: Remove --username and --password options from samba-tool domain provision
      adds  a8c6dd5   join.py: Correct ctx.forestdns_zone and so remove the need for duplicate repl.replicate() call
      adds  ca7c3fb   join.py: Use ctx.forestdns_zone variable
      adds  5a9265d   join.py: Remove special full_ncs handling, we only need to updateRefs on an NC we replicate
      adds  d5077ba   join.py: Reconnect to the DC based on the DC name in dnsHostName to allow connection to IPC$
      adds  af3138e   samba-tool domain join subdomain: Rework sambadns.py to allow setup of DomainDNSZone only
      adds  1a88463   idl: Add a new message for winbind domain states.
      adds  447ec17   s3-winbind: Add functions for domain online/offline handling.
      adds  fc59416   s3-winbind: Register handlers for domain online/offline messages.
      adds  275f658   s3-winbind: Send online/offline message of the domain to the parent.
      adds  13b4dab   pidl: fix an error message typo
      adds  dba7804   ntdb: Make sure variables passed by value are initialized.
      adds  6fbbf94   torture: Extend the raw.oplock.doc1 test
      adds  672c228   torture: Extend the smb2.oplock.doc1 test
      adds  7a6d240   smbd: Fix the extended *.oplock.doc1 tests
      adds  1c86646   vfs: Fix parentheses in SMB_VFS_NEXT_DURABLE_COOKIE
      adds  26b1103   s3/time_audit: Add offline and durable functions
      adds  4c82e83   smbd: Remove name_hash param from open_mode_check
      adds  dd0e4c4   smbd: Remove unused create_options from open_mode_check
      adds  064433f   libcli4: Remove an unused variable
      adds  13a10d4   s4-samldb: Do not allow deletion of objects with RID < 1000
      adds  fec8411   asn1: fix use-after-free in asn1_write
      adds  477e53a   param: disable print notify backchannel by default
      adds  2343df4   talloc: Add a warning to talloc_reference() documentation.
      adds  13495c7   auth4: Remove an unused variable
      adds  e512491   s3-winbindd: Remove undocumented winbindd:socket dir parameter
      adds  54019ca   docs: Explain why this option should not be used
      adds  eb50c18   smbd: Put "have_read_oplocks" into brlock.tdb
      adds  fcafaf6   smbd: Remove FAKE_LEVEL_II_OPLOCK
      adds  c92ac4c   torture: Extend raw.oplock.batch10
      adds  47f65d5   smbd: Add debugs to brlock.c
      adds  cc9cd51   smbd: Remove some FAKE_LEVEL_II comments
      adds  1d2c6f4   smbd: Remove a special case for level2 break
      adds  9646dfc   smbd: Inline break_level2_to_none_async
      adds  2549462   smbd:smb2: fix crash when smb2 session reauth fails
      adds  f643961   libcli/smb: add smb2cli_tcon_is_encryption_on()
      adds  f50b6da   s4:torture: add smb2.session.reauth6 : test failing reauth
      adds  c33015c   smbd: Simplify find_oplock_types a bit
      adds  388bf36   smbd: Unify delay_for_*_oplocks
      adds  0f71730   smbd: Make loop index type match loop limit
      adds  4d85f91   smbd: Make find_oplock_types return bool
      adds  c938a10   smbd: Factor out remove_stale_share_mode_entries
      adds  00d84ad   smbd: Reduce the complexity of open_file_ntcreate
      adds  4263d16   smbd: Decouple grant_fsp_oplock_type from oplock validation
      adds  4c0cf9f   smbd: Remove "file_existed" handling from open_mode_check
      adds  a1fcd71   smbd: Simplify open_file_ntcreate
      adds  a4c3553   Add NetWkstaGetInfo.
      adds  785e8d8   lib/param: lp_magicchar takes a const struct share_params *p so should be FN_LOCAL_PARM_CHAR
      adds  6ac33b7   build: Move loadparm-related build rules to source3/param/wscript_build
      adds  d711a01   lib/param: Do not attempt to access the s3 function for allocated and subbed string parameters
      adds  22ca040   param: Skip generating hooks for local and string parameters
      adds  651cf89   s3/param: Autogenerate parameters prototypes again after proto.h was frozen
      adds  033dc77   param: Autogenerate s3 lp_ctx glue table
      adds  361b51c   proto: Remove manually written lp_ prototypes
      adds  aca475b   lib/param: Add documentation on how loadparm works
      adds  b92937e   doc: add "spoolss: architecture" parameter usage
      adds  a33b13b   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_binding_handle_auth_info()
      adds  f773ed2   s3:rpc_client: implement dcerpc_binding_handle_auth_info()
      adds  d052528   s4:librpc: implement dcerpc_binding_handle_auth_info()
      adds  872486b   s3:rpc_client: pass object and table to rpccli_bh_create()
      adds  9d6b6dc   s4:torture/samba3rpc: let rpc.authcontext be more robust against low level code changes (part1)
      adds  a307452   s4:torture/samba3rpc: let rpc.authcontext be more robust against low level changes (part2)
      adds  3b53566   s4:tortore:raw/qfileinfo: don't use dcerpc_pipe_open_smb() to open a named pipe
      adds  7f86364   s3-net: do not use rpc_pipe_np_smb_conn()
      adds  a9331e4   s3:lib/netapi: do not use rpc_pipe_np_smb_conn()
      adds  bd678cd   s3-spoolss: do not use rpc_pipe_np_smb_conn()
      adds  1974dbe   s3:rpc_client: remove unused rpc_pipe_np_smb_conn()
      adds  053b975   s3:rpcclient: introduce global rpcclient_cli_state
      adds  a79547c   s3:rpcclient: make use of rpcclient_cli_state
      adds  3337a68   cli_np_tstream: remove unused tstream_cli_np_get_cli_state()
      adds  ecb3150   s4:librpc/rpc: remove unused dcerpc_smb_fnum()
      adds  07ec60c   s4:librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_secondary_smb_send/recv()
      adds  e9998d1   s4:librpc/rpc: make use of dcerpc_secondary_smb_send/recv() in dcerpc_secondary_context()
      adds  d610339   s4:librpc/rpc: remove unused dcerpc_smb_tree()
      adds  68ea47c   s3:winbindd: don't hide the error in cm_connect_lsa()
      adds  9b22628   s3:include: add forward declaration for struct messaging_context; in g_lock.h
      adds  d221d84   s3:include: fix messaging_send_buf() protype in messages.h
      adds  6db5aca   s3:auth_domain: remove dead code in check_trustdomain_security()
      adds  062df73   s3:libsmb: remove unused change_trust_account_password()
      adds  2be39c1   s3:libsmb: inline trust_pw_change_and_store_it() into trust_pw_find_change_and_store_it()
      adds  300a186   s4:librpc: make dcerpc_schannel_key_send/recv static
      adds  a62927e   s4:librpc: let dcerpc_schannel_key_recv() return netlogon_creds_CredentialState
      adds  556f66b   auth:credentials: avoid talloc_reference in cli_credentials_set_netlogon_creds()
      adds  d9d5744   s3/libsmb: Use smbXcli_conn_use_unicode instead of smb1 specific test
      adds  a2b38e0   s3:libsmb: make use of smb1cli_tcon_set_values()
      adds  24e7be8   libcli/smb: Introduce smbXcli_conn_dfs_supported
      adds  e0fe97c   libcli/smb: add smbXcli_tcon_is_dfs_share()
      adds  1c4e95c   libcli/smb: add smbXcli_tcon_{set,get}_fs_attributes()
      adds  44224cd   libcli/smb: add FLAGS2_DFS_PATHNAMES for SMB1 operations against dfs shares
      adds  e6eb6b9   libcli/smb: move Filesystem Attributes defines to smb_constants.h
      adds  b16b469   libcli/smb: add FLAG_CASELESS_PATHNAMES based on FILE_CASE_SENSITIVE_SEARCH to smb1 requests
      adds  60f16ba   libcli/smb: add SMB2_HDR_FLAG_DFS for SMB2 Create operations on dfs shares
      adds  226dde2   s3:libsmb: call smbXcli_tcon_{get,set}_fs_attributes() from cli_set_case_sensitive()
      adds  451b112   s3:libsmb: don't pass down FLAG_CASELESS_PATHNAMES and FLAGS2_DFS_PATHNAMES anymore
      adds  114e337   s3/libsmb: Use smbXcli_conn_dfs_supported instead of test on CAP_DFS
      adds  37f0e37   s3/libsmb: make use of smbXcli_tcon_is_dfs_share()
      adds  c5c717f   s3:libsmb: add SMB2/3 support to cli_dfs_get_referral()
      adds  e20c66d   s3:libsmb: remove unused cli_state->dfsroot
      adds  307abd6   s3:libsmb: remove unused cli_state->case_sensitive
      adds  2474455   s3:libsmb: call smbXcli_tcon_set_fs_attributes() directly
      adds  d730a61   ctdbd_conn: Lift the cluster_fatal call in get_cluster_vnn
      adds  7dff7db   ctdbd_conn: Remove one call to cluster_fatal
      adds  20d3f30   ctdbd_conn: Remove one call to cluster_fatal
      adds  fbee579   smbd/winbindd: Do an early check if ctdbd is functional
      adds  972c831   s3: add cluster_probe_ok() in a new module util_cluster.
      adds  0c21676   s3:smbd: use new function cluster_probe_ok()
      adds  5eae612   s3:winbindd: use cluster_probe_ok()
      adds  0196619   s3:nmbd: do a very early cluster probe when starting nmbd.
      adds  045f5c2   Reserve an OID space for external projects
      adds  36f4f72   script/mks3param_ctx_table.pl: fix tabs/whitespaces in generated output.
      adds  28cdd1c   winbind3: Fix CID 1107229 Uninitialized pointer read
      adds  b58df3d   lsasd: Fix CID 1107233 Double close
      adds  5ea154b   s3-rpc_server: Refactor lsasd_create_sockets().
      adds  c690988   nsswitch: Fix short writes in winbind_write_sock
      adds  d286b17d  idmap_autorid: fix traversal of ranges to correctly exclude mapping records.
      adds  ee78af3   ntvfs: Fix Coverity ID 1107224 Resource leak
      adds  e8a77df   ntvfs: Fix CID 1107225 Resource leak
      adds  71c8cd1   winbind3: Fix CID 241468 Resource leak
      adds  4e06c61   ldb: Fix CID 240798 Uninitialized pointer read
      adds  f892bdb   smbd: Fix bug 10216
      adds  7b51e9f   torture: Add reproducer for bug 10216
      adds  9890a6a   smbd: validate oplock types even for internal and stat opens
      adds  96faaf6   torture: Check break level in raw.oplock.exclusive5
      adds  9d3e3a7   torture: Add oplock break to l2/none tests
      adds  cb27921   smbd: Remove unused "oplock_request" arg from send_break_message
      adds  de95b9d   smbd: Simplify send_break_message
      adds  4c8bdf7   smbd: Don't send op_mid in a BREAK message
      adds  ccc808e   smbd: Remove unused "mid" from delay_for_oplock
      adds  20669d4   smbd: Fix raw.batch.exclusive[59]
      adds  64e7340   torture: Add a test showing we have to break L2 at open time
      adds  6c3b41c   smbd: Fix breaking level2 on OVERWRITE create_disposition
      adds  d9a1d54   smbd: Use MSG_SMB_BREAK_REQUEST for async l2 breaks
      adds  76e7d8f   smbd: Remove MSG_SMB_ASYNC_LEVEL2_BREAK
      adds  cdd232c   torture: Extend the raw.oplock.level_ii_1 test
      adds  14813e7   Fix bug 10196 - RW Deny for a specific user is not overriding RW Allow for a group.
      adds  a1bc1c3   Fix bug 10196 - RW Deny for a specific user is not overriding RW Allow for a group.
      adds  dfd65f9   Fix comment showing how to print an ACL to allow debug.
      adds  31ab49f   smbd: Use remove_oplock() in close_normal_file
      adds  670da42   smbd: Make release_file_oplock static
      adds  bd54228   smbd: Unify parameters to set_oplock_type
      adds  184cc13   smbd: Remove separate oplock_type parameter from set_file_oplock
      adds  7b70fa1   smbd: Move oplock/sharemode ops into one place
      adds  e689b7d   smbd: Move oplock handling together
      adds  2d51424   torture: Add smb2.oplock.levelII501 test
      adds  daefca2   s4-dsacl: Fixed incorrect handling of privileges in sec_access_check_ds
      adds  4cf4ed1   s4-openldap: Fixed a problem with provisioning with OpenLdap
      adds  d3aee80   s4-dns: dlz_bind9: Create dns-HOSTNAME account disabled
      adds  64f5e24   build: fix ordering problems with lib-provided and internal RPATHs
      adds  319c2d7   waf: parse LDFLAGS from python
      adds  4378db9   Revert "smbd: Move oplock handling together"
      adds  ef4054e   Revert "smbd: Move oplock/sharemode ops into one place"
      adds  a13fda7   smb2_ioctl: add support for FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK_WRITE
      adds  68427f1   torture: add FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK_WRITE access test
      adds  568bf16   librpc-idl: replace int32 by the enumeration as it's the type that we use in union's switch drsuapi_DsGetDCInfoCtrLevels
      adds  1e2e421   librpc-idl: replace int32 by uint32 as the values are always > 0
      adds  9c1c3bb   auth-kerberos: add the credentials.h so that enum credentials_obtained is defined
      adds  00132ab   rpc_server: fix a typo
      adds  871e602   rpc_server: Fix some uses of tevent_req_nomem
      adds  2180365   rpc_server: Remove rpc_ep_register_state->mem_ctx
      adds  30e5a5c   rpc_server: Fix a memleak on error exit
      adds  eec05fb   libcli: Add tstream_npa_socketpair() function.
      adds  b86b4d0   s3-rpc_server: Add npa_state_init() function.
      adds  155a794   s3-rpc_server: Add make_external_rpc_pipe() function.
      adds  1e66a8e   s3-rpc_server: Add make_internal_rpc_pipe().
      adds  0733836   s3-rpc_server: Use new rpc named pipe functions.
      adds  df4c2df   s3-waf: Reorder rpc_server wscript_build file.
      adds  710ddf8   s3-waf: Seperate rpc_server and rpc_service.
      adds  0152406   s3-waf: Create a target for RPC_SOCK_HELPER.
      adds  1c069b1   s3-rpc_server: Make make_server_pipes_struct a shared function.
      adds  921ef8f   s3-rpc_server: Make named_pipe_packet_process a shared functiion.
      adds  9e723f9   s3-rpc_server: Add named_pipe_client_init() function.
      adds  13d840a   s3-smbd_shim: Add become_authenticated_pipe_user().
      adds  327b0dd   s3-smbd: Do not declare change_to_root_user() twice.
      adds  7daa4b9   s3-rpc_server: Add make_internal_rpc_pipe_socketpair().
      adds  4498d07   s3-rpc_server: Pass the server event context to np_open().
      adds  b8e0732   s3-rpc_server: Use make_internal_rpc_pipe_socketpair().
      adds  f69a490   s3-rpc_server: Remove obsolete FAKE_FILE_TYPE_NAMED_PIPE handling.
      adds  cd8f811   s3-rpc_server: Remove obsolete make_internal_rpc_pipe().
      adds  5990de5   s3-rpc_client: Make data pointer const in trans_send().
      adds  8dc931b   librpc-idl: change the drsuapi_DsBindInfoCtr so that it match what is on the wire both in NDR32 and NDR64.
      adds  d35ce08   rpc_server: Fix a typo
      adds  a6bc2fd   s3:modules: Fix realloc with zero sized ACLs
      adds  508b86e   s3:modules: nfs4_acls ACLs with zero entries are fine.
      adds  878f375   s3:libsmb: pass creation or birth time in cli_qpathinfo_basic()
      adds  8228c3c   s3:libsmb: add function cli_qpathinfo_standard()
      adds  30ba2c0   s3:libsmb: add function cli_qpathinfo3()
      adds  cfedd4f   s3:libsmb: SMBC_getatr try pathinfo2 only once
      adds  0abe678   s3:libsmb: SMBC_getatr do not let ino undefined on success
      adds  0a3cc7e   s3:libsmb: SMBC_getatr use pathinfo3 for second try
      adds  7e35a4d   client: remove a write only variable
      adds  569722e   s3:libsmb: cli_qpathinfo3 use cli_qpathinfo2 for smb2
      adds  f959dd4   client: use cli_qpathinfo3 for allinfo
      adds  71dc7e5   s3:libsmb: SMBC_getatr() if no method worked, try all methods again on next attempt
      adds  127fc67   libcli/smb: fix smb2cli_ioctl*() against Windows 2008.
      adds  85b5bed   smbd: Support multiple dfs targets for msdfs proxy shares
      adds  22945de   doc/msdfs proxy: extend example for multi target config
      adds  8a50509   s4-dsdb: instanceType NC_HEAD is only allowed combined with WRITE for an originating add operation
      adds  d4a5c83   smbd: Invalidate the session correctly.
      adds  412af28   s3:rpc_client: fix a leaked talloc_stackframe
      adds  7306253   s3:rpcclient: fix a leaked talloc_stackframe in cmd_epmapper
      adds  e2d6431   s3:rpc_server: rpc_create_tcpip_sockets() may leak talloc_stackframe on failure
      adds  25d62dd   vfs: Fix building the glusterfs module.
      adds  d35d6a2   vfs: Fix some build warnings in glusterfs.
      adds  8ae0f8c   testparm: Reformat text and add a newline.
      adds  03e4037   testparm: Add warning for socket options.
      adds  4061954   torture: Add smb2.rename.rename_dir_bench
      adds  60f922b   Fix bug #10229 - No access check verification on stream files.
      adds  6588215   Add regression test for bug #10229 - No access check verification on stream files.
      adds  f5325f5   initial commit of the new tarmode test script.
      adds  947775e   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add proper argument parsing for configuration.
      adds  be54395   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: improve incremental test
      adds  2ef7909   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add test for reset mode
      adds  e70b6de   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add test for "newer than" (`N` flag)
      adds  1624382   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: refactored file related function to a File package
      adds  d07d89a   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add nested dirs test
      adds  c5ae61f   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: remove unused functions
      adds  cb08034   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add first extraction test
      adds  3a10b88   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add option to choose and run a single test
      adds  f764c39   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add tests for X and I.
      adds  fa067e8   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add extraction test for I and X.
      adds  aaf59c9   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add test for creation w/ filelist
      adds  ea04ae3   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add test for xF
      adds  a8b1d58   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add a clean option to erase the local path
      adds  581d128   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add a first simple wildcard test
      adds  60edcc7   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add tests for wildcard pattern (cI, cX, cF, xF).
      adds  bfd6b7b   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: refactor, cleanup and document in POD
      adds  e879580   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: fix a few minor typos
      adds  97c34f3   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: make script work on older Perl (now only need 5.14)
      adds  03e1557   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: disable failing tests for now
      adds  98fa4bc   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: samba 3.6.9 can print a empty attribute string
      adds  8540032   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add copyright header
      adds  2f30482   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: cosmetic changes
      adds  45bee99   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: sanitize input, use File::Temp instead of hardcoding temp dir
      adds  363601e   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: let --test run multiple tests
      adds  70e8053   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: whitespace
      adds  f77f63e   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: test interactive command
      adds  bd4cde8   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add simple wildcard test
      adds  4eecb46   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add large file and long path tests
      adds  24067dc   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: test regex flag behaviour
      adds  e236d5d   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add extraction regex tests, verbose flag
      adds  0ebc84a   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add test for interactive session
      adds  743593a   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: add subunit output flag
      adds  f637463   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: enable create with exclude tests
      adds  977c26d   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: use -n flag for specifiying hostname (was ambiguous with help)
      adds  7088302   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: sanitize $DIR + whitespace
      adds  2ceda6a   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: remove all ./ prefix when dealing with remote files
      adds  1424c61   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: depend only on perl v5.10
      adds  1c818d6   test_smbclient_tarmode.pl: remove unneccesary arg defaults
      adds  0aa7395   s4-lsa: Fix a user after free in dcesrv_lsa_lookup_name().
      adds  8ef055b   s4-lsa: Add missing null checks in dcesrv_lsa_lookup_name().
      adds  27ca838   s4-lsa: Make sure we also duplicate the domain_name.
      adds  a0e2177   idmap_autorid: add space between two words in a debug message
      adds  066915f   net: correct typos in net idmap delete ranges help message
      adds  1524dc6   idmap_autorid: fix status code when trying to load range for an invalid input
      adds  ebc9ff6   idmap_autorid: fix failure in reverse lookup if ID is from domain range index #0
      adds  d6979ee   doc: update the net manpage for net idmap set, get and delete
      adds  15b0c39   net: remove net idmap secret
      adds  c7aab6e   vfstest: fix uninitialised variable usage in open
      adds  29f12e7   s3-vfs: Fix stream_depot vfs module on btrfs.
      adds  12a2230   s4-smb_server: Fix a use after free.
      adds  374b2cf   xattr: fix listing EAs on *BSD for non-root users
      adds  8eae8d2   CVE-2013-4476: lib-util: add file_check_permissions()
      adds  63d98ed   CVE-2013-4476: lib-util: split out file_save_mode() from file_save()
      adds  83a3ae1   CVE-2013-4476: samba-tool provision: create ${private_dir}/tls with mode 0700
      adds  cf29fb2   CVE-2013-4476: selftest/Samba4: use umask 0077 within mk_keyblobs()
      adds  e0248cd   CVE-2013-4476: s4:libtls: Create tls private key file (key.pem) with mode 0600
      adds  22af043   CVE-2013-4476: s4:libtls: check for safe permissions of tls private key file (key.pem)
      adds  bbb5f66   smbd: Fix DEBUG in do_break_to_none
      adds  0eaae1a   README.Coding: Add __func__
      adds  363c4ad   s4:torture:smb2: add comment explaining lease upgrade in the non-contended case
      adds  97bbd63   s4:torture:smb2: add new lease.upgrade3 test to test the contended upgrade
      adds  096358f   oLschema2ldif: Add some NULL checks
      adds  0c8d5df   dsdb: Fix Coverity ID 1034907 Dereference before null check
      adds  4e80a30   registry: Fix Coverity ID 1034916 Wrong sizeof argument
      adds  ba370ae   registry: Fix Coverity ID 1034917 Wrong sizeof argument
      adds  55b0a16   registry: Fix Coverity ID 1034918 Wrong sizeof argument
      adds  4ddb9cf   net: Fix CID 1035403 Unchecked return value
      adds  70dbb89   netapi: Fix CID 1127344 Uninitialized scalar variable
      adds  1cae867   libsmb: Fix CID 1127343 Dead default in switch
      adds  43ac7e8   iniparser: Fix CID 241908 Copy into fixed size buffer
      adds  c85deee   smbd: Fix CID 1035434 Same on both sides
      adds  6b7b007   libsmb: Fix CID 241313 Array compared against 0
      adds  d2731ad   ldb: Fix CID 241329 Array compared against 0
      adds  c6ca14a   heimdal: Fix 241482 Resource leak
      adds  df8dff7   samdb: Fix CID 241968 Uninitialized pointer read
      adds  ea83ac6   smbd: Fix CID 1035478 Negative array index read
      adds  3b8c3e5   smbd: Use fstring in conn_tdb.h
      adds  a60f513   smbd: Use fstring in conn_tdb.c
      adds  2a73a49   smbd: Fix CID 1035366 Buffer not null terminated
      adds  0e19812   smbd: Fix CID 1035365 Buffer not null terminated
      adds  1444280   backupkey: Fix CID 1034885 Resource leak
      adds  b7420e4   ntvfs: Fix CID 1034883 Resource leak
      adds  4d97b5d   gpo: Fix CID 1034881 Resource leak
      adds  490418d   gpo: Fix CID 1034880 Resource leak
      adds  32ee231   s4:torture/cldap: Fix a typo
      adds  ca8acb6   provision: Fix string replacement ordering
      adds  3721274   s4:cldap_server: Move netlogon parsing into utility function
      adds  7a5a625   s4:dsdb/rootdse: Pass rootdse context to rootdse_add_dynamic
      adds  0620c79   s4:dsdb/rootdse: Support netlogon request
      adds  7106dcf   s4:cldap_server: Do not handle netlogon ourself anymore
      adds  68ebb09   s4:dsdb: Move cldap netlogon functions into samdb/ldb_modules
      adds  e306250   libcli/cldap: Add utility to create netlogon filter
      adds  767bd6a   s4:torture/ldap: Add test for netlogon over tcp
      adds  0dd512e   s4:torture/netlogon: Test netlogon with additional attrs
      adds  25be92b   s3-libnetjoin: Fix Bug #10262: use upper-case realm when composing default upn.
      adds  2405e79   Revert "s3-vfs: Fix stream_depot vfs module on btrfs."
      adds  654b784   s3-vfs: Fix stream_depot vfs module on btrfs.
      adds  4cf8f10   s4-torture: Relax time checking in CHECK_NTTIME.
      adds  744abc8   s4-dsdb: Fix a use after free segfault.
      adds  7039c62   libsmb: Fix CID 242665 Out-of-bounds access
      adds  2e6862e   heimdal: Fix CID 241943 Uninitialized pointer read
      adds  2be1eea   tls: Fix some noblank line endings
      adds  91b04f7   tls: Fix CID 242014 Uninitialized scalar variable
      adds  55b3d87   heimdal: Fix CID 240779 Allocation size mismatch
      adds  f23fbbf   rpcclient: fix output of lsalookupsids for sids of type DOMAIN
      adds  fdf28f0   wbinfo: fix ouptput of --lookup-sids for sids of type DOMAIN
      adds  f724093   wbinfo: fix output of "--lookup-sids" to use the configured winbind separator
      adds  00c6749   wbinfo: fix output of wbinfo --sid-to-name for sids of type DOMAIN
      adds  29d8edf   s4:rpc-server: fix use after free in dcesrv_lsa_lookup_sid()
      adds  1c9c2e3   s4:rpc-server: fix lsa_lookupsids return value for the domain sid
      adds  6142bce   remove partial ctdb/ import
      adds  e80a5ab   script: add ctdb-import.* scripts
      adds  6613b7d   initial version (This used to be ctdb commit 5bba7deef9b03a68d336c138e83d6d4fac35bfce)
      adds  050bea4   right include file path (This used to be ctdb commit 5ebe14acdc972dc3ad37bdba6b3f113c36a814a7)
      adds  36223f0   added a README ignore some files
      adds  2b0530f   get rid of some .svn files (This used to be ctdb commit 43a7b5f1cf9d4aa46bf0f3b7857f0af5ada26b0b)
      adds  75bc761   added ctdb_set_address and broke out parsing (This used to be ctdb commit 88071e67c916be8c9cd406f1353480183e24919c)
      adds  2f96398   added incoming setup added ctdb_start
      adds  bbd6b83   stub for ctdb_call (This used to be ctdb commit d707ad000c4f37686a0698f2c3047bbbaa7e875b)
      adds  84ff6b1   added ignore (This used to be ctdb commit 3e119ebe7c545e31626f09fdc6dc075c09528411)
      adds  767dec9   added event context (This used to be ctdb commit 3c9d5aba205c97ef2698567e42ed49cadf8137f2)
      adds  9ef0cfa   added a test event loop (This used to be ctdb commit 0a07269cc5e44f47352ac39170ce4cb9b400055f)
      adds  b97e51b   don't talk to ourselves (This used to be ctdb commit 0e90e364cb0602c59030aaa8e51064589849efe8)
      adds  77f444b   example node list (This used to be ctdb commit 2552bde0d5b7b4d30f1c14da50098d2b1c77fef6)
      adds  238439d   Fix popt handling, this fixes segfault while asking for --help
      adds  561cb43   merge from ab (This used to be ctdb commit 7dc9686397d70fa52ec1e27deec4790552f2b0bc)
      adds  749a6b4   started splitting out transport code (This used to be ctdb commit 3b75ef65bd0bff9c6366aba5a26b90be509fa77b)
      adds  5af324a   this file is not needed yet (This used to be ctdb commit 7204fc26dedb0b610d3b92eb1e1d7492ee9c7eb0)
      adds  5b06e73   - split up tcp functions into more logical parts
      adds  5d0ba69   - setup a convenience name field for nodes
      adds  fdb317f   - added simple (fake) vnn system
      adds  fcae7fb   - added in idtree for efficient reqid handling
      adds  8077af9   Merge from tridge
      adds  bc26f2a   Ignore configure
      adds  b17a9b8   Ignore configure (This used to be ctdb commit 7d6e4c7dcf5bfce80195002d618784aca0c3b96e)
      adds  ad4443e   Fix ctdb_call() fetching data and ltdb backend flags (This used to be ctdb commit 5ecee128edcd56d7715567cc1d1403453826c664)
      adds  5f3ef90   rely on ctdb_test.c for the moment (This used to be ctdb commit ba7b425d01719d745fb95842dec9b19b3d310ca7)
      adds  c49d231   change test a bit -- work on whole array of ints and process it in the loop (locally) (This used to be ctdb commit d7406263e220b093254603c2dc4884a697631760)
      adds  7586ae4   regenerate configure after changing configure.ac (This used to be ctdb commit 5c15cfabba62a8150cf87f3f903ba42670841100)
      adds  c6e9ec5   merge parts of the changes from ab. Don't merge ctdb_test changes yet (This used to be ctdb commit 003a9233e4dbd82b47aad5e124c4bf6d8c1925e0)
      adds  375eeb8   added ctdb_connect_wait() (This used to be ctdb commit 0a033f04bbc17db1aaa3a4458149e1e6b055cb9a)
      adds  326f2c7   need the header changes too (This used to be ctdb commit 57dd0a1453e99604b3accc6dc2c183c547f37d1b)
      adds  559f169   - fixed the sort function to include the exsting data
      adds  7e21f51   - added a 1 node test
      adds  ec5d2dd   - added ctdb_set_flags() call
      adds  35a627c   queue up packets to nodes that aren't connected yet. This avoids a startup race condition in the test suite
      adds  6b97bdd   Merge from tridge (This used to be ctdb commit e087b4644fe2236bc2de3c8623900d56288bc9c6)
      adds  606a4d9   Provide an alternative CTDB_NO_MEMORY_NULL() for functions which return a pointer (This used to be ctdb commit 51c79e19df777fb53a5c210efc1c9d3159059de3)
      adds  6f139e6   merge from ab (This used to be ctdb commit 8b3f9c901ad4b1485eb4b514da8466a0b50ef726)
      adds  71dcef5   Added infiniband transport implementation(incomplete) and interface.
      adds  00480bf   Just testing the bzr e-mail plugin...
      adds  948dd45   Implementing basic data structure handling...
      adds  87fb097   merged from Peter (This used to be ctdb commit 0f7ff0eb31d6a82be40e21b811abb85981f4cfd5)
      adds  9c21a32   Using samba DLIST helper macro set.
      adds  45280f7   Testing e-mail notification...
      adds  cb26789   bzr email plugin test
      adds  49773cc   Added some event handling (incomplete)...
      adds  c704114   Implemented cm usage. TODO: implement verbs user logic.
      adds  96cdb37   Rough implementation of buffer handling. Many conceptual fix.
      adds  4e3beb6   Raw implementation done. Let's start compilation...
      adds  6df8352   Using struct <type> instead of typedefs.
      adds  ffefb5c   Made ibwrapper compilable. Adjusted makefile to include the project. libibverbs and librdmacm has to be installed with headers.
      adds  522ad11   Raw impl. of ibwrapper test tool. (basic functional test, compilable, untested) Adjusted makefile and ibwrapper state checking.
      adds  4777809   merge IB code from peter
      adds  d323249   Made infiniband support configurable. Adjusted "make distclean" NOT to remove the lib folder (again). Removed again config.h.in autogenerated file from bzr.
      adds  0e1b3f1   Added checks for ib libs and headers
      adds  43654fa   merge from peter (This used to be ctdb commit c690d4bbc4b6279d7fdce28b017566ea9bd65ef5)
      adds  3804b8b   added storage of extended ltdb header information (This used to be ctdb commit a18c9411081a4e5997bf030fa924abfc33fb3310)
      adds  abf3b91   next step towards dmaster/lmaster code (This used to be ctdb commit 95e7be8d1aaafafb574c406fe778093606a28be8)
      adds  f78c238   added error reply packets (This used to be ctdb commit 49ee165808985ce0fa174dd6e05292871d3f3130)
      adds  ceda832   added redirect handling (This used to be ctdb commit 3c1dc8b98c8e843c44a172ac15e67f4ab8c47500)
      adds  0ef7442   expanded some comments (This used to be ctdb commit cf544e986d5837cc878792af571bdb23cc487882)
      adds  26fd5c4   added logic for keeping track of the lacount (This used to be ctdb commit efda7735a950a129814e6a7de8bbf5432b867c68)
      adds  ab7185c   added request_dmaster and reply_dmaster logic
      adds  1f44ccb   added a 4 node test (This used to be ctdb commit 982468d0770684ec18cf95e3f254250debf4fd4c)
      adds  ee547a0   wrap the packet queue call
      adds  3c097c9   added handling of partial packet reads
      adds  a3f91dd   enforce the tcp memory alignment in packet queue
      adds  6dbaa5a   simple ctdb benchmark (This used to be ctdb commit eb80fd212472fe3b111dabe7adf6dd507fe3656a)
      adds  1d8c33e   Fix memory handling
      adds  fc2d20e   Fix cleaning targets to delete proper files
      adds  9a2ca05   merge from ab (This used to be ctdb commit 5074b6e84704e213f733cebc92c62ca135f03cd6)
      adds  9603595   Modified send logic to allow large messages. TODO: receiver side.
      adds  e667345   merge from Peter (This used to be ctdb commit 19bbfc7eeaccb795782647c743690cf5c131796d)
      adds  efd2903   Made receiver handle partial packets.
      adds  2e056a7   Added send queue. TODO: check again & reduce.
      adds  96f10d7   Added trace messages + several fixes
      adds  0d9ec11   merged from peter (This used to be ctdb commit e6fc75581e2038e98c730a6691a1cc61c5b83afe)
      adds  11fb3ef   Joining ctdb and ibwrapper (incomplete). It compiles.
      adds  0397c81   +1 ibw function +1 bugfix Added ibw_cancel_send_buf to allow not sending the message after an ibw_alloc_send_buf. Renamed "n" to "len" and changed its type.
      adds  00df320   bugfix in ibw_send Forgot to allow different message pointer than beginning of an allocated buf.
      adds  9c114a3   ibw: modified tridge's code - in my point of view ibw_alloc_send and node-centric params are the basics of these important changes. Also tried to avoid memcpy/memdup where it was possible.
      adds  7c3982e   1st "working" ib version. TODO: stress test, variable size messages, flood
      adds  16d2ca6   merge fixes from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit fb90a5424348d0b6ed9a1b8da4ceadcc4d1a1cb1)
      adds  e1797cf   added copies of libs so can be built standalone (This used to be ctdb commit 0bf6e6cb371bb946ea8cc1d8c7a23a41ea715832)
      adds  e90f9aa   merge db wrap code from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 2f3c299c76ce463cd866dfb1900ff45928f32ba6)
      adds  a8d382f   use ctdb_call_info, so struct ctdb_call can be used for top level call (This used to be ctdb commit 05565ce504b75671566661199f5203a9ace31583)
      adds  0dd4a16   simplified ctdb_call() interface, and made it easier to expand with more parameters later (This used to be ctdb commit 6c816fe85e84faad167101bcf26850966c3044e5)
      adds  c11b2f6   Merged tridge's branch. Reverted ib join (will do later).
      adds  4b8fe2a   Fixed a side effect of previous revert.
      adds  d47db1d   Adjusted ib test tool #1. Now fixed number of pingpong messages can be sent and then exit.
      adds  952a1ba   Adjusted debug level and test scenario.
      adds  116bdb2   Added overload test scenario + fixed 1 send queue bug. TODO: externize debug level
      adds  d331277   fix a bug in new structure handling (This used to be ctdb commit 5f248d82717c8094f260ea16292996bb712df947)
      adds  c16b530   merge status code changes from samba4 ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit 705a9f8e5238976aa5c8cd4a5371459650d8b553)
      adds  a9a03b6   merging tridge's code...
      adds  36d53e5   2 bugfixes - ibw_stop handling - ibw_send: < instead of <=
      adds  3222a41   Added variable msg size scenario. Detected 1 bug, fixing...
      adds  cae71b8   ib: fragment sent buf + many bugfixes It came to light I have to fragment the send buffer in case destination's to fit receiver's buffers. Additionally fixed many bugs. Still testing. + TODO: clean code.
      adds  979ef28   merged from samba4 ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit 677fd2a7758b743ea920d0b3adb85fbb3f1ff49e)
      adds  36a4968   merged tridge's code
      adds  1966bdb   ib: adjustment of a test scenario
      adds  26d6255   merged ctdb messaging code from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit af3010562763811deb9b7e37fea9962a42885d9d)
      adds  df4439d   ignore config.h* (This used to be ctdb commit f4e4bbc7ae8235654d7c58103e47fc5f30ddc272)
      adds  e372d2d   merged ib work from peter (This used to be ctdb commit cc3d44b531999dafd752be84e8a966ea6252d65a)
      adds  f71f62f   changed ctdb_bench.c to use messages instead of calls (This used to be ctdb commit d147a434f827f83cf90228a3ed37338db8e9df13)
      adds  16a3a6d   added a simple benchmark script (This used to be ctdb commit 508cca97083bf21bcce3505d0964dd33a8298624)
      adds  3e9e911   Merged tridge's code. (I had error 206 at direct bzr merge, so 1st I did a "bzr branch" and merged that one.)
      adds  8b6f1c3   Some minor changes before integrating ib...
      adds  1c8bcd6   ib: a trivial approach of integration TODO: bugfix (not yet complete, something happens differently than expected at tcpip when connection is refused in the beginning)
      adds  199a5be   1st working ib integrated ctdb TODO: bugfix of ctdb_bench (wants to sent via uninitialised connection - see bench_ring/dest)
      adds  3c6a641   merged peters IB work (This used to be ctdb commit a7062f777c6bcf5ea5aca1e6fd647f5c4806f7f0)
      adds  728b898   fixed incr initialisation (This used to be ctdb commit 36f386dcbca98c0bed96713e736170f6d537b83c)
      adds  c82dd38   merged tridge's fix
      adds  847343e   workaround proposal for the initialization-problem
      adds  ed6d9d0   support hostnames for node names (This used to be ctdb commit 5c45b51ec42cdbadce7870b47b765a79d8d41b8b)
      adds  8be5bdd   added a benchmark script that launches via ssh (This used to be ctdb commit 7eeeb9c1d8f82739015ce78d8c90291baf3b1982)
      adds  0ecc6cd   ignored some files (This used to be ctdb commit bb1a80492851c380fb239ce294fc1fae697006a0)
      adds  cc2696c   added rest of tdb (missed in earlier commit) (This used to be ctdb commit 4c1434cc4613fc94958de0aa882bf7ca41ec8458)
      adds  f49c93f9  added --num-msgs option added TCP_NODELAY on tcp sockets
      adds  6bcb712   merged tridge's code
      adds  1714c1e   ib: added external send queue to workaround downtime Workaround is because I couldn't find a correct way in ib to reconnect cleanly (with queue kept) when destination is unreachable. When connection is broken, all internal queue contents are being destroyed and reconnects automatically. An "external" send queue is kept until the connection is up again for a dest node.
      adds  a003ee9   ib: test scenario was wrong it sent message in both (or all) direction at the same time. Now it measures normal pingpong.
      adds  2b276d0   merged changes from peter (This used to be ctdb commit da81d849be32427b0e13fc8b45e01c5015a35b29)
      adds  8ccef4c   Split CTDB into sub contexts to handle multiple concurrent databases within the same context.
      adds  a58484f   merge multi-database support from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit f8fbc2d07d68c60a6b56389ba041f85195d2c25e)
      adds  b686f9d   merge back some changes from Samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit b946ff61c0e4b3269d3c7e01093d0a6d5215d6ee)
      adds  a756663   tridge (This used to be ctdb commit bea51470acb3fc4de0af7b34520990f295cbaac3)
      adds  4d189e2   first test of forced migration of records.  compiles but not tested. (This used to be ctdb commit ac6ac290e79446f52caf31f429b4c38668c27eda)
      adds  230c97b   merge fetch code from ronnie, and add a simple fetch test (This used to be ctdb commit 83b794befd8d34b3da544a483f9d39a3fa140655)
      adds  9c4ce7f   merge from ronnies branch (This used to be ctdb commit 713dc36e85c762fedcd8be3b4b25b7a4fb780f10)
      adds  a25554b   When we create a tcp connection to a remote ctdb node  do an explicit bind() to set our source side to the same ip address as we use to listen to ctdb traffic.
      adds  16e7d71   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 079b88102a4c9fc56d12a6c6f74366412731bced)
      adds  eb73358   added a magic header for wireshark and packet version info (This used to be ctdb commit 8366c212bde710dd46c8c1d9d4301f6c3738e300)
      adds  7074b3c   put test code in tests/ directory (This used to be ctdb commit 6dbb36f27dd0f8ac00c7a010108d4fba15753479)
      adds  01c4a08   fixed a bunch of memory leaks (This used to be ctdb commit 2ba2522f2def3032c89c7973915610a245842b07)
      adds  3e198a5   remove talloc debug code (This used to be ctdb commit d883c1bbd4d3691a0787d37c226051f4fce4d45d)
      adds  76c666f   another memory leak (This used to be ctdb commit 10466fe11da71c93fa764bea2b3e1e741c113f9c)
      adds  9f7ae0f   fix configure for new test location (This used to be ctdb commit e516ea4714ae0b84ae6073201fbe297dd49b8c51)
      adds  9958ded   fix a possible free after use (This used to be ctdb commit 55bc7ee10b9e9df32792b6b5779f094eb513069e)
      adds  b3ca482   merge from tridge (This used to be ctdb commit d7764dec0e9d17290ae310898c147bebe48a0f5c)
      adds  b384019   dispatcher daemon   first try.
      adds  190b97f   make normal/deamon mode controllable by a ctdb flag so that the api looks the same in both modes to a client.
      adds  c7e54e1   change ctdb_client_read() to use the ctdb_read_pdu() helper
      adds  31ffe0a   add a atexit() call to remove the domain socket when the daemon exits
      adds  b84ade5   add a CONNECT_WAIT flag to replace the call ctdb_connect_wait() since we can no longer use this function from the application if we are in daemon mode.
      adds  1f3f0ae   restore the test script that was updated by mistake in the previous checkin
      adds  91c39b4   move the checking of the CONNECT_WAIT flag into the start method for tcp
      adds  e5fc2d4   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit fb06332c246e9f8b98a6391b4eda183e2f03333f)
      adds  4f0ea10   added daemon mode to ctdb_bench (This used to be ctdb commit b1e71018866752d32f59170fd5c8ba01b05694d9)
      adds  f2e2d1c   change the tcp code to call ctdb_read_pdu() instead of doing the partial read thing explicitely
      adds  82b712d   merge tcp changes from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 18d6e58b92f59f18cd7772cdbc1b8812a8609ab4)
      adds  f1e0174   made all sockets handle partial IO abstract IO via ctdb_queue_*() functions
      adds  9ba0f9d   remove old ifdef that remained from when this was a header file
      adds  82e4ccb   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 886a3e9122168ececc257aa1bef2f5de2f2d8d7e)
      adds  5861917   make some functions static, and remove an unused structure (This used to be ctdb commit 8d09cac96b2c604a68e4903346cc9db3a66d80da)
      adds  ff0c408   updates from tridges tree
      adds  5cf568c   add a call to register the pid for a messengin service
      adds  2a0d8c9   rename client.id to client.messenger_id to make the purpose of the field more obvious
      adds  9029672   fix the queueing for partially connected tcp sockets (This used to be ctdb commit 55f1c2442a53a547302669a4fdd0f1c1deeed930)
      adds  110fe0c    - add --daemon flag to ctdb_fetch test code  - split client specific routines out of ctdb_daemon.c  - use ctdb_queue code in message send from client to daemon  - use clearer names in client/daemon functions  - use talloc autofree context to avoid global for unlink of socket on    exit  - start on API change for message handler, to allow ctdb messaging to    handle daemon mode with multiple clients
      adds  2daf1d3   forgot to add ctdb_client.c (This used to be ctdb commit 136f912562ef00ede5589a7aa080503538d14bc3)
      adds  7821b98   merge from tridge
      adds  a99a047   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit dd6cec4ed8cda0112120af3967dd06b9e7b9341b)
      adds  ad1f17a   partially completed work towards full messaging system which will work in both daemon and standalone mode. Does not compile\! committing so ronnie can continue while I'm out (This used to be ctdb commit 1b5e65a700e2bd0a5c913d7866024b25600a14c9)
      adds  185cd32   add a test that sends messages between clients connected to the same ctdb
      adds  c658d5c   merge from ronnie, plus complete the client side of inter-node messaging (This used to be ctdb commit e605417436855d22343462acae4cbb79a374977e)
      adds  d5584e5   fixed sending messages to ourselves in non-daemon mode (This used to be ctdb commit 325afd2de2f5a96fb4f8ec624e04f253c712c97d)
      adds  8386b0e   add proper support for ctdb_connect_wait in daemon mode (This used to be ctdb commit 8d110df5939b3e6a6341909956453887f4eb6b0d)
      adds  06e4f9b   use the new connect_wait code in the ctdb_messaging test (This used to be ctdb commit 36980878141c5e506dd7ee021fba6ca7d0ff5ad3)
      adds  a91412c   added --num-clients option to ctdb_messaging test (This used to be ctdb commit 2f4e7e34071c8950f6c4d64469c5eb15d0888113)
      adds  a7a1de7   merge from tridge
      adds  4b6fbe7   create a standalone ctdb daemon and a script ./direct/ctdbd.sh to start two such daemons in a 2 node cluster.
      adds  153bf81   add a vnn field to the ctdb_reply_connect_wait pdu so that we can tell non-ctdb-linked clients what the vnn of the local cluster daemon is
      adds  fbb1d9e   add call/reply parsing of the cluster connect-wait call to the test daemon.
      adds  6e2463e   add an example on how to send a message to the daemon (send a message to ourself)
      adds  473ca4e   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 6cd4b1ec40b51f491d25173a7dde0864f525e7ef)
      adds  f2d13d0   Fix uninitialized variable warnings
      adds  6f2b236   Handle a client that exited correctly: We need to ignore SIGPIPE and when the read returns 0 bytes this means the client has exited. Close the connection then.
      adds  2597931   merge (This used to be ctdb commit 89c24a2ee211126d24e770abb8f91c5575126246)
      adds  d0be3ab   merge from volker (This used to be ctdb commit 68bc5b4d0d2049ebcee19338f744efd5b129725a)
      adds  2aa26b0   use lib/replace for signal.h (This used to be ctdb commit 4c660b9706ef09527b8e1a2837d844d30672c541)
      adds  230c1a7   use event_loop_wait instead of while(1) (This used to be ctdb commit e49a6436483bffcf867fbb746ef43a5356055857)
      adds  e4544f6   merge from ridge and vl
      adds  5370e67   add a test message to the messaging test so we can see that the message data is also passed from originator to receiver
      adds  e18ed8c   do an infinite loop calling event_loop_once() in the ctdbd parent process instead of event_loop_wait()  since the latter will return and thus take down the daemon
      adds  51c660d   add an example on how to read a message from the domain socket
      adds  7993120   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit b4c9dd2f2c014039afca3a225375a4aefee14113)
      adds  6961f32   Add a test to read back the message
      adds  a5d1b2c   Merge tridge's tree
      adds  d8dd8fb   Rename "private" to "private_data" (This used to be ctdb commit 78cf4443ac0c66fb750ef6919bcdec189ac219c9)
      adds  6402915   merge from vl (This used to be ctdb commit 8b5233fbe773893d1bc6b377f8956fe0b3e503ab)
      adds  8bd2faf   merge from volker
      adds  35ffefb   initial support for two new pdus for the domain socket to do fetch_lock
      adds  1116851   dont hardcode gdb in the test script.     ooops
      adds  4090b35   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 0e351d1655e380fbb35e45d15f4ba3ccc15097e4)
      adds  109ff6e   merge from tridges tree
      adds  3aeac33   when sending back a fetch lock reply to a client we cant peek in state->c since this is uninitialized and even if it were not it would be wrong
      adds  91b7cc8   add a beginning of a new test
      adds  ba16217   add the two missing file from the previous commit
      adds  fadb253   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 8a6d3a2766d878f15892bf070536fd121424c9f7)
      adds  d4dfaaf   merge from tridge
      adds  03c49c0   add store_unlock pdu's for the domain socket.
      adds  673b879   add more elaborate test to fetch1 test
      adds  332f5ad   add missing code to store_unlock so that the data that a client writes is stored in ltdb
      adds  de05856   merge store_unlock code from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit eb6f05528c14de5145323d0ff93baf6fb89518de)
      adds  65cdf22   private -> private_data for samba3 (This used to be ctdb commit 080b6901173afb2ad618dd0621876ff478c7d6e5)
      adds  9f7d983   merge from tridge
      adds  303c464   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 867468a7aadc11d0cb4d9f0eab55d3f34f11d6d3)
      adds  986d99a   merge from tridge
      adds  fc86696   update to fetch1.sh test
      adds  01c1298   add examples for volker on how to do fetchlock/storeunlock
      adds  1859507   add code to fetch1 test to tell the two child processes one at a time to fetch_lock the same record
      adds  806d55e   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit af32b215f67d3bedb1bed542960f3f3813b3f60c)
      adds  5f59287   added --dblist option to ctdbd, to allow list of databases to be specified on the command line (This used to be ctdb commit a19df59e9c2ea24d92a483f8a44514f492d49601)
      adds  34bf25e   - fix includes to work in both samba4 and ctdb standalone - when we do a store_unlock the lock record becomes unlocked, so we   must destroy it (or we leak memory)
      adds  f62bb4e   merge CTDB_SRVID_ALL patch from Samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 43cd05ab58e940a1ef0352aabe0b63075264a7a0)
      adds  36cfd2c   pull out common command line code for tests into tests/cmdline.c (This used to be ctdb commit de3db72c1fd0e56ac2b8d8fe962c725dc64f2051)
      adds  9cc9448   merged from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 541814e6ee3dd7f8f1b3fb615213ff5979b6e22f)
      adds  07ade5e   this is a demonstration of an idea for handling locks in ctdb.
      adds  b3ed006   fixed a fd bug (thanks volker) (This used to be ctdb commit 512a96de1b31e856785749ffc0bed60b1c589f9e)
      adds  8d2501e   merge local copy of tdb from samba4 tdb (This used to be ctdb commit d4619ce98ce44acaebeb6ae9c516a7917bf4e27f)
      adds  7aa68f9   added a tdb_chainlock_nonblock() call to tdb (This used to be ctdb commit 6587bdca71d97709c9271a73aea0be5a2a35f399)
      adds  a32fa34   merged tridge's branch
      adds  7b1d652   merge from tridge
      adds  ee170aa   merge from tridge
      adds  995e017   merge from tridge
      adds  8147d03   added a ctdb_ltdb_lock_fetch_requeue() function this will be the core of the non-blocking lock idea for ctdb, it will be used in place of ctdb_ltdb_fetch(), but will also get a lock. It re-starts a request if it needs to block (This used to be ctdb commit afa479026cf6293e6a878c8a329cdac035284672)
      adds  fca4176   wait on the right fd .... (This used to be ctdb commit 27b67ee6576b17f8b3aae024ae3bd0bb1c42f0f2)
      adds  4c787fd   darn, forgot this (This used to be ctdb commit 0feb5da60c0331f6c391622910ca1f436263ce46)
      adds  7db4320   fixed crash bug - thanks volker (This used to be ctdb commit e293f6fadf673d8bc7203198d709bcb28c26b482)
      adds  a024989   add an explanation of how to use ctdb_lockwait() (This used to be ctdb commit e0c9844ea6270ff506b0b5906aa6ccfcc3bcce7a)
      adds  71bf837   add an explanation of ctdb_ltdb_lock_fetch_requeue() (This used to be ctdb commit 7c749315130a2bc87dcc07460d10dcb089ae4202)
      adds  c6fe6d5   merge from tridge
      adds  ee97126   change some error printouts to make it easier to determine whether the error occured in the client or in the daemon
      adds  481e029   initial change to remove store_unlock pdu and use tdb chainlock in the client
      adds  3fc2797   better error handling in ctdb_ltdb_lock_fetch_requeue() (This used to be ctdb commit 1952be19f625dbe257050acebf468e7e6eb0da8c)
      adds  3c2ebff   partial merge from volker (some overlaps removed)
      adds  80ec427   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit fcf3669c27691ddb383d1c585234622efa498d90)
      adds  45660a3   remaning code to finish lock_fetch/store_unlock clientside helpers
      adds  0304eaa   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit d854392b04c46bcdd008cced5d16a03d81f97bd0)
      adds  e5fff3d   do not use a ctdb_record_handle for client fetch_lock/store_unlock any more
      adds  11b5345   finalize fetch lock changes to get rid of the record handle
      adds  bccf3c7   create symbols for fetch lock response status
      adds  29ed9cf   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit e4ab90e741bfb6b0bb88abb818fe036475cdd0f6)
      adds  6f9b29d   - removed the non-daemon mode from ctdb, in order to simplify the   code. It may be added back later once everything is working nicely,   or simulated using a in-process pipe instead of a unix domain socket
      adds  3a3bac8   tidyups in test code (This used to be ctdb commit 43061a4cf9b0995ebe6c86e27f7fc3aacb7bb23e)
      adds  67a9f54   merge from tridge
      adds  5299b7e   now that both daemon and client access the database, it needs to be a real disk file (This used to be ctdb commit 5159f3a61f41bbaf563edd8d901a6bf5bfee4e4e)
      adds  b87de39   block SIGPIPE in the daemon to prevent a SIGPIPE on write to a dead socket (This used to be ctdb commit 02c09dc07c9bed57ca3692b14e41ac8cca0a29f4)
      adds  ae6722e   make sure we unlock (This used to be ctdb commit c09054f878a88129abb6cce24c7bbf53f61a2648)
      adds  6a2579c   merge from tridge
      adds  296b0c2   - send the record header from the client to the daemon when doing a   fetch, to avoid the daemon re-reading it
      adds  040e69c   we should not lock in a normal ctdb_call(), as we want them to run concurrently (This used to be ctdb commit f4c8c4b3d4c6fb8f1b8e770d1788816af74a7e1f)
      adds  1a1aedf   when we get a lmaster request, skip updating the header when we are also the new dmaster (This used to be ctdb commit 6c48dcc5df7b855fc8e0774c9572c7b2af618348)
      adds  506fa48   merge from tridge
      adds  eba2a4b   start using ctdb_ltdb_lock_fetch_requeue() (This used to be ctdb commit f89ab3a06b4677f56c92768c3a8ae5ec9f5abbc2)
      adds  5d8bf8e   stop the client looping (temporary measure) (This used to be ctdb commit 8e6a25f4c4a63145c0dee33453a0693dd395ee68)
      adds  6fce6e4   update destination in a redirect reply (This used to be ctdb commit b2836974ad270e823c630e3acf12327b53c37d88)
      adds  1289589   merge from tridge
      adds  748cc9e   ZERO_STRUCT writes one byte too many here. (This used to be ctdb commit 3c5c433e5b92f8fe2193a6e5720e31e3eb6bc76b)
      adds  efd5c4b   merge from volker to prevent some valgrind errors
      adds  68cf923   merge from volker and ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit ccc3bef713598f7df6d2e5d83618038d5f25fd68)
      adds  fb84d56   make sure we notify ctdb when a node dies (This used to be ctdb commit 598feb4fb9badcf329837965ad39e0f0dfe28498)
      adds  0d91f80   fixed a missing idr remove, and check the types after idr_find() (This used to be ctdb commit 74028de89d18bfedcea17415d6d6dc2f7c69b076)
      adds  7758511   use the common cmdline code in ctdbd add a basic debug system with -dXX
      adds  1e2d91c   moved cmdline.c to common code (This used to be ctdb commit 32b31a6b91a19fc0c5225cb88c35cc1d14b4a6df)
      adds  8a7b573   more DEBUG() calls (This used to be ctdb commit 79f3d63eec5652d87f13875c76e90ead81a26ad9)
      adds  98bb60e   add debug tracing to fetch_lock (This used to be ctdb commit b58d2ae0e4ef3393a93724526f2aebc7529de14f)
      adds  3057f68   Add timestamps to debug output. (This used to be ctdb commit 197a02384bd2ca42dfff4c0357175424d2321e9c)
      adds  6c597d3   typo (This used to be ctdb commit bf2799504498ae452bb7244ae3eb6a51797afe9b)
      adds  84d276a   Some more debug and two memleak fixes
      adds  ed32ad0   Be less verbose
      adds  27837c1   Clean up the call_states correctly
      adds  8f059f4   - merge volkers debug changes
      adds  aac2064   bit less verbose when client exits (This used to be ctdb commit a6477577beba71bd9185b968de43b763378f234b)
      adds  7a02b09   started adding a cleaner daemon finish method (This used to be ctdb commit 5ef0cd83d7f24616dad85cece485b770376ecd45)
      adds  818abe7   merge from tridge
      adds  1739dbd   enhance fetch1 test to verify that a lock is released when a client terminates while holding the lock  and the next blocked waiting client is assigned the lock
      adds  f577930   merge fetch1 changes from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 906419acf121ea93661f91bde65cdcd890f70e63)
      adds  c6f2050   merge from tridge
      adds  e390c92   initial shutdown function where a client can request an orderly shutdown of a ctdb cluster
      adds  adb4bec   add/finish the ctdb_shutdown() function. this function can be used in test applications to perform an orderly shutdown of the ctdb cluster once the test has completed. the ctdb nodes will remain operational until all of them have received a shutdown from their client(s)  after which the ctdb daemons will all terminate.
      adds  a4bbc88   - merge from ronnie, and use wait instead of sleep in test scripts (This used to be ctdb commit 6e6812641e3ce7afae7bd46ed317a885839fdd4f)
      adds  7060030   make sure we don't double free in the async lock handler (This used to be ctdb commit 67d3e64f82fd71ff1e32bf377d0cf1f636b9602f)
      adds  0029883   use shutdown in more tests (This used to be ctdb commit 150153947b959f90991fdae8d7c85ef8d551dff5)
      adds  ddf430b   simpler shutdown process. The reply is not actually needed, and occasionally leads to problems if an immediate send on the socket causes a context switch and the client exiting before the daemon. We now exit the client when the daemon goes away.
      adds  908f508   validate dmaster on a client fetch request (This used to be ctdb commit b49069aac0c14e5a02be843247930c197d620a81)
      adds  366714a   merge from tridge
      adds  4fbf2b9   merge from tridge
      adds  8dc428d   we dont need the structure ctdb_reply_shutdown since we dont implement that pdu any more
      adds  ef50539   merged cleanup from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 26037a7b3557faa1c10944f654b1465877c6b840)
      adds  31e2331   this fixes a timeout error spotted by volker It ensures that when the client context goes away (such as when the client exits) that any timed events and partially completed requests from that client also go away (This used to be ctdb commit 45a45a0a44d4da9b45719aac72b0ae4bd4c74462)
      adds  9135024   Add --dbdir to ctdbd. Necessary for shared operation between ctdbd and smbd. (This used to be ctdb commit bce40105e2ccbca5e364793bbf1a6357e6dd69b2)
      adds  36816ee   merged the db_dir changes from volker. Changed them slightly, to make the --dbdir option available to all ctdb tools, not just the daemon
      adds  a3ab61b   - use separate directories for the tdb files by default - use TDB_CLEAR_IF_FIRST to ensure we don't use an old tdb (This used to be ctdb commit ac47d7b4eb79597da1358da21f10e634cdc9dd2e)
      adds  fde5a66   avoid a deadlock the fetch_lock code. The deadlock could happen when a client held the chainlock, and the daemon received a dmaster reply at the same time. The daemon would not be able to process the dmaster reply, due to the lock, but the fetch lock cannot make progres until the dmaster reply is processed.
      adds  b79e29c   - make he packet allocation routines take a mem_ctx, which allows   us to put memory directly in the right context, avoiding quite a few   talloc_steal calls, and simplifying the code
      adds  d0af75d   - fully separate the client version of ctdb_call from the daemon   version. The client version is different enough that this is   worthwhile
      adds  e830dfd   much simpler fetch code! fetch is now confined to the client code, no spcial code at all in the daemon.
      adds  634aa50   don't need these structures any more (This used to be ctdb commit 506117dc24ec647c629c92a3996455cd8d9c8ec6)
      adds  450ab4a   merge from tridge
      adds  1812d78   merge from tridge
      adds  697126e   ctdbd does no longer take a --daemon parameter since we no longer do non-daemon mode remove the parameter from the ctdbd script
      adds  2013ae1   merge from tridge
      adds  9f0c8b5   merge from tridge
      adds  63e513a   add some tests in the daemon that a REQ_CALL that a client sent us has valid srcnode and destnode
      adds  5a6b800   remove a comment that is no longer valid
      adds  eeb3f01   merge from ronnie remove unused bench_incr function in ctdb_bench.c
      adds  db12f33    the checks for srcnode and destnode from the client are redundant since the daemon will sort these out itself before it sends the call of to either the local handler or a remote daemon
      adds  49458c5   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 257af5c31a311217315e07d6a194c3f96c8dfa80)
      adds  273a394   - added a --torture option to all ctdb tools. This sets   CTDB_FLAG_TORTURE, which forces some race conditions to be much more   likely. For example a 20% chance of not getting the lock on the   first try in the daemon
      adds  e5c5a91   - split out ctdb_ltdb_lock_fetch_requeue() into a simpler   ctdb_ltdb_lock_requeue() and a small wrapper
      adds  eabe0bd   fixed a bug found by volker - initialse the record on disk when initialised in memory (This used to be ctdb commit f7903b00cdc91ae7d7e38b1a38d2b7b663e3a728)
      adds  c950e52   Merged tridge's ctdb branch.
      adds  e5f2e5e   - ctdb/ib minor bugfixes (error case) - make ctdb capable of alternative connection (like ib) again, solved the fork problem - do_debug memory overwrite bugfix (occured using ibwrapper_test with wrong address given)
      adds  933cb2e   Simplified code in ctdb_init_transport.
      adds  01b7eac   minor debug changes (This used to be ctdb commit 1950d96458238782c3bfd8e41a053c4be8330ef9)
      adds  5edb0a8   The remote node needs to get the IMMEDIATE_MIGRATION flag to actually send the record
      adds  bba02ce   merged fix from volker (thanks!) (This used to be ctdb commit 5f51864f837de5fd262d6a41722605789494cb66)
      adds  ddce8a5   merged tridge's branch
      adds  981a5f9   removing my dirt from tridge's code (this change wasn't necessary)
      adds  eb20281   use talloc_vasprintf
      adds  d244415   fixed ctdb/ib bug at reject event reverted my suggestion in debug.c (based on my false error detection)
      adds  206556a   made ofed-1.0 (and 1.1) compatible + fixed warnings
      adds  00c706c   - fixed a problem with packets to ourselves. The packets were being   processed immediately, but the input routines indirectly assumed   they were being called as a new event (for example, a calling   routine might queue the packet, then afterwards modify the ltdb   record). The solution was to make self packets queue via a zero   timeout.
      adds  2e5aae0   added ctdb_status tool (This used to be ctdb commit 908d6c6a936e21f70f05827ce302e966cca0132a)
      adds  e9d43f5   - expanded status to include count of each call type - added lockwait latency
      adds  5afe9b7   merge tdb updates from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit c9959e5741a17fd52070b744714eb00bf92a93eb)
      adds  3fb0fa9   merge fixes from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 23d892c2696c5c1dd9f12f1ccd1acfa264be4fb6)
      adds  520f797   - prevent sending dmaster requests to ourselves
      adds  531f823   merge from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit a64c6ace26559b2793f2a804430fb0fc53f03a34)
      adds  9398d48   update the vnn as well when getting the connection information (This used to be ctdb commit 25f36f7edaa56a16692949d6750b65d74bf4218f)
      adds  2a08818   added a useful tool for dumping a ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit 671ed94011e21396571a3f4a5191b9a83911c952)
      adds  107d91e   - when handling a record migration in the lmaster, bypass the usual   dmaster request stage, and instead directly send a dmaster   reply. This avoids a race condition where a new call comes in for   the same record while processing the dmaster request
      adds  f9bfd8a   debug changes (This used to be ctdb commit 3ddc1e4f1d3660d33cc2a07e53b66772116e9640)
      adds  1349f0b   mark authoritative records (This used to be ctdb commit f2076338221c5cb28f9045ce5345cc6a9b429f1a)
      adds  9e8002d   fixed the reverse of the last bug - handle the case when the new dmaster is the lmaster (This used to be ctdb commit b2599834d2ace7369a1b36f85fdf6eb62f047e30)
      adds  f651581   added max_redirect_count status field (This used to be ctdb commit ecea04741fe552aa409ab165d7c69ead9649986c)
      adds  3d14b79   popt not needed in lockwait code (This used to be ctdb commit 796fdbe8efc3d74515218ddcb25abdbec2e9c2b7)
      adds  0ba189d   fit some more windows across a screen (This used to be ctdb commit f787f9c966bab82065b979b0a6fcc5c056c7cee4)
      adds  3964d36   add version printout (This used to be ctdb commit 54aaf64cf0681329cdcdc4b7f76e1335952bb683)
      adds  4ffc63a   merge from tridge
      adds  540e862   merge from tridges tree
      adds  348e953   merge from tridge
      adds  f70c7df   merge from tridge
      adds  c7c5f2e   merge from tridge
      adds  1bb55c1   merge from tridge
      adds  42971d6   add a comment that sometimes sending remote calls straight to the lmaster instead of what the nodes think is the dmaster (which might be stale) improve performance.
      adds  bd62c78   split the 32bit idr field into two. store the idr as the high 16 bits and use a rotating counter for the low 16 bits.
      adds  dabf610   add pdu's that the client can use to query the ctdb daemon of the path to the database it created (so the client can open and access the same file)
      adds  c1a4b3c   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 37ef65737571a4290a150c28cf2b0a6b221253fd)
      adds  d955485   added a ctdb control message, and tool (This used to be ctdb commit 0d7a71f35bb8ce95231f8ca1e8e3e4024fe657e5)
      adds  8ae14b4   moved status to ctdb_control (This used to be ctdb commit 9a543968ba0379fbf8e977e184f22f4349d6243f)
      adds  9d521cf   merged tridge's branch
      adds  c23d169   merge from peter (This used to be ctdb commit ddf390da2bceb5b3f431433aec424d99d98c05f4)
      adds  1b36d7b   fixed typo (This used to be ctdb commit 9755f9c62fd14abc65189fc06629f37546f53082)
      adds  e51142c   validate the vnn (This used to be ctdb commit 025e58ba2b870ebb861b015d5c79dac7f5402bfb)
      adds  124e38d   ignore generated nodes.txt (This used to be ctdb commit b921dc2c7932e0c1ece6ac3f57e117d0500f8214)
      adds  9467029   merged tridge's branch
      adds  4a106ad   ctdb/ib: reduce debug output; allow not only ip
      adds  0ce857f   ctdb/ib: swapped ibwrapper_tets options (-d, -a, -g)
      adds  67ae2ba   fixed prev. ibwrapper_test options
      adds  4a01ec9   merge from peter (This used to be ctdb commit e340d8d2af90d9a2819b0029f048cf4727617e7a)
      adds  fc43701   removed some bogus debug lines (This used to be ctdb commit 25aa579058ecd2a33b13b4c1d6c7c75427bbdafa)
      adds  afa0876   added a ctdb_get_config call added a ctdb ping control
      adds  f0a582e   got rid of the getdbpath call (This used to be ctdb commit 736ce5c00a1d1b47abb44c4b262b14bfba5202b1)
      adds  7d3ab0f   null terminate a string (This used to be ctdb commit a7408802c7bff235bd917d06f98e00e309d2d5ca)
      adds  ec3856e   add a mapping table from a hash value to a lmaster vnn number
      adds  1546dba   merge vnn_map code from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 01eed862bb007bdb7da61f0521a9a64e0c85e3a2)
      adds  c85cace   merge from tridge
      adds  d9edf88   add a control to read the vnnmap configuration from a node
      adds  d4c54a9   add a new control : SETVNNMAP  to set the generation id and also the vnn map on a ctdbd daemon
      adds  5b8bb39   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit c2ad6820f4526c230178e7d1b66b82103bfed904)
      adds  837c3cc   nicer testing of control data size (This used to be ctdb commit 67d51cd74c8bbd20cae1da9f04f32ff887fc4f8c)
      adds  22546ad   debug level controls (This used to be ctdb commit 85f883c081dd1ab069420d2e7f4f2e9d708b3cde)
      adds  f616f2d   add a special VNN that means "all" nodes so that a message can be broadcasted to all daemons in the cluster
      adds  3dc6331   merged broadcast messages from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit bc20a7de280dbaa5e8ceb5493c51c059aa80d41c)
      adds  eee3912   some debug code (This used to be ctdb commit 957801ad6285c21fd11469a60dbdcc170e7009cb)
      adds  7d1b82f   merge from tridge
      adds  5b4ebe1   make srvid 64 bits  instead of 32 bits
      adds  e629252   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit d21de127cceea7174b2e05701c8846c0b0c881c0)
      adds  d2f600b   always use allocated packets to avoid alignment errors (This used to be ctdb commit 47b53d344941a3203c87788439e7df59477681be)
      adds  4c6d6d4   added install target (This used to be ctdb commit f24f043a18082d21ba240a73de9daab50cd442a5)
      adds  916c55e   add a generation field to the pdu header. this will allow a node to verify that a received pdu is sent from a node in the same generation instance of a cluster.
      adds  8d670cb   clients should not fill in "generation" nor be aware of what generation the cluster is currently in.
      adds  21331d3   ctdb will now verify that the generation id for all CTDB_REQ_CALLs that it receives from remote nodes with its own generation number.
      adds  a8de91b   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 9253714401de1d7fea6ad44c35f324004683abd7)
      adds  353a82f   factor out the packet allocation code (This used to be ctdb commit 4cbaf22cc4bede8c95dd9b87e21bbe886307e23b)
      adds  c43e71b   merge from tridge
      adds  fd9b559   you cant dereference ctdb->vnnmap in the client since it is null in hte client
      adds  643bfe8   add a control to pull the database list from a remote node
      adds  acb4bc0   add a few more controls that are useful for debugging a cluster
      adds  4381fb0   print vnn as decimal instead of hex
      adds  76381c4   added make test and make valgrindtest targets (This used to be ctdb commit b69fb43643993ee5aaabf8711bb874f95d468f35)
      adds  ee228e8   fixed some warnings (This used to be ctdb commit b5434a40cf2db008eb1e681fcd2ceeff331324fa)
      adds  6c56be8   allow ctdbd_allocate_pkt to be used in client code (This used to be ctdb commit 2c37cc7bb97dee5bb2e929958e6c834b27c9ae6a)
      adds  d81b306   merge with tridge
      adds  097037a   add a control to read an entire tdb from a node including key/lmaster/header and data
      adds  c0b0b4a   add a new control to set all records in a database to a new dmaster
      adds  376a3ea   control to delete all records in a database
      adds  1af7012   implement a control to pull a database from a remote node
      adds  77ce575   add a new "recovery mode" field to ctdb. while recovery is in progress  the daemon will discard all CTDB_REQ_CALL and rely on clients retransmitting them
      adds  2e77ee8   merged from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 521484a462dcddeebe02bb9c725e18939919b6fe)
      adds  e6d5848   report number of clients in ping (This used to be ctdb commit 9deaa1892faa8288cad9f6fde20d2aa8ba8af699)
      adds  d6977a7   use rsync to avoid text busy on install (This used to be ctdb commit d19be7ea56003faffcb3fb8a76fd804df0431242)
      adds  4b6d009   added status all and debug all control operations (This used to be ctdb commit 7f902f6c4270adc0543096c78415d335b88d6232)
      adds  c885b15   use ctdb_get_connected_nodes for node listing (This used to be ctdb commit b4efdd1944207e51dccd6cd5e50f451a7dddcd91)
      adds  1e538be   better name for this hack (This used to be ctdb commit e5a98eee991a7926ddb6964ea3785b11303d175e)
      adds  6e09bfd   much simpler redirect logic (This used to be ctdb commit 95db9afa7dd039e1700e2f3078782f6ac66e9f51)
      adds  1627a5d   removed unnecessary variable (This used to be ctdb commit ef0027faa631b00c7fc1a7c4538fbf3080248f0b)
      adds  10910f5   added reset status control (This used to be ctdb commit ec342b667a085a5c740fbeec8882070571071862)
      adds  f67a79a   merge from tridge
      adds  eacfcaf   add push/pull of tdb  and a control to copy a tdb from one node to another node
      adds  51630f9   add an initial recovery control to perform samba3 style recovery
      adds  88e3ca3   fix a bug in pushdb control.
      adds  92f5daf   specify which node to perform recovery to when using the recovery control
      adds  e21f691   yay! finally fixed the bug that volker, ronnie and I have been chasing for 2 days.
      adds  f455d3f   saner logfile code testing of ctdbd
      adds  4832d8f   don't use stderr here - rely on logging (This used to be ctdb commit a2a3b254b22dbaafc8c4934d99cc67d6ae4adbd1)
      adds  9366120   changed the way set_call and attach are done so that you can safely attach to databases after the protocol has started. The daemon broadcasts information on new databases to the other daemons.
      adds  bbf358c   added attach command in ctdb_control (This used to be ctdb commit 172ee33306be2ef5ce17a5b9d7fbcc1f265a1b0b)
      adds  5b8c4bb   auto-determine listen address by attempting to bind to each address in the cluster in turn (This used to be ctdb commit 2fab9f96df2e5b5c51c860fd65caf0e926a63e34)
      adds  2dc24c7   added a hopcount in ctdb_call (This used to be ctdb commit 36d838801a2a2008c50322cdbfff65a308b1cd1a)
      adds  3a05ad1   fixed a lib/events bug found by volker (This used to be ctdb commit 46cd984500cd77d295f059132b4892dbfbc2bcd3)
      adds  169f129   merge latest versions of lib/replace, lib/talloc, lib/tdb and lib/events into ctdb bzr tree (This used to be ctdb commit eaea8a9fa8d2f5e08f3af619fa1008a663f39053)
      adds  e93b52a   new files for updated events system (This used to be ctdb commit 15d8308e5a0ce04351d70ac3dd25c7698931ebba)
      adds  3a891c6   merge with tridges tree to resolve all conflicts
      adds  599fa31   update some calls to ctdb_control() that were still using the old signature (flags field)
      adds  9d20a09   change the getnodemap control to a more consistent output for whether a node is connected or not
      adds  1f84807   remove test code in the fetch test to keep the daemons running forever (so one has lots of tiume to play with ctdb_control)
      adds  d20990c   add a control to create a database
      adds  c06c1e1   remove sleep from the fetch test
      adds  a1cac30   discard REQ/REPLY DMASTER when generation id is wrong or when in recovery mode
      adds  206fb1f   add a recover test   change alignment for the pull/push db structures
      adds  97504b6   recover.sh test script that build a few database and populates them with a record  then performs a recovery which merges all records onto node 0
      adds  fe24692   do a real recovery by killing a node and then calling the recover control
      adds  0415881   merged from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 77255f93d432829387dc328b0ae726cc9cba8d68)
      adds  353762f   nicer string handling in usage (This used to be ctdb commit 8c568ada9b46132ebfa452def4f8ba3f11240532)
      adds  2767ebb   nicer command parsing in ctdb_control (This used to be ctdb commit 440077ffabb4ce831004b36ac26bd2f8f9b41499)
      adds  317ad52   added a builtin fetch function to support samba3 unlocked fetch (This used to be ctdb commit 8c57a8355a94a7d714b9bec98533bc40a2bc4684)
      adds  768eb0f   merge from tridge
      adds  6c114bb   enabled built in popt if system doesn't have it (This used to be ctdb commit 30c8d69267a78e1d3dea0fcc936ee2939bb7a373)
      adds  3dad8e6   merge from tridge
      adds  f51a988   fixed a memory leak in the ctdb_control code (This used to be ctdb commit 70aa77a66bb5f16c93ecb122b92a6e63f6343ab1)
      adds  622dbb6   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit daba707370b28e200d9e55eb81fc819b62f8fbdd)
      adds  3e546cf   merge from tridge
      adds  b0b966d   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit bac8eed2c247a7970836c0e6c2b9e2664922f410)
      adds  2788005   break set/get vnn map out from ctdb_control and put it in ctdb_recover.c for the time being
      adds  475cfa2   merged cleanup from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 971e7f82f3e1e9bfc8d521080c86431fbb59277d)
      adds  472b96d   first stage of efficient non-blocking ctdb traverse (This used to be ctdb commit 4c23e6f26bde421bb56b55de9d6cd3e319b2be40)
      adds  de0f848   don't zero beyond packet header unnecessarily (This used to be ctdb commit 4cf88ca2ce81db8fe10b0dfedb81d99a2bd93328)
      adds  633ae7f   fixup getdbmap control so it looks a bit nicer
      adds  d88154b   cleanup getnodemap
      adds  486c6b4   merged from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 57a80110ddfd202f8de37297db76dc43a064e476)
      adds  e7cd7e4   merge from tridge
      adds  14724b5   cleanup the control "write record"
      adds  60b4227   first version of traverse is working (This used to be ctdb commit ecac90cee389a6fa0e9b1efba521e098a24d323f)
      adds  63f42d3   merge from tridge
      adds  ebc4787   start working on a recovery daemon
      adds  be17d4d   ctdb_control should use the provided timeout and not hardcode to 1.0 seconds
      adds  ae73784   change the signature for ctdb_ctrl_getnodemap() so that a timeout parameter is added. change ctdb_get_connected_nodes in the same way
      adds  2b1714a   update getvnnmap control to take a timeout parameter dont explicitely free the vnnmap pointer in the getvnnmap control  this is freed by the mem_ctx instead
      adds  648e383   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit cf23175526d8fde1ef145605fb545584384b6cec)
      adds  e752f3b   - changed the REQ_REGISTER PDU to be a control
      adds  da545ce   merge from tridge
      adds  b3c8d6e   also verify that the generation id is the same on all the nodes and if not, trigger a recovery
      adds  7dfdab1   recovery daemon
      adds  418cb36   remove a exit from the test script
      adds  f2fd530   nicer interface to ctdb traverse (This used to be ctdb commit e5ce866dcc5037b5069e42bf1e168b646f007b01)
      adds  5c4a477   make catdb take a dbname instead of an id (This used to be ctdb commit 365346345c33d2f310bb23d0c6ab5c3ed5e6e938)
      adds  508cafd   merge from tridge
      adds  6bc3758   added a tdb_enable_seqnum() function (This used to be ctdb commit 1f89da231c6637e339d5da156d6a48340706fe61)
      adds  ed3e847   added a ctdb control for enabling the tdb seqnum (This used to be ctdb commit c66920d9fb08a4a33418e2c1dcf1fc320fba3761)
      adds  fccc585   added seqnum propogation code to ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit be2572b1b09eaaa1ea6a726d60f16996f9407d13)
      adds  1725fcf   merge from tridge
      adds  bdad1ed   merged from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 88f0977f303836b50aa9239a9eb3447646bc1e3f)
      adds  d8f4e6b   - added counters for controls in ctdb_control status (This used to be ctdb commit 858061372fc9902837a1a5b8bcfc0ada58eec193)
      adds  adc64ae   - fixed a crash bug after client disconnect in ctdb_control - added total memory used to ctdb_control status output
      adds  410d414   added a dumpmemory control, used to find memory leaks (This used to be ctdb commit 44fdafaf421e3e906796d529aed2f7c5df201b94)
      adds  86b78a5   merge from tridge
      adds  5cb817f   split the vnn broadcast address into two one broadcast address for all nodes and one broadcast address for all nodes in the current vnnmap
      adds  9636c97   show number of connected clients in status output (This used to be ctdb commit 99765bbe327bfe9c43415f4943281458f25be51b)
      adds  2e64727   merge from tridge
      adds  25edbc9   add a control to get the pid of a daemon. this makes it possible to kill a specific daemon in the recover test script
      adds  d903e95   added tdb_chainlock_mark() call, which can be used to mark a chain locked without actually locking it. This will be used to guarantee forward progress in the ctdb non-blocking lockwait code (This used to be ctdb commit 2af98c3418496b39106c7282f550049ec8239657)
      adds  3bfeb3d   - added a EVENT_FD_AUTOCLOSE flag that allows you to tell the event system to close the fd automatically when a fd_event is freed. This prevents races which can lead to epoll missing events - added autoconf rules for automatically building with epoll support
      adds  24ed74a   use the new lib/events autoconf code (This used to be ctdb commit fec779711e8c4d6e047d792aee744e60e5a9f67c)
      adds  cc8ac1c   allow the events system to be chosen on the command line (This used to be ctdb commit 2fe976d7a376a763472cc7952a78b6249ce416c8)
      adds  542b761   - take advantage of the new EVENT_FD_AUTOCLOSE flag - use the tdb_chainlock_mark() call to allow us to guarantee forward progress in the ctdb_lockwait code
      adds  7d48810   merged vnn map broadcast from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit c0fa029435fdaa0be006b28eddb6b31beb2ee605)
      adds  a3c70ac   merge relevant lib code from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 8076a7c7e12da6d59bae31a2e4a0267d87c7b1b3)
      adds  0f6d9c7   merge from tridge
      adds  7bbcc96   add support in catdb to dump the content of a specific nodes tdb instead of traversing the full cluster. this makes it easier to debug recovery
      adds  60d4b0e   in the recover test start the daemons with explicit socketnames and explicit ip address/port
      adds  c6bd23e   update to rhe recovery daemon ctdb_ctrl_ calls are timedout due to nodes arriving or leaving the cluster it crashes the recovery daemon afterwards with a SEGV but no useful stack backtrace
      adds  4f2cdc2   hte timed_out variable needs to be static and can not be on the stack since if the command times out and we return from ctdb_control   we may have events that can trigger later which will overwrite data that is no longer in our stackframe
      adds  ad41dff   add a ifdeffed out block to the call.
      adds  dceab7f   dont use arrays where a uint32_t works just as well
      adds  c9aafae   dont allocate arrays where we can just return a single integer
      adds  cadfb24   break out the setting/clearing of recovery mode into a dedicated helper function
      adds  0e436f5   add a helper function to create all missing remote databases detected during recovery
      adds  d6ce023   create a helper function to make sure the local node that does recovery has all the databases that exist on any other remote node
      adds  d51a19f   create a helper function for recovery that pulls and merges all remote databases onto the local node
      adds  9281cb1   break the code that repoints dmaster for all local and remote records into a separate helper function
      adds  5fb41f4   add an extra blank line
      adds  ee83202   create a helper function for recovery to push all local databases out onto the remote nodes
      adds  8a12672   break out the code to update all nodes to the new vnnmap into a helper function
      adds  1fa2bf8   change a lot of printf into debug statements
      adds  1c438a7   update a comment to be more desciptive
      adds  97bc457   add a test in the function that checks whether the cluster needs recovery or not  that all active nodes are in normal mode. If we discover that some node is still in recoverymode it may indicate that a previous recovery ended prematurely and thus we should start a new recovery
      adds  a9657f6   add new controls to get and set the recovery master node of a daemon i.e. which node is "elected" to check for and drive recovery
      adds  39d81cf   recovery daemon with recovery master election
      adds  6bfb5f6   it now works to talloc_free() the timed event if we no longer want it to trigger
      adds  a1866c6   hang the timeout event off state   and thus we dont need to explicitely free it   and also we wont accidentally return from the function without killing the event first
      adds  d98d8d4   merged from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 49aad9fb09ca2c787e6f82ba03cb229cc51844f0)
      adds  fdb8144   fixed a problem with the number of timed events growing without bound with the new seqnum code (This used to be ctdb commit 6109ae3dae8d93c93a2dc76cc561ea6e21458aa6)
      adds  54d2ace   merge from tridge
      adds  e11eebd   fix alignment bug for pulldb
      adds  5efa3d8   we must repoint dmaster to an invalid node during recovery to stop the shortcut from working
      adds  2befe18   add a small tool to monitor recovery
      adds  92333fc   change the name of the recovery daemon to ctdb_recoverd
      adds  6929739   add a command line flag to ctdbd to start a recovery daemon.
      adds  d2a90cc   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit f67a4842e7b1efb2ad61c41e4895c7698e564bf3)
      adds  c938c1b   when we are in recovery mode and we get a REQ_CALL from a client, defer it for one second and try again
      adds  bbaaf2b   hang the event from the retry structure instead of the hdr structure
      adds  ba47b43   merged ronnies code to delay client requests when in recovery mode (This used to be ctdb commit dfca37076d642f3407c63dfe3b685287d27c8f8d)
      adds  a8f8342   moved the vnn_map initialisation out of the cmdline code (This used to be ctdb commit 81492b840d608dc724d5a25ddef6eb0ce12b95fb)
      adds  682df74   separate the wire format and internal format for the vnn_map (This used to be ctdb commit 9a71718d87c5162f1423d85c2e86a01f6771925e)
      adds  2a82665   fixed setvnnmap to use wire structures too (This used to be ctdb commit 1208e4219d220b80e2f74974cac8ed2b8956d3ef)
      adds  1e38ae4   remove old s3 recovery code fixed vnnmap wire format in recover daemon
      adds  50390bc   setup the random number generator a bit better (This used to be ctdb commit 708585eb0ed31b0df6543a1d7a20b82e751877c2)
      adds  cbb6f99   merge from tridge
      adds  639e437   actually check the remote nodes and not just the local node
      adds  325f321   merge from tridge
      adds  4370dc1e  when starting recovery repoint dmaster to an invalid node and not the current vnn
      adds  a56a250   when starting a new election, also force all nodes into recovery mode so there is no internode traffic to interfere with our election
      adds  82e37a9   update ctdb_control to create a correct ctdb_vnn_map->map array
      adds  a543901   create a correct vnnmap structure to prevent a segv
      adds  31cd92d   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 92b7a849565730744c75a7fb776173554e9f57bf)
      adds  15bc97c   better timeout handling for calls, controls and traverses (This used to be ctdb commit 63346a6c59d4821b4c443939b5d88db8cd20f5fe)
      adds  698d2a6   added nonblocking varients of the two lockall functions to tdb (This used to be ctdb commit 2e99fa41ce01fa282bc0f3244ca42a78173743ed)
      adds  f8765b1   - got rid of the complex hand marshalling in the recovery controls
      adds  343e449   merge from tridge
      adds  325713d   make ctdb_control catdb work again
      adds  9eeb4f1   we must bump the rsn everytime we do a REQ_DMASTER or a REPLY_DMASTER to make sure that the "merge records based on rsn during recovery" will merge correctly.
      adds  9ec3024   add a control to bump the rsn number for all records in a database
      adds  63acf8a   - merge from ronnie - increment rsn only in become_dmaster - add torture check for rsn regression in ctdb_ltdb_store
      adds  7769a2d   merge from tridge
      adds  0c9bb4b   we have to get a NEW generation id after completing recovery to solve a race condition with the logic to retransmit in ctdb_call.c/ctdb_call_timeout()
      adds  85aff64   fixed debug message (This used to be ctdb commit 9802bf1ef9104b31977020e803b0f81da71c7169)
      adds  ae55e41   added _mark calls for tdb_lockall (This used to be ctdb commit e59134fd2af67c746b907c23fdcde2eccbbe17cf)
      adds  74a799a   added lockwait child code for entering recovery mode. A child processes holds lockall locks for the entire recovery process (This used to be ctdb commit f892f30def75b0d964c35eae38c4cf675597dd28)
      adds  9cf77dd   separate out the freeze/thaw handling from recovery (This used to be ctdb commit 0b0640bd8b8334961f240e0cf276ac112cd6e616)
      adds  f7e3004   more robust freeze/thaw logic (This used to be ctdb commit 51c1e51aeb7dfac1683584df7ef1bef98c092f76)
      adds  cb81a2e   watch for the freeze child exiting (This used to be ctdb commit 7f350eca8598022ebd198b2476d1f2c2a8f03a8d)
      adds  b327cd8   report number of frozen/thawed nodes (This used to be ctdb commit 997720bc0e15d882aefed3464fe285674beed691)
      adds  2c90d9e   show total frozen/recoving in status (This used to be ctdb commit 0d0eb66a63fe6912edb85bf7387ac76acb70babd)
      adds  7dcf82c   - nicer message if freeze child dies - change local generation count after recovery/freeze started
      adds  5bd0e50   added -t option to ctdb_control (This used to be ctdb commit 658141280eeb121a570d71c4b0af36d03004f320)
      adds  36ccc10   make sure we ignore requeued ctdb_call packets of older generations except for packets from the client (This used to be ctdb commit facab105fbd7fe50f96bdd763ae50ddc54fbdacc)
      adds  78eb2f9   simplify the generation checking on incoming call packets (This used to be ctdb commit 87ee47f7fbbf71228bc9cc16faff86b4c59333a2)
      adds  df49a66   ensure we propogate the correct rsn for a request dmaster (This used to be ctdb commit 70c1c67db865db8a49b56e8e3e8fd56ec5063208)
      adds  68fc85d   the retry client code is no longer needed now that we use a freeze on recovery (This used to be ctdb commit 4213475a2db93b149705bfbb578c78936124c608)
      adds  7f57032   the invalid dmaster is no longer needed in recovery (This used to be ctdb commit bd638ea63d11485bc3a8c50d923262a48095c2f3)
      adds  58dc8d4   prioritise the dmaster in case of matching rsn (This used to be ctdb commit 4996a12174aa0d215a5b14cb970bdf83eed34a39)
      adds  81826da   added error messages in ctdb_control replies (This used to be ctdb commit bd848f5b760e6b2a73ebfc67fd8adb3c31479fb5)
      adds  5839eb1   make sure the ctdb control socket is secure (This used to be ctdb commit 2954f2e501a418af578e75e8705b0b39a77c1861)
      adds  4f7fc68   merge from tridge
      adds  4bacd38   add a mising parameter to the new signature for ctdb_control
      adds  ed466e2   remove the control to bump the rsn since we dont need it anymore
      adds  5d71cc7   don't allow setrecmaster while not frozen (This used to be ctdb commit e84b05ba6062ffc45b7f3c23e88feef1d39069c4)
      adds  9e70b95   don't allow setvnnmap while not frozen (This used to be ctdb commit a73f47f565894cc7e346177d87f2e6813837e1c6)
      adds  d655a64   kill the lockwait child if the pipe goes away (This used to be ctdb commit bdfa8ba9932fade074a05a6cb6bc14ae3b84618c)
      adds  4b6d949   merge from tridge
      adds  3f3eb4f   we must not free the fde until after we no longer need the lock child (This used to be ctdb commit e06776c7c37b63f5c3165c7043d665e0c1a95337)
      adds  5d0e7e3   merge from tridge
      adds  7d3870d   AIX needs sin_len field for bind() (This used to be ctdb commit cd6c35d4aa4f4a4cfeedf6902cda84e43d7aeba4)
      adds  db4fa58   reading on the write side of a pipe isn't allowed - this caused us to run without locking in the lockwait code (This used to be ctdb commit 2ac67ce737f30258915cc25bde531d361092ae14)
      adds  cf1056d   added a -i switch to run ctdbd without forking (This used to be ctdb commit 327df14ecd58f405fbe8b38afa2ee54a8dd0a2e4)
      adds  38491de   check for error on ctdb_ltdb_store (This used to be ctdb commit c4a34bac4ad4d2f9699e08074668d25586e3c0da)
      adds  c6afe22   added a control to get the local vnn (This used to be ctdb commit 0b109f574b710f290372512d0694290ea7cd4368)
      adds  0d71b6d   merge from tridge
      adds  67f5601   fixed a fd close error on reconnect (This used to be ctdb commit 240651a6f67f914b06e273696cef6180d788221e)
      adds  5d82f89   merge from tridge
      adds  527b235   fixed two more places where we don't correctly handle write errors on sockets (This used to be ctdb commit f4a71bb63e7f75d21b66f9eaeac997c2029cd146)
      adds  a519855   moved the recovery daemon into the main ctdbd and enable it by default (This used to be ctdb commit 2a7d42124731f43d013cb76a798525eab4cc1ee0)
      adds  20d96ad   enable TCP keepalives (This used to be ctdb commit a44f760f6260359201d8431d2f1267af2bc6b1b1)
      adds  4b8ddfc   merge from tridge
      adds  a4ebb6d   if a caller specifies a timeout when calling a control, it makes no sense to have the daemon requeue the packets if they timeout or fail to deliver to the remote node
      adds  f4056d2   remove a prototype we no longer need
      adds  c105f6d   - merge from ronnie - fixed a memory leak found by dmitry
      adds  d6ed774   merge from tridge
      adds  cc760cf   add a control to shutdown/kill a node
      adds  656b274   merge shutdown control from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 61bfe26dde0bfd494d4f12f0aa2a3bb78852ab31)
      adds  241ce32   merged events changes from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit cd9280556663bc8929672ada6ea556e097c4b2b3)
      adds  6d32a6d   merged debug changes from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit f01180148635b9fcc0f50beddb87be0a2071dfd4)
      adds  f4738f9   we no longer pass lmaster across during pulldb    so dont print it from catdb either
      adds  fb77fd0   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit f80c4b02ffb474a4710fa411123448e3ce2d004a)
      adds  874fd5c   removed the CTDB_CTRL_FLAG_NOREQUEUE flag (This used to be ctdb commit 366e849f6f350eda78d79cf1ea55c2637e605c86)
      adds  0b11bd9   merged from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 23b1c00f8bf60739aee935bac44981b68477ee1f)
      adds  49fe667   - don't try to send controls to dead nodes - use only connected nodes in a traverse
      adds  51f5bd2   merge from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit b280bb01fc9afea5a9168c63d92907dac725b22b)
      adds  2d9f0ee   merge from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 3028a1b5c21b981c4487b55f026e6645bbeada89)
      adds  d7c8c15   merge from tridge
      adds  db4c479   add dead node detection   so that if a node does not generate any keepalive traffic for x seconds   it is deemed dead
      adds  334a294   add a missing file :-)
      adds  9ea6e3c   merge keepalive code from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 0218a8eafe3889e0996a375bf54fa5306e719392)
      adds  346dfc1   - up rx_cnt on all packet types - notice when a node becomes available again
      adds  049e150   timeout pending controls immediately when a node becomes disconnected (This used to be ctdb commit 93c4b16f4efef383ba8db83953019ef4821613e0)
      adds  28f2fc6   a better way to resend calls after recovery (This used to be ctdb commit 444f52e134fc22aaf254d05c86d8b357ded876f4)
      adds  99652bd   merge from tridge
      adds  9f7b9fa   add a node->tx_cnt counter
      adds  5f4eed8   increase the tx_cnt everytime we send a packet to a node
      adds  0f957f6   merge tx_cnt code from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 8e17c9bff1b80374709f9c712bc9dc971e5d3f6e)
      adds  a14fd9d   make sure we don't increment rx_cnt for redirected packets, or for packets that have been requeued after a lockwait (This used to be ctdb commit 92e5569407dba173a27e9645b4339ce3e2c00520)
      adds  1339241   nicer date formatting (This used to be ctdb commit 78c256caa738593e335de65df752ff015f3a38e1)
      adds  45d665a   don't count packets received from before the transport told us the node was dead (This used to be ctdb commit 46b5319963afa9da6cf6d83f2a5dc1fa664e14b4)
      adds  ab66fb8   removed obsolete ctdb_dump tool (This used to be ctdb commit e3ed6fd65896f07fc76405acb2e16f50f04a0a3c)
      adds  02a9f1b   use ctdb_dead_node() instead of reimplementing the same code again this leaves only one single function where a node is marked as dead instead of two places
      adds  d549f1e   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 985d718e03510398b9a5cfdf6a4d559a90738a11)
      adds  c02fee6   show ctdb control timeout (This used to be ctdb commit 03921eacb942c7aa6b81236c6603dc640cefe2bf)
      adds  edf03e8   global lock should imply the transaction lock (This used to be ctdb commit 765a7e27344476ea8835565839b69872ea6ab6f0)
      adds  9f7a706   start ctdb frozen, and let the election sort things out. This prevents a race on startup (This used to be ctdb commit b788ed3fa64e31e517b4e602e8bd3ae7201ecddd)
      adds  76b2822   - startup frozen, and do an initial recovery - fixed a bug in traverse - get a lock on the node list file in the recmaster recovery daemon
      adds  7c6bc59   merge from tridge
      adds  e989a1b   add controls to enable/disable the monitoring of dead nodes
      adds  74bf76c   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 267481b67152bc5885884d223085aa9ef5fe73bd)
      adds  3736943   - get rid of ctdb_ctrl_get_config - cope with zero timeout in ctdb_control
      adds  70912e2   added automatic vacuuming of empty records during recovery (This used to be ctdb commit f9181a784ac7009df5e9c996f4e0c3e99098b59a)
      adds  296e15c   fixed some memory leaks on the traverse code (This used to be ctdb commit 2781cbb7d00c5448449216c8c0c1b37bdc74a6c0)
      adds  5dc81da   fixed %d which should be %u (This used to be ctdb commit 2792cf718ff1e66fe99f870f683a13baa160f629)
      adds  19896a2   merge from tridge
      adds  2aface2   add a new command for ctdb_control to trigger a recovery
      adds  3909d83   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit f31e750760bd98e2214ea76f359824aca6f5826f)
      adds  6ba5885   raise the control timeout in recovery (This used to be ctdb commit 43424ff66daf28c202c12982f20a9f662b6fb125)
      adds  7596347   make ctdbd realtime if possible (This used to be ctdb commit 8852f6cca52b64a5239c83ab7c6a99ae4edb2597)
      adds  ec25710   merge from tridge
      adds  2b6c39a   add controls to take over and release an ip address add sending of grat arp     both normal grat arp (request) and also unsolicited grat arp replies
      adds  67677f7   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 4a74c61785a6a0181112fb87356207ce9d4854f6)
      adds  56e3eed   added IP takeover logic for public IPs to ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit 374adb729472670f35cef41269b8719f49c0de0e)
      adds  613c6b9   new files for IP takeover (This used to be ctdb commit 9232501a6bb9ee5d67a3b7cc87752d82ede162a6)
      adds  3c3ed09   paraoid check for empty db on attach (This used to be ctdb commit f46ecc15d8d6520a7bce721d915897deba84a54f)
      adds  7a9e40b   consider a node dead after 6 seconds, not 15 (This used to be ctdb commit b055907f0bd2fa0e83bd84e49039fa868905b941)
      adds  3105328   keep sending ARPs for 2 minutes, every 5 seconds (This used to be ctdb commit d5223f2eed4a762b93a101c720286568578ce7ed)
      adds  07ade57   make sure we find out about new nodes as fast as possible (This used to be ctdb commit 73f2c77166e2053625d0f76c370cf7e789a63fdf)
      adds  9e61a5b   send a message to clients when an IP has been released (This used to be ctdb commit 8b7ab0b00253462593d368052c2cb10a385b4e63)
      adds  750ae1a   send the message from daemon context (This used to be ctdb commit 3bd7d1ebd5fc47f31caa654b5935a3cd05fb6882)
      adds  cc4d810   moved system specific ip code to system.c (This used to be ctdb commit 9de9e4ccda9665108baac12a8716b189d26340b1)
      adds  2b86216   handle corrupt ctdb packets better (This used to be ctdb commit aea4d78645a99eb22860048350b5f20841c17704)
      adds  9aa6926   paranoid checks for bad packets in tcp layer. Close the socket if it gets a bad packet (This used to be ctdb commit 1277089e5c6e1036517c63ee8c8e4ff98cb76cf8)
      adds  47b20f7   show op type of badly aligned packets in tcp layer (This used to be ctdb commit 6a3e1faa2ce77ee021154d66aeaa99c51bbc8b06)
      adds  35955c1   drop any partialialy send packets when we get a socket write error (This used to be ctdb commit 4f7b97af8e0075de56059fffc57a86cb0c16df46)
      adds  7ff6e17   removed bogus alignment check (This used to be ctdb commit 93fd5fd01dc61a53a91e319d5cbbe0fc8f740717)
      adds  6475402   tweak timeouts (This used to be ctdb commit 54a90797469f56d796efd82e9294efff3c5dabcc)
      adds  4577eb1   added function to send a raw tcp ack packet (This used to be ctdb commit 634847f3eb5d8183c43d39f0300c0379ef1db3bc)
      adds  d41290f   added code to ctdb to send a tcp 'tickle' ack when we takeover an IP. A raw tcp ack is sent for each tcp connection held by clients before the IP takeover.
      adds  eae6674   send on the right socket! (This used to be ctdb commit 2a5253a9da4d0144f4e96d9b8f6ac636849d146a)
      adds  957ec5d   fixed tcp data offset and checksum (This used to be ctdb commit 2df23e0d3df52b746e9aee8d194ad1da16b62657)
      adds  922d054   remove experimental code (This used to be ctdb commit f1d91002247bedb2f163cc9a9515bbe2bbc2692e)
      adds  99e38ed   use a window size that is obvious in sniffs (This used to be ctdb commit 4d167711a600ad7bb042a5df143dd282b0e50462)
      adds  b01cdc8   fixed error reporting in tickle ack code (This used to be ctdb commit a19555a2e2f3c7ca3147f6421fa2f751a3bdfdee)
      adds  9cc3ce8   automatic cleanup of tcp tickle records (This used to be ctdb commit ede79b571bf89b89f1b8394f262ca0689f8c65f3)
      adds  53586a4   when handing over an IP to another node, also tell them of any tcp connections we were handling, so they can send tickle acks for those connections (This used to be ctdb commit 52c225720da22a149a85ed3cfc07d630cc8b3acd)
      adds  dcd23d4   another place where we could send a partial packet (This used to be ctdb commit 4e0c57718a0c9f51b5b2e02bbf516c63c5be0a35)
      adds  3be6ed7   Inital rpm build files
      adds  116ed6f   merged packaging from jim (This used to be ctdb commit a66a70b9a03d9bea974748cfc9a183b206539ab7)
      adds  9838027   rename ctdb_control utility to ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit 7fc3868a1a49aa8b49b277793eede903606b4353)
      adds  ccf4d78   - renamed ctdb_control utility to ctdb
      adds  d35a475   fix sense of inet_aton() call (This used to be ctdb commit 39788dd804beee479f0cb3be8f4b984c3c7aad2e)
      adds  dfadb60   - moved ctdbd specific options to ctdbd.c from cmdline.c
      adds  ead0914   call the event script on recovery too (This used to be ctdb commit 8c43a91cbd6e502c93bd6cc51df1272eae426709)
      adds  a39eff6   added an example ctdb event script (This used to be ctdb commit f97b75497d005306c5f893c3182f1c2a9b4dc6b7)
      adds  1becc9f   made events script executable (This used to be ctdb commit 54934884ae2bfe8b7d155aa22ee90b2d0a674def)
      adds  6cd49d7   fixed syntax of /sbin/ip (This used to be ctdb commit 9791901dda000fbef6e520531f39ead575531721)
      adds  1455d7d   don't need maskbits to ip addr del (This used to be ctdb commit 93125b460a44934f30bb995ff3c5365ac5a263d5)
      adds  edcaa0d   clean shutdown in ctdb - release all our IPs (This used to be ctdb commit 2f196cb6a86eb85205d7de1c4cadd4e1e701c06f)
      adds  bc89123   fixed some debug messages (This used to be ctdb commit 037f0149c0c0e65af0a1669b9a52586129e4b48f)
      adds  1140d5a   fixed more warnings on 64 bit boxes (This used to be ctdb commit 2f6eae476203f8a8b28e083553204c01f224c8a5)
      adds  5de1a97   updates from tridge
      adds  b845dea   updates from tridge
      adds  239f698   Next round of packaging updates:
      adds  db58622   merge from jim (This used to be ctdb commit a41acd1835af91176a2de1c251a8709dc42b65ac)
      adds  2d9e0ad   use /etc/services for ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit 64bf6964ff33320c5351337c7f8ed4da5bd71275)
      adds  873c3a5   use autoconf for more paths (This used to be ctdb commit b765a391632621dfe3b129b85782e87f586ae2eb)
      adds  5a4c3b0   default log file to reasonable location (This used to be ctdb commit 36b0a43c5d58d8171c1340603486e64051d696ac)
      adds  0e089d1   update packaging for new defaults (This used to be ctdb commit 68f167d74fdc3b55c416ed1f7054817b51f69899)
      adds  0f605cc   more build tweaks (This used to be ctdb commit d4c3380c7a9d332311c5d03ba151e7f2f90796a3)
      adds  578b2a5   - make more options configurable - fixed some warnings
      adds  bf3f0f4   - ignore blank lines at end of lists - rpm tweaks (This used to be ctdb commit 3506464fa914c5aad10fe22283563d021ca45ca0)
      adds  2f7fcec   fixed shell syntax in events script (This used to be ctdb commit 629435807e7927a0e1524cd3e4b2aa216a651e2c)
      adds  a7a0f99   fixed broadcast controls from the command line (This used to be ctdb commit 54464e0b5123265780013a0a46c8b94709d227dc)
      adds  7de87f8   fixed system() return handling (This used to be ctdb commit 0fa75d7429f6f6e58f98c3cebccf6014eb3b474e)
      adds  3b146e7   don't block SIGCHLD, or we lose return values from system() ! nicer log messages from events script
      adds  9891c6b   flush any local arp entries for the given ip on add/del (This used to be ctdb commit 814decd66423e955b443f0729ceec581c0d0c0e3)
      adds  71bb8a9   samba3 needs ctdb_private.h installed to build (This used to be ctdb commit 3df7a4b3cd08efbf5d33379b8c1c5f5bee14954b)
      adds  5747a5a   auto-restart NFS if its running when we release an IP (This used to be ctdb commit 2e1e1e8e34bf4c15decbbc8f0ca88004a2ed67df)
      adds  229846c   moved onnode into ctdb from s3 examples/ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit a3fdaebf1a90ff3c2843a592f6c657a8eae42975)
      adds  7cd7081   support ctdb status -n all (This used to be ctdb commit 8ff2ea29fc60a1e9854bf0c59c360e29f35d3b69)
      adds  0a8b9f2   fixed onnode symlink install (This used to be ctdb commit fd6a474fb52263512a0496ec8c9dc5443902d45a)
      adds  b382fac   wait for local tcp services like smbd to come up before allowing ctdb to start talking to other nodes (This used to be ctdb commit 04eea084ebf1710ea66ccb03ac661e3b2f58d96f)
      adds  3eb96b4   - nice messages while waiting for tcp services to come up - added more comments to sysconfig file
      adds  8ed48aa   don't start the transport connecting to the other nodes until after the startup event script has run (This used to be ctdb commit afca3cc74211aa2e18b1f74d36b2add8dffcfdc7)
      adds  3c062bb   - use a CTDB_BROADCAST_ALL for the attach message so it goes to currently disconnected nodes - start node monitoring only after transport starts - check if a node is already disconnected in the node dead function
      adds  c833b06   we need to listen at transport initialise stage to find our own node number (This used to be ctdb commit 4a9455dfbe95e53884b46ad26dba0c33e3432ba9)
      adds  1e72af9   close sockets when we exec scripts (This used to be ctdb commit 0fac2164db4279db2d7d376a34be05b890304087)
      adds  d510ce3   use our own netmask when deciding if we should takeover a IP, not the other nodes - check if ctdb dies while waiting for the startup event
      adds  89ed660   tell newly connected nodes about any tcp tickle records that we have that they don't have (This used to be ctdb commit 71dd59c1662d429d260c25090e0ca26db48d4075)
      adds  cc87648   merge lib/replace from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit d1a0bcbe331b05ad7a3f5f7a33e4c9b5242c43f2)
      adds  c6d4478   added hooks to make nfs statd behave correctly on failover (This used to be ctdb commit a1ee84fc47892b6c18d417ccf714211fcb07952e)
      adds  d862982   better location for statd-callout (This used to be ctdb commit cc208c447b732aeeaefd6a889711d3cd83ea128e)
      adds  7ccb338   if there is no node available to take an IP, don't consider that an error (This used to be ctdb commit fee6561626c7070418bc8f4d610a728329ac4bcc)
      adds  bf3b740   ctdb is GPL not LGPL (This used to be ctdb commit 8624378010d1c2a1438e1e701339dfba7276f960)
      adds  0898f20   new branch from tridges tree
      adds  425b3c5   - create /etc/ctdb/taken_ips and /etc/ctdb/changed_ips analog to the existing /etc/ctdb/released_ips
      adds  86d0fc8   it is -f   not -x to check if a file exists
      adds  55eeda3   merged from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 21a9cf2883deb63ced58a4eb066d2d2d08cb5394)
      adds  95ed6f8   added CTDB_WAIT_DIRECTORIES support (This used to be ctdb commit fa888e8b1715d7460f5718d3e1fe17e4caaa15c3)
      adds  f517145   log dates/time in event startup messages (This used to be ctdb commit 60a2f704f2e0544035778d00e91041e09351ed8f)
      adds  52291b1   initial webpage
      adds  0b70f95   add a developers section
      adds  680a3ad   merge initial web site from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit ee0b29b0625a1202e4af5a2ab3b19ca0b48e8e99)
      adds  e015e5d   added package download (This used to be ctdb commit fa0d8efe3298a38c52e6be1116bd1b4c8c959f76)
      adds  165bdba   better download instructions (This used to be ctdb commit f50298262e3cc2896d7d098efa6601c915d3feca)
      adds  869d70d   convert ctdbd.sh tests to use an event script (This used to be ctdb commit b3eff804fe59238ed37cd692cc04785089a89dc3)
      adds  7db1d04   make the running of the takeover and release event scripts async, to prevent outages due to slow scripts (This used to be ctdb commit 4189be97eee7ab2a50335c860f2fcd9566667d01)
      adds  559a8bd   use a subdirectory for ctdb state files (This used to be ctdb commit 71ebf272be42e313715f0f100be9f5567127eb73)
      adds  b5890ad   split out events for each subsystem separately (This used to be ctdb commit 03c629a72f234dcc783fa1085e7edba09597c241)
      adds  02bfa10   tidy up the install somewhat (This used to be ctdb commit 07e202ae8451ffa67c40973625996224cfd4e158)
      adds  1fa2600   - make symlink relative in install - include ctdb functions in samba and nfslock event scripts
      adds  dff9a6e   make the packaging much more portable - tested on SLES9 and RHEL4 (This used to be ctdb commit 9521e3eee42b11303a2d6e0f5c05d0c0de4292d8)
      adds  18d8559   don't strictly need netcat (This used to be ctdb commit 992eed38fc6c474c99ce7242e7b7b35bc1e4bd7b)
      adds  3a0395d   added nfs event script (This used to be ctdb commit a708a635a1be355d2e8d382166f58f65f669c8ea)
      adds  21f6fa5   put nfs events in spec and Makefile.in (This used to be ctdb commit 07f03c61c621d8428ecdb56ee08ba895a57ed9c0)
      adds  5e5701a   - make calling of recovered event script async - shutdown sockets before calling shutdown script
      adds  27b0e32   disable realtime scheduler in event scripts (This used to be ctdb commit 56225ac6fdfe754289bc7d5e0fc8d21c81a7aa8e)
      adds  69edd8e   another place we need to cope with the strange epoll fork semantics (This used to be ctdb commit cb1eeec15e61a7eb401e9e65306642343d5deb6e)
      adds  4f72a20   - moved cmdline options that are only relevant to ctdbd into ctdbd.c
      adds  ebf1264   - make specification of a recovery lock file compulsory - die if someone other than the recmaster can get the recovery lock
      adds  68963d8   first step towards fixing "make test" with the new daemon system (This used to be ctdb commit f95f7e4c93dea482e6cf0614b5415229a7c9f3fb)
      adds  c5e4ce3   make test now works again (This used to be ctdb commit 439d87bbb9840f82937e51aff4fe2b80160878c6)
      adds  5dc243f   STATD_SHARED_DIRECTORY should be define din the nfs sysconfig file and not the ctdb sysconfig file since this variable has nothing at all to do with ctdb
      adds  ebe34b4   update the evens scripts for nfs and nfslock to honour CTDB_MANAGES_NFS which is set in /etc/sysconfig/nfs
      adds  394ee9a   fix broken link to the CTDB setup page
      adds  50fdcd3   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit dcb43edad5f62d073d821cc67d1e4cd58811297c)
      adds  2f5af51   add an easy way to setup ctdb to start/stop samba (This used to be ctdb commit b0d9f427d83aff5b9a5c54b7b7c9d45d418e2352)
      adds  7166c51   ctdb_test.c is gone (This used to be ctdb commit b93b5f5d28a4f2065caa38f65d6b71868cd0e9e4)
      adds  90158f7   removed some old cruft (This used to be ctdb commit 44040d5ecabcd32ee26c0285e3786dfb9b4f8126)
      adds  794d6dd   move config files to config/ directory (This used to be ctdb commit f95de519b885c8e1f40df0cda70fd796e479a22a)
      adds  a795986   docs on how to use statd-callout (This used to be ctdb commit 4a75111b4f3f93dc42c9ced2d23f3cc933712017)
      adds  518d410   fixed a race condition in the handling of the recovery lock (This used to be ctdb commit 3b98c5ad23662259b0eed399ab0c8037cf9b2b0b)
      adds  ee3ce95   do a full restart in init cron call (This used to be ctdb commit ed181dce8f307bd8f36de42351d04f39b2396836)
      adds  6371ee1   test commit (This used to be ctdb commit 757affaa3430723136b3f2520d3893d79c6c1bbb)
      adds  b4542aa   don't start nfs services unless the relevant directories are available (This used to be ctdb commit e0468d61119b6581f5ec458641568d03714a5786)
      adds  bab7353   merge from tridge
      adds  61136d0   when we get a dmaster error,   show the database id in the log so we can track which db it happens for
      adds  7cb974e   merged with tridge
      adds  74c6882   mention that ctdb offers cross cluster messaging to applications
      adds  996d97b   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 3d3b2eac028dc7d54e7ef0987a5f4063c4dcbe5a)
      adds  2ea6a86   web page tidy ups (This used to be ctdb commit 9a9a0b356329905e08e843a99fd1d82a709e8986)
      adds  2fea5e7   doc updates (This used to be ctdb commit 1ccb6eca3f4846c4d77d48a7a13f2d5913f8cf80)
      adds  294d7fc   merge from tridge
      adds  bc6ec7d   fixed location of init.d directory to work on SLES and RHEL (This used to be ctdb commit 962fa046c9ddde509690408030896d3335609341)
      adds  b9973e1   more portability tweaks in the init script (This used to be ctdb commit 83a1c79e95af93a9ccfe78556ac5692c0315a3e4)
      adds  a6d455c   merge from tridge
      adds  8175804   print an error message to stdout if we failed to open the logfile for the daemon
      adds  dac3f7d   ubuntu uses a different style of init scripts than redhat and suse
      adds  5dde7e2   add a -Y option to generate machine readable output.
      adds  6eaa5c6   merged from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 02b7781c29c2a63d236bd38b3a19af2af8e57a72)
      adds  b531862   merge from tridge
      adds  e763874   make the init scripts more portable about location of system config files (This used to be ctdb commit 65f3e2bc722e314b2c51c3bfdc544b408a8a64cf)
      adds  837fb23   handle NETWORKING var not existing (This used to be ctdb commit f8cf9f81e8f81818dc141eda5419c2749a0652a4)
      adds  b00348d   merge from tridge
      adds  a3e4e20   add the ip address to the nodemap structure we pull from a server and display the physical address of a node when we do a ctdb status
      adds  5641c76   merged from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit de18fc9d22cf10caaa7af25dc71315bfbd1ca2ee)
      adds  73e626b   automatically bring up interfaces that we manage. This allows ctdb to work without requiring two IPs per public interface (This used to be ctdb commit 221850dcf9c28698eb3a1baf33cbf7f9137ac502)
      adds  cc9f6d3   split out the basic interface handling, and run event scripts in a deterministic order (This used to be ctdb commit 399e993a4a233a5953e1e7264141e5c7c8c8c711)
      adds  62b30e4   make sure we don't have any namespace collision problems with config variables (This used to be ctdb commit dde9024b25fe12cf25c059e5accb3ca21838b130)
      adds  a57991c   remove some cruft thats not needed any more (This used to be ctdb commit c4308805b997740b77e058c1a14b84cb400a7c30)
      adds  f1d8138    - start moving tunable variables into their own structure - fixed the test scripts to use a separate dbdir
      adds  dbb2ec4   added tunables settable using ctdb command line tool (This used to be ctdb commit 73d440f8cb19373cfad7a2f0f0ca4f963c57ff29)
      adds  fcce534   allow setting of variables at startup in config file (This used to be ctdb commit db39ca7c0ee1441113ac3279cb75b3cb38eecd1b)
      adds  39ced97   make recovery daemon values tunable (This used to be ctdb commit ec29dbf2f5110428df8b97801443ba7addf61353)
      adds  8a53a6a   show the second column in the machinereadable output for ctdb status as IP
      adds  464ed12   merge from tridge
      adds  79b54a6   change the takoverip/releaseip controls to pass a structure containing both the nodenumber and the id of the node that has taken over that address in addition to the public address itself    so that all nodes can learn which node is currently hosting each of the public addresses
      adds  1ee8989   merge from tridge
      adds  4be9a44   add a control that lists all public ip addresses and which node that currently serves it
      adds  ee546de   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 531d7ea7aca3116e78a4502a1c8b75a3fb764a4f)
      adds  0c93999   don't crash doing ctdb ip when not doing takeover (This used to be ctdb commit f341a97c13a77711a2daaa9a223123cc4c81e75e)
      adds  49a0b4e   use the right IP from the passed structure in takeip/releaseip calls (This used to be ctdb commit 92ab9cbf6ef00de2987c16b145e17ac09dd99ea3)
      adds  bd81cc5   ignore commented out entries in /etc/exports (This used to be ctdb commit d316b49ba46e819359f045adfd87da92860fd1b5)
      adds  7498d3c   explain event types (This used to be ctdb commit 551472b78b025d9446ee58420dcec70c600555d0)
      adds  e952158   use the right IP from the passed structure in takeip/releaseip calls (This used to be ctdb commit 3db5ba681b11d9ce6474938f221fe68d55a6e1ad)
      adds  efcacd7   remove an unused function (This used to be ctdb commit 9a36d0e0c110c66fe72dce530318b9bc0ac1ce0b)
      adds  a3048a8   more unused code (This used to be ctdb commit b01f226949965942c1d64ff3b4ecc0b835d4fecc)
      adds  ee747b5   set close on exec on pipe in event scripts, so long running scripts don't hold the pipe (This used to be ctdb commit 22662614b4091a4e4282e63d6876097cbf3e3d6e)
      adds  ac55bc4   first step in health monitoring of cluster nodes. When not healthy they will be marked disabled (This used to be ctdb commit d3dbd9fc4db21632075b56fc52cf95435c63374a)
      adds  be3a00b   clean out some more cruft (This used to be ctdb commit ad16c5fe2748b48a6f6c79976359d56d9bed33f4)
      adds  af8834d   added health monitoring logic to ctdb, so a node loses its public IP address if one of the sybsystem event scripts reports a problem (This used to be ctdb commit c7a089256d86cec21097453bce5acbccee87413f)
      adds  1c8d6be   merge from tridge
      adds  32d19d3   dont use CTDB_MANAGES_NFS for controlling the lockmanager use a dedicated variable CTDB_MANAGES_NFSLOCK   since some might want to use nfs but no lockmanager
      adds  96a12cc   add a simple events script to manage vsftpd
      adds  317dec2   merge from tridge
      adds  91a97fe   provide machinereadable output for  ctdb ip
      adds  ab55af7   add some text about CTDB and in which scenarios it would be a good candidate to solve the users needs for a HA solution
      adds  83e1d48   ctdb is only a ha solution when combined with a cluster filesystem
      adds  b130540   merged vsftpd event script from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit c0b686c43524c6a93c52d85b0079ed820983133e)
      adds  56f19ea   merge from tridge
      adds  3d41633   need to install the vsftpd script in make install
      adds  e16717e   added 40.vsftpd to Makefile.in (This used to be ctdb commit 90260d0d362c6e2b58755724056fbe5e63bd29c9)
      adds  c6efeaa   merge from tridge
      adds  d5449fa   fixed exit code in makerpms.sh (This used to be ctdb commit e308b75f6e9fae69441531f462351fe09e792cb9)
      adds  eaf701f   send the right sort of message on monitoring failure (This used to be ctdb commit 9db537d9b11d48a36346db721ed8936ff5ecacb2)
      adds  cafddf7   - fixed flags display in logs - added monitor handler to test event script
      adds  b4f764c   fixed error handling in event scripts (This used to be ctdb commit d645c8b0480e7d2765614a226d78510e100016de)
      adds  76b7361   - added monitoring of rpc ports for nfs, and of Samba ports and directories - added monitoring of the ethernet link state
      adds  0edb079   increase release number of ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit 630a3cf9a05a315caafccafe539ba6675cdfb4ac)
      adds  b51487b   merge from tridge
      adds  81fad86   added timeouts in all event scripts (This used to be ctdb commit d986c91a607ed7c7d4869ea786b5cdf80e7862f1)
      adds  22aa4ff   handle the case of all nodes being sick for one service (This used to be ctdb commit eca2590e60b4522b13c34e2c6cb8013aa55be323)
      adds  377898d   merge from tridge
      adds  d1c225a   disable a node if testparm thinks there is a error, or warning, or an unrecognised option (This used to be ctdb commit ded80c83002a267996b4616e3702988b821cd422)
      adds  ae56096   ensure all nodes display disabled nodes correctly (This used to be ctdb commit 959f82cfe926994658f5826007caccb0409003e1)
      adds  4a7f116   update flags in parent daemon too (This used to be ctdb commit 8995246d95e670753ab8c61d724d284cac2b414d)
      adds  8fbca61   get parents idea of recmode and recmaster when deciding if we should do a takeover run (This used to be ctdb commit 0e8124acd2f1a9b34292c1ee13c7e4cd6fe49876)
      adds  341d715   formatting fix for wider variable names (This used to be ctdb commit 195bde145f62221a7bb1b12014ada98ad5df4e9e)
      adds  2485d1e   merge from tridge
      adds  9ff733c   add a control to permanently enable/disable a node
      adds  d93c6f8   show the disabled/permanently disabled status in the machinereadble output for 'ctdb status'
      adds  9754d16   merged admin enable/disable change from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit df17b69dfd83a98f9c711994c7dd51ad2cc0ab8a)
      adds  e0fbd04   distribute the takenover nodes more evenly among the surviving nodes
      adds  2ed57a9   implement a scheme where nodes are banned if they continuously caused the cluster to start a recovery session. The node is banned from the cluster for the RecoveryBanPeriod (default of 5 minutes)
      adds  59e74ac   increase rpm release number (This used to be ctdb commit e8d321186b383e60782694a980b0d339b9df88fa)
      adds  23bf62f   added admin commands to ban/unban nodes (This used to be ctdb commit 4dad04172e7e4955b5bf6444a85b19901c9683ad)
      adds  cb4c33c   handle CTDB_CURRENT_NODE in ban commands (This used to be ctdb commit fefb53f1d22c5458a1e107f8352818aee87983de)
      adds  3e4d7be   get all the tunables at once in recovery daemon (This used to be ctdb commit 8e60be6c22aab145e68b16ede5f32f4430c2af93)
      adds  9686146   there are now far too many controls for the controls statistics fields to be useful (This used to be ctdb commit f5e188fc7e13b55b6b4081dcc74ea9614a76f9bb)
      adds  c42ddcd   validate vnn on node flags change (This used to be ctdb commit 5628ebbcc2aa61b63c761783c70fe4d8a0070607)
      adds  d774192   use a priority time for the election data, not just the vnn (This used to be ctdb commit a691f9c5cd77194005f0d98483da94b07a48d57d)
      adds  df6439d   formatting fixes (This used to be ctdb commit ed63a2057698aed3931762605b2ea2368681af2b)
      adds  dbb803e   choose the most connected node first (This used to be ctdb commit c7c17a79fa4f28509e34b6f635fa62517dc458c2)
      adds  3d75c9a   later times are a lower priority, not a higher priority (This used to be ctdb commit e96424e7d366df29767c4eeaccdcc0cc975cb8ae)
      adds  ae3d540   start splitting the code into separate client and server pieces (This used to be ctdb commit 603cd77988c181525946cd5eb0f4d0d646b58059)
      adds  b50096c   more code rearrangement (This used to be ctdb commit 2bcf3b16163041f03add2e5bf9f1f5fb3599ec24)
      adds  06a7176   some #include cleanups (This used to be ctdb commit 1a07d87122d51a40cd8ad5fe13533298c26857cb)
      adds  14c788f   move more util code to lib/util (This used to be ctdb commit de5ab0584c978a6be4afeacd80c84015b206a3c6)
      adds  42d4a4a   update configure.ac for new code layout (This used to be ctdb commit fe819a241f3bf841e72d5df9cbaba6fc306d5abb)
      adds  08ac2fa   remove the test commit (This used to be ctdb commit 2a29694e62fab4a57dafcfbe825bdec709a7ef89)
      adds  9697953   merge from tridge
      adds  c0a34e2   add a webpage for hot to get the code.   based on the wikipage
      adds  5471c6e   add a page (based on the wiki) on how to build samba3 and ctdb
      adds  ecc21cb   add a page on how to configure CTDB   based on the wiki
      adds  3c66405   update the names of envvars to use the CTDB_ prefix
      adds  ea29fb2   remove CTDB_MANAGES_SAMBA from the config page.   this should be in the samba-config page instead
      adds  ca88e27   add a page for starting and (basic) testing of ctdb     based on the wiki
      adds  47db7c7   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit df602048c60b811f93fa63843b2b6f09446f6239)
      adds  8e64c10   new web page layout (This used to be ctdb commit 2d863a9152fae3823dcf08268b9f10dc815e198b)
      adds  bf1df8e   web tweaks (This used to be ctdb commit 68f037a8deeb5302e9d5c0d9ab7e08cc69026ce5)
      adds  044f1ad   web tweaks (This used to be ctdb commit 2e77cf049cfe9b1b4db994f87dbc85aa08136d8f)
      adds  f82961f   added logo (This used to be ctdb commit b7a1e9f996a7fcb148dc003a082214984bd339bf)
      adds  d523c48   crop logo (This used to be ctdb commit 844a768c30530261b0b7ddb7e55d8ae029c566b1)
      adds  b925e9e   convert rest of pages to new format (This used to be ctdb commit c111fb4fdfbc657bc715337003febbd0313870d1)
      adds  cd913ba   balance the layout (This used to be ctdb commit dba5d9cdfa05076fddc10ee045d3c6ce5522ff4f)
      adds  4eda38e   more web tweaks (This used to be ctdb commit d98a504c4194d3428a00a09ced493797222cc3be)
      adds  abab873   merge from tridge
      adds  6613396   update the blurb for the setmonmode control      it takes 0 or 1 as a parameter depending on whether one wants to disabel or enable monitoring
      adds  cd68b9a   add an initial manpage for the ctdb tool
      adds  f19fed3   put the text in "generation" inside a para block
      adds  8279eab   add a page for configuring samba
      adds  365019a   add a page on how to configure clustered nfs
      adds  1789fec   add the generated manpage for ctdb   so that it is available also for people that do not intend to rebuild the docs
      adds  2c5d3b0   fix typo
      adds  e59def7   add links to how to configure samba/nfs in the samba/nfs sections
      adds  906d343   add instructions on how to set up HA-FTP using vsftpd and ctdb
      adds  dab3429   show how to start the newly configured vsftpd service  by disabling and enabling the nodes one by one instead of restarting the cluster.
      adds  c62cd90   typo
      adds  548901b   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 475369a6e1c38007d1d789363e76d7e914fd6e1c)
      adds  b272704   added documentation page (This used to be ctdb commit b8a3d8180ebec0d8393b8661cf2c3a6768573662)
      adds  718b1ea   new logo, fixed links (This used to be ctdb commit a1b9817c864d0a9642380189eb2522a96b68ecd7)
      adds  de693b4   doc updates (This used to be ctdb commit 0e6a0b2d377a48eba9ba313e4e63c3ee4cd6722a)
      adds  8389a1c   install man page (This used to be ctdb commit 03f5254b6364376c196769088c67d44cd48363e9)
      adds  289b8ee   fixed manaul install dir for rpms (This used to be ctdb commit 7d3694e86fd9fe3695795dc55b7ea32ee62e26d5)
      adds  e42543d   merge from tridge
      adds  e059056   merge from tridge
      adds  b2dd5ea   replace the list of documentation links on the front page with a link to the documentations page
      adds  2da56de   create a separate list of links for the manpages
      adds  0c5ee58   add a tiny prerequisites page stating that you need a cluster filesystem first before you install CTDB
      adds  bbcf144   capitalize some links
      adds  9a0d7a6   add code to unban when we become/unbecome recmaster
      adds  c873c7d   remove rht unban code from when we take recmaster role.   we can not send control broadcasts yet
      adds  5458196   unban all nodes when we release recmaster role or when we win an election
      adds  40585ae   should be sufficient to unban nodes when we unbecome recmaster
      adds  dfe501c   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit b92bfe97999e110915e10070bdbd389a92d40404)
      adds  4e0b95e   newer versions of ip need the mask on del (This used to be ctdb commit b5b13125506256f9ef6599498ee046e73b52df66)
      adds  2b91099   support up takeover in testing when root (This used to be ctdb commit df409156e685373ea98986511149c9fba3a8c812)
      adds  df064cb   merge from tridge
      adds  12c0f5b   ignore arp on loopback (This used to be ctdb commit eb8d3949e28802f114f29df95b631ef93d4b8e66)
      adds  18ae6e5   propogate flag changes to all connected nodes (This used to be ctdb commit 711d1f7e20f1e98caaf08a57df0b1825ff6e97a0)
      adds  9c80490   merge from tridge
      adds  044a2e0   - send tcp info to all connected nodes, not just vnnmap nodes - use a non-blocking freeze when banned - release all IPs when banned
      adds  1f6a5b9   merge from tridge
      adds  04e9019   initial ctdbd man page
      adds  98bdb24   add a link to the ctdbd man page
      adds  dc29399   fixed valgrind error (This used to be ctdb commit 77de040539ba0c5b10f94aec9d286c6d1f2be15f)
      adds  5bbcded   merge from tridge
      adds  e606574   add descriptions of the options for the ctdb command
      adds  4e65cd0   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 361f203c3c2a41eb974aba09b66eea0731387c3d)
      adds  e346d47   merge from tridge
      adds  1b8dd06   minor man page update
      adds  47edcee   when public interface is not set,  print this to the logfile before exiting the script
      adds  2703ba2   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 1a0bd55dd27939110385e00dad73726a8ba66747)
      adds  a456660   use gzip --rsyncable for ctdb packages (This used to be ctdb commit 3102d4b8b9e47e9bffab1b6847b5f57a0aa71064)
      adds  18f56be   layout copyright using a literal (This used to be ctdb commit 8da2a419604964983cda158d4b6d00a18141fe9c)
      adds  8120da0   fixed testparm calls (This used to be ctdb commit 0835abffc0caa2a04cb717a636e77c71355f3c80)
      adds  4cb7a1e   merge from tridge
      adds  a31ece5   more detail in recovery message (This used to be ctdb commit bc18a39efcf1fa5edfadc4c2f842f7cf035e4fbd)
      adds  1ac8a52   simpler handling of -n all in ctdb tool (This used to be ctdb commit 68c7c33c2863d4073e5129b24eb79454643dc65f)
      adds  031e205   raise the default keepalive limit (This used to be ctdb commit 4776a187a183bd129ded70e9c018c197b3d618be)
      adds  9136208   make sure we start the freeze process quickly on all nodes when we are going to do recovery - this prevents serialisation of freeze, which can take a long time (This used to be ctdb commit 52675c19e420d83d9556a3e73d9a4b490078aa9c)
      adds  a0e827f   - tidied up some of the web page text - added volker to the list of developers
      adds  1bf776b   minor doc updates (This used to be ctdb commit 20c824dbce877575c423cb08943c5b9ff6d0c4a1)
      adds  10fc268   make the web site pass the w3c validator (This used to be ctdb commit 08aa5455f6cfcca2877c8da948cf1900fd09c9da)
      adds  c64a914   fixed rendering in IE (This used to be ctdb commit dc7fdbf1de76b0e3081ca9f311e028bc8d959233)
      adds  d706a97   added onnode manual page (This used to be ctdb commit 6f4a1b4dbc9a5d48513477fb4f5e214a51f70941)
      adds  4911a82   move all the headers into header.html (This used to be ctdb commit 1da7a171a54b3561b76a8dfc0e362bef3c04f189)
      adds  bd42814   make the pages scale a bit better (This used to be ctdb commit da87f6c457a7314b02db24b970625da6a0cfca4d)
      adds  97d5bea   on startup release all IPs, in case we have any left over from a previous run (This used to be ctdb commit 5eb2f8f5f70f567c264d6929e95899b70f0e4ec0)
      adds  b0b0773   merge from tridge
      adds  741af6a   note that there is no link on the PUBLIC interface
      adds  cddf988   add a small test tool that can be used to create a massive amount of records in the test database.
      adds  d2ada57   add a mechanism to the samba event script to do periodic cleanup of the databases once every 60 minutes
      adds  d683080   - wait for winbind on samba start - use $PATH for ctdb status
      adds  9d0a595   check winbind in monitoring event too (This used to be ctdb commit bccba656c21d0edbd9840401a3c43a76b1b3bc05)
      adds  732353d   - merged ctdb_store test from ronnie - added DatabaseHashSize tunable - added logging of events inside recovery (for timing)
      adds  58e9fab   merge from tridge
      adds  669a6b1   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 7bfc1be6dff5bd5acadfa8a3fd8f00a8ce87ca54)
      adds  f532ada   run smbstatus every 10 minutes to scrub databases (This used to be ctdb commit cd119cdb9a1a7e0545f1c33a2a156a3d3c5d7645)
      adds  8d7e276   merge from tridge
      adds  6399cf9   added code to kill registered clients on a IP release (This used to be ctdb commit ca0243b544987ce0618a99ac87b4abf598991e93)
      adds  f2f8ab4   merge from tridge
      adds  dfebca5   script version of install needs spaces after -m (This used to be ctdb commit 7a0abba637f234dd28e776bc12682b07ac0fbe08)
      adds  71eba68   merge from tridge
      adds  3a71dcf   when accepting an incoming connection, verify that the source address is from one of the configured nodes and reject the connection othervise
      adds  027d40a   rename tnode->queue to tnode->out_queue to indicate this queue is for sending data out to the other node
      adds  bf216f8   add incomplete code fragments to perform SCSI PERSISTENT RESERVATION calls to a scsi device.
      adds  27ce064   get rid of some compiler warnings for the scsi tool
      adds  18af44e   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit a26e638fa13b6a0b9e2aea07a1712e2e1d5a6571)
      adds  c3884e1   start implementing command line parsing to scsi_io to make it take parameters that control what operations to perform
      adds  5980f1f   add GPL comment to scsi_io.c
      adds  65d23f9   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 5950298254286271085b61f5b9cec065dfa52226)
      adds  1fd3922   merge from tridge
      adds  b65d814   add more command line parsing
      adds  1cd8bc0   add a tuneable to control how long we wait after a successful recovery before we alow another recovery to be initiated
      adds  597aa7e   initial version of a socketkiller tool checked in so it is not lost
      adds  2014d39   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit b5510446073d6a058d11dabf92bef0e9721cd861)
      adds  bf3745d   merge from tridge
      adds  edcab7e   ETH_P_IP does not work on my ubuntu system   so changing it back to the slightly less efficient ETH_P_ALL
      adds  8f0a00b   change the signature for ctdb_sys_send_ack() to ctdb_sys_send_tcp() to make it possible to provide which seq/ack numbers to use and also whether the RST flag should be set.
      adds  a52f676   add a new  ctdb_sys_kill_tcp() function that kills (RST) the specified connection
      adds  ab6564c   add a killtcp command to the ctdb tool
      adds  5ad7f64   we dont need socketkiller anymore now that the kill-tcp-connection code is available from the ctdb tool
      adds  59a1676   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 17158a79795abe85ea57f3dc6062751dd8856f75)
      adds  19d2fc0   more careful checking of lengths (This used to be ctdb commit 45662f2152a152b7160b66a857d8215348c28dc5)
      adds  bdf01ed   - neaten up the command line for killtcp - split out the event script code into a separate module - get rid of the separate takeover directory
      adds  12d454e   merge from tridge
      adds  1e00d1d   removed unused makefile var (This used to be ctdb commit 4f397c5edf4206aa33c4fe19a24557541c2f8929)
      adds  9a78208   merge from tridge
      adds  006227e   forgot to add this (This used to be ctdb commit 30fc56b7489e42633532964096e53faee1319dde)
      adds  295fe50   merge from tridge
      adds  71ba917   add a command to ctdb to send tickle-ack's
      adds  854a601   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 04fced509451018b8bb1c825b93ce344a22daacd)
      adds  3b4fa64   fixed error message on bad IP/port (This used to be ctdb commit ad2d8615c028d55bc5e94c9d7bd8432cafde4a69)
      adds  871ef93   fixed help layout (This used to be ctdb commit ee8acf166961838a3a82d658a66407ba5ccb4939)
      adds  8df14ce   merge from tridge
      adds  084720f   update the manpage for ctdb to describe killtcp and tickle
      adds  a840602   break the tickle description into two paragraphs
      adds  b96795c   merge from ronnie (with spelling fixes) (This used to be ctdb commit 079a5509da961503583b5d0c1e3c7bb6fff1a700)
      adds  5b7a073   merge from tridge
      adds  72265dd   remove 59.nfslock and fold this into 60.nfs add a 61.nfstickle script to make nfs failover faster
      adds  34e2c73   use 'ctdb tickle' instead of sendip to tickle nfs clients.
      adds  e1f774a   use the official iana number for ctdb and not 9001
      adds  a8cb3ed   merge from ronnie - we have an official port number, yay! (This used to be ctdb commit 68f9b8ea27a2fb2093fb85b8bf1a25accf69af4c)
      adds  031347e   increment rpm release number (This used to be ctdb commit 2c3399f1388fdcb993d235814d59df163f501d03)
      adds  a55c03b   log the generation numbers to give a hint about this bug (This used to be ctdb commit 12018494baa33c5f6c52e6eae94ac77a56d3e5a0)
      adds  af5ee99   we do tell banned nodes to release IPs (This used to be ctdb commit 381dc0421d4d825398c03dcff4e79e3f76c3c981)
      adds  056d3c3   call kill_clients when releasing all IPs, as well as for individual IPs (This used to be ctdb commit ad68904720eb69757601589b06726190321685ac)
      adds  f1db15f   fixed sense of inet_aton test (This used to be ctdb commit ed5cf9b43c49312d3736e85077863d23990acce8)
      adds  55a4a5d   merge from tridge
      adds  3499c8c   when checking the nodemap flags for consitency while monitoring the cluster,   we cant check that both the BANNED and the DISCONNECTED flags are both set at the same time   since if a node becomes banned just before it is DISCONNECTED   there is no guarantee that all other nodes will have seen the BANNED flag.
      adds  b871c3e   a better way to fix the DISCONNECT|BANNED vs DISCONNECT bug
      adds  69f3a09   when a remote node has sent us a message to update the flags for a node, dont let those messages modify the DISCONNECTED flag.
      adds  a859723   nicer handling of DISCONNECTED flag  when we update the node flags from a remote message
      adds  dbc66d0   dont restart the tcp service after a ip takeover,   it is more efficient to just kill off the tcp connections
      adds  1c32f65   run the ctdb killtcp in the background
      adds  d81bca2   make it possible to specify how many times ctdb killtcp will try to RST the tcp connection
      adds  26fc2eb   update the documentation for NFS to mention that the lock manager must run on the same port on all nodes.
      adds  ed1a52b   use the socketkiller to kill off all lock manager sessions as well
      adds  9fe446f   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 6975042fca832aae07f84c0e9ac7fa4773b8cb51)
      adds  32de198f  update lib/replace from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit f0555484105668c01c21f56322992e752e831109)
      adds  3973b41   update lib/tdb from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 96a39ccee38bcfd64d614fe4670766e59ef246b6)
      adds  a78752e   update lib/events from samba4 (If->if) (This used to be ctdb commit 770d1665011af0359aadb2175e9e3440e2effbf5)
      adds  a4c9639   more merges for GPLv3 update (This used to be ctdb commit b7be4ee6c9a670cdf148fd36b092c3991a554964)
      adds  f97f294   minor back-merge from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit c591f9b2d2847f440702e7264c7da2fd6d69f4be)
      adds  fc73bc5   added --nosetsched option to ctdbd (This used to be ctdb commit 4cbbb88c1735c7d112e751e22da1c1c69e09bf4a)
      adds  0becf46   allow extra option override in /etc/sysconfig/ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit f46fae64263ea4776e4bbf9cf14dff17b5b68ddb)
      adds  698a8bc   fixed the sense of do_setsched (This used to be ctdb commit 68bca2454ff43ce6d8aab2f87d669d33f5f2a10c)
      adds  d2a5af7   fully save/restore scheduler parameters (This used to be ctdb commit 59408eabe7515d49a6eef3b6fb2590a1cd1df956)
      adds  2b68a52   merge from tridge
      adds  d5f60b5   merge from tridge
      adds  694bce4   regenerated ctdbd manpage
      adds  2eef287   print the operation code in the debug message when we discard a packet due to incorrect generation number
      adds  135a964   pass the header to ctdb_become_dmaster instead of just the reqid
      adds  0c44e0a   add a ctdb_kill_tcp_callback() that will perform a kill tcp using a background process
      adds  aa080f6   first cut at a better and more scalable socketkiller that can kill multiple connections asynchronously using one listening socket
      adds  e4db03f   add a ctdb_ prefix to two public functions
      adds  1ed0c3a   add daemon code for the new kill_tcp control
      adds  76ab801   make the ctdb tool use the killtcp control in the daemon instead of calling killtcp directly
      adds  4b6d948   ctdb killtcp  no longer takes a <numrst> argument to control how many times to try the reset.
      adds  823b7d4   rename killtcp->fd to killtcp->capture_fd
      adds  a650497   as an optimization for when we want to send multiple tickles at a time let the caller create the sending socket and use a single socket instead of one new one for each tickle. pass a sending socket to ctdb_sys_send_tcp()
      adds  9cde594   the posix.4 name for the priority field is sched_priority not __sched_priority
      adds  850e634   netinet/if_ether.h is more portable than net/ethernet.h
      adds  1e14ecd   - merge from ronnie - cleaner handling of system capture socket
      adds  8f637e6   ensure killtcp structure is initialised (This used to be ctdb commit 2fe7d1ce87e55e125411e7406a9e00b8f55e3cb7)
      adds  89d13ad   merge from tridge
      adds  f09566a   add a private_data field to the killtcp structure and let the system specific routines populate it as it see fit when creating a capture socket. pass this structure to read_tcp and close capture socket as parameter
      adds  6b143c4   update the comment at the top of file to reflect the purpose of the file
      adds  a8211f9   add an initial system_aix.c  to manage raw sockets under aix
      adds  217142d   add some support for controlling Linux or AIX in the makefile
      adds  e7738e9   add some configure magic to make it configure and build properly on linux and aix
      adds  82824e0   when we have found that /etc/rc.d/init.d/SERVICE exists, then run that script and not /etc/rc.d/SERVICE
      adds  3890fde   if we dont have /etc/sysconfig  and we dont have /etc/default check /etc/ctdb/sysconfig as a last option
      adds  4c276de   if we dont have nc or netcat,  try using netstat as a final attempt to check for tcp ports
      adds  8e89b27   try netstat as a last attempt to check a tcp port in ctdb_check_tcp_ports() as well
      adds  e96f733   there is no point in doing anything in 10.interfaces unless we have a public interface
      adds  643b87f   fix bug introduced in previous commit
      adds  7e532f8   we dont do nfstickles unless ctdb manages nfs
      adds  49f98e7   change the way we pick/find a new node to takeover for a failed node to keep a static that controls at which noide to start searching the list for takeover candidates next time we need to find a node.
      adds  4d1f3ac   add a check if start_node is beyond the end of the nodemap and reset it back to 0 if it is to prevent an infinite loop.
      adds  fb22d3b   merged from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 765b07fa5d1af07c8c7212d19d8e9574060b3039)
      adds  6c0ffe7   merge from tridge
      adds  689195b   make sure we still run events when waiting for ctdb_event_script() (This used to be ctdb commit 05efbfe9ff9691c1d7441e7b9855aed25791faf0)
      adds  394190d   - log registering of tcp clients - don\'t remove a tcp entry if we do not own the ip (This used to be ctdb commit 400aa284b9785ce6409e7600df429f5849e3867d)
      adds  865e68d   merge from tridge
      adds  7b17afd   change the tickle list from one global list into an array per public ip/node
      adds  fca90ce   updated ctdb tickle management
      adds  81767b2   when a client connects with TCP_CLIENT  we should look at the destination address to find the public address   not the source address
      adds  ea56d1d   set the tcp tickle update flag to true once we have done a takeover and tickled all connections othervise the other nodes will still remember this list until next time we have had a connection/client closing.
      adds  8129482   when we build the arp structure for sending gratious arp (and tcp tickles) just talloc_steal the enture tcp_array into the arp structure instead of copying each of the entries into a linked list and then releasing the tcparray.
      adds  13e56a8   initial version of talloc based red-black trees very initial version
      adds  e666808   no need to have a separate assignment of the tcparray pointer followed by a talloc_steal() use the returned pointer in talloc_steal as the value to assign
      adds  904e5ba   if sibling is NULL it is a leaf node and thus black.
      adds  8e0a124   there were situations where we were not guaranteed that a sibling had 2 child nodes which would cause a segv when trying to dereferencing those two child nodes in order to read their color
      adds  84851b6   fix some remaining bugs with deleting nodes
      adds  8df376b   remove dead code
      adds  c76f323   fix the remaining bugs with tree delete that testing found.
      adds  64f6136   add a small tool to compare rb tree with a timeval_compare()+add an entry to the end of the list DLIST (worst case insert)
      adds  dd14afe   after we have checked dest address that it is a public address update addr to the source address so the rpintout in the log matches the client that attached to samba
      adds  ec837e3   update the manpage for the -n option to make it clear we are referring to the node number and not the node hostname
      adds  da1d5fb   add a small tool that can send smnotify packets
      adds  9262e2a   dont wait for the default rpc timeout when trying to bing to a client. abort after 3 seconds
      adds  bc83264   install smnotify in $(bindir)
      adds  3d7b4e9   update the specfile to install smnotify
      adds  8b58fe2   do not restart lockd/statd when we takeover an ip address   this is overkill since 1, we now kill the tcpconnections for lockd in 60.nfs 2, rpc.statd on linux sends out the notifications using the wrong interface anyway  which breaks a lot of clients  including linux !
      adds  209f63d   we dont use sm-notify any more
      adds  5c1a7f1   move scsi/scsi_io.c to utils/scsi/scsi_io.c
      adds  88ac108   up release number (This used to be ctdb commit 2b9c196e66264c7a130c957b4d23fc61a62bb10a)
      adds  5b899f0   make timed_event structure private to events_timed.c (This used to be ctdb commit 4a61132e2a4f6beca8e9148307c7ec16cb74bb08)
      adds  5e0215a   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit e2f11745df88d22e98fc5d5e1ca69acac13f1423)
      adds  b5a3653   merge from tridge
      adds  2b51871   add a ctdb command to print the default public ip of a host.
      adds  d69055b   change error output in ctdb   and in ctdb_cmdline_client to print to stderr instead of stdout
      adds  8a81a03   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit e06f70f064e39f1a4a394f00b81b6b1d215534d4)
      adds  f03deff   merge changes needed for samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit a7f80f78cd62401b3516da3640bf24d6362db872)
      adds  24d1ee0   dont wait indefinitely for the initial getvnn to complete
      adds  a85054a   /etc/sysconfig/nfs can now discover the public ipaddress automagically
      adds  49f0317   when inserting data in the tree, if there was already a node with the same key then replace the data in the node with the new data and return the pointer to the previous data held in the node.
      adds  65d78aa   compile rb_tree.c by default.
      adds  c522b85   merge from tridge
      adds  26d3cd3   change fprintf(stderr to DEBUG(0, now that client DEBUGs are redirected to stderr
      adds  c1bfda5   add a tree insert function that takes a callback fucntion to populate the data of the tree. this callback makes it more convenient to manage cases where one might want to insert multiple entries into the tree with the same key
      adds  9525b01   add helpers to add/lookup/delete nodes in a tree where the key is an array of uint32
      adds  2033064   add helpers to traverse a tree where the key is an array of uint32
      adds  9c216d0   when we want to kill a tcp connection  we stored the connection description (src + dst sockaddr_in) in a linked list. everytime we receive a captured packet from the network we had to walk this list in linear time to see if the packet matched a connection we wanted to RST. which wouldnt scale very well.
      adds  22e8064   add more extensive test cases  and verify that we are not losing any memory inside the tree
      adds  5332b61   run the test for 60 seconds if that is what we claim
      adds  18deb7e   remove an unused function
      adds  adb49f0   change the mem hierarchy for trees.   let the node be owned by the data we store in the tree and use a node destructor so that when the data is talloc_free()d we also remove the node from the tree.
      adds  a405cc3   remove an extra blankline
      adds  9c6e37f   enhanced tests to verify the tree integrity when adding/removing nodes
      adds  6d5af34   from Chris Cowan patches to smnotify to make it compile under AIX.
      adds  f2fb717   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 0a91fe52f34d997c1a3cde0fa356deaaf290a4a9)
      adds  56d5ef2   add a wrapper function to create the key used to insert/lookup a certain tcp connection in the tree that stores the tcp connections to kill by sending an RST
      adds  5a02262   comment that ctdb_event_script_v() is called from a forked childs context and thus can make blocking calls
      adds  e0957ba   add a function to return the first entry that is stored in a tree where the key is an array of uint32_t
      adds  83dbfec   add a description on how the event scripts works to the README and make sure it is installed in /etc/ctdb/events.d
      adds  1fa787e   fix typo
      adds  6fc0653   zero out the sa struct to supress a valgrind error
      adds  4023576   call the service specific event scripts directly from the forked child instead for from /etc/ctdb/events so that we can get better debugging output in the logs when something fails in the scripts
      adds  ff58f7c   add a comment that the talloc_free also removes the script from the tree
      adds  3b9d50f   change the now rather small /etc/ctdb/events script into a service specific script /etc/ctdb/events.d/00.ctdb
      adds  7322e82   add text to the event script timeout log on how to find out which script timed out
      adds  ce91401   we should start winbindd before we start smb
      adds  1ee8c79   start winbind before smbd
      adds  46639ac   merged new event script calling code from ronnnie (This used to be ctdb commit bbacad61b3eee4276ffe44ed2a23949aca8152cf)
      adds  405e123   removed redundent debug message (This used to be ctdb commit 9ee742b7cc43be7da6b568308912a3f2cfe4f4d3)
      adds  95f6328   merge from volker (This used to be ctdb commit 7007e4f2292aa96287b899d6b9e82c7b597ef58f)
      adds  df9ec77   merge from volker (This used to be ctdb commit a5587b3c065f7115ad5e55429c2c9d9923d3b4dc)
      adds  d823685   merge from tridge
      adds  7e1f840   if a public address has already been taken over by a node, then let that public address remain at that node until either the node becomes unhealthy or the original/primary node for that address becomes healthy again.
      adds  aed2c58   dont pollute the log with 'Registered PID XXX for client YYY' at log level 0.
      adds  b582e13   make sure that the event script is executable and just ignore it othervise
      adds  a03c8d4   setup the logfile much earlier in the startup procedure for ctdbd
      adds  5228abe   add an atexit() that will print "CTDB daemon shutting down" in the log when the main daemon exits
      adds  4e4dd6b   when we shutdown the service due to receiving a 'ctdb shutdown' command from the administrator, log this as 'Received SHUTDOWN command. Stopping CTDB daemon.'   so that the administrator will know when looking at the log 'why' the ctdb service was terminated.
      adds  8b06fc7   change the structure used for node flag change messages so that we can see both the old flags as well as the new flags (so we can tell which flags changed)
      adds  5fef81a   if lockwait takes an excessive time to complete. log the time it took to complete and also the name of the database
      adds  b47384d   when a node becomes banned    its databases are no longer part of ctdb and it should thus no longer serve any database access calls until it has been reintroduced into the cluster.
      adds  e3b6d1e   if the node is inactive  i.e. banned or disconnected  then that node is not participating in the cluster
      adds  f6e0336   create a define to represent the 'invalid' generation id we used in two places.
      adds  50c09b7   when we receive a packet from the network, check explicitely that the node is not banned it the call is for a database record. i.e a REQ/REPLY CALL/DMASTER
      adds  d95476f   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit e0f1c1acb1188500674626d631e1a1b8726e72ad)
      adds  7f630b6   fixed segv when no public interface is set (This used to be ctdb commit 55b415f87bd3cba13c73ccd2fe661720754a6af7)
      adds  a4ede6d   merge from tridge
      adds  277cdbe   create an enum to describe the state of a control in flight  instead of using the enum that is for calls
      adds  20120c2   in ctdb_call_recv() we must check that state is non-NULL since ctdb_call() may pass a null pointer to _recv() and this would cause a segfault. fortunately there appears there are no critical users for this codepath right now so the risk was more theoretical IF clients start using this call it coult segfault.
      adds  8fd3df2   hang the ctdb_req_control structure off the ctdb_client_control_state struct  so that if we timeout a control we can print debug info such as what opcode failed and to which node
      adds  4c13bf0   break checking that the recoverymode on all nodes are ok  out into its own function
      adds  f854b5f   try out a slightly different api for controls where you provide a callback function which is called upon completion (or timeout) of the control.
      adds  62a03ef   get rid of the explicit global timeout used in the previous example and try this time by relying on the timeouts for the individual controls
      adds  1da9c03b  comment why we do a talloc_steal
      adds  495a640   change the api for managing callbacks to controls   so that isntead of passing it as a parameter we set the callback function explicitely from the caller if the ..._send() function returned a valid state pointer.
      adds  de23937   cleanup invoke_control_callback.   we dont need to pass some of these parameters to _recv() since they are already set
      adds  6681da3   add an initial implementation of a service_id structure and three controls to  register/unregister/check a server id.
      adds  801bdbd   add a control to pull the server id list off a node
      adds  a9c45b2   change the monitoring of recmode in the recovery daemon to use a fully async eventdriven api for controls
      adds  7f02e16   add async versions of the freeze node control and freeze all nodes in parallell
      adds  2c0c947   make the ctdb shutdown command use the async _send() function to send the shutdown command and return success to the caller if the _send() was successful
      adds  794fb10   add an extra debug statement when we send a SIGTERM to a process
      adds  8c94d4d   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit ab11fd70cf4d2165a5b55930cbad6fddf5397f54)
      adds  6b3cb21   merge from tridge
      adds  4e61e05   when we start 60.nfs   we must make sure that the shared storage nfs-state directory actually exists (by creating it) or else the lock manager will not start
      adds  6333634   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit e8138d9375fc34ae0cb31cc0e6ca042baf83eff8)
      adds  7423bca   up the release number (This used to be ctdb commit 71a6213c92a12bf794c17c30ae4987149b68fe1b)
      adds  c572d3c   added a diagnostics tool for ctdb (This used to be ctdb commit 032a2238caf688656b00e06bf363182368e037e1)
      adds  f392771   add crontab and sysctl output (This used to be ctdb commit b1b59f3294ee7a5ed6d685f373bf19d3152170fa)
      adds  4495dba   merge from tridge
      adds  12ebb74   change how we do public addresses and takeover so that we can have multiple public addresses spread across multiple interfaces on each node.
      adds  eb4cf6a   change ctdb->vnn to ctdb->pnn
      adds  fc9d39c   change ctdb_validate_vnn to ctdb_validate_pnn
      adds  4ba9990   change vnn to pnn in the ctdb tool
      adds  583b6e6   change ctdb_get_vnn to ctdb_get_pnn
      adds  6f693bb   change server_id.vnn to server_id.pnn
      adds  211b497   change ctdb_node_flags_change.vnn to ctdb_node_flags_changed.pnn
      adds  157be53   change ctdb_ctrl_getvnn to ctdb_ctrl_getpnn
      adds  0c91261   change ctdb_send_message  to take pnn as parameter instead of vnn
      adds  d66d9cd   change debug output from vnn to pnn
      adds  f69321e   change debug output from vnn to pnn
      adds  a50e834   change vnn to pnn in the traverse structure
      adds  784eac9   dont just always return 0 from the killtcp control. return 0 or -1 so that the ctdb tool knows whether the control succeeded or not
      adds  3e6be59   fix typo in debug output
      adds  cf45c50   we cant have takeover_ctx hanging off ctdb  since it is freed/recreated everytime we release an ip. this context is used to hold all resources needed when sending out gratious arps and tcp tickles during ip takeover.
      adds  8f819c6   get rid of the ctdb_vnn_list structure and just use a single list of ctdb_vnn
      adds  77ec4d5   allow different nodes in the cluster to use different public_addresses files so that we can partition the cluster into different subsets of nodes which each serve a different subset of the public addresses
      adds  e4eecea   dont dereference vnn before we have assigned it a pointer value
      adds  a9c8456   we should always get data back from getnodemap
      adds  46eecfe   we dont use 'sendip' any more   so dont check for it and exit from the 61.nfstickles script if it is missing from the host
      adds  0781616   document NFS_TICKLE_SHARED_DIRECTORY on our web page
      adds  f7d193e   the event scripts for nfs are called 60.nfs and 61.nfstickle
      adds  19546fb   specify the additional ports for nfs
      adds  00453a3   improve the handling of hosts to notify with statd
      adds  8298457   we dont need the rpc.statd on shared directory   neither do we need PUBLIC_IP anymore
      adds  fa872de   60.nfs: we must always restart the lockmanager when the cluster has been reconfigured and ip addresses has changed. This is to make sure we get a clusterwide grace period for nfs locking. if we dont do this and only restart locking on the nodes that were direclty affected, a different client can take out a conflicting lock from a different node before affected clients has had a chance to reclaim all the locks lost during reconfigure. grace period on rhel5 kernel has  [...]
      adds  68c37f9   merge from tridge
      adds  eb7a157   add a short delay after stopping nfslock   to make it less likely that "weird" things happen
      adds  d0dd8df   update web nfs with the new NFS_HOSTNAME variable we need to be able to stat notify using the correct hostname
      adds  3cad21d   remove the ctdb publicip  command this command no longer makes sense when there is no on-to-one mapping between a node and its default public ip
      adds  d91b28f   ctdb ip    must loop over all connected nodes to pull hte public ip list and merge into a big list   since with the deassociation between a node and a public ipaddress    the /etc/ctdb/public_addresses files can differ between nodes and no node know about all public addresses that a cluster can use
      adds  0ebd7be   set /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/arp_filter to 1 by default when 10.interfaces startsup
      adds  4ac749b   change the signature to ctdb_sys_have_ip() to also return:  a bool that specifies whether the ip was held by a loopback adaptor or not  the name of the interface where the ip was held
      adds  5038148   update a comment
      adds  4216817   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 1f21d4d563232926c35d03c4d69eb69190823dc6)
      adds  70ec39b   add back in --public-interface as a default (This used to be ctdb commit cdf56daf69b2c8381ee673943e982ad20f19affd)
      adds  f3ae1cd   - use struct sockaddr_in more consistently instead of string addresses - allow for public_address lines with a defaulting interface
      adds  57d8102   added back --public-interface to startup script (This used to be ctdb commit 9e9cb3c0da7251f522c655366ef0868037577a9c)
      adds  8cd7ca1   fixed a pointer cast warning (This used to be ctdb commit df0e7a4aa13112d613702d8ea0fb0e18510d293c)
      adds  5b65a6c   get interface right (This used to be ctdb commit e0edc38d7e897f7de2850eb2cfd17fea75c16fcc)
      adds  a6728e0   fixed location of arp_filter (This used to be ctdb commit ea239c82fca2b9a648d21e5c603e632011958452)
      adds  a478c78   changed some debug levels (This used to be ctdb commit ed764533e1c2f8982e1577ca5e7f5f4482a15345)
      adds  67bd64e   - don't allow the registration of clients with IPs we don't hold - change some debug levels to make tracking of IP release problems easier (This used to be ctdb commit 5f9aed62adaf87750f953412c55b29c58e4bb6c0)
      adds  6c77184   - set arp_ignore to prevent replying to arp requests for addresses on loopback - put removed IPs on loopback with scope host - check for nul strings in ethtool call ;
      adds  96c54c6   handle hung or slow ctdb daemons on shutdown (This used to be ctdb commit a3089211782ab12387c1b04efa28914c94d89b30)
      adds  a919f69   fixed return code (This used to be ctdb commit 30165b5a19f9bd9d1f62c9c222df0711c1c6a927)
      adds  1b53ecc   remove clutter from ctdb log file (This used to be ctdb commit 54d5dcaaee0498f40bbee5059cc72d0ca75d33b7)
      adds  023b885   new approach for killing TCP connections on IP release (This used to be ctdb commit c33a0db29b5604966f582b1f8c5fd66760c72197)
      adds  4f261ae   remove more cruft from the logs (This used to be ctdb commit b67f35c483b6cbb5facaa6380c7794709f44213a)
      adds  3c0f61c   we don't need the is_loopback logic in ctdb any more (This used to be ctdb commit 4ecf29ade0099c7180932288191de9840c8d90a9)
      adds  2594001   fixed script errors in 10.interface (This used to be ctdb commit 0c759614d27758cef3eba5942b2cccad54193cbb)
      adds  30de14f   force recovery if unable to tell a node to release an IP (This used to be ctdb commit 6895788d2499344a03357e5c1103cb8383e9eaf7)
      adds  6fa6101   more shell scripting fixes in 10.interface (This used to be ctdb commit 4ee2230b3f2ae7437a9d0cf973eb4645d276accd)
      adds  9d50595   prevent recursion in the calling of ctdb_takeover_run (This used to be ctdb commit 0fbdeb7c91b965d9bc5ecc7b24e31070378d8f1d)
      adds  2f86c3f   ensure smbd and winbindd do die in 50.samba (This used to be ctdb commit 6f23affedb626fc7a5ca86c4763f3045a5586231)
      adds  9cf96a5   nicer use of testparm (This used to be ctdb commit a611ea930fb9dae6e56f6a74b2bdc9e08066d4d1)
      adds  3b159e4   wait for ctdbd to finish cleanup before considering "service ctdb stop" to be done (This used to be ctdb commit 216eb4be7ec481cfe9aaeeada257b77cb394d2e4)
      adds  9c1b2f4   merged patch from tridge
      adds  a9a8ad0   grab the interface name from tok and not from the uninitialized array
      adds  98f968d   move all ip addresses onto loopback when we startup ctdb
      adds  536d393   use the public addresses variable instead of hardcoding the path
      adds  ab1c8c0   merge from tridge
      adds  4186d8e   when a ctdb_takeover_run has failed  we must make sure that need_takeover_run is set to true  or else we might forget to rerun it again during the next recovery
      adds  528b8af   disable nfsv4 in etc/sysconfig/nfs
      adds  4c20141   update the section about event scripts
      adds  42fc00b   - merge from ronnie - add a flag to check that recovery completed correctly. If not, re-trigger it in monitoring
      adds  6052078   let each node verify that they have a correct assignment of public ip addresses (i.e. htey hold those they should hold   and they dont hold any of those they shouldnt hold)
      adds  8edcd3f   during startup make sure to delete any public addresses from any interface
      adds  955d4d8   make sure all public IPs are removed at startup (This used to be ctdb commit b16f33787f2a9471285037f4a6d470e826536570)
      adds  305f432   fix pkill args (This used to be ctdb commit 9690de97b4746f4a79830465e3a1679e9fbda671)
      adds  c624905   cope with non-standard install dirs in event scripts (This used to be ctdb commit 52fff5345873690a9cc86495f414343eaa3bd540)
      adds  acf8edb   merge from tridge
      adds  05e1f67   documentation updates
      adds  90a37c4   update vnn -> pnn in documentation
      adds  2d0261a   let ctdb ip   only print the ip addresses known to the specified node and not the entire cluster
      adds  ed75f98   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 913c33a7d2f67570548fecc568dba874e5f72dd2)
      adds  c6abc4e   increase release number (This used to be ctdb commit b213f4f1bf5bcfb40b9ce176df22216e3ebbe964)
      adds  16ebb73   merge from tridge
      adds  d9f936f   add documantation of additional requirements for FTP so that users can log in and access files using the AD username/password
      adds  dc0bd93   one more command to run to enable winbind for vsftpd
      adds  bd7eeeb   expanded ctdb_diagnostics a bit (This used to be ctdb commit 70a4bb3dc7e624ad778949dbc874c2617fd532e6)
      adds  0438b07   separate out the various fs display ops (This used to be ctdb commit dc89e1a428da5d5ca2a9c4988c05de3ea65f00f4)
      adds  81bfa58   make sure we set close on exec on any possibly inherited fds (This used to be ctdb commit d9dec82076f14a348e7b67b4350180681ff86f32)
      adds  577fffd   merge from tridge
      adds  c609883   added support for persistent databases in ctdbd (This used to be ctdb commit 3115090a0d882beca9d70761130b74bb0821f201)
      adds  e9f4541   merge from tridge
      adds  61e885d   when ctdb attaches to a database  it broadcasts the attach to all other nodes so that the db is created on them as well
      adds  f4dd92d   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 485182ba7b91b756f93be4863bf5fa208d460a54)
      adds  51d9120   in ctdb_control_persistent_store() we must talloc_steal() the pointer to c   to prevent it from being immediately freed (and our persistent store state with it) if we need to wait asynchronously for other nodes before we can reply back to the client
      adds  67ebd1d   merge bugfix from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit c179b0085ae239b576139545c43f1c141a03e196)
      adds  2607c22   avoid using connected nodes that aren't in the vnn map yet (This used to be ctdb commit 2b5ae133f5f6fa9ad1a8896fe4b4c542d4ca462d)
      adds  870c9cc   merge from tridge
      adds  416c0ce   make the persistent dbdir configurable (This used to be ctdb commit 2587b887dcfce26b12c66fcb5d34e92da42a1776)
      adds  4178cb9   fixed a valgrind error, and some warnings (This used to be ctdb commit c0f52dbb385fa0748680adb7c40755c92e577551)
      adds  b87ddd9   no longer wait at startup for services to become available, instead set the node initially unhealthy and let the status monitoring bring the node online. This fixes a problem with winbindd, where it refused to start because secrets.tdb was not populated but we could not populate ctdbd, because the net command would not run while ctdbd was still doing startup and thus frozen (This used to be ctdb commit 3a001b793dd76fb96addf1e2ccb74da326fbcfbc)
      adds  80100c3   run monitoring more quickly when unhealthy and at startup (This used to be ctdb commit ff1c205928e3ef5bcc6bf4e4b2122a19fa38d8f4)
      adds  e3d0ec8   fixed a fd leak on the recovery lock (This used to be ctdb commit 186f35c42ed4fcc9ed44390b0dd036ece475d45e)
      adds  fa90c8e   merge from tridge
      adds  359448f   when we have a public ip address mismatch (i.e. we hold addresses we shouldnt   or we are not holding addresses wqe should) we must first freeze the local node before we set the recovery mode
      adds  e9a47bb   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit c67f516f01f8033e3fbd0f338eaa3a8afb862495)
      adds  ef99506   upped version number (This used to be ctdb commit 4312e20e047ddb0f825c5e0c51d85dfa6a1b7df8)
      adds  fb48f2d   we are the culprit if we can't get the reclock (This used to be ctdb commit 1d320e113c6134ff6822b985a47131d8204af35a)
      adds  4115492    - catch ESTALE in the recovery lock by trying a read() - priortise nodes that are unbanned and healthy in the election
      adds  5077000   fixed several places where we set the recovery culprit incorrectly (This used to be ctdb commit d9da73395fa443801fc68ec53a42b548e832d58a)
      adds  011a205   make sure reconnected nodes start off as unhealthy so they don't get a public IP (This used to be ctdb commit c733ec6760cae01ce277f491caf1355e46de5cf7)
      adds  1748796   add config option for disabling bans (This used to be ctdb commit 153b911f7f957d4c564b04f5aa878033a02da9e4)
      adds  0a5bfdd   disable optimisation for now, until we find a occasional segv (This used to be ctdb commit d09570c70551aa40390ce9ceffe7bc234e1afafe)
      adds  0ee8424   merge from tridge
      adds  72379ee   change async.private to async.private_data since private is a reserved work in c++
      adds  de6c5ed   merge from tridge
      adds  ab5d098   add a function in the ctdb tool to determine whether the local node is the recmaster or not.
      adds  292e9d9   add an initial test version of an ip multiplex tool that allows us to have one single public ip address for the entire cluster.
      adds  80cd82f   add a control to send gratious arps from the ctdb daemon
      adds  03e0277   send out gratious arps when we are starting up serving the "single public ip" but before we start the ipmux tool
      adds  7735957   remove some debug outputs
      adds  bdd67bb   add a --single-public-ip argument to ctdbd to specify the ip address used in single public ip address mode. when using this argument, --public-interface must also be used.
      adds  33a6aa3   merge from tridge
      adds  167e100   simplify election handling
      adds  1a49990   first check that recovery master is connected (we know this from our own flags)
      adds  fa5d51c   move the kill_tcp_connections() function from 10.interfaces to functions
      adds  870a57a   use kill_tcp_connections() to kill off all tcp connections to the "single public ip" address when we do a recovery
      adds  ebe772b   use $CTDB_BASE in 90.ipmux instead of hardcoding it to /etc/ctdb
      adds  0e855c0   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit d18712caba11855010be52f90bac656683076676)
      adds  99bc0ac   sync flags between nodes in monitor loop in recmaster (This used to be ctdb commit 6eef86e06388fc53a1212f1e2783ae174c6cd210)
      adds  9570939   disable ipmux code until we have a configure test (This used to be ctdb commit fd83f0f3eb233f22ce9b5b4afbc4f26e3c865b3c)
      adds  574db73   improved handling of systems without libipq.h (This used to be ctdb commit cfa8ddd3ca53c0160558137cccfc7e73e46ec36c)
      adds  d7f6b63   only link to -lipq if needed (This used to be ctdb commit 7c378d881e37db0f14e07ccba19fde1f9f4f0831)
      adds  6b9d73a   more detail on multipath config (This used to be ctdb commit 78c44f2267cbef5fbc57d56dfd5ff40972733a1f)
      adds  85f91b9   increase release number (This used to be ctdb commit 69fe7ce1d7874ce51d79de29adc53c207cb8869f)
      adds  b3ff7d9   dont try to lock the file from inside the ctdb daemon. eventhough we dont want a blocking lock it does appear that the fcntl() call can block for a while if gpfs is in the process of rebuilding itself after a node arriving/leaving the cluster
      adds  7e2e1b1   merge from tridge
      adds  25d3a03   include system/network.h so we get the prototype for inet_aton()
      adds  056aac6   add a new tunable : DeterministicIPs  that makes the allocation of public addresses to nodes deterministic.
      adds  ce7a054   add back the test inside the daemon that if someone asks us to drop recovery mode back to NORMAL that we can not lock the reclock file since at this stage it MUST be locked by the recovery daemon.
      adds  d939a29   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 75d4b386293e186a6bb8532515585ab72670d663)
      adds  805ba22   merge from tridge
      adds  9a93f4b   reverse the order in which public ips are listed so it matches the order of the public_addresses file
      adds  537841f   use NF_DROP instead of NF_STOLEN when we tell the kernel to not worry about this packet any more and just forget it ever saw it
      adds  e4ec6e9   flush the route cache when we have added the single public ip to the node
      adds  5e3d5b1   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit a6b094fdede0ae850e87877fad0b9dd1f3a26869)
      adds  06cdb1f   merge from tridge
      adds  755511d   set the flags explicitely isnstead of masking them in
      adds  d1ba047   add a new transport method so that when a node is marked as dead, we shut down and restart the transport
      adds  fe7b5b4   add a stub restart method for IB
      adds  e81e008   add  missing ) in the IB transport (which i dont compile for)
      adds  600264a   dont close the file, just set the fd to -1
      adds  b814462   added some debug lines to help track down a problem (This used to be ctdb commit 2ca31e9de179f76e392a26cc8305e2473357c760)
      adds  623e216   remove a incorrectly added file (This used to be ctdb commit ff01a32db81b6c04d42634f5660181c270988264)
      adds  f47f758   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit d444fdc7782496abe4b27003b647ac49fb52e6be)
      adds  1a8338e   increase release number (This used to be ctdb commit 747ff96f1d93c52ba7548d0540266b0277d88ac1)
      adds  34f0657   merge from tridge
      adds  caad5dc   dont set some of the sysctl variables in statd-callout.    these are mainly useful for avoiding ack-storms when doing very rapid failover/failback during testing   but should not be required in real-world.
      adds  f022df1   dont set parameters in statd-callout     if they should be set they bshould be set from 10.interfaces
      adds  4a97876   when we are shutting down, we should first shut down the recovery daemon
      adds  1d6a74f   when shutting down, we should stop monitoring
      adds  6a32af6   nfs may take a while to stop   so do it in hte background
      adds  3507664   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit b47fdc1fc86431c9159b595047faa76ba31f6829)
      adds  f09537e   prevent a double free (This used to be ctdb commit 5a1b923abb36c6deb99ae178fdd54f12235dc309)
      adds  2931ed5   fixed a valgrind uninitialised memory error due to pad bytes (This used to be ctdb commit aea9b0c8d467fe19815c046969e9c1049a3a20ac)
      adds  2d8afd8   another place where we need to mark connect_fde as freed (This used to be ctdb commit d047fbeafebe4b150602f9a91802795659058b16)
      adds  8e22bca   fixed a double close of a socket, leading to an EPOLL error (This used to be ctdb commit bbe8ad842bdfedd37ef14a6be07ad939113fe9b1)
      adds  6e6de1e   fixed a problem with backgrounding onnnode (This used to be ctdb commit 4e23630224bb219cfbbf129c4562da5a4c2d601a)
      adds  44ab817   merge from tridge
      adds  533a530   since service nfs stop/start sometimes fail to bring up the mount daemon on rhel5 check if mountd is running during monitoring and if it is not, try to restart it
      adds  2cea351   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit cc70a2cc5f5400d6480cb609e1fa203236917976)
      adds  1d6b4f4   update release number (This used to be ctdb commit fe6766940b2cf8a84ed51824158c956362a5806d)
      adds  bd73497   merge from tridge
      adds  6d75f07   added monitoring of ftp ports (This used to be ctdb commit 4780e078fb55d69053f78a4bbc7c67e569bb5dae)
      adds  ba6f9ae   merge from tridge
      adds  8599f20   if bond* interfaces are used as public interfaces we can not rely on ethtool but have to check /proc for the status instead
      adds  2a70ac8   the while loop in the startup event runs as a subshell so we need an extra || exit 1 at the end to propagate the error code back to the caller of the script
      adds  87bfa7d   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 22b110549ff35f2560043abd5d85bed4b35295ee)
      adds  684282f   added bonding info to ctdb_diagnostics (This used to be ctdb commit 71b5fc434bc5d88eb0669ee29aa932ba12737e07)
      adds  29e48fe   increase release number (This used to be ctdb commit dc648b1bb6becc52dcf900add97418a5634367eb)
      adds  82bd652   patch from michael adam (This used to be ctdb commit a7a3bef90f033bab5cb110a6ef77a8bef48f2588)
      adds  bde8869   prevent a deadly embrace between smbd and ctdbd by moving the calling of the startup event scripts after the point where recovery has started and the node is in normal operation
      adds  3427793   don't do the first startup event until we are out of recovery (This used to be ctdb commit 689940eb6e23f16ee063331caf3986613a8963ea)
      adds  45f0fdf   make election handling much more scalable (This used to be ctdb commit 05938d462b92bd9ecb8e35f53651bded47c48675)
      adds  0943fba   make it easier to test starting large numbers of virtual nodes (This used to be ctdb commit cf61bf8b8806d29772985c904d5ee15c24d4d767)
      adds  4608fcc   need public_addresses for test suite (This used to be ctdb commit 6d79994eace4802ab72dda2793028264c47d2d56)
      adds  8b1ad10   merge from tridge
      adds  df5dd43   add a new tunable "CheckNodesFile" that when set to 0   will disable the check in the recovery daemon that all nodes are using the same /etc/ctdb/nodes file.
      adds  3c1f988   revert 773
      adds  71dfab2   merge from tridge
      adds  3d98766   merge from tridge
      adds  04ff06d   merge from tridge
      adds  dfa6829   add CTDB_MANAGES_WINBIND to /etc/sysconfig/ctdb to allow ctdb to be used in environments where samba is used without winbind
      adds  9f4b0da   only check port 21 when monitoring vsftpd
      adds  b09d3de   from Christian A when monitoring that all nfs shares are available, allow both ' ' and '\t' characters to separate the exported directory from the options in /etc/exports
      adds  74b1678   - merge from ronnie - auto-detect CTDB_MANAGES_WINBIND from smb.conf if not set
      adds  330bf59   increase release number (This used to be ctdb commit 1178fcce1a701441d43d4ed959f0ba6b50a5b07d)
      adds  6b5cfde   merge from tridge
      adds  e95a4b5   when we print "Remote node had flags xx   local had flags xx we swapped the flags when printing them to the log
      adds  c36ce05   if we get a modflag control but the flags remain unchanged, log this
      adds  af5bc9b   add an extra log if we get a modflags control  but it doesnt change any flags
      adds  b2a81fb   when we as the recovery daemon on the recovery master detects that the flags differ between the local ctdb daemon and the remote node we can force a flags update on all nodes and not just the local daemon
      adds  b5e79fb   If update_local_flags() finds that a node has changed its BANNED status so it differs from what the local ctdb daemon on the recovery master thinks it should be  we should call for a re-election
      adds  6b284e5   add log output for when ctdb_ban_node() and ctdb_unban_node() are called
      adds  a260145   check for recursive bans in ctdb_ban_node() and remove the previous ban if this is an attempt to ban an already banned node
      adds  0597be3   when monitoring the node from the recovery daemon, check that the recovery daemon and the ctdb daemon both agree on whether the node is banned or not   and if they disagree then reban the node again after logging an error to the debug log
      adds  9e73dc8   Add a --node-ip argument so that one can specify which ip address a specific instance of ctdbd should bind to. This helps when running a "virtual" cluster on a single machine where all instcances bind to different alias interfaces.
      adds  5c3a270   move ctdb_set_culprit higher up in the file
      adds  8ac8cce   dont manipulate ctdb->monitoring_mode directly from the SET_MON_MODE control, instead call ctdb_start/stop_monitoring()
      adds  192ba82   ->monitor_context is NULL when monitoring is disabled. Check whether monitoring is enabled or not before creating new events and log why the event is not set up othervise
      adds  0eb6c04   get rid of the control to set the monitoring mode. monitoring should always be enabled (though a node may want to temporarily disable running the "monitor" event scripts but can do so internally without the need for this control)
      adds  50573c5   add ctdb_disable/enable_monitoring() that only modifies the monitoring flag. change calling of the recovered/takeip/releaseip event scripts to use these enable/disable functions instead of stopping/starting monitoring.
      adds  975fbc8   always set up a new monitoring event regardless of whether monitoring is enabled or not
      adds  07dd0f6   log that monitoring has been "disabled" not that it has been "stopped" when monitoring is disabled
      adds  2f1baf3   up the loglevel for the enable/disable monitoring to level 1
      adds  7edb416   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 6653a0b67381310236e548e5fc0a9e27209b44e0)
      adds  a55c370   make DeterministicIPs the default (This used to be ctdb commit e7d077e98a40a62dbd6bfd174f29afba7b5529ef)
      adds  ad6abac   merge from tridge
      adds  64008e2   for the banned status, we should allocate this structure as a child of the banned_nodes array and not the rec structure so that  ban_state is destroyed when the banned_nodes array gets destroyed (and so that when this struct is destroyed, that any pending ctdb_ban_timeout events are also destroyed.)
      adds  7cef33b   rework banning/unbanning nodes
      adds  6ef3bff   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 072ef744951d3aa59dd8be70578b99b18c37d988)
      adds  36fd197   update release number and changelog (This used to be ctdb commit fa9723e1e43cdbb5c0c3c31fd79c50aa1298ba3d)
      adds  2a2f1e3   fixed segv on failed ctdb_ctrl_getnodemap (This used to be ctdb commit 5daf9a72f0e60a9af7cf32ae6d759be7d94857ec)
      adds  d116235   updated release info (This used to be ctdb commit 657aac41b2c2f7e4d53e5709d4eb8dbd9c5f5616)
      adds  ec59952   fixed order of changelog (This used to be ctdb commit 05940cc8a7c7e75b976f2f0151d03fdf63c59395)
      adds  fa965de   quick fix for timeout in recovery (This used to be ctdb commit 9205c681a819782d061bb41637191c130e91b100)
      adds  77c376e   make this a custom build (This used to be ctdb commit cc805ec72c9b0e60e06b5b920fbb5fe67b266c2a)
      adds  1ebc630   make this a custom build (This used to be ctdb commit 570ad64dadde2056e41d95d1278cf030949855d5)
      adds  bb06e83   more optimisations to recovery (This used to be ctdb commit 9a41ad0a842cd4f3792d6e84b5c809b7ff6f342e)
      adds  41fb8e2   add randrec to Makefile (This used to be ctdb commit ded1f7903e8a6525ab1888e8c4f50c71fa23cc19)
      adds  10bc8a4   added ctdb_randrec test tool (This used to be ctdb commit be59e7f3db992667664a631433b99ff19f4313f0)
      adds  2509821   prevent a re-ban loop for single node clusters (This used to be ctdb commit b20a3369655bcba274c99091157ba7466994e848)
      adds  ea13223   prevent O(n^2) behaviour for traverse after large numbers of deletes (This used to be ctdb commit e3c60552366f1d8d464c43efbcd6ed5a2a1adb71)
      adds  b4a5c5e   make sure vars are set at startup before recovery (This used to be ctdb commit 2c789f19b069c975c133dd8488b566a6715a8e76)
      adds  afc7275   fixed a warning (This used to be ctdb commit d6255438d63943736b24a7a6da190b6933379a61)
      adds  8a10bc6   update revnumber for custom tree (This used to be ctdb commit 8b36f4a4f131102769782fe2994b846fc2b8da13)
      adds  9ea20f3   expand tdb by minimum of 25% at a time (This used to be ctdb commit 355575878e2b6e85268ca8387f41a19bcd9db651)
      adds  e9987cf   fixed a warning (This used to be ctdb commit f34d0f9351c1cda3327efb14e173f249f7854570)
      adds  c4826c2   added async pull, push and rsn handling functions (This used to be ctdb commit 05d30180f64aaff13411b92586ac554d84a35d9a)
      adds  fc21f78   make some specific cases of the non-dmaster bug non-fatal (This used to be ctdb commit 7b516ab06c7ba7ffe9ecf3f76720df5360176b2c)
      adds  69fb0d3   avoid write locks during delete checks in traversals (This used to be ctdb commit dde9f3f0061988a0cdf10ee9e4db982c1b79ad1a)
      adds  9a62553   this fixes the non-dmaster bug that has plagued us for months (This used to be ctdb commit 2acf6c6201862debfca054a09262f75c066d2deb)
      adds  f79dfd0   convert much of the recovery logic to be async and parallel across all nodes (This used to be ctdb commit 8b72a02bf1045d8befb342a4111ca1316889262e)
      adds  023a230   a useful hack for checking correct behaviour of recovery (This used to be ctdb commit d88b95a5407b53ead47ca0638ee60653ea3d3d07)
      adds  e4aefbc   a new tunable DatabaseMaxDead that enables the tdb max dead cache logic (This used to be ctdb commit 01c519c3658a8fcb9545b507b597e723658e4c4e)
      adds  02287e5   update version (This used to be ctdb commit 37a1d17365995f15696e4c338d7c2efcc04c1e6e)
      adds  9bd69e7   ensure we always build the right version (This used to be ctdb commit 841943e74355a4347cda5b23b1807522bf12f169)
      adds  a21afe8   added tdb_wipe_all() function (This used to be ctdb commit 8e2d81cf54630970d66af92de2c0333acd2e1d22)
      adds  63b2d1c   cleanup the new freelist code (This used to be ctdb commit 76137104c7028b061578950d4b6b35ca8267fab1)
      adds  9311f7f   fixed the bug that make "onnode N service ctdb start" hang (This used to be ctdb commit b50dcb16f30a60abce42f491f9b0aae7948b8206)
      adds  a54b88d   fixed data offset definition (This used to be ctdb commit cef83d74883f6c66866fb7e5e17769322a3473da)
      adds  5180a3b   fixed excludes in tar ball creation for src rpm (This used to be ctdb commit fe0662fb2cdf733c5c9da7e24641e89039cb3e54)
      adds  c2f84d6   Rewrote the tdb transaction code to be O(N) instead of O(N^2)
      adds  67d2b14   convert tdb from u32 to uint32_t to match the current Samba trees (This used to be ctdb commit 0dc754b7e8b0985a252885ed043949dfb7ea1ae1)
      adds  370779a   update from Samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 298118c41bd33acd1a34a35a71a28451a45390c5)
      adds  841a049   merge from Samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 9aed7a1d065272c2e5b54872228a73f37664b526)
      adds  43aa27c   this is needed with merged tdb (This used to be ctdb commit 3dc07f2bf98ab445ab960ef14173bc6924e3b658)
      adds  ff039b4   - added tdb_add_flags() and tdb_remove_flags()
      adds  4322a86   ensure tdb log messages appear in ctdbd logs (This used to be ctdb commit b2439487832230e7b738c0f89eeaa2c0c4ba0951)
      adds  108aafc   non-persistent databases don't need sync transactions (This used to be ctdb commit 52fd86addd23e4d6e0af2c716bd83d19675b1f5a)
      adds  4f5b717   change default tunables to cope with larger dbs (This used to be ctdb commit d91a2d43d1f0562cc3a12e6e1e2767f75d888f72)
      adds  c08f261   new simpler and much faster recovery code based on tdb transactions (This used to be ctdb commit 9ef2268a1674b01f60c58fed72af8ac982fe77a3)
      adds  748843a   added paranoid transaction ids (This used to be ctdb commit afc1da53873cdbd31fcc8c6b22fae262e344cf6e)
      adds  db6ac79   new rpm version (This used to be ctdb commit eb8fba9613e90088b295d6428d5edad7b75315ba)
      adds  30e18ed   don't retstart statd when we don't need to (This used to be ctdb commit 94059f108b14c4a2442a40cf8f0eceb612c5d14a)
      adds  528e4d7   more efficient traversal in pulldb control (This used to be ctdb commit fe614b10868e63b70e081b5bbfb74bf16fdf5716)
      adds  4258098   catch internal traversal errors (This used to be ctdb commit 8caa85ad71be5d20a8d6f0cb3d52aff6905657a4)
      adds  d38fbaa   nicer onnode output (This used to be ctdb commit ac5c1e090d007bc2e3965589731620b87c0217fb)
      adds  3786193   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 0aa6e04438aa5ec727815689baa19544df042cf7)
      adds  61fd2d5   background the smbstatus -n command (This used to be ctdb commit 0a05cc6763aa6e57089d3ce70516d359fcddb0e4)
      adds  25bb60f   show start/stop time of recovery on all nodes (This used to be ctdb commit 9f7662279c367eb3e8a58e6f4aeca521e6f1f1d0)
      adds  41f63fe   updated docs from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 0390f9e68210dd7f6e750f7a5909a0f97841193c)
      adds  96100fc   added two new ctdb commands:
      adds  1c91398   ensure the recovery daemon is not clagged up by vacuum calls (This used to be ctdb commit ff7e80e247bf5a86adda0ef850d901478449675b)
      adds  9559249   ensure the main daemon doesn't use a blocking lock on the freelist (This used to be ctdb commit 73f8257906b09e6516f675883d8e7a3c455ad869)
      adds  0ee375a   this is not an error - it just means the record was busy (This used to be ctdb commit 749451a4e97330d0fc35f5366dcc61aa500f7ce9)
      adds  673a2b4   nicer outut from repack and vacuum (This used to be ctdb commit 446c76bc332fe1366c32898fb77279a902d7159c)
      adds  bb3f77d   changed default vacuum limit (This used to be ctdb commit 7ca2977c12cf7938da639a17a0f857d7029d749c)
      adds  010e257   increase version number (This used to be ctdb commit 8aa1d26a83fd781e641fa23b14bbfd1c238de0b6)
      adds  4879d46   forgot this file (This used to be ctdb commit d715bef49a88f9084f53b3c88307848ed8434a50)
      adds  fa77de5   needs to be in Makefile.in too (This used to be ctdb commit b3dfdf28fa682a55d177564774cde3af8c260d8e)
      adds  59d69bb   only match vacuum list if on the same database (This used to be ctdb commit 27e56955e93027534780cc7549ddb224670d82b6)
      adds  5d99136   allow remote variable expansion in onnode, so you can use wildcards that expand on the remote nodes (This used to be ctdb commit def643225a1cb31d4999f3e73fad368ae60048ad)
      adds  5b6486c   allow delete percentage to be specified on the command line (This used to be ctdb commit 1177b48067a92cbf013e19027d4122327c620361)
      adds  bc85af6   a compromise for freelist scanning - we now will look for other than the first fit, but get exponentially more desperate as we get deeper into the freelist (This used to be ctdb commit f3319ef84c47dc8bf0bfb4ef1c72cee58ed9d88c)
      adds  fae327d   report the store rate in ctdb_randrec (This used to be ctdb commit da3fb053d91da76122b12f0efb1d31e085b59574)
      adds  2119f0a   add a max runtime switch to ctdb tool (This used to be ctdb commit b681e4f2011481aebbe18fd0147c2d500caf2705)
      adds  35e8f2f   tdb_freelist_size was reporting 1 more than correct size (This used to be ctdb commit 46214c9234c574b45bce0b88bfb3af437415a69e)
      adds  3b3fcea   block alarm signals during critical sections of vacuum (This used to be ctdb commit cfb14ae76f00f10d27b56c034b2247ab12d63065)
      adds  624898b   auto-run the vacuum and repack ops every 5 minutes by default (This used to be ctdb commit 3fc3f3d15a0f51811b32ff7b554d1f8ce9715358)
      adds  bccfdc0   increase version number (This used to be ctdb commit fccaba54d392f983071e38336f792229f5199d13)
      adds  538f519   exponential backoff in health monitoring for faster startup (This used to be ctdb commit 1b04a1f675f73b48366ba98803a58c3d8df1b6e1)
      adds  b866a14   get rid of monitor_retry as well (This used to be ctdb commit c957cf9c1d99d5d3f4ca726f7a867c829660a2b7)
      adds  ddbe31e   fixed the bug that caused tdbtorture to fail It was an error in the new transaction code
      adds  fd227f5   merge from tridge
      adds  9862338   merge from tridge
      adds  bd82528   merge from tridge
      adds  73ca357   merge from tridge
      adds  6c61bcd   merge from tridge
      adds  08a7985   add documentation for the vacuum and repack commands. document the -T option to ctdb
      adds  f10d9b8   typo
      adds  64c3943   merge from tridge
      adds  5932723   add eventscript for http
      adds  ba31fea   split node health monitoring and checking for connected/disconnected nodes into two separate files.
      adds  8d50445   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit d91fd2747ed42adfb765cdb1cb70cb5402990f36)
      adds  840ba4d   minor fix to transaction_write_existing (This used to be ctdb commit aa4e7578f78449c518730811220666e5e34adc06)
      adds  6c56e9d   fixed a memory leak in the recovery daemon (This used to be ctdb commit 73c27cf4c62cbe44b2b8fd00f907974d0808500c)
      adds  e89d18c   merge from tridge
      adds  bf9e33d   - catch a case where the client disconnects during a call
      adds  8bf5790   update for release (This used to be ctdb commit b607ceff4e7337b0671ff1e295b418d55f01d025)
      adds  43ecfd3   merge from tridge
      adds  5b7838d   ctdb_control_send() does not need to take an outdata parameter
      adds  44cd044   improve documentation of --nosetsched
      adds  d8a708f   explain public-interface and single-public-ip better
      adds  8b8fb37   update --transport we only supprot tcp now,   infiniband may be supported in the future
      adds  cf1abbe   update
      adds  d28d32b   update getdbmap docs
      adds  5f2be83   doc updates
      adds  9f5ce34   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit c0173a5fb9010474064209f2153797b57ff7e2a2)
      adds  b62b7fc   added syslog support, and use a pipe to catch logging from child processes to the ctdbd logging functions (This used to be ctdb commit 1306b04cd01e996fd1aa1159a9521f2ff7b06165)
      adds  d815bc6   the event scripts no longer need to show a date, as its done by the main ctdbd logging function (This used to be ctdb commit b5e691c4c3fe80b219a9ac355d28b766cb0303f3)
      adds  97ede94   The recovery daemon does not need to be a realtime task (This used to be ctdb commit f552acf7c1f9dd37eb35d9716ea3fb02304aae8f)
      adds  0080683   fixed two 64bit warnings (This used to be ctdb commit c61fe240713ae2e917f69f827c6927405f02f5d4)
      adds  e979ca9   update for release (This used to be ctdb commit 51dbdb4ddec36e280b2d8e312a85a2589642ffb9)
      adds  be9594c   fixed handling of \r from stdout of subprocesses (This used to be ctdb commit f1acec5db4948d8e48412a8546bb181b08a2c5fd)
      adds  5683a8d   cope better with large debug dumps (This used to be ctdb commit fc3733f8e966376f50799fd1aa7b0a8e1cf66e0e)
      adds  fc9bc20   merge from tridge
      adds  31fe67c   merge from tridge
      adds  9055978   add a ctdb uptime command that prints when ctdb was started and when the last recovery occured
      adds  9625483   add ctdb_uptime.c
      adds  d945b1a   merge from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit 5f6d59b9d18c694d82591238bc7a6bb98726a3ed)
      adds  ce13465   more efficient freelist allocation This takes advantage of the fact that we can do left merges but not right merges By allocating data from the end of the freelist entry rather than the beginning we can guarantee that if we immediately free the record again it will be merged with the previous freelist entry, reducing fragmentation
      adds  ef02267   merge from samba4 (This used to be ctdb commit 21245b894b32f232251fd7c0e2fbfd073fb10514)
      adds  3c5bf1f   merged 60.nfs changes from ronnie (This used to be ctdb commit aa7996d4555883360082d9017185464b3551ae08)
      adds  eb044bb   make ctdb dumpmemory work remotely, and dump the talloc memory tree to stdout. This is much more useful than putting it in the log, and also fixes a bug where the pipe would overflow internally and cause ctdbd to lockup
      adds  6b50533   fixed egrep pattern to use more compatible expression for spaces
      adds  3777346   partial merge from ronnie
      adds  8d7c9ee   added an ignore file
      adds  9c9cf30   useful for building with equivalent options to the spec file
      adds  146d4b0   merge async recovery changes from Ronnie
      adds  e2fa62c   ignore some autogenerated test files
      adds  bd5ce86   update download instructions for new git tree
      adds  ac2e733   update for release 1.0.25
      adds  feb7c05   removed dependence on dprintf
      adds  1c35c82   fixed a crash bug in the new transaction code
      adds  0986cdd   prepare for release
      adds  9d6ac0c   added debug constants to allow for better mapping to syslog levels
      adds  04aa3fb   Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  f6e53f4   merge from ronnie
      adds  a7aced2   Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  3f56526   Specify and print debuglevels by name and not by number
      adds  275cd68   nicer use of structures and use isalpha()
      adds  55efef3   add an eventscript to start/stop iscsi
      adds  64b6df0   update ctdb version change flags for 41.httpd
      adds  7ceb256   update ctdb revision
      adds  2a0e73b   add monitoring of iscsi to the eventscript
      adds  e365b01   add documentation on how to set up ha-iscsi with ctdb
      adds  a8ea672   change the IF interface is a BOND THEN xxx ELSE assume everything is ethernet
      adds  35ee7d4   in the 91.lvs event script
      adds  f992455   dont use an absolute path for the basename command
      adds  6820f4e   dont use an absolute pathname for the iptables tool
      adds  071021b   dont use an absolute pathname for the touch command
      adds  81232a9   dont use absolute pathnames for the netstat tool it can be either in /bin or /usr/bin
      adds  fbba202   fixed a problem with tdb growing after each recovery
      adds  60e2a45   Merge git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  1ff6e08   don't ship the .git directory in the srpm
      adds  f6ebcd6   carefully step around the recovery area when doing a tdb_wipe_all. This prevents problems with wipe_all on databases that may need crash recovery
      adds  b58a128   update to revision 28
      adds  0e31eae   create a startstop_nfs function that can start/stop the nfs service of different platforms
      adds  42702fa   add helpers to stop/start nfs lockmanager on different platforms
      adds  e3770e5   From Mathieu PARENT <math.parent at gmail.com>
      adds  8da0e15   from Mathieu PARENT <math.parent at gmail.com>
      adds  bef60e8   read the current debuglevel in each loop in the recovery daemon so that we pick up when they change in the parent daemon
      adds  87b38e0   the ctdb structure must make its own copy of the ->address field and not just copy the content of the nodes structure.
      adds  9f99b44   to make it easier/less disruptive to add nodes to a running cluster
      adds  16c4e9c   make the ctdb reloadnodes reload the nodes file on all nodes and restart the transport
      adds  050e629   update version to 1.0.29
      adds  c8503e0   monitor the amount of free memory and if this treshold is crossed, monitoring will log an OOM memory in the ctdb log and shut down ctdb on the node.
      adds  39539f6   Add a new parameter to /etc/sysconfig/ctdb CTDB_START_AS_DISABLED="yes"
      adds  f3b474c   Add debug output to indicate why a node starts up in DISABLED state
      adds  0c193b3   document the --start-as-disabled argument
      adds  7bc8007   add a new tunable DisableWhenUnhealthy which when set will cause a node to automatically become DISABLED anytime monitoring fails and the node becomes UNHEALTHY.
      adds  4adeafe   add a control to get the name of the reclock file from the daemon
      adds  e003694   add a new file <reclock>.pnn where each recovery daemon can lock that byte at offset==pnn to offer an alternative way to detect which nodes are active instead of relying on CONNECTED being accurate.
      adds  efa29c6   store the num_active variable (number of connected/active nodes) inside the rec structure and avoid passing this as an extra parameter to do_recovery()
      adds  814570f   update the reclock pnn count for how many nodes are connected to the current node once every 60 seconds
      adds  cadd952   change recmaster from being a local variable in monitor_cluster() to be a member of the ctdb_recoverd structure
      adds  f6f7f54   add a new tunable : reclockpingperiod
      adds  57d29f1   add a num_connected field to the rec structure that holds the number of connected nodes
      adds  e08519b   when we reallocate the ip addresses for nodes, we must make sure that a node that has been allocated to server an ip actually CAN serve that ip (if we use differing public_addresses files on each node)
      adds  a89ed0f   add a new tunable 'NoIPFailback' when this tunable is set, ip addresses will only be failed over when a node fails. And only those ip addresses held by the failed node will be reallocated in the cluster.
      adds  d9b534b   A new command to 'ctdb'
      adds  4600834   document some new ctdb command
      adds  5afb32f   document some public tunables
      adds  212fbb4   make 'ctdb ip' provide machinereadble output using '-Y'
      adds  61b52e0   provide machinereadble -Y output for 'ctdb getdebug'
      adds  b1cf2b5   Update ctdb uptime to provide machinereadable output
      adds  e293058   update to version 1.0.30
      adds  74d57f8   Redo the vacukming process to mkake it scalable.
      adds  e19264e   change the log level for the message when someone connects to a non-public ip
      adds  38212ff   dont steal reply_data.dptr to ctdb if there is no data, since then we would leak memory
      adds  d534247   in ctdb_call_local() we can not talloc_steal() the returned data and hang it off ctdb. This can cause a memory leak if the call is terminated before we have managed to respond to the client. (and the call is talloc_free()d but the data is still hanging off ctdb)
      adds  2863d2c   From M Dietz, Add back the controls to enable/disable monitoring we used to have for debugging but removed a while ago
      adds  5bb9b02   update to version 1.0.31
      adds  26ec64a   fix a memory leak
      adds  0d7b34c   Add two new controls to add/delete public ip address from a node at runtime.
      adds  d03bb15e  update the iscis support under RHEL5 to allow one iscsi target to be defined for each public address in the cluster.
      adds  a133424   make sure the iface string is nullterminated in the addip control packet
      adds  0de4f37   return 0 if iscsi is disabled
      adds  78081de   from tridge: decorate dumpmemory output so that packets that are queued show up with a little more information to make memory leak debugging easier
      adds  27a7f85   add improvements to tracking memory usage in ctdbd adn the recovery daemon
      adds  03d30f4   decorate the memdump output with a nice field for ctdb_client structures to show the pid of the client that attached
      adds  e8e67ef   add a mechanism to force a node to run the eventscripts with arbitrary arguments
      adds  eaad3e1   bump version to .32
      adds  6b797f1   From Chris Cowan
      adds  d6736b3   we allocated one byte too little in the blob we need to send as the control to the server.
      adds  416409d   add a ctdb command to print the ctdb version
      adds  b902e09   add possibility to provide site local modifications to the event system through a /etc/ctdb/rc.local script that is sources by /etc/ctdb/functions
      adds  2da3fe1   From Chris Cowan secure the domain socket and set permissions properly
      adds  3f087a9   update to version .33
      adds  ea86c31   shell scripts need extra spaces sometime
      adds  cd1858d   fix compiler warning during a fatal error failing to lock down the socket
      adds  dc15a9c   - accept an optional set of tdb_flags from clients on open a database,   thus allowing the client to pass through the TDB_NOSYNC flag
      adds  9684bef   Revert "- accept an optional set of tdb_flags from clients on open a database,"
      adds  39f119b   Revert "Revert "- accept an optional set of tdb_flags from clients on open a database,""
      adds  0e1a20b   Revert "Revert "Revert "- accept an optional set of tdb_flags from clients on open a database,"""
      adds  f153a45   make ctdb eventrscipt accept the -n all argument to run the event script on all connected nodes
      adds  073f4a7   when a node disgrees with us re who is recmaster make it mark that node as a lcuprit so it eventually gets banned
      adds  a6cbe34   add support for -n all   in "ctdb -n all ip" this collects all public addresses from all nodes and presents the public ips for the entire cluster
      adds  60583c7   when adding a new public ip address to a running node using the 'ctdb addip' command, If no other node is hosting this public ip at the moment, then assign it immediately to the current node.
      adds  6a5b593   make 'ctdb catdb' produce output that resembles the output of tdbdump
      adds  6fd1c60   when deleting a public ip from a node that is currently hosting this ip, try to move the ip address to a different node first
      adds  f148f1b   update version to .34
      adds  f8dadeb   Use DEBUG_ERR and not DEBUG_WARNING when we get a connection attempt from a non-ctdb host
      adds  a9c45f9   Add a capabilities field to the ctdb structure
      adds  d86e48d   Add ability to disable recmaster and lmaster roles through sysconfig file and command line arguments
      adds  80f85dc   Monitor that the recovery daemon is still running from the main ctdb daemon and if it has terminated, then we shut down the main daemon as well
      adds  6863c8f   close and reopen the reclock pnn file at regular intervals.
      adds  2c23959   make sure we lose all elections for recmaster role if we do not have the recmaster capability.
      adds  92b61cd   Expand the client async framework so that it can take a callback function. This allows us to use the async framework also for controls that return outdata.
      adds  d00c549   update to version .35
      adds  41e762a   From Mathias Dietz
      adds  8e8e428   fixed permissions on configure.rpm
      adds  bb237ab   add support for -n all   in "ctdb -n all ip" this collects all public addresses from all nodes and presents the public ips for the entire cluster
      adds  4304a58   when a node disgrees with us re who is recmaster make it mark that node as a lcuprit so it eventually gets banned
      adds  b1b8aeb   make ctdb eventrscipt accept the -n all argument to run the event script on all connected nodes
      adds  b13c021   Revert "Revert "Revert "- accept an optional set of tdb_flags from clients on open a database,"""
      adds  8f40189   Revert "Revert "- accept an optional set of tdb_flags from clients on open a database,""
      adds  aca21ff   Revert "- accept an optional set of tdb_flags from clients on open a database,"
      adds  e8a62cd   Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/sahlberg/ctdb
      adds  69bdb33   Merge commit 'ronnie-ctdb/master' into tridge
      adds  fb5cc54   listen_fd is auto-closed
      adds  366c42b   Merge commit 'sofs1/tridge'
      adds  60103af   Merge git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  123d0b3   fix merge corruption
      adds  abe6d81   fixed realloc bug
      adds  f196afd   fix a bug where the public ip addresses of the cluster would not be redistributed across the cluster after a recovery was performed.
      adds  ac9b967   update to new version
      adds  adf4034   ctdb->methods becomes NULL when we shutdown the transport.
      adds  49e38d9   when pulling the nfs directories to check during 60.nfs monitor grep for lines starting with a '/' character since exportfs will sometimes split a single export line into two lines of output    like this :
      adds  d5ec45e   Update to new release
      adds  b8eb592   Try to use tdb transactions when updating a record and record header inside the ctdb daemon.
      adds  d3e24f7   When we run the init script to start the ctdb service Use tdbdump to verify that all persistent database files are good before we start the daemon.
      adds  7178dfb   add a checksum routine for tcp over ipv6
      adds  9aba594   move the function to open a sending socket into the main executable since this function will dissapear soon...
      adds  7d04ca2   Add a missing include
      adds  2bc0e5a   add a new container to hold a socketaddr for either ipv4 or ipv6
      adds  909ff21   Start implementing support for ipv6.
      adds  093ce06   use git archive to create tarball
      adds  78a0203   need to specicy tree to git archive
      adds  510fb39   Merge commit 'ronnie-ctdb/master' into tridge
      adds  e465110   Fix the chicken and egg problem with ctdb/samba and a registry smb.conf
      adds  8ec3665   put the return in the right place
      adds  3e14bbc   Merge git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  09cc3cc   Update some debug statements. Dont say that recovery failed if the failed function was invoked from outside of recovery
      adds  f2661ec   remove some unnessecary tests if ->vnn is null or not
      adds  37b6816   dont check whether the "recovered" event was successful or not since  this event wont run unless the recovery mode is normal   but we can not know what the recovery mode will be in the future on a remote node so since we issue these commands   that will execute in the future at some other node it is pointless to try to check if it worked or not
      adds  f4fd4d0   dont disable/enable monitoring for each eventscript, instead just disable the monitoring during the "startrecovery" event and enable it again once recovery has completed
      adds  9da30f4   add "machinereadable output" support to "ctdb getmonmode"
      adds  112a1fc   new version .38
      adds  e50dfb0   When ctdb has just been installed on a node, there wont be any persistent databases stored yet.
      adds  26e5f71   lower the debug level for the "can not start transaction" since we do expect this to happen a few times inside ctdb (since we cant really block and wait for all locks to dissapear before we can write the header, for example when doing a dmaster miration) in those cases we accept that we couldnt get a transaction and then just writes the data "unsafely" anyway.
      adds  cc5dc9f   dont emit the can not start transaction with locks held at all. it just pollutes the logs
      adds  9c23bf7    lower the loglevel for when we have "tickles" for an ip address that is not a public address on the local node (it may be a public address on other nodes)
      adds  92a0c0f   lowe the loglevel for the warning that releaseip was called for a non-public address.
      adds  f4ed8ef   move the config optoin CTDB_MANAGES_VSFTPD from /etc/sysconfig/vsftpd to /etc/sysconfig/ctdb
      adds  e9664e5   move the CTDB_MANAGES_ISCSI setting from /etc/sysconfig/iscsi to /etc/sysconfig/ctdb
      adds  5836576   move CTDB_MANAGES_NFS from /etc/sysconfig/nfs to /etc/sysconfig/ctdb
      adds  d60f5ce   update version to .39
      adds  ed2cf02   second try for safe transaction stores into persistend tdb databases
      adds  d895f43   cleanup of the previous patch.
      adds  dd6c9d5   fix some memory hierarchy bugs in allocation of the state structure for persistent writes.
      adds  0941019   restore a timeout value to the default settings instead of the hardcoded 3 second test value
      adds  52e44b3   disable transactions for now,  there are more situations where there are conflicting locks   and the "net" command is not prepared that the persistent store can fail.
      adds  46220fc   read the samba sysconfig from the samba eventscript
      adds  33fd7fd   update to .40
      adds  ceaf488   do persistent writes in a child process
      adds  71ec7b2   remote a comment that is no longer relevant
      adds  0b0f5bc   remove another field we dont need in the childwrite_handle structure
      adds  60a3fb9   dont bother casting to a void* private_data pointer, just pass it as 'state' structure
      adds  04573c1   update to .41
      adds  2d06861   debugleves can now be negative   so print their value using %d instead of %u
      adds  a8cf6e7   create the nodes file in a 'test' subdirectory and not the current directory
      adds  fba38a5   redesign the test of persistent writes so that we have n persistent writers on n nodes, all writers writing persistently to the same record.
      adds  a594ac1   run the persistent write test with 4 nodes by default
      adds  1c88f42   add a parameter for the tdb-flags to the client function ctdb_attach()   so that we can pass TDB_NOSYNC when we attach to a persistent database and want fast unsafe writes instead of slow but safe tdb_transaction writes.
      adds  7d39ac1   convert handling of gratious arps and their controls and helpers to use the ctdb_sock_addr structure so tehy work for both ipv4 and ipv6
      adds  598fba7   fix a comment
      adds  d8433ca   first cut to convert takeover_callback_state{} to use ctdb_sock_addr instead of sockaddr_in
      adds  4b6b094   add a callback for failed nodes to the async control helper.
      adds  e6d1d76   make it possible to re-start a recovery without marking the current node as the culprit.
      adds  30535c8   when a eventscript has timed out, log the event options (i.e. "monitor" "takeip 1.2..." etc) to the log
      adds  779468a   if the event scripts hangs EventScriptsBanCount consecutive times in a row the node will ban itself for the default recovery ban period
      adds  fd921ae   ban the node after 3 failed scripts by default
      adds  79caa61   update to 1.0.42
      adds  aa82d15   it is 2008   not 2008 right now :-)
      adds  77ef05e   the write() from the freeze child process can fail try writing many times and log an error if the write failed
      adds  2910ea1   only loop over the write it the write failed
      adds  97f8bf1   verify that the recmaster has the correct flags for us   and if not tell the recmaster what the flags should be
      adds  cfc0af7   third attempt for fixing a freeze child writing to the socket
      adds  854a615   /etc/ctdb/functions should not be executable
      adds  c5e7e0b   force an update of the flags from the recmaster after each monitoring run
      adds  c5de452   reduce loglevel of the info message we are updating the flags on all nodes
      adds  2cffc2e   test
      adds  f1b3ddc   Revert "test"
      adds  1ccc4a8   test
      adds  03cbb27   make /etc/ctdb/functions executable and add a hashbang to it so rpmlint wont complain
      adds  ff4af5f   initdit/ctdb is not a config file
      adds  e75c790   new version
      adds  bb2019b   update a comment to reflect that this is not always a real recovery it can also be printed when we just do an ip reallocation
      adds  05b50eb   print the opcode when an async callback detects an error
      adds  ef769e7   track both when we last started and ended a recovery. make ctdb uptime print how long the recovery took
      adds  64c4639   we dont need to explicitely thaw the databases from the recovery daemon since this is already done implicitely when we changed recovery mode back to normal
      adds  07e1453   zero out the ctdb->freeze_handle when we free it
      adds  75b8cd1   added option to start ctdb under valgrind
      adds  8be67e0   CTDB_NO_MEMORY_VOID() needs to return on error
      adds  60e5d83   fixed some incorrect CTDB_NO_MEMORY*() calls found after fixing the _VOID varient
      adds  b3bcb42   fixed a warning
      adds  e7ac67c   prevent valgrind errors where we print unitialised values on control errors
      adds  50cd520   don't use mmap in tdb if --nosetsched is set. That makes valgrind happier (it doesn't like the mmap/msync calls in tdb)
      adds  30f8411   ensure pad bytes in the ltdb_header are initialised
      adds  9999f18   an extraordinarily ugly patch!
      adds  f25fd04    in the destructor for the lock-wait child, make sure that we cancel any pending transactions.
      adds  64e0258   If a transaction commit fails. Log this error and cancel all pending transactions to the databases instead of calling ctdb_fatal()
      adds  2003196   we need a 'case x:' in our ugly 'encode the control opcode as a linenumber in valgrind output' hack to make it work
      adds  811493a   zero out the sockaddr_in structure before we store the ipv4 data in it to make sure that all data is initialized. Othervise valgrind will complain about uninitialized data when we write this structure out on the wire
      adds  6eff928   new version .44
      adds  6bfbec2   use more libral handling of event scripts timing out.
      adds  d67de4a   waitpid() can block if it takes a long time before the child terminates so we should not call it from the main daemon.
      adds  5ab7eaa   update the monitor event for nfs to track how many times in a row it has failed to "ping" the local nfs daemon.
      adds  f1c4041   new version 1.0.45
      adds  71d2315   set sigchild to SIG_IGN instead of SIG_DFL
      adds  79425dd   Revert "set sigchild to SIG_IGN instead of SIG_DFL"
      adds  522830d   Revert "waitpid() can block if it takes a long time before the child terminates"
      adds  2d644b3   Replace \s with [[:space:]] in our regexps we use for egrep.
      adds  52f03be   From Chris Cowan,  patch to make aix compile again
      adds  6bf597d    mark /etc/ctdb/functions as a config file to keep rpmlint happy
      adds  55ebe45   Complete rewrite of tools/onnode.  Remove old tools/onnode.ssh, tools/onnode.rsh.
      adds  1707873   Update Makefile.in for new version of onnode.
      adds  f81d002   When in verbose mode with -p, each line is prefixed with the node address/name.  To implement this stderr has redirected to stdout - this doesn't need to be done but is the simplest implementation. Remove -t option since it doesn't seem to accomplish much but causes spurious messages to be displayed by ssh.  Add explicit -h and --help options.  Make style of usage message consistent with documentation. Document new features in doc/onnode.1.xml.
      adds  9ab368e   install the readme in /usr/share/doc/ctdb/ instead of under /etc
      adds  9d65d4d   pull the development files out into their own package
      adds  4d8b995   add spec file for development rpm
      adds  41f6925   copy ctdb-dev to the spec directory
      adds  ac283c3   Revert "copy ctdb-dev to the spec directory"
      adds  48a1be7   Revert "add spec file for development rpm"
      adds  0fba2e3   Revert "pull the development files out into their own package"
      adds  334db8c   proper waitpid() fix. remove all waitpid() calls and use the event system to trap sigchld
      adds  31967ab   if we have enabled LVS   but we dont have all the required packages just log it to the messages dont stop ctdb from starting
      adds  3523899   remove the attempts to restart NFS.
      adds  3c0d725   add an option to skip checking that all the samba shares are ok when monitoring the node health. this might be useful to skip for environments with thousands of shares
      adds  ab8535e   make LVS a capability so that we can see which nodes are configured with LVS and which are not using LVS.
      adds  efd8402   Add three mode commands to the CTDB tool.
      adds  aa0cab2   Update to the LVS eventscript. Do not assume all nodes are members of LVS so always deciding the recmaster will be lvsmaster wont work.
      adds  d7aa3b4   add documentation for both LVS:single-ip and CAPABILITIES:wan-accelerator
      adds  4dfcceb   new version 10.0.46
      adds  a89778c   explain why you have to have a real ip address as well as the "virtual" ip address for lvs
      adds  5b177f1   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  efccecb   Signed-off-by: Martin Schwenke <martin at meltin.net>
      adds  db55b91   Complete rewrite of tools/onnode.  Remove old tools/onnode.ssh, tools/onnode.rsh.
      adds  724e64b   Update Makefile.in for new version of onnode.
      adds  a92de86   When in verbose mode with -p, each line is prefixed with the node address/name.  To implement this stderr has redirected to stdout - this doesn't need to be done but is the simplest implementation. Remove -t option since it doesn't seem to accomplish much but causes spurious messages to be displayed by ssh.  Add explicit -h and --help options.  Make style of usage message consistent with documentation. Document new features in doc/onnode.1.xml.
      adds  47cb226   Yip yip yip!
      adds  0c1ead9   Revert "Yip yip yip!"
      adds  80c95f1   Signed-off-by: Martin Schwenke <martin at meltin.net>
      adds  3492528   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  ccb51aa   Signed-off-by: Martin Schwenke <martin at meltin.net>
      adds  75fa863   Signed-off-by: Martin Schwenke <martin at meltin.net>
      adds  db79d62   Signed-off-by: Martin Schwenke <martin at meltin.net>
      adds  cc03304   fixed a case statement
      adds  66222af5  Fix a very subtle race where we could get a double free of a talloced memory if ctdb_run_eventscript() would be called during processing of ctdb_event_script_timeout() for user unvoked eventscripts. (eventsccripts invoked by "ctdb eventscript ...")
      adds  d16bc2f   new version 1.0.47
      adds  3bb727a   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  3fa8aaa   fixed up exit status for onnode
      adds  0934f40   remove a debugging echo statement
      adds  9a9b506   Add two new options
      adds  e4e298e   change how we filter out "empty" records in the traversecode so that we output the same list of keys in "catdb" as "tdbdump".
      adds  d7da19a   fixed postun script to prevent corrupting RPM database
      adds  f85ad25   Merge git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  0964c59   Do not allow "ctdb eventscript" to start new eventscripts while we are in recovery mode
      adds  6eb4e46   Add two new controls  to start and cancel a persistent update. This allows ctdb to automatically start a new full blown recovery if a client has started updating the local tdb for a persistent database but is kill -9ed before it has ensured the update is distributed clusterwide.
      adds  b9ba443   new version 1.0.48
      adds  90ff67d   Only decrement the "number of persistent writes in flight" If/when it is >0    or we will break if used against an unpatched samba server
      adds  68d01c5   Allow the fix-to-make-persistent-writes-safer work with unpatched samba versions
      adds  8b520bc   lower a debug message
      adds  6d5f96c   lower a debug statement
      adds  66919db   We can not assume that just because we could complete a TCP handshake to the remote node  that 1, we are in fact talking to a CTDB daemon 2, that IF we are talking to a ctdb daemon, it is operational.
      adds  d0707c9   if a new node enters the cluster, that node will already be frozen at start but the rest of the nodes are not frozen.
      adds  48d2851   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  6ec4d4e   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  7fea1f7   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  87e19f1   fixed a bug where we would look for a signal past the end of the signal arrays
      adds  dbb7a12   Merge git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  3637add   new version 1.0.50
      adds  1bfcca5   From Michael Adams, change one element from private to private_data
      adds  7979370   fixed buffering in ctdb logging code to handle multiple lines correctly
      adds  4eac513   allow for probing of directories without raising an error
      adds  71f0641   run the testparm commands in 50.samba in the background, only running in the foreground if something fails
      adds  78beb27   From Alexander Saupp. If we use vlan tagging and bonding we must strip the vlan part off the name so we can check the main bonde device for status.
      adds  e8c1785   new version 1.0.51
      adds  9c10147   - show pids during test - don't use first_time, as it is not safe for multiple   clients on a node
      adds  b7e9d0d   - cleanup persistent db at start - catch SIGINT and kill daemons
      adds  bf32a8e   cleanup on SIGINT
      adds  abe0232   rename the structure we use for marshalling multiple records
      adds  bc1aed3   added a new persistent transaction test program
      adds  9850213   added new multi-record transaction commit code
      adds  dfd3c53   added client side functions for new transaction code
      adds  5672c42   we don't need ctdb_ltdb_persistent_store() any more
      adds  b8e93a9   added marshalling helper functions
      adds  237e2f5   new prototypes
      adds  ca3eaf8   make sure we honor the TDB_NOSYNC flag from clients in the server
      adds  cf739ac   renamed the pulldb structure to a ctdb_marshall_buffer
      adds  5e969d7   cleanup of the old persistent db test
      adds  446295f   fixed a warning
      adds  ae2b9ee   fixed some warnings
      adds  d47fe5f   ensure we use killtcp on non-NFS/non-CIFS ports for faster failover of other protocols
      adds  8d76f55   we need an additional gratuitous arp before the NFS tickles
      adds  78acc59   implemented replayable transactions in ctdb to prevent deadlock
      adds  bbedba2   cover some corner cases where the persistent database could become inconsistent
      adds  5ee51ae   fixed a looping error bug with the new transactions code
      adds  eaaa6e7   ensure we use killtcp on non-NFS/non-CIFS ports for faster failover of other protocols
      adds  5ac8bf1   we need an additional gratuitous arp before the NFS tickles
      adds  bb154c8   New version 1.0.52
      adds  45d9ada   Merge git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  b9d8bb2   remove the reclock file we store pnn counts in. This file creates additional locking stress on the backend filesystem and we may not need it anyway.
      adds  31fcc1b   Merge git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  2ffa38a   new version 1.0.53
      adds  66d154e   Merge commit 'ronnie/1.0.53'
      adds  5a0249d   return a more detailed error code from a trans2 commit error
      adds  e1fe260   up release number
      adds  1da4332   new version 1.0.54
      adds  dfdb413   save writing the same data twice
      adds  f2fd0d8   imported failure handling from dbwrap_ctdb.c
      adds  fd1f5b4   Merge git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  aa1bc0a   added a new control CTDB_CONTROL_TRANS2_COMMIT_RETRY so we can tell the difference between a initial commit attempt and a retry, which allows us to get the persistent updates counter right for retries
      adds  6e86fa3   added retry handling in client
      adds  ba502da   Merge git://git.samba.org/tridge/ctdb
      adds  1431210d  fixed send of release IP message
      adds  76528cf   fixed a memory leak in the recovery daemon
      adds  4ec495a   new version 1.0.55
      adds  bef21da   fix the date soe rpmbuild works
      adds  a10802a   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  b4425e7   up release version
      adds  0e3baef    new version 1.0.56
      adds  af0cdb7   fixed merge
      adds  65ae40d   Add two new ctdb commands :
      adds  6f5ee6b   Encode a file version number in the database backup header Encode the database name in the header so we dont need to provide the database name when doing a restore Encode a timestamp in the header telling us when the backup was created
      adds  748cf6f   store the database name, not the backup filename in the database header
      adds  d793154   only freeze the local node when doing a backup and not the entire cluster
      adds  ed6ca6a   use a local tdb_traverse instead of a ctdb_pulldb to lessen the impact of the system while performing a database backup
      adds  ef997d3   initial ipv6 patch
      adds  342408d   remove a file we dont need
      adds  3723488   fix the ipv6 checksum calculation for pseudoheader so that it actually works
      adds  8e17e75   fix a bug in the tcp socketkiller for ipv6
      adds  4353664   update the socketkiller in the eventscripts to be able to handle ipv6
      adds  da1c17b   when we compare ip addresses in ctdb_same_ip we must first canonicalize the addresses  so that we realize that is really the same thing as ::ffff:
      adds  5193cae   make the function to canonicalize a sockaddr structure public
      adds  eb23d7b   we must canonicalize the sockaddr structures in killtcp so that we do the necessary downgrade if required
      adds  9ce657b   When we harvest all tcp connections to kill off after a takeip/releaseip event we must also harvest the ipv4 connections which may be presented in ::ff:xxxx:xxxx form by netstat
      adds  d83fc7e   when we collect all ip addresses and sort them for the "ctdb ip -n all" output we must look at more than just the first 4 bytes of the sockaddr address or ipv6 wont work
      adds  ddf2de2   Do not fail the takeip event if the "ip addr add ..." command failed. Let the event complete successfully.   the local recovery daemon will check that we have the address and reissue takip othervise.
      adds  c1be066   version 1.0.57   : initial ipv6 support
      adds  413b28b   add a link to my webpage
      adds  b99a88f   Add a "reload" option to the initscript.
      adds  18b10d4   From Abhijith Das <adas at redhat.com>:
      adds  a35fa0a   rename ctdb_tcp_client back to the original name ctdb_control_tcp
      adds  589dcbe   new version 1.0.58
      adds  70c7525   zero out the address structure to keep valgrind happy
      adds  7a78a78   From C Cowan. Patch to make AIX compile with the new ipv6 additions.
      adds  6474f32   additional monitoring between the two daemons.
      adds  3bedb7f   lower the debug level for when printing that the nodeflags have changed
      adds  348cad7   lower the debuglevel when logging unknown idr in responses
      adds  e78ebc8   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  6e17d31   Minor documentation fixes.
      adds  0013ec9   Changes to onnode.  Add "healthy" and "connected" as possible nodespecs.  Since we're now explicitly using bash, use local variables when sensible.
      adds  62a65eb   onnode changes.  "ok" is an alias for "healthy", "con" is an alias for "connected".  Allow "rm" or "recmaster" to be a nodespec for the recovery master. Better error handling for interaction with ctdb client.
      adds  80972d6   Document the new descriptive node specifications.
      adds  54ffdfd   i add a new ctdb command "ctdb recmaster" this shows the node id of hte current recmaster
      adds  b1ce188   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  2ab904a   Signed-off-by: Martin Schwenke <martin at meltin.net>
      adds  1c811b3   Signed-off-by: Martin Schwenke <martin at meltin.net>
      adds  0da23db   Signed-off-by: Martin Schwenke <martin at meltin.net>
      adds  48936df   Minor documentation fixes.
      adds  c1b622f   Merge commit 'origin/master' into for-ronnie
      adds  6c5b9d6   Changes to onnode.  Add "healthy" and "connected" as possible nodespecs.  Since we're now explicitly using bash, use local variables when sensible.
      adds  3510fb4   Merge commit 'origin/master' into for-ronnie
      adds  8b19b74   onnode changes.  "ok" is an alias for "healthy", "con" is an alias for "connected".  Allow "rm" or "recmaster" to be a nodespec for the recovery master. Better error handling for interaction with ctdb client.
      adds  0edd5ab   Document the new descriptive node specifications.
      adds  b93351e   updates to the precompiled documentation
      adds  ab36491   From Volker L Fix a slow memory leak in the recovery daemon if there is a recoery triggered during the public ip reassignment process
      adds  7b718ff   fix some slow memory leaks in the vacuuming handler in the recovery daemon
      adds  ad56356   fix a slow memory leak in the recovery daemon in the error paths for the memdump function
      adds  a3bbe23   The ctdb daemon keeps track of whether the recovery process is running correctly by measuring how long it was since the last successful communication with the recovery daemon was recorded.
      adds  3e274e5   use the correct tunable   failcount not timeout
      adds  6cf004e   expanded ctdb_diagnostics based on recent experience
      adds  24e93b3   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  156662e   Check that a database exists first before we dump its content (and implicitely also create it) using 'ctdb catdb'
      adds  a8a8c4c   merged a bugfix for the idtree code from the Linux kernel. This matches commit 7aae6dd80e265aa9402ed507caaff4a5dba55069 in the kernel.
      adds  bad2949   add a new eventscript : 99.routing that is used to add static routes to interfaces when they are activated (an ip address is added during takeip)
      adds  1778280   When we reload the nodes file instead of shutting down/restarting the entire tcp layer just bounce all outgoing connections and reconnect
      adds  4618743   remove an unused variable
      adds  9d717f3   new version   1.0.59
      adds  3749068   from Michael Adams : allow #-style comments in the nodes and public addresses file
      adds  3411e98   skip empty lines in the public addresses file,   not skip all non-empty lines
      adds  6dbeb91   From Mathieu Parent patch to make debian systems log the package versions in ctdb_diagnostics
      adds  e5a3a73   from Mathieu Parent <math.parent at gmail.com> Hi,
      adds  cb30038   update TAKEIP/RELEASEIP/GETPUBLICIP/GETNODEMAP controls so we retain an older ipv4-only version of these controls.
      adds  260718e   update the client side of getnodemap and getpublicips controls to fallback to the old-style ipv4-only controls if the new-style ipv4/ipv6 control fails.
      adds  41d19e6   Revert "from Mathieu Parent <math.parent at gmail.com>"
      adds  6e490e8   verify that the nodes we try to ban/unban are operational and print an error to the user othervise.
      adds  07b9c38   new version 1.0.60
      adds  3902855   change ip route add to route add -net  since this works more reliably
      adds  233b0e5   lower the loglevel for the informational message that a TCP_ADD opeation described an ip address not known to be a public address.
      adds  f9beb55   we must also check the status returned from the get tickles control to determine whether it was successful or not
      adds  60b98f6   add an eventscript to monitor that the multipath devices are healthy
      adds  a997726   install the new multipath monitoring event script
      adds  02f6731   new version 1.0.61
      adds  b9137e2   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  5808a7b   allow multiple eventscripts using the same prefix. this eases the pain for users that use out of tree eventscripts
      adds  4a66281   new version 1.0.62
      adds  ce66008   specify a "script log level" on the commandline to set under which log level any/all output from eventscripts will be logged as
      adds  5318ca6   make it possible to set the script log level in CTDB sysconfig
      adds  a924ef7   when we reload the nodes file,   we may need to reload the nodes file inside the recovery daemon as well.
      adds  beed899   null out the pointer before we reload the nodes file
      adds  d265e62   dont log "running periodic cleanup" ...
      adds  fc6ed25   new version 1.0.63
      adds  b9bd20c   add a context and a timed event so that once we have been in recovery mode for too long we drop all public ip addresses
      adds  0e7fa75   new version 1.0.64
      adds  e1b0cea   add control and logging of very high latencies.
      adds  d700779   latency is measured in us, not ms
      adds  06728fd   we actually need a ctdb_db variable
      adds  07d35c7   add a CTDB_SOCKET variable that can be used to override the default /tmp/ctdb.socket
      adds  090e5fd   new version 1.0.65
      adds  71b16e1   Merge branch 'master' into martins
      adds  d741559   Add some simple tests that can be run from within the tree.
      adds  9a8d41a   The author of the upstream code asked for this code to be GPLv2+ not GPLv3
      adds  c5edaf7   added some more gpfs commands per-filesystem
      adds  371e6aa   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  94a56ea   reqrite the handling of flag updates across the cluster to eliminate a race between the ctdb tool and the recovery daemon both at once trying to push flag changes across the cluster.
      adds  a2a5904   Keepalive packets were only sent every KeepaliveInterval if the socket had been completely idle during that interval. If we had been sending other packets such as Messages, Calls or Controls there wouldnt be any need for an explicit keepalive and thus we didnt send one.
      adds  331b9bd   dont override/change CTDB_BASE if it is already set by the shell
      adds  eeae32c   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  59b6a9a   fixed problem with looping ctdb recoveries
      adds  bc3a6b2   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  734f3ad   Move tests/*.c to tests/src/*.c and adjust Makefile.in accordingly. Move setting of $CTDB_NODES_SOCKETS to tests/scripts/run_tests and make it only happen if $CTDB_TEST_REAL_CLUSTER is not set.  Bugfix in function ips_are_on_nodeglob.  New/proper implementations of functions stop_daemons and start_daemons, now called by function restart_ctdb. In start_daemons.sh, add public addresses file generation/usage, use new option --nopublicipcheck to ctdbd to avoid crazy beha [...]
      adds  0e9f8c4   Incorporate temporary patch from Ronnie that adds --nopublicipcheck option to ctdbd.  Commit here because it seems to work.
      adds  5d50f5a   New test 09_ctdb_ping.sh.  Add documentation and command-line processing to all tests.  New script ctdb_test_env sets up environment for tests, is now sourced by run_tests, and can also take a test on the command-line, complete with options.  Various cleanups and improvements.  Document tests that have been properly implemented in ctdbd.sh.
      adds  0b6da4f   4 new tests.  Marked more ctdbd.sh tests as done - will remove this file soon.  Simplify 06_ctdb_getpid.sh by using -v option to try_command_on_node.
      adds  a040946   4 new tests.  Hacked function node_has_status to support frozen/unfrozen via ctdb statistics command.
      adds  3cdc0cb   $PATH only inludes $CTDB_DIR/bin if we're using local sockets.  Rename $TEST_WRAP to $CTDB_TEST_WRAPPER - value now set using $CTDB_TEST_REMOTE_SCRIPTS_DIR if that is set.
      adds  9a4f7e4   ctdb_test_init now contains a trap to force ctdb_test_exit to be run if the shell exits and ctdb_test_exit cancels this trap.  This means that a testcase executing under set -e will call ctdb_test_exit on failure, allowing the cluster to be restarted if necessary so that following tests can complete successfully.  ctdb_test_exit now respects $?, so a test will fail if the last thing executed before ctdb_test_exit failed - this probably means the above trap was triggered.
      adds  6993228   remove two variables no longer used from the example sysconfig file
      adds  1e28318   allow to change the recmaster even the database is not frozen
      adds  a782bdb   inew version 1.0.66 ddwq
      adds  51cc8b4   make it possible to delete an ip from all nodes at once using "ctdb delip x.x.x.x -n all"
      adds  7592a97   debuglevel is a signed int, not usnigned.
      adds  edb7241   redesign how reloadnodes is implemented.
      adds  539f044   print the list of valid debug level literals when an invalid debug level is specified in 'ctdb setdebug'
      adds  733fe45   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  805c5bf   New test for getmonmode.  Overload node_has_status some more to support checking the monitoring mode.
      adds  c9ca8cc   When running with local daemons, provided there is more than 2 of them, randomly pick a single node that will not have any public IPs assigned.  This will make life a bit more interesting and will simulate what happens on real clusters with a management node.  Some tests were disabling a node to implicitly trigger a ctdb restart - now use an explicit restart of ctdb when it is required. 17_ctdb_config_delete_ip.sh now randomly chooses a public IP on any node to disab [...]
      adds  51ace76   add a description of the recovery-process
      adds  bc5f0cf   fix an incorrect path
      adds  9f2de14   new version 1.0.67
      adds  bf67153   some platforms are very picky about the third argument passed to bind(). and would complain if sa.family is AF_INET and the third argument is not exactly the size of a sockaddr_in.
      adds  e54347f   redo and update how we synchronize flags across the cluster. this simplifies the code and should close a race condition between the local recovery daemon and a remote node when flags are changing.
      adds  2764c2d   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  e4722f8   return -1 if ctdb ping failed
      adds  5a2aad1   If ctdbd was started with the --socket option then we also set the CTDB_SOCKET variable so that the eventscripts can pick up the name proper
      adds  52c76f2   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  8241d3f   update to the flags handling make sure to abort the monitoring and restart if we failed to get the nodemap from a remote node
      adds  762d4be   add a helper that waits until the clueter is no longe rin recovery mode and return the generation number.
      adds  370cd5e   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  60f8640   Added use of $ctdb_test_exit_hook to function ctdb_test_exit.  Removed sleeps from ban/unban tests.  Now expect "ctdb ping" to return false if it fails, so made relevant change to 09_ctdb_ping.sh.  New functions install_eventscript and uninstall_eventscript.  New setup/cleanup tests 00_ctdb_install_eventscript.sh and 99_ctdb_uninstall_eventscript.sh.  New test 21_ctdb_disablemonitor.sh, which is incredibly complex.
      adds  58bf380   make sure we return an errorcode when the ctdb command has hung  and is timeodout by the -T <timeout> setting
      adds  5750e97   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  1209079   add a CTDB_TIMEOUT variable for the ctdb tool. If set this specified the maximum runtime for the ctdb tool before it will terminate with status == 20 Just like the -T ...  option would.
      adds  ad47f61   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  1bf3006   update the "ctdb recover" command.
      adds  5dcc100   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  ceefb6a   With local daemons the sockets are now numbered starting from 0.  Fix setup of local daemons so that it correctly assigns no public IPs to a single node each time.  Separate out daemon_setup so that the selection of the node with no public IPs is only done once at the beginning of testing.  Clean up all current tests, mostly with a view to ensuring that a node selected for testing some kind of failover actually has public addresses assigned.  Reenabled 01_ctdb_versio [...]
      adds  0d2c4e1   Add message about restart to 18_ctdb_freeze.sh.
      adds  54da843   Use "grep -q" instead of "grep ... > /dev/null" in events.d/10.interfaces This enhances readability.
      adds  1cf23b1   Improve the monitor event test for ethernet interfaces (link detection).
      adds  22772d9   New version 1.0.68
      adds  ae5e576   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  6c6fd47   Rename $CTDB_NUM_NODES to $CTDB_TEST_NUM_DAEMONS and only set it if $CTDB_TEST_REAL_CLUSTER is not set.  After a ctdb restart, force a recovery to attempt to help tests that follows.
      adds  3e1e589   Add a recovery to ctdb_test_exit to improve test stability.
      adds  b3dbc3f   3 new tests.  24_ctdb_getdbmap.sh is only 1/2 implemented but does something vaguely useful.  ctdb_test_exit unsets $ctdb_test_exit_hook. Fix bug in 17_ctdb_config_delete_ip.sh.
      adds  1c8a9a8   packaging: set docdir in calls to make (to get it right on e.g. SuSE systems).
      adds  759ae99   ctdb.init: fix status message of "service ctdb stop" on suse systems
      adds  7e0fb89   ctdb.init: fix return code of "service ctdb stop" on non-redhat systems
      adds  4e91103   ctdb.init: behave correctly when calling "service ctdb stop" on stopped service
      adds  9d36bcb   ctdb.init: check availability of ctdb (with ping) before calling ctdb status
      adds  c50a7bb   ctdb.init: add Default-Start to init script to enable autostart.
      adds  f844ca7   skip directories containing macros (%) in ctdb_check_directories_probe
      adds  6d77329   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  331f39d   Finish 24_ctdb_getdbmap.sh.  New test 25_dumpmemory.sh.
      adds  a6fb2c3   New test 26_ctdb_config_check_error_on_unreachable_ctdb.sh.
      adds  28bbe2f   dont call ctdb_fatal() just because we are asked to restart a connection to a remote node and ctdb->methods is NULL.
      adds  6c1359a   add better errorchecking that nodes we try to talk to using the "ctdb" tool actually exist and that it is connected.
      adds  9e3ccd9   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  12c16dd   ctdb_test_env now sets $CTDB_TIMEOUT.  Fixed 26_ctdb_config_check_error_on_unreachable_ctdb.sh to work with new generic error message when trying to talk to disconnected node.
      adds  fae7e15   Bug fixes for ctdb_bench from Ronnie.
      adds  c572c11   Remove bench.sh test and replace with new test 51_ctdb_bench.sh. Function try_command_on_node node passes any options other than -v to onnode.  Minor update to 14_ctdb_statistics.sh.
      adds  6ad847b   Remove old ctdbd.sh test script.  Remove unneeded nodes.txt and public_addresses files - these are now created in tests/var as needed. 09_ctdb_ping.sh now recognises new "node disconnected" message. Replace custom recovery detection code (which could not have been working) with a call to "ctdb recover" in 32_ctdb_enable_simple.sh.
      adds  a70327c   Delete some unstructured tests ({fetch,peristent,transaction}.sh) and replace them with new simple tests (52_ctdb_fetch.sh, 53_ctdb_transaction.sh, 61_ctdb_persistent_safe.sh, 62_ctdb_persistent_unsafe.sh).  Remove "_simple" from some test filenames in the simple subdirectory - that's redundant.  Always run ctdb as $CTDB to allow $VALGRIND magic to be used.  Use pgrep/pkill to detect/kill local daemons so those running under valgrind can be found too - to support thi [...]
      adds  db7d239   new version 1.0.69
      adds  fbda11b   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  91972a6   Add tests/README.  ctdb_test_env and, therefore, run_tests can now be run from the tests subdirectory... and most other sensible places. Rename $CTDB_TEST_REMOTE_SCRIPTS_DIR to $CTDB_TEST_REMOTE_DIR since it is now intented that this directory can contain test binaries too. daemons_start() now passes a full path to the events.d directory when starting ctdbd.  Also fixed the path to ctdbd.  41_ctdb_ban.sh and 42_ctdb_unban.sh fail immediately if they fail to select a  [...]
      adds  2e87ed4   Test binaries now go in tests/bin and ctdb_test_env now adds this directory to $PATH if local daemons are being used.
      adds  38593aa   For now, make tests/run_tests.sh runs the new test suite.  Add tests/TODO.  Remove tests/start_daemons.sh - no longer used.
      adds  cb09075   Use $CTDB_TEST_WRAPPER in 51_ctdb_bench.sh.
      adds  5038a0d   Use $CTDB_TEST_WRAPPER in other tests that need it.
      adds  7c6153e   Remove the sorts from 06_ctdb_getpid.sh - the PIDs should be listed in node order.
      adds  580113c   Git should ignore the test_trigger event script.
      adds  321866d   finish the ipv6 support. allow clients to register either ipv4 or ipv6 client connections to the tickles list
      adds  23b550d   Fix segfault in ip takeover fallback code.
      adds  bc826f4   Merge commit 'origin/master' into martins
      adds  fc1f71c   23_ctdb_moveip.sh sanity checks the list of IPs/nodes instead of looping forever on older versions of CTDB.
      adds  1b61a14   Make message in 62_ctdb_persistent_unsafe.sh more informative.
      adds  4969508   ctdb.samba.org: fix instruction for turning off samba service autostart
      adds  f3b282c   doc: join broken lines in excerpt from log.ctdb
      adds  91cdf43   makerpms: use variable (SPECFILE) that is available instead of hard coded file name
      adds  8601777   makerpms: move comment to appropriate place
      adds  a34bce8   makerpms: catch error of git archive correctly (echo resets $?)
      adds  b1bca68   makerpms: don't cd to $SPECDIR but rpmbuild -ba $SPECDIR/$SPECFILE instead
      adds  5c99c26   makerpms: remove the need of calling makerpms.sh from the top level directory
      adds  1694ad5   makerpms: don't hard-code the version number but extract it from ctdb.spec
      adds  a80acd4   makerpms: confess
      adds  68b9c87   ctdb.spec: fix version and (RPM-)release number.
      adds  dc956da   makerpms: fix creation of tarball when gzip does not know "--rsynceable"
      adds  4c64dc9   Fix circular dependency error with autoconf 2.6.3.
      adds  2536a0c   ctdb.init: add $network to RequiredStop to match RequiredStart.
      adds  db217e2   new version
      adds  a6ea1b2   functions: add detect_init_style().
      adds  7c4ce58   ctdb.init: use detect_init_style() in the init script
      adds  a2d6abd   funcions: make (nice_)service a noop for empty service name
      adds  4c9db19   events 50.samba: also support suse and ubuntu/debain systems
      adds  69ef570   ctdb.init: fix typo
      adds  466124c   makerpms: fix detection of support for --rsyncable flag in gzip.
      adds  86ee3ca   Makefile: remove extra "/" in paths
      adds  7e85009   packaging(RPM): detect and use ccache if available
      adds  5e76a9b   events 50.samba: fix control of nmbd without separate nmb service script.
      adds  3dea352   Fix verification of IP allocation with ipv6 addresses on Linux.
      adds  bf86562   ctdb_sys_have_ip: don't overwrite input data (setting port to 0)
      adds  8ec92c9   ctdb_sys_have_ip: fix ipv6 support for aix, too.
      adds  b6828ab   ctdb_util: use the parse_ip() function - avoid code duplication
      adds  3cca0f7   Fix treatment of link local ipv6 addresses: set the scope id.
      adds  5137fd5   events.d/41.httpd: fix a comment typo
      adds  4e12bbb   autoconf: Make sure the result of the mkdir_has_mode test gets cached.
      adds  70aa644   Fix the build on AIX: sys/socket.h needs to be included before ctdb.h
      adds  bd55c66   packaging: add a maketarball script
      adds  1821d56   remove include <netinet/in.h> from public ctdb.h
      adds  ba6612e   ctdb_check_tcp_ports: cope with multiple locations of netcat or nc
      adds  bbf36ee   ctdb_check_tcp_ports: fail the check if neither netstat nor netcat/nc is found
      adds  77bd2b6   ctdb_check_tcp_ports: correctly detect listeners on ipv6 :::<port> w/out netcat
      adds  b183acf   add a simple test script to test ctdb_check_tcp_ports
      adds  a9ca48a   new version 1.0.71
      adds  e7de72a   use netstat to check first and only fall back to netcat if netstat is unavailable
      adds  be926a4   add a licence file
      adds  a0c86e4   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  62f27d0   events.d/41.httpd: fix a typo in the fix of the comment typo
      adds  f0d5852   build: Make log-directory configurable indepently of VARDIR
      adds  82b8bf4   make: add a "showlayout" target for diagnostics
      adds  fe8a435   build: print default in help for --with-logdir
      adds  0405ec0   events 41.httpd: support suse and ubuntu/debian systems for managing apache
      adds  c3a44fd   smnotify: fix popt.h include to allow use of system lib
      adds  bab2e76   correct ctdbd(1) manpage warning
      adds  d6c5f65   Merge commit 'ctdb-ronnie/master'
      adds  5c7570b   Merge branch 'martins'
      adds  697e9b1   new version 1.0.72
      adds  d51a631   Merge commit 'ctdb-ronnie/master'
      adds  c72c15c   make it possible to disable checking all samba shares.
      adds  a590999   From Sumit Bose <sbose at redhat.com>
      adds  798553a   Add a variable CTDB_NFS_SKIP_SHARE_CHECK to sysconfig that can disable the check that all shares are accessable. This can take very long if there are very many shares and is in that case better to implement in a separate cronjob than in ctdb eventscript
      adds  e2b67ff   new version 1.0.73
      adds  7e9b69c   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  b1e7724   check the static-routes file   if it exists
      adds  7a11082   collect net conf list in ctdb_diagnostics
      adds  4088e0a   make sure we can collect proper mmfs data
      adds  869941c   From C Cowan, AIX needs to set sockaddr.sa_len to a consistent value for the address type used or the connect() call will fail.
      adds  5804af9   new version 1.0.74
      adds  32391ec   NAT-GW updates. Describe the functionality in the sysconfig file
      adds  f037e88   change the NATGW_ example in sysconfig to make it more realistic
      adds  c9d7c06   add documentation for the NAT-GW feature
      adds  9bf792d   redo how the natgw is done. just use a default route with a high metric instead of fancy policyrouting
      adds  293a3f1   update the natgw eventscript and documentation
      adds  4d2195c   The wbinfo --sequence command has been depreciated in favor of the new --online-status command
      adds  dc05c1b   create a helper function that converts a ctdb instance in daemon mode to become a ctdb client instance.
      adds  629d5ee   add a new command "ctdb scriptstatus" this command shows which eventscripts were executed during the last monitoring cycle and the status from each eventscript.
      adds  4d5bb92   add michael adams as one of the ctdb developers on the main ctdb webpage
      adds  7265c71   we need to set the port properly in the parse_ip helper
      adds  686adea   set --single-public-ip when lvs is used
      adds  36ec47d   create a varient of kill_tcp_connections that only kills off the local side of a connection
      adds  e9e27bf   new version 1.0.75
      adds  839dec1   move common code of system_linux.c and system_aix.c into new system_common.c
      adds  14dc0db   Merge commit 'ctdb-ronnie/master'
      adds  673d5a8   Merge commit 'ctdb-ronnie/master'
      adds  78294c4   ctdb.sysconfig: add CTDB_INIT_STYLE with explanation
      adds  eac9425   events.d/50.samba: allow CTDB_SERVICE_{SMB,NMB,WINBIND} to be overriden from sysconfig
      adds  fd71213   ctdb.sysconfig: add CTDB_MANAGES_HTTPD comment section
      adds  a83ed1d   Merge commit 'ctdb-ronnie/master'
      adds  689f76f   Merge branch 'obnox'
      adds  11933e0   fix the html so that mine and obnox names are shown
      adds  89b78eb   update the documentatio n with all the new commands we supprot in the ctdb tool
      adds  fb7c580   web: fix typo
      adds  d7ff332   update how the NATGW configuration works.
      adds  3d16205   iupdate the documentation for NATGW to reflect that you can now use multiple natgw groups in one cluster
      adds  6721546   change the ctdb command table to allow us to describe commands which can be run independtly of the ctdb daemon.
      adds  4c1acd8   new version 1.0.76
      adds  b9e6e15   we must also try to set the routes when we release an ip since during the release/10.interfaces there can actually be a window where the kernel decides to remove all addresses (before we manually add them back in 10.interfaces) during which the kernel may also decide to delete all routes since there are no gateways reachable through this interface anymore.
      adds  df9d401   new version 1.0.77
      adds  ad40ee2   add a mechanism where the ctdb daemon will run a usercontrolled script when the node status changes to/from UNHEALTHY state.
      adds  53d6626   install a default /etc/ctdb/notify.sh script as example on how to use snmptrap/email to notify that a node has changed health status
      adds  24d8495   we should also install the 11.natgw eventscript if we want to be able to use it
      adds  71745ef    new release 1.0.78
      adds  297ab50   remove a prototype for a function no longer used
      adds  d94917e   Change the (dodgy) seqnumfrequency variable to have ms resolution instead of second resolution.
      adds  2393df3   if we cant pull the remote nodemap off a node we should mark it as a culprit so it eventually becomes banned.
      adds  2e1208e   We dont need to verify the nodemap on remote nodes that are banned
      adds  1f87ee8   use _exit() and not exit() when we terminate a failed eventscript child process
      adds  e5e2f6f   increase the listen queue. Now that the eventscripts may become clients and connect back to the server we do get a lot more concurrent connection attempts (takepip/teleaseip are performed in parallell)
      adds  a87e6f5   we only need to switch into client mode from the eventscript child if we are running the monitor event
      adds  e2c7475   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  59fd3bd   install /etc/ctdb/notify.sh as executable.
      adds  6efe2b6   (This used to be ctdb commit b0718551f55d5da9be0e6aba233f57c1ff8509be)
      adds  0f70c47   From Mathieu Parent <math.parent at gmail.com>
      adds  62afe2f   install ctdb.pc from the RPM
      adds  976e76f   set libdir to ../lib64 on x86-64 platforms
      adds  4be3e86   create a function "remote_ip" which can be used from scripts to remove a single ip from an interface.
      adds  8752745   new version 1.0.79
      adds  646201f   Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      adds  37e2417   change shutdown level for ctdb to be 01
      adds  e5532b6   If we can not pull a database from a node during recovery, mark this node as a "culprit" so that it will eventually become banned.
      adds  3363480   tweak some timeouts so that we do trigger a banning even if the control hangs/timesout
      adds  ce3283f   increase the loglevel for the message we print when we automatically release all ips when we have been in recovery for too long
      adds  38ea670   add a tuneable RecoveryDropAllIPs  so it is possible to control after how long a node that has been stuck in recovery will wait until it will yield all public addresses.
      adds  777c634   add TDB_NO_NESTING. When this flag is set tdb will not allow any nested transactions and tdb_transaction_start() will implicitely _cancel() any pending transactions before starting any new ones.
      adds  d20bb24   set the TDB_NO_NESTING flag for the tdb before we start a transaction from within recovery
      adds  3a6ace3   we only need to have transaction nesting disabled when we start the new transaction for the recovery
      adds  2e3542b   dont unconditionally kill/restart ctdb when given "service ctdb start"   only start ctdb if it is not already running,   and print an error message othervise
      adds  6793f07   Add a new variable VerifyRecoveryLock which can be used to disable the test that the recovery daemon holds the lock properly when performing a recovery
      adds  bfea570   when tracking the ctdb statistics,    only decrement num_clients and pending_calls IFF the counter is >0
      adds  4cef999   new version 1.0.80
      adds  af25fa3   fixed a problem with clients disconnecting during a traverse
      adds  08492a5   change the talloc hierarchy for the main transaction_start context and the individual transaction_all handles
      adds  4f4f03f   use less intrusive smbstatus call in periodic connections cleanup
      adds  2ef63a7   more subdir html support
      adds  967947e   allow pages in subdirs
      adds  5bca205   added link to michaels sambaxp papers
      adds  9300933   From Sumit Bose <sbose at redhat.com>
      adds  bc6c3d0   add tridge's ping_pong.c to the utils folder
      adds  24b9b6a   build: also build and install ping_pong
      adds  73913bb   packaging: also package ping_pong
      adds  d68654b   ping_pong: reduce a couple of prototype warnings
      adds  08cfdf0   ping_pong: get pread/pwrite prototypes from unistd.h
      adds  c544371   ping_pong: add GPL comment header with Tridge's copyright
      adds  e6e0490   From: Sumit Bose <sbose at redhat.com>
      adds  d6e1f04    new version 1.0.81
      adds  1ee122e   in the "lvsmaster" command, return -1 if there is no lvsmaster
      adds  54a5e6c   Add a -Y machinereadable flag to "lvsmaster"
      adds  86ad711   41.httpd event script workaround for RHEL5-ism.
      adds  9666d7b   Use ctdb_fetch_lock rather than ctdb_call.
      adds  9616959   New option "-o <prefix>" saves stdout from each node to file <prefix>.<ip>.
      adds  6098464   New lvs/lvsmaster and natgw/natgwlist nodespecs for onnode.
      adds  6cf92b7   Updated onnode docs to reflect recent changes.
      adds  53c9643   Fix lvsmaster and natgwlist nodespecs.
      adds  0dfc356   From: Sumit Bose <sbose at redhat.com>
      adds  7c7c5b3   Bug fixes for tests: simple/12_ctdb_getdebug.sh and scripts/test_wrap.
      adds  d59cd19   Avoid floating point divide by 0 in ctdb_fetch.c's bench_fetch().
      adds  2a09b4b   In 51_ctdb_bench.sh now allows a 2% difference between positive and negative.  ctdb_bench.c checks to ensure the timer has advanced from 0 before dividing.
      adds  93a2829   check that a node is banned before trying to unban it.
      adds  4289122   add extra debug statements to the log to make it easier to see when a recovery dameon has hung due to the underlying filesystem hanging.
      adds  1240029   assign the natgw address to loopback and not the private network so that natgw will still work even when public and private networks are one and the same
      adds  d7cefca   remove NATGW_PRIVATE_IFACE from the documentation since we do not need it any more.
      adds  01fb6e3   Remove generated binary files.
      adds  b1701e0   makerpms.sh: add GPL license header
      adds  179d911   maketarball.sh: add GPL license header
      adds  60bfafb   ping pong: fix logic for mmap reads vs. preads
      adds  016b37f   change the prefix NATGW_ to CTDB_NATGW_
      adds  be7137f   use scope host when adding the interface to loopback so we dont respond to ARPs for this ip
      adds  26b37d2   new version 1.0.82
      adds  98a54c4   Track how long it takes to take out the recovery lock from both the main dameon and also from the recovery daemon. Log this in "ctdb statistics".
      adds  0d48af4   add additional log info to track if/why we cant switch to client mode.
      adds  8e9736a   Remove error messages about a non-existing /var/log/log.ctdb when running ctdb with logging to syslog
      adds  7442461   Fix http://ctdb.samba.org/download.html
      adds  934d8a6   From : Flavio Carmo Junior <carmo.flavio at gmail.com>
      adds  9a3e196   Change the loglevel of "registered tcp client for ..." to INFO instead of ERR
      adds  de36b50   added a missing dependency
      adds  f13c6e8   fix a configure warning while checking for netfilter.h
      adds  9171a77   structure member logfile is not used anywhere
      adds  11988fc   structure member node_list_file is not used anywhere
      adds  2fcedf6   add missing checks on so far ignored return values
      adds  26e1486   Whitespace changes and using the CTDB_NO_MEMORY() macro changes to the previous patch.
      adds  9921e1e   change the socket we use for sending grautious ARPs from AF_INET/SOCK_PACKET to AF_PACKET/SOCK_RAW
      adds  8870463   fix re pattern to accept the new recovery lock times in the statistics output
      adds  0891024   document the new support for ClamAV
      adds  691379b   From Flavio Carmo Junior <carmo.flavio at gmail.com> (with modifications)
      adds  e999ade   From Flavio Carmo Junior <carmo.flavio at gmail.com>
      adds  f62b433   add 31.clamd to the install and the rpm
      adds  e85fb3d   install the 31.clamd script as 644 by default
      adds  7b163bc   fix the git path to the repository
      adds  caf0e86   remove the obsolete ipmux component. this is replaced by LVS since a long time
      adds  c429ca1   Revert "add TDB_NO_NESTING. When this flag is set tdb will not allow any nested transactions and tdb_transaction_start() will implicitely _cancel() any pending transactions before starting any new ones."
      adds  270907f   Revert "set the TDB_NO_NESTING flag for the tdb before we start a transaction from within recovery"
      adds  96340bd   Revert "we only need to have transaction nesting disabled when we start the new transaction for the recovery"
      adds  6feb7a1   New attempt at TDB transaction nesting allow/disallow.
      adds  4259156   dont remove the socket when the dameon stops. This can race if the service is immediately restarted
      adds  4a09cc6   Initscript fixes, mostly for "stop" action.
      adds  1f9ef46   Fix minor problem in previous initscript commit.
      adds  e6170b5   add a new node state : DELETED.
      adds  dc5e490   use num_nodes and the nodes array instead of walking the vnnmap when counting the number of active nodes
      adds  8a0880c   when building the initial vnnmap, make sure to skip any deleted nodes
      adds  6c0c357   dont try to queue packets for sending to (recently) deleted nodes since these nodes do not have a queue.
      adds  5371e3a   lower the loglevel when we long that we skip an evenscript because it is not executable
      adds  1dee7a2   hide all DELETED nodes from the ctdb command output
      adds  676f7e0   idocument how to remove a node from an existing cluster using 'ctdb reloadnodes'
      adds  f49c71f   new version 1.0.83
      adds  1c2e787   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  b1b1cbb   Initscript cleanups.
      adds  0219d12   Merge branch 'init_rewrite'
      adds  22d4b40   Increase threshold in 51_ctdb_bench from 2% to 5%.
      adds  ad3c890   Make 51_ctdb_bench.sh more tolerant.
      adds  ffff61c   New tests for NFS and CIFS tickles.
      adds  9467e39   Merge branch 'new_tests'
      adds  45aa542   teach ONNODE about deleted nodes
      adds  e2810c0   new version 1.0.84
      adds  85d6719   From William Jojo <w.jojo[AT]hvcc.edu>
      adds  f691b96   make it possible to run 'ctdb listnodes' also if the daemon is not running. in this case, read the nodes file directly instead of asking the local daemon for the list.
      adds  79eef7f   dont list DELETED nodes in the ctdb listnodes output
      adds  b046f5e   when adding an ip, try manually adding and takingover the ip instead of triggering a full recovery to do the same thing
      adds  f6ccf96   try avoiding to cause a recovery when deleting a public ip from a node
      adds  f135684   improve ctdb moveip so that it does not always trigger a recovery.
      adds  ac931b1   dont require particular values for NoIPFailback and DeterministicIPs when using ctdb moveip
      adds  2bb687c   remove unused variable
      adds  d1c4042   When we ban a node, only drop the IPs on the node being banned, not on every node
      adds  1f3a602   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  62871fb   Clean up handling the of CTDB restarts in testcases.
      adds  4697829   Fix minor onnode bugs relating to local daemons.
      adds  0d425a0   Separate test cleanup code in output and clean up ctdb restart code.
      adds  dba6c1c   Fix the run_tests script so that the number of columns is never 0.
      adds  7b3abce   Add an extra ctdb recovery to test function restart_ctdb().
      adds  613341d   Updates to TCP tickle tests and supporting functions.
      adds  5d67aa2   New tests for different aspects of failover.
      adds  35f9983   When testing make the time taken for some operations more obvious.
      adds  d90d54e   Make ctdbd restarts in tests more reliable.
      adds  96b3517   Test suite: better debug info when the cluster is unexpectedly unhealthy.
      adds  168ec02   Test suite: new tests and code factoring.
      adds  133826f   Increase threshold in 51_ctdb_bench from 2% to 5%.
      adds  b0fd8ff   New tests for NFS and CIFS tickles.
      adds  34fbfb8   rename 99.routing to 11.routing so it is executed before any of the service scripts
      adds  0ddf79a   increase the timeout before we shutdown when ther ecovery daemon is hung
      adds  1183b36   reduce the timeout we wait for the reclock child process to finish to 5 seconds before we log an error and abort
      adds  d72b14e   in the recovery daemon, check that the recovery master can access the recovery lock file and verify it is not stale from a child process. This allows us to timeout the operation if the underlying filesystem has become temporarily unresponsive without causing a new recovery.
      adds  d3c5fb4   dont leak file descriptors
      adds  baead0f   dont leak file descriptors when set recmdoe timesout
      adds  de1402d   dont log an error if waitpid returns -1 and errno is ECHILD
      adds  635da18   Fix minor onnode bugs relating to local daemons.
      adds  7bfc19d   Clean up handling the of CTDB restarts in testcases.
      adds  3dad79b   Initscript fixes, mostly for "stop" action.
      adds  566314c   Fix minor problem in previous initscript commit.
      adds  d3dde37   rename 99.routing to 11.routing so the eventscript is processed before NFS and LVS
      adds  af23fdd   new version 1.0.85
      adds  5f680fa   rename 99.routing to 11.routing so that it executed before the service scripts
      adds  5286152   new version 1.0.85
      adds  dc17b5f   Merge root at
      adds  180a576   Dont access the reclock file at all if VerifyRecoveryLock is zero and also make sure the reclock file is closed if the variable is cleared at runtime
      adds  77ef745   Allow setting the recovery lock file as "", which means that we do not use a file and that we implicitely also disable the recovery lock checking.
      adds  4a1a365   Document that you can run ctdb without a reclock file in the sysconfig file
      adds  2b253c0   add a control to read the current reclock file from a node
      adds  10db6a4   return NULL and not a "" when there is no reclock file returned from the server
      adds  7f8d98e   update the recovery daemon to read the recovery lock file off the main daemon and handle when the file is changed/enabled/disabled
      adds  5b235c3   add a control to set the reclock file
      adds  969cb64   disable VerifyRecoveryLock when the user modifies the filename
      adds  816db4b   Do not allow the "VerifyRecoveryLock" tunable to be changed if there is no reclock file
      adds  ce54b6d   update the man pages with the "getreclock" and "setreclock" commands.
      adds  243bb51   New version 1.0.86
      adds  22fb69d   dont even try to allocate a packet if the transport is down since it will fail
      adds  9e5064d   Dont try to allocate and send packets if the transport is down
      adds  d4b30b3   dont even try to send a message from the main daemon if the transport is down
      adds  dd1774c   dont try to send error packets if the transport is down
      adds  757ba01   if we fail a dmaster migration due to the transport being down, then that is a fatal condition.
      adds  127754e1  failing a dmaster send due to the transport being down is fatal
      adds  6450ae5   Dont even try allocating and sending a CALL packet if the transport is down
      adds  e6e1ff3   dont try sending a keepalive if the transport is down
      adds  9802a0c   when no debuglevel is specified, make 'ctdb setdebug' show the available options
      adds  93026f4   update the handling of debug levels so that we always can use a literal instead of a numeric value.
      adds  2770cb4   show the valid debuglevels that can be used in the error text when an invalid level was specified to ctdb setdebug
      adds  3c1351e   update the sysconfig to show setting the debuglevel using a string literal instead of a numeric value
      adds  8e435c0   update enable/disable
      adds  ff104c6   When we dispatch a message to a handler, pass the data as a real talloc object so that the handler can talloc_steal() the message content.
      adds  289c58e   add a new command "ctdb ipreallocate", this command will force the recovery master to perform a full ip reallocation process. the ctdb command will block until the ip reallocation has comleted
      adds  e40dad8   document the ipreallocate command
      adds  20887a1   Perform an ipreallocate efter each enable/disable.
      adds  8c1bf5a   Merge root at
      adds  1593e67   send ARPs with an interval of 1.1 seconds during ip takeover.
      adds  021c09a   Merge root at
      adds  2708b30   Initscript cleanups.
      adds  5824f3a   Separate test cleanup code in output and clean up ctdb restart code.
      adds  74acb6f   Fix the run_tests script so that the number of columns is never 0.
      adds  4edbb2e   Add an extra ctdb recovery to test function restart_ctdb().
      adds  55a04d7   Updates to TCP tickle tests and supporting functions.
      adds  21a891c   New tests for different aspects of failover.
      adds  4bd8e0d   When testing make the time taken for some operations more obvious.
      adds  7e1cdac   Make ctdbd restarts in tests more reliable.
      adds  dae498a   Test suite: better debug info when the cluster is unexpectedly unhealthy.
      adds  cfbe41b   Merge commit 'origin/master' into ronnie_merge
      adds  d686283   Merge branch 'ronnie_merge'
      adds  9f0dc4b   Add a new node flag : STOPPED This node flag means the node is DISABLED and that all its public ip addresses are failed over, but also that it has been removed from the VNNmap.
      adds  d6a5fd5   remove the header printed for the machinereadable output for natgwlist
      adds  66c8d4f   make it possible to start the daemon in STOPPED mode
      adds  88f3c40   add two new controls, CTOP_NODE and CONTINUE_NODE that are used to stop/continue a node instead of using modflags messages
      adds  41a5191   dont let other nodes modify the STOPPED flag for the local process when pushing out flags changes
      adds  9d0941b   document the new commands ctdb stop/continue
      adds  82c1be9   recovery daemon needs to monitor when the local ctdb daemon is stopped and ensure that the databases gets frozen and the node enters recovery mode
      adds  b57811b   change the infolevel when logging stop/continue commands
      adds  0c5f5ae   stopped nodes can not win a recmaster election
      adds  bf9ad9c   Do not allow STOPPED or DELETED nodes to become the NATGW master
      adds  5ce69e2   if all nodes are STOPPED, pick one of the STOPPED nodes as natgw master
      adds  9c6aa4e   update the eventscript to ensure that stopped nodes can not become the natgw master also verify that we actually do have a natgw master available if this is configured and make the node unhealthy if not.
      adds  df00979   When we create new election data to send during elections, we must re-read the node flags from the main daemon to catch when the STOPPED flag is changed.
      adds  e5e9fc4   create a new event : stopped. This event is called when a node is stopped and is used by eventscripts that need to do certain cleanup and removal of configuration or ip addresses or routing ...
      adds  6db0f01   document the new stopped event
      adds  d846eb7   Test suite: Fix debug code for unexpectedly unhealthy cluster.
      adds  4a405e5   Merge commit 'martins/master'
      adds  366d413    new version 1.0.87
      adds  679ef87   describe how to activate NATGW without restarting the nodes on a running cluster
      adds  72e2380   add a command "setnatgwstate {on|off}" that can be used to indicate if this node is using natgw functionality or not.
      adds  4d5823b   update the natgw eventscript to set the NATGW capability when this feature is used This does not modify any behaviour of the daemon itself other than showing this flag as ON in the ctdeb getcapabilities output
      adds  ad98e6a   Document the natgw flag and how this changes the output of "ctdb getcapabilities"
      adds  37d68c5   add two commands : setlmasterrole and setrecmasterrole to enable/disable these capabilities at runtime
      adds  c413ee9   document the two new commands setlmasterrole and setrecmasterrole
      adds  62c4a84   When processing the stop node control reply in the client code we should also check the returned status code in case the _stop() command failed due to the eventscripts failing.
      adds  188ab0f   client: set dmaster in ctdb_transaction_store() also when updating an existing record
      adds  4cd06a3   Fix persistent transaction commit race condition.
      adds  a6cf233   ctdbd: refuse PERSISTENT_STORE if transaction is running.
      adds  a6bd369   client: refuse to do record_store() on a persistent tdb.
      adds  cca0aae   From Michael Adam:
      adds  fb63d27   initial part of new vacuuming patch.
      adds  1653af1   vacuum event framework
      adds  fddfaaa   added event repacking
      adds  345df3c   remove repack from eventscript
      adds  16af87b   repack limit tunable
      adds  a1e1503   change the defaults for repacking to repack once every 120 seconds and letting it work for 30 second before timing out.
      adds  50650fb   onnode: update tests for healthy and connected to cope with new stopped bit.
      adds  e50a067   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  48078dd   Test suite: Fixes for node state parsing plus new stop/continue tests.
      adds  73ca4b6   Test suite: fix the test suite's generic event script.
      adds  063bd6e   Test suite: fix test file permissions in complex/44_failover_nfs_oneway.sh.
      adds  690f153   Merge commit 'martins/master'
      adds  166e74a   Port from SAMBA tdb:
      adds  c153b85   Port from SAMBA tdb: commit 42c0931441ef53a3f977e1334355fa83f05ac184 Author: Tim Prouty <tprouty at samba.org> Date: Tue Mar 31 16:24:07 2009 -0700
      adds  f10db37   Port from SAMBA tdb: commit a91bcbccf8a2243dac57cacec6fdfc9907580f69 Author: Jim McDonough <jmcd at samba.org> Date: Thu May 21 16:26:26 2009 -0400
      adds  d66a7c4   Port from SAMBA tdb: commit 4b4fec65db4e202afa13b2d15867f4d8a54d154e Author: Andrew Tridgell <tridge at samba.org> Date: Thu May 28 16:08:28 2009 +1000
      adds  3dc37c1   Port from SAMBA ctdb: commit 936d76802f98d04d9743b2ca8eeeaadd4362db51 Author: Andrew Tridgell <tridge at samba.org> Date: Tue Dec 16 14:38:17 2008 +1100
      adds  94ee0cb   Port from SAMBA tdb: commit a386173fa1c7c5bcc11ea9260d84b6c52c154b3d Author: Andrew Tridgell <tridge at samba.org> Date: Mon Jun 1 13:11:39 2009 +1000
      adds  825391d   Port from SAMBA tdb: commit a6cc04a20089e8fbcce138c271961c37ddcd6c34 Author: Andrew Tridgell <tridge at samba.org> Date: Mon Jun 1 13:13:07 2009 +1000
      adds  6aa98fb   Port from SAMBA tdb: commit 54a51839ea65aa788b18fce8de0ae4f9ba63e4e7 Author: Rusty Russell <rusty at rustcorp.com.au> Date: Sat Jul 18 15:28:58 2009 +0930
      adds  1664d75   If the record is at the end of the database, pretending it has length 1 might take us out-of-bounds. Only pretend to be length 1 for the malloc.
      adds  6e4577d   realloc() has that horrible overloaded free semantic when size is 0: current code does a free of the old record in this case, then fail.
      adds  ed2c8e4   tdb: Reimplementation of Metze's "lib/tdb: if we know pwrite and pread are thread/fork safe tdb_reopen_all() should be a noop".
      adds  3cc352f   tdb: don't alter tdb->flags in tdb_reopen_all()
      adds  ace21b8   debug: add debug_add and dump_data functions
      adds  bd81f50   ctdbd: set debug_add hook to be able to use dump_data in the daemon.
      adds  2f9fa6e   ctdbd: use ctdb_syslog_log() as debug_add function for syslog
      adds  cfbdba0   client:ctdb_control_send: remove duplicate setting of the reqid header.
      adds  572d397   client: fix a debug message (misplaced newline).
      adds  6cf67b9   tests: fix the 52_ctdb_fetch.sh test.
      adds  0e09e52   update STOP/CONTINUE to better handle when we stop the last node
      adds  8f393eb   Merge root at
      adds  1cc7990   add new controls to make it possible to enable/disable individual eventscripts
      adds  2d57599   document enable/disablescript
      adds  486bdd8   if no timeout at all is specified to the ctdb tool, neither using -T nor by setting CGTDB_TIMEOUT, then use 120 seconds as a default timepout before the ctdb command will exit with an error.
      adds  ef9db0e   reduce the loglevel for the message that we switch to a different recmaster while waiting for ipreallocate to finish
      adds  9927ea7   new version 1.0.88
      adds  b5c5ce2   skip any persistent databases ending in .bak
      adds  e893393   remove a check for the reclock file we dont need
      adds  34d2bb1   set broadcast addresses in the takeip event.
      adds  f3fd4bb   redirect stderr to dev null since the rule might not exist when we try to unconditionally delete it
      adds  d5329b1   overwrite the state file, dont append to it. dont log errors is trying to delete a nonexisting state file
      adds  cda5f02   new prototype banning code
      adds  a1084c6   Merge root at
      adds  001c0f0   make it possible to have ctdb manage (start/stop/monitor) winbind without having samba
      adds  19cfcd3    new version 1.0.89
      adds  263d76f   lower the loglevel for the info messages that a public ip is not hosted locally for takeip/releaseip
      adds  e578bed   dont force an election just because the ban flag differs across the cluster. a simple push to resync this flag is sufficient
      adds  26f73e4   dont check if commit failed, we do allow the commit to fail sometimes
      adds  3d91b64   Test suite: Turn off strict host key checking in the SSH failover test.
      adds  e473287   Test suite: Ask CTDB about CIFS tickles registered for the actual test node.
      adds  aed71a7   Test suite: complex/31_nfs_tickle.sh should use NFS_TICKLE_SHARED_DIRECTORY.
      adds  d7981fd   Test suite: Better diagnostics for recent change to complex/31_nfs_tickle.sh.
      adds  7d1203e   Test suite: Retrieval NFS_TICKLE_SHARED_DIRECTORY more defensively.
      adds  1cfed53   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  7207e1b   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  bd98b6c   Test suite: ctdb_persistent.c needs to use transactions.
      adds  d2e149d   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  1bde472   Test suite: Fix debug code for unexpectedly unhealthy cluster.
      adds  65671ce   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  9d03cfd   Test suite: fix minor typo in complex/32_cifs_tickle.sh
      adds  93851d1   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  0218923   onnode: add "any" nodespec to select any node with running CTDB.
      adds  4508260   Document onnode "onnode any".
      adds  92a9e8a   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  f9c1f63   Merge commit 'martins/master'
      adds  724afb2   allow the transaction commit to fail
      adds  6e793be    new version  1.0.90
      adds  ee9fe64   Merge root at
      adds  e160925   Fix bashism in natgw eventscript.
      adds  28319e4   Fix bashisms in multipathd event script.
      adds  e12faf7   Fix bashisms in samba event script.
      adds  70294f3   Fix bashism in nfstickle event script.
      adds  f095a64   Update outdated autotools helper files.
      adds  d8f9dad   Rename the CTDB_INIT_STYLE "ubuntu" to "debian" - this is where it comes from.
      adds  4c78f88   ctdb_logging: fix a comment typo.
      adds  e80a700   Introduce sysconfig variable CTDB_SYSLOG=yes/no (default "no").
      adds  c3556c3   Merge commit 'obnox/master-rebase'
      adds  59cacde   try to restart statd everytime it fails, not just the first time
      adds  029fd6b   Revert "try to restart statd everytime it fails, not just the first time"
      adds  4a05b2d   try restarting ststd indefinitely   not just once
      adds  4b7f6c8   dont mark the recovery daemon as a ban culprit just because a node in the cluster was set to recvoery mode == ACTIVE.
      adds  7e09c07   Test suite: Rework the cluster (re)start code.
      adds  b8b28cb   Test suite: wait_until_node_has_status() now uses "onnode any".
      adds  3d8fa9e   Test suite: Update "complex" tests for wait_until_node_has_status() change.
      adds  eb305ef   Merge commit 'martins/master'
      adds  a82b9cf   with the new banning logic with one struct for each node we no longer "forget" the other culprits as often as we used to do, which means that things like "ctdb recover" can now actually lead to a node becomming banned if we perform too many recoveries too frequently.
      adds  a74ca1a   Merge root at
      adds  4948051   Test suite: Print debug info on node status timeouts.
      adds  3cb4bcd   ctdb_client: fix race in starting concurrent transactions on a single node
      adds  fcaca26   Revert "allow the transaction commit to fail"
      adds  d0289c6   Revert "dont check if commit failed, we do allow the commit to fail sometimes"
      adds  9add8cd   Merge commit 'obnox/master-rebase'
      adds  22dde50   add machinereadable output for the ctdb getreclock command
      adds  4f0f2cc       add a new eventscript 01.reclock
      adds  9bac6f2   change the reclock fail count to 19 monitor intervals before we shut down ctdbd
      adds  e976209   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  c971d93   From Wolfgang Mueller-Friedt
      adds  11c56df   New version 1.0.91
      adds  e169ba8   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  78b7043   40.vsftpd monitor event only fails after 2 failures to connect to port 21.
      adds  b276002   Minor fixes to 01.reclock eventscript.
      adds  e90dd80   add a new notification to trigger on when ctdb has started
      adds  32286b0   document how to use the notification script
      adds  63278ad   Revert "Revert "allow the transaction commit to fail""
      adds  dfc2500   dont exit on a commit failure
      adds  3edf553   Test suite: The ctdb ping test should allow time to go backwards.
      adds  2ab8f6a   Merge commit 'martins/master'
      adds  47f5347   Document CTDB_NODES_FILE environment variable used by onnode.
      adds  f8334e2   we should close this file on exec
      adds  1d60064   version 1.0.92
      adds  709fc77   When adding a public ip to a node, make sure to push the assignment of ip addresses out to all nodes so all nodes become aware who currently holds the ip.
      adds  3133dad   allocate takeoverip state as a child of vnn and also make the takeocerip context a child of vnn
      adds  71e4259   add a new function to collect a list of all active nodes EXCEPT a certain node
      adds  50712d4   change some loglevels and also pront the pnn of the ip for takeip/releaseip logging
      adds  617e393   update addip/moveip/delip to make it less likely to trigger an accidental recovery
      adds  166b1c9   add a new message to ask the recovery daemon to temporarily disable checking ip address consistency.
      adds  134ed84   always send the release/take ip controls to make sure all nodes are updated
      adds  2fa921b   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  42193cb   update natgw eventscript to allow you to fore it to update and / or to remove the configuration at runtime
      adds  d29c4b5   version 1.0.93
      adds  3421486   if a node fails to become frozen during recovery, mark it up with as a culprit so it will soon get banned
      adds  eb9a77c   version 1.0.94
      adds  05137e4   Fix bug spotted by Metze,
      adds  e8e2f35   verify the DISABLED flag and compare with the previous flag we have registered for that node and not what the node says is the difference.
      adds  6cf7d8e   add a control to set a database priority. Let newly created databases default to priority 1.
      adds  3219f81   add a control to read the db priority from a database
      adds  ae57e54   during recovery, update all remote nodes so they use the same priorities for the databases as this node.
      adds  d4c9851   uptade the freeze/thaw commands to be able to send the requested database priority to freeze/thaw to the daemon.
      adds  73c0adb   initial attempt at freezing databases in priority order
      adds  771802b   allow setting the recmode even when not completely frozen. we sometimes have to do this when we want to trigger a recovery
      adds  122c423   add a new control for explicitely cancelling recovery transactions, i.e. the transactions we start across all tdb databased during the recovery.
      adds  d8e2ddc   40.vsftpd: reset the fail counter in the "recovered" event.
      adds  ab98c1b   Clean up ctdb_check_directories* eventscript functions.
      adds  df0dba1   Merge commit 'martins/master'
      adds  44f1d1f   add a dispatch to the recovery transaction cancel call
      adds  d66c77d   use the correct expected size for thew _cancel control
      adds  2cb9580   new version 1.0.95
      adds  98b5caf   we must break the loop as soon as we find a suitable recmaster does exist otherwise "tdb ipreallocate" will silently fail to update the addresses.
      adds  3ac5a52   Port Volkers deadlock avoidance patch to HEAD. This patch ensures that we lock all non-notify related databases first and then the notify databases to avoiud a deadlock where samba needs to lock records on two databases at once (and notify being the second database).
      adds  070f781   always create the nfs state directories during the monitor event. this allows us to configure and enable nfs at runtime without having to restart ctdbd
      adds  4b7a208   allow a pre .95 version of a recovery master to freeze databases on a post .95 node by remapping priority numbers and log this to log.ctdb
      adds  80be59d   when we change state between healthy/unhealthy, make sure we ask the recovery master to perform an explicit ip reallocation.
      adds  30d9fbf   move the logging of the warning "No reclock file used" to the startup case so we only print this warning on "service ctdb start" and not for "service ctdb *"
      adds  c58a6b3   add more debugging output to eventscripts and when a script has timed out, print a full "pstree -p" to the log.
      adds  53900b9   version 1.0.96
      adds  787a6e4   New onnode options: -f to specify nodes file, -n to allow use of hostnames.
      adds  f0dd32e   Merge commit 'origin/master' into onnode_options
      adds  d08e3c6   Merge commit 'martins/onnode_options'
      adds  6152a70   new version 1.0.97
      adds  9de3652   add logging everytime we create a filedescriptor in the main ctdb daemon so we can spot if there are leaks.
      adds  d258616   dont shutdown a node when the reclock file is temporarily unavailable. Leave the node as UNHEALTHY this stops clients from accessing the node until the reclock file can be accessed again
      adds  598419e   Dont run eventscript monitor when the databases are frozen. The databases can become frozen a while before we do the actual recovery since we have the re-recovery timeout.
      adds  1e91fd0   Revert "dont shutdown a node when the reclock file is temporarily unavailable."
      adds  cdc77af   wait a bit longer before shutting down when the reclock file is missing
      adds  58780f4   add a direcotry where multiple local scripts can be added to run when executing eventscripts
      adds  d788dd3   From wolfgang Mueller
      adds  28f277a   From Wolfgang Mueller
      adds  6dd7a8b   version 1.0.98
      adds  ff83636   treat interfaces with the name ethX* as bond devices
      adds  14b14a2   mprove the log message when we skip the ip allocation check from the recovery daemon.
      adds  769a36c   In ctdb_ltdb_store(), add a missing transaction_cancel when local store failed.
      adds  149ea4e   dont restart ctdb when installing the rpm
      adds  9b8c72c       When clients have blocked, perhaps because the node is banned or stopped and the client is blocked trying to tdb_fetch() a record, make sure we dont queue up too many REQ_MESSAGES.
      adds  a92ba7f   lower the debug levels for the "create FD messages" so we dont fill up the logs.
      adds  d5fd4fc   During tests it is common to add/delete test eventscripts at runtime. This can race with teh eventascript handling that does a :
      adds  831f9e0   From Wolfgang M.
      adds  902c476   From Volker L Fix some warnings  and an incorrect check for a talloc failure
      adds  e627fae   if a lock wait child died/finished, we could have released the lockwait handle and set it to NULL before we call the destructors for releaseing the waiters.
      adds  42718a8   new version 1.0.99
      adds  0bff3b4   initscript: when stopping on Red Hat use the success/failure functions.
      adds  b20d680   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  aca9d7f   Merge branch 'onnode_options'
      adds  b77094e   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  469ee69   Test suite: add -x option to ctdb_init() function.
      adds  d79f764   Test suite: Fix bug in node_has_status().
      adds  43780f5   Test suite: Update 99_ctdb_uninstall_eventscript.sh to use ctdb_init().
      adds  b84c2d3   Test suite: New tests for validating SKIP_SHARE_CHECK options.
      adds  cd0424c   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  7b1e926   Test suite: A timeout of MonitorInterval seconds sometimes isn't enough.
      adds  f2a9ba6   Test suite: Fix the timeouts on the skip share check tests.
      adds  1279811   Test suite: Remove the disable/enable monitor tests - they are useless.
      adds  8b2101b   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  a128b7e   Document onnode -n and -f options.
      adds  69cca03   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  65757fe   Merge commit 'martins/master'
      adds  3c9b435   set the eventscripts to timeout after 20 seconds change the ban count to 10 failures before we ban by default
      adds  c61c655   when scripts timeout, log pstree to a file in /tmp and just log the filename in the messages file
      adds  86d1b4c   Add a mechanism where we can register notifications to be sent out to a SRVID when the client disconnects.
      adds  5aaa15f   lower the log level of a debug message
      adds  2d06e9d   automatically re-activate the reclock file check if we set the reclock file to something
      adds  9db2a5c   update the manpage for ctdb setreclock
      adds  c36fa58   disabel the multipath eventscript by default
      adds  8aacfa34  Suggestion from Volker,
      adds  299b027   patch the event loop so we read the current time every iteration.
      adds  ee97e26   tcp: don't log an error when we succefully bind to the desired address
      adds  7a616a0   server: print out the full 64-bit srvid on 32-bit hosts
      adds  198866d   server: if takeover runs when the recovery master becomes unhealthy
      adds  1c6829f   ctdb_client: fix DEBUG statement in ctdb_ctrl_modflags()
      adds  3d713d9   ctdb_diagnostics: don't use hardcoded path to iptables
      adds  4d40b86   for debugging
      adds  1d76817   dont run the monitor event so frequently after a event has failed.
      adds  d1bf89a   temporarily try allowing clients to attach to databases even if the node is banned/stopped or inactive in any other way.
      adds  0588b5f   add a check that winbind can actually talk to teh dc during the startup event and refuse to start up if it can not
      adds  3526bc8   Enhance the logging fromeventscripts. When a single script is finished, also log the name of the script, the duration it took and the return status.
      adds  e07ca41   change the eventscript handling to allow EventScriptTimeout for each individual script isntead of for the entire set of scripts
      adds  d82fdcb   new version   1.0.100
      adds  f8a8c0d   return 0 in the event script callback if it was aborted by a different script
      adds  d379b30   create a separate context for non-monitor eventscripts so they dont collide
      adds  019f3c9   version 1.0.101
      adds  abac42c   server: add a new ctdb control CTDB_TRANS2_ACTIVE
      adds  953ccee   client: add ctdb_ctrl_transaction_active() which calls out to CTDB_TRANS2_ACTIVE
      adds  5d579cf   client: fix race condition with concurrent transactions on the same node.
      adds  2419eab   ctdb_client: reformat a comment slightly to enhance clearness.
      adds  279b7ca   update the "uptime" command to indicate the "time since last" is the time since the last recovery OR failover.
      adds  a4b8a17   update the manpage for "update" to indicate the "time since last" indicates the time since the last recovery OR failover
      adds  023d09c   Revert "update the "uptime" command to indicate the "time since last" is the time since the last recovery OR failover."
      adds  fcd2ebc   update the uptime command to indicate that time since last is either from alst recovery or from last failover
      adds  9e235af   make the error logged when winbindd fails to access the dc during startup more scary and easier to spot in the logs
      adds  f5e90ec   Revert "From Wolfgang M."
      adds  2c137b7   vacuuming needed additional check before getting rid of the record; there is a gap between selecting the records and deleting them, therefore we have to check if the records still can be deleted when we actually are about to delete them
      adds  9713b8e   ensure tdb names end with .tdb. and any number of digits
      adds  784a89e   new version 1.0.102
      adds  0113744   server: trans2_active: don't report a transaction active on the node that performs the transaction
      adds  361aec1   client: improve "control timed out" debug message
      adds  2187e6c   server: add positive debug statements to trans2_commit and trans2_finished
      adds  dca16d5   server: extend a debug message in ctdb_control_trans2_error()
      adds  4d073bd   server: fix a debug message in trans2_commit - log the correct db_id
      adds  7bfa959   server: output client_id in some debug messages in trans2_commit
      adds  7384dfe   server: line-wrap a debug statement in trans2_commit
      adds  1de0c6f   server: uniformly log db and client ids as 8-digit hex numbers in trans2_commit
      adds  45c1751   client: log db_id as 8-digit hex in ctdb_transaction_fetch_start()
      adds  673a858   server: fix debug message in trans2_commit (refusing persistent store during transaction)
      adds  5d73f19   create a child process to write to syslog.
      adds  e33722a   start the syslog child a little later, after we have forked and detached from the local shell
      adds  5fa3a2c   packaging(RPM): don't touch the run levels in ctdb install/udpate.
      adds  c2855a1   client: add a debug message when a transaction_commit needs to be retried
      adds  1181856   client: fix a race in the local race condition fix in transaction_start
      adds  de875c7   Revert "dont exit on a commit failure"
      adds  c532347   client: randomize the transaction_start retry loop:
      adds  fe99291   server: disable vacuuming for persistent tdbs.
      adds  e38dda0   packaging: use githash in rpm release by default.
      adds  4bf4e15   move the check to skip vacuuming on persistent database to the ctdb_vacuuming_init() function
      adds  666d1d0   new version 1.0.103
      adds  2501638   dont verify winbindd is running properly at startup
      adds  c915f2e   add an extra test for the bond devices and check that there is an active slave. this to handle the case where all links do have a physical layer, but where all slaves have been disabled using ifdown
      adds  0d3bff5   From Rusty
      adds  d8f7fd8   dont use the pointer after it has been talloc_free()d.
      adds  95333e0   Add a 99.timeout event script to trigger monitor timeouts.
      adds  85a4d9a   ctdb.sysconfig: add a comment section about CTDB_RUN_TIMEOUT_MONITOR
      adds  1fa1830   Fix a segfault in the eventscript timeout handler.
      adds  f88fbb5   suggestion from Christian,
      adds  3cbaf93   sugegstion from metze, use killtcp and kill both directions of the nfs connections. we used to kill only one direction since the other direction was unkillble but recent kernels allow us to kill both
      adds  14a6592   version 1.0.104
      adds  2a66b7d   Fix bashism in events.d/11.natgw
      adds  8767c89   Test suite: Regression fix - wait_until should not run command in sub-shell.
      adds  9dabb86   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  386d237   Test suite: Fix the NFS and CIFS tickle tests.
      adds  2861bbd   Merge commit 'martins/master'
      adds  61de178   set up a pipe betweent he main daemon and the child we use for syslogling so that we can clean up the childprocess when we stop ctdbd
      adds  24c593d   create a new event context for the syslog daemon
      adds  bc26751   add an in memory ringbuffer where we store the last 500000 log entries regardless of log level.
      adds  cc2d81a   make the ringbuffer logging more efficient and marshall the data by writing to a tmpfile instead of continously talloc resizing a blob
      adds  ae209c7   dont reset the event script context everytime we start a new "ctdb eventscript ..." command. Use the existing context used for non-monitor events
      adds  894a2f9   new version 1.0.105
      adds  4ea6069   Test suite: Make the CIFS tickle test wait until it sees the required tickle.
      adds  a3d0720   reduce the log level for three vacuuming related log messages
      adds  cd44c8b   iIt is better to plainly disallow clietnts from connecting here if the node is BANNED. Dont even let them attach at all to the database
      adds  926261a   use a binary tree and sort all ipv4/v6 addresses before we assign them out on nodes.
      adds  e17fa0f   change the lock wait child handling to use a pipe isntead of a socketpair
      adds  93d902e   test of a change to make ctdbd use "status" event instead of the "monitor" event.
      adds  73cb65b   Eventscripts: Untested factorisations and introduction of status event.
      adds  ee513c1   More untested eventscript factorisation.
      adds  a4a048b   Now vaguely tested initscript updates.
      adds  d595f41   More eventscript cleanups.  Initial smoke testing seems OK.
      adds  eb3b787   rework and simplify the eventscript handling
      adds  b320d43   eventscript: clean up forked handler event code
      adds  0339a83   eventscript: fix bug in timeouts on forced eventscripts.  Again.
      adds  1d68bb3   eventscript: typo cleanups
      adds  5dee576   eventscript: put timeout inside ctdb_event_script_callback_v
      adds  e0c6e2f   eventscript: introduce enum for different event script calls.
      adds  205011c   eventscript: put call type into state struct.
      adds  0ef91a4   eventscript: remove call name from state->options
      adds  187efa0   eventscript: check that internal script events are being invoked correctly
      adds  ff59bb3   eventscript: check that ctdb forced script events correct
      adds  1c7445d   Merge commit 'origin/status-test' into status-test
      adds  e6b69fa   rework and simplify the eventscript handling
      adds  8723045   eventscript: clean up forked handler event code
      adds  ab67551   eventscript: fix bug in timeouts on forced eventscripts.  Again.
      adds  3845c6e   eventscript: cleanup ctdb_event_script_v
      adds  2763df2   eventscript: put timeout inside ctdb_event_script_callback_v
      adds  2d92544   eventscript: introduce enum for different event script calls.
      adds  461f527   eventscript: put call type into state struct.
      adds  534c709   eventscript: remove call name from state->options
      adds  0b4b83a   eventscript: check that internal script events are being invoked correctly
      adds  3188df4   eventscript: check that ctdb forced script events correct
      adds  1edcb89   More eventscript cleanups.  Initial smoke testing seems OK.
      adds  ee10ea2   Event scripts: Respect CTDB_MANAGES_NFS and add function log_status_cat.
      adds  ece1562   Event scripts: use $script_name rather than $service name for status.
      adds  8029db6   Merge commit 'martins-svart/status-test-2' into status-test
      adds  ed4f3ea   resolve some conflicts from merging from martins branch
      adds  a64ccf0   Add flag to ctdb_event_script_callback indicating when called by client.
      adds  88cd194   Merge commit 'martins-svart/status-test-2' into status-test
      adds  09b9bb2   Merge commit 'martins/status-test' into status-test-2
      adds  ce06d3d   Event script infrastructure: add reload event to check_options().
      adds  dc2c8df   Merge commit 'martins-svart/status-test-2' into status-test
      adds  eaa6218   Merge commit 'martins/status-test' into status-test-2
      adds  266a163   dont use talloc_steal() on a object that is already a child of ctdb.
      adds  3bc643b   remove a stray )   so we compile
      adds  ad431c3   Event scripts: functions file now intercepts status and setstatus.
      adds  569001a   Merge commit 'martins/status-test-2'
      adds  698a0e4   When starting up ctdbd, wait until all initial recoveries have finished and until we have gone through a full re-recovery timeout without triggering any pending recoveries before we start up the services and start monitoring the node.
      adds  2000711   when we detect a ip-allocation mismatch, just force a new ip reassignment instead of a full blown recovery
      adds  7430da3   packaging:maketarball.sh: create the specfile from the ctdb.spec.in
      adds  15bd5fb   configure:maketarball.sh: call autogen.sh and include configure in the tarball
      adds  016d092   packaging:maketarball.sh: add a DEBIAN_MODE to the tarball creation
      adds  6f045ca   version 1.0.106
      adds  9e84872   ctdb_io: fix use-after-free on invalid packets
      adds  2b4fbe5   version 1.0.107
      adds  bf27dc2   Use the PID we pick up from the domain socket when a client connects and store this in the client structure.
      adds  1c7de7a   Add a double linked list to the ctdb_context to store a mapping between client pids and client structures.
      adds  6bad4a4   Add a proper function to process a process-exist control in the daemon.
      adds  fab11ac   lower the loglevel for the message that a client has attached through a domian socket
      adds  e56c5b2   lower the loglevel for the message that a client has attached to a persistent database
      adds  daae501   Document the procedure to remove/change the NATGW configuration at runtime without restarting the ctdb service
      adds  8f442f1   Use statically allocated ringbuffer to store the last 500k log entries in memory instead of dynamically allocated ones so that we reduce the pressure on malloc/free.
      adds  e28c652   Dont store debug level DEBUG_DEBUG in the in-memory ringbuffer.
      adds  db25ca6   Eventscript argument cleanups and introduction of ctdb_standard_event_handler.
      adds  50a26cf   Eventscripts: Remove executable bit accidently set on some scripts.
      adds  b17bf38   Eventscripts: Fix syntax error in 00.ctdb.
      adds  7b6072b   Merge branch 'status-test-2'
      adds  0213cb4   tests: turn printfs into DEBUG statements in the ctdb_transaction test
      adds  92c5d9e   ctdb: add command "ctdb wipedb" to wipe the contents of an attached tdb
      adds  522c601   packaging: rework maketarball.sh to accept an arbitrary githas to pack
      adds  f09090f   packaging: remove the lib/popt from the tarball in debian mode
      adds  27dc0ad   client: in catdb, print the keyname first, and separate records by a blank line
      adds  814e3c5   tests:ctdb_transaction: print an extra counters when a commit fails
      adds  f96e816   recovery: pass the persistent flag to recover_database()
      adds  9a8134e   recovery: for persistent db's don't set the dmaster to the recmaster node number
      adds  0635f8b   make ctdb_ctrl_transaction_active public.
      adds  ffe6272   recovery: add special pull-logic for persistent databases
      adds  7afefed   client: increase the rsn of the __transaction_lock__ when storing
      adds  b3fd495   client: untangle checks and produce more detailed error messages
      adds  cc7438d   client: increase the number of commit retries 10-->100
      adds  c1039fb   server:trans2_commit: move the check for active recovery down.
      adds  98c108f   client: improve two error messages in ctdb_transaction_commit().
      adds  3420278   packaging: package tests/bin/ctdb_transaction under /usr/share/doc/tests/bin
      adds  cdabe16   Use wbinfo --ping-dc isntead of wbingo -p sicne this is a more reliable way to determine if winbindd is in a useful state.
      adds  2c80c91   version 1.0.108
      adds  af170d1   events/50.samba: only use wbinfo --ping-dc if available
      adds  3ca3f4c   make sure to also check that interfaces used for NATGW are ok and have a link. if not the node should become unhealthy
      adds  50820f9   Bond devices can have any name the user configures, so when checking link status for an interface, first check if this interface is in fact a bond device (by the precense of a /proc/net/bonding/IFACE file) and use that file for checking status.
      adds  774bf14   eventscript: reduce code duplication for ending a script, and fix bug
      adds  85a6f4a   eventscript: marshall onto last_status immediately
      adds  066a791   eventscript: use -ETIME for timeout status value
      adds  9498035   talloc: save errno over talloc_free
      adds  8993d6f   eventscript: check_executable() to centralize stat/perm checks
      adds  ce37801   eventscript: enhance script delete race check
      adds  b9b75bd   eventscript: use -ENOEXEC for disabled status value
      adds  c70afe0   eventscript: handle and report generic stat/execution errors
      adds  672e06f   eventscript: simplify ctdb_run_event_script loop
      adds  d5d88ec   eventscript: replace other -1 returns with -errno
      adds  0dd4679   eventscript: handle v. unlikely timeout race
      adds  5190932   eventscript: expost ctdb_ban_self()
      adds  928b8dc   eventscript: handle banning within the callbacks
      adds  9914d3f   eventscript: don't make ourselves healthy if we're under ban_count
      adds  9a0c171   eventscript: hoist work out of child process, into parent
      adds  68e224d   eventscript: split ctdb_run_event_script into multiple parts
      adds  a4c2a98   eventscript: make current_monitor_status_ctx serve as monitor_event_script_ctx
      adds  b8e347e   eventscript: use direct script state pointer for current monitor
      adds  640b22f   eventscript: store from_user and script_list inside state structure
      adds  dd53eee   eventscript: fork() a child for each script.
      adds  69c30c6   eventscript: refactor forking code into fork_child_for_script()
      adds  c309d22   eventscript: remove unused ctbd_ctrl_event_script*
      adds  e84d2f7   eventscript: pass struct ctdb_log_state directly to ctdb_log_handler().
      adds  23e24c5   eventscript: ctdb_fork_with_logging()
      adds  9b50f7e   eventscript: use scripts array directly, rather than separate list
      adds  1eda08e   eventscript: record script status for all events
      adds  cc678d5   eventscript: use an array rather than a linked list of scripts
      adds  3ff8bf8   eventscript: get_current_script() helper
      adds  9753b7e   eventscript: rename ctdb_monitoring_wire to ctdb_scripts_wire
      adds  e548a33   eventscript: use wire format internally for script status.
      adds  6960fa9   eventscript: cleanup finished to take state arg
      adds  d3593c2   eventscript: save state for all script invocations
      adds  b29067b   eventscript: get rid of ctdb_control_event_script_finished altogether
      adds  9e87377   ctdb: support --machinereadable (-Y) for scriptstatus
      adds  0dbe76f   eventscript: lock logging on timeout.
      adds  5d99a1a   eventscript: expost call names and enum
      adds  a46c3b4   ctdb: scriptstatus can now query non-monitor events
      adds  8396702   Merge commit 'rusty/script-report'
      adds  4269d37   improve time jump logging
      adds  47f8c38   reduce vacuuming lognoise
      adds  a0d9bd3   Run only one event for each epoll_wait/select call
      adds  ea65e80   call: lower the debug message "refusing migration while transction" to lvl INFO
      adds  97d780b   client: lower debug level of transaction-active-retry message to DEBUG
      adds  c2c9a04   client: lower level of commit retry message WARNING->DEBUG
      adds  edfc6a8   test: get value for --timelimit from environment var CTDB_TEST_TIMELIMIT in transaction test
      adds  c32ff2b   test: add test 54_ctdb_transaction_recovery.sh
      adds  aa6e42a   tests: remove persistent_safe write test.
      adds  3320179   tests: remove the persistent_unsafe writes test.
      adds  54b9a49   tests: remove the no_trans mode from ctdb_transaction.
      adds  a8549ef   From: Volker Lendecke <vl at samba.org> Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 22:45:12 +0100 Subject: [PATCH] Revert an accidential commit
      adds  e76561f   remove the variable "disable when unhealthy" there is no rational need for a setting where we permanently mark nodes as disabled everytime an eventscript fails
      adds  784fa9f   eventscript: fix monitoring when killed by another script command
      adds  cab8da8   ctdb: don't print OUTPUT: for DISABLED scripts
      adds  ed6b5a8   cleanup:   remove a tunable we no longer use in the eventscripts any more : EventScriptUnhealthyOnTimeout
      adds  649ba26   Rename the tunable EventScriptBanCount to EventScriptTimeoutCount since we no longer ban nodes when dodgy scripts continue to hang.
      adds  db0d2a1   From rusty:
      adds  e2e30df   When setting up the logging, set the event to trigger a read of a log message from a child process as a child of the "log" structure and not the ctdb structure, or else we can crash if we receive log messages from a child but the log structure has been freed()
      adds  5e92afe   Test suite: allow settign of timeout triggers for all events not just monitor.
      adds  d67f43f   Test suite: Add an optimisation in the getvar test.
      adds  244bc5c   ctdb_fetch requires the number of nodes being specified. Have it log an error and terminate if thie parameter was omitted
      adds  3b53c02   add a new test tool that just locks and releases the same record over and over
      adds  842aa60   This is a dodgy patch.
      adds  b3104bd   Author: Rusty Russell <rusty at rustcorp.com.au> Date:   Tue Dec 15 15:53:30 2009 +1030
      adds  faacd5c   server: add a new control CTDB_CONTROL_TRANS3_COMMIT
      adds  24d04a3   Rename a struct member for clarity
      adds  9f16f65   Tiny simplification of ctdb_queue_packet()
      adds  8dedde8   define CTDB_DB_SEQNUM_KEY - used with the new implementation of transactions.
      adds  46de365   Add a new control CTDB_GET_DB_SEQNUM - fetch a persistent db's sequence number.
      adds  aea3243   tests: temporarily disable the transaction test tool.
      adds  b664a86   Import "talloc_array_length" from upstream talloc
      adds  f6ea3e6   Make fetch_locked more scalable
      adds  b41d9a2   Revert "recovery: add special pull-logic for persistent databases"
      adds  5a7e990   Merge commit 'obnox/ctdb-wip-trans3' into trans3
      adds  0982299   Revert "Make fetch_locked more scalable"
      adds  fcd1634   Merge branch 'trans3'
      adds  640c48c   Revert "cleanup:   remove a tunable we no longer use in the eventscripts any more :"
      adds  db99f98   ctdb: pass TDB_DISALLOW_NESTING to all tdb_open/tdb_wrap_open calls
      adds  e1217b7   There is one signedness issue in tdb which prevents traverses of TDB records over the 2G offset on systems which support 64 bit file offsets. This fixes that case.
      adds  41d4e2d   Add define guards around otherwise unused variable. Jeremy. (cherry picked from samba commit 4fc9f9c3f943cdeb27e37f0ee068cdd0da7cb00c)
      adds  eb9d367   lib/tdb: don't overwrite TDBs with different version numbers.
      adds  53336a9   tdb: add scripts to extract library symbols (exports file) from headers
      adds  52b6577   tdb: add script to extract signatures from header files.
      adds  6e522eb   tdb: add script/abi_checks.sh. check for abi changes without gcc magic.
      adds  2b29e30   One would expect I could spell my name... (cherry picked from samba commit 0d120be36bfc561e3f679d081993ccc6bea2a401)
      adds  9872a2f   tdb: fix c++ build warning.
      adds  31b9126   tdb:mksyms: allow double pointer return value of functions.
      adds  67d7709   tdb:mksyms: allow characters after closing functions parenthesis.
      adds  67da31e   tdb:mksigs: ignore struct forward declarations.
      adds  6d9ce0e   tdb:mksigs: correctly ignode multiline function typedefs
      adds  a0dba36   tdb:mksigs: ignore symbols (like _DEPRECATED_) after closing function parentheses
      adds  ab37ff7   tdb:mksigs: normalize bool -> _Bool
      adds  d05b49a   tdb:mksigs: allow PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(..) macros function types as funcion args
      adds  09f7874   tdb: allow reads after prepare commit
      adds  0a02814   Added a simple tdb integrity check to tdbtool. The command "check" runs traverse on the currently open tdb, and returns the number of entries if the integrity check is successful. (cherry picked from samba commit 42366bcbbdd42bb9d5821dfcc9dbe71a1eafa330)
      adds  168bb40   tdb:tdbtool: add the "speed" command to the help text.
      adds  886cb3e   tdb:tdbtool: add transaction_start/_commit/_cancel commands.
      adds  e0bed62   added some more speed tests to tdbtool
      adds  c8366fc   tdb: Fix some recently introduced warnings in tdbtool (cherry picked from samba commit c299833bf8e6506c793d6e8283743949aaac9ef4)
      adds  a04fecb   s3/s4: Fix "shadows a global declaration" warning (cherry picked from samba commit e48a5cd5d4fc2626b09af16a0ac68c638d081437)
      adds  4264855   Fix all warnings in source3 with gcc4.3. Jeremy. (cherry picked from samba commit 07e0094365e8dc360a83eec2e7cf9b1d5d8d6d00)
      adds  8fd54bb   tdb:tdbtool: fix indentation.
      adds  805ef91   tdb: fixed the intermittent failure of tdbtorture in the build farm
      adds  7f857c4   lib/tdb: TDB_TRACE support (for developers)
      adds  8dcc760   lib/tdb: wean off TDB_ERRCODE.
      adds  b52a06f   lib/tdb: add -t (always use transactions) option to tdbtorture
      adds  6eaaa52   fixed tdbbackup to give tdb error messages (cherry picked from samba commit 08be1420ba52ef9bba90d0f811c7810841ee8568)
      adds  5b6b852   make tdbbackup use transactions
      adds  3e04b10   added basic testing of tdb_transaction_prepare_commit() in tdbtorture (cherry picked from samba commit 84547b8dba3c0cf4e20b3c50d9386081d475df6b)
      adds  06ab3cf   lib/tdb/tools/tdbtorture.c: fixed memory leak.
      adds  a3b4f9b   Attempt to fix bug 5684
      adds  61c7444   The msync manpage reports that msync *must* be called before munmap. Failure to do so may result in lost data. Fix an ifdef check, I really think we meant to check HAVE_MMAP here. (cherry picked from samba commit 74c8575b3f3b90ea21ae6aa7ccd95947838af956) (This used to be commit 8fd54bb55f0c23bd025d1719abcbe75c6a2ea8ac) (cherry picked from samba commit b39e332bd7803dd4ce8267f750c497b5deb837ee)
      adds  e58068d   Remove unecessary msync. Jeremy. (cherry picked from samba commit 0bae1ef3de8fda5e1e2d641b14a408e627396912) (This used to be commit db2acaf46fdc38078b6b28b68909e289f6c9e0ec) (cherry picked from samba commit a1cf3ad5d655cf5a847df6d6299b3af1a30ec1e3)
      adds  4c69b5e   tdb: Add simple reimplementation of tdbdump in Python as an example of the tdb Python bindings. (This used to be commit 47d797f7885b1e7bcff724496ecb1990e8440eea) (cherry picked from samba commit 6bdd1425b75c8931965f0e5627f5a63dc6820a7c)
      adds  50ceb83   Add simple manually written replacement for the tdb module. (cherry picked from samba commit 2a61fd41e9d4d2e3d7b47a816544c88bb369bc03)
      adds  c9907f2   Implement missing functions in pytdb. (cherry picked from samba commit 2da551bbcc6cab296769c193b0b82aaa6256cece)
      adds  fc9d260   Make sure to not close tdb database more than once. (cherry picked from samba commit 6fe6983e4c960abc69d5fa80cbef534ae515209a)
      adds  31bc9f3   py: Properly increase the reference counter of Py_None. (cherry picked from samba commit d2c70d24e12293d9b4272eb310a6a4c4582b2d92)
      adds  c5827f2   s3/s4 build: Fix Py_RETURN_NONE to work with python versions < 2.4 (cherry picked from samba commit 61a23c5eea2203721a70a4ad41bfdc6cd1d6a2a7)
      adds  c0131bb   Avoid using a utility header for Python replacements included in Samba, since this will not be shipped with talloc/tdb/tevent/etc. (cherry picked from samba commit ba5d6e6d706ebf07640ee24d701255cbb4803525)
      adds  a60db02   lib/tdb: include replace.h and system/filesys.h in pytdb.c
      adds  4576b9a   s3 build: Remove unused fstat check to fix a bunch of HAVE_FSTAT warnings (cherry picked from samba commit 2c2545d45af9c7479bf032fff1263e102926a495)
      adds  42d131d   lib/tdb: sync build files from samba master
      adds  b4bb525   tdb: kill last bits from swig
      adds  b0a4a82   lib/tdb: add tdb_check()
      adds  f836eeb   lib/tdb: make tdbtool use tdb_check() for "check" command
      adds  2b10c14   tdb: rename 'struct list_struct' into 'struct tdb_record'
      adds  a51ad4a   tdb: detect tdb store of identical records and skip
      adds  8af1b8b   tdb: fix typo in python's Tdb.get() docstring
      adds  5ea8bd3   tdb: reset tdb->fd to -1 in tdb_close()
      adds  ad6e28c   tdb: add tests for double .close() in pytdb
      adds  a96af98   tdb: update README a bit
      adds  e0f59b0   tdb: Fix a C++ warning (cherry picked from samba commit be88a126ea50ea7e41583f402013c63234305e48)
      adds  b768146   tdb: always set tdb->tracefd to -1 to be safe on goto fail
      adds  5cbf018   tdb: add TDB_DISALLOW_NESTING and make TDB_ALLOW_NESTING the default behavior
      adds  859ffb0   tdb: change version to 1.2.0 after adding TDB_*ALLOW_NESTING
      adds  6e3a572   tdb tools: Mostly cosmetic adaptions
      adds  2d24073   Fix release script with newer versins of git (cherry picked from commit 4334092cbae28181ba0d1cf2ac026961f2192972)
      adds  003985a   ctdb: pass TDB_DISALLOW_NESTING to all tdb_open/tdb_wrap_open calls
      adds  0c907f4   config: load 'ctdb' config before 'nfs' config in statd-callout
      adds  cda5884   server: create tdbs with 0600 permissions in ctdb_local_attach()
      adds  b48228e   server: add db_directory_state to ctdb_context
      adds  9a96ae0   server: only do the mkdir() calls for db_directory* once at the start
      adds  77d43d0   server: create recdb.tdb.X in /var/ctdb/state/
      adds  473f02e   server: create vactun.tdb.X under /var/ctdb/state
      adds  7f05a42   server: create vactune.tdb.X with 0600 permissions
      adds  b74918b   server: open /var/ctdb/state/persistent_health.tdb.X on startup
      adds  8fbb5b7   server/recovery: update flags on nodes before syncing dbs
      adds  9069d3a   server: move error handling to a 'fail' label in ctdb_control_transaction_commit()
      adds  94bc403   server: Use tdb_check to verify persistent tdbs on startup
      adds  f1f0af2   server: add CTDB_CONTROL_DB_SET_HEALTHY and CTDB_CONTROL_DB_GET_HEALTH
      adds  0e436b4   client: add ctdb_ctrl_getdbhealth()
      adds  927dd3d   tools/ctdb: display db health in "ctdb getdbmap"
      adds  c56ce3d   tools/ctdb: add "ctdb getdbstatus <dbname>"
      adds  fb50e08   tools/ctdb: let "ctdb restoredb" and "ctdb wipedb" mark the db as healthy on all nodes
      adds  aa658b6   client: make ctdb_dumpdb_record() public
      adds  c4bc231   client: add "ctdb dumpdbbackup <filename>"
      adds  aa07a46   ctdb: disallow "ctdb backupdb" on unhealthy databases
      adds  965c000   ctdb: add machinereadable output fot "ctdb -Y getdbmap"
      adds  a03cf00   ctdb: print out some hints how to debug a "ctdb catdb" failure
      adds  0c735f0   config: try to use tdbtool <tdb> check instead of tdbdump for persistent db checks
      adds  96977cc   config: add CTDB_MAX_PERSISTENT_CHECK_ERRORS option
      adds  1634b44   doc/ctdb.1: document "ctdb wipedb"
      adds  0056cec   doc/ctdb.1: document UNHEALTHY for "ctdb getdbmap"
      adds  fa6d864   doc/ctdb.1: document -Y output fot ctdb getdbmap
      adds  7809aa9   doc/ctdb.1: document "ctdb dumpdbbackup <file>"
      adds  58dd03f   doc/ctdb.1: add "See also" for ctdb getdbmap
      adds  3bfc58d   doc/ctdb.1: document "ctdb getdbstatus <dbname>"
      adds  685806d   doc/ctdb.1: make clear the database is specified by name for "ctdb backupdb"
      adds  b22d893   doc/ctdb.1: update example "ctdb listvars" output
      adds  fffb9d5   doc: fix docbook warnings for ctdb.1 and onnode.1 manpages
      adds  4626665   doc: regenerate manpages
      adds  95eaa9f   fix conflict in merge from metze
      adds  f148735   Add --valgringing flag instead of --nosetsched
      adds  c488ba4   Remove RT priority, use niceness.
      adds  af2613e   ctdb: use mlockall, cautiously
      adds  4c722fe   fix a conflict in the merge from rusty
      adds  8aec7e5   eventscript: remove cb_status, fix uninitialized bug when monitoring aborted
      adds  9b507ab   version 1.0.109
      adds  bbfa440   server: fix fd leaks in the new logging code
      adds  77c4a86   server: add set_close_on_exec() on more fds
      adds  4dce069   eventscript: fix cleanup path when setting up script list
      adds  01a0824   Version 1.0.110
      adds  05dff92   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  e757b7c   eventscript: remove cb_status, fix uninitialized bug when monitoring aborted
      adds  565b2cd   eventscript: fix bug when script is aborted
      adds  f34ba65   New version 1.0.111
      adds  39f9ded   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  96066d8   Revert "events/50.samba: only use wbinfo --ping-dc if available"
      adds  b65a44a   Revert "Use wbinfo --ping-dc isntead of wbingo -p sicne this is a more reliable way to determine if winbindd is in a useful state."
      adds  91fba1e   New version 1.0.112.
      adds  1b0f9c3   ctdb_logging: simplify ctdb_fork_with_logging a lot and reduce the syscall usage
      adds  1eb8015   server: call event_add_fd at the end of ctdb_set_child_logging()
      adds  62f87f0   Merge commit 'metze/master-for-ronnie'
      adds  f066939   new version 1.0.113
      adds  a1d60b1   Make the size of the in memory ringbuffer for keeping the recent log messages configureable using --log-ringbuf-size=<num-entries>.
      adds  88dc248   document the in-memory ringbuffer for logging and the commands used to set it up and manage it.
      adds  21e5b44   source the nfs sysconfig file from the 61.nfstickles script
      adds  14b3c37   onnode - respect $CTDB_BASE rather than hard-coding /etc/ctdb.
      adds  9660f9c   onnode: update algorithm for finding nodes file.
      adds  44f2605   initscript: handle spaces in option values inserted into $CTDB_OPTIONS.
      adds  35a15ad   lib/events: finish "Run only one event for each epoll_wait/select call"
      adds  2f36e78   server: add missing goto again after do_recovery()
      adds  a23c409   tools/ctdb: display INACTIVE status in "ctdb status" and "ctdb status -Y"
      adds  a309287   move DEBUG* macros to one place
      adds  b70ff7e   configure: don't overwrite AC_CHECK_FUNC_EXT and AC_CHECK_LIB_EXT
      adds  9cba540   lib/util: import fault/backtrace handling from samba.
      adds  78b78fc   lib/util: add pre and post panic action hooks
      adds  8456a1b   server: setup fault handler to get the build-in backtrace support
      adds  fd06167   server: add "init" event
      adds  d01870f   config/functions: add tickle_tcp_connections()
      adds  c251ac2   events/10.interfaces: move some parts to helper functions
      adds  4493ba6   config: add interface_modify.sh and call it under flock to make modification on interfaces atomic
      adds  2ecf805   config: add some ipv4 helper shell functions
      adds  628ac65   config: add 13.per_ip_routing event script
      adds  bec35e6   server: add a ctdb_set_single_public_ip() helper function
      adds  8d50eda   server: add a ctdb_vnn_iface_string() helper function to access vnn->iface
      adds  a1da4e0   server: allow multiple interfaces comma separated in public_addresses
      adds  9a43f5e   events: 10.interfaces allow multiple interfaces per public address
      adds  539ebdc   server: we don't need to copy strings we pass as talloc_asprintf() arguments
      adds  bea53c6   server: keep the interface information in a list of ctdb_iface structures
      adds  15616d3   reserve upper bits in ctdb_control->flags for opcode specific flags
      adds  b9f6afe   client: add CTDB_PUBLIC_IP_FLAGS_ONLY_AVAILABLE ctdb_ctrl_get_public_ips_flags()
      adds  d89604a   server: implement CTDB_PUBLIC_IP_FLAGS_ONLY_AVAILABLE behavior
      adds  37880b0   server: use CTDB_PUBLIC_IP_FLAGS_ONLY_AVAILABLE during a takeover run
      adds  32d00d0   controls: add stups for GET_PUBLIC_IP_INFO, GET_IFACES and SET_IFACE_LINK_STATE
      adds  11f643f   client: implement ctdb_ctrl_get_public_ip_info()
      adds  a30513c   client: implement ctdb_ctrl_get_ifaces()
      adds  20e2f61   client: implement ctdb_ctrl_set_iface_link()
      adds  80e3ab0   server: implement ctdb_control_get_public_ip_info()
      adds  0dd7e1b   server: implement ctdb_control_get_ifaces()
      adds  f4f7202   server: implement ctdb_control_set_iface_link()
      adds  0ceef70   tools/ctdb: add "ctdb ifaces"
      adds  a6803f4   tools/ctdb: add "ctdb setifacelink <iface> <status>"
      adds  df5805d   tools/ctdb: add "ctdb ipinfo <ip>"
      adds  04d896a   tests/simple/11_ctdb_ip.sh: be more strict in checking ctdb ip -Y output
      adds  0054f0c   tests: add a all_ips_on_node() helper function that wraps ctdb ip -Y
      adds  a6437bc   tools/ctdb: display interfaces in "ctdb ip" and "ctdb ip -Y" outputs
      adds  f2854f7   tools/ctdb: add PartiallyOnline state for "ctdb status" and "ctdb status -Y"
      adds  22ade0e   server: only trigger one takeover run in verify_ip_allocation()
      adds  5fa6a51   server: monitor interfaces in verify_ip_allocation()
      adds  9c89dd9   events: splitout a monitor_interfaces function in 10.interface
      adds  94e7101   config: 10.interfaces call ctdb ifaces and ctdb setifacelink for monitoring
      adds  5d2c3ef   config: 10.interfaces call monitor_interfaces on startup
      adds  179c098   server: start with disabled interfaces and let the event scripts enable the interfaces explicit
      adds  50bff8c   config: add CTDB_PARTIALLY_ONLINE_INTERFACES to ctdb.sysconfig
      adds  98ee69c   server: add updateip event
      adds  6a818e6   events: 10.interface handle updateip event
      adds  ea58430   events: add updateip event to 13.per_ip_routing
      adds  da59e0b   server: split out a ctdb_announce_vnn_iface() function
      adds  aa485b1   server: split out a ctdb_do_takeover_ip() function
      adds  58d7c44   server: add a ctdb_do_updateip()
      adds  ffdf32d   server: be less verbose on redundant release_ip events
      adds  c5e579b   server: debug redundant takeover ip events with level INFO
      adds  55d824b   server: print node number as signed integer on release ip event
      adds  a5ba5c1   server: return an error if we get an takeover ip event and we cannot serve the ip
      adds  405368e   server: give an error if we're getting an takeover_ip event with a wrong pnn
      adds  76cb4ce   server: ban ourself if the ctdb and kernel knowledge of a public ip differs
      adds  dbe9127   server: reload the public addresses before doing a takeover run
      adds  12c8dd2   config: 10.interface: search "ethtool" in $PATH instead of using a hardcoded path
      adds  7569b21   onnode - respect $CTDB_BASE rather than hard-coding /etc/ctdb.
      adds  52dbd65   onnode: update algorithm for finding nodes file.
      adds  d6b0578   initscript: handle spaces in option values inserted into $CTDB_OPTIONS.
      adds  b5254bf   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  02e6834   initscript: Remove bash-ism.
      adds  407a8f7   eventscript: Use of $NFS_TICKLE_SHARED_DIRECTORY must be after loadconfig.
      adds  56b178e   eventscripts: stop loadconfig function from loading ctdb config file twice.
      adds  68273bb   tdb: fix an early release of the global lock that can cause data corruption
      adds  d7c00d8   Drop the debug level for logging fd creation to DEBUG_DEBUG
      adds  7a5254a   add two new debug controls to send and receive messages
      adds  a2857b1   We only queued up to 1000 packets per queue before we start dropping packets, to avoid the queue to grow excessively if smbd has blocked.
      adds  7a889c5   When trying to enable/disable a node. Check if the node is already enabled/disabled and log an information message if so.
      adds  5fd88a1   util: added TLIST_*() macros
      adds  3eb9735   ctdb: move ctdb_io.c to use TLIST_*() macros
      adds  f23b82b   ctdb: when we fill the client packet queue we need to drop the client
      adds  240625f   Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/sahlberg/ctdb
      adds  e128e59   onnode documentation - update documentation to reflect recent onnode changes.
      adds  2406733   ctdb: migrate to new dlinklist.h from Samba
      adds  34b8b98   event scripts: add logging for low memory conditions
      adds  ca9386a   dont just exit(0) upon successful completion of waiting for an ipreallocate to finish. return success back to the caller instead.
      adds  e01c845   commands that relate to manual failover of ip addresses (moveip) can sometimes take long so allow for a longer timeout for the controls used.
      adds  d25ab9e   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  47bebba   Test suite: Make "ctdb ip" test backward compatible with older ctdb versions.
      adds  71ca5d0   ctdb_setstatus in /etc/ctdb/functions was not working correctly because it was called with a wrong parameter list
      adds  a8508e8   Test suite: Make "ctdb ip" test backward compatible with older ctdb versions.
      adds  d685369   Merge commit 'martins/master'
      adds  c137725   fixed printing of high latency
      adds  64111bb   Add a new variable : CTDB_NFS_SKIP_KNFSD_ALIVE_CHECK when set to "yes" this will skip checking if knfsd has hung or not.
      adds  7f2f736   lower the loglevel for a debug message for redundant releases of public ips
      adds  70c1e39   Add a variable CTDB_CHECK_SWAP_IS_NOT_USED="yes" to control whether or not to check if we are swapping, and produce useful output into the logfile if we are.
      adds  ce9d57b   Reduce the log level for two debug messages
      adds  06fdfdd   Reducing the log level for a debug message
      adds  96a61ca   Reduce loglevel for two eventscript related debug messages
      adds  435fb78   Leave sequence number alone when merely migrating records.
      adds  5439401   try to restart rpc-rquotad if it is not running
      adds  68decc3   Ignore any scripts that timesout for most events, except startup.
      adds  6f80ff4   From Elia Pinto <gitter.spiros at gmail.com>
      adds  6091dce   From Sumit Bose <sbose at redhat.com>
      adds  05dcbed   ctdb regsrvids is much more useful for testing if it sleeps once it has registered its srvid. Othervise, as soon as it terminates, ctdbd will deregister the id automatically.
      adds  af79d2c       Make sure that the natgw eventscript also triggers on the "stopped" event     to remove the natgw configuration and ip assignments used.
      adds  aea0a72   In ctdb_control_end_recovery,
      adds  feebd03   config: readd ips with a broadcast address in delete_ip_from_iface()
      adds  d8ab328   config: add setup_iface_ip_readd_script() helper function
      adds  3bd1910   config: interface_modify states in a $CTDB_BASE/state/interface_modify directory
      adds  d71c40c   config: make remove_ip() a wrapper of delete_ip_from_iface()
      adds  90769bf   config/11.natgw: use delete_ip_from_iface() instead of remove_ip()
      adds  061c2a7   config/10.interface: use delete_ip_from_iface also in the "init" event
      adds  3419e9c   server: add "setup" event
      adds  3a0d830   config/13.per_ip_routing: add a setup_per_ip_routing() function
      adds  08d69d2   config/13.per_ip_routing: register the setup script with setup_iface_ip_readd_script()
      adds  d79a70b   config/13.per_ip_routing: use better names for release_script and setup_script
      adds  e44c239   config/13.per_ip_routing: fix typo in error message
      adds  b7909ad   doc/ctdb.1.xml: document PARTIALLYONLINE status
      adds  65e051f   doc/ctdb.1.xml: document "ctdb ifaces"
      adds  f90fda0   doc/ctdb.1.xml: update "ctdb ip" documentation
      adds  48a30a2   doc/ctdb.1.xml: document "ctdb ipinfo <ip>"
      adds  f984080   doc/ctdb.1.xml: document "ctdb setifacelink <iface> <status>"
      adds  bb76e40   doc: regenerate ctdb.1*
      adds  b72ccfc   server:ctdb_send_dmaster_reply: fix a message typo.
      adds  ff48fc3   fix bug #7152: check NFS-Shares, fails with to long path-names
      adds  62b0af1   Correction of spelling errors in manpages
      adds  3f4ce41   Correction of spelling errors.
      adds  3dbaec1   doc: fill metainfo "manual" and "source" in the ctdb manual page
      adds  eb10f70   doc: add metainfo "manual" and "source" in the ctdbd manual page
      adds  9fc080d   doc: regenerate ctdb and ctdb manpages after xml changes
      adds  e7bca0d   Correct nice_service()
      adds  c57c06d   Fix some more bashisms
      adds  e26a26f   ctdb_setstatus in /etc/ctdb/functions was not working correctly because it was called with a wrong parameter list
      adds  3cf183c   adjust a vacuum log level
      adds  d4f7a59   Merge root at
      adds  f888e3e   doc: fix a linebreak in the example output of "ctdb getdbmap" in ctdb(1)
      adds  6494d64   doc: regenerate ctdb(1) manpages after xml change
      adds  df2ca26   packaging: add tdbtool and tdbdump as dependencies to the RPM
      adds  862e978   Merge commit 'obnox/master-rebase'
      adds  940e58b   config: let 13.per_ip_routing use a flock for generate_auto_link_local()
      adds  8ed2e05   new version 1.0.114
      adds  3cb7ce8   Fix a typo in run_startrecovery_eventscript
      adds  daddb31   In ctdb catdb, print the payload data length without the ctdb header length
      adds  df77489   events:50.samba: wipe the local part of the serverid db before starting winbind/smnd/nmbd
      adds  184ca81   Fix a typo in run_startrecovery_eventscript
      adds  029d7a9   In ctdb catdb, print the payload data length without the ctdb header length
      adds  acf3d04   Merge root at
      adds  eeeb89e   Reduce the loglevel for two log messages for Registering and Deregistering server ids.
      adds  de1e372   Merge root at
      adds  e179910   When we forcefully abort a running eventscript, dont log this as is the script timedout.
      adds  cf25dde   Merge root at
      adds  ce1fe07   Merge commit 'origin/master'
      adds  3f226d0   Lower the loglevel for "Recovery lock successfully taken" from ERR to NOTICE
      adds  875af7f   Merge root at
      adds  06885ea   In the recovery daemon, keep track of which node we have assigned public ip addresses and verify that the remote nodes have/keep a consistent view of assigned addresses.
      adds  dec6ad7   Fix a compiler warning
      adds  d0656da   Merge root at
      adds  937c5ff   Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/sahlberg/ctdb
      adds  d2f7bf8   ethtool does not support virtio_net devices.
      adds  f765f0c   Fix a thinko in 2ea0a9f1a93781a0d036feb9fcc0d120b182922f.
      adds  40434a7       add a missing ||     to make the 10.interface script not fail with a syntax error
      adds  4f19198   add an example script that can be called from crontab to cleanup and release public ip addresses if ctdbd is no longer running
      adds  8ef5db5   In the example script to remove all ip addresses after a ctdb crash, add the NATGW address as one to be removed in addition to the public addresses.
      adds  2d9fee4   Add a setting where CTDB will monitor and warn for low memory conditions.
      adds  b68642d   tdb: raise version to 1.2.1
      adds  d15deef   release-scripts: parametrize scripts
      adds  60ae9df   tdb: give a name to the invalid recovery area constant (0)
      adds  e552df6   tdb: fix recovery reuse after crash
      adds  9f003c2   tdb: Apply some const, just for clarity
      adds  ff2e1c9   tdb: use fdatasync() instead of fsync() in transactions
      adds  69f5519   Spelling fixes for tdb.
      adds  25c9eba   tdb: cleanup: split brlock and brunlock methods.
      adds  db7a4fe   tdb: make _tdb_transaction_cancel static.
      adds  6fec65a   tdb: cleanup: rename GLOBAL_LOCK to OPEN_LOCK.
      adds  9a1c172   tdb: cleanup: rename global_lock to allrecord_lock.
      adds  dca3421   tdb: cleanup: tdb_nest_lock/tdb_nest_unlock
      adds  5f40176   tdb: don't suppress the transaction lock because of the allrecord lock.
      adds  4ceb70e   tdb: cleanup: tdb_have_extra_locks() helper
      adds  12e1179   tdb: cleanup: tdb_release_extra_locks() helper
      adds  43585f9   tdb: cleanup: find_nestlock() helper.
      adds  685473b   tdb: use tdb_nest_lock() for transaction lock.
      adds  2d1f088   tdb: use tdb_nest_lock() for open lock.
      adds  a3230a8   tdb: use tdb_nest_lock() for active lock.
      adds  ce0b29c   tdb: use tdb_nest_lock() for seqnum lock.
      adds  021b18c   tdb: remove num_locks
      adds  4ae716d   tdb: cleanup: always grab allrecord lock to infinity.
      adds  6f220bf   tdb: suppress record write locks when allrecord lock is taken.
      adds  ce635ce   tdb: tdb_allrecord_lock/tdb_allrecord_unlock/tdb_allrecord_upgrade
      adds  80376a7   tdb: cleanup: remove ltype argument from _tdb_transaction_cancel.
      adds  fa782ab   tdb: rename tdb_release_extra_locks() to tdb_release_transaction_locks()
      adds  2453266   tdb: remove lock ops
      adds  90480db   tdb: don't truncate tdb on recovery
      adds  5c58560   tdb: add -k option to tdbtorture
      adds  a617fb4   patch tdb-refactor-tdb_lock-and-tdb_lock_nonblock.patch
      adds  98b9b1d   tdb: handle processes dying during transaction commit.
      adds  5a89ab2   tdb: If tdb_parse_record does not find a record, return -1 instead of 0
      adds  9e29197   tdb: Fix bug 7248, avoid the nanosleep dependency
      adds  b52a04d   python: use '#!/usr/bin/env python' to cope with varying install locations
      adds  599cd10   Fix some nonempty blank lines
      adds  67312ce   tdb: Fix indentation in tdb_new_database()
      adds  bae2979   tdb: Add a non-blocking version of tdb_transaction_start
      adds  bca9d27   tdb: update exports and signatures files
      adds  163603f   subunit: Support formatting compatible with upstream subunit, for consistency.
      adds  b2b5d98   tdb: update tdb ABI to use hide_symbols=True
      adds  7d094c3   tdb: define _PUBLIC_ so we can compile tdb.
      adds  8571fef   Merge commit 'rusty/tdb-update'
      adds  d6ae1c4   If the admin makes a configuration mistake and configures NATGW to use the same ip address as a normal public-address, check for this in the natgw script and warn the user.
      adds  79fac97   In the log message when we have found an inconsistent ip address allocation, add extra log information about what the inconsistency is.
      adds  c3c7aa9   Make create_merged_ip_list() a static function since it is not called from outside of ctdb_takeover.c
      adds  4a43428   The recent change to the recovery daemon to keep track of and verify that all nodes agree on the most recent ip address assignments broke "ctdb moveip ..." since that call would never trigger a full takeover run and thus would immediately trigger an inconsistency.
      adds  62742bd       Dont check ip assignment across the cluster while ip-verification     checks are disabled
      adds  037dfbb   eventscript: fix case where we fail to create child for some reason
      adds  e1b59b6   eventscript: don't do debugging system() from inside signal handler
      adds  a9c8b9e   eventscript: wait for debugging dump before killing timedout script
      adds  6da848f   eventscript: simplify script timeout handling
      adds  46f00a2   Merge commit 'rusty/signal-fix'
      adds  1cb2b0b   Add a new eventscript 62.cnfs to integrate better with gpfs/cnfs
      adds  7a62592   when performing a recovery, ensure that all nodes use the same reclock file setting as the recovery master
      adds  72c275d   ctdb: use full range of IDR
      adds  6f1221e   Add the number of performed recoveries to the "ctdb statistics" output.
      adds  fd5a55c   tests: eliminate a floating point exception by requiring -n option to ctdb_bench
      adds  e0666ed   tests:ctdb_bench: make send_start_messages() static - eliminates compile warning
      adds  b40fa22   functions: when checking for a directory also check whether it can be accessed.
      adds  1c357ff   Merge commit 'obnox/master-rebase'
      adds  e1d1c23   Enhance the "ctdb restoredb" command so you can restore a backup into a different database.
      adds  ba0fc58   document how to restore a backup into a different database
      adds  6c5256a   In control_ipreallocate() we wait at most 5 tries before aborting the command and returning an error. This might not be sufficient if there are several recoveries in a row.
      adds  6578a97   It was possible for ->recovery_mode to get out of sync with the new three db priorities in such a way that ->recovery_mode was set to normal   but database priorities leven2 or 3 was still set to frozen.
      adds  03b112c   in 62.cnfs, lines in /etc/exports can have hte exports quoted, so strip off any initial " on the exports line
      adds  ad2b7c2   Add monitoring of quorum and make the node UNHEALTHY when quarum is lost
      adds  949fc09   new version 1.9
      adds  d5f6026   libctdb: reorganize headers: remove ctdb.h, add ctdb_client.h and ctdb_protocol.h
      adds  bbfb992   libctdb: ctdb.h and tst.c from Ronnie
      adds  7046a1a   libctdb: API changes from Ronnie's version
      adds  1dc7f2c   libctdb: first cut, supports getrecmaster only
      adds  5db92cc   libctdb: Ronnie's build changes, so we actually build libctdb with make.
      adds  f45cf4a   tst.c: update to Ronnie's latest
      adds  9121835   patch libctdb-single-callback.patch
      adds  30f4d01   libctdb: uniform callbacks, _recv functions to pull out data.
      adds  bd8d302   libctdb: tweak interface for readrecordlock
      adds  0d46488   Merge commit 'rusty/libctdb2'
      adds  41634ea   make sure we build libctdb for "make all"
      adds  080cef2   make install to install libctdb.a
      adds  40c6535   move the header files and libctdb.a out into a separate ctdb-devel rpm
      adds  92340e4   check if vnn is a valid pointer before dereferencing it
      adds  cb52100   add a gplv3 boilerplate to the example application for libctdb
      adds  db9e00e   Prevent clients from connecting to the natgw address. This address is dedicated for outgoing connections.
      adds  004b849   Dont check linkstatus for loopback. This interface never has issues with the physical layer
      adds  4136f27   When adding an ip at runtime, it might not yet have an iface assigned to it, so ensure that the next takover_ip call will fall through to accept the ip and add it.
      adds  bdbf707   rename ccan/typesafe_cb.h to ctdb_typesafe_cb.h and add this file to the install/rpm
      adds  2f188c6   Update the tst.c example application for libctdb to use the headers from /usr/include and add a comment about how to compile it
      adds  d3a696c   Dont link with libctdb
      adds  761a075   rename ctdb_send_message to ctdb_client_send_message to resolve colission with the function of the same name in libctdb
      adds  bc208bc   rename ctdb_set_message_handler to ctdb_client_set_message_handler to avoid a colission with the function of the same name in libctdb
      adds  f1b8bd9   rename ctdb_message_fn_t to ctdb_msg_fn_t to avoid a conflict with the type of the same name used in libctdb
      adds  3c7350b   rename ctdb_remove_message_handler to ctdb_client_remove_message_handler to avoid conflict with the function of the same name in libctdb
      adds  8666094   add a function to read the current socketname from the ctdb structure
      adds  212ee83   add a sync wrapper for the getpnn control
      adds  ae3e91f   link ctdb with libctdb and connect to the daemon both the old way and by using libctdb
      adds  53ea238   Add a variable for start/current time to ctdb statistics and print the time startistics was taken and for how long the statistics have been collected to the "ctdb statistics" output.
      adds  e999119   Automatically free the request once the callback has returned.
      adds  f94291c   Make the call to free the request explicit in the callback instead of implicit
      adds  0844759   Add the offsetof macro to libctdb
      adds  2d4b983   ctdb_req_control contains 4 padding bytes. Create an explicit pad variable here and set it to 0 when creating a control to keep valgrind happy.
      adds  c05f3ee   When we say "current time of statistics" in the "ctdb statistics" output, print the current time and not the start time
      adds  5d0d51e   libctdb: fix wrong argument being handed to callback on attachdb fail
      adds  94df6f3   libctdb: change callback for ctdb_readrecordlock.
      adds  29c43d5   remove the global rrl_cb_called from the libctdb example and psss it through the callback via private_data.
      adds  e8fb04d   Readrecordlock changes:
      adds  cc84358   libctdb: add ctdb arg to more functions.
      adds  379fd4e   libctdb: add logging infrastructure
      adds  d77a1e9   patch libctdb-use-logging.patch
      adds  62df8f9   libctdb: track lock for each ctdb_db, complain if they hold too long.
      adds  3a569c1   libctdb: use bool in API
      adds  c5b4768   libctdb: use values from ctdb_protocol.h, don't re-declare
      adds  3510980   libctdb: documentation
      adds  433bc56   Update the ctdb tool to use the new signature for ctdb_connect()
      adds  2e22115   Must initialize ctdb->locks or else bad things happen
      adds  6e0d612   update "ctdb pnn" to use the new return value for _recv() where bool false means failure and true means success.
      adds  b9e5c8a   Split ctdb_release_lock() into a function to release the locvk and another function to free the data structures. This allows us to keep the datastructure valid after the lock has been released by the application and we can trap and warn when the application is accessing the lock after it has been released. I.e. application bugs.
      adds  a530344   In ctdb_writerecord() Verify that the lock is still held and refuse the write otherwise.
      adds  a4daf81   Additional log messages when tdb databases can no longer be chainlocked or chainunlocked
      adds  7aa68b0   libctdb: use magic to detect free/invalid locks
      adds  866cca9   libctdb: clarify logging levels
      adds  7589b58   libctdb: more bool conversion, and accompany lock by ctdb_db in API
      adds  662807b   libctdb: always check header hasn't changed on local tdb
      adds  e169d68   libctdb: connect TDB logging to our logging
      adds  5699091   Some "ctdb ..." commands can be run without having the main daemon running.
      adds  64f2d69   when tdb_chainunlock() fails, print the tdb error that occured
      adds  f6446ad   print the db name qwhen a chainunlock fails too
      adds  fa618aa   add additional logging when tdb_chainunlock() fails so we can see where it was called from when it fails
      adds  75f3ef1   add extra logging for failed ctdb_ltdb_unlock() for a few more places it is called from
      adds  641da4c   We can not be holding a chainlock at this stage, so the tdb_chainunlock() call is bogus
      adds  d9a3e1d   idr can timeout and wrap/be reused quite quickly.
      adds  7730fac   fix a debug message
      adds  b31b0d7   idtree: fix handling of large ids (eg INT_MAX)
      adds  5f9e4b6   Delay reusing ids to make protocol more robust
      adds  eee814a   Merge commit 'rusty/idtree'
      adds  1bd7982   Wrap the IDR early, but not too early.
      adds  a354d7e   Test suite: handle change to disconnected node error message.
      adds  1c61639   Test suite: handle extra lines in statistics output.
      adds  320d851   Optimise 61.nfstickle to write the tickles more efficiently.
      adds  7c939e5   Testing: Add Python IP allocation simulation.
      adds  0557c41   ctdb: Fixed use of reserved word "private" in typedefs
      adds  f7efc1f   speed startup: alter recovery loop
      adds  eb61b11   speed startup: immediately run first monitor event after startup.
      adds  fabeea6   speed startup: don't wait a full recovery interval if we've already waited
      adds  ed31caf   speed startup: run startup immediately after recovery finished.
      adds  8946028   speed startup: add --sloppy-start.
      adds  8f8959a   speed startup: with --sloppy-start, cut initial election timeout to 1/2 second.
      adds  70082cd6  ctdb_freeze: extend db priority hack to cover serverid.tdb deadlock.
      adds  1bbd6e2   tdb: improve logging
      adds  7061cef   Report client for queue errors.
      adds  145b09c   version: generate RPM version from git
      adds  61d3e09   ctdb: fix crash on "ctdb scriptstatus --events=releaseip"
      adds  34ce8a4   config: wrap iptables in flock to avoid concurrancy.
      adds  3b9eeb1   config/interface_modify.sh: before calling a script check if it exists and is executable
      adds  7b1345d   config/interface_modify.sh: do the echo before running the script
      adds  c5de7cf   Merge commit 'rusty/master'
      adds  7942307   events/10.interface: we need to mark interfaces as "up" if we don't know how to monitor them
      adds  ddb1c74   Add a code-style document.
      adds  697fcfd   Test suite: handle change to disconnected node error message.
      adds  5027d2b   Test suite: handle extra lines in statistics output.
      adds  fe64a8f   Optimise 61.nfstickle to write the tickles more efficiently.
      adds  f73f2d7   Testing: Add Python IP allocation simulation.
      adds  3db0288   Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/sahlberg/ctdb
      adds  88337cb   Testing: Add imbalance information to IP allocation simulation.
      adds  d7e9969   Testing: In IP allocation simulation count total number of events.
      adds  d7d2c64   Testing: IP allocation simulation prints final imbalance in statistics.
      adds  2e57085   Testing: IP allocation simulation - save some warnings for verbose mode.
      adds  de4223f   Testing: IP allocation simulation - add command line option for random seed.
      adds  ef77f61   Testing: IP allocation simulation - update copyright message.
      adds  eac5edf   Testing: IP allocation simulation - Tweak options handling and Cluster.diff().
      adds  ae0f339   Testing: IP allocation simulation - fix nondeterminism in do_something_random().
      adds  ecdbd99   Testing: IP allocation simulation - Update README.
      adds  0fdd756   Testing: IP allocation simulation - update options processing in examples.
      adds  4af0497   Testing: IP allocation simulation - add general node group example.
      adds  d438b23   Testing: IP allocation simulation - rename an example to node_group_simple.py.
      adds  326514f   Testing: IP allocation simulation - rename an example to node_group_extra.py.
      adds  8cc6ed1   Testing: IP allocation simulation - make usage/failure more obvious.
      adds  043045d    remove the "ctdb freeze" debugging command
      adds  4424c11   iupdate the docs that ctdb freeze is no more
      adds  7edcb89   Test suite - try to make addip test more reliable and add some debugging.
      adds  8ca925f   Testing: IP allocation simulation - improve help for options.
      adds  4728bf6   Testing: IP allocation simulation - print maximum number of unhealthy nodes.
      adds  4ffb649   Testing: IP allocation simulation - clean up usage message.
      adds  807567e   Testing: IP allocation simulation - add option to change odds of a failure.
      adds  9aa6a99   Merge remote branch 'martins/master'
      adds  4817f7e   Test suite - fix addip test.
      adds  dff9282   Test suite: remove thaw/freeze tests.
      adds  774582c   Test suite - make the ctdb_fetch test cope with "Reqid wrap!" messages.
      adds  b930c88   initscript: wait until we can ping ctdbd before setting tunables.
      adds  77ad2be   Test suite: weaken ctdb continue/enable tests for non-deterministic IPs.
      adds  f66b5b4   Test suite: Fix typo in continue test.
      adds  b50ec65   Test suite: remove unnecessary verbosity from enable/continue tests.
      adds  0f18859   Add some command-line options to ctdb_diagnostics.
      adds  f7ead50   Merge remote branch 'martins/master'
      adds  7139faa   Update a log message to reflect that this does no longer only happen when trying/failing to ban a node.
      adds  8b0bbf9   Create a new command "ctdb sync"   that isd just an alias for "ctdb ipreallocate"
      adds  55010ca   tdb: fix short write logic in tdb_new_database
      adds  fa2a32d   tdb: remove unused variable in tdb_new_database().
      adds  546eff9   tdb: Fix tdb_check() to work with read-only tdb databases.
      adds  c270947   tdb: workaround starvation problem in locking entire database.
      adds  a79168f   Correctly set docdir
      adds  af40302   libctdb: removed unused lock field from struct ctdb_db
      adds  b726208   libctdb: fix uninitialized field usage on ctdb_attach failure path
      adds  8e82448   libctdb: synchronous should be using ctdb_cancel to kill unfinished requests.
      adds  841518d   libctdb: check ctdb_request_free & ctdb_cancel used appropriately.
      adds  f2a33c1   libctdb: ctdb_service() never returns < 0
      adds  9f6d341   libctdb: fix writerecord() to actually write the record.
      adds  3d126e8   libctdb: fix io_elem resource leak on realloc failure.
      adds  b93e65e   libctdb: implement ctdb_disconnect and ctdb_detachdb
      adds  cfe0edc   libctdb: implement synchronous readrecordlock interface.
      adds  4c0f3dc   libctdb: test infrastructure
      adds  fee11bf   libctdb: test: logging enhancement
      adds  b0a8fd1   libctdb: test: improve logging of failure paths
      adds  d2def0e   libctdb: test: --no-failtest
      adds  0be60b6   libctdb: test: add database save and restore
      adds  505e481   libctdb: test: add readrecordlock support
      adds  7525493   libctdb: test: run.sh script
      adds  a65cb6a   libctdb: add synchronous message handling and unregister, with tests.
      adds  532e4a7   talloc: update to 2.0.3 version from SAMBA
      adds  f93440c   event: Update events to latest Samba version 0.9.8
      adds  ddf3c62   Merge commit 'rusty/libctdb-new' into foo
      adds  e8ffb0d   We use eventloop nesting in a couple of places, notably the sync parts of the recovery daemon.
      adds  0e5be63   update the example for the new signature of ctdb_set_message_handler_send()
      adds  44ff992   Add a new "ctdb addtickle" command to manually add tickles to ctdbd
      adds  5aa5f3e   Remove the structure ctdb_control_tcp_vnn since this is identical to the structure ctdb_tcp_connection.
      adds  31126b2   Add machinereadable output for the "ctgdb gettickles <ip>" command
      adds  729f1dd       On RHEL,    "service nfs stop;service nfs start"  and "service nfs restart"     sometimes (very rarely) fails to restart the service.
      adds  af55c91   freeze: abort vacuuming when we're going to freeze.
      adds  0b07f91   vacuum: fix crash on vacuum abort
      adds  5f2d431   vacuum: disabling vacuuming during a freeze
      adds  4c05f19   Merge commit 'rusty/vacuum-fix-master'
      adds  6ce1501   Move NAT gateway firewall rules to recovered|updatenatgw events.
      adds  1a009af   takeover: prevent crash by avoiding free in traverse on RST timeout
      adds  9fbb191   logging: give a unique logging name to each forked child.
      adds  2e8aac6   Merge commit 'rusty/ports-from-1.0.112' into foo
      adds  32a2297   We need the deprecated talloc_append_string() for now so set the TALLOC_DEPRECATED sympol to allow use of this call from ctdb_client.c
      adds  7229922   Dont use the deprecated talloc_append_string() Use talloc_strdup_append() instead
      adds  388d18c   make it possible to "ctdb gettickle" to only list tickles for a certain port.
      adds  08a5b0c   add a new commandline flag -v to enable verbose output
      adds  1ef6637   ctdb ip is very busy.
      adds  e040a96   Dont set next_interval to 0. This can cause ctdbd to spin at 100% in the eventsystem, creating a timed event that will immediately trigger again and again.
      adds  ccdb91a   move the directives to build the devel file to the end of the specfile so that the dependencies are right or else the dependencies all end up in the devel package and not the main ctdb package
      adds  401732a   Add a command "ctdb pfetch <db> <record>" to read a record from a persistent database.
      adds  4da8185   get rid of two compiler warnings
      adds  a8db1ad   add a command to write a record to a persistent database "ctdb pstore <db> <key> <file containing possibly binary data>"
      adds  4c5a401   change "ctdb pfetch" to take an optional third argument as a file to store the record in.
      adds  ac335e3   run the "init" event before we freeze the databases so that we can read from databases during this event
      adds  f75b984   When "ctdb pfetch" creates a new file, make sure we set some initial sane mode bits
      adds  018063b   add a new command "ctdb tfetch" that can read a record straight out of the tdb file.
      adds  55c619f   the tfetch command can be used without the daemon running, so flag it as such.
      adds  3edec07   Add a configuration database, implemented as a persistent database.
      adds  c95f425       Add a new event "ipreallocated"     This is called everytime a reallocation is performed.
      adds  12cc826   Remove the dependency on the underlying cluster filesystem for handling the clusterwide persistent data associated with the lock manager and statd notifications.
      adds  92455c3   remove the mention of a tickle and statd directory in shared storage now that we are removing these and migrating to store the data inside ctdbd or persistent databases
      adds  d549c31   Test suite: make addip test use $CTDB rather than ctdb in debug code.
      adds  00fec0e   Test suite: improve wait_until_node_has_status()
      adds  a9fb1e3   Test suite: use $CTDB rather than ctdb everywhere in ctdb_test_functions.sh.
      adds  03aa9ee   Test suite: strengthen function _cluster_is_healthy().
      adds  e28d2b8   Test suite: print date/time at test completion.
      adds  a3e9fe2   Test suite: Add more timestamping of debugging information.
      adds  4e9fe35   Test suite: loosen the getmonmode test.
      adds  f2e2abb   Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/sahlberg/ctdb
      adds  6d15082   Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/sahlberg/ctdb
      adds  0d2c554   Test suite: in the test eventscript, run "ctdb" not "$CTDB".
      adds  a104d1d   NFS tickles: use addtickle/deltickle instead of shared tickle directory.
      adds  9235dc7   Test suite: NFS tickle test uses gettickles if events.d/61.nfstickle missing.
      adds  d7b169b   Test suite: Fix typos in NFS tickle test.
      adds  68717f6   Test suite: Tweak NFS tickle test.
      adds  9878f8c   Test suite: Fix NFS tickle test.
      adds  46b9110   Test suite: Make NFS tickle test more flexible.
      adds  2b4d917   Merge commit 'martins/master'
      adds  3376d9e   we no longer have a 61.nfstickle script
      adds  0757edf   remove 61.nfstickles from the makefile
      adds  8d12313   ouch,   the ordering of the constants and the strings must be kept in sync manually   and ther eis no check for errors.     should fix this later
      adds  9ef21f1   ouch, remove a dummy debug printout that snuck in there somehow
      adds  8be5bf1   dont print a lot of log information about shutting down vsftpd
      adds  c7df27e   make sure all statd state directories exist before we try to reference them or else tar and friends will throw an error in the log
      adds  f3078b1   AIX bind wants the correct addrsize
      adds  7c682dd   When memory allocations for recovery fails, dont dereference a null pointer while trying to print the log message for the failure.
      adds  dc2f877   Dont store temporary runtime data in $CTDB_BASE/state since that will usually be /etc/ctdb/state and storing this under /etc is just wrong.
      adds  f5c0539   Change how NATGW is configured to allow special nodes that do not have network connectivity outside of the cluster to still be able to participate in a natgw group. These nodes can not become natgw master since they lack external network connectivity.
      adds  bb22ff0   Dont try to read the nodemap from the daemon for "ctdb listnodes"
      adds  19211f9   remove an unused variable
      adds  a2c874b   Implement a new function GETNODEMAP in libctdb. This function returns a pointer to a nodemap structure.
      adds  65382a5   Add two new server types to the server_id structure. NFSD and ISCSID for now.
      adds  09a08b0   define and reserve a range of ctdb message ports for use by nfs and iscsi servers
      adds  991a6ae   Update the comment for the range reserved for SAMBA and define a new symbol to represent this range similarly to NFSD and ISCSID
      adds  d8d8b9e   add a new serverid to send a message everytime an ip address is taken on the local node
      adds  96ddf2f   server/monitor: ask for a takeoverrun after propagating our new flags
      adds  ff77985   server/recoverd: do takeover_run after verifying the reclock file
      adds  5e46150   server/recoverd: if we can't get the recovery lock, ban ourself
      adds  0b5bd41   server/banning: also release all ips if we're banning ourself
      adds  22ea35f   adda GETPUBLICIPS control to libctdb and use this in the test example
      adds  c6e20a0   set up a handler to catch and log debug messages from the tevent layer
      adds  107d020   update/improve the log message related to rerecovery timeouts
      adds  869242a   Add back monitoring for time skips, forward as well as backward. This serviceability tool was lost during the migration from the old eventsystem to the tevent system.
      adds  39c367a   Create macros to update the statistics counters and use these macros everywhere instead of manipulating the coutenrs directly.
      adds  41b6e09   Add a new statistics structure to keep the current running statistics
      adds  9f66a93   Add rolling statistics that are collected across 10 second intervals.
      adds  3ba7ac1   Create a tunable for how often to collect rolling statistics and initialize it to 1 second
      adds  1a716ec   add a machinereadable version of ctdb stats/statistics
      adds  b67754f   when printing machinereadable statistics only print the header with the fieldnames once
      adds  f98ffde   Dont log a normal vacuuming message about a missing record and using default vacuuming intervals as an error.
      adds  d0054d3   get rid of the "ctdb setflags" command since 1, we dont need it 2, it uses the ugly "modify flags" control that should die
      adds  7253342   idtree: fix right shift of signed ints, crash on large ids on AIX
      adds  3bd7dd8   tdb: make check more robust against recovery failures.
      adds  05da60f   tdb: fix tdb_check() on read-only TDBs to actually work.
      adds  ef32918   tdb: fix tdb_check() on other-endian tdbs.
      adds  fc47015   tdb: put example hashes into header, so we notice incorrect hash_fn.
      adds  bc2094c   tdb: increment version to 1.2.4
      adds  bf8dfcf   tdb: added TDB_NO_FSYNC env variable
      adds  7c72d22   pytdb: Add support for tdb_add_flags() & tdb_remove_flags()
      adds  95386b0   pytdb: Fix repr segfault for internal db
      adds  2473345   pytdb: Update open flags to match those for tdb_open() in tdb.h
      adds  7b88df1   pytdb: Add support for tdb_enable_seqnum, tdb_get_seqnum and tdb_increment_seqnum_nonblock
      adds  f1a720f   pytdb: Add support for tdb_transaction_prepare_commit()
      adds  665b3fb   pytdb: Add support for tdb_freelist_size()
      adds  4892ad5   pytdb: Make filename argument optional.
      adds  1cd12ba   lib/tdb: fix c++ build warning in tdb_header_hash().
      adds  140592f   tdb: add restore
      adds  9faf688   tdb: add Bob Jenkins lookup3 hash as helper hash.
      adds  6a4c5c8   tdb: automatically identify Jenkins hash tdbs
      adds  74b2eac   tdb: TDB_INCOMPATIBLE_HASH, to allow safe changing of default hash.
      adds  ac90f15   tdb: fix non-WAF build, commit 1.2.6 ABI file.
      adds  8270f9b   pytdb: Add TDB_INCOMPATIBLE_HASH open flag
      adds  3021989   pytdb: Add support for tdb_repack()
      adds  5f2bb5c   pytdb: Check errors after PyObject_New() calls
      adds  d8d8778   pytdb: Include Python.h first to prevent warning.
      adds  f6e29e2   pytdb: Add __version__ attribute.
      adds  c333126   idtree: fix right shift of signed ints, crash on large ids on AIX
      adds  8bdaa7d   Merge commit 'rusty/tdb-update'
      adds  6a7ecb7   change the hash function to use the much better Jenkins hash from the tdb library
      adds  51a38dc   Spotted by rusty.
      adds  f7febd2   dont stop checking interfaces after the first bond device continue the loop to process all other interfaces too
      adds  90445ab   Revert "change the hash function to use the much better Jenkins hash"
      adds  a33838e   Update the default hash size to be 100001 instead of 10000 This can sometimes improve performance for environments where very many files are touched in rapid succession
      adds  5ef29f9   Update latency countes to show min/max and average
      adds  842d9aa   move extracting the config from config.tdb for public addresses into its own function
      adds  0de79c1   Make sure the statd directory exist before trying to access the "update trigger" file.
      adds  c161220   Remove a debug message "Timed out waiting ..." from the ctdb command.
      adds  b4e3a95   try to restart NFS LOCKD if it failed to start
      adds  ef2e8d3   If tdb_open() fails when trying to open the vacuuming database, print errno so we get some idea of why this failed.
      adds  ab6beb6   events.d/11.routing: handle "updateip" event
      adds  19bc2e4   tools/ctdb: let "ctdb catdb" pass the persistent flag to ctdb_attach()
      adds  be7545e   tools/ctdb: add 'persistent' flag to "ctdb attach"
      adds  e75f690   tools/ctdb: allow "ctdb pfetch" only on persistent databases
      adds  166973c   doc/ctdb.1: document "persistent" flag for "ctdb atttach"
      adds  1b5ba01   doc/ctdb.1: fix "ctdb restore <filename> [<dbname>]" cmdline
      adds  c8d8307   doc: regenerate docs
      adds  d0864eb   web: fix link to tdb README
      adds  25b65ed   new version 1.10
      adds  8eb5cfc   Add support to create TDB databases using the new jenkins hash.
      adds  1638a63   Drop the loglevel of the "reqid wrap" developer debug message to DEBUG so that we dont spam the logs with this normal benign message.
      adds  14c8228   Redirect the output from 00.ctdb pfetch to stdout. Normally, the config.tdb database would not exist, so we do not need to spam syslog with a "config.tdb does not exist" message every time we start ctdb
      adds  0d75856   When shuttind down, we always unconditionally try to remove the natgw address even if we are not currently the natgw master. This adds extra reliability in case we have stopped previously without removing it proper, but does add spam messages to syslog everytime we shutdowm.
      adds  db8cb31   during shutdown there is a window after we have stopped TCP and disconnected from all other nodes but before we have stopped all processing.
      adds  a1cfa23   Both nfs and nfslock scripts can fail under redhat in very rare situations. Ctdb can also be configured to ignore checking for knfsd and if it is alive. In that situation, no attempt will be made to restart nfs, and sicne nfs is not running,  lockd can not be restarted either.
      adds  87a0ece   when creating/adding a public ip, set the initial interface to be the first interface specified
      adds  76578b9   dont delete all ips from the system during the initial "init" event leave any ips as they are and let the recovery daemon remove them as required
      adds  93058e7   change the default for how long to waqit before dropping all ips to 120 seconds
      adds  5f76f3c   Add a new tunable : DisableIPFailover that when set to non 0 will stopp any ip reallocations at all from happening.
      adds  a6ed66d   dont check the public ip assignment or if even we are hosting them and shouldnt when public ips have been disabled
      adds  6fa8e1f   when we load the public address file,  at the same time check if we are already hosting the public address, if so, set ourselves up as the pnn for that address
      adds  83e68b6   delay loading the public ip address file until after we have started the transport and discovered ouw own pnn number
      adds  ebed26d   delete from old interface before adding to new interface this stops the script from failing with an error if both interfaces are specified as the same, which otherwise breaks and leads to an infinite recovery loop
      adds  055eafb   this stuff is just so fragile  that it will enter infinite recovery and fail loops on any kind of tiny unexpected error
      adds  7e29fd6   Dont check remote ip allocation if public ip mgmt is disabled
      adds  34958c2   change the takeover script timeout to 9 seconds from 5
      adds  dbcf0de   Dont exit the update ip function if the old and new interfaces are the same since if they are the same for whatever reason this triggers the system to go into an infinite loop and is unrobust
      adds  714901e   initialize the statistics to the current time, not start of epoch this makes "ctdb statistics" show correct "start of starts collection"
      adds  bcb6e72   Test suite: make statistics test cope with changes to statistics output.
      adds  0ff7924   Test suite: match changed output for ctdb ping to disconnected node.
      adds  44d6615   Test suite: fix typo in ctdb ping test grep pattern.
      adds  6ab5ae2   60.nfs only fails or warns after 10 consecutive nfsd/statd failures.
      adds  e23ca7d   Make a time comparison in 60.nfs eventscript more readable.
      adds  8fe1ec3   Eventscripts: make loadconfig() function hookable by the test suite.
      adds  4fe85e5   add a new support function ctdb_check_counter_equal()
      adds  3ab768e   50.samba eventscript should stop/start services when they become (un)managed.
      adds  a2af874   Eventscript functions - catch failures in ctdb_service_start().
      adds  c00db6f   60.nfs eventscript should do nothing if NFS isn't managed by CTDB.
      adds  193d9d5   Dont pollute the logs with a "file not found" message
      adds  a3e7dfa   add an explicit _is_managed_service to iscsi eventscript
      adds  ebcc866   update autostart/stop to work for samba
      adds  6ed0009   When we are no longer the natgw master, dont put the natgw ip on loopback. We put the ip on loopback just to make sure we would still interoperate with non-standard configurations on unix-KDC, that are configured to verify the optional HostAddresses field. This is not required for AD, since AD does not use this field, and is replaced in unix land with other/better mechanisms than this "dodgy" check.
      adds  8959c8e   dont try starting samba through the "init" event
      adds  c2c53db   during ip allocation, there are failure modes where a node might hold a ip address but thinks it is still unassigned (-1).
      adds  5e485d5   make changes to ctdb event scripts to support NFS-Ganesha.
      adds  8147d29   add a missing part of the import of the previous ganesha patch
      adds  1df9ed5   Add 60.ganesha to what gets installed by make install as well as by the RPM
      adds  6f77811   server: when we migrate off a record with data, set the MIGRATED_WITH_DATA flag
      adds  c69ada0   add a new ctdb_ltdb function to delete a record in a normal database
      adds  a75bf13   add new command line functions ctdb readkey <dbid> <key> ctdb writekey <dbid> <key> <value>
      adds  8e53df6   Add a new header flag for "migrated with data" and set this to 1 when we migrate a non-empty record onto the node or a non-empty record off the node
      adds  4b9e5fb   idtree: fix overflow for v. large ids on allocation and removal
      adds  c26c6a0   only run "serverid wipe" if we are actually running samba. we dont need to run this on systems where we do run winbind but not samba
      adds  e42fc0d   LibCTDB
      adds  f815237   libctdb
      adds  dff88a8   Revert "Add a new header flag for "migrated with data" and set this to 1"
      adds  220c537   Revert "server: when we migrate off a record with data, set the MIGRATED_WITH_DATA flag"
      adds  a9a6ae0   When assigning the single-public-ip during startup, flag the interface as initially being "link ok" so that we can add it and startup.
      adds  1e41ab5   LVS
      adds  99d7e39   ctdb addip:
      adds  97a6ecc   50.samba
      adds  57e74f6   Dont run net serverid wipe in the background
      adds  e9ff38b   60.nfs
      adds  ded7c23   41.HTTPD
      adds  7e747aa   60.nfs Check if we have rpc.statd and if not, skip checking for statd availability at all (since we cant restart it, there is not point checking if it is alive)
      adds  ea0df6d   Revert scheduling back to use real-time processes
      adds  c4006ce   Add ctdb_fork(0 which will fork a child process and drop the real-time scheduler for the child.
      adds  d236c97   recoverd: avoid triggering a full recovery if just some ip allocation has failed. We dont need to rebuild the databases in this situation, we just need to try again to sort out the ip address allocations.
      adds  1859cde   LIBCTDB uninitialized inqueue element
      adds  2a3442d   STATD is 100027    not 1000247
      adds  47aad74   TYPO
      adds  934ae76   Eventscripts: work around NFS restart failure under load.
      adds  fb8f199   Eventscripts: print a message when reconfiguring a service.
      adds  3efd5ef   Eventscripts: only autostart during a monitor event.
      adds  96378d6   Eventscripts: use "startstop_nfs restart" to reconfigure NFS.
      adds  59c5a9f   Eventscripts: lower the fail/restart limits for nfsd.
      adds  93bea39   IPALLOCATION : If the node is held pinned down in "init" state by external services failing to start, or blocking CTDBD from finishing the startup phase, we can encounter a situation where we have not yet fully initialized, but a remote recovery master tries to release a certain ip clusterwide.
      adds  2edbf0b   ADDIP failure
      adds  d903473   We can not always rely on the recovery daemon pinging us in a timely manner so we need a "ticker" in the main ctdbd daemon too to ensure we get at least one event to process every second.
      adds  6494574   db_exists() takes 3 arguments, not two.
      adds  fcd98a7   LIBCTDB: add support for traverse
      adds  ad56f32   improve timing issue detections
      adds  849ef2e   change Christinas previous patch to only perform the check/logging if we are the main ctdb daemon. Other daemons/child processes are not guaranteed to get events on regular basis so those should not be checked.
      adds  e68b97f   tdb: expose transaction lock infrastructure for ctdb
      adds  3f81974   ctdb: hold transaction locks during freeze, mark during recover.
      adds  b2d7554   Add a new test tool that fetch locks a record and then blocks until it receives user input to unlock the record again.
      adds  e57362e   ctdb_lockwait: create overflow queue.
      adds  f91f063   Compile fix
      adds  0f33605   LockWait congestion.
      adds  40bd94b   If the node is stopped,   put a log entry in /var/log/* to indicate this is why we never become ready
      adds  c23f2e8   We default to non-deterministic ip now where ips are "sticky" and dont change too much. This means we can simplify the way we add ips significantly and stop trying to move them.
      adds  0aa2282   change the hash function to use the much better Jenkins hash from the tdb library
      adds  b57bd0f   Remove LACOUNT and LACCESSOR and migrate the records immediately.
      adds  ef0ab7e   60.nfs Dont update the statd settings that often. When we have very many nodes and very many ips, this would generate a lot of unnessecary load on the system
      adds  d32a4dd   remove checking for filesystems and filesystem health from the cnfs script. remove the gpfsmount and gpfsumount entry points
      adds  65f44e1   Add two new flags for the ltdb header. One of which signals that the record has never been migrated to/from a node while containing data. This property "has never been migrated while non-zero" is important later to provide heuristics on which records we might be able to purge from the tdb files cheaply, i.e. without having to rely on the full-blown database vacuum.
      adds  a453e79   50.samba : Tell winbind about every time we add/remove and ip from the node
      adds  92f8653   ctdb_req_dmaster from non-master
      adds  c9df23a   persistent_callback: ignore the update-recordreturn code of remote node in recovery
      adds  0c93a29   persistent_store_timout: do not really time out the trans3_commit control in recovery
      adds  033ba0b   persistent: if a node failed to update_record, trigger a recovery
      adds  e050266   persistent: reduce indentation for the finishing moves in ctdb_persistent_callback
      adds  76acf72   persistent_callback: print "no error message given" instead of "(null)"
      adds  ace1efb   persistent: add a ctdb_persistent_state member to the ctdb_db context.
      adds  503b647   persistent: add a ctdb_db context to the ctdb_persistent_state struct.
      adds  01c2c0c   persistent: allocate the persistent state in the ctdb_db struct in trans3_commit
      adds  65f7a44   persistent: reject trans3_control when a commit is already active.
      adds  0b3d8d2   persistent: add a client context to the persistent_stat and track the db_id
      adds  ee44c23   daemon: correctly end a running trans3_commit if the client disconnects.
      adds  2bd04f0   persistent: add ctdb_persistent_finish_trans3_commits().
      adds  40e922f   recover: finish pending trans3 commits when a recovery is finished.
      adds  53b558a   server: add a comment explaining the call redirect logic in ctdb_call_send_redirect().
      adds  e00ca55   Dont return error if trying to set db priority on a db that does not yet exist. Just treat as a nop.
      adds  8acb677   Deferred attach : at early startup, defer any db attach calls until we are out of recovery.
      adds  b611de9   ATTACH_DB: simplify the code slightly and change the semantics to only refuse a db attach during recovery IF we can associate the request from a genuine real client instead of deciding this on whether client_id is zero or
      adds  49a3078   If/when the recovery daemon terminates unexpectedly, try to restart it again from the main daemon instead of just shutting down the main deamon too.
      adds  a1abcd4   Restart recovery dameon if it looks like it hung. Dont shutdown ctdbd completely, that only makes the problem worse.
      adds  43bc87e   gitignore: add vi swap files
      adds  d2d51e2   gitignore: add tags file
      adds  9936e1c   tests: fix segfault in randrec test when connection to daemon fails.
      adds  71960f5   tests: fix segfault in fetch test when connection to ctdb failed.
      adds  1a08df9   tests: fix segfault in fetch_one test when connection to ctdbd fails
      adds  eb5a0cc   tests: fix segfault in store test when connection to ctdbd failed.
      adds  8d49f48   Fix typos in a comment in vacuum_traverse.
      adds  33b5d9c   vacuum: in ctdb_vacuum_db, fix the length of the array of vacuum fetch lists
      adds  70fa739   vacuum: correctly send TRY_DELETE_RECORDS ctrl to all active nodes
      adds  dd75ae8   vacuum: reduce indentation of the loop sending VACUUM_FETCH controls
      adds  3cb3620   vacuum: check lmaster against num_nodes instead of vnn_map->size
      adds  64fc05e   server: when we migrate off a record with data, set the MIGRATED_WITH_DATA flag
      adds  89f27f9   recoverd: in a recovery, set the MIGRATED_WITH_DATA flag on all records
      adds  a2c11d6   call: add new call flag CTDB_CALL_FLAG_VACUUM_MIGRATION
      adds  f3fbd31   call: Move definition of call flags down to the definition of the flags field.
      adds  f7eeb42   add a new record flag CTDB_REC_FLAG_VACUUM_MIGRATED.
      adds  2ad1c3f   server: in the VACUUM_FETCH handler, add the VACUUM_MIGRAION to the call flags
      adds  eb1b7d1   call: transfer the record flags in the ctdb call packets.
      adds  73e6618   call: hand the submitted record_flags to local record storage function.
      adds  dbb520b   call: becoming dmaster in VACUUM_MIGRATION, set the VACUUM_MIGRATED record flag
      adds  cd061f3   Add a delete_queue to the ctdb database context struct.
      adds  b9c9b98   When attaching to a non-persistent DB, initialize the delete_queue.
      adds  6a1cfe8   vaccum: clear the fast-path vacuuming delete_queue after creating the vacuuming child.
      adds  a81f740   When wiping a database, clear the delete_queue.
      adds  ee59328   server: rename ctdb_repack_db() to ctdb_vacuum_and_repack_db()
      adds  3d7bfc7   vacuum: refactor new add_record_to_vacuum_fetch_list() out of vacuum_traverse().
      adds  d331d7a   vacuum: skip adding records to list of records to send to lmaster on lmaster
      adds  6a1857e   vacuum: refactor new add_record_to_delete_tree() out of vacuum_traverse().
      adds  08ab829   vacuum: reduce indentation in add_record_to_delete_tree()
      adds  bb22135   vacuum: add delete_queue_traverse() for traversal of the delete_queue.
      adds  8395fcc   vacuum: traverse the delete_queue befor traversing the database.
      adds  9d20f76   Add a tunable VacuumFastPathCount.
      adds  3c4c560   vacuum: add a fast_path_count to the vacuum_handle.
      adds  f502e5a   vacuum: bump the number of fast-path runs in the vacuum child destructor
      adds  cab1f75   vacuum: reset the fast path count in the event handle if it exceeds the limit.
      adds  28fdb00   vacuum: Only run full vacuumig (db traverse) every VacuumFastPathCount times.
      adds  c95b4f8   vacuum: disable full db-traverse vacuuming runs when VacuumFastPathCount == 0
      adds  61af2b4   vacuum: change all Vacuum*Interval tunables to default to 10
      adds  e8b08ce   vacuum: refactor insert_delete_record_data_into_tree() out of add_record_to_delete_tree()
      adds  122682b   vacuum: add statistics output to the fast and full traverse runs.
      adds  a5cb537   vacuum: lower level of hash collision debug message to INFO
      adds  77d4d15   control: add macro CHECK_CONTROL_MIN_DATA_SIZE.
      adds  46a0539   control: add a new control opcode CTDB_CONTROL_SCHEDULE_FOR_DELETION
      adds  8569fcb   server: implement a new control SCHEDULE_FOR_DELETION to fill the delete_queue.
      adds  50bd249   vacuum: add ctdb_local_schedule_for_deletion()
      adds  a6b13b2   client: add accessor function ctdb_header_from_record_handle().
      adds  670330b   test: send SCHEDULE_FOR_DELETION control from randrec test.
      adds  4cca887   daemon: fill ctdb->ctdbd_pid early
      adds  7948be3   server: create a server variant ctdb_ltdb_store_server() of ctdb_ltdb_store().
      adds  9e8d6b8   server: Use the ctdb_ltdb_store_server() in the ctdb daemon for non-persistent dbs
      adds  7602f9a   ctdb_ltdb_store_server: delete an empty record that is safe to delete instead of storing locally.
      adds  6384512   ctdb_ltdb_store_server: implement fastpath vacuuming deletion based on VACUUM_MIGRATED flag.
      adds  7088e21   ctdb_ltdb_store_server: always store the data when ctdb_ltdb_store() is called from the client
      adds  1924d0d   ctdb_ltdb_store_server: Improve debug message in ctdb_ltdb_store when store or delete fails.
      adds  6506314   ctdb_ltdb_store_server: add ability to send SCHEDULE_FOR_DELETION control to ctdb_ltdb_store.
      adds  827e871   ctdb_private.h: add record flag CTDB_REC_FLAG_AUTOMATIC
      adds  9c91e16   ltdb: add the CTDB_REC_FLAG_AUTOMATIC to the initial header in ctdb_ltdb_fetch()
      adds  e77ed68   ctdb_ltdb_store_server: honour the AUTOMATIC record flag
      adds  dd1a98e   vacuum: raise a debug level from INFO to DEBUG
      adds  74f65b6   vacuum: refactor insert_record_into_delete_queue out of ctdb_control_schedule_for_deletion
      adds  fe852ca   vacuum: use insert_record_into_delete_queue in ctdb_local_schedule_for_deletion.
      adds  3e0d4f8   vacuum: fix a comment typo
      adds  3cc230b   Dont allow clients to connect to databases untile we are well past and through the initial recovery phase
      adds  1e001d4   Vacuuming: initialize a variable to avoid a harmless valgrind hit
      adds  f829364   IP reallocation. If a public address is already hosted on the node when we startup, log a warning message but do not cause the recovery to fail.
      adds  cee8c4b   Deferred attach: create the timed event as a child context of the da context we want to delete. Othwervise the da context can be timed out and talloc_free()d but the event for this already freed object will still trigger, causing a talloc error and shutdown.
      adds  435dad0   ctdbd: fix lock held on error ("ctdb_req_dmaster from non-master.")
      adds  88c9dec   ctdbd: call tdb_reopen_all() in freeze child.
      adds  653c090   This needs more testing first
      adds  a5a6140   Correction of spelling errors
      adds  faa6d8d   ctdb.init: check for availability of "tdbtool check" and "tdbdump"
      adds  c9dc102   ctdb.init: print a warning when tdbdump is found but tdbtoo or "tdbtool check" is not available
      adds  26ab9c2   packaging: remove the dependency to tdbtool and tdbdump from the spec file
      adds  55853a4   NATGW: dont set arp_ignore in 11.natgw anymore since we no longer need this for the natgw functionality
      adds  3b826a6   web: use the new git repository url on the download page
      adds  c045057   IFACE handling. Assume links are always good on nstartup (they almost always
      adds  2f1395c   If the eventscript is finished but state->ctdb is NULL, log an error and return.
      adds  d97e421   bonding mode 4 monitoring: we can not just check if MII Status is up for bonding mode 4, since the kernel will always report the bond device as UP even if all cables are disconneccted.
      adds  ae35e9e   Cleanup of logging messages/spamming
      adds  f84bd3b   Dont call the UPDATE event if both old and new interface is the same.
      adds  14cfbcb   ctdb catdb: fix escaping of '"' and '\'
      adds  082de99   add ltdbtool - a standalone ltdb tool
      adds  95d35de   ltdbtool: add manpage
      adds  e9eb17f   ltdbtool: add manpage html + roff
      adds  c8f8037   build "ltdbtool" in "make all"
      adds  f3066d7   install ltdbtool with "make install"
      adds  3c82a04   install the ltdbtool manpage with "make install"
      adds  0b80a76   packaging: add ltdbtool and its manpage to the RPM
      adds  2e2e37f   Remove logging of spam/errors from the 10.interfrace script if/when we have for example NATGW configured but no public addresses defined on that interface
      adds  ee9e137   Dont exit from checking interfaces once we have found one interface that is not in use by public addresses.   this can happen when we have removed existing interfaces/ip addresses and prevents us from verifying the status of other interfaces
      adds  d1edf44   If samba fails to start for some reason, make this cause the startup event to fail too,   so that ctdbd will re-try the startup event later. Or else this will leave samba not running.
      adds  5b93e0a   Remove all checking of GPFS from ctdb_diagnostics
      adds  d020b2c   When using multiple VLANs, some funky stuff can sometimes happen when adding/removing IP addresses causing routes might be dropped by the system.
      adds  15f92f8   doc/ctdb.1.xml: Fix typo
      adds  9a91020   doc: regenerate ctdb docs
      adds  622fdc1   doc/ctdb.1.xml: update listvars documentation
      adds  4ff1654   doc: regenerate ctdb docs
      adds  588905c   Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/ctdb
      adds  c262fe6   Fix bashism
      adds  597083d   onnode - Fix long standing bug in onnode healthy/ok/connected/con.
      adds  350f3e5   onnode: Be defensive when listing IPs of nodes with designated status.
      adds  f3ea7be   onnode: Exit with error for unknown command-line flags.
      adds  f730194   onnode: Future-proof get_nodes_with_status().
      adds  4143619   onnode: Remove an unnecessary comment.
      adds  1ef399e   onnode: fix get_nodes_with_status()
      adds  5ddc101   onnode: fix natgwlist nodespec
      adds  18af72f   change the name for the key for the record where we stoire the public address config from public-addresses... to public_addresses...
      adds  20a7c19   Add log output to wipedb and backupdb CQ S1025379
      adds  c93a968   When trying to re-balance the ip assignment and shuffle ips from nodes with many addresses to nodes with few addresses, loop up to num_ips+5 times instead of only 5 times.
      adds  0a86d6e   Add a text about "ban" "unban" not being permanent and htat recovery daemon can auto unban nodes. Suggest using "stop" / "continue" instead.
      adds  4a43450   Manpage for ping_pong
      adds  58c7f5b   client: handle transient connection errors
      adds  577f58a   web: add Stefan Metzmacher to the list of CTDB developers.
      adds  926a6d7   web: correctly terminate list items <li> with </li> instead of with <br>
      adds  69024f4   Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/ctdb
      adds  fe114ca   packaging: honour rpm build target options handed in to makerpms.sh
      adds  87ea481   eventscript: fix callback after free
      adds  e707f23   Update the delip command Dont talloc_free(vnn) immediately but postphone it until later when the eventscript callback has completed.
      adds  a5cd8a3   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  ff1a81c   IP allocation - add LCP2 algorithm.
      adds  5ac6750   Tests: Initial test code for LCP2 IP allocation algorithm.
      adds  a17ae8a   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  652bf32   Eventscripts - 10.interfaces should not check orphaned interfaces.
      adds  82d59bb   make test: add two missing events to the special test eventscript
      adds  07d2ecf   ctdb natgwlist should return non-zero when there is no natgw.
      adds  540c2cb   IP allocation simulation - add debug output using -vv.
      adds  fb385a2   IP reallocation simulation - remove --hack option.
      adds  cec93a2   IP allocation simulation - remove unused function find_least_loaded_node().
      adds  c3bdf4a   IP allocation simulation - options.exit is boolean, so don't compare with 0.
      adds  2acf892   IP allocation simulation - add LCP2 algorithm.
      adds  43e9a7b   IP allocation simulation - add -H/-S options for hard/soft imbalance limit.
      adds  04196c7   IP allocation simulation - add analysis of IP groups.
      adds  0829e1a2  IP allocation simulation - add LCP2 imbalance metric to node state output.
      adds  9f8a781   IP allocation simulation - add -A/--aggressive option.
      adds  c84310e   IP allocation simulation - add mean imbalance statistics.
      adds  d2ec92b   IP allocation simulation - fix documentation for diff() function.
      adds  85c0b10   IP allocation simulation - tighten up termination condition for -x.
      adds  adf8dbe   IP allocation simulation - add examples.
      adds  581375d   IP allocation simulation - make stats label for LCP2 imbalance more meaningful.
      adds  0a96e93   IP allocation simulation - make stats label for LCP2 imbalance more meaningful.
      adds  7fcfea6   IP allocation simulation - Pad IPv4 addresses in LCP2 algorithm.
      adds  8a0e932   Merge remote branch 'martins/lcp2_sim'
      adds  eae91c9   Test suite: add a -d option to the run_tests script.
      adds  8d2c726   Tests: change output format of run_tests script and add -q option
      adds  51ef4b4   Tests: add initial onnode tests
      adds  3ee6a63   Tests: onnode tests changed to use a simple define_test() function.
      adds  8006aec   Tests: run_tests script no longer prints filename in summary descriptions.
      adds  7cec780   Tests: eventscripts and onnode tests use stubs/ subdirectory instead of bin/.
      adds  8f03eed   Merge remote branch 'martins/onnode_tests'
      adds  bb32a6c   Test suite: add time logging.
      adds  4f4cf7b   Test suite: make time logging only happen on a real cluster, not local daemons.
      adds  3a18451   Test suite: CTDB_NFS_SKIP_SHARE_CHECK test now uses _loadconfig().
      adds  88fc88c   Test suite: CTDB_SAMBA_SKIP_SHARE_CHECK test now uses _loadconfig().
      adds  7e5549a   Test suite: make time log use seconds since epoch.
      adds  e05b902   Test suite: add automated checking of time logs.
      adds  659f54e   Test suite: add more debug to time jump post mortem.
      adds  372f0a1   Test suite:  Add debug for cluster (un)healthy flip-flop after restart.
      adds  7e48ba5   Test suite: Print debug info from cluster nodes when time jumps occur.
      adds  000fbb6   Test suite: when the cluster flip-flops (un)healthy, using "ctdb status -Y".
      adds  c6c3d83   Merge remote branch 'martins/test_suite'
      adds  44dd9b4   Change the message when we start the daemon to "CTDB starting on node"
      adds  629f4da   remove a log message we dont need about "allow clients to attach to databases"
      adds  a9eba76   remove a non-error logmessage about persistent databases being healthy, as expected
      adds  10caf18   remove log message we dont need
      adds  fea64f6   Remove a log message about setting linkstate for an unknown interface. sometimes we do want to try to set the linkstate for interfaces that are not in use by public addresses right now (but posisbly by other mechanisms) and these messages just spam the logs
      adds  e097b7f   io: Make queue_io_read() safe for reentry
      adds  94f0fd9   Test suite: Try much harder to get a healthy cluster when it is restarted.
      adds  b3db37c   Test suite: remove getmonmode test.
      adds  667a743   Test suite: Strip architecture suffix from CTDB RPM package version.
      adds  6ffeae8   Test suite: Fix consistency in 09_ctdb_ping.sh.
      adds  47f1a7d   Test suite: Fix consistency in 26_ctdb_config_check_error_on_unreachable.
      adds  f5115a9   Allow proxy_node to be specified for wait_until_node_has_status().
      adds  2042931   Test suite: print debug output after cluster (un)healthy flip-flop on restart.
      adds  e2bb73a   Merge remote branch 'martins/test_suite'
      adds  d31fbca   Set $CTDB_VARDIR in the functions file.
      adds  3380c6c   Eventscript functions: add $CTDB_ETCDIR and hook service() functions.
      adds  3bbfdfc   Make Emacs recognise that the eventscript functions file is a shell script.
      adds  e3a9991   Eventscripts: iptables() should put lock in $CTDB_VARDIR.
      adds  571e55a   Eventscripts: remove ctdb_wait_command() and ctdb_wait_tcp_ports() functions.
      adds  5f4ab05   Eventscripts: new functions set_proc() and get_proc().
      adds  75bbc93   Eventscripts: remove unnecessary absolute paths from external commands.
      adds  cfdccc5   Eventscripts: use set_proc() in startstop_nfs().
      adds  4b51660   Eventscripts: update 10.interface to use set_proc() and get_proc().
      adds  6fd94af   Eventscripts: update 60.nfs service() start to use set_proc().
      adds  8026b3c   Eventscripts - Rework the use of get_proc() for the bonding checks.
      adds  b0e7237   Eventscripts - remove some more absolute paths to commands.
      adds  394bbe8   Eventscript functions - use $CTDB_VARDIR instead of local $ctdb_spool_dir.
      adds  46c908d   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into eventscripts_relative
      adds  3e65cdb   Scripts: remove absolute paths from interface_modify.sh.
      adds  5b4b0a5   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscripts_relative'
      adds  f43ae50   Tests: initial eventscript unit tests.
      adds  652899e   Git should ignore tests/eventscripts/var.x
      adds  2396846   Tests: Oops!  Add bin directory for eventscript tests.
      adds  604eb67   Tests: tweak some samba tests to cope with debug from ctdb_check_tcp_ports().
      adds  506be3c   Tests: eventscripts and onnode tests use stubs/ subdirectory instead of bin/.
      adds  2c9c77f   Tests: update tests to work with previous commit.
      adds  72362e7   Eventscripts: source a file specified by $CTDB_RC_LOCAL in functions file.
      adds  7e5c48c   Tests - stub ip program should assume interface name if "dev" not specified.
      adds  b30143e   Tests - implement "ctdb -Y ip -v" in stub for eventscript testing.
      adds  eec6543   Eventscripts - Remove local variable usage in 10.interfaces.
      adds  50dc5b0   Scripts: remove absolute paths from interface_modify.sh.
      adds  958414c   Tests - Tweak 10.interfaces 802.ad bonding test to work with current code.
      adds  d8e342d   Tests - Disable the Samba and NFS eventscript tests.
      adds  3c7fb84   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript_tests'
      adds  a684ecc   Merge branch 'eventscript_tests' into ronnie_target
      adds  a0ffea9   Merge branch 'test_suite' into ronnie_target
      adds  ec33c04   Eventscript functions: new functions to remember/check if service managed.
      adds  ee38b9a   Eventscript functions: new function ctdb_setup_service_state_dir().
      adds  d81c131   Add a README to the config/ subdirectory.
      adds  71e9016   Scripts: add note about not using absolute command paths to README.
      adds  061b7ad   Evenscripts: update 13.per_ip_routing to use ctdb_setup_service_state_dir.
      adds  184ac88   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript.13.per_ip_routing'
      adds  098da25   Evenscripts: update 61.cnfs to use ctdb_setup_service_state_dir.
      adds  7eae4aa   Merge branch 'eventscript.13.per_ip_routing' into eventscript.62.cnfs
      adds  c57220f   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript.62.cnfs'
      adds  609a1e5   Evenscripts: update 20.multipathd to use ctdb_setup_service_state_dir.
      adds  383b203   Merge branch 'eventscript.62.cnfs' into eventscript.20.multipathd
      adds  f6508e8   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript.20.multipathd'
      adds  cbf030a   00.ctdb eventscript removes all files from $ctdb_active_dir.
      adds  dd56cde   Eventscripts: 00.ctdb uses $service_state_dir, neaten update_config_from_tdb().
      adds  f36bae1   Eventscripts: fix dangerous rm -rf in 00.ctdb init event.
      adds  06f1004   Merge branch 'eventscript.20.multipathd' into eventscript.00.ctdb
      adds  65d5c51   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript.00.ctdb'
      adds  f9156ad   check the shares if they are available before we decide to try to restart nfs
      adds  5437012   increase the persistent timeout to make people happier
      adds  c8a18e8   make the persistent even longer for lvs to make people even happier
      adds  ee96db0   Add new eventscript 40.fs_use that can be used to monitor file system use and flag a node unhealthy when they become full
      adds  21226ee   Add documentation for the new filesystem use monitoring
      adds  53b956f   When starting and stopping ctdb through the init-script, make sure we first clear all public ips bvefore we start the daemon, in case they are still hanging around since a previous kill -9   and also make sure we drop them after we have stopped the deamon when shutting down
      adds  45bcf84   50.samba eventscript should stop/start services when they become (un)managed.
      adds  e96e655   50.samba eventscript should use is_ctdb_managed_service "samba".
      adds  6ec2cfc   50.samba eventscript should use is_ctdb_managed_service "winbind".
      adds  ea6a53e   Eventscript functions - optimise is_ctdb_managed_service().
      adds  f60802c   Eventscript functions: add optional event name argument to fail count functions.
      adds  428e32d   Eventscript function: change service_start into a function.
      adds  5b5bd3d   Eventscript functions: move flagging of managed services.
      adds  820d9b3   Eventscripts: rejig the reconfigure infrastructure.
      adds  4daf8bb   Evenscripts: update 41.httpd to use ctdb_service_check_reconfigure.
      adds  d6c5fcf   Evenscripts: update 40.vsftpd to use ctdb_service_check_reconfigure.
      adds  a35138a   Evenscripts: update 60.nfs to use ctdb_setup_service_state_dir.
      adds  3d1f010   Evenscripts: update 60.nfs to use ctdb_service_check_reconfigure.
      adds  cd4074d   Eventscripts: make 50.samba use $service_state_dir.
      adds  217edfa   Eventscript functions: ctdb_service_check-reconfigure() acts only on monitor.
      adds  1b956b2   Eventscript functions: fix counter regression.
      adds  ab693db   Eventscripts: improve log messages in ctdb_start_stop_service().
      adds  caee6f1   Eventscripts: fix typo in _ctdb_counter_common().
      adds  5c94852   Eventscripts: startstop_nfs stop no longer redirects output to /dev/null.
      adds  219c6fd   Eventscripts: remove unused remove_ip() function.
      adds  2a14f91   Eventscript functions: new function ctdb_check_counter().
      adds  1ea3616   Eventscripts: improvements to 41.httpd.
      adds  b01d99a   Eventscripts: 40.vsftpd service_stop() no longer /dev/null's output.
      adds  8fb04d4   Eventscripts: 50.samba needs null service_reconfigure() function.
      adds  e66a1af   Eventscripts: 50.samba - only start/stop nmbd if $CTDB_SERVICE_NMB set.
      adds  3a760b0   Evenscripts: improvements to ctdb_service_check_reconfigure().
      adds  eef89f8   Eventscripts - 60.nfs should define service_reconfigure().
      adds  088620b   Eventscripts: in 60.nfs move statd-notify code to service_reconfigure().
      adds  b77a78d   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript_infrastructure'
      adds  4e60075   Eventscripts - fix 10.interface bash incompatibility.
      adds  f9e58b5   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript.10.interface'
      adds  d1f5177   Change the default for ip failover to be LCP2 and not DeterministicIPs
      adds  9f98ec8   Revert "Tests: tweak some samba tests to cope with debug from ctdb_check_tcp_ports()."
      adds  881054a   Tests: Re-enable the Samba eventscript tests.
      adds  846d1c7   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript_tests'
      adds  facd0ce   Tests - ctdb listvars test should allow alphanumericals in tunable names.
      adds  775e188   Merge remote branch 'martins/test_suite'
      adds  398116f   Eventscripts: clean up 60.nfs monitor event.
      adds  1d71dd0   Eventscripts: change failure counts and behaviour for statd and nfsd.
      adds  32fe247   Eventscripts: In 60.nfs don't restart NFS when restarting rpc.lockd.
      adds  3b43805   Tests: re-enable the NFS eventscript tests - they work again.
      adds  2c5f1d7   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript.60.nfs.rpc'
      adds  1971336   Eventscripts: fix regression in 60.nfs export checking.
      adds  bc00292   Merge remote branch 'martins/60_nfs_regression'
      adds  bb5db84   Eventscripts: 10.interfaces cleanup - new functions mark_up(), mark_down().
      adds  00c4cc6   Eventscripts: 10.interfaces clean-up - use more descriptive variable names.
      adds  6fa27bd   Eventscripts: 10.interfaces clean-ups - push logic into monitor_interfaces().
      adds  7c33fb1   Eventscripts: 10.interface clean-ups - variable name fix-ups.
      adds  9bdcdb7   Eventscripts: 10.interface clean-ups - minor tweaks and new comments.
      adds  e7963d8   Eventscripts: 10.interfaces - new function get_all_interfaces().
      adds  5ab955a   Eventscripts: 10.interfaces - startup comment says assume all interfaces good.
      adds  c9d168b   Eventscripts: 10.interfaces - make startup event actually mark interfaces up!
      adds  1fb577f   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript.10.interface'
      adds  65ff8b4   Tests - exportfs stub needs to print out export options.
      adds  569ea5c   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscript_tests'
      adds  81292ac   Change the errors for 10.interface to clearly state ERROR: for error messages
      adds  ce4555b   dont use a too big persistence timeout value
      adds  9d0a5b1   Add a new command 'ctdb checktcpport <port>' that tries to bind to the specified port on INADDR_ANY.
      adds  1452b63   Eventscripts: remove "return 0" from 50.samba service_stop().
      adds  430ca2f   Eventscripts - ensure the statd update-trigger file always exists.
      adds  171bef3   Eventscripts - new function ctdb_set_current_debuglevel()
      adds  3e1a052   Eventscripts - conditionally inherit ctdbd debug level in each monitor event
      adds  f0f9271   Eventscripts: add a debug() function and call ctdb_set_current_debuglevel()
      adds  5c9fbb5   Eventscript functions: optimise ctdb_check_tcp_ports() and add debug.
      adds  8679272   Eventscripts - weaken TCP port check message if CTDB has just been started.
      adds  62f654d   Eventscripts - ctdb_check_tcp_ports() only prints netstat output if debugging
      adds  1374327   Eventscripts - generalise TCP port checking plus new nmap-based checker
      adds  6e7dbf0   Eventscripts - new default TCP port checker using "ctdb checktcpport"
      adds  02ebd35   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscripts'
      adds  452f650   Add missing #include to libctdb/ctdb.c
      adds  19f31f8   libctdb: Correct 4bfdfda, stddef.h is needed by libctdb_private.h
      adds  a31d751   libctdb: Reorder set_message_handler
      adds  d55e6cf   libctdb: Reorder attachdb
      adds  ef64060   libctdb: Add license header to messages.c
      adds  b4fd802   libctdb: Fix a few format warnings
      adds  8638b5f   libctdb: Ensure 0-termination of sun_path
      adds  b0706be   libctdb: Make sure ctdb_request->ctdb is filled correctly
      adds  21bb8ab   libctdb: "ctdb_request_free" does not need the ctdb_connection parameter
      adds  da528a6   libctdb: "unpack_reply_call" does not need the ctdb_connection parameter
      adds  85bc1cc   libctdb: "unpack_reply_control" does not need the ctdb_connection parameter
      adds  fff653d   Remove an unused variable
      adds  1cf1670   Fix a const warning
      adds  af19b5a   LibCTDB: add commands where an application can query how many commands are active and we have not yet received a reply to. Applications may use this command to query if it is "safe" to stop the event system and sleep or whether it should first wait for all activity to ctdb daemons to cease first.
      adds  b00b0e9   LibCTDB : add support for getrecmode
      adds  c0f724e   LibCTDB : change the ctdb_fetch_lock_once test tool to use libctdb instead of the old client
      adds  7e29817   LibCTDB : initialize ctdb->pnn to -1 when we create a new context but before we learn the pnn of the local node
      adds  75afbee   LibCTDB : uptade the ctdb tool to use libctdb to query for the recmaster
      adds  6692512   LibCTDB : update the ctdb tool to use libctdb to read the recovery mode
      adds  2902203   Logging:  when we log stdout/stderr messages from eventscripts to the system log, prefix every line of output with the name of the eventscript.
      adds  f9eb60b   Tools - fix "ctdb scriptstatus -Y" output
      adds  54402cd   Eventscripts - in 60.nfs uniquify the share check directory list
      adds  9257b57   Eventscripts: New configuration variable CTDB_SERVICE_AUTOSTARTSTOP.
      adds  194de8f   Eventscripts - fix debugging buglet in ctdb_check_tcp_ports_ctdb()
      adds  63729fc   Eventscripts - ctdb_check_tcp_ports() bug fix.
      adds  7980a4c   Eventscripts - new function ctdb_check_args()
      adds  bc4e62b   Eventscripts - call ctdb_check_args() instead of doing hand checking
      adds  94c3429   Eventscripts - call ctdb_check_args() in 00.ctdb
      adds  b97625a   Eventscripts: add a synchronous synthetic reconfigure event.
      adds  aa64622   Eventscripts - use ctdb scriptstatus -Y when replaying status
      adds  205c7c7   Eventscripts - enhance ctdb_replay_monitor_status()
      adds  3224be8   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscripts'
      adds  625e0c5   Tests - add -T (trace) option to eventscripts run_test.sh
      adds  f3c590c   Tests - eventscripts exportfs stub should splits lines
      adds  62f2d16   Tests - new NFS share checking tests
      adds  7d7851d   Tests - Change variable used to fake listening TCP ports.
      adds  d2527e3   Tests - add eventscripts testing stub for sleep command.
      adds  21c17cc   Tests - add hooks to simulate ctdb commands that aren't implemented
      adds  6eb339e   Tests - add getdebug and checktcpport to ctdb eventscripts stub
      adds  7b2e79a   Tests - eventscripts - stop timeouts waiting for backgrounded testparm
      adds  e88df42   Tests - eventscripts - add an nmap stub
      adds  c9305f5   Tests - eventscripts - add output for "not implemented" in ctdb stub
      adds  58687f5   Tests - eventscripts - ctdb default default level is 0.
      adds  5574b3b   Tests - eventscripts - add some output filtering
      adds  bda5f71   Tests - eventscripts - new function setup_nmap_output_filter()
      adds  764b425   Tests - eventscripts - add a new ctdb_not_implemented() function
      adds  7fc7ebb   Tests - eventscripts - new Samba tests to test TCP port checking
      adds  fe73083   Tests - eventscripts - nmap and netstat stubs can pretend they weren't found
      adds  9b8e25d   Tests - eventscripts - new Samba TCP port checking test - no nmap
      adds  5de459f   Tests - eventscripts - TCP port checking, no working checkers
      adds  857e144   Tests - eventscripts - Samba TCP port checking fixes
      adds  dcd37aa   Tests - evenscripts - add symlink to ctdb.sysconfig
      adds  e4ba51e   Tests - eventscripts - remove undefined argument in some simple_test calls
      adds  1a8d5e0   Tests - eventscripts - add die() function and use it
      adds  3167f50   Tests - eventscripts - add extra filename format for multi-event tests
      adds  af1a024   Tests - eventscripts - output format tweaks
      adds  c8e87d9   Tests - eventscripts - new function simple_test_event()
      adds  84c67c3   Tests - eventscripts - formatting tweak in simple_test()
      adds  91d5ede   Tests - eventscripts - ctdb stub - implement scriptstatus, tweaks
      adds  54a67a8   Merge branch 'eventscripts' into tests
      adds  0048849   Tests - eventscripts - allow "ctdb scriptstatus" output to be primed
      adds  882fb55   Tests - eventscripts - add some multievent tests
      adds  f7b7428   Merge remote branch 'martins/tests'
      adds  4d80552   New version 1.11
      adds  8c34894   tests: Link ctdb_fetch_lock_once with @TDB_OBJ@ not -ltdb so we dont create an unneeded dependency on having a standalone tdb library installed
      adds  faf6710   tests:ctdb_fetch_lock_once   we must link with @POPT_OBJ@ in case -lpopt is not available
      adds  a3e0079   Add a tunable "AllowClientDBAttach" with default value 1.
      adds  a74f352   tools/ctdb: fix a typo in a debug message
      adds  2e5b0f1   Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/ctdb
      adds  64378fe   Check interfaces:  when reading the public addresses file to create the vnn list check that the actual interface exist, print error and fail startup if the interface does not exist.
      adds  783ceca   Interface monitoring: add a event to trigger every 30 seconds to check that all interfaces referenced by the public address list actually exists.
      adds  b0fdfd8   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  0628d1c   client: add req timeout argument to ctdb_cmdline_client
      adds  5296da5   client: add timeout argument to ctdb_attach
      adds  941ba90   client: flag local node in ctdb -Y status output
      adds  9699e57   pmda: Initial ctdb pmda check-in
      adds  2f925f1   pmda: Attempt reconnects while ctdbd is unavailable
      adds  11ffbf4   pmda: Pull ctdb statistics once per fetch
      adds  8840616   pmda: Use CTDB_PATH macro for default socket path
      adds  927abee   pmda: document in README how to add a new metric
      adds  66f92be   pmda: handle struct latency_counter and add num_recoveries
      adds  1c05db2   Merge remote branch 'ddiss/master_pmda_and_client_timeouts'
      adds  d78b0ff   Drop loglevel for a tevent message from FATAL to ERROR
      adds  00a870f   ReadOnly records: Add a new RPC function FETCH_WITH_HEADER. This function differs from the old FETCH in that this function will also fetch the record header and not just the record data
      adds  f924b3f   ReadOnly: Add helper functions to manipulate a TDB_DATA as a bitmap for nodes that we are tracking as having a readonly delegation
      adds  9fdd258   ReadOnly: Add test tool to validate the functions to manipulate and enumerate the bitmap of nodes to where we have readonly delegations
      adds  e8127f0   ReadOnly: Add clientside functions to send the UPDATE_RECORD control
      adds  b8d06cb   ReadOnly: add a new test tool that does a fetchlock on a record, then bunps the RSN by 10 and writes the new content to the record as sprintf("%d", rsn)
      adds  8f63a5d   ReadOnly: Add 4 new record flags to handle read only delegation and revoking of delegations
      adds  a224631   ReadOnly: Add printing of the record flags when we are traversing a database to print its content.
      adds  b77142c   ReadOnly: Add a new command 'ctdb cattdb'. This fucntion differs from 'ctdb catdb' in that 'cattdb' will always traverse the local tdb file only, while 'catdb' does a cluster traverse.
      adds  49923d4   Add the missing "persistent" argument to db_exist() The API for this function has changed since the 1.2 branch where readonly locks are being merged from
      adds  6ff039d   ReadOnly: After performing a recovery, clear out all flags related to readonly delegations and revoke
      adds  1441b77   ReadOnly: Add "readonly" flag to the ctdb_db_context to indicate if this database supports readonly operations or not. Add a private lock-less tdb file to the ctdb_db_context to use for tracking delegarions for records
      adds  b01dc02   ReadOnly: After recovering all databases, make sure to clear out the tracking database used to track delegations and revoke. This is because the recovery will implicitely result in a revoke of all delegations.
      adds  3d495c4   ReadOnly: Add an extra flag to ctdb_call_local to specify whether we want to write the record and header back to the tdb (for example we do when performing dmaster migrations)
      adds  1bb855b   ReadOnly: Add functions to register CALLs to a context used to handle deferal of processing of CALL commands. Once the contexts are freed, the deferred calls are re-issued to the input packet processing functions again. This is needed when/if a CALL can not currently be processed by the main engine due to the record being locked down for revoking of all delegations.
      adds  dda2616   ReadOnly: Add a function to start a revoke of all delegations for a record. This triggers a child process to be created to perform the actual potentially blocking calls that are required.
      adds  17f0e08   ReadOnly: Add a new flag to call request packet to indicate that the client wants a readonly delegation
      adds  07d995a   ReadOnly: When releasing all deferred calls that blocked during revoke of all previous delegations, add a 1 second grace/delay for any new readonly delegation requests so that the read-write fetch-lock porcess has a chance to make progress
      adds  59d8d9b   ReadOnly: Once recovery has finished, make sure to free all revoke child processes and trigger the destructors for all deferred calls to re-queue the original packets to the input packet processing function
      adds  6fd8cc6   ReadOnly: Add processing for ReadOnly delegation requests and revoke requests to the processing loop for CALL packets we receive from different nodes.
      adds  38e8964   ReadOnly: Add handlign of readonly requests readwrite requests, delegations and revoking of delegation to the processing loop for CALL requests coming in from a local client via domain socket
      adds  1bbd4cb   ReadOnly: Add a ctdb_ltdb_fetch_readonly() helper function
      adds  37608d7   ReadOnly: Add clientside code to fetch readonly records
      adds  f6de755   ReadOnly: Add a test tool to fetch a record, requesting a readonly delegation and lock the record once
      adds  c968880   ReadOnly: Add a test tool that requests a readonly delegation in a loop
      adds  d82bf98   ReadOnly: Change the update_record test tool to use the new fetchlock routine that can do either normal or readonly fetchlock
      adds  894faf1   ReadOnly: When the client wants a readwrite lock but the local node is the dmaster and also have delegations active we must send a CALL to the local daemon to trigger it to revoke the delegations
      adds  de7c3de   ReadOnly: clear out the tracking record once a revoke is completed
      adds  0615ede   ReadOnly: add description of readonly records
      adds  9729d3e   ReadOnly: Check the readonly flag instead of whether the tdb pointer is NULL or not
      adds  5e72ee5   LibCTDB : add support for getrecmode
      adds  6f7aacb   LibCTDB : change the ctdb_fetch_lock_once test tool to use libctdb instead of the old client
      adds  7567e01   LibCTDB : initialize ctdb->pnn to -1 when we create a new context but before we learn the pnn of the local node
      adds  63dc96c   ReadOnly: Change the ctdb_db structure to keep a uint8_t for flags instead of a boolean for the persistent flag. This is the same size as the original boolean but allows ut to add additional flags for the database
      adds  a0d4d24   ReadOnly: add a readonly flag to the getdbmap control and show the readonly setting in ctdb getdbmap output
      adds  206a3c0   ReadOnly: add a new control to activate readonly lock capability for a database. let all databases default to not support this  until enabled through this control
      adds  01388c4   ReadOnly: update the documentation about readonly locks
      adds  0dc5584   Merge branch 'master-readonly-records' into foo
      adds  3cbf487   Fix additional breakage from the merge for change in signature for ctdb_cmdline_client() and ctdb_attach()
      adds  f5a3119   Fix a typo in a message in ctdb backupdb.
      adds  8e4bfba   ReadOnly: Rename the function ctdb_ltdb_fetch_readonly() to ctdb_ltdb_fetch_with_header() since this is what it actually does.
      adds  9b87ffe   fix some compiler warnings for the test tools
      adds  a46d94b   Document 'cattdb' more clearly that it dumps the content of the local TDB and not the CTDB database
      adds  e3cdf42   ReadOnly: revokechild_active is a list, not a context.
      adds  4587bdb   when checking that the interfaces exist in ctdb_add_public_address() cant talloc off vnn since it is not yet initialized and might not always be NULL
      adds  8a10433   Change the 'This Node' column of the machinereadable output for 'ctdb status -Y' to Y/N instead of 1/0
      adds  d79596b   One of the entry points to release an ip reset the pnn field before invoking the eventscript. this triggered a check for "only run the eventscript if we host the address" to trigger and shortcir=cuit calling the eventscript.
      adds  df0dd8a   Fix broken readdir
      adds  7f1ff4d   Less verbosity when there is no public addresses file
      adds  a1919fd   apache's service name is not always httpd
      adds  d71d640   Typo deamon -> daemon
      adds  0250b72   Fix bashism in 40.fs_use
      adds  a19ec04   Merge branches 'master' and 'master' of
      adds  71b8015   Make ctdb_diagnostics more resilient to uncontactable nodes.
      adds  28a4340   ltdbtool: ignore empty (deleted) records per default.
      adds  2189337   doc: update compiled manpages of ctdb.1 after change to xml
      adds  24b56c6   Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/ctdb
      adds  4b034a6   Web - add me as a developer.  :-)
      adds  2e3febe   onnode: unset EXTRA_SSH_OPTS when using fakessh
      adds  87b02f5   Tests - IP allocation - allow more interesting node states to be specified
      adds  155862e   Tests - IP allocation - initial unit tests
      adds  4b606fb   Tests - simple integration - do a "ctdb sync" after restarting the cluster
      adds  4dabd1f   Merge remote branch 'martins/tests'
      adds  90c0c23   Remove debug message
      adds  a9e77de   ReadOnly: Dont update the record header from the calling client. While it is convenient since it avoids having to create a child process from the main dameon for writing the updated record it makes the cleitn more complex.
      adds  f7db497   ReadOnly DOCS: update the docs for readonly delegations to remove the passage that records are written/updated by the client
      adds  26aee76   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  19bd914   ReadOnly: fix bug writing incorrect amount of data in delegated record
      adds  c21ec9f   ReadOnly: add readonly record lock requests to libctdb
      adds  e7cdc3c   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  bb3509b   ReadOnly: If record does not exist, upgrade to write-lock
      adds  86a1482   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  74579a3   libctdb: dont allow ctdb_writerecord() for readonly records
      adds  25f1b4e   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  263031c   Tests: convert test tool for fetching a readonly lock to libctdb
      adds  1f74d60   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  a3357af   pmda: Use upstream assigned PCP domain id
      adds  552412d   Merge remote branch 'ddiss/master_pmda_namespace'
      adds  47f20e8   Fix some typos
      adds  0f92fa2   RB_TREE: Add mechanism to abort a traverse
      adds  afd0b63   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  98c27f9   LCP IP allocation algorithm - new function lcp2_failback_candidate()
      adds  695432c   Tests - IP allocation tests - must export CTDB_LCP2.
      adds  fa29fdf   Tests - Allow some tests in ctdb_takover_tests to specify allowed nodes
      adds  575f767   Tests - IP allocation - new test that shows current LCP2 failure
      adds  c0939af   LCP IP allocation algorithm - try harder to find a candidate source node
      adds  cb21f17   Tests - IP allocation - add some extra output due to recent fix
      adds  8db9b73   Merge remote branch 'martins/lcp2fix'
      adds  0e79b2d   Record Fetch Collapse: Collapse multiple fetch request into one single request.
      adds  c3ee6e3   New version 1.12
      adds  9143126   config/functions: CTDB_VARDIR is /var/lib/ctdb on Debian-like systems
      adds  4617a0e   config can be in /etc/default/ instead of /etc/sysconfig/
      adds  fa19707   config can be in /etc/default/ instead of /etc/sysconfig/ (ctdb_gnostics part)
      adds  68d8158   Nagios plugin for CTDB
      adds  44de394   SRVID ranges: Change the ranges for SRVIDs to allow 8 bit prefixes
      adds  0581fd8   Eventscripts: Add special -ECANCELED status for monitor events that are cancelled
      adds  59b4d7b   Clean up warnings: ‘tevent_loop_allow_nesting’ is deprecated
      adds  02612ea   Clean up warnings: remove changed_flags in monitor_helper
      adds  3b47e5f   Fix typo in ctdb_ltdb_store_server()
      adds  c1e8ea0   Clean up warnings: log some unchecked return codes from function calls
      adds  ddb0838   Clean up warnings: remove set but unused variable from rb_test
      adds  6a74638   Clean up warnings: remove unused variable alen from scsi_io
      adds  c8286b8   Clean up warnings: remove unused function dump_packet()
      adds  9547265   Clean up warnings: -Wunused-but-set-variable in tevent_signal.c
      adds  aa3e368   Clean up warnings: add -Wno-format-zero-length to CFLAGS
      adds  85a4024   Clean up warnings: popt sure does some strange things
      adds  8b6f898   Fix lib/replace
      adds  bbea7ff   Clean up warnings: rpcgen output contains unused variable.
      adds  1f9b9bc   Merge remote branch 'martins/warnings'
      adds  52ff485   Added some #ifndefs to stop files being included multiple times.
      adds  f186dd9   Move some common functions to common/ctdb_ltdb.c
      adds  ccd79e1   Rename ctdb_control_destructor() to ctdb_client_control_destructor()
      adds  13653d4   Rename ctdb_ctrl_getscriptstatus() parameter to avoid shadowing a global
      adds  a2ba534   Rename ctdb_control_get_stat_history() local variable to avoid shadowing.
      adds  bbe7cfd   Tests: change ctdb_takeover_tests.c to include ctdbd code
      adds  3ae8273   Make some ctdb_takeover.c functions static
      adds  8017393   Merge remote branch 'martins/hashinclude'
      adds  ef20fea   Relax an out of memory message.
      adds  446b40b   Merge remote branch 'martins/ctdb_control_oom'
      adds  08ebcf6   Fix ctdb scriptstatus -n all
      adds  0e1554e   Merge remote branch 'martins/scriptstatus'
      adds  9187db8   Eventscripts: Make 40.fs_use use less processes and arguably clearer.
      adds  ba5e5f5   Eventscripts - remove $0 from error messages in 40.fs_use
      adds  162ac70   Eventscripts - add facility to 10.interface to delete unmanaged IPs
      adds  bae2dc9   Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscripts'
      adds  1bb5869   logging: properly cast sockaddr_in to sockaddr for bind in start_syslog_daemon()
      adds  9301610   logging: some whitespace cleanup in ctdb_syslog_log()
      adds  e931453   logging: properly cast sockaddr_in to sockaddr for sendto() in ctdb_syslog_log()
      adds  d9516a8   system_linux: correctly cast sockaddr_in to sockaddr in ctdb_sys_send_tcp()
      adds  5d94dff   system_linux: correctly cast sockaddr_in6 to sockaddr for sendto() in ctdb_sys_send_tcp()
      adds  2c0abf2   update lib/replace to current upstream version (samba master)
      adds  0f807f7   build: add libreplace network checks to configure
      adds  4b32457   libutil: Remove obsolete signal type cast.
      adds  b859e88   add socket_wrapper from samba
      adds  0ad39b7   build: add option --enable-socket-wrapper to build binaries with socket wrapper support
      adds  0f0250c   build: add socket_wrapper objects to test binaries
      adds  a46e1d9   build: add target libctdb.so.0 and symlink libctdb.so
      adds  018095b   vacuum: rename "size" to "freelist_size" for clarity
      adds  586d8f6   vacuum: fix an abundance of indentation white spaces in ctdb_vacuum_db()
      adds  ac2bf0e   vacuum: fix a comment typo in vacuum_traverse()
      adds  f14b730   vacuum: fix horrible indentation/whitespacing for ctdb_vacuum_event()
      adds  a4988be   vacuum: fix a comment typo in vacuum_traverse()
      adds  0c1e98c   vacuum: write a big and up-to-date explaining comment for ctdb_vacuum_db()
      adds  edc6067   vacuum: update (C) from vacuum rewrite
      adds  7a96268   recoverd: let async_getcap_callback() also update ctdb->capabilities
      adds  b02b55b   recoverd: try to become the recovery master if we have the capability, but the current master doesn't
      adds  b18a22b   This breaks the build since the recovery loop is different in master compared to old 1.0 branches This must have been mistakenly applied to master when you intended to push for a different branch i guess.
      adds  3aa5c97   recoverd: try to become the recovery master if we have the capability, but the current master doesn't
      adds  1a31c84   traverse: add a flag to enable transferring empty records in cluster wide traverse
      adds  554d68d   client: add version ctdb_traverse_ext() of ctdb_traverse() that can list empty records.
      adds  1fcc765   ctdb: add an option --print-emptyrecords to enable printing of empty records in dumping databases
      adds  ebfc6ce   doc: document the --print-emptyrecords switch in the "ctdb" manpage.
      adds  1dfdb9d   doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      adds  dc98c12   ctdb: add an option --print-datasize to only print datasize instead of dumping data in db dumps
      adds  e435fe7   doc: document the "--print-datasize" parameter to "ctdb"
      adds  239ae60   doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      adds  86cd78e   ctdb: add an option --print-lmaster to enable printing of lmaster in "ctdb catdb"
      adds  072ba30   doc: document the "--print-lmaster" parameter to "ctdb"
      adds  290559e   doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      adds  e692390   ctdb: add an option --print-hash to enable printing of record hashes when dumping dbs
      adds  2386830   doc: document the "--print-hash" parameter to "ctdb".
      adds  8fe8e27   doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      adds  31d6279   ctdb: add an option --print-recordflags to trigger printing record flags in catdb and dumpdbbackup
      adds  ad81195   doc: document the "--print-recordflags" parameter to "ctdb"
      adds  3efb3c7   doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      adds  3e2c40c   DB Seqnum: must provide a ctdb_ltdb_header when calling ctdb_ltdb_fetch()
      adds  3cbff2e   LibCTDB: add get persistent db seqnum control
      adds  0420449   Recover Persistent database DB by DB and not record by record
      adds  940e9cb   DOC: describe the RecoverPDBBySeqNum tunable
      adds  5a1da0a   Add CTDB_CONTROL_CHECK_SRVID
      adds  6f657da   Add "ctdb check_srvid"
      adds  5a1e8df   check_srvids: remove the <pnn> from the commandline so that we only specify the list of <srvids>
      adds  11f3c94   LibCTDB: add support for the check-srvids control
      adds  7d31c64   ctdb: use libctdb version of check-srvids call
      adds  e15df55   DOC: document the check_srvids debugging command
      adds  ad0de54   traverse: fix traversing with empty records by adding a new (internal) control CTDB_CONTROL_TRAVERSE_START_EXT
      adds  27a0414   Fix the build that broke in 8281bb210858ed04992eacea7f6d02261e0fc1b1
      adds  956f06f   Fix ctdb-crash-cleanup sysconfig handling
      adds  4ce585c   Remove zero-length gnu_printf format string in ctdb_daemon.c (gcc warning)
      adds  bb3d669   Move platform-specific code to common/system_*
      adds  1ed5288   GNU/Hurd support
      adds  609149b   LibCTDB: Add support for the 'get interfaces' control and update the ctdb tool to use this interface
      adds  c3ee624   Return the peer_pid properly to the caller
      adds  5f69ad3   ctdb tool - simplify main() by taking most code out of a loop
      adds  7e9f998   ctdb tool - commands that don't use the daemon can't take -n/--node
      adds  ba6e6f6   ctdb tool - short circuit most of the logic in main for non-daemon commands
      adds  dbd452c   ctdb tool - replace fprintf with DEBUG
      adds  7f25864   ctdb tool - move parsing of nodestring to where it is needed
      adds  c56db0c   Revert "Fix the build that broke in 8281bb210858ed04992eacea7f6d02261e0fc1b1"
      adds  5c7c66a   libctdb: fix libctdb's traverse after changes in the core
      adds  f253f69   typo
      adds  a05dd12   DOC: Update the manpage to describe all relevant tunables
      adds  36462d4   Tests: eventscripts - add tests for CTDB_DELETE_UNEXPECTED_IPS="yes"
      adds  8b74037   ctdb tool - generalise nodestring parsing for -n
      adds  b646815   ctdb tool - factor out status printing functions
      adds  d5b1a6a   ctdb tool - new command "ctdb nodestatus [nodestring]"
      adds  a2095ca   ctdb tool - remove verify_node() function
      adds  89b01c8   Rename struct traverse_state to allow tools C files to be #included.
      adds  af7611e   Tests - test code for parse_nodestring() function
      adds  0b83a49   Tests - make a comment more accurate
      adds  b417300   Merge remote branch 'martins/nodestatus'
      adds  6e42e03   fix zero-initialization of header in _ctdbd_allocate_pkt to the correct size
      adds  3dab0c9   rb_tree: fix possible access-after-free-error in trbt_traversearray32_node
      adds  a481ca7   vacuum: add ctdb_local_remove_from_delete_queue()
      adds  6f0b222   ctdb_ltdb_store_server: when storing a record that is not to be scheduled for deletion, remove it from the delete queue
      adds  87351d8   vacuum: remove update_tuning_db()
      adds  19bbee2   vacuum: change get_vacuum_interval() to simply return the VacuumDefaultInterval tunable
      adds  9cae401   vacuum: use get_vacuum_interval() in ctdb_vacuum_event()
      adds  1ca3abc   vacuum: remove struct vacuum_tuning_data (unused)
      adds  e04fad0   vacuum: add new tunable VacuumInterval and mark Vacuum{Default,Min,Max}Interval obsolete
      adds  e30d182   vacuum: fix the VacuumInterval tunable's type to uint32_t in get_vacuum_interval()
      adds  745eb05   vacuum: initialize the delete_count in the vacuum data
      adds  b09bd3e   vacuum: appropriately rename delete_traverse()  to delete_marshall_traverse()
      adds  1c0bc40   vacuum: fix and improve a comment
      adds  aa04a64   vacuum: improve vacuuming statistics for handling the delete_tree.
      adds  c7b885c   vacuum: locally delete the records in the delete_tree that have be deleted remotely
      adds  d761121   tools/ctdb: remove functionality of "ctdb vacuum", just keeping a stub.
      adds  491c63c   tools/ctdb: allow the "ctdb vacuum" stub to be run without the daemon running.
      adds  c9b5396   vacuum: introduce a helper variable in add_record_to_vacuum_fetch_list() to reduce verbosity
      adds  d96df1c   vacuum: introduce a helper variable for the vacuum fetch list in ctdb_vacuum_db()
      adds  f96f183   vacuum: appropriately rename vdata.list to vdata.vacuum_fetch_list
      adds  61b336f   vacuum: rename delete_tree to delete_list
      adds  dbede3d   vacuum: factor out the fast vacuuming run into ctdb_vacuum_db_fast()
      adds  1a462df   vacuum: factor out full vacuum run out of ctdb_vacuum_db() as ctdb_vacuum_db_full()
      adds  4e5bdd4   vacuum: factor processing of vacuum fetch lists out of ctdb_vacuum_db()
      adds  50a9444   vacuum: factor processing of the delete list out of ctdb_vacuum_db()
      adds  4b565b1   vacuum: streamline ctdb_process_delete_list()
      adds  c10fc30   vacuum: factor out initialization of the vacuum data from ctdb_vacuum_db()
      adds  bdf395c   vacuum: add a comment explaining a race in the vacuum code.
      adds  25ac808   tunables: add a bool obsolete flag to the tunable_map list
      adds  8b89e54   tunables: don't list obsolete tunables in the list_tunables control
      adds  5fdd7fe   ctdb-tool: adapt formatting of "listvars" output to lenght of longest name
      adds  3b011a1   doc:ctdb.1: adapt example output of "ctdb listvars" to current state
      adds  b3f5c4b   doc:ctdb.1: explain that "ctdb listvars" does not list obsolete tunables any more
      adds  7a79e77   doc:ctdb.1: add generated files after update
      adds  d29b2bd   vacuum: add statistics output for processing of the delete list
      adds  cb259e6   vacuum: initialize (to zero) the vacuum fetch list in ctdb_vacuum_init_vacuum_data()
      adds  190b1b2   vacuum: improve debugging in insert_record_into_delete_queue()
      adds  26cac06   vacuum: add debug message to insert_record_into_delete_queue() for failed insert
      adds  0a6805e   vacuum: improve debugging in delete_queue_traverse()
      adds  8348c43   vacuum: improve logging in insert_record_into_delete_queue()
      adds  ca7d2bf   vacuum: improve logging in delete_record_traverse()
      adds  bf99bb6   vacuum: improve logging in remove_record_from_delete_queue()
      adds  e648045   Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/ctdb
      adds  b5b4c1a   explain why we use FIONREAD
      adds  0832daf   server: fix a comment typo
      adds  9ebc006   Fix a cut&paste error
      adds  33b7470   Add kFreeBSD support
      adds  f6c22fe   Define ETIME on non-supporting platforms
      adds  65e1e1d   Niceify the readonlyrecord API. Dont force clients to be exposed to the featch_with_header function
      adds  0d084a9   ReadOnly: update the loop test tool to print number of fetches per second
      adds  64f107f   ReadOnly  update documentation
      adds  e3b85bb   Add a hoook to the ctdb initscript that we can call out to for applications that want to track and produce audit logs when someone runs "service ctdb <something>"
      adds  bfab62d   ctdb tool - Fix parse_nodestring() related issues
      adds  9786321   Tests - update test code for ctdb tool code and libctdb stubs
      adds  ed8a8ee   libctdb - add ctdb_getvnnmap()
      adds  7a04587   ctdb tool - convert control_status() over to use just libctdb()
      adds  ea22ce5   Tests - more libctdb stubs and supporting state faking functions
      adds  4bf69a0   Tests - more libctdb stub test infrastructure
      adds  7a1ed19   Tests - allow tools/ctdb.c:main() to be used
      adds  e2ceae4   ctdb tool - free some memory used by popt
      adds  31487f3   Tests - add a version of the ctdb tool that compiles against libctdb stubs
      adds  ed9eecb   Tests: libctdb stubs should fail when current node disconnected
      adds  e420c6b   Tests: fix usage message in ctdb_tool_libctdb
      adds  9f2ce61   Tests: initial ctdb tool testcases
      adds  72961bc   Tests - let run_tests.sh take a list of tests to run
      adds  a856514   Tests - ctdb tool - fix "ctdb status" test
      adds  8bcad72   Tests - ctdb tool - add verbose option and output filtering
      adds  840a9b8   Tests - IP allocation simulation - LCP2 => non-deterministic
      adds  c7c1939   Test - IP allocation simulation - add -e option to run the daemon's algorithm
      adds  307cc31   Merge remote branch 'martins/takeover'
      adds  6ba3e67   Tests: new test to check that "ctdb delip" removes the IP from interface.
      adds  4e01fed   Tests: eventscripts - make init test pass with recent change to 10.interface
      adds  c497e4b   Tests: eventscripts - fix breakage in some NFS tests
      adds  0c6178e   Merge remote branch 'martins/tests'
      adds  b7f0e03   TESTS: ctdb_fetch needs to allow tevent nesting
      adds  daf28e0   CTDB: update tfetch so we can specify a hexadecimal string as key
      adds  c3bab54   TFETCH add verbose flag to print also the record ltdb heaer
      adds  b6de9d3   Ad test tool to store data and ctdb header into a local tdb file
      adds  770bba6   TESTS: Add a test that verifies that RecoverPDBBySeqNum works as expected.
      adds  1eafa68   STATISTICS: add total counts for number of delegations and number of revokes
      adds  73f8be1   ReadOnly: add per-database statistics to view how much delegations/revokes we have
      adds  938bb15   Load platform dependent objs instead of Linux one
      adds  68245ee   READONLY:  allow specifying the db name for setdbreadonly instead of just the hash
      adds  a9d9834   READONLY: document the command to activate readonly record support
      adds  4af0b61   READONLY: Update the fetch-readonly-once test tool to use CTDB_SOCKET if set
      adds  5082bba   READONLY: add test for creating and revoking delegations
      adds  1cfefb4   TESTS: Add test for wipedb command
      adds  cb44ebb   Make CTDB_CURRENT_NODE work with CTDB_REQ_MESSAGE
      adds  5e3b13a   FreeBSD does not define s6_addr32, only s6_addr
      adds  8428f48   Add includes required on FreeBSD
      adds  3d71e9f   Add common/system_freebsd.c
      adds  64208e0   Fix the build on freebsd9. (typo in flags?)
      adds  40906c0   Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/ctdb
      adds  61762a9   ReadOnly: Make sure we dont try to fast-vacuum records that are set for readonly delegation
      adds  9323afa   ReadOnly: We can not use ctdb_ltdb_store from a client/child context since it sometimes (for empty records) needs to be able to initiate traffic unde rhte daemon context.
      adds  baa3d7e   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  af424b1   Revert "ReadOnly: We can not use ctdb_ltdb_store from a client/child context since"
      adds  cdc232f   READONLY: dont schedule for fast vacuum deletion if any of the readonly record flags are set
      adds  42e477b   READONLY: only send a control to schedule fast-vacuuming from child context iff we have a connection open to the main daemon
      adds  574b47e   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  c47da8b   Log the "Received SHUTDOWN ..." first in the shutown process instead of last.
      adds  81fb334   when shutting down ctdb, allow it 30 seconds instead of 10 before will -9 the daemon
      adds  46244f0   Fix some documentation typos
      adds  55abb07   server: move the code for the update_record control to its own file
      adds  28554af   server:update_record: make ctdb_childwrite static
      adds  e62384b   server:update_record: remove some blood stains (trailing spaces...)
      adds  94b7a84   change TDB to be valgrind nice
      adds  93ec9c5   Eventscripts: remove the horrible horrible circular reference between state and callback since these two structures do not even share the same parent talloc context. Instead, tie them together via referencing a permanent linked list hung off the ctdb structure.
      adds  91c9371   Make KILLTCP structure a child of VNN so that it is freed at the same time the referenced VNN structure is.
      adds  ef2bd0b   When adding ips to nodes, set up a deferred rebalance for the whole node to trigger after 60 seconds in case the normal ipreallocated is not sufficient to trigger rebalance.
      adds  f360027   Add a tunable variable to control how long we defer after a ctdb addip until we force a rebalance and try to failback addresses onto this node Have it default to 300 seconds.
      adds  e086333   Vacuuming: change default timeout to 120 seconds
      adds  6f83805   READONLY: skip vacuuming or deleting records with readonly delegations. they are hot. wait until they have been revoked before we recall them.
      adds  1b97198   New version 1.13
      adds  62daab3   READONLY: when updating a remote node to revoke a delegation, make sure we dont create the record if it doesnt already exist
      adds  b9e581e   ReadOnly: Only restrict the readonly sanity/paranoia check that only allows UPDATE_RECORD to create a record to only apply to normal databases, not persistent databases or else the net registry command breaks and other persistent database creation/updates .
      adds  f7b2adf   Test: add test tool and test that UPDATE_RECORD works on persistent databases
      adds  6295536   ctdb tool: fix thinko in nodestatus command output
      adds  bd41a2a   Tests - simple - make disconnected node tests handle changed error message
      adds  88c7498   Tests - functions/environment - set and use $CTDB_NODES
      adds  b3ddf69   Merge remote branch 'martins/master'
      adds  038c946   add max hop count buckets to see how bad hopcounts are
      adds  c051f67   FETCH COLLAPSE : Change the fetch-lock collapse to collapse ALL fetches, including fetch-locks into a single command in flight per record. Also add a tunable to enable/disable this optimization for hot records
      adds  9bc6055   DOC document the FetchCollapse tunable
      adds  c9f7c98   CTDB: change how the hop count buckets are displayed in ctdb statistics
      adds  6a493a0   STATISTICS: add per-db hop count statistics
      adds  e7e51dd   LACOUNT:  Add back lacount mechanism to defer migrating a fetched/read copy until after default of 20 consecutive requests from the same node
      adds  462cdbc   DOC: Document the MaxLACount tunable variable
      adds  fa3a062   STICKY: add prototype code to make records stick to a node to "calm" down if they are found to be very hot and accessed by a lot of clients.
      adds  bc9ec18   STICKY   document the sticky record parameters
      adds  f4462bf   DOC  regenerate the manpage
      adds  befa9df   Make NoIPFailback a node local setting. Nodes that have NoIPFailback set to !0 can not takeover new ip addresses during failover.
      adds  9f31f76   NoIPFailback: Exclude nodes which have NoIPFailback as failback targets during reallocation
      adds  2456f77   NoIPTakeover: change the tunable name for the "dont allow failing addresses over onto the node" to NoIPTakeover
      adds  430cbcc   DOC: regenerate manpages
      adds  fbe64de   Undo damage done by d8d37493478a26c5f1809a5f3df89ffd6e149281
      adds  0d67779   Eventscript functions - add new function die()
      adds  95e10b2   Eventscripts - redesign and rewrite 13.per_ip_routing
      adds  940efdb   Eventscript functions - remove functions only used by 13.per_ip_routing
      adds  0b2c3d7   Eventscript functions - remove now-unused route/IP re-add script logic
      adds  476cf45   Eventscript functions - no longer require interface_modify.sh
      adds  56d90e9   Eventscript support - Remove unused interface_modify.sh
      adds  3b024ab   Eventscript tests - make error message consistent with recent change
      adds  60b5ff0   Eventscript tests - make ip command stub vaguely maintainable
      adds  d0f25b3   Eventscript tests - implement ip rule in stub
      adds  6e26055   Eventscript tests - implement ip route in stub
      adds  4f65737   Eventscripts - 13.per_ip_routing should use dirname not basename for mkdir
      adds  020c819   Eventscripts - use set_proc() rather than accessing /proc directly
      adds  ac973b3   Eventscripts - make 13.per_ip_routing try harder to find public_addresses
      adds  2f5cb56   Eventscripts - make 13.per_ip_routing fail gracefully if config is missing
      adds  c394b7d   Tests - eventscripts - ip stub command should print errors to stderr
      adds  52e7a03   Tests - eventscripts - add -A/-D options
      adds  cb0b0e0   Tests - eventscripts - more public IPs in default setup
      adds  5afbb43   Tests - eventscripts - stub ctdb command updates
      adds  5ecc348   Tests - eventscripts - fix hardcoding error
      adds  ad6a519   Update .gitignore for eventscript testing fu.
      adds  f8a1273   Tests - eventscripts - add support functions for policy routing testing
      adds  42400a1   Tests - eventscripts - improved support functions for handling public IPs
      adds  746d116   Tests - eventscripts - rationalise CTDB fakery support
      adds  2f31235   Tests - eventscripts - change summary columns
      adds  c0931a0   Tests - eventscripts - new function simple_test_command()
      adds  8d32892   Tests - eventscripts - initial policy routing tests
      adds  6bb0115   Merge remote branch 'martins/policy_routing'
      adds  081a8ec   Add policy routing documentation to ctdbd(1).
      adds  a3ee4a9   Initscript - add backup of corrupt non-persistent databases
      adds  da7a1cc   build: Add rules to create ctags/etags
      adds  cf41acf   packaging: Setup directories for rpmbuild
      adds  858d8dc   build: Remove re-definition of same variable
      adds  25d01ec   build: Display correct LIB_FLAGS while building
      adds  89415a1   build: Use system talloc library if available
      adds  13124e3   build: Use system tevent library if available
      adds  634bbc5   build: Use system tdb library if available
      adds  e2d8397   recovery: Add prototypes for tdb internal functions
      adds  d2be927   build: Substitute POPT macros once and reuse variables
      adds  0cc3127   CTDB: add back the "rebalanceip" command
      adds  7698a51   Add test for NoIPTakeover
      adds  2119438   tests/tool: Fix the nodestatus test
      adds  c985ccf   tests/tool: New nodestatus test
      adds  926f656   tests: exportfs always outputs with options in brackets
      adds  dbe7fa9   tests: Add a script to run cluster tests and make target "test_cluster"
      adds  ea1c895   tests: Add regular expression parsing for hop_count_buckets
      adds  615d543   tests: Fix the error messages in test event script
      adds  425b876   ctdbd: Fix the error message string
      adds  db13fd8   tests: Check for assigned IP addresses only if we are on real cluster
      adds  f2a5fda   tests: Check assigned IPs from ctdb output
      adds  68ae5f7   tests: Set the debug level = 3 when running local tests
      adds  ad4d526   tests: Use CTDB_TEST_REAL_CLUSTER to decide if tests use local daemons
      adds  202791c   recoverd: Fix spurious warnings when running with --nopublicipcheck
      adds  b3d098c   ctdbd: Fix spurious warnings when running with --nopublicipcheck
      adds  d4785e8   Tests - turn of time logging by default
      adds  3931732   Tests - IP allocation - add another LCP2 test based on a test failure
      adds  e5f5a10   Tests - IP allocation - 2 tests for NODE_FLAGS_NOIPTAKEOVER
      adds  a530358   tests - export new variable TEST_SCRIPTS_DIR
      adds  2c141e6   tests - add scripts/common.sh
      adds  f6178fc   tests - add scripts/unit.sh
      adds  fec6fe6   tests - move functions only used by scripts/run_tests into that script
      adds  6eb8bf7   tests - add -v option to set TEST_VERBOSE=true
      adds  9267727   tests - run_tests can take a directory as an argument
      adds  8e71c5e   tests - run_tests includes common.sh, uses die()
      adds  1d7f023   tests/tool: Fix the nodestatus test
      adds  612f0d9   tests/tool: New nodestatus test
      adds  006b18d   tests/tool - Restructure according to new convention
      adds  8c5fdb4   tests/onnode - Restructure according to new convention
      adds  76d75f8   tests/takeover - Restructure according to new convention
      adds  a35eca8   tests - run_tests ignores trailing '/' on directories
      adds  df39a67   tests/eventscripts - Restructure according to new convention
      adds  feff13f   tests - run_tests needs to expand directories like "." and "..".
      adds  aaa6565   tests/eventscripts: Tweak an error message in a policy routing test
      adds  6e05811   tests/eventscripts: Share directories must be absolute in eventscript tests
      adds  116f19b   tests: More unit test factoring/rationalisation and bug fixes
      adds  618d247   Merge remote branch 'martins/master'
      adds  25a7c32   lib/talloc: Remove the files required to build talloc as a library
      adds  83015a1   lib/talloc: Sync talloc from samba git tree
      adds  58e10b2   Merge remote branch 'amitay/talloc-sync'
      adds  131d35d   includes: Move special tevent defines from tevent.h to includes.h
      adds  4392591   Remove explicit include of lib/tevent/tevent.h.
      adds  a6abfa2   ctdb_test: Remove faked wrappers for tevent functions in stub testing
      adds  3381b59   lib/tevent: Remove local modifications to tevent
      adds  f16a180   lib/tevent: Remove the files required to build tevent as a library
      adds  195cf3c   lib/tevent: Sync tevent from samba git tree
      adds  db411aa   Merge remote branch 'amitay/tevent-sync'
      adds  d6383c3   lib/tdb: Remove the files required to build tdb as a library
      adds  8f64389   lib/tdb: Sync tdb from samba git tree
      adds  4426f9a   Merge remote branch 'amitay/tdb-sync'
      adds  bf197d0   tests: Rename ctdb_test_functions.bash to integration.bash
      adds  c2d1f87   tests: Rationalise integration test infrastructure
      adds  012015b   Eventscripts - Fix typo in 13.per_ip_routing support for __auto_link_local__
      adds  f30d4c5   tests: Local daemons are no longer the default, now require run_tests -l
      adds  769407f   tests: Move relative directory path hack from run_tests to common.sh
      adds  43f1209   tests: Programs run by tests should be found in $PATH
      adds  21b2190   tests: Remove ctdb_test_env
      adds  d4b102f   tests: Add -e option to cause run_tests to exit on first test failure
      adds  4d08afa   tests: Add new -H option for run_tests to avoid printing header/footer
      adds  72ab31b   tests: Fix trailing whitespace issues in integration.bash
      adds  d9b210b   tests: Fix wrapper scripts
      adds  2503cb2   tests: CTDB_TEST_WRAPPER has to be an absolute path on a real cluster
      adds  2f2e341   tests: test_wrap needs to set TEST_SCRIPTS_DIR
      adds  05062d8   tests: test_wrap can use $TEST_SCRIPTS_DIR for a little extra clarity
      adds  c460627   tests: run_tests should exit with failed test status if running with -H
      adds  466ff20   tests: Update top-level wrapper scripts
      adds  6764b7b   tests: Update README files and add new README files where missing
      adds  6757ad6   tests: Make run_tests -X more flexible - it now works with onnode
      adds  edaead3   tests/simple: Replace "tdbdump" with "ctdb cattdb"
      adds  286d5aa   tests/integration: Use absolute path for socket symlink
      adds  7ed4387   tests/integration: Remove cabability for testcase option
      adds  5b590df   tests: Add a -V option to set new variable TEST_VAR_DIR
      adds  d28e268   tests: Update integration.sh to use TEST_VAR_DIR
      adds  b7b6f10   tests: Improve the logic for adding directories to $PATH
      adds  cb09959   tests: Unit tests should use $TEST_VAR_DIR
      adds  451e660   tests: Time logging in integration tests should use TEST_VAR_DIR
      adds  e0f4f2c   tests/eventscripts: $FAKE_IP_STATE is always set in ip command stub
      adds  70270b6   tests: New run_tests -C (cleanup) option
      adds  46f8218   tests/simple: Add new pseudo testcase to potentially shutdown local daemons
      adds  dc2dfbd   tests: Add installation script for tests
      adds  a14671f   tests/eventscripts: Add sanity check to esnure events.d/ can be found
      adds  0c8f785   Eventscripts: fix basename -> dirname typo
      adds  6a21c81   tests/eventscripts: Be more defensive about removing the var directory
      adds  a4083f2   tests/eventscripts: Explicitly set CTDB_SERVICE_AUTOSTARTSTOP="yes"
      adds  4528c55   tests/eventscripts: Use a canned ctdb.sysconfig rather than a link
      adds  a4f4df2   tests/eventscripts: $CTDB_ETCDIR should be in $TEST_VAR_DIR
      adds  c30356c   tests: Update README
      adds  7a1aa56   Add new control to reload the public ip address file on a node
      adds  ec72e30   tests/simple: Fix typo in the test message
      adds  c3c5dec   server: locking: Provide a common API for non-blocking locking of TDBs
      adds  733bc2c   Revert "server: locking: Provide a common API for non-blocking locking of TDBs"
      adds  a367fa6   RELOADIPS: simplify the reloadips code a bit and also update the "read public address file" to not check if the address exists already locally when we read if from the child process, to stop it from spamming the logs with "We already host ..." messages
      adds  85432ec   DOC: document the reloadips command
      adds  a57eba2   Track all child process so we never send a signal to an unrelated process (our child died  and kernel wrapped the pid-space and reused the pid for a different process
      adds  dfdec4a   We dont need to serialize the "probe which address this node is" if we have given an explicit --node-ip on the commandline
      adds  9346a53   Packaging: generate a ctdb-tests package
      adds  469a588   Packaging: devel package fixes
      adds  fd048a1   Eventscript functions: add optional version to nfs_check_rpc_service()
      adds  0fa93a9   Packaging: add options to ctdb.spec.in to force use of bundled libraries
      adds  17a6d1d   Packaging: Improve dependencies
      adds  4cf10db   tests/eventscripts: $CTDB_BASE needs to be in $TEST_VAR_DIR
      adds  b713c11   tests/eventscripts: Fix a policy routing test
      adds  af2ab74   tests: Allow run_tests.sh to take options
      adds  99ed2d1   tests: Allow run_cluster_tests.sh to take options
      adds  f510ae6   tests: In integration tests, use --node-ip to avoid locking weirdness
      adds  b8e9a3e   tests: Add a test for "ctdb reloadips"
      adds  594601b   tests: Fix wrapper scripts to handle options and tests without breakage
      adds  64d90c0   tests: Restore the old behaviour of "make test" so it uses tests/var
      adds  e3d357b   tests: Use per-daemon public_addresses file for local daemons
      adds  8880484   tests: New function get_ctdbd_command_line_option() for integration testing
      adds  4563865   tests: Fix a typo in daemons_setup()
      adds  aa50bc5   tests: Move the "ctdb reloadips" test from complex/ to simple/
      adds  dce5969   Debug: When scripts hang, we may need to collect additional data in order to debug why the script hung.
      adds  92eb004   Eventscript functions: add optional version to nfs_check_rpc_service()
      adds  ffbe59b   Eventscripts: restart lockd in the background when going unhealthy
      adds  835e0b6   Eventscripts: Modernise 60.ganesha to match 60.nfs
      adds  383711a   Merge remote branch 'martins/ganesha'
      adds  f845457   GANESHA: make the ganesha script executable by default
      adds  dd647d4   TEVENT: Add back tracking of long runnig  events to the local copy of tevent library
      adds  26322d2   DEBUG: Add checks for and print debug messages when 1) a database contains very many records, 2) when a database is very big, 3) when a single record is very big.
      adds  7d9acae   DOCS: Document the new tunables to produce warnings if databases grow unexpectedly big.
      adds  e7d2183   RECOVER: When we pull databases during recovery, we used to reallocate the databuffer for each entry added. This would normally not be an issue, but for cases where memory is fragmented, this could start to cost significant cpu if we need to reallocate and move to a different region.
      adds  bbd33d6   RECOVERY: Increase the time we allow before timing out recovery related tasks.
      adds  cfe030e   tests: Use per node log files when running tests with local daemons
      adds  569da46   packaging: make ctdb-tests package depend on nc
      adds  e2831ef   tests: test_wrap needs to set TEST_BIN_DIR when installed
      adds  1ba9fa2   Eventscripts: Fix deprecated iptables ! usage
      adds  2d953e6   tests: Complex tests must not be run from a cluster node
      adds  0e1f20f   tests/eventscripts: Tweak expected output for lockd:b restart
      adds  7631830   server: Replace BOOL datatype with bool, True/False with true/false
      adds  88529e8   tests: Fix flakey behavior of ctdb_fetch test
      adds  0cb1cc6   tests: Fix ctdb_fetch test (parse extra lines of output)
      adds  9881ec8   tests: Increment RSN always in ctdb_update_record_persistent test
      adds  2ca4020   Run the shutdown eventscript before we tear down the transport
      adds  46abaf6   lib/tevent/testsuite: no longer use 'compat' symbols
      adds  6c83c0a   lib/tevent: In poll_event_context, add a pointer back to the tevent_context
      adds  6edf0ec   Revert "TEVENT: Add back tracking of long runnig  events to the local copy of tevent library"
      adds  c1d7791   lib/tevent: Add trace point callback
      adds  4e6686e   tevent: expose tevent_context_init_ops
      adds  be2c961   tevent: change version to 0.9.16
      adds  55be3c1   Reimplement logging of long running events
      adds  59565c0   STATISTICS: Add tracking of the 10 hottest keys per database measured in hopcount
      adds  d21337a   Add new command to find which interface is located on
      adds  c7e648c   When we release an ip, get the interface name from the kernel
      adds  694c1b2   When we find an ip we shouldnt host, just release it
      adds  3fd0b8a   ctdbd: refuse attaching with "persistent" to a non-persistent db and v.v.
      adds  237d4c5   ctdb: use correct "persistent" state for ctdb_attach in "ctdb cattdb"
      adds  3345576   run_tests.sh: fix a comment
      adds  27ce9dc   run_tests: improve spacing
      adds  e379fc3   Fix compiler warnings.
      adds  51c57e8   util: Do not try to lockdown memory when running in local daemons mode
      adds  c4236ec   ctdbd: Return explicit boolean values for function returning bool
      adds  23a4606   Remove tevent_loop_allow_nesting()
      adds  f2339da   web: Add my name to the developer list.
      adds  c0b7fbf   Eventscripts: 11.natgw $CTDB_NATGW_PUBLIC_IP splitting optimisation
      adds  573fb04   Eventscripts: remove redundant firewall rules from 11.natgw
      adds  9a7a199   Eventscripts: Clean up startup sanity check in 11.natgw
      adds  e7325eb   Eventscripts: Optimise building the host address in 11.natgw
      adds  0535968   Eventscripts: Retrieve and build NAT gateway details better in 11.natgw
      adds  31bdf91   Eventscripts: Update/remove stale comments in 11.natgw
      adds  6717698   Eventscripts: Default route on NAT gateway should have a metric of 10
      adds  4d4768e   statd-callout: Fix a bug in the calculations of $STATE
      adds  c44a97d   util: Do not lock down memory when running with local daemons
      adds  c075c2e   tests:  select_test_node_and_ips() should never select non-node -1
      adds  8673814   tests/simple: ctdb reloadips test should use $test_ip
      adds  053174c   tests: run_tests should exit with $status with -e option
      adds  959e37d   tests: simple tests against local daemons should check $TEST_LOCAL_DEAMONS
      adds  523be07   tests: select_test_node_and_ips() should try to avoid failing
      adds  e2a604f   tests/simple: ctdb stop/continue tests weren't actually checking IPs
      adds  cb8517e   tests/complex: Fix broken ctdb_test_check_real_cluster()
      adds  d26c21d   tests/eventscripts: Rewrite the testparm stub
      adds  a90f6d7   tests/tool: Run ctdb_tool_* under $VALGRIND
      adds  748c3d7   Initscript: clean up drop_all_public_ips()
      adds  75a0041   ctdbd: Fix ctdb_control_release_ip() on local daemons
      adds  65725d3   ctdbd: Remove the worked "Forced" from message about running eventscripts
      adds  3c5374a   ctdbd: Log a meaningful message if the nodes file/list is empty
      adds  35de9f2   Eventscripts: Clean up 11.routing
      adds  f53b4f8   tools/onnode: Add -P option to push files to given nodes
      adds  89d935d   doc: Document the new onnode -P option
      adds  e7c8e0d   ctdb tool: recmaster command might as well be auto-all
      adds  ff08300   Revert "Eventscripts - make 13.per_ip_routing fail gracefully if config is missing"
      adds  5bbf4b6   Eventscripts: 13.per_ip_routing should always fail if config is missing
      adds  184db1b   tests/eventscripts: Extra cases for policy routing missing config test
      adds  d038b9e   recoverd: Fix bogus info in message about changed flags
      adds  7df1da1   recoverd: Update a log message that has bit-rotted
      adds  ae0cdd1   recoverd: verify_local_ip_allocation() should dup ifaces before early return
      adds  20b7504   recoverd: main_loop() should not verify local IPs if node is stopped
      adds  97248de   recoverd: An inactive node should not force recovery master elections
      adds  735c910   recoverd: All inactive nodes should yield recovery master role
      adds  85cc174   doc: Fix path string of /etc/sysconfig/ctdb file
      adds  e134822   eventscripts: Print a warning on failure to delete a routing rule
      adds  aed0f9d   tests/eventscripts: Add a policy routing unit test for "ip rule del" failure
      adds  0d35a8c   eventscripts: 13.per_ip_routing should remove bogus routes on ipreallocated
      adds  f6f711e   tests/eventscript: unit test for 13.per_ip_routing bogus route removal
      adds  530415b   Eventscripts: Indent error when a route delete fails in 11.per_ip_routing
      adds  3d68651   tests/eventscripts: Modify ip stub to simulate invalid table ID
      adds  7d971f4   tests/eventscripts: New policy routing test with invalid table ID
      adds  1fbeb10   tools/ctdb: NAT gateway code should use CTDB_NATGW_NODES
      adds  bd0e34a   tools/ctdb: Factor out printing of the machine readable status header
      adds  860d757   tools/ctdb: natgwlist output is either human readable or machine readable
      adds  110cb67   tools/ctdb: Remove redundant filtering loop in control_natgwlist()
      adds  e05fc0e   libctdb: add ctdb_getcapabilities()
      adds  7660072   tests: libctdb stubs must copy pointers rather than just returning them
      adds  29d3af2   tests: libctdb stubs initial ctdb_getcapabilities() implementation
      adds  a7ff393   tools/ctdb: Convert some commands over to libctdb
      adds  82922ec   tools/ctdb: Clean up control_natgw()
      adds  3ccaba7   tests/tool: New function setup_natgw() to setup $CTDB_NATGW_NODES
      adds  28345d8   tests/tool: New tests for natgwlist, getcapabilities, lvs, lvsmaster
      adds  cc5f37f   libctdb: Add comments to effect that some controls return result in status
      adds  1aaaf7e   tools/ctdb: Free the event context
      adds  e2d4250   Initscript: Kill any existing ctdbd processes if the ping succeeds
      adds  f3ae31e   Eventscripts: split 50.samba into 49.winbind and 50.samba
      adds  2d719e5   eventscripts: Auto-start/stop services in background
      adds  75347b8   util: ctdb_fork() closes all sockets opened by the main daemon
      adds  3c1f656   Revert "when creating/adding a public ip, set the initial interface to be the first interface specified"
      adds  a68512c   Correct include for ctdb_protocol.h
      adds  9aa9abc   ctdbd: Avoid unnecessary updateip event
      adds  d33b12a   Eventscripts: Add service-start and service-stop pseudo-events
      adds  79ea15b   ctdbd: New tunable NoIPTakeoverOnDisabled
      adds  4b4e4d8   ctdbd: Stop takeovers and releases from colliding in mid-air
      adds  62046a8   recoverd: When starting a takeover run disable IP verification
      adds  4719df6   recoverd: Track failure of "recovered" event, banning culprits
      adds  74843da   Eventscripts: Add support for "reconfigure" pseudo-event for policy routing
      adds  cfef702   tests/eventscripts: add extra infrastructure for policy routing tests
      adds  8e7facc   tests/eventscripts: add unit tests for policy routing reconfigure
      adds  ffc43be   doc: Fix the hyperlink for "Testing CTDB" page
      adds  ce210f6   scripts: Remove duplicate code from init script to set tunables
      adds  efe77d0   doc: Fix documentation for setup event
      adds  cc763c4   doc: Add info about execute permissions on event scripts
      adds  6372592   config/functions: fix a comment
      adds  8d7562f   common: Debug ctdb_addr_to_str() using new function ctdb_external_trace()
      adds  ebd9c7a   Logging: Map TEVENT_DEBUG_FATAL to DEBUG_CRIT
      adds  34a6c07   Eventscripts: "recovered" event should not fail on NATGW failure
      adds  66d0aba   Revert "Eventscripts - add facility to 10.interface to delete unmanaged IPs"
      adds  a884c8c   recoverd: Verifying local IPs should only check for unhosted available IPs
      adds  c5e24b2   tools/ctdb: Remove extra header from natgwlist -Y output
      adds  bfbcdea   recoverd: Clarify some misleading log messages
      adds  199b971   ctdbd: Remove references to forcing running of eventscripts from log messages
      adds  ad8eb45   initscript: Check that rc.ctdb is executable before running it
      adds  7bf693f   tools/ctdb_diagnostics: Add "ctdb listvars" output
      adds  9f6b30a   scripts: Refactor logging code in initscript and functions file
      adds  ef79dc0   header: Added DB statistics update macros
      adds  1011d10   common: Add routines to get process and lock information
      adds  8330633   ctdbd: locking: Provide non-blocking API for locking of TDB record/db/alldb
      adds  8d7d9ac   tools/ctdb: Display the locking statistics
      adds  6182d9e   tests: Fix statistics test for new output lines from locking API
      adds  cbf1685   ctdbd_test: Include ctdb_lock.c code for test stubs
      adds  23f83d5   ctdb_freeze: Replace locking functions with locking API
      adds  08ffbc3   ctdb_recover: Replace static locking functions with locking API
      adds  a00e50e   ctdbd: Replace lockwait with locking API and remove ctdb_lockwait.c
      adds  3c34207   locking: Schedule a new lock request everytime a lock is released
      adds  1d83df7   locking: Add database priority handling for older versions of samba
      adds  d39fbd6   locking: Do not use ctdb_kill() to kill smbd processes
      adds  8cbf1a0   Build: Set the default ctdb socket path at configure time
      adds  bc126cc   build: Set CTDB_PATH to /tmp/ctdb.socket if SOCKPATH is not defined
      adds  db5dfe8   recoverd: Add CTDB_SRVID_GETLOG and CTDB_SRVID_CLEARLOG
      adds  798b632   tools/ctdb: Add log ringbuffer handling for recoverd
      adds  d78ac9c   tools/ctdb: Merge recoverd log handling into getlog/clearlog
      adds  3189eef   tests: Local daemons should use the logging ringbuffer
      adds  b63c3de   doc: getlog and clearlog changes for recovery daemon logs
      adds  3064244   web: Remove reference to non-existent config files
      adds  4619953   web: Add the links to ftp/http ctdb download area
      adds  9e44534   web: Add posix locking information to prerequisites
      adds  5b66257   doc: README - add information about CTDB, license and website
      adds  43b25d1   build: Extract building of manpages in a separate Makefile
      adds  68b32e5   packaging: Build docs and include them in tarball
      adds  5ea3a56   packaging: Factor out the code to genreate VERSION string
      adds  231898d   packaging: Use common code to generate VERSION string
      adds  56e1d52   doc: Do not keep the built version of manpages in version control
      adds  42d8e37   packaging: Bundle README, COPYING and html version of manpages
      adds  594284f   web: Update broken links to manpages
      adds  295dfa7   Avoid a bashism in 60.ganesha
      adds  2d1d5d3   Add a \n to an error message
      adds  9220724   packaging: Create include/version.h to define CTDB_VERSION_STRING
      adds  1a6ccd1   build: Add rules to create include/version.h when building from git tree
      adds  b0f9005   tool/ctdb: Always support ctdb version command, don't make it optional
      adds  49bddd6   packaging: Use optional argument as targetdir when creating tarball
      adds  79aeac6   packaging: Use maketarball.sh script to create tarball for RPM
      adds  4ca7f95   tests: Do not check release suffix in ctdb version test
      adds  a6d9b6f   web: Update instructions for building from tarball
      adds  861d530   ctdbd: Fix compilation warning in locking code
      adds  4c5852b   build: Fix the build with old system-installed tevent
      adds  f082f40   Eventscripts: 10.interface startup event should only process interfaces once
      adds  85c8dec   recoverd: Track the nodes that fail takeover run and set culprit count
      adds  56ee668   tools/ctdb: Do not use function return value as pnn
      adds  442d990   locking: Do not use RECLOCK for tracking DB locks and latencies
      adds  0f1bceb   ctdbd: Make the link status of new interfaces more flexible
      adds  8fad767   Eventscripts: 10.interface should list configured interfaces
      adds  79468f3   vacuum: fix a comment typo
      adds  9c65a7e   recoverd: fix a comment typo
      adds  8732e23   recovery: data corruption of persistent DBs after recoveries: don't delete emtpy records
      adds  05cf7bc   utils:ping_pong: add a -c switch to check the lock before reading/writing
      adds  b2e9664   doc: Update ping_pong documentation to add -c option
      adds  83862c5   vacuum: Avoid some tallocs in ctdb recovery
      adds  606ddb1   Git should ignore generated include/version.h file
      adds  13518b9   daemon: Check if log_latency_ms is set before using it
      adds  a73f13a   daemon: Add a tunable to enable automatic database priority setting
      adds  b64e237   events/50.samba: fix testparm background update
      adds  f5b15e2   ctdb:recover: fix a comment typo
      adds  df7152f   Initscript: when checking status, print output of "ctdb ping" if it fails
      adds  5cf98c8   tests: Local daemons should use --listen instead of --node-ip
      adds  80a2bb8   ctdbd: Remove debug option --node-ip, use --listen instead
      adds  6fbd3ea   ctdbd: Initialise the node flags in just one place
      adds  3d408ca   Eventscripts: Do not restart NFS on reconfigure
      adds  217ad07   Eventscripts: Change the default reconfigure action to do nothing
      adds  1eddc33   tests/complex: Add NFS test when CTDB is killed on one of the nodes
      adds  4f0d68c   ctdbd: Clean up orphaned interfaces when an IP is deleted
      adds  f6be6f3   tests: new function ip2ipmask() for integration testing
      adds  752ab15   tests: new simple integration test for delip interface garbage collection
      adds  c43da5d   tests/takeover: Support valgrinding the takeover code
      adds  6c1b6c9   tests/takeover: IP allocation now selected via $CTDB_IP_ALGORITHM
      adds  34bfecf   tests/takeover: Support testing of NoIPTakeoverOnDisabled
      adds  64a83fb   tests/takeover: Do output filtering for deterministic IPs algorithm too
      adds  565fc4f   tests/takeover: Initial tests for deterministic IPs
      adds  fdfc61a   tests/takeover: Add some LCP2 tests for case when no node are healthy
      adds  a3911ed   recoverd: Fix a memory leak in IP allocation
      adds  ef403f7   recoverd: Move the test for both 'DeterministicIPs' and 'NoIPFailback' set
      adds  326328d   recoverd: Don't do failback at all when deterministic IPs are in use
      adds  dfa7ce7   recoverd: basic_failback() can call find_takeover_node() directly
      adds  443fbb9   recoverd: Trying to failback more IPs no longer allocates unassigned IPs
      adds  bcefb76   recoverd: Move failback retry loop into basic_failback() and lcp2_failback()
      adds  2e8df43   recoverd: New function unassign_unsuitable_ips()
      adds  53bd183   recoverd: Separate each IP allocation algorithm into its own function
      adds  e2306dd   tests/eventscripts: Ratchet down debug level for ctdb_takeover_tests
      adds  ef7329a   tests/simple: Add test to check recovery daemon IP verification
      adds  0eb7573   scripts: Move drop_all_public_ips() to the functions file
      adds  297b98d   eventscripts: Each script should set CTDB_BASE if it is not set
      adds  f5226c9   scripts: statd-callout should calculate CTDB_BASE if it is not set
      adds  4157efd   scripts: debug-hung-script.sh doesn't need functions/loadconfig
      adds  663858e   ctdbd: Default value for debug_hung_script should use ETCDIR
      adds  d801b02   scripts: Make drop_all_public_ips() more robust
      adds  095fac9   scripts: Rework ctdb-crash-cleanup.sh so that it uses existing functions
      adds  4f622fe   scripts: Make script_log() use supplied message, stop logger from hanging
      adds  aca9299   eventscripts: Fail the setup event if CTDB does not become ready
      adds  9eeb94c   daemon: Update the comment and remove redundant check in ctdb_start_transport()
      adds  d8a3ec4   tools/ctdb: Add pdelete command to delete a record from persistent database
      adds  4ca50c7   tools/ctdb: Re-factor code to check if db exists given name or id
      adds  d85e40f   tools/ctdb: Add setdbseqnum command to set __db_sequence_number__
      adds  cad8151   tests: Add a test for recovery of persistent databases
      adds  30299c3   daemon: On shutdown, destroy timed events that check if recoverd is active
      adds  4a6fa39   daemon: Protect against double free of callback state while shutting down
      adds  96ba396   recoverd: Create recoverd monitoring timed events off recoverd context
      adds  28cbe52   Changes for unobtrusive recovery and new method for health check.
      adds  75625cd   build: Add missing LDFLAGS
      adds  69afd9a   doc: allows to -> allows one to
      adds  e6cf536   build: Update config.guess 2012-12-30 and config.sub to 2013-01-11
      adds  384b9b2   common: Detailed platform-specific FIXME
      adds  fd8d3cf   common: FreeBSD+kFreeBSD: Implement get_process_name (same as in Linux)
      adds  52a99cb   tests: Test portability
      adds  264f847   common: Don't lie on unimplemented gratuitous arp
      adds  385325a   recoverd: Fix printing of node flags from local information
      adds  fe130ca   tools/ctdb: Fix a compiler warning
      adds  35074ad   build: Fix a Makefile.in typo
      adds  f2ba0e8   Logging: New function ctdb_log_ringbuffer_free()
      adds  8dc3219   Logging: Free the ringbuffer in child processes created with ctdb_fork()
      adds  11c7541   daemon: Make sure all the traverse children are terminated if traverse times out
      adds  a0c88ec   ctdbd: Message logged at exit should be different for different processes
      adds  f2428ca   ctdbd: Remove debug_hung_script_ctx
      adds  bc5f0a2   ctdbd: Remove command-line option --debug-hung-script
      adds  e883720   ctdbd: Complain loudly if CTDB_DEBUG_HUNG_SCRIPT script isn't executable
      adds  37632ef   ctdbd: Don't use a fixed length buffer for the hung script command
      adds  8c9eedb   initscript: export CTDB_EXTERNAL_TRACE
      adds  140be1e   Fix a comment typo
      adds  689384a   Logging: Fix breakage when freeing the log ringbuffer
      adds  6e650b6   eventscripts: Remove calls to "smbstatus -np" for samba cleanup
      adds  1d3eebb   ctdbd: Fix the PullDBPreallocation size to 10MB as intended
      adds  f9bbbae   doc: Fix typo in ctdbd manpage
      adds  a2abdc1   common/io: Rewrite socket handling code to read all available data
      adds  dab2f68   client: New generic node listing function list_of_nodes()
      adds  7f727e5   client: Refactor node listing functions to use list_of_nodes()
      adds  2476d8a   recoverd: update_capabilities() should use connected nodes
      adds  12d07dd   server:persistent: fix a comment typo.
      adds  8cd6a67   tools/ctdb: delip no longer fails if IP can not be moved
      adds  5d7efb4   ctdbd: Add an index db for message list for faster searches
      adds  d4407a6   common/io: For scheduling immediate events use tevent_schedule_immediate
      adds  3ffd57f   fix a typo
      adds  257af5b   server:persistent: fix a debug message (copy'n'paste error)
      adds  7f88fe3   logging: Do not ignore stdout/stderr from the exec'd children
      adds  dd050cd   util: Add hex_decode_talloc() to decode hex string into a binary blob
      adds  d2ed7429  build: Fix for tevent autoconf check
      adds  96ad89f   common/messaging: Free message list header if all message handlers are freed
      adds  8788e63   common/messaging: Don't forget to free the result returned by tdb_fetch()
      adds  9937adf   common/messaging: Abstract db related operations inside db functions
      adds  a37033b   common/messaging: use tdb_parse_record in message_list_db_fetch
      adds  d82336f   common/messaging: Use the jenkins hash in ctdb_message
      adds  b1b3d64   Revert "client: handle transient connection errors"
      adds  41f0252   client: Set the socket non-blocking only after connect succeeds
      adds  d931e73   statd-callout: Make sure statd callout script always runs as root
      adds  77a29b3   recoverd/takeover: Use IP->node mapping info from nodes hosting that IP
      adds  e062555   tools/ltdbtool: Fix handling of -e option
      adds  43860e4   tests: Fix typo in variable name
      adds  9e0f8fa   traverse: Add CTDB_CONTROL_TRAVERSE_ALL_EXT to support withemptyrecords
      adds  ae5e224   traverse: Ensure backward compatibility for CTDB_CONTROL_TRAVERSE_ALL
      adds  eaad7c1   build: silence building of porting_test
      adds  ca1f3de   recoverd: remove bogus comment "qqq" from "add prototype new banning code"
      adds  b1a6289   ctdbd: unimplement the unused SET_DMASTER control
      adds  579d591   logging: fix comment typo
      adds  fd01c46   Fix a severe recovery bug that can lead to data corruption for SMB clients.
      adds  f1fe9dd   ctdb_call: don't bump the rsn in ctdb_become_dmaster() any more
      adds  8cbf321   tests: Support waiting for "recovered" state in tests
      adds  41e2a2e   tests: Add a test for subsequent recoveries corrupting databases
      adds  f07d47a   tests: add a comment to recovery db corruption test
      adds  4ede763   util: New functions ctdb_set_child_info() and ctdb_is_child_process()
      adds  7aa0a49   util: ctdb_fork() should call ctdb_set_child_info()
      adds  dcf1ac3   ctdbd: Add --pidfile option
      adds  38366b6   initscript: Use a PID file to implement the "status" option
      adds  1f5bfde   scripts: ctdb-crash-cleanup.sh uses initscript to see if ctdbd is running
      adds  7ccde44   include: Move ctdb_start_daemon() from ctdb_client.h to ctdb_private.h
      adds  7ba42d2   util: Removed unused declaration of ctdbd_start()
      adds  d240779   initscript: Remove duplicate setting of $ctdbd
      adds  f54dab0   scripts: Ensure service command is in $PATH in ctdb-crash-cleanup.sh
      adds  100a0ee   scripts: Use $CTDB_SCRIPT_DEBUGLEVEL instead of something more complex
      adds  903f4c3   scripts: Clean up update_tickles() and handling of associated directory
      adds  fb8be43   eventscripts: Ensure directories are created
      adds  823edbf   scripts: Ensure even external scripts get tagged in logs as "ctdbd"
      adds  3471807   ctdbd: Log PID file creation and removal at NOTICE level
      adds  016522f   ctdbd: Set num_clients statistic from ctdb->num_clients
      adds  885d631   client: fix ctdb_control() to be able to cope with CTDB_CTRL_FLAG_NOREPLY
      adds  81de2a1   vacuum: break line for RO-flags check in delete_record_traverse() for readability
      adds  0a77ae0   vacuum: add DEBUG to skip conditions in delete_record_traverse()
      adds  79fc6c0   vacuum: simplify ctdb_process_delete_list(): reduce indentation
      adds  2ead405   vacuum: move variable into scope of use in ctdb_process_delete_list()
      adds  afb22c1   vacuum: move variable into scope of use in ctdb_process_delete_list()
      adds  9778ce4   vacuum: free temporary allocated memory correctly in ctdb_process_delete_list().
      adds  ebc7760   vacuum: fix indentation in ctdb_process_delete_list()
      adds  a0e0264   vacuum: add explicit temporary memory context to ctdb_process_delete_list()
      adds  f49d57c   vacuum: reorder some of ctdb_process_delete_list() more intuitively
      adds  527976d   vacuum: introduce the RECEIVE_RECORDS control
      adds  b17007e   vacuum: turn the vacuuming on lmaster into a three-phase process.
      adds  6c98664   vacuum: extend the header comment for ctdb_process_delete_list()
      adds  e148458   vacuum: Update (C)
      adds  1aa09dd   include: define CTDB_REC_RO_FLAGS - all read-only related record flags
      adds  ce0916f   ltdb_server: use CTDB_REC_RO_FLAGS where appropriate
      adds  32b3422   vacuum: use  CTDB_REC_RO_FLAGS in the vacuuming code
      adds  eb0389b   ctdb_call: use CTDB_REC_RO_FLAGS where appropriate
      adds  666985b   ctdb_daemon: use CTDB_REC_RO_FLAGS where appropriate
      adds  217d2ad   recover: use CTDB_REC_RO_FLAGS where appropriate
      adds  58772d6   recoverd: Interface reference count changes should not cause takeover runs
      adds  f6e4863   ctdbd: Avoid freeing non-monitor event callback when monitoring is disabled
      adds  2e59cd5   ctdbd: New control CTDB_CONTROL_IPREALLOCATED
      adds  745c6bc   recoverd: ctdb_takeover_run() uses CTDB_CONTROL_IPREALLOCATED
      adds  fb028a2   eventscripts: Remove use of "stopped" event
      adds  fa16ccc   ctdbd: Remove the "stopped" event
      adds  3769368   ctdbd: Log CTDB startup before creating the PID file
      adds  27a5b78   initscript: Look for tdbtool/tdbdump using which, not in fixed locations
      adds  bbd0ed0   scripts: Fix script_log() regression
      adds  642848b   eventscripts: Remove unused function ctdb_check_counter_equal()
      adds  4c9438b   eventscripts: Simplify handling of $service name in reconfigure functions
      adds  8065366   eventscripts: Simplify handling of $service name in service_management
      adds  c56acf7   eventscripts: Simplify handling of $service name in start/stop functions
      adds  e9abc9c   eventscripts: Simplify handling of $service name in "managed" functions
      adds  5dd9e52   eventscripts: counters default to $script_name if $service_name not set
      adds  0ad8f46   eventscripts: Assert that $service_name is set in a few key places
      adds  30addb8   eventscripts; Cleanup up ctdb_check_directories()
      adds  6e2863a   eventscripts: Clean up ctdb_check_command()
      adds  d98d931   eventscripts: Remove unnecessary variables from killtcp/tickle functions
      adds  5e828b4   eventscripts: Change handling of one-way kills in kill_tcp_connections()
      adds  a320e1f   eventscripts: Reimplement kill_tcp_connections_local_only()
      adds  975ea7f   eventscripts: Refactor connection listing in killtcp and tickle functions
      adds  ed59dea   eventscripts: Remove unused $_killcount from tickle_tcp_connections()
      adds  8f84a2b   eventscripts: In killtcp/tickle functions, $_failed should be boolean
      adds  189a5c0   eventscripts: Tweak the timeout check in kill_tcp_connections()
      adds  29a3823   eventscripts: Minor cleanups for killtcp/tickle functions
      adds  31c3edc   eventscripts: Make the early exit in 01.reclock earlier
      adds  8373226   eventscripts: Might as well try to stat the reclock file first
      adds  460d065   eventscripts: Use ctdb_check_counter() instead of ctdb_check_counter_limit()
      adds  2bc807f   eventscripts: Remove unused function ctdb_check_counter_limit()
      adds  6c347a5   eventscripts: Factor NFS RPC check action code into nfs_check_rpc_action()
      adds  577a3ca   eventscripts: Move rpc.statd existence check into nfs_check_rpc_service ()
      adds  944d063   Revert "Eventscript functions: add optional version to nfs_check_rpc_service()"
      adds  910e138   eventscripts: Remove ganesha support from nfs_check_rpc_service()
      adds  bdab9d1   eventscripts: Factor out common code from nfs_check_rpc_service()
      adds  167acd1   eventscripts: nfs_check_rpc_action() should be _nfs_check_rpc_action()
      adds  c52183c   eventscripts: New function nfs_check_rpc_services()
      adds  05b2ede   eventscripts: NFS RPC checks allows "nfsd" in addition to "knfsd"
      adds  434f9e8   eventscripts: 60.nfs uses nfs_check_rpc_services() to check NFS RPC services
      adds  de84c1f   eventscripts: NFS RPC checks no longer support "knfsd"
      adds  17521b3   recoverd: Add debug message when dropping IPs in IP allocation
      adds  b416376   tests: Unit test diff output should use filtered output
      adds  657162f   recoverd: Refactor code to get NoIPTakeover tunable from all nodes
      adds  5658e44   tests/takeover: Allow per-node tunable settings
      adds  ac80824   recoverd: Factor out new function all_nodes_are_disabled()
      adds  0445c98   recoverd: Fix tunable NoIPTakeoverOnDisabled, rename to NoIPHostOnAllDisabled
      adds  b22ef16   tests/takeover: Add takeover tests, mostly for NoIPHostOnAllDisabled
      adds  c9056b4   recoverd: Remove unused mask argument from IP allocation functions
      adds  ee7357d   recoverd: When calculating rebalance candidates don't consider flags
      adds  530020d   recoverd: Remove unused mask argument and initial mask calculation
      adds  50f19b5   recoverd: Clear IP flags after IP allocation algorithm has run
      adds  54e91df   recoverd: Move IP flags into ctdb_takeover.c
      adds  84bcb95   eventscripts: Do not use bashism for string comparison
      adds  129c12a   build: Create sudoers.d dir during make install
      adds  ff9831f   initscript: If CTDB doesn't become ready, print a message before killing
      adds  51dbaec   eventscripts: Fix regression in _loadconfig()
      adds  0baefba   ctdbd: Removed bogus comment in ctdb_find_iface()
      adds  e769f85   ctdbd: Log add and delete of IPs
      adds  5aeae97   ctdbd: Log a message when recovery master changes
      adds  bb39f0a   scripts: Rework notify.sh to use notify.d/ directory
      adds  ce145ab   Packaging: maketarball.sh should be a bash script due to pushd use
      adds  3f37b44   ctdbd: Update confusing log message
      adds  5fdf71b   recoverd: takeover_run_core() should not use modified node flags
      adds  5145b9b   logging: Fix a bug in ringbuffer
      adds  6d0c388   build: Rename version.h to ctdb_version.h
      adds  7ee9e22   ctdbd: Print version string in the daemon startup
      adds  a0cfc38   tools/ctdb: Fix racy ipreallocate code
      adds  0c9d72e   locking: Add newline to debug logs
      adds  4581582   locking: Refactor code to iterate over databases based on priority
      adds  bd6ad3f   locking: Add handler function for locking a database
      adds  403b1ea   locking: Use database iterator for locking databases
      adds  b96388f   locking: Add handler function for unlocking a database
      adds  c5c79d6   locking: Use database iterator for unlocking databases
      adds  ed359bb   locking: Add handler function for marking a database
      adds  a5133d1   locking: Use database iterator for marking databases
      adds  65a9195   locking: Add handler function for unmarking a database
      adds  c9f4589   locking: Use database iterator for unmarking databases
      adds  30aa825   locking: Add a standalone helper to lock record/db
      adds  e30978e   locking: Create commandline arguments for locking helper
      adds  ae25420   locking: Use separate locking helper binary for locking
      adds  90c4fa7   locking: Remove functions that are not used anymore
      adds  1ddc7b0   locking: Remove functions that are not used anymore
      adds  c8d577e   locking: Set lock helper path once
      adds  e6673f2   tests: Fix output of run_tests usage
      adds  03a96f2   logging: Make sure ringbuffer messages are terminated with a newline
      adds  c5bcff6   tools/ctdb: Remove duplicate command definition for "sync"
      adds  63577c9   ctdbd: Replace ctdb->done_startup with ctdb->runstate
      adds  0e678a7   ctdbd: Only start recovery daemon and timed events after setup event
      adds  147f6bb   ctdbd: Start logging process earlier
      adds  77671b9   ctdbd: New control CTDB_CONTROL_GET_RUNSTATE
      adds  87eb701   tools/ctdb: New command runstate to print current runstate
      adds  b5ebff6   tools/ctdb: "ctdb runstate" now accepts optional expected run state arguments
      adds  6d9667f   ctdbd: Add new runstate CTDB_RUNSTATE_FIRST_RECOVERY
      adds  a989a29   eventscripts: 11.natgw should not call ctdb tool in "init" event
      adds  94b0e8d   ctdbd: When the "setup" event fails log an error and exit, don't abort
      adds  1a181a4   recoverd: Use talloc_array_length() for simpler code
      adds  e78b064   recoverd: Whitespace improvements
      adds  140f0cf   ctdbd: Update the get_tunable code to return -EINVAL for unknown tunable
      adds  28d6085   client: async_callback() sets result to -ETIME if a control times out
      adds  116f62a   recoverd: Set explicit default value when getting tunable from nodes
      adds  7f03618   recoverd: Handle errors carefully when fetching tunables
      adds  f35e9bb   recoverd: Nodes can only takeover IPs if they are in runstate RUNNING
      adds  c5bb401   tests/takeover: New tests to check runstate handling
      adds  a0b2077   ctdbd: update comment describing ctdb_call_send_redirect()
      adds  3f03a3c   ctdbd: remove a nonempty blank line
      adds  d1dd291   ctdbd: fix comment explaining redirection of CTDB_REQ_CALL redirection.
      adds  a002c6e   vacuum: Reduce the priority of non-critical error
      adds  b22dea5   tests/takeover: Allow takeover runs with differing IP allocations per node
      adds  5009d1a   tests/takeover: LCP2 tests for weird, unbalanced corner-cases
      adds  a87ebb6   tests/takeover: Takeover tests can use up to 1024 and checks limits
      adds  2b971a2   tests/takeover: New test with 900 IPs
      adds  50bae99   pmda: handle new ctdb_statistics format
      adds  17d7288   tests: Fix integration tests to use real private IPs
      adds  66019e3   scripts: Provide mktemp function for platforms without mktemp command
      adds  1ab2bbb   recoverd: Backward compatibility for nodes without IPREALLOCATED control
      adds  1eab9c8   eventscripts: Stop NAT gateway's delete_all() from polluting the log
      adds  2d3d5c1   packaging: makerpms.sh can take multiple arguments for rpmbuild
      adds  982ea33   build: Fix install paths for pcp pmda
      adds  4a1eed5   build: Separate autoconf macros for pmda
      adds  7adf52e   packaging: Create separate package for pcp pmda
      adds  7dca442   tests/scripts: Delete unused $rows and $ww variables from run_tests
      adds  529db4d   tests/integration: Improve debug output for unhealthy cluster after restart
      adds  2e515f2   eventscripts: Fix statd-callout update handling
      adds  e6208ea   util: Do not stop build if backtracing is not supported
      adds  6635092   libctdb: Do not include sys/time.h to support build on AIX
      adds  4069ccf   tests: Include system/time.h to support building on AIX
      adds  0add37a   tests: Do not use err() to support AIX
      adds  93ac364   build: Support for building on AIX xlc compiler
      adds  7c5252e   build: Use REPLACE_OBJ and CTDB_EXTERNAL_OBJ to simplify build rules
      adds  55d2772   git: Ignore ctdb_version.h file
      adds  09679d4   git: Ignore generated ctdb.spec file
      adds  1403363   ctdbd: Log node state transitions at higher debug level
      adds  803416d   talloc: Sync to talloc 2.0.8 from upstream
      adds  fe1fc55   tdb: Sync to tdb 1.2.11 from upstream
      adds  4c1dc87   replace: Sync to latest replace from upstream
      adds  2afa275   tevent: Sync to tevent 0.9.18 from upstream
      adds  8f2806f   build: Fix extra whitespaces
      adds  896c5d5   doc: Add release notes for 2.2
      adds  7513f0b   recoverd: Log node that causes takoever run to fail
      adds  f408cae   eventscripts: Add new option $CTDB_MONITOR_NFS_THREAD_COUNT
      adds  45878d4   eventscripts: New configuration varable $CTDB_NFS_DUMP_STUCK_THREADS
      adds  02dd1bf   tests/eventscripts: Add unit tests for $CTDB_MONITOR_NFS_THREAD_COUNT
      adds  d82c0ef   tests/eventscripts: Fix -X tracing in iterate_test()
      adds  27ba5b4   tests/eventscripts: Unit tests for $CTDB_NFS_DUMP_STUCK_THREADS
      adds  d0c858f   ctdbd: Make sure we don't kill init process by mistake
      adds  ecaf710   libctdb: Include config.h in libctdb/ctdb.c
      adds  d82b9ae   build: Fix tdb.h path to enable building with system TDB library
      adds  4a9ed31   build: Enable VERBOSE option to display build command line
      adds  585a271   packaging: Update the minimum required library versions
      adds  a4f4e39   tools/ctdb: Do not exit prematurely on control timeout if retrying in a loop
      adds  26d0746   ctdbd: "init" event should run earlier in daemon initialisation
      adds  a1eb516   scripts: drop_all_public_ips() now prints messages to stdout, not log
      adds  bee02e0   scripts: drop_ip() should use delete_ip_from_iface()
      adds  9614681   scripts: Move dropping of all IPs from initscript to "init" event
      adds  6317285   scripts: Move TDB checking from initscript to "init" event
      adds  58d499d   logging: Notify parent when logging daemon is up
      adds  2ceed3b   tests/eventscripts: setup_ctdb() should always set $CTDB_PUBLIC_ADDRESSES
      adds  4eed91b   eventscripts: 13.per_ip_routing should not try hard to find public_addresses
      adds  3b2f733   tests/eventscripts: New tests for 00.ctdb "init" event
      adds  01d8798   eventscripts: "setup" event doesn't need to wait for SETUP runstate
      adds  6a52a87   ctdbd: Refactor shutdown sequence
      adds  44e885e   ctdbd: Fix panic on overlapping shutdowns
      adds  0a80d65   tests: Integration test infrastructure should do only a single recovery
      adds  16d374f   tests: Integration tests use "ctdb nodestatus" for healthy cluster check
      adds  51150c7   doc: Update NEWS
      adds  017b966   doc: Add nodestatus command to the ctdb manpage
      adds  ed45a2e   doc: Update notification script section in ctdbd manpage
      adds  3566479   doc: Fix documentation for NoIPTakeover in ctdbd manpage
      adds  55de6c5   doc: Fix ctdb ping entry in manpage
      adds  f9191c0   client: Exit with non-zero status when unix socket is closed
      adds  442953c   tools/ctdb: Add "force" option to "recover" command
      adds  6960bf7   recoverd: When updating flags on nodes, send updated flags and not old flags
      adds  d439aa0   recoverd: Print banning message only after verifying pnn
      adds  6fe0089   freeze: Log message from ctdb_start_freeze() and ctdb_control_freeze()
      adds  cf17247   freeze: If priority is invalid here, it's time to abort
      adds  622ccd0   freeze: Make ctdb_start_freeze() a void function
      adds  ea00a5e   banning: Log ban state changes for other nodes at higher debug level
      adds  36d8d25   recovered: Remove old comment as the code corresponding to that has gone away
      adds  3052006   recoverd: Set node_flags information as soon as we get nodemap
      adds  cf1d4bf   recoverd: Also check if current node is in recovery when it is banned
      adds  c6914e3   banning: Make ctdb_local_node_got_banned() a void function
      adds  9a944d7   banning: No need to check if banned pnn is for local node
      adds  5deebd3   banning: Do not come out of ban if databases are not frozen
      adds  7b761c4   recoverd: Do not set banning credits on a node if current node is inactive
      adds  870409e   recoverd: Always do an early exit from main_loop if node is stopped or banned
      adds  73e6cc7   recoverd: No need to check if node is recovery master when inactive
      adds  d2411e7   recoverd: Update capabilities only if the current node is active
      adds  32f9d7c   recoverd: Delay the initial election if node is started in stopped state
      adds  c22de8d   recoverd: Move code to ban other nodes after we get local node flags
      adds  b29b6ae   recoverd: Refactor code to ban misbehaving nodes
      adds  aa79a65   recoverd: Don't continue if the current node gets banned
      adds  26365f2   recoverd: eliminate some trailing spaces from ctdb_election_win()
      adds  159b9a2   recoverd: fix a comment in main_loop
      adds  082da53   recoverd: fix a comment typo
      adds  3c65197   recoverd: when the recmaster is banned, use that information when forcing an election
      adds  29adaae   doc: The second half of monitoring is only for recovery master
      adds  c944a58   ctdbd: Don't ban self if init or shutdown event fails
      adds  0c5d2fb   doc: Add banning bug fixes to NEWS
      adds  ab68cf3   doc: Add a disclaimer for the EnableBans tunable
      adds  dfa8451   packaging: Remove ctdb_transaction from docdir
      adds  4a7f01f   packaging: Install docs using %doc directive
      adds  71930e1   packaging: Install README.notify.d using %doc directive
      adds  ae03a5e   packaging: Do not mark /etc/ctdb/functions as configuration file
      adds  b169182   packaging: Allow building RPMs with system tdb/talloc/tevent
      adds  a11e8ab   packaging: Enable compiler optimizations
      adds  f032c60   recoverd: Send the result from child process only once
      adds  6391f61   build: Fix compiler warnings for uninitialized variables
      adds  cc3ffdb   tests: If connection to ctdb daemon fails, exit
      adds  cc6772c   ping_pong: Validate num_locks argument > 0
      adds  793233f   ctdbd: Log warnings in release IP when unexpected interface is encountered
      adds  26b1611   ctdbd: Release IP callback should fail if the IP is still hosted
      adds  4e07c6c   eventscripts: When replaying monitor status, don't log empty output
      adds  dbd1759   util: New function ctdb_die()
      adds  c327c91   ctdbd: Avoid a core dump when "init" event fails
      adds  9c8cc86   ctdbd: Use ctdb_die() on "setup" event failure
      adds  bfe0b93   recoverd: Fix an incorrect comment
      adds  15115be   recoverd: Fix an unclear log message - "Restart recovery process"
      adds  7290798   recoverd: Clean up log messages in remote IP verification
      adds  0108e8f   recoverd: Minor style improvements for ctdb_reload_remote_public_ips()
      adds  dcdae86   ctdbd: Log something when releasing all IPs
      adds  c3e83d4   eventscripts: Drop RPC service version from nfs_check_rpc_service() calls
      adds  7f6169b   eventscript: Move Ganesha nfsd monitoring to a function
      adds  d6d1fb1   eventscripts: New configuration variable $CTDB_SKIP_GANESHA_NFSD_CHECK
      adds  f92e49f   tests/eventscripts: Add some rudimentary tests for 60.ganesha
      adds  bcb64aa   recoverd: Fix buffer overflow error in reloadips
      adds  c0798df   ctdbd: Update debug messages for setting readonly property on database
      adds  d36aa92   ctdbd: Remove incomplete ctdb_db_statistics_wire structure
      adds  81e6d60   tools/ctdb: Fix the format of DB statistics output
      adds  1afb7fc   locking: Update locks latency in CTDB statistics only for RECORD or DB locks
      adds  9ae379c   locking: Update locking bucket intervals
      adds  c620457   locking: Use external script to debug locking issues
      adds  f46d0e7   scripts: Add an example debug_locks.sh script to debug locking issue
      adds  ae0afad   initscript: Export CTDB_DEBUG_LOCKS variable
      adds  d46c24f   ctdbd: No need for DeadlockTimeout tunable
      adds  3dcdd39   packaging: When building with system libraries, add dependency for them
      adds  557b92f   traverse: Pass reqid and srcnode information to local database traverse
      adds  bf3dd94   traverse: Send records directly from traverse child to srcnode
      adds  4357aeb   traverse: Remove unused start_time field
      adds  500b26e   common/system: Add ctdb_set_process_name() function
      adds  1c21f37   ctdbd: Set process names for child processes
      adds  14c49ea   ctdbd: Print tdb flags when logging attached to database message
      adds  a86f1f1   recoverd: Recovery daemon should use ctdb_get_pnn, which can't fail
      adds  adbee6a   initscript: Simpify initscript and control CTDB via new ctdbd_wrapper
      adds  4349cb9   build: Remove -DTEVENT_DEPRECATED_QUIET=1 from CFLAGS
      adds  af0f11a   build: Turn off all deprecation warnings
      adds  e4d99cc   packaging: Add systemd support
      adds  94b8e39   doc: Update NEWS
      adds  f6f2cad   Tests: Correct the arguments to memset
      adds  a40b9f2   web: Update webpages
      adds  d039f79   Check return value of tdb_delete()
      adds  157f1cf   Fixes for various issues found by Coverity
      adds  1f96f42   Fix memory leak in ctdb_send_message()
      adds  3dc280f   IPv6 neighbor solicit cleanup
      adds  67f8a0e   Print deleted nodes as well
      adds  2b8913f   doc: Update NEWS
      adds  ca13f28   recoverd: Really fix bogus info in message about changed flags
      adds  27c2c61   Update Nagios check to work with ctdb versions past 30 Aug 2011
      adds  7610b6c   scripts: ctdbd_wrapper logs a message to syslog if syslog is not being used
      adds  bf2b388   packaging: No need to check for existence of scripts, they always do
      adds  5f0b19c   packaging: Bundle debug_locks.sh script in RPM
      adds  a3bef91   ctdbd: Allow extra recovery to repair persistent DBs during first recovery
      adds  4b5c9c7   eventscripts: Get list of configured interfaces using "ctdb ifaces"
      adds  1da757d   eventscripts: A missing interface should cause monitoring to fail
      adds  363315a   tests/eventscripts: Add tests for monitoring of missing interfaces
      adds  84f5528   ctdbd: Exit if something is already listening on CTDB socket
      adds  88ba32b   ctdbd: Sleep at exit to allow time for log messages to flush
      adds  417ee2f   tests/simple: Add -p in onnode test to help show groups of connections
      adds  1584f29   tests: Fix exit status of run_tests when a single test is run with -H
      adds  6882625c  tests/complex: Fix NFS tests to work with root_squash
      adds  6cbcc4a   ctdbd: Pass event name to hung script debugger
      adds  67b22b6   scripts: Run scriptstatus for hung event
      adds  f46ab59   recoverd: Call takeover fail callback only once per node
      adds  34d5504   tests: Always tally the number of passed/failed tests
      adds  200c28f   tools/ctdb: Allow killtcp to read connections from standard input
      adds  a8dd716   eventscripts: kill_tcp_connections() should send connections to stdin
      adds  a5cb72c   ctdbd: Kill client process without checking for tracked child
      adds  3c73949   initscript: The wrapper script should export CTDB_SOCKET
      adds  e14fa50   doc: Update XML files to use standard DocBook DTD
      adds  8542162   Revert "ctdbd: Remove incomplete ctdb_db_statistics_wire structure"
      adds  d8fc367   ctdbd: Remove incomplete ctdb_db_statistics_wire structure
      adds  054d872   ctdbd: Fix updating of hot keys in database statistics
      adds  0993387   ctdbd: Don't consider a hot record if the hopcount is zero
      adds  16b519c   tools/ctdb: Only print the hot records with non-zero hopcount
      adds  f1f787c   recoverd: Assemble up-to-date node flags information from remote nodes
      adds  5ba280d   recoverd: Make sure to use jenkins hash for recovery databases
      adds  e44c38d   client: Always use jenkins hash when attaching volatile databases
      adds  f15e1a2   recoverd: Use correct tdb flags when creating missing databases
      adds  1d9d1d8   tests: Add a test program to hold a lock on a database
      adds  b77fec9   ctdbd: Print set db sticky message after it's set
      adds  9ba793a   locking: Move function find_lock_context() before ctdb_lock_schedule()
      adds  477a51a   locking: Do not create multiple lock processes for the same key
      adds  f5ddb49   eventscripts: Use configured RECLOCK file instead of asking CTDB
      adds  a030b93   eventscript: Wait for debug hung script to finish or timeout before continuing
      adds  ded2f28   ctdbd: Avoid leaking file descriptor if talloc fails
      adds  98163e0   scripts: Do not run ctdb tool commands when debugging hung "init" event
      adds  d42cea6   ctdbd: Improve high hopcount log messages when request is redirected
      adds  a98baa5   ctdbd: When a record is made sticky, log only once
      adds  6f90906   packaging: Allow setting custom release number in RPM spec file
      adds  d349b56   common/io: Keep queue buffer size multiple of 4K
      adds  de6b97c   Revert "recoverd: Use correct tdb flags when creating missing databases"
      adds  8f1e94d   recoverd: Use TDB_INCOMPATIBLE_HASH when creating volatile databases
      adds  0997b0c   tests/simple: Fix the missing IP test
      adds  d63cf0e   tests/simple: Unreachable node test should wait for recovery to complete
      adds  5459cdc   eventscripts: When restarting the nfslock service only show output of start
      adds  df539a6   eventscripts: Remove support for RPC service 'q' and 's' restart flags
      adds  2afb563   tests/eventscripts: Override background_with_logging(), just prepend "&"
      adds  bdbe37b   eventscripts: Separate out RPC service restart code
      adds  0ca0465   eventscripts: Add modulo (%) operator to ctdb_check_counter()
      adds  b1f7337   eventscripts: New configuration variable $CTDB_RPCINFO_LOCALHOST
      adds  35d9631   eventscripts: Print a message when waiting for TCP connections to be killed
      adds  e6ce2f5   eventscripts: Improve message logged when a counter hits a limit
      adds  4cb3e2c   tools/ctdb: Increase default control timeout to 10 seconds
      adds  fec6903   eventscripts: Become unhealthy faster on nfsd failure
      adds  f9be480   db_wrap: Make sure tdb messages are logged correctly
      adds  ee8d573   vacuuming: Fix vacuuming bug where requests keep bouncing between nodes (part 1)
      adds  ae30b61   vacuuming: Fix vacuuming bug where requests keep bouncing between nodes (part 2)
      adds  3c0a477   common: Null terminate process name string so valgrind doesn't complain
      adds  cb8310d   recoverd: Improve log message when nodes disagree on recmaster
      adds  922246d   server: fix wording and punctuation in comment block for ctdb_reply_dmaster().
      adds  621bfe8   server: standardize formatting of comment block for ctdb_reply_dmaster() while I'm at it..
      adds  aa1360a   util: In passing the code, fix a space vs. tab in set_close_on_exec().
      adds  db121b4   tools/ctdb: Use ctdb_get_pnn() to get PNN of the current node
      adds  f72f4c3   tools/ctdb: Factor, simplify and improve robustness of ipreallocate code
      adds  b42b0e4   tools/ctdb: Factor out common pattern used in disable/enable/stop/continue
      adds  b74c232   tools/ctdb: Reimplement ban/unban using update_flags_wait_and_ipreallocate()
      adds  73da6c0   tools/ctdb: Fix message in showban when node is banned
      adds  27fd34e   ctdbd: For volatile databases, write an empty record with rsn=0 only on dmaster
      adds  59dae19   ctdbd: Print a log message when a key becomes hot
      adds  1467b66   Revert "LACOUNT:  Add back lacount mechanism to defer migrating a fetched/read copy until after default of 20 consecutive requests from the same node"
      adds  cfb7f74   Revert "common/io: Keep queue buffer size multiple of 4K"
      adds  a61a4b1   common/io: Limit the queue buffer size for fair scheduling via tevent
      adds  19444f7   ctdbd: Make sure call data is freed if doing an early return
      adds  e850a6d   ctdbd: Finish eventscript callback processing before debugging hung script
      adds  58e96eb   traverse: Log when database traverse is started
      adds  e657f75   recoverd: Log more information when interfaces change
      adds  1ae7311   recoverd: Move struct ctdb_public_ip_list back into ctdb_takeover.c
      adds  3afcc53   recoverd: Remove an unused temporary talloc context
      adds  3402ae9   tools/ctdb: Improve auto-all settings for some commands
      adds  fd79a86   tools/ctdb: Remove more non-essential fetching of PNN from daemon
      adds  d1918ba   tools/ctdb: Make most non-auto-all commands abort if run with -n all
      adds  bb974f1   scripts: Remove gdb_backtrace
      adds  cc74417   eventscripts: Avoid using a temporary file in 62.cnfs
      adds  6c468c9   tools/ctdb_diagnostics: Safer temporary file creation
      adds  a04fb43   tools/ctdb_diagnostics: Add output of "ctdb getdbmap"
      adds  aecd66d   packaging: Remove pushd/popd from maketarball.sh, don't need bash
      adds  1c3f4f5   tests/simple: Minimise the chance of a monitor event being cancelled
      adds  7531b95   build: Fix build dependencies for ctdb_lock_tdb
      adds  128e2cb   doc: Update NEWS
      adds  18f17aa   server: standardize formatting of comment block for ctdb_reply_dmaster() while I'm at it..
      adds  b88bf12   eventscripts: Clean up monitoring of system memory in 00.ctdb
      adds  e003699   tests/eventscripts: Tests for memory checking in 00.ctdb
      adds  2d31ec2   tools/ctdb: Fix a memory leak in parse_nodestring()
      adds  c870f01   tools/ctdb: list_of_active_nodes_except_pnn() -> list_of_nodes()
      adds  fe7f665   client: Remove unused function list_of_active_nodes_except_pnn()
      adds  4e62553   recoverd: Update a comment to use current terminology
      adds  8d11da3   recoverd: Remove an orphaned comment
      adds  d30e269   common: Make parse_ip() valgrind-clean
      adds  6301964   recoverd: Banned nodes should not be told to run "ipreallocated" event
      adds  30a50c6   recoverd: Stabilise the recovery master role
      adds  e167e2e   recoverd: New function do_takeover_run()
      adds  701c450   recoverd: Fail takeover run if "ipreallocated" fails
      adds  a1f915f   recoverd: takeover_fail_callback() doesn't need to set rec->need_takeover_run
      adds  bbbb55e   recoverd: do_takeover_run() should mark when a takeover run is in progress
      adds  c503997   recoverd: Move disabling of IP checks into do_takeover_run()
      adds  4c3f8dc   recoverd: Make the SRVID request structure generic
      adds  0ba7e2c   recoverd: Factor out the SRVID handling code
      adds  8a6979d   tools/ctdb: Change ipreallocate() to use a local done flag
      adds  51db813   tools/ctdb: Factor out SRVID broadcast code from ipreallocate()
      adds  e79b750   tools/ctdb: Add a wait_for_all option to srvid_broadcast()
      adds  5f0913d   recoverd: New SRVID message CTDB_SRVID_DISABLE_TAKEOVER_RUNS
      adds  2f472b4   recoverd: Reimplement CTDB_SRVID_DISABLE_IP_CHECK
      adds  e7cc998   recoverd: Defer ipreallocated requests when takeover runs are disabled
      adds  6f1935e   tools/ctdb: Reimplement reloadips
      adds  1793412   recoverd: Remove unused CTDB_SRVID_RELOAD_ALL_IPS and handler
      adds  b33ee7a   recoverd: Fix the implementation of CTDB_SRVID_REBALANCE_NODE
      adds  950e23f   ctdbd: Make ctdb_reloadips_child send controls asynchronously
      adds  4fb0d4a   recoverd: reloadips should rebalance target nodes for new IPs
      adds  566d66e   recoverd: Be careful about freeing the list of IP rebalance target nodes
      adds  44b7397   tests/simple: Fix the reloadips test to cope with changes to reloadips
      adds  c484361   tools/ctdb: Make rebalancenode more robust
      adds  5f0d85d   tools/ctdb: Fix arguments/semantics of rebalance node
      adds  236b252   tools/ctdb: Use the standard long timeout when disabling takeover runs
      adds  07d3a1b   recoverd: Improve logging for takeover runs
      adds  430ae84   recoverd: Disable takeover runs on other nodes for 5 minutes
      adds  4c4bfcb   eventscripts: Load CTDB configuration settings in 70.iscsi
      adds  058037d   tools/ctdb: Ban time of 0 is invalid
      adds  5b2c8ba   tools/ctdb: Fix help messages for ctdb commands
      adds  066b671   utils: Make debug level strings case-insensitive
      adds  5818771   scripts: Add support for optional ctdbd.conf configuration file
      adds  613313f   tool/ltdbtool: -h option does not require an argument
      adds  76d9d2e   traverse: Log information when traverse starts and ends
      adds  c4f49a5   traverse: Check if local traverse failed or succeeded
      adds  1740cbb   traverse: Use ctdb local variable for convenience
      adds  f1f1788   traverse: Wait till all data has been flushed from output queue
      adds  a2d6bbe   traverse: Send traverse end record from traverse child process
      adds  e4ed152   tests: Add a simple test to test cluster wide database traverse
      adds  d3783ae   tools/ctdb: Remove un-implemented ctdb vacuum command
      adds  f165ed1   tools/ctdb: When printing TDB data as a string, use correct length of the string
      adds  2814c9a   tests: Remove unused test program ctdb_fetch_lock_once
      adds  151bb4b   client: Remove extra whitespaces
      adds  105afa5   client: Add ctdb_client_check_message_handlers() function
      adds  5d47f28   client: Add ctdb_ctrl_getdbstatistics() function
      adds  4ca9b96   client: Add ctdb_ctrl_getdbseqnum() function
      adds  03379e3   tools/ctdb: Do not use libctdb for commandline tool
      adds  d4643ab   tests: Do not use libctdb code in tests
      adds  2b68d14   tools/ctdb: Pass memory context for returning nodes in parse_nodestring
      adds  7a8337a   libctdb: Remove incomplete libctdb
      adds  e229ff6   common: Fix setting of debug level in the client code
      adds  b527236   client: Fix some format string compiler warnings
      adds  7a3e2f1   tools/ctdb: Stop return value from being clobbered in control_lvsmaster()
      adds  a6992b7   tests/tool: Fix some comment typos
      adds  f3b1790   tests/tool: Rework test programs so they no longer expect libctdb
      adds  24fb430   tests/tool: Remove references in libctdb in file and function names
      adds  fe62936   include: Remove unused set_dmaster structure
      adds  1ff9645   ctdbd: Create a utility function to log error for "not implemented" controls
      adds  91d6443   ctdbd: Deprecate TRANS2 commit controls
      adds  be33efa   ctdbd: Remove transaction code related to TRANS2 commits
      adds  0205d52   client: Add functions to handle server_id structure
      adds  1203e82   client: Add functions to parse g_lock.tdb records
      adds  c5ec04f   client: Reimplement persistent transaction code using TRANS3_COMMIT
      adds  d0f9992   client: Remove old persistent transaction code
      adds  524696f   tests: No need to set sequence number when modifying persistent database
      adds  c4a80c7   tools/ctdb: Remove setdbseqnum command
      adds  dae9e86   tests: Re-enable transaction test code
      adds  30f422b   tests: Make sure test exits with zero status on successful completion
      adds  ec7c995   tests: If transaction_start fails, try again
      adds  4812291   recoverd: Fix the VNN lmaster consistency check
      adds  9256010   tests/integration: Tweak ctdbd startup options
      adds  ace6c1e   eventscripts: Fix comment - CTDB_TCP_PORT_CHECKS -> CTDB_TCP_PORT_CHECKERS
      adds  5e0eb7b   tests: When running local tests with run_tests.sh, use fixed TEST_VAR_DIR
      adds  63c534b   git: Ignore generated documentation files
      adds  a42b6e1   common/util: Use AIX specific code for setting high priority for CTDB daemon
      adds  e63232e   recoverd: Ignore failed flag updates on inactive nodes
      adds  19a911b   client: Fix a format string argument compiler warning
      adds  a93361f   Revert "null out the pointer before we reload the nodes file"
      adds  fbd2617   recoverd: Remove function reload_nodes_file()
      adds  04f67b1   eventscripts: Deprecate NFS_SERVER_MODE, use CTDB_NFS_SERVER_MODE instead
      adds  1043b53   scripts: Remove unused configuration variable CTDB_MANAGES_SCP
      adds  4526fdb   scripts: Remove support for CTDB_OPTIONS configuration variable
      adds  cd40417   scripts: Simplify script_log() to just look at CTDB_SYSLOG variable
      adds  1e4c965   eventscripts: NAT gateway script should export CTDB_NATGW_NODES
      adds  1ede209   eventscripts: Clean up 20.multipathd
      adds  05f5fe9   tests/eventscripts: New tests for 20.multipathd
      adds  5d65335   tests/eventscripts: Run scripts under sh by default
      adds  d02a645   scripts: Remove setting of PATH from functions file
      adds  0e9c939   eventscripts: Remove TCP port checks other than the built-in CTDB one
      adds  49d0153   eventscripts: Fold ctdb_check_tcp_ports_ctdb() into ctdb_check_tcp_ports()
      adds  a45aae4   eventscripts: Remove reconfigure code from httpd eventscript
      adds  cf04ff1   eventscripts: Remove reconfigure check from samba and winbind eventscripts
      adds  2e819aa   eventscripts: Clean up comment at the top of 00.ctdb
      adds  5369f71   eventscripts: Delete placeholder "recovered" and "shutdown" events
      adds  3132550   eventscripts: NAT gateway script doesn't need to handle "recovered" event
      adds  04c31bf   eventscripts: Don't update static routes on "recovered" event
      adds  0b69785   eventscripts: Rework the iSCSI eventscript
      adds  37aea37   scripts: Make detect_init_style() more readable
      adds  4fbf3e5   initscript: New configuration variable CTDB_DBDIR_STATE
      adds  82e5eff   ctdbd: Fix some errors in the popt configuration
      adds  b331fab   tests/integration: Pass --valgrinding option when running under valgrind
      adds  7c90395   ctdbd: Don't check CTDB_BASE before setting it, just don't override
      adds  27a6343   tools/ctdb: CTDB_BASE is the default location of configuration files
      adds  f9ce563   ctdbd: Add nodes_file member to struct ctdb_context
      adds  4adc8f4   ctdbd: Default for event_script_dir should use CTDB_BASE
      adds  463a091   ctdbd: Debug locks by default with override from enviroment variable
      adds  e782b61   ctdbd: Pass the public address file location in ctdb context
      adds  49fcfd2   ctdb_client.h: fix build on AIX by removing C++-style comments
      adds  17f8295   eventscripts: Instead of listing all tunables, query EventScriptTimeout
      adds  0e80ca2   Add missing events.d/99.timeout
      adds  6a03128   Improved check_ctdb
      adds  cdf507c   Add missing $remote_fs LSB dependency
      adds  c330df8   doc/examples: Add CTDB configuration examples
      adds  c393c80   tcp: Create socket lock in /var/run/ctdb instead of /tmp
      adds  c07e383   common: New function mkdir_p()
      adds  bd73e01   common: New function ctdb_mkdir_p_or_die()
      adds  a604c3d   ctdbd: Remove duplicate database directory setting logic
      adds  b595712   ctdbd: Simplify database directory setting logic
      adds  4432aef   packaging: Move ctdb/ directory from /var to /var/lib
      adds  7eb680a   build: Move the default CTDB socket from /tmp to /var/run/ctdb
      adds  ab1b91c   initscript: Update systemd configuration to put PID file in /run/ctdb
      adds  a5c4794   packaging: Create runtime directories for CTDB
      adds  fc7f335   daemon: Change the default recovery method for persistent databases
      adds  e8de58a   tools/onnode: Fix healthy/ok node handling
      adds  f88cf2d   Revert "recoverd: Disable takeover runs on other nodes for 5 minutes"
      adds  d9e2411   tools/ctdb: Fix documentation string for ban command
      adds  edda442   eventscripts: Rewrite the smb.conf cache file handling
      adds  1c4605c   tests/complex: Remove CTDB_SAMBA_SKIP_SHARE_CHECK test
      adds  a41df34   tests/complex: Remove CTDB_NFS_SKIP_SHARE_CHECK test
      adds  45b44a7   ctdbd: When a node is connected, log at DEBUG NOTICE not DEBUG_INFO
      adds  5f80f42   Revert "if a new node enters the cluster, that node will already be frozen at start"
      adds  6b42805   recoverd: Improve an error message in the election code
      adds  62076d3   recoverd: Rebalancing should be done regardless tunable
      adds  41d3705   tunables: Remove obsolete tunables
      adds  6315432   doc: Major updates to manual pages
      adds  f7ccbf5   web: Add links to new manpages
      adds  a3e9fb9   doc: Update NEWS
      adds  ab59087   eventscript: Fix link creation failure if the link already exist but the target path is missing
      adds  537d4ab   client: Make g_lock_lock() wait till lock is obtained
      adds  e3e6c85   Revert "tests: If transaction_start fails, try again"
      adds  25f3c8b   tests: Fix calling of ctdb tool from test
      adds  f087a8e   Merge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
      adds  1da294a   autobuild: add a "ctdb" target
      adds  c4214a7   autobuild: extend samba-ctdb target to build ctdb, too
      adds  06be596   random-sleep: add possiblity to override via environment variable
      adds  944e9fb   s3-winbindd: Fix #10264, cache_traverse_validate_fn failure for NDR cache entries.
      adds  72b240f   autorid: Correctly init range_index for "delete range"
      adds  671a2fa   docs: Fix typo in "max open files" description
      adds  0d5f217   heimdal: Fix CID 745516 Use after free
      adds  7d8e22c   s3-smbd: smbclient shows no error if deleting a directory with del failed
      adds  fc611dd   s3-lib: smbclient shows no error if deleting a directory with del failed
      adds  4ee4a7e   s3-client: smbclient shows no error if deleting a directory with del failed
      adds  af69cb2   util: Remove 32bit macros breaking strict aliasing.
      adds  fca52bd   docs: remove ATM Machine terminology from smbcacls man page
      adds  f77195a   winbind: Make centry_start static
      adds  f8ab594   s3-libsmb: Use the right macro to set uint16_t attr.
      adds  69b3a0c   testsuit: Fix fprintf format.
      adds  4c98b9c   s3-utils: Fix scanf format in smbacls.
      adds  278899f   s3-utils: Fix scanf format in sharesec.
      adds  1214e33   s3-libsmb: Fix scanf format in parse_ace().
      adds  f71b5e4   examples: Fix scanf format in perf_writer_disk.
      adds  9e7e83e   s3-vfs: Remove unused variable in vfs_glusterfs.
      adds  4deb00a   s3-vfs: Make glfs_set_preopened() static.
      adds  d02d702   s3-libnet: Use a const char for realm.
      adds  c0d897e   Release ntdb 1.0.
      adds  7e01e4b   script: prepare librelease.sh for ntdb releases
      adds  24d025f   spoolss: return the spoolss job ID in notifications
      adds  b7da5a5   printing: always store sytem job-ID in queue state
      adds  2bb0954   torture3: Use tevent_req_nterror properly
      adds  16a873b   docs: remove duplicate word "the" in idmap_ad manpage.
      adds  f17f61a   docs: remove duplicate word "name" in nmblookup manpage.
      adds  4112eb0   docs: remove duplicate word "name" in nmblookup4 manpage.
      adds  e320d57   docs: remove duplicate arguments listing in regdiff manpage.
      adds  d33ca79   docs: remove duplicate word "the" in winbindd manpage.
      adds  6a0b75f   docs: remove duplicate mention of "smbtorture" in smbtorture manpage.
      adds  e003650   docs: remove duplicate mention of "ntdbtool" in ntdbtool manpage.
      adds  56cff0b   docs: remove duplicate mention of "smbta-util" in smbta-util manpage.
      adds  a2a7991   docs: remove duplicate word "trust" from net manpage.
      adds  93f32c7   docs: remove duplicate word "the" from net manpage.
      adds  05db55a   docs: mention more options in winbindd manpage.
      adds  b5fa113   docs: mention --no-process-group in winbindd manpage.
      adds  4f790b1   docs: mention --dc-info in wbinfo manpage.
      adds  824c468   docs: mention --krb5ccname option in wbinfo manpage.
      adds  fa47e42   docs: mention logoff options in wbinfo manpage.
      adds  7c4c668   docs: mention --lookup-sids in wbinfo manpage.
      adds  7d41f1c   docs: mention --pam-logon in wbinfo manpage.
      adds  27d49ba   docs: mention --remove-gid-mapping/--remove-uid-mapping in wbinfo manpage.
      adds  80ab6ea   docs: mention --set-gid-mapping/--set-uid-mapping in wbinfo manpage.
      adds  87e6b5b   docs: mention --sequence in wbinfo manpage.
      adds  c55315a   docs: mention --sids-to-unix-ids in wbinfo manpage.
      adds  dac7817   docs: remove unsupported options from nmbd manpage.
      adds  77eae60   docs: mention --daemon in nmbd manpage.
      adds  28758de   docs: mention --foreground in nmbd manpage.
      adds  fd8d8b9   docs: mention --hosts in nmbd manpage.
      adds  ea99d8a   docs: mention --interactive in nmbd manpage.
      adds  a624426   docs: mention --log-stdout in nmbd manpage.
      adds  548d9da   docs: mention --no-process-group in nmbd manpage.
      adds  d6a0771   docs: mention --port in nmbd manpage.
      adds  792ff00   docs: remove unsupported options from smbd manpage.
      adds  ad46b66   docs: mention many more options in smbd options.
      adds  7c473ac   docs: mention --numeric in smbstatus manpage.
      adds  5f606e7   docs: mention -R|--profile-rates in smbstatus manpage.
      adds  9dcbc77   docs: mention -S|--setsddl in sharesec manpage.
      adds  d692389   docs: mention -V|--viewsddl in sharesec manpage.
      adds  ffe94e3   docs: mention -p in dbwrap-tool manpage.
      adds  22fcc53   docs: bring samba entity popt.common.credentials in line with popt_common_credentials.
      adds  7173604   docs: remove now duplicate mention for 4 credential options in samba-regedit manpage.
      adds  8a4d846   docs: add missing &popt.common.samba entity to smbcontrol manpage.
      adds  23516cf   docs: add missing &popt.common.connection entity to smbcacls manpage.
      adds  743e9a8   docs: remove more duplicate options from samba-regedit manpage.
      adds  deacd68   docs: add new popt.autohelp entity.
      adds  c71fd4a   docs: mention --change-sid|--new-sid in profiles manpage.
      adds  ca6776d   docs: use popt.samba.common entity in profiles manpage.
      adds  1e4fb44   docs: use popt.autohelp in smbtree manpage.
      adds  def43ad   docs: mention --update and --encrypt in smbget manpage.
      adds  51fa780   docs: mention more long option names in smbcquotas manpage.
      adds  0a7eff9   docs: mention -B|--browse to smbclient manpage.
      adds  5cab201   docs: better document -e|--encrypt option globally.
      adds  a2899b1   docs: use popt.autohelp and remove duplicate -e option from smbclient manpage.
      adds  26da51a   docs: remove unsupported -h option from smbcacls manpage.
      adds  559073e   docs: use popt.autohelp entity in smbcacls manpage.
      adds  019deb1   docs: remove duplicate -e option from smbcacls manpage.
      adds  c7a4fea   docs: mention --query-security-info|--set-security-info in smbcacls manpage.
      adds  94b26e6   docs: mention --sddl and --domain-sid in smbcacls manpage.
      adds  fb051ee   docs: remove unsupported -h option and use popt.autohelp entity in rpcclient manpage.
      adds  db62a58   docs: document all long option names in nmblookup manpage.
      adds  f9cdbfb   docs: use popt.autohelp entity in dbwrap-tools manpage.
      adds  0674ef7   docs: fix testparm manpage.
      adds  a0d8cb8   docs: use &popt.autohelp entity in pdbedit manpage.
      adds  91d2530   docs: fix smbcontrol manpage.
      adds  177c2c9   docs: fix ntlm_auth manpage.
      adds  b04375e   docs: use popt.autohelp entity in nmbd manpage.
      adds  25eace3   docs: use popt.autohelp entity in winbindd manpage.
      adds  b649d63   docs: use popt.autohelp entity in smbd manpage.
      adds  0815f11   docs: use popt.autohelp entity in samba.8 manpage.
      adds  0b24a42   docs: mention more options in net manpage.
      adds  7c8dcc5   docs: add net rpc vampire specific options in net manpage.
      adds  f1e03c2   docs: add net idmap specific options in net manpage.
      adds  e73493c   docs: add net rpc share migrate specific options in net manpage.
      adds  cb90d1e   docs: add net groupmap set specific options in net manpage.
      adds  5726967   docs: add net rpc registry check specific options in net manpage.
      adds  49ab592   docs: add net registry import specific options in net manpage.
      adds  19d1a7a   docs: document remaining undocumented options in net manpage.
      adds  7a587e7   docs: remove duplicate "a" from vfs_cacheprime manpage.
      adds  b55b563   docs: remove duplicate "the" from smb.conf manpage.
      adds  2557727   docs: remove duplicate "to" from smb.conf manpage.
      adds  ced1210   docs: remove duplicate "not" from smb.conf manpage.
      adds  59a2405   docs: remove duplicate "or" from smb.conf manpage.
      adds  0cf92d4   docs: remove duplicate "on" from smb.conf manpage.
      adds  8d1ff1d   docs: remove duplicate "must" from smb.conf manpage.
      adds  344c59f   docs: remove duplicate "line" from smb.conf manpage.
      adds  c0bdd80   docs: remove duplicate "used" from smb.conf manpage.
      adds  6d1b74f   ctdb-server: Coverity fixes
      adds  c72e745   ctdb-client: Coverity fixes
      adds  7562701   ctdb-common: Coverity fixes
      adds  b8f4887   ctdb-tools/ctdb: Coverity fixes
      adds  12fa8ed   ctdb-tcp: Coverity fixes
      adds  fa99f40   ctdb-tests: Coverity fixes
      adds  ec9f4d5   svcctl: Fix IDL for svcctl_OpenServiceA().
      adds  4503bdf   netapi: Add support for info level 502 in NetShareAdd.
      adds  2d91577   smbd: Fix a talloc hierarchy problem in msg_channel
      adds  956a455   printing: return WERROR from print_access_check
      adds  de42413   messaging: use local talloc ctx instead of talloc_tos
      adds  a299de8   loadparm: use lp_printername ctx param instead of tos
      adds  d9d8b83   printing: fix double space in debug statement
      adds  024e691   printing: use DEBUG instead of sys_adminlog
      adds  c776204   debug: remove unused sys_adminlog
      adds  3f77bf2   testparm: Warnings should not cause failure
      adds  01cae09   handle later iniparser version assigning a zero length string value for 'key='
      adds  c63e148   testparm: don't warn for TCP_NODELAY in socket options.
      adds  3baeca4   docs: Add winbindd to destination parameter in smbcontrol manpage
      adds  979d9db   replace: Fix developer build on BSD.
      adds  b2815b4   spoolss: accept XPS_PASS datatype used by Windows 8
      adds  addabf1   torture: test printing using "XPS_PASS" datatype
      adds  4ea9284   lib/util: use proper include for struct stat
      adds  6366ebb   s3-lib: Add grpname to talloc_sub_specified().
      adds  000172a   s3-winbind: Pass the group name to fillup_pw_field().
      adds  e665fc3   lib/param: Consolidate code to enable smb signing on the server, always enable on AD DC
      adds  4e6934e   Rename the profile enums with a SAMBA_ prefix to avoid conflict with system files.
      adds  a3839de   selftest/s3: expose share with FS applicable config
      adds  452c2ac   selftest/s3: run smb2.ioctl against FS specific share
      adds  7dd05f5   torture: test dir non-inherit in compress_inherit_disable
      adds  2b435ad   torture: attempt to set compression via SetInfo
      adds  d8d5d4c   vfs: add [GET/SET]_COMPRESSION hooks
      adds  4ffc85d   smb2/ioctl: add support for FSCTL_[GET/SET]_COMPRESSION
      adds  3627ed7   vfs_btrfs: add [GET/SET]_COMPRESSION handlers
      adds  b24e42a   vfs_btrfs: fix copy-chunk dest unlock args
      adds  423230f   vfs_btrfs: advertise per-file compression capability
      adds  a18e0e3   smbd: split out dos_mode debug print function
      adds  8bc4e6a   s3-smbd: support FILE_ATTRIBUTE_COMPRESSED
      adds  9a3d4d4   smbd/open: disable compression with FILE_NO_COMPRESSION
      adds  aa197c1   torture: split open from test_setup_create_fill
      adds  cb353a3   torture: test get/set compression ioctl permissions
      adds  80e6ca5   smbd: Factor out get_share_mode_write_time of get_file_infos
      adds  4e344ab   smbd: Point reply_open at the correct stat struct
      adds  a793ac0   smbd: Pull mtime handling into open_file_ntcreate
      adds  6b6920b   smbd: Fix bug 10284
      adds  ebc1579   torture3: Reproducer for bug 10284
      adds  0dc0415   smbd: Remove a "set but unused" variable
      adds  22ee3b4   smbd: Fix a typo
      adds  9393e28   s3:smb2_server: fix drain_socket error handling
      adds  4244a26   s3:smb2_server: for performance reasons we use tevent_fd and readv/writev directly
      adds  acfd4b0   s3:smb2_server: use tevent_req_notify_callback() in smbd_smb2_request_pending_queue()
      adds  9d33a3f   s3:smb2_server: allocate smbd_smb2_request on talloc_tos()
      adds  36efaac   s3:smb2_server: generate a header blob for the sendfile path
      adds  3cc0651   s3:smb2_server: avoid calling set_current_user_info() for each request
      adds  6de10ac   build: check linux/fs.h for compression flags
      adds  780391c   ctdb-tests: Remove -q option to try_command_on_node
      adds  c91394c   ctdb-tests: No need to run onnode in parallel for single node
      adds  296bd44   ctdb-tests: CTDB tool should always be invoked as $CTDB instad of ctdb
      adds  b2b348c   ctdb-tools/ctdb: Fix db commands when dbid is given instead of name
      adds  d261a75   ctdb-build: Update to latest upstream config.guess
      adds  2038d16   ctdb-recoverd: Remove duplicate code to update flags during recovery
      adds  6fbf399   ctdb-recoverd: A node refuses to play against itself
      adds  4ab58a1   ctdb-scripts: debug_locks.sh should use configuration to find TDB location
      adds  028fe93   ctdb-recoverd: Fix backward compatibility for CTDB_SRVID_TAKEOVER_RUN
      adds  3c3e670   ctdb-tests/integration: try_command_on_node() shouldn't lose onnode options
      adds  297a4a6   ctdb-onnode: New -i option to stop stdin from being closed
      adds  e850cdd   ctdb-tools/ctdb: New ptrans command
      adds  6179c3a   ctdb-doc: Update ctdb.1 - primarily to add pdelete/pfetch/pstore/ptrans
      adds  8dc416c   ctdb-client: Treat empty __db_sequence_number__ record as 0
      adds  1dcf01f   ctdb-scripts: Rewrite statd-callout to avoid 10 minute lag
      adds  094f34e   ctdb-locking: Implement active lock requests limit per database
      adds  3879e99   ctdb-locking: Do not merge multiple lock requests to avoid unfair scheduling
      adds  0eeb73c   ctdb-locking: Update current lock statistics when lock is scheduled
      adds  86802b0   ctdb-scripts: Run a single instance of debug_locks.sh at a give time
      adds  d21919c   ctdb-common: Refactor code to keep track of child processes
      adds  4ea721b   ctdb-locking: Use vfork instead of fork to exec helpers
      adds  efc77ba   ctdb-recoverd: For persistent databases a sequence number of 0 is valid
      adds  2b6db90   ctdb-tests/simple: Update persistent DB tests
      adds  c655113   ctdb-tests/simple: User sleep_for() instead of sleep
      adds  14ee822   ctdb-tests/takeover: Fix bogus test description
      adds  d7df548   ctdb-tools/ctdb: Fix tstore command to generate ltdb header internally
      adds  a8f2791   ctdb-tests/integration: Neaten up some of the persistent database tests
      adds  f279a97   ctdb-eventscripts: Remove the nfs_statd_update() call from 60.ganesha
      adds  a6dbe12   ctdb-scripts: Add an early exit to statd-callout's notify case
      adds  44a0466   ctdb-recoverd: Only respond to currently queued ipreallocated requests
      adds  0fe178e   ctdb-tools/ctdb: Improve error checking when parsing node string
      adds  7a17498   ctdb-eventscripts: Perform share check before NFS RPC checks in 60.ganesha
      adds  7f20b76   ctdb-scripts: Set defaults for CTDB_DBDIR and CTDB_DBDIR_PERSISTENT
      adds  b3efb7e   ctdb-scripts: Replace hard-coded /var/ctdb with CTDB_VARDIR
      adds  21ef3b1   ctdb-config: Simplify the default CTDB configuration file
      adds  c18f3ee   ctdb-scripts: Be careful when generating unique pids for stack traces
      adds  2f5d9be   ctdb: Update NEWS
      adds  0ae3d00   ctdb:tests/integration: Be more careful when killing ctdbd
      adds  9755485   ctdb:tests: remove unused setup_nmap_output_filter()
      adds  8ca117a   ctdb:tests: Rework unit test result filtering
      adds  de864b8   ctdb:tests: Add -S option to support socket wrapper
      adds  240f80d   ctdb:tests: New "autotest" Makefile.in target
      adds  eea8780   ctdb:tests: run_tests should ignore bogus test directories
      adds  bfbf62b   ctdb:tests/simple: Nobody looks at /tmp/recloop.out so use /dev/null instead
      adds  91c1053   Add a basic guide on pytalloc.
      adds  09e6a5e   Remove no longer used asn1_deps.pl.
      adds  ac27e88   Remove no longer used et_deps.pl.
      adds  a0eac12   Use heim_octet_string typedef.
      adds  92489bf   Cope with first element in hdb_method having a different name in different heimdal versions.
      adds  609fee6   ctdb:build: Update mkversion.sh to use samba-* tags
      adds  956b4b7   ctdb:tests: remove old now unused script test/recover.sh
      adds  e01a715   ctdb:tests: add path of ip command to extra output in the error case
      adds  90f79bf   ctdb:tests: ignore SIGPIPE in unit tests
      adds  70f469e   ctdb:tests: in the stub ip command, avoid broken pipe by using echo instead of cat
      adds  3e083f9   ctdb:tests:76_ctdb_pdb_recovery: fix a typo in a message
      adds  30dead1   ctdb:tests:76_ctdb_pdb_recovery: fix a typo in a message
      adds  e281cfa   ctdb:tests:76_ctdb_pdb_recovery: change from using ctdb pstore to ctdb ptrans.
      adds  fd5e890   ctdb:test: remove unused ip2ipmask from integration.bash
      adds  85a25ab   autobuild: build the "ctdb" target with socket-wrapper enabled
      adds  e9f4b69   autobuild: Run ctdb regression tests
      adds  e2db9c5   ctdb:tests: in the stub "ip link show" command use echo instead of cat
      adds  13550a2   replace: Don't run over dst in strlcat
      adds  ffae8a1   pam_winbind: Use strlcat in safe_append_string
      adds  fb042b3   replace: fix typo in variable name
      adds  f626839   fail authentication for single group name which cannot be converted to sid
      adds  8e7f8a2   netcmd/dns: Catch wildcard patterns when querying for name
      adds  97dd673   s4-dns: Ignore duplicate dns zones from multiple locations in dlz_bind9
      adds  bdb818d   s4-rpc: dnsserver: Ignore duplicate dns zones from multiple locations
      adds  4b637c3   ldb: use of NULL pointer bugfix
      adds  a8cb1b1   smbd: Avoid calling notify_filter_string for low debuglevels
      adds  90df45a   s3:utils remove orphaned code
      adds  de55856   lib/replace remove orphaned code
      adds  ef0e8cc   ctdb/tests/integration: Update NFS tickles test and supporting code
      adds  28acce2   ctdb/tests/simple: Move the local daemons code to its own file
      adds  a3fd8dd   ctdb/tests/integration: Remove the time logging code
      adds  85a711f   ctdb/tests/integration: Remove some unused functions
      adds  6b15fe2   ctdb/tests/simple: Local daemons version of setup_ctdb() overrides
      adds  f05db5e   ctdb/tests/integration: Update daemons shutdown pseudo-test
      adds  f67a104   ctdb/tests/integration: Decentralise the daemon restart code
      adds  bbd46e8   ctdb/tests/scripts: Sort command-line options
      adds  318f2cf   ctdb/tests/scripts: Simplify the top-level test scripts
      adds  3c81066   ctdb/tests/scripts: Promote scripts/run_tests
      adds  b0bbb59   ctdb:tests: update README
      adds  29b730a   test: add fake_snap.pl for snapshot simulation
      adds  549b70e   torture: enum snapshots after FSRVP creation
      adds  051fb91   messaging3: Do not go through messages.tdb for self-sends
      adds  89013af   idmap_cache: Use an fstring instead of talloc_asprintf
      adds  97e8b56   idmap_cache: Use gencache_parse
      adds  a926d0f   smbd - allow updates on directory write times on open handles.
      adds  48f426b   smbtorture: New torture test for bug #9870.
      adds  c1b7cf5   smbd: Fix a panic when a smb2 brlock times out
      adds  dbb6f07   torture: test duplicate shares in FSRVP shadow-copy set
      adds  5be0995   torture: match Windows responses to bad shadow copy IDs
      adds  9d53d9f   s4-libcli: Add smb2_util_handle_empty().
      adds  13e33ab   s4-torture: Make sure the handles are not used uninitialized.
      adds  ef2cd51   s4-torture: Make sure the handles are initialized correctly.
      adds  09cc58c   s4-torture: Make sure handles are correctly initialized.
      adds  3b3b52c   s4-torture: Fix some compile warnings in spoolss.
      adds  34f4985   s3-torture: Comment out dead code in spoolss test.
      adds  b871c39   s4-torture: Fix out of bound array access.
      adds  4f06c68   s4-torture: Use talloc for asprintf.
      adds  c5e73bc   s3-utils: Fix a memory leak in smbget.
      adds  1d7b909   s3-torture: Fix several memory leaks in delete_fn().
      adds  1439070   s3-torture: Make sure status is used initialized.
      adds  1461d87   s3-libsmb: Fix a memory leak in get_pdc_ip().
      adds  5f92c81   krb5_wrap: Move function declaration outside the function.
      adds  30231b2   s3-torture: Call cli_flush().
      adds  dfef070   s3-aio: Use correct locking context for SMB2
      adds  eadb2a5   s3: Return correct error code from SMB2 AIO read failure
      adds  63727c1   selftest: Introduce share for testing AIO
      adds  d551d52   selftest: Run smb2.lock tests also against AIO share
      adds  8c3bf7b   selftest: Remove samba3.smb2.lock.*.rw-exclusive from flapping file
      adds  28b5b7e   tdb tests: Remove custom code for "tdb2", which has been split out into ntdb.
      adds  4111f31   pyntdb: Don't allow access after a database is closed.
      adds  9a67bfa   pyntdb: Don't segfault when passing in None as filename (for memory db)
      adds  43c0215   pyntdb: Add tests for Python API.
      adds  df9df74   cldap: quieten error when abandon packet is sent
      adds  a46059d   s4:torture:smb2: add new durable-open.reopen1a test
      adds  5173322   s4:torture:smb2: add new durable-v2-open.reopen1a test
      adds  b5b5674   s3:module:shadow_copy2: add my (C)
      adds  bffaf17   s3:modules:shadow_copy2: improve headline comment
      adds  6685e65   s3:modules:shadow_copy2: remove redundant documentation comment block
      adds  f6ac6f2   docs: update the manpage of vfs_shadow_copy2
      adds  966667a   ldb: bad if test in ldb_comparison_fold()
      adds  2eda479   s3:vfs fix a compile warning
      adds  ade52f6   s3:pam_smbpass change includes
      adds  5e2f59d   s3:vfs_btrfs change includes
      adds  100f324   lib/socket_wrapper fix compilation when libreplace is not around
      adds  794db9e   lib/ntdb fix compilation when libreplace is not around
      adds  7be0e91   lib/ntdb correct includes in private header
      adds  0f41792   lib/ntdb optimize includes in ntdb tests
      adds  5390ff5   lib/ntdb optimize includes in ntdb tools
      adds  0e83402   ctdb:build: install the new manpages
      adds  7dbb068   ctdb:packaging:RPM: package the new manpages
      adds  c65ad56   ctdb:packaging:RPM: don't run autogen.
      adds  2fb570a   CVE-2013-4408:librpc: check for invalid frag_len within dcerpc_read_ncacn_packet_done()
      adds  dfd4fc1   CVE-2013-4408:librpc: check for invalid frag_len within dcerpc_read_ncacn_packet_next_vector()
      adds  ecdac51   CVE-2013-4408:s3:rpc_client: check for invalid frag_len in dcerpc_pull_ncacn_packet()
      adds  8b7c862   CVE-2013-4408:s3:rpc_client: verify frag_len at least contains the header size
      adds  db5fff3   CVE-2013-4408:s4:dcerpc: check for invalid frag_len in ncacn_pull()
      adds  3be7907   CVE-2013-4408:s4:dcerpc_smb: check for invalid frag_len in send_read_request_continue()
      adds  77c3518   CVE-2013-4408:s4:dcerpc_smb2: check for invalid frag_len in send_read_request_continue()
      adds  127de4f   CVE-2013-4408:s4:dcerpc_sock: check for invalid frag_len within sock_complete_packet()
      adds  94b2641   CVE-2013-4408:async_sock: add some overflow detection to read_packet_handler()
      adds  6e29389   CVE-2013-4408:s3:util_tsock: add some overflow detection to tstream_read_packet_done()
      adds  821a49b   CVE-2013-4408:libcli/util: add some size verification to tstream_read_pdu_blob_done()
      adds  068dafc   CVE-2013-4408:s3:ctdb_conn: add some length verification to ctdb_packet_more()
      adds  a516ae6   CVE-2013-4408:s3:Ensure we always check call_id when validating an RPC reply.
      adds  b0ba4a5   CVE-2013-4408:s3:Ensure LookupSids replies arrays are range checked.
      adds  0dc6181   CVE-2013-4408:s3:Ensure LookupNames replies arrays are range checked.
      adds  f799f63   CVE-2013-4408:s3:Ensure LookupRids() replies arrays are range checked.
      adds  967f9bd   s3-winbindd: Fix DEBUG statement in winbind_msg_offline().
      adds  5b49fe2   smbd: Fix regression for the dropbox case.
      adds  874318a   smbd: change flag name from UCF_CREATING_FILE to UCF_PREP_CREATEFILE
      adds  f98d10a   smbd: Always use UCF_PREP_CREATEFILE for filename_convert calls to resolve a path for open.
      adds  a24c25b   s3:lib/asys modify included headers
      adds  7393781   s3:winbindd fix use of uninitialized variables
      adds  8eef4ab   s3-lib: Fix %G substitution for domain users in smbd
      adds  c16afdd   docs: Fix typos in vfs_shadow_copy2.8.xml.
      adds  a32366e   selftest/Samba3: export ENVNAME
      adds  db9188f   selftest: setup {NMBD,WINBINDD,SMBD}_VALGRIND
      adds  c140fe0   selftest: set valgrind options
      adds  2846a7d   selftest: use MALLOC_CHECK_=3 to give a diagnostic on failure
      adds  dfff019   selftest: pass -l logdir to daemon processes.
      adds  ae6a13e   s3: use directory_create_or_exist_strict() to create corepath
      adds  5aade72   lib:util: fix a comment typo
      adds  71318d7   shadow_copy2: revert expensive and unnecessary zero-initialization
      adds  27baff0   shadow_copy2: add a comment explaining why we don't talloc_zero_array().
      adds  646d8c2   s3/rpc_server: don't unmarshall PDUs twice
      adds  577afba   tevent: cancel the timeout timer when the request is finished
      adds  39888fd   tevent: let tevent_req_received() clear the private_cancel function
      adds  7a97d4c   tevent: tevent_req_create() already uses ZERO_STRUCT(req)
      adds  8e44c2f   tevent: add tevent_queue_wait_send/recv()
      adds  fb06f0e   tevent: use talloc_get_type_abort() in the documentation examples
      adds  982bf3c   tevent: make use of talloc_get_type_abort() in tevent_queue.c
      adds  99910b6   tevent: make use of talloc_get_type_abort() in tevent_req.c
      adds  fbdaf74   tevent: make use of talloc_get_type_abort() in tevent_select.c
      adds  7bf5e6b   tevent: make use of talloc_get_type_abort() in tevent_signal.c
      adds  4cc02d7   tevent: make use of talloc_get_type_abort() in tevent_epoll.c
      adds  36345d4   tevent: tevent_epoll_set_panic_fallback() can be a void function
      adds  cbb93f5   tevent: change TEVENT_SA_INFO_QUEUE_COUNT from 64 to 256
      adds  4b330ba   tevent: give the user the chance to ask for TEVENT_NUM_SIGNALS and TEVENT_SA_INFO_QUEUE_COUNT
      adds  e26736d   tevent: version 0.9.20
      adds  b756e02   libgpo: remove duplicate parse_gpt_ini header.
      adds  24cc4d5   libgpo: remove unused loadparm_context from functions.
      adds  36abc1c   libgpo: use existing connection to the ds for the sysvol queries.
      adds  feffac8   libgpo: remove unused libgpo wscript_build.
      adds  bc870ee   libgpo: remove use of deprecated talloc functions.
      adds  67e0eaa   libgpo: make sure we correctly can store the group policy state.
      adds  c329a6a   libgpo: fix segfault in gpo_process_gpo_list().
      adds  12c7b94   libgpo: add gp_inifile_getbool().
      adds  07ef84f   libgpo/security_CSE: fix unicode preamble check of SecEdit/GptTmpl.inf files.
      adds  6eee3be   libgpo/security_CSE: more preamble header checks of SecEdit/GptTmpl.inf files.
      adds  9acacb2   shadow_copy2: Fix some typos
      adds  4673b48   s3:messaging add MSG_SMB_KILL_CLIENT_IP message
      adds  a26003d   s3:smbd react on message that client should be disconnected
      adds  ac2ed5d   s3:utils/smbcontrol implement kill-client-ip in smbcontrol
      adds  11f7445   docs: Add kill-client-ip to smbcontrol manpage
      adds  b2dfd57   lib-util: add functions to get elapsed from given timespec structs
      adds  2004317   s3-modules: add new vfs_worm module
      adds  5b127a6   s3-waf: build new vfs_worm module
      adds  8a1cda8   docs-man: add manual page for the new worm vfs module
      adds  0275410   waf docs: build the new vfs worm man page
      adds  094747a   lib/compression: fix a compiler warnings
      adds  f1acab1   lib/ldb-samba: fix a compiler warning
      adds  9784ed9   lib/ldb fix compiler warnings
      adds  35b4ba0   lib/ldb fix compiler warnings
      adds  6d88bfc   lib/tdb: fix compiler warnings
      adds  23fc48c   lib/clap fix compiler warnings
      adds  66e35a9   libcli: fix compiler warnings
      adds  65868f2   s3:libsmb fix a compiler warning
      adds  805515b   s3:printing fix a compiler warning
      adds  ca8353e   s3:smbd/smb2 fix compiler warnings
      adds  fa50656   s3:winbindd fix a compiler warning
      adds  e5cb10f   s4:dsdb fix compiler warnings
      adds  f9e5cdf   s4:dsdb fix compiler warnings
      adds  fbc2dfd   s4:dsdb fix compiler warnings
      adds  2bd15d1   s4:dsdb fix compiler warnings
      adds  cad07c7   s4:dsdb fix compiler warnings
      adds  9c2951a   s4:dsdb fix compiler warnings
      adds  877fe25   s4:echo_server fix compiler warnings
      adds  7964a83   s4:kdc fix compiler warnings
      adds  2e1ed2c   s4:libcli fix compiler warnings
      adds  ce975e6   s4:rpc_server/lsa_lookup fix a compile warning
      adds  2b11359   secacl: Fix whitespace
      adds  b6e323b   secacl: Don't use talloc_zero
      adds  4ec6571   secacl: Fix a memleak in an error path
      adds  eaf807c   secacl: Slightly simplify make_sec_acl
      adds  92f9aac   torture3: Do not depend on epoll
      adds  a9753c1   smbd: Fix a false DEBUG fn name
      adds  70dfb51   iconv: Use a static buffer in iconf not to spoil the talloc_pool
      adds  fd94f82   dbwrap: Avoid a stackframe in fetch_locked_internal
      adds  7ae77a5   smbd: Simplify get_share_mode_lock a bit
      adds  a31d08f   dbwrap_cache: Fix dbwrap_cache_validate
      adds  95bfc15   dbwrap_cache: Check negative first
      adds  706c4de   dbwrap: No lock_order check if not required
      adds  7a06b16   smbd: Avoid pointless strcsequal calls
      adds  5baa740   smbd: Implement and use full_path_tos
      adds  2a77e61   smbd: Early exit
      adds  f3556bd   tdb: Avoid reallocs for lockrecs
      adds  952392a   s3:smbd: use PATH_MAX for the buffer passed to full_path_tos()
      adds  fd72249   s3:lib: avoid talloc_zero_array() in poll_one_fd()
      adds  0c7f36d   s3:smbd: avoid calling fd_is_readable() without async echo handler
      adds  5ac5e33   auth_samba4: Describe the slightly unusual role of auth_samba4
      adds  ef5a3be   s3: smbpasswd - fix crashes on invalid input.
      adds  04297e8   gencache: Fix a type-punned warning
      adds  47175f5   s3: Add DAC_OVERRIDE capability support
      adds  92257ee   s3: Handle stat call with capability in vfs_gpfs
      adds  677056c   tdb_util: Fix CID 1138343 Uninitialized scalar variable
      adds  b263bfe   tdb_util: Fix whitespace
      adds  b2937fd   Fix CID 1138341 Resource leak
      adds  c943937   Fix CID 1138340 Resource leak
      adds  91ef262   tevent: Fix CID 1138326 Unchecked return value
      adds  65d0dce   ntvfs: Fix CID 241291 Argument cannot be negative
      adds  5677c63   scannedonly: Fix CID 242109 Unchecked return value from library
      adds  f25e2b9   smbd: Fix CID 1138328 Logically dead code
      adds  e8b0726   ldb: Fix 1138330 Dereference null return value
      adds  ec270cf   share_ldb: Fix CID 1138337 Dereference null return value
      adds  b067f1e   share_ldb: Fix a memleak
      adds  20efaf9   share_ldb: Fix CID 1138336 Dereference null return value
      adds  970a6ef   share_ldb: Fix a memleak
      adds  fdccaab   ctdb/eventscripts: Do not reconfigure in "monitor" events
      adds  078c868   vfs_glusterfs: Enable per client log file
      adds  785c3c1   libgpo: check for talloc failures in ini file parsing routines.
      adds  103e672   libgpo: support probing for parameters in gp_inifile_get functions.
      adds  8fef712   libgpo: clean up CSE module api, remove unrequired references to ads_struct.
      adds  e3be1d1   libgpo: clean up CSE api, remove unrequired references to ads_struct.
      adds  172d6cd   libgpo: remove unrequired references to ads_struct.
      adds  65a3ed5   libgpo: remove some unnecessary usage of ADS_STATUS.
      adds  ec790f8   libgpo: remove unused process_group_policy2 callback from CSE module API.
      adds  ae67201   s3:rpc_server: use make_session_info_guest() directly
      adds  0e46205   selftest: add new rpc client test
      adds  2fae806   s3:rpcclient: close the connection if setting up the netlogon secure channel fails
      adds  48820b9   selftest: add new credential change test
      adds  819e1f5   selftest: add rodc and other env tests for wbinfo
      adds  202bcf9   libcli/auth: set the return_authenticator->timestamp = 0
      adds  636daac   libcli/auth: remove bogus comment regarding replay attacks
      adds  e6afeae   libcli/auth: try to use the current timestamp creds->sequence
      adds  ec499c3   Do not return a value from a void function.
      adds  ac7de80   Compare the correct values
      adds  a7f1f5d   Happy New Year 2014!
      adds  056008d   s4:selftest: run wbinfo tests at the end...
      adds  168db8b   waf: Fix the FreeBSD build with libinotify
      adds  84d8b2b   smbd: Make "num_children" available by smbcontrol
      adds  e8eb47f   docs: Add num-children to smbcontrol manpage
      adds  7db1dc1   s4:librpc: always try to negotiate DCERPC_PFC_FLAG_SUPPORT_HEADER_SIGN
      adds  661fe3c   s4:rpc_server: support DCERPC_PFC_FLAG_SUPPORT_HEADER_SIGN by default
      adds  64fc015   auth/ntlmssp: GENSEC_FEATURE_SIGN_PKT_HEADER is always supported
      adds  14f6c41   s4:auth/gensec_gssapi: handle GENSEC_FEATURE_SIGN_PKT_HEADER in have_feature()
      adds  54b5b30   s4:gensec_gssapi: make sure gensec_gssapi_[un]seal_packet() rejects header signing
      adds  616cd00   auth/gensec: move libcli/auth/schannel_sign.c into schannel.c
      adds  03006d0   auth/gensec: implement GENSEC_FEATURE_SIGN_PKT_HEADER in schannel.c
      adds  5b39a35   s3:rpc_client: talloc_zero pipe_auth_data
      adds  946e29d   s3:rpc_client: make rpc_api_pipe_req_send/recv static
      adds  4d3376e   s3:rpc_client: add some const to rpc_api_pipe_req_send()
      adds  f7bf7e70  s3:rpc_client: handle DCERPC_AUTH_TYPE_SCHANNEL as any other gensec backend
      adds  61bdbc2   s3:rpc_client: implement DCERPC_PFC_FLAG_SUPPORT_HEADER_SIGN
      adds  523d616   s3:rpc_server: add support for DCERPC_PFC_FLAG_SUPPORT_HEADER_SIGN
      adds  b62308e   librpc/ndr: add LIBNDR_FLAG_SUBCONTEXT_NO_UNREAD_BYTES
      adds  66c3942   dcerpc.idl: add documentation references
      adds  c0dc2fb   dcerpc.idl: add dcerpc_sec_verification_trailer
      adds  f0532fe   s3:rpc_client: fill alloc_hint with the remaining data not the total data.
      adds  6ab9164   s3:rpc_client: send a dcerpc_sec_verification_trailer if needed
      adds  2be17b7   waf: Require ACL support to be specifically disabled
      adds  eef44dc   waf: Require ldap support to be specifically disabled
      adds  8d6bc99   waf: Require --without-ads-support to build without ADS support
      adds  88eede6   waf: fix a typo in an ADS error message
      adds  472b299   doc: Modify build doc concerning missing headers
      adds  0dc30b9   samba_upgradedns: message the user if they need to change smb.conf
      adds  13ccc5b   s4:torture:spoolss_win: fix valgrind problem in test_EnumJobs()
      adds  4cc3388   s4:pyrpc: fix talloc hierachie in dcerpc_InterfaceObject
      adds  70d8ac6   librpc/ndrdump: free some temporary memory while parsing dcerpc pipe chunks
      adds  b61f717   s4:librpc: fix memory leak in ncacn_pull()
      adds  a0f781c   s4:librpc: fix memory leaks in dcerpc_request_recv_data()
      adds  4289750   librpc: fix possible memory leak
      adds  cd46437   dcerpc.idl: add DCERPC_NCACN_PAYLOAD_OFFSET
      adds  ef568f4   librpc/rpc: read the full header in dcerpc_read_ncacn_packet_next_vector()
      adds  cc899e8   s4:rpc_server: don't support functions DCERPC pipes in remoted backend
      adds  ce84ade   s4:librpc/rpc: remove unused rpc_request->ndr structure
      adds  d821661   s4:librpc/rpc: update alloc_hint for each fragment
      adds  3a0fa36   pidl:Samba3/ServerNDR: skip DCERPC pipe elements and leave NULL pointers.
      adds  02c34fe   pidl:NDR/Client: add missing TALLOC_FREE(subreq) after dcerpc_binding_handle_call_recv()
      adds  662fc2d   pidl:NDR/Client: simplify tevent_req_nterror() usage
      adds  f50b561   pidl:NDR/Client: fix dcerpc_function() with [out,ref] pointers
      adds  2ba9453   pidl:NDR/Client: avoid useless memcpy()
      adds  54c0bde   midltests: add tests with v1_enum and NDR64
      adds  306cba4   libcli/smb: move some FILE_* flags to smb_constants.h
      adds  ef28ed6   libcli/smb: move some *TRANSACT_* flags to smb_constants.h
      adds  50f910f   libcli/smb: add smb1cli_ntcreatex*
      adds  b9d19e8   libcli/smb: add smb1cli_close*
      adds  cb295d7   libcli/smb: add smb1cli_writex*
      adds  3d90e93   libcli/smb: add smb1cli_readx*
      adds  7ebb081   s3:libsmb: let cli_np_tstream use smb1cli_ntcreatex
      adds  a8c6a05   s3:libsmb: let cli_np_tstream use smb1cli_trans
      adds  c25f19e   s3:libsmb: let cli_np_tstream use smb1cli_close
      adds  68d8aa4   s3:libsmb: let cli_np_tstream use smb1cli_writex
      adds  6ebbce9   s3:libsmb: let cli_np_tstream use smb1cli_readx
      adds  46d29d4   s3:libsmb: do not use cli_state internally within cli_np_tstream
      adds  eb8869a   s3:libsmb: add tstream_cli_np_ref as protection to talloc_free(smbXcli_conn)
      adds  acbd12a   s3:libsmb: add a TSTREAM_CLI_NP_DESIRED_ACCESS define as collection of individual flags
      adds  024fc73   libcli/smb: move source3/libsmb/cli_np_tstream.c to tstream_smbXcli_np.c
      adds  8ec4163   libcli/smb: s/TSTREAM_CLI_NP/TSTREAM_SMBXCLI_NP
      adds  0059929   libcli/smb: s/tstream_cli_np/tstream_smbXcli_np
      adds  01ea63e   s4:librpc: make it possible for the transport to specify the max_xmit/recv_size
      adds  2ec65ea   s4:librpc: use tstream in dcerpc_sock.c
      adds  d230f73   s4:librpc: use tstream_smbXcli_np in dcerpc_smb.c
      adds  e6474ba   s4:librpc: keep smbcli_tree/smb2_tree as talloc child of dcecli_connection
      adds  f7b1ff2   s4:librpc: don't talloc_reference smbcli_tree
      adds  a08ee93   s4:librpc: pass smbXcli_{conn,session,tcon} to dcerpc_pipe_open_smb_send()
      adds  bebc05a   s4:librpc: use dcerpc_binding_dup() instead of talloc_reference()
      adds  45fc961   s4:librpc: pass dcecli_connection instead of dcerpc_pipe to dcerpc_secondary_smb_send()
      adds  7352f7f   s4:librpc: make use of dcerpc_pipe_open_smb_send/recv for SMB2
      adds  a9bb84c   s4:librpc: implement dcerpc_pipe_open_smb2() in dcerpc_smb.c
      adds  27d0d32   s4:librpc: remove unused dcerpc_smb2.c
      adds  383ba3d   s4:librpc: make 'struct dcerpc_pipe_connect' private
      adds  3193c27   s4:librpc: remove server_name from transport
      adds  30ca477   s4:librpc: factor out xxx_dead() to dcerpc_transport_dead()
      adds  9832eb6   s4:librpc: factor out xxx_shutdown_pipe() to dcerpc_shutdown_pipe()
      adds  4459131   s4:librpc: factor out xxx_send_read() to dcerpc_send_read()
      adds  9d2557d   s4:librpc: factor out xxx_send_request() to dcerpc_send_request()
      adds  6b586c3   s4:librpc: remove recv_data from transport
      adds  6e6d9f9   libcli/auth: add netlogon_creds_cli* infrastructure
      adds  dc96b1d   libcli/auth: use unique key_name values in netlogon_creds_cli_context_common()
      adds  99d8653   s3:param: set Globals.bWinbindSealedPipes = true
      adds  b39ca3a   lib/param: add "neutralize nt4 emulation" option, defaulting to false
      adds  de4f8f0   lib/param: add "reject md5 servers" option, defaulting to false
      adds  6630c68   lib/param: add "require strong key" option, defaulting to true
      adds  e7954bc   s3:param: set Globals.bRequireStrongKey = true
      adds  fa3af7c   libcli/auth: make use of real options in netlogon_creds_cli_context_global()
      adds  f703a37   docs-xml: explain the interaction between security = ads and other options.
      adds  1d69fdd   docs-xml: explain the interaction of 'client schannel' with 'require strong key = yes'
      adds  225982e   s3:winbindd: make use of the "winbind sealed pipes" option for all connections
      adds  11aed7c   docs-xml: update 'winbind sealed pipes' description
      adds  38d4dba3  s3:rpc_client: make use of the new netlogon_creds_cli_context
      adds  5adfc5f   s3:rpc_client: use netlogon_creds_cli_auth_level() in cli_rpc_pipe_open_schannel_with_key()
      adds  14ceb7b   s3:rpc_client: add rpccli_{create,setup}_netlogon_creds()
      adds  3c025af   s3:rpc_client: add rpccli_pre_open_netlogon_creds()
      adds  a07cc9a   s3:rpc_client: remove unused rpccli_netlogon_sam_network_logon_ex()
      adds  5196493   s3:rpc_client: add rpccli_netlogon_network_logon()
      adds  b7dc3fb   s3:rpc_client: add rpccli_netlogon_password_logon()
      adds  07126b6   s3:winbindd: call rpccli_pre_open_netlogon_creds() in the parent
      adds  22e4e2c   s3:winbindd: make use of rpccli_{create,setup}_netlogon_creds()
      adds  d9d55f5   s3:auth_domain: simplify connect_to_domain_password_server()
      adds  34e6678   s3:auth_domain: make use of rpccli_{create,setup}_netlogon_creds()
      adds  531bbf3   s3:auth_domain: make use of rpccli_netlogon_network_logon()
      adds  9638005   s3:libnet_join: make use of rpccli_{create,setup}_netlogon_creds()
      adds  3a89eee   s3:libnet: use rpccli_{create,setup}_netlogon_creds() in libnet_join_joindomain_rpc_unsecure
      adds  94caf7e   s3:rpc_client: use rpccli_{create,setup}_netlogon_creds() in cli_rpc_pipe_open_schannel()
      adds  a1c468e   s3:rpcclient: add rpcclient_msg_ctx
      adds  1696b12   s3:rpcclient: add rpcclient_netlogon_creds
      adds  fb13b00   s3:rpcclient: remove unused rpccli_netlogon_setup_creds() from cmd_netlogon_database_redo()
      adds  3bf7781   s3:rpcclient: make use of rpcclient_netlogon_creds instead of cli->netlogon_creds
      adds  d1340c2   s3:net_rpc: add net_context->netlogon_creds
      adds  16c6e49   s3:libsmb: add trust_pw_change()
      adds  a9281e6   s3:rpcclient: make use of trust_pw_change()
      adds  cfd1393   s3:net_rpc: make use of trust_pw_change()
      adds  dbd49d9   s3:winbindd: use invalidate_cm_connection() to kill the netlogon connection
      adds  57741dd   s3:winbindd: make use of trust_pw_change() for periodic password changes
      adds  3c30e19   s3:winbindd: make use of trust_pw_change() in _wbint_ChangeMachineAccount()
      adds  a8ecebe   s3:libsmb: remove unused trust_pw_find_change_and_store_it()
      adds  77defb1   s3:libnet: pass in struct netlogon_creds_cli_context from the caller.
      adds  5107ca0   s3:rpcclient: make use of rpccli_{create,setup}_netlogon_creds()
      adds  a012e2f   s3:rpcclient: give errors and clean up correctly after failing to obtain secret
      adds  4c99e49   s3:rpcclient: remove optional auth_level parameter of the 'samlogon' cmd
      adds  c6bb47f   s3:rpcclient: make use of rpccli_netlogon_password_logon() in the 'samlogon' cmd
      adds  a34c837   s3:winbindd: make use of rpccli_netlogon_network_logon()
      adds  660150b   s3:rpc_client: make cli_rpc_pipe_open_schannel() more flexible
      adds  6d457ad   s3:rpc_client: remove unused rpccli_netlogon_set_trust_password()
      adds  a4faf57   s3:rpc_client: remove unused rpccli_netlogon_setup_creds()
      adds  e4fea80   s3:rpc_client: remove unused rpccli_netlogon_sam_logon()
      adds  3f41b58   s3:rpc_client: remove unused rpccli_netlogon_sam_network_logon()
      adds  c0761c3   s3:rpc_client: finally remove unused rpc_pipe_client->netlogon_creds
      adds  3d45d4d   libcli/auth: remove unused netlogon_creds_cli_context_copy()
      adds  87bdc88   lib/param: add "allow nt4 crypto" option, defaulting to false
      adds  807bcb4   lib/param: add "reject md5 client" option, defaulting to false
      adds  0d4806f   selftest/Samba4: use "allow nt4 crypto = yes" for testing
      adds  3b77b80   s4:netlogon: correctly calculate the negotiate_flags
      adds  2e36fbc   s4:netlogon: don't generate a debug message for SEC_CHAN_NULL.
      adds  7d2abf5   s4:netlogon: implement "allow nt4 crypto" and "reject md5 clients" features.
      adds  53bff63   s3-registry: fix typo in DEBUG statement.
      adds  0e3c964   libgpo/CSE/scripts: fix a build warning.
      adds  69997e2   libgpo: rename debug_gpext_header to gpext_debug_header.
      adds  c39425f   libgpo: prefix some more calls with gpext_.
      adds  9a4e007   libgpo: remove ads reference from dump calls and make them take const structs.
      adds  0a15360   libgpo: remove unused gp_registry_entry2 struct.
      adds  3ef7919   libgpo: make gpo_process_a_gpo() static to the util code.
      adds  57498dc   libgpo: make gpo_get_gp_ext_from_gpo public.
      adds  288e883   libgpo: add gpo_copy().
      adds  19268c5   libgpo/gpext: add new gpext_check_gpo_for_gpext_presence() helper function.
      adds  a9cb303   libgpo: allow to pass down deleted and changed gpo list to CSE plugins.
      adds  1010a01   libgpo: remove extension_guid and snapin_guid (the tool guid) from the process callback.
      adds  bb351de   libgpo: remove gpext_process_gpo_list_with_extension in favor of gpext_process_extension.
      adds  685da81   libgpo: implement CSE filtering in gpext_process_extension().
      adds  f6bc219   libgpo: directly call gpext_process_extension() from gpo_process_gpo_list.
      adds  a78b4d4   libgpo: remove some unused code and remove that important FIXME note.
      adds  c3f9d99   libgpo: allow to pass down a list of deleted GPOs in gpo_process_gpo_list().
      adds  88a0c40   libgpo: only use libgpo/gpext/gpext.h where really needed.
      adds  f168542   libgpo: when running in verbose mode, printout the parsed PReg file.
      adds  8e5f4ea   libgpo: apply some const.
      adds  af5102f   build: test the generic md5 function after importing it from hashlib
      adds  f8363dd   crypto: fix build on OS X
      adds  0e62f32   libcli/auth: fix usage of an uninitialized variable in netlogon_creds_cli_check_caps()
      adds  b7a5380   librpc/rpc: simplify tevent_req_nterror() usage in binding_handle.c
      adds  0f3848a   librpc/ndr: add ndr_pop_dcerpc_sec_verification_trailer()
      adds  410c30f   ndrdump: dump verification trailer
      adds  79996cd   s4:rpc_server: remove unused DCESRV_CALL_STATE_FLAG_HEADER_SIGNING
      adds  c4726e4   s4:rpc_server: use talloc_zero for struct dcesrv_connection
      adds  175b8e1   s4:rpc_server: remember the hdr_signing negotiation result in dcesrv_auth
      adds  cfa6a36   s3: winbindd: Move the logic of whether to set 'domain->primary' into add_trusted_domain().
      adds  ca931e4   s3: winbindd: Move calling setup_domain_child() into add_trusted_domain().
      adds  d1dacd6   s3: Avoid oplock break by storing timestamps with gpfs_set_times
      adds  0c2fbe5   samba:python - Py_RETURN_NONE remove compatibility code for releases < 2.4
      adds  044f8f7   group_mapping: Avoid a talloc
      adds  615efa4   lib: Fix strict-aliasing warning in md5 code.
      adds  c8371b4   s3-libads: Fix memory leaks in ads_build_path().
      adds  541164d   wbinfo: Fix a memory leak in wbinfo_ping_dc().
      adds  bff3ac2   s3-passdb: Fix string duplication to pointers.
      adds  46afd9b   messaging: Fix a memleak with clustering
      adds  0c2f85a   messaging: Move the self-send logic out of messaging_tdb
      adds  b2c85ee   messaging: Use talloc_pooled_object
      adds  0045f3b   messaging: Fix a memleak (master only..)
      adds  24a6876   dfs: always call create_conn_struct with root privileges
      adds  bd0f9f4   ntvfs: Remove CAP_UNIX from the ntvfs file server as it was never finished
      adds  e586e4b   lib/param: fix unix extensions setting to be consistent with s3 and docs
      adds  6f4ec0c   pam_winbind: Fix segfault caused by invalid configuration options
      adds  3a814e3   pam_winbind: Do not honour require_membership_of in the acct module parameters
      adds  2c2f175   Revert "pam_winbind: fix segfault in pam_sm_authenticate()"
      adds  4701e19   smbcontrol: fix NUM_CHILDREN message deregister
      adds  666948c   s3: set native os according to Windows and NBT_ANNOUNCE_VERSION defines
      adds  497a8dd   smbd: Avoid duplicate debug header lines
      adds  584de20   s3:dir - In the old SMB1 search code, rename offset to wire_offset to distinguish between wire and native offsets.
      adds  5afc25e   s3:dir - Introduce a function to map a directory cookie to a 32-bit wire cookie.
      adds  51a115b6  s3: dir - Introduce 32-bit wire versions of the 'special' values.
      adds  81df412   s3:dir - Cope with fixed mapping of 'special' values.
      adds  42c8035   s3:dir - Map wire offsets to native directory cookies.
      adds  4e0c41a   s3:dir - Add a new memcache type (non-talloc) - SMB1_SEARCH_OFFSET_MAP.
      adds  97cd9c6   s3:dir - Introduce a 64-bit directory offset <-> 32 bit wire offset map using memcache.
      adds  0f9a189   s3:dir - We now pass the previously spinning directory tests on ext4.
      adds  276c161   vfs/glusterfs: in case atime is not passed, set it to the current atime
      adds  b8c6bcc   ctdb-common: mkdir_p should not try to create .
      adds  bafa467   ctdb-daemon: Deprecate RELOAD and STATUS events
      adds  7aa20cc   ctdb-daemon: No need to call event scripts with CTDB_CALLED_BY_USER
      adds  2879404   ctdb-daemon: Add ctdb_vfork_with_logging()
      adds  69324b6   ctdb-daemon: Add helper process to execute event scripts
      adds  d86662a   ctdb-daemon: Replace ctdb_fork_with_logging with ctdb_vfork_with_logging (part 1)
      adds  18c1f43   ctdb-daemon: Replace ctdb_fork_with_logging with ctdb_vfork_with_logging (part 2)
      adds  97575e1   ctdb-daemon: Remove unused code to run eventscripts
      adds  dd98b9d   ctdb-tests: Set CTDB_EVENT_HELPER when running with local daemons
      adds  a92fd11   ctdb-daemon: Remove ctdb_fork_with_logging()
      adds  34bfd0b   ctdb_conn: Log long fetch_lock calls
      adds  b64abab   dbwrap_ctdb: Instrument chainunlock timing
      adds  63a8f7e   s3:dbwrap report time for chainlock and CTDB migrate
      adds  ef23930   s3:dbwrap include the hashchain in the logs
      adds  32f232d   s3:dbwrap: Store warning thresholds in db_ctdb_ctx
      adds  55b431f   s3:dbwrap: Use milliseconds for "Held tdb lock" message
      adds  c477850   s4:libnet: keep a dcerpc_binding_handle for samr and lsa
      adds  6e5943a   s4:libnet: avoid using dcecli_connection->event_ctx
      adds  0b3b0d2   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_groupinfo_send() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  959d94b   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_groupinfo() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  1c6a2f8   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_groupadd_send() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  7a97662   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_groupadd() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  3c02eab   s4:libnet: remove unused libnet_rpc_groupdel* code
      adds  59fb19e   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_userinfo_send() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  208991e   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_userinfo() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  e3b8df2   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_useradd_send() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  adef841   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_useradd() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  0fdf392   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_userdel_send() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  5bbcec0   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_userdel() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  f33a558   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_usermod_send() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  d9573ae   s4:libnet: let libnet_rpc_usermod() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  00d616e   s4:winbind: correctly fill the libnet_context lsa and samr binding handles
      adds  59bc7cb   s4:winbind: make clear that we use the global tevent_context
      adds  5559cdf   s4:winbind: let wb_lsa_lookupsids_send() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  ad14fb9   s4:winbind: let wb_lsa_lookupnames_send() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  124a896   s4:winbind: let wb_samr_userdomgroups_send() take tevent_context/dcerpc_binding_handle
      adds  16f4f2f   s4:torture/libnet: remove bogus usage of p->conn->event_ctx
      adds  095daba   s4:torture/rpc: avoid usage of p->conn->event_ctx
      adds  0400025   s4:torture/rpc: avoid using dcerpc_event_context()
      adds  9b2dc0e   s4:librpc: remove dcerpc_event_context()
      adds  dd42daa   s3:rpcclient: add support for DCERPC_AUTH_LEVEL_CONNECT
      adds  7d201c0   s3:rpcclient: remove unused code from cmd_lsa_get_username()
      adds  943e186   s4:torture/rpc: remove unused variables from alter_context.c
      adds  c5e9956   s4:torture/rpc: s/pipe/pipes/
      adds  6ad66f4   s4:torture/rpc: remove compiler warnings in spoolss_notify.c
      adds  e5ac78e   s4:torture/rpc: remove compiler warnings in ntsvcs.c
      adds  61a8525c  s4:torture/libnet: check the result of libnet_LookupName()
      adds  1a0eddb   s4:torture/libnet: fix compiler warnings in libnet_lookup.c
      adds  e891652   dcerpc.idl: use logical dcerpc_object ordering
      adds  e6fc989   dcerpc.idl: add a bitmap for dcerpc_pfc_flags
      adds  2019e41   dcerpc.idl: add enums and bitmaps for dcerpc_bind_ack_result, dcerpc_bind_[ack|nak]_reason
      adds  3d4a2be   dcerpc.idl: make use of dcerpc_bind_ack_result
      adds  572ea36   dcerpc.idl: make use of dcerpc_bind_nak_reason
      adds  0648f6e   s4:librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_map_ack_reason()
      adds  7a62a35   s4:librpc/rpc: change dcerpc_map_reason() into dcerpc_map_nak_reason()
      adds  dc561b7   dcerpc.idl: make use of union dcerpc_bind_ack_reason and fix all callers.
      adds  7d339df   Add missing include dirs to .clang_complete.
      adds  1a43778   s3-winbind: Improve performance of wb_fill_pwent_sid2uid_done().
      adds  a955d0b   ctdb-recoverd: Ignore failed ipreallocated controls to inactive nodes
      adds  e77d5f9   ctdb/recoverd: Do not refuse disabling takeover runs on inactive nodes
      adds  8eb20c2   ctdb/eventscripts: Reconfigure lock should be released quickly
      adds  50e00b3   ctdb/eventscripts: Print a count if killing TCP connections times out
      adds  e6304d1   ctdb/daemon: Untangle serialisation of 1st recovery -> startup -> monitor
      adds  b7bfe46   ctdb/eventscripts: Move all eventscript state under $CTDB_VARDIR/state
      adds  7fe5584   tevent: fix crash bug in tevent_queue_immediate_trigger()
      adds  e7d4b7d   tevent: Only build "std_fallback_to_poll" when epoll is around
      adds  fd80e54   tevent: Add prototypes
      adds  7502a30   tevent: add doxygen comments for tevent_num_signals() and tevent_sa_info_queue_count()
      adds  0ed93e0   tevent: add/use tevent_req_destructor
      adds  50b9f15   tevent: add tevent_req_set_cleanup_fn()
      adds  c4c88d1   tevent: version 0.9.21
      adds  f08c0b2   libcli/smb: make use of tevent_req_set_cleanup_fn()
      adds  c84fe17   s3:lib/fncall: make use of tevent_req_set_cleanup_fn()
      adds  5fd9eab   s3:lib/tldap: make use of tevent_req_defer_callback()
      adds  741cb24   s3:lib/tldap: make use of tevent_req_set_cleanup_fn()
      adds  fa8c2b1   libcli: Fix the comment for the address.
      adds  5daf540   s3-smbd: Log user change information.
      adds  c20753c   selftest: Use the absolute path to libnss_winbind.so.
      adds  15b2d1a   waf: improve iconv checks
      adds  1a42ff7   waf:lib/replace correct detection of libiconv
      adds  df6ddcf   waf:lib/replace fix up libintl related checks
      adds  a83f491   waf:lib/replace change detection of gettext
      adds  31db0c8   waf:lib/replace fix gettext detection
      adds  da891e2   waf:lib/replace gettext configure checks
      adds  090f010   s3: rpc_server/srvsvc: Ensure we don't continually realloc inside init_srv_sess_info_1().
      adds  de89975   s3: rpc_server/srvsvc: Adding functions to determine open files on all sessions.
      adds  dad72a3   s3: rpc_server/srvsvc: Avoiding the loop around locking tdb traversal.
      adds  8f3cf00   s3-winbind: only pass needed args to child_read_request
      adds  1db4d38   s3-winbind: separate child response sock write
      adds  3682080   Support for Heimdal's unified krb5 and hdb plugin system.
      adds  e758f41   kdc: Add belts-and-braces check that we fail if the hdb version changes
      adds  cbffbb7   ctdb-daemon: Do not run monitor event if any other event is already running
      adds  eee450f   ctdb-daemon: Simplify listing event scripts using scandir
      adds  5f3ccfc   messaging3: Add messaging_read_send/recv
      adds  0176097   dbwrap_watch: Use messaging_read_send/recv
      adds  2779e78   smbd: Use messaging_read_send in smbXsrv_session.c
      adds  9801072   messaging3: remove msg_channel
      adds  c427b29   messaging3: Remove unused messaging_tdb_event
      adds  ece3ba1   libcli/auth: add netlogon_creds_cli_set_global_db()
      adds  8cf4eff   s3:rpc_client: use db_open() to open "netlogon_creds_cli.tdb"
      adds  387ed2e   libcli/auth: don't alter the computer_name in cluster mode.
      adds  b8fdeb8   libcli/auth: reject computer_name longer than 15 chars
      adds  dcc2c83   s3:rpc_server/netlogon: return a zero return_authenticator on error
      adds  25fb73f   s4:rpc_server/netlogon: return a zero return_authenticator and rid on error
      adds  38f8788   s4:torture/rpc: add invalidAuthenticate2
      adds  0f347e4   log winbind version (when requested) in winbindd log
      adds  b04e8b7   s3: ldap client can return NT_STATUS_OK when an error occurs in a paged search.
      adds  7638f52   s3: Don't open the dir for stat/attr/acl related mask
      adds  6c6c3fa   samba-tool classicupgrade: Remove unsued reference to samba3sam
      adds  6104b1f   samba-tool classicupgrade: Remove unsued upgrade_smbconf
      adds  13015a1   smbd: Fix format errors on FreeBSD10
      adds  c437eaa   heimdal: Fix a format error on FreeBSD10
      adds  c6edb37   vfs_time_audit: Make durable functions static
      adds  50cc510   libreplace: free() deals fine with NULL pointers
      adds  1abe45f   param: Rename variable used for lp_pathname szPath
      adds  4a9b91c   param: Rename variable used for lp_hostsallow szHostsallow
      adds  a0c5ae5   param: Rename variable used for lp_hostsdeny szHostsdeny
      adds  03f3359   param: Rename variable used for lp_msdfs_root bMSDfsRoot
      adds  d7b18d1   param: Rename variable used for lp_browseable bBrowseable
      adds  63c92f7   param: Rename variable used for lp_readonly bRead_only
      adds  6d0b2ef   param: Rename variable used for lp_print_ok bPrint_ok
      adds  8299c14   param: Rename variable used for lp_map_hidden bMap_hidden
      adds  1aa8333   param: Rename variable used for lp_map_archive bMap_archive
      adds  2add7c5   param: Rename variable used for lp_oplocks bOpLocks
      adds  4d00556   param: Rename variable used for lp_strict_sync bStrictSync
      adds  4f0c831   param: Rename variable used for lp_map_system bMap_system
      adds  79919ea   param: Rename variable used for lp_max_connections iMaxConnections
      adds  31a360e   param: Rename variable used for lp_csc_policy iCSCPolicy
      adds  2683a01   param: Rename variable used for lp_create_mask iCreate_mask
      adds  31c571a   param: Rename variable used for lp_force_create_mode iCreate_force_mode
      adds  3532d9a   param: Rename variable used for lp_dir_mask iDir_mask
      adds  d7a83ff   param: Rename variable used for lp_force_dir_mode iDir_force_mode
      adds  0a4e141   param: Rename variable used for lp_preexec szPreExec
      adds  d1a44b2   param: Rename variable used for lp_postexec szPostExec
      adds  a098785   param: Rename variable used for lp_rootpreexec szRootPreExec
      adds  ac6a551   param: Rename variable used for lp_rootpostexec szRootPostExec
      adds  461461f   param: Rename variable used for lp_dontdescend szDontdescend
      adds  de83893   param: Rename variable used for lp_username szUsername
      adds  a79d074   param: Rename variable used for lp_username_map szUsernameMap
      adds  b8c1c84   param: Rename variable used for lp_username_map_script szUsernameMapScript
      adds  3c0e803   param: Rename variable used for lp_invalid_users szInvalidUsers
      adds  762291a   param: Rename variable used for lp_valid_users szValidUsers
      adds  72a54b9   param: Rename variable used for lp_admin_users szAdminUsers
      adds  042a1bf   param: Rename variable used for lp_printcommand szPrintcommand
      adds  8989309   param: Rename variable used for lp_lpqcommand szLpqcommand
      adds  76401c5   param: Rename variable used for lp_lprmcommand szLprmcommand
      adds  d9e12da   param: Rename variable used for lp_lppausecommand szLppausecommand
      adds  7198e8b   param: Rename variable used for lp_lpresumecommand szLpresumecommand
      adds  00c55b2   param: Rename variable used for lp_queuepausecommand szQueuepausecommand
      adds  cbb3381   param: Rename variable used for lp_queueresumecommand szQueueresumecommand
      adds  1204a2a   param: Rename variable used for lp_printjob_username szPrintjobUsername
      adds  d1ec0c8   param: Rename variable used for lp_magicscript szMagicScript
      adds  92db364   param: Rename variable used for lp_magicoutput szMagicOutput
      adds  58aeebf   param: Rename variable used for lp_vfs_objects szVfsObjects
      adds  a091d42   param: Rename variable used for lp_msdfs_proxy szMSDfsProxy
      adds  a91b396   param: Rename variable used for lp_veto_files szVetoFiles
      adds  18f26df   param: Rename variable used for lp_hide_files szHideFiles
      adds  ca86994   param: Rename variable used for lp_veto_oplocks szVetoOplockFiles
      adds  5b2bf1a   param: Rename variable used for lp_aio_write_behind szAioWriteBehind
      adds  f6f8373   param: Rename variable used for lp_dfree_command szDfree
      adds  0c2319b   param: Rename variable used for lp_preexec_close bPreexecClose
      adds  74c3644   param: Rename variable used for lp_rootpreexec_close bRootpreexecClose
      adds  e1cd742   param: Rename variable used for lp_casesensitive iCaseSensitive
      adds  a699f9c   param: Rename variable used for lp_preservecase bCasePreserve
      adds  e2f33ce   param: Rename variable used for lp_shortpreservecase bShortCasePreserve
      adds  7038dd7   param: Rename variable used for lp_hide_dot_files bHideDotFiles
      adds  54becad   param: Rename variable used for lp_hide_special_files bHideSpecialFiles
      adds  c1dbdeb   param: Rename variable used for lp_hideunreadable bHideUnReadable
      adds  08d74c0   param: Rename variable used for lp_hideunwriteable_files bHideUnWriteableFiles
      adds  7b66890   param: Rename variable used for lp_access_based_share_enum bAccessBasedShareEnum
      adds  1361391   param: Rename variable used for lp_guest_ok bGuest_ok
      adds  8399e6d   param: Rename variable used for lp_guest_only bGuest_only
      adds  1cbb4a8   param: Rename variable used for lp_administrative_share bAdministrative_share
      adds  56e9e7d   param: Rename variable used for lp_print_notify_backchannel bPrintNotifyBackchannel
      adds  1265e25   param: Rename variable used for lp_store_dos_attributes bStoreDosAttributes
      adds  7a5f882   param: Rename variable used for lp_dmapi_support bDmapiSupport
      adds  7e11a91   param: Rename variable used for lp_locking bLocking
      adds  fe0b194   param: Rename variable used for lp_strict_locking iStrictLocking
      adds  366f985   param: Rename variable used for lp_posix_locking bPosixLocking
      adds  e5d56bf   param: Rename variable used for lp_kernel_oplocks bKernelOplocks
      adds  e14f9bc   param: Rename variable used for lp_level2_oplocks bLevel2OpLocks
      adds  3a569bf   param: Rename variable used for lp_kernel_share_modes bKernelShareModes
      adds  27e9186   param: Rename variable used for lp_onlyuser bOnlyUser
      adds  fe2e517   param: Rename variable used for lp_manglednames bMangledNames
      adds  14f8ca5   param: Rename variable used for lp_symlinks bSymlinks
      adds  e9dd054   param: Rename variable used for lp_syncalways bSyncAlways
      adds  b74c24c   param: Rename variable used for lp_strict_allocate bStrictAllocate
      adds  2237cb2   param: Rename variable used for lp_delete_readonly bDeleteReadonly
      adds  11a4a66   param: Rename variable used for lp_fake_oplocks bFakeOplocks
      adds  6d376da   param: Rename variable used for lp_recursive_veto_delete bDeleteVetoFiles
      adds  27d1aea   param: Rename variable used for lp_dos_filemode bDosFilemode
      adds  ef4d152   param: Rename variable used for lp_dos_filetimes bDosFiletimes
      adds  40d77cc   param: Rename variable used for lp_dos_filetime_resolution bDosFiletimeResolution
      adds  5d5ddef   param: Rename variable used for lp_fake_dir_create_times bFakeDirCreateTimes
      adds  b302df5   param: Rename variable used for lp_blocking_locks bBlockingLocks
      adds  7647bd0   param: Rename variable used for lp_inherit_perms bInheritPerms
      adds  c9116b3   param: Rename variable used for lp_inherit_acls bInheritACLS
      adds  65f2c18   param: Rename variable used for lp_inherit_owner bInheritOwner
      adds  7af10e8   param: Rename variable used for lp_use_client_driver bUseClientDriver
      adds  7e180fb   param: Rename variable used for lp_default_devmode bDefaultDevmode
      adds  425c292   param: Rename variable used for lp_force_printername bForcePrintername
      adds  819dcd5   param: Rename variable used for lp_nt_acl_support bNTAclSupport
      adds  71e3812   param: Rename variable used for lp_force_unknown_acl_user bForceUnknownAclUser
      adds  4fe2f28   param: Rename variable used for lp_ea_support bEASupport
      adds  19b2b00   param: Rename variable used for lp__use_sendfile bUseSendfile
      adds  473b1cd   param: Rename variable used for lp_profile_acls bProfileAcls
      adds  757922c   param: Rename variable used for lp_map_acl_inherit bMap_acl_inherit
      adds  d9cd87a   param: Rename variable used for lp_afs_share bAfs_Share
      adds  88d9088   param: Rename variable used for lp_acl_check_permissions bAclCheckPermissions
      adds  1daffaf   param: Rename variable used for lp_acl_group_control bAclGroupControl
      adds  50d8c25   param: Rename variable used for lp_acl_map_full_control bAclMapFullControl
      adds  6f01e34   param: Rename variable used for lp_acl_allow_execute_always bAclAllowExecuteAlways
      adds  8dd94b9   param: Rename variable used for lp_defaultcase iDefaultCase
      adds  8efb387   param: Rename variable used for lp_minprintspace iMinPrintSpace
      adds  a5d9d43   param: Rename variable used for lp_printing iPrinting
      adds  e2c7e8d   param: Rename variable used for lp_max_reported_jobs iMaxReportedPrintJobs
      adds  42c7383   param: Rename variable used for lp_oplock_contention_limit iOplockContentionLimit
      adds  858ae13   param: Rename variable used for lp_write_cache_size iWriteCacheSize
      adds  b944da7   param: Rename variable used for lp_block_size iBlock_size
      adds  228529c   param: Rename variable used for lp_dfree_cache_time iDfreeCacheTime
      adds  ab0c6e2   param: Rename variable used for lp_allocation_roundup_size iallocation_roundup_size
      adds  8c19694   param: Rename variable used for lp_aio_read_size iAioReadSize
      adds  2ba10da   param: Rename variable used for lp_aio_write_size iAioWriteSize
      adds  d01ce7c   param: Rename variable used for lp_map_readonly iMap_readonly
      adds  8326dcd   param: Rename variable used for lp_directory_name_cache_size iDirectoryNameCacheSize
      adds  8bc3b62   param: Rename variable used for lp_smb_encrypt ismb_encrypt
      adds  25f9b44   param: Rename variable used for lp_magicchar magic_char
      adds  e3820c6   param: Rename variable used for lp_cups_options szCupsOptions
      adds  ea8671f   param: Rename variable used for lp_change_notify bChangeNotify
      adds  81f9cbd   param: Rename variable used for lp_kernel_change_notify bKernelChangeNotify
      adds  acc129e   param: Rename variable used for lp_durable_handles bDurableHandles
      adds  91b212c   param: Rename variable used for lp_allow_insecure_widelinks bAllowInsecureWidelinks
      adds  2f8f2e0   param: Rename variable used for lp_allow_nt4_crypto bAllowNT4Crypto
      adds  33850bb   param: Rename variable used for lp_allow_trusted_domains bAllowTrustedDomains
      adds  313a35f   param: Rename variable used for lp_async_smb_echo_handler bAsyncSMBEchoHandler
      adds  d507be5   param: Rename variable used for lp_bind_interfaces_only bBindInterfacesOnly
      adds  1431a86   param: Rename variable used for lp_browse_list bBrowseList
      adds  7802c9d   param: Rename variable used for lp_client_lanman_auth bClientLanManAuth
      adds  7dc9eff   param: Rename variable used for lp_client_ntlmv2_auth bClientNTLMv2Auth
      adds  f0cd945   param: Rename variable used for lp_client_plaintext_auth bClientPlaintextAuth
      adds  48a1bb9   param: Rename variable used for lp_client_use_spnego bClientUseSpnego
      adds  eb4eada   param: Rename variable used for lp_create_krb5_conf bCreateKrb5Conf
      adds  0a92531   param: Rename variable used for lp_debug_class bDebugClass
      adds  bdd254d   param: Rename variable used for lp_debug_hires_timestamp bDebugHiresTimestamp
      adds  b8ccd20   param: Rename variable used for lp_debug_pid bDebugPid
      adds  bb2e4bd   param: Rename variable used for lp_debug_prefix_timestamp bDebugPrefixTimestamp
      adds  bb2e797   param: Rename variable used for lp_debug_uid bDebugUid
      adds  1786669   param: Rename variable used for lp_defer_sharing_violations bDeferSharingViolations
      adds  3579bf9   param: Rename variable used for lp_disable_netbios bDisableNetbios
      adds  6704919   param: Rename variable used for lp__disable_spoolss bDisableSpoolss
      adds  2aec130   param: Rename variable used for lp__domain_logons bDomainLogons
      adds  673d12d   param: Rename variable used for lp_enable_asu_support bASUSupport
      adds  fc47dfa   param: Rename variable used for lp_enable_core_files bEnableCoreFiles
      adds  dd45b1c   param: Rename variable used for lp_enable_privileges bEnablePrivileges
      adds  0b1d23d   param: Rename variable used for lp_encrypted_passwords bEncryptPasswords
      adds  abe8991   param: Rename variable used for lp_host_msdfs bHostMSDfs
      adds  f22897d   param: Rename variable used for lp_hostname_lookups bHostnameLookups
      adds  345846d   param: Rename variable used for lp_lanman_auth bLanmanAuth
      adds  ddaa64b   param: Rename variable used for lp_large_readwrite bLargeReadwrite
      adds  cfc6904   param: Rename variable used for lp_load_printers bLoadPrinters
      adds  82e55b5   param: Rename variable used for lp_local_master bLocalMaster
      adds  1dae7d5   param: Rename variable used for lp_log_writeable_files_on_exit bLogWriteableFilesOnExit
      adds  4da9790   param: Rename variable used for lp_map_untrusted_to_domain bMapUntrustedToDomain
      adds  9db6487   param: Rename variable used for lp_ms_add_printer_wizard bMsAddPrinterWizard
      adds  029b438   param: Rename variable used for lp_multicast_dns_register bMulticastDnsRegister
      adds  20ce0f2   param: Rename variable used for lp_neutralize_nt4_emulation bNeutralizeNT4Emulation
      adds  e6e352f   param: Rename variable used for lp_nis_home_map bNISHomeMap
      adds  9032e5c   param: Rename variable used for lp_nmbd_bind_explicit_broadcast bNmbdBindExplicitBroadcast
      adds  528d302   param: Rename variable used for lp_ntlm_auth bNTLMAuth
      adds  f51dd16   param: Rename variable used for lp_nt_pipe_support bNTPipeSupport
      adds  505555e   param: Rename variable used for lp_nt_status_support bNTStatusSupport
      adds  1b9891d   param: Rename variable used for lp_null_passwords bNullPasswords
      adds  b2a3c35   param: Rename variable used for lp_obey_pam_restrictions bObeyPamRestrictions
      adds  63afb62   param: Rename variable used for lp_pam_password_change bPamPasswordChange
      adds  ad72bec   param: Rename variable used for lp_passdb_expand_explicit bPassdbExpandExplicit
      adds  80af9ec   param: Rename variable used for lp_passwd_chat_debug bPasswdChatDebug
      adds  bb9035f   param: Rename variable used for lp_registry_shares bRegistryShares
      adds  072790d   param: Rename variable used for lp_reject_md5_clients bRejectMD5Clients
      adds  5fe3d6d   param: Rename variable used for lp_reject_md5_servers bRejectMD5Servers
      adds  7fbe9b5   param: Rename variable used for lp_require_strong_key bRequireStrongKey
      adds  abe9cb8   param: Rename variable used for lp_reset_on_zero_vc bResetOnZeroVC
      adds  fb5ada6   param: Rename variable used for lp_rpc_big_endian bRpcBigEndian
      adds  7c8e715   param: Rename variable used for lp_stat_cache bStatCache
      adds  cf3b40b   param: Rename variable used for lp_syslog_only bSyslogOnly
      adds  f0565a8   param: Rename variable used for lp_timestamp_logs bTimestampLogs
      adds  00efddb   param: Rename variable used for lp_time_server bTimeServer
      adds  d2572dc   param: Rename variable used for lp_unicode bUnicode
      adds  b249902   param: Rename variable used for lp_unix_extensions bUnixExtensions
      adds  a4ea169   param: Rename variable used for lp_unix_password_sync bUnixPasswdSync
      adds  657ac13   param: Rename variable used for lp_use_mmap bUseMmap
      adds  df39def   param: Rename variable used for lp_use_ntdb bUseNtdb
      adds  d7be3e0   param: Rename variable used for lp_usershare_allow_guests bUsershareAllowGuests
      adds  7bd8de3   param: Rename variable used for lp_usershare_owner_only bUsershareOwnerOnly
      adds  3898dec   param: Rename variable used for lp_use_spnego bUseSpnego
      adds  1e3dedd   param: Rename variable used for lp_utmp bUtmp
      adds  591e806   param: Rename variable used for lp_we_are_a_wins_server bWINSsupport
      adds  e9b9ce6   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_enum_groups bWinbindEnumGroups
      adds  d3ff81f   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_enum_users bWinbindEnumUsers
      adds  8c87916   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_nested_groups bWinbindNestedGroups
      adds  36dc56a   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_normalize_names bWinbindNormalizeNames
      adds  04020d0   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_offline_logon bWinbindOfflineLogon
      adds  5f0dcfc   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_refresh_tickets bWinbindRefreshTickets
      adds  d96d018   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_rpc_only bWinbindRpcOnly
      adds  422de11   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_sealed_pipes bWinbindSealedPipes
      adds  f3245c7   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_trusted_domains_only bWinbindTrustedDomainsOnly
      adds  cd8aed9   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_use_default_domain bWinbindUseDefaultDomain
      adds  f12b576   param: Rename variable used for lp_wins_dns_proxy bWINSdnsProxy
      adds  32d8a0a   param: Rename variable used for lp_wins_proxy bWINSproxy
      adds  540d7ca   param: Rename variable used for lp_afs_username_map szAfsUsernameMap
      adds  67d5493   param: Rename variable used for lp_ctdbd_socket ctdbdSocket
      adds  a89ec8b   param: Rename variable used for lp_dedicated_keytab_file szDedicatedKeytabFile
      adds  4253eed   param: Rename variable used for lp_dnsdomain szRealm_lower
      adds  603282d   param: Rename variable used for lp_guestaccount szGuestaccount
      adds  37318b6   param: Rename variable used for lp_lockdir szLockDir
      adds  35993f2   param: Rename variable used for lp_logon_drive szLogonDrive
      adds  d0d6d8a   param: Rename variable used for lp_logon_home szLogonHome
      adds  023ac0f   param: Rename variable used for lp_logon_path szLogonPath
      adds  8e8745f   param: Rename variable used for lp_logon_script szLogonScript
      adds  d06b706   param: Rename variable used for lp_netbios_name szNetbiosName
      adds  26e3bc0   param: Rename variable used for lp_netbios_scope szNetbiosScope
      adds  409fe4f   param: Rename variable used for lp_ntp_signd_socket_directory szNTPSignDSocketDirectory
      adds  06499f7   param: Rename variable used for lp_passwordserver szPasswordServer
      adds  137d72d   param: Rename variable used for lp_piddir szPidDir
      adds  3198a05   param: Rename variable used for lp_private_dir szPrivateDir
      adds  0053af8   param: Rename variable used for lp_realm szRealm_upper
      adds  bcea89b   param: Rename variable used for lp_smb_passwd_file szSMBPasswdFile
      adds  8fdb373   param: Rename variable used for lp_template_homedir szTemplateHomedir
      adds  c7a0976   param: Rename variable used for lp_template_shell szTemplateShell
      adds  74ac460   param: Rename variable used for lp_utmpdir szUtmpDir
      adds  4fe2612   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbindd_privileged_socket_directory szWinbinddPrivilegedSocketDirectory
      adds  b848ffc   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbindd_socket_directory szWinbinddSocketDirectory
      adds  d7d16a8   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_separator szWinbindSeparator
      adds  37f67b8   param: Rename variable used for lp_workgroup szWorkgroup
      adds  3ea2341   param: Rename variable used for lp_wtmpdir szWtmpDir
      adds  32b2011   param: Rename variable used for lp_afs_token_lifetime iAfsTokenLifetime
      adds  e7e1130   param: Rename variable used for lp_algorithmic_rid_base AlgorithmicRidBase
      adds  a8a603b   param: Rename variable used for lp_client_schannel clientSchannel
      adds  64c3eee   param: Rename variable used for lp_config_backend ConfigBackend
      adds  c04e5bd   param: Rename variable used for lp_idmap_cache_time iIdmapCacheTime
      adds  fcc0039   param: Rename variable used for lp_idmap_negative_cache_time iIdmapNegativeCacheTime
      adds  9ef5fe0   param: Rename variable used for lp_init_logon_delay InitLogonDelay
      adds  774d293   param: Rename variable used for lp_keepalive iKeepalive
      adds  f58121c   param: Rename variable used for lp_kerberos_method iKerberosMethod
      adds  1f68d33   param: Rename variable used for lp_lock_spin_time iLockSpinTime
      adds  d57869d   param: Rename variable used for lp_maxmux max_mux
      adds  bd7182f   param: Rename variable used for lp_max_smbd_processes iMaxSmbdProcesses
      adds  7568b26   param: Rename variable used for lp_max_stat_cache_size iMaxStatCacheSize
      adds  76f1ab4   param: Rename variable used for lp_passwd_chat_timeout iPasswdChatTimeout
      adds  395aee4   param: Rename variable used for lp_printcap_cache_time PrintcapCacheTime
      adds  f1e266e   param: Rename variable used for lp_server_schannel serverSchannel
      adds  6f037d7   param: Rename variable used for lp_smb2_max_read ismb2_max_read
      adds  872f8db   param: Rename variable used for lp_smb2_max_trans ismb2_max_trans
      adds  5299ed1   param: Rename variable used for lp_smb2_max_write ismb2_max_write
      adds  fe6b608   param: Rename variable used for lp_usernamelevel unamelevel
      adds  aaa8e43   param: Rename variable used for lp_username_map_cache_time iUsernameMapCacheTime
      adds  13a6310   param: Rename variable used for lp_usershare_max_shares iUsershareMaxShares
      adds  5cc00da   param: Rename variable used for lp_auth_methods AuthMethods
      adds  b3d9c14   param: Rename variable used for lp_cluster_addresses szClusterAddresses
      adds  febd26e   param: Rename variable used for lp_dcerpc_endpoint_servers dcerpc_ep_servers
      adds  ed8ac48   param: Rename variable used for lp_dns_update_command szDNSUpdateCommand
      adds  ce536d6   param: Rename variable used for lp_eventlog_list szEventLogs
      adds  f6c5c38   param: Rename variable used for lp_interfaces szInterfaces
      adds  be9821b   param: Rename variable used for lp_name_resolve_order szNameResolveOrder
      adds  0d6e322   param: Rename variable used for lp_netbios_aliases szNetbiosAliases
      adds  3be3780   param: Rename variable used for lp_nsupdate_command szNSUpdateCommand
      adds  bb61e10   param: Rename variable used for lp_preload_modules szPreloadModules
      adds  ade2a26   param: Rename variable used for lp_rndc_command szRNDCCommand
      adds  6fe49ed   param: Rename variable used for lp_samba_kcc_command szSambaKCCCommand
      adds  558662f   param: Rename variable used for lp_spn_update_command szSPNUpdateCommand
      adds  23cf8e7   param: Rename variable used for lp_svcctl_list szServicesList
      adds  b48586e   param: Rename variable used for lp_usershare_prefix_allow_list szUsersharePrefixAllowList
      adds  4791c0e   param: Rename variable used for lp_usershare_prefix_deny_list szUsersharePrefixDenyList
      adds  434a261   param: Rename variable used for lp_winbind_nss_info szWinbindNssInfo
      adds  e57d08d   param: Rename variable used for lp_wins_server_list szWINSservers
      adds  f42246b   param: Rename variable used for lp_abort_shutdown_script szAbortShutdownScript
      adds  f3080c7   param: Rename variable used for lp_addgroup_script szAddGroupScript
      adds  fb0a0c6   param: Rename variable used for lp_addmachine_script szAddMachineScript
      adds  20ded0f   param: Rename variable used for lp_addport_cmd szAddPortCommand
      adds  88287a6   param: Rename variable used for lp_addprinter_cmd szAddPrinterCommand
      adds  833e8cb   param: Rename variable used for lp_add_share_cmd szAddShareCommand
      adds  de80931   param: Rename variable used for lp_adduser_script szAddUserScript
      adds  de281b6   param: Rename variable used for lp_addusertogroup_script szAddUserToGroupScript
      adds  0c2a7ab   param: Rename variable used for lp_auto_services szAutoServices
      adds  ab90ca9   param: Rename variable used for lp_change_share_cmd szChangeShareCommand
      adds  9b1144c   param: Rename variable used for lp_check_password_script szCheckPasswordScript
      adds  19a0106   param: Rename variable used for lp_cups_server szCupsServer
      adds  56a2452   param: Rename variable used for lp_defaultservice szDefaultService
      adds  ce285a1   param: Rename variable used for lp_deleteprinter_cmd szDeletePrinterCommand
      adds  8207bf6   param: Rename variable used for lp_delete_share_cmd szDeleteShareCommand
      adds  1a62b1e   param: Rename variable used for lp_delgroup_script szDelGroupScript
      adds  58b64cb   param: Rename variable used for lp_deluserfromgroup_script szDelUserFromGroupScript
      adds  abee525   param: Rename variable used for lp_deluser_script szDelUserScript
      adds  d045cfb   param: Rename variable used for lp_enumports_cmd szEnumPortsCommand
      adds  3293c7f   param: Rename variable used for lp_get_quota_command szGetQuota
      adds  0047844   param: Rename variable used for lp_iprint_server szIPrintServer
      adds  85c587c   param: Rename variable used for lp_ldap_admin_dn szLdapAdminDn
      adds  1f9209a   param: Rename variable used for lp_ldap_suffix szLdapSuffix
      adds  ef3bfd73e param: Rename variable used for lp_log_nt_token_command szLogNtTokenCommand
      adds  3ad53d5   param: Rename variable used for lp_mangling_method szManglingMethod
      adds  2e1714e   param: Rename variable used for lp_msg_command szMsgCommand
      adds  90700df   param: Rename variable used for lp_nis_home_map_name szNISHomeMapName
      adds  cae093c   param: Rename variable used for lp_os2_driver_map szOs2DriverMap
      adds  ceda82f   param: Rename variable used for lp_panic_action szPanicAction
      adds  fd17237   param: Rename variable used for lp_passwd_chat szPasswdChat
      adds  9012bde   param: Rename variable used for lp_passwd_program szPasswdProgram
      adds  5285490   param: Rename variable used for lp_perfcount_module szSMBPerfcountModule
      adds  640c0bf   param: Rename variable used for lp_remote_announce szRemoteAnnounce
      adds  9459015   param: Rename variable used for lp_remote_browse_sync szRemoteBrowseSync
      adds  abd9173   param: Rename variable used for lp_renameuser_script szRenameUserScript
      adds  4d75443   param: Rename variable used for lp_rootdir szRootdir
      adds  3173e61   param: Rename variable used for lp_serverstring szServerString
      adds  0cb3a41   param: Rename variable used for lp_setprimarygroup_script szSetPrimaryGroupScript
      adds  bea2aea   param: Rename variable used for lp_set_quota_command szSetQuota
      adds  0da7b50   param: Rename variable used for lp_share_backend szShareBackend
      adds  8639ac7   param: Rename variable used for lp_shutdown_script szShutdownScript
      adds  af296ac   param: Rename variable used for lp_usershare_path szUsersharePath
      adds  d4bd1b0   param: Rename variable used for lp_wins_hook szWINSHook
      adds  02f3523   param: Rename variable used for lp__domain_master domain_master
      adds  501e922   param: Rename variable used for lp_init_logon_delayed_hosts szinit_logon_delayedHosts
      adds  0e5767f   param: Rename variable used for lp_username_map_script usernameMapScript
      adds  9316cec   param: Rename variable used for lp_username_map usernameMap
      adds  a316268   script: Remove unused and no-longer-working extract_allparms.sh
      adds  e465634   s4-testparm: modify dumping of parameters to use the lib/param code to have more consistent output
      adds  fa5a1cc   lib/param: fix parameter dumping to detect share and global parameters
      adds  931a370   param: fix incorrect file error handling in s4 pyparam
      adds  72c6645   s4-param: add error messages for failure to dump a parameter
      adds  3c36067   docs: update acl check permissions to be consistent with testparm
      adds  346f0d2   docs: update acl allow execute always to be consistent with testparm
      adds  0b1fd3c   docs: update usershare owner only always to be consistent with testparm
      adds  d64a35e   docs: update use sendfile to be consistent with testparm
      adds  de43178   docs: update unix charset to be consistent with testparm
      adds  2e80b47   docs: update cups encrypt to be consistent with testparm
      adds  68a145b   docs: update winbind refresh tickets to be consistent with testparm
      adds  6637557   docs: update defer sharing violations to be consistent with testparm
      adds  580bde7   docs: update acl map full control to be consistent with testparm
      adds  ce25bcf   docs: update rpc big endian to be consistent with testparm
      adds  635b062   docs: update winbind offline logon to be consistent with testparm
      adds  b889f0f   docs: update unicode default to be consistent with testparm
      adds  c3f6a09   docs: update idmap cache time to be consistent with testparm
      adds  d44a70f   docs: update usershare prefix deny list to be consistent with testparm
      adds  1273df8   docs: update veto files to be consistent with testparm
      adds  56fae25   docs: fix locking to include the default correctly
      adds  060e3ef   docs: fix map hidden to include the default correctly
      adds  6cfee0d   docs: fix template shell to include the default correctly
      adds  962f3e9   docs: update user share template share to be consistent with testparm
      adds  d48f0c8   docs: update user share prefix allow list to be consistent with testparm
      adds  8727459   docs: fix rename user script to be of the correct type (string)
      adds  fa521e6   docs: update printer name to be consistent with testparm
      adds  9ba2ea5   docs: modify winbind separator to remove unnecessary quotes
      adds  73d035b   docs: include the type attribute of enable core files
      adds  842d053   docs: include the type attribute of netbios name
      adds  1165037   docs: include the type attribute for path parameter
      adds  4c3a33b   docs: include the type attribute for server string parameter
      adds  d5ce0d3   docs: fix type attribute for share backend parameter
      adds  ffefbc4   docs: include the type attribute for local master parameter
      adds  0531dff   docs: fixup type attribute for registry shares parameter
      adds  9ad5a6c   docs: fixup type attribute for rpc big endian parameter
      adds  31a5039   docs: fixup type attribute for unicode parameter
      adds  c49af66   docs: include the type attribute for force create mode
      adds  5e18ede   docs: include the type attribute for getwd cache
      adds  4b28688   docs: fix typo in attributes for msdfs root parameter
      adds  1d26e91   docs: include type attribute for winbind enum users
      adds  7aa6fa9   docs: fix default cache directory
      adds  725ce52   docs: fix default max open files value to be consistent with the code
      adds  7b82f7c   docs: change default root directory to blank
      adds  7b347f6   docs: change default string slightly for passwd chat to match source code
      adds  0e7e9a2   docs: update check password script to be consistent with testparm
      adds  b9678e5   docs: fix and explain defaults for tls parameters
      adds  92b0344   docs: explain where the defaults for these printing parameters comes from
      adds  400b52d   docs: Use <comment> for magic output parameter default
      adds  dba465b   docs: Change smb encrypt default in docs to match s3 and lib/param
      adds  dec0625   docs: Change client signing default in docs to match s3 and lib/param
      adds  c0ba1f3   docs: update client max protocol to be consistent with testparm
      adds  166022c   docs: adjust default for kerberos method to match testparm output
      adds  40ab863   docs: update winbind offline logon example to be consistent with default
      adds  06b05c3   docs: update winbind refresh tickets example to be consistent with default
      adds  d84ea8c   lib/param: fix unix charset to match docs
      adds  f03ebe4   lib/param: change max connections from -1 to 0 to be consistent with docs
      adds  05fffe6   param: set a default list of server services in s3 loadparm
      adds  8f95b42   param: set a default list of ntvfs handlders in s3 loadparm
      adds  aaab6d5   param: set a default list of dcerpc endpoint servers in s3 loadparm and update docs to be consistent
      adds  7c78dc5   param: set default tls enabled to true in s3 loadparm
      adds  eeec6e4   param: add default share backend to s3 loadparm
      adds  7d7cabc   param: add default preferred master to s3 loadparm
      adds  9fad673   param: add default for allow dns updates in s3 loadparm
      adds  796c29b   lib/param: change default to be consistent with docs and s3
      adds  ff4f759   lib/param: add default algorithmic rid base
      adds  f2c2628   lib/param: add default for enhanced browsing parameter
      adds  ed7b69d   lib/param: add default for enhanced browsing parameter
      adds  5a729ca   lib/param: add default for server schannel
      adds  37f7d07   lib/param: add default for short preserve case
      adds  1f56867   lib/param: add default for max open files
      adds  61a1807   lib/param: add default for cups connection timeout
      adds  53847ee   lib/param: add default for security parameter
      adds  ed8e4f2   lib/param: add default for block size parameter
      adds  ab7a7cf   lib/param: add default for client use spnego
      adds  6f273cc   lib/param: add default for change notify parameter
      adds  cf6aac3   lib/param: add default for name cache timeout
      adds  4894da1   lib/param: add default for defer sharing violations parameter
      adds  51a5942   lib/param: add default for ldap replication sleep
      adds  937c610   lib/param: add default for idmap backend
      adds  7273d9b   lib/param: add default for enable privileges parameter
      adds  cfae645   lib/param: add default for smb2 max write
      adds  4e776a4   lib/param: add default for passdb backend
      adds  9a062e1   lib/param: add default for getwd cache parameter
      adds  9fd38d1   lib/param: add default for winbind nested groups parameter
      adds  5c8ca2e   lib/param: add default for mangled names default
      adds  83e13ac   lib/param: add default for smb2 max credits
      adds  f46b306   lib/param: add default for ldap ssl parameter
      adds  aab2140   lib/param: add default for ldap deref parameter
      adds  51a5180   lib/param: add default for lm interval
      adds  78bd7c7   lib/param: add default for mangling method
      adds  8f40b75   lib/param: add default for hide dot files parameter
      adds  543599f   lib/param: add default for browse list parameter
      adds  0990ff6   lib/param: add default for password chat timeout
      adds  8fbe926   lib/param: Move GUEST_ACCOUNT define to a common header
      adds  44795c6   lib/param: add default for guest account
      adds  c760e61   lib/param: set defaults for a number of previously unset parameters
      adds  846795e   lib/param: fix nbt client socket address default setting to be consistent with s3 and docs
      adds  5a323f3   lib/param: change server min protocol to be consistent with s3 and docs
      adds  8016404   param: Add default for ntp signd socket directory to s3 loadparm
      adds  e6eea24   param: Add default for winbindd privileged socket directory to s3 loadparm
      adds  223bd6ed  param: Add defaults for tls parameters to s3 loadparm
      adds  3d80a97   param: Add default for samba kcc command to s3 loadparm
      adds  1571c44   param: Add default for dns update command to s3 loadparm
      adds  6b040b2   param: Add default for spn update command to s3 loadparm
      adds  3afeeb6   param: Add default for nsupdate command to s3 loadparm
      adds  826ba5f   param: Add default for rndc command to s3 loadparm
      adds  28346a6e  param: assign default ports in s3 loadparm to match docs and s4
      adds  58865d9   pthreadpool: Fix a comment, "quit"->"shutdown"
      adds  58d3ad7   param: fix an offset bug in lpcfg_set_cmdline
      adds  21a94c0   param: remove unnecessary checks in dump a parameter
      adds  0237936   docs: update XInclude year to conform with current standard
      adds  1d68b5b   docs: remove the file prefix from included path names
      adds  c18096b   lib/param: fix copy service to include the case for P_CHAR
      adds  b04b4fb   param: don't ignore some parameters when performing map_parameter
      adds  12aed89   docs: Remove find_missing_manpages replaced by docs.py and dependent on a Makefile.in file
      adds  7ddb58d   docs: Remove unused parameters.global.xml and parameters.service.xml
      adds  c7790d6   lib/param: Fix copy_service to handle BOOLREV
      adds  5c2aac0   param: pad permissions to 3 digits and update docs to be consistent
      adds  36c88ca   lib/param: Make lpcfg_print_parameter() common
      adds  0d506d2   s3-param: Make dump_a_parameter use lp_paramater() rather than an open-coded loop
      adds  d2782ac   s3-param: Use lpcfg_dump_a_parameter in dump_a_parameter
      adds  7eecd7c   lib/param: Make and use common lpcfg_map_parameter
      adds  b13a160   lib/param: Make and use lpcfg_equal_parameter in common
      adds  c813e91   param: remove unused bPreferredMaster from s3 loadparm in LOADPARM_EXTRA_GLOBALS
      adds  0f119aa   lib/param: Remove unused lpcfg_next_parameter (once used by SWAT)
      adds  02d60cd   param: Remove unused lp_next_parameter (once used by SWAT)
      adds  ebb04f4   param: Remove unused lp_is_default (once used by SWAT)
      adds  54f3807   lib/param: Do not check defaults_saved in is_default
      adds  c2b8d31   param: Do not check defaults_saved in is_default
      adds  164ee00   ctdb-eventscripts: Do not mark node unhealthy if no fs is available
      adds  f42d380   s3:brlock: fix a comment typo
      adds  6dd1008   dbwrap_tool: remove the short form "-p" of "--persistent"
      adds  6f748fe   docs: remove short form "-p" of --persistent from dbwrap_tool manpage
      adds  c3f9327   dbwrap_tool: add option "--non-persistent" and force excatly one of "--[non-]persistent"
      adds  1e3b352   docs: document new --non-persistent option to dbwrap_tool
      adds  e93f052   docs: remove extra spaces in synopsis of dbwrap_tool
      adds  6b2d67a   smbd:smb2: fix durable reconnect: set fsp->fnum from the smbXsrv_open->local_id
      adds  0b23345   s3:smbd: skip empty records in smbXsrv_open_cleanup()
      adds  af360ed   s4:torture:smb2: fix durable-open.reopen4
      adds  9fb9438   selftets: durable-open.reopen4 succeeds now.
      adds  afdb715   build: Build idmap_ad by default
      adds  05c1fe5   s4:tls_tstream: allow mode of SSL keyfile to be 0400, not only 0600
      adds  e5778cc   ctdb/daemon: reloadips must register state of asynchronous controls
      adds  1640f36   ctdb/tests/eventscripts: Improve ip command stub secondary handling
      adds  b112a33   ctdb/tests/eventscripts: Avoid errors on broken pipe
      adds  1566790   ctdb-daemon: Return negative status only if there are known errors
      adds  35eb6cb   ctdb-doc: Fix usage string for ctdb readkey/writekey
      adds  413e0b6   param: Complete the removal of the "open files database hash size" parameter
      adds  19d7ed8   param: remove static functions in param_functions.c
      adds  f296e6e   param: Rename variable used for lp__printername szPrintername
      adds  3e073f1   lib/param: fix a comment for lpcfg_printername
      adds  09b8816   param: fixup security default to AUTO to permit server role = domain member
      adds  7ebd3bb   param: Rename variable used for lp__security security
      adds  2152c77   param: Rename variable used for lp__server_role server_role
      adds  8427c79   lib/param: set default for -valid parameter
      adds  fc77a69   s4-resolve: Add lmhosts support into the source4 name resolve code
      adds  6a65086   lib/param: change name resolve order to include lmhosts as per the docs
      adds  2753975   docs: change hard-coded default of nsupdate command to match lib/param
      adds  eabecda   lib/param: Fix default of usershare path to match docs
      adds  6db0015   lib/param: Fix default of panic action to match s3
      adds  4899755   lib/param: Fix default of smb passwd file to match s3
      adds  158ce93   lib/param: Fix default of logon home to match s3
      adds  9d92e43   lib/param: Fix default of logon path to match s3
      adds  0d961e4   lib/param: Fix default of printjob username to match s3
      adds  0c2dae1   lib/param: change min wins ttl default to be consistent with docs
      adds  3351acb   lib/param: change server max protocol to be consistent with s3 and docs
      adds  9893cf6   s3-param: Remove compilation conditional for setting directory name cache size.
      adds  0e552e0   docs: adjust the defaults for list parameters to include commas to match testparm output
      adds  57ba012   docs: define and include entities for the docs
      adds  53522ac   docs: Allow smb.conf.5 to still be generated outside the waf build
      adds  44026cf   docs: change default in pid directory to use an entity
      adds  e450a98   docs: change default in dns update command to use an entity
      adds  9143987   docs: change default in smb passwd file to use an entity
      adds  308b8b2   docs: change default in ncalrpc dir to use an entity
      adds  9a76eed   docs: change default in winbindd socket directory to use an entity
      adds  d0839f3   docs: change default in state directory to use an entity
      adds  31a48b8   docs: change default in lock directory to use an entity
      adds  79229f4   docs: change default in private directory to use an entity
      adds  072b053   docs: change default of spn update command to use an entity
      adds  7a93e0f   docs: change default of ntp signd socket directory to use an entity
      adds  c729ab8   docs: change default of samba kcc command to use an entity
      adds  f243479   docs: change default of winbindd privileged socket directory to use an entity
      adds  7d9cb4d   docs: change default of cache directory to use an entity
      adds  464009c   docs: change default of usershare path to use an entity
      adds  2c86758   docs: Always declare rule to build parameters.all.xml and do it first
      adds  fca80dc   selftest: updated docs.py script
      adds  b449d13   selftest/Samba3: make --log-stdout optional
      adds  a807195   build: warn about mixed declarations and code
      adds  ae3c21a   docs: insert meta data into mangled names parameter
      adds  d2c8f4e   docs: insert meta data into use sendfile parameter
      adds  5e3e2e2   docs: insert meta data into mangling char parameter
      adds  aad88fa   docs: insert meta data into domain logons parameter
      adds  7763428   docs: insert meta data into guest account parameter
      adds  68c5ac7   docs: insert meta data into lock directory parameter
      adds  4ab4d52   docs: insert meta data into password server parameter
      adds  06b2de5   docs: insert meta data into pid directory parameter
      adds  49c2c8b   docs: insert meta data into utmp directory parameter
      adds  7a4b27a   docs: insert meta data into wtmp directory parameter
      adds  199630e   docs: insert meta data into printjob username parameter
      adds  cc0453d   docs: insert meta data into locking parameter
      adds  fe5172b   docs: insert meta data into strict locking parameter
      adds  07d6ab3   docs: insert meta data into posix locking parameter
      adds  d13d8c1   docs: insert meta data into change notify parameter
      adds  6ba0eda   docs: insert meta data into kernel change notify parameter
      adds  8e32570   docs: insert meta data into afs username map parameter
      adds  a58ed15   docs: insert meta data into ctdbd socket parameter
      adds  52acc0c   docs: insert meta data into dedicated keytab file parameter
      adds  75eb53d   docs: insert meta data into dns forwarder parameter
      adds  9f8defe   docs: insert meta data into dos charset parameter
      adds  27e890c   docs: insert meta data into logon drive parameter
      adds  7de2312   docs: insert meta data into logon home parameter
      adds  d3936c7   docs: insert meta data into logon path parameter
      adds  e1f5921   docs: insert meta data into logon script parameter
      adds  14d2094   docs: insert meta data into nbt client socket address parameter
      adds  c22218c   docs: insert meta data into ncalrpc dir parameter
      adds  1c327b1   docs: insert meta data into netbios name parameter
      adds  98dde2e   docs: insert meta data into netbios scope parameter
      adds  fe018b8   docs: insert meta data into ntp signd socket directory parameter
      adds  48ea60d   docs: insert meta data into passdb backend parameter
      adds  341365a   docs: insert meta data into private dir parameter
      adds  7dae094   docs: insert meta data into smb passwd file parameter
      adds  8bc352d   docs: insert meta data into socket options parameter
      adds  675cf58   docs: insert meta data into template homedir parameter
      adds  3ac5b8e   docs: insert meta data into template shell parameter
      adds  8434cd2   docs: insert meta data into unix charset parameter
      adds  52f2daf   docs: insert meta data into winbindd privileged socket directory parameter
      adds  b6e3441   docs: insert meta data into winbindd socket directory parameter
      adds  9312401   docs: insert meta data into winbind separator parameter
      adds  5ee32fe   docs: insert meta data into workgroup parameter
      adds  467183f   docs: insert meta data into domain master parameter
      adds  1d5d9d4   docs: insert meta data into printer name parameter
      adds  0841edd   docs: insert meta data into security parameter
      adds  e075e8e   docs: insert meta data into server role parameter
      adds  906d665   docs: fix type for directory mask parameter
      adds  fd97d41   docs: fix type for force directory mode parameter
      adds  1a462cb   docs: fix type for dont descend parameter
      adds  8baff92   docs: fix type for case sensitive parameter
      adds  5b508c3   docs: fix type for default case parameter
      adds  4974614   docs: fix type for mangling char parameter
      adds  d240a47   docs: fix type for passdb backend parameter
      adds  1b1233a   docs: fix type for password server parameter
      adds  fa798a6   docs: fix type for socket options parameter
      adds  155524d   docs: fix type for domain master parameter
      adds  500a68a   docs: fix type for wins server parameter
      adds  0f81d54   docs: fix type for create mask parameter
      adds  ca1b987   docs: fix type for create krb5 conf parameter
      adds  09750ba   docs: fix type for winbind rpc only parameter
      adds  ee59dac   docs: fix type for client ldap sasl wrapping parameter
      adds  c16b717   docs: fix type for client schannel parameter
      adds  39db881   docs: fix type for client signing parameter
      adds  31bd888   docs: fix type for krb5 port parameter
      adds  baecdbb   docs: fix type for lm announce parameter
      adds  3d79038   docs: fix type for mangle prefix parameter
      adds  eb1435e   docs: fix type for nbt port parameter
      adds  5a00778   docs: fix type for server schannel parameter
      adds  1dd557f   docs: fix type for web port parameter
      adds  6c6d2e3   docs: fix type for dns update command parameter
      adds  2e4b1f1   docs: fix type for eventlog list parameter
      adds  f59b460   docs: fix type for nsupdate command parameter
      adds  700400c   docs: fix type for rndc command parameter
      adds  7b2a06b   docs: fix type for samba kcc command parameter
      adds  230c956   docs: fix type for spn update command parameter
      adds  205c8d6   docs: fix type for svcctl list parameter
      adds  6853a8e   docs: fix type for usershare prefix allow list parameter
      adds  b4c081e   docs: fix type for usershare prefix deny list parameter
      adds  ec7f471   docs: fix type for winbind nss info parameter
      adds  ec937af   docs: fix type for remote announce parameter
      adds  fbaf49b   docs: fix type for remote browse sync parameter
      adds  82db40a   docs: insert meta data into realm parameter
      adds  27efd7b   docs: insert meta data into enable spoolss for marking a synonym
      adds  1e63ab7   docs: insert meta data into writeable for marking a synonym
      adds  258c1bc   docs: insert meta data for read raw parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  a64b5cd   docs: insert meta data for write raw parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  8a912a4   docs: insert meta data for cups encrypt parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  4111243   docs: insert meta data for min receivefile size parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  a604daa   docs: insert meta data for preferred master parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  5504a57   docs: insert meta data for smb2 max credits parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  5273909   docs: insert meta data for winbind max domain connections parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  218c87e   docs: insert meta data for cache directory parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  0f13f51   docs: insert meta data for config file parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  4b477f7   docs: insert meta data for idmap backend parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  c981912   docs: insert meta data for idmap gid parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  7c94edb   docs: insert meta data for idmap uid parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  4122a64   docs: insert meta data for include parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  e57ef85   docs: insert meta data for ldap group suffix parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  a32400d   docs: insert meta data for ldap idmap suffix parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  46da271   docs: insert meta data for ldap machine suffix parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  d4822272  docs: insert meta data for ldap user suffix parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  333eef8   docs: insert meta data for printcap name parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  f08135e   docs: insert meta data for state directory parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  adcda7f   docs: insert meta data for tls cafile parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  1eac2cd   docs: insert meta data for tls certfile parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  0eb41b0   docs: insert meta data for tls crlfile parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  7a84d45   docs: insert meta data for tls dh params file parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  779443d   docs: insert meta data for tls keyfile parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  9e32e1a   docs: insert meta data for available parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  e435807   docs: insert meta data for -valid parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  d9f6ea9   docs: insert meta data for wide links parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  1fab5fe   docs: insert meta data for max print jobs parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  caa1db7   docs: insert meta data for copy parameter - mark do not generate function
      adds  d85bab2   loadparm: rename lp[cfg]_pathname to lp[cfg]_path for consistency with docs
      adds  3e8d02b   loadparm: rename the variable for "path" from pathname to path
      adds  4670c43   loadparm: rename lp[cfg]_hostsallow to lp[cfg]_hosts_allow for consistency with docs
      adds  c48c4da   loadparm: rename variable for "hosts allow" from hostsallow to hosts_allow
      adds  cdb6af9   loadparm: rename lp[cfg]_hostsdeny to lp[cfg]_hosts_deny for consistency with docs
      adds  974ad7c   loadparm: rename variable for "hosts deny" from hostsdeny to hosts_deny
      adds  16c8762   loadparm: rename lp[cfg]_readonly to lp[cfg]_read_only for consistency with docs
      adds  0cdb0f8   loadparm: rename variable for "read only" from readonly to read_only
      adds  4286e14   loadparm: rename lp[cfg]_print_ok to lp[cfg]_printable for consistency with docs
      adds  4b403e9   loadparm: rename variable for "printable" from print_ok to printable
      adds  43d59d5   loadparm: rename lp[cfg]_dir_mask to lp[cfg]_directory_mask for consistency with docs
      adds  7951763   loadparm: rename variable for "directory mask" from dir_mask to directory_mask
      adds  c295670   winbind3: Fix a comment typo
      adds  55cf688   winbind3: Use fstrcpy
      adds  241e98d   s3-lib: Add winbind_lookup_usersids().
      adds  1bb11c7   s3-auth: Add passwd_to_SamInfo3().
      adds  1b59c97   s3-auth: Pass talloc context to make_server_info_pw().
      adds  40e6456   s3-auth: Add passwd_to_SamInfo3().
      adds  a89060a   provision: Fix failures on re-provision incorrectly blamed on posix acl support.
      adds  673d415   ldb: Return LDB_ERR_INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_RIGHTS rather than OPERATIONS_ERROR on EACCES and EPERM
      adds  262c3de   dsdb: Return LDB_ERR_INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_RIGHTS rather than OPERATIONS_ERROR on EACCES and EPERM
      adds  e76bbef   ldb: pass module init errors back to the caller
      adds  b27543a   provision: improve error message when connecting to samdb without the correct permissions
      adds  ad773cc   pysmbd: improve the return of error codes in the python smbd bindings
      adds  f279a29   provision: capture slightly less generic exceptions during the test for acls
      adds  741e5dc   dsdb: Add more tests for DN+String and DN+Binary comparisons
      adds  0ce4631   winbind3: Simplify fillup_pw_field
      adds  cc84aa4   s3: rpc_server/srvsvc: NetShareSetInfo - Correctly initialize max_connections for info levels != 2 before calling the change share script.
      adds  4cda0bf   s3: rpc_server/srvsvc: NetShareSetInfo - let CSC policy be settable.
      adds  be8cd92   docs-xml: Add parameter CSC policy to the change share command.
      adds  98c961e   s4:samdb: respect SEARCH_FLAG_PRESERVEONDELETE
      adds  54d07da   torture: add zero length FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK test
      adds  00906f9   smbd/smb2_ioctl: fail zero length copy chunk requests
      adds  3be6649   vfs_btrfs: pass-through copy-chunk(len=0) requests
      adds  353fdc5   .gitignore: Ignore tag files from GNU Global tool
      adds  229dcfd   dbwrap: add flags DBWRAP_FLAG_NONE
      adds  cf0cb0a   dbwrap: add a dbwrap_flags argument to db_open()
      adds  6def1c3   dbwrap: add a dbwrap_flags argument to db_open_ctdb()
      adds  56bd404   dbwrap: add DBWRAP_FLAG_OPTIMIZE_READONLY_ACCESS
      adds  a97b588   dbwrap_ctdb: implement DBWRAP_FLAG_OPTIMIZE_READONLY_ACCESS
      adds  a20c977   dbwrap_open: add 'dbwrap_optimize_readonly:* = yes' option
      adds  020fab3   s3:rpc_client: optimize the netlogon_creds_cli.tdb for read-only access
      adds  906abe5   s3:registry: introduce REG_DBWRAP_FLAGS to use for all db_open calls
      adds  bbf0903   dbwrap: add a dbwrap_flags argument to db_open_tdb()
      adds  e4fbaad   dbwrap: add a dbwrap_flags argument to db_open_ntdb()
      adds  7e766a0   dbwrap: add dbwrap_flags argument to dbwrap_local_open()
      adds  4eb57bd   dbwrap: introduce DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_NONE for lock order "0".
      adds  85235d0   libcli: use DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_NONE when opening schannel_store.tdb
      adds  31c2336   s4:cluster: use DBWRAP_LOCK_ODER_NONE for local_db_tmp_open()
      adds  44c6643   dbwrap: explicitly use DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_NONE in tdb->ntdb conversion
      adds  24e434d   dbwrap: move definition of DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_MAX to the private header.
      adds  8dbb582   dbwrap: add DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_MIN
      adds  5e5a31b   dbwrap: add DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_VALID()
      adds  9914017   dbwrap: add a comment explaining the supported lock orders
      adds  c7961ee   dbwrap: completely check validity of lock order in dbwrap_check_lock_order()
      adds  b210e7a   dbwrap: use DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_VALID() in db_open()
      adds  9088bde   smbd: Fix memory overwrites
      adds  17adbbc   s3: modules: streaminfo: As we have no VFS function SMB_VFS_LLISTXATTR we can't cope with a symlink when lp_posix_pathnames() is true.
      adds  904a235   param: rename lp function and variable from 'force_dir_mode' to 'force_directory_mode'
      adds  60d46ff   param: rename lp function and variable from 'dontdescend' to 'dont_descend'
      adds  e02e9a3   param: rename lp function and variable from 'casesensitive' to 'case_sensitive'
      adds  617d9ac   param: rename lp function and variable from 'manglednames' to 'mangled_names'
      adds  cfa64d2   param: rename lp function and variable from 'defaultcase' to 'default_case'
      adds  7c0f3ea   param: rename lp function and variable from 'magicchar' to 'mangling_char'
      adds  e23c7ad   param: rename lp function and variable from 'guestaccount' to 'guest_account'
      adds  63c2497   param: rename lp function and variable from 'lockdir' to 'lock_directory'
      adds  8b8ebb4   param: rename lp function and variable from 'passwordserver' to 'password_server'
      adds  ca20ddb   param: rename lp function and variable from 'piddir' to 'pid_directory'
      adds  a702fca   param: rename lp function and variable from 'umtpdir' to 'utmp_directory'
      adds  418fc85   param: rename lp function and variable from 'wtmpdir' to 'wtmp_directory'
      adds  2ca2ab3   param: rename lp function and variable from "serverstring" to "server_string"
      adds  a1bc448   param: rename lp function and variable from "recursive_veto_delete" to "delete_veto_files"
      adds  324a976   param: rename lp function and variable from "hideunreadable" to "hide_unreadable"
      adds  debda15   param: rename lp function and variable from "hideunwriteable_files" to "hide_unwriteable_files"
      adds  fb8c6f8   param: rename lp function and variable from "preservecase" to "preserve_case"
      adds  11f910b   param: rename lp function and variable from "shortpreservecase" to "short_preserve_case"
      adds  bc455c3   param: rename lp function and variable from "veto_oplocks" to "veto_oplock_files"
      adds  d53a9a5   param: rename lp function and variable from "addgroup_script" to "add_group_script"
      adds  8feac80   param: rename lp function and variable from "addmachine_script" to "add_machine_script"
      adds  216d969   param: rename lp function and variable from "adduser_script" to "add_user_script"
      adds  ae64a8e   param: rename lp function and variable from "addusertogroup_script" to "add_user_to_group_script"
      adds  e4a482f   param: rename lp function and variable from "delgroup_script" to "delete_group_script"
      adds  9e42b5d   param: rename lp function and variable from "deluserfromgroup_script" to "delete_user_from_group_script"
      adds  5abd5e0   param: rename lp function and variable from "deluser_script" to "delete_user_script"
      adds  b61019f   param: rename lp function and variable from "setprimarygroup_script" to "set_primary_group_script"
      adds  317d287   param: rename lp function and variable from "add_share_cmd" to "add_share_command"
      adds  4f592c0   param: rename lp function and variable from "allow_insecure_widelinks" to "allow_insecure_wide_links"
      adds  619ddaff  param: rename lp function and variable from "change_share_cmd" to "change_share_command"
      adds  63e8b41   param: rename lp function and variable from "delete_share_cmd" to "delete_share_command"
      adds  f4414d6   param: rename lp function and variable from "fake_dir_create_times" to "fake_directory_create_times"
      adds  5f4159b   param: rename lp function and variable from "symlinks" to "follow_symlinks"
      adds  1256555   param: rename lp function and variable from "nis_home_map_name" to "homedir_map"
      adds  d2b6e33   param: rename lp function and variable from "magicoutput" to "magic_output"
      adds  e07f8ae   param: rename lp function and variable from "magicscript" to "magic_script"
      adds  8ec3e11   param: rename lp function and variable from "msg_command" to "message_command"
      adds  fc148e6   param: rename lp function and variable from "rootpostexec" to "root_postexec"
      adds  8d503a4   param: rename lp function and variable from "rootpreexec" to "root_preexec"
      adds  35dd3a7   param: rename lp function and variable from "addport_cmd" to "addport_command"
      adds  f8e7ea2   param: rename lp function and variable from "addprinter_cmd" to "addprinter_command"
      adds  df507a1   param: rename lp function and variable from "deleteprinter_cmd" to "deleteprinter_command"
      adds  cd17020   param: rename lp function and variable from "enumports_cmd" to "enumports_command"
      adds  d3460a7   param: rename lp function and variable from "lppausecommand" to "lppause_command"
      adds  3fda1fa   param: rename lp function and variable from "lpqcachetime" to "lpq_cache_time"
      adds  b8eeddd   param: rename lp function and variable from "lpqcommand" to "lpq_command"
      adds  bbcd004   param: rename lp function and variable from "lpresumecommand" to "lpresume_command"
      adds  db52b90   param: rename lp function and variable from "lprmcommand" to "lprm_command"
      adds  cf6f358   param: rename lp function and variable from "max_reported_jobs" to "max_reported_print_jobs"
      adds  77d0491   param: rename lp function and variable from "printcommand" to "print_command"
      adds  609e7be   param: rename lp function and variable from "queuepausecommand" to "queuepause_command"
      adds  798678e   param: rename lp function and variable from "queueresumecommand" to "queueresume_command"
      adds  4e4dbc9   param: rename lp function and variable from "ms_add_printer_wizard" to "show_add_printer_wizard"
      adds  f548585   param: rename lp function and variable from "cli_maxprotocol" to "client_max_protocol"
      adds  5be5acb   param: rename lp function and variable from "cli_minprotocol" to "client_min_protocol"
      adds  57d4074   param: rename lp function and variable from "maxmux" to "max_mux"
      adds  64dc4b5   param: rename lp function and variable from "srv_maxprotocol" to "server_max_protocol"
      adds  fc111c7   param: rename lp function and variable from "srv_minprotocol" to "server_min_protocol"
      adds  63598ff   param: rename lp function and variable from "encrypted_passwords" to "encrypt_passwords"
      adds  51f8a24   param: rename lp function and variable from "inherit_perms" to "inherit_permissions"
      adds  c81c75d   param: rename lp function and variable from "onlyuser" to "only_user"
      adds  8256cb5   param: rename lp function and variable from "readlist" to "read_list"
      adds  ad4048b   param: rename lp function and variable from "renameuser_script" to "rename_user_script"
      adds  73bac10   param: rename lp function and variable from "rootdir" to "root_directory"
      adds  7cdcf13   param: rename lp function and variable from "usernamelevel" to "username_level"
      adds  e3052c5   param: rename lp function and variable from "writelist" to "write_list"
      adds  fe9974c   param: rename lp function and variable from "maxdisksize" to "max_disk_size"
      adds  52b1b16   param: rename lp function and variable from "minprintspace" to "min_print_space"
      adds  61d4af5   param: rename lp function and variable from "syncalways" to "sync_always"
      adds  a397967   param: rename lp function and variable from "nis_home_map" to "nis_homedir"
      adds  9f2e6f5   s4:samba-tool/testparm: add a warning when acting as an AD-DC and not using UTF-8
      adds  6e98b0f   s3: increase default fudge factor for max open files from 20 to 40
      adds  ca39dc8   docs: insert function name "timestamp_logs" into debug timestamp parameter
      adds  d3b9d77   docs: insert function name "we_are_a_wins_server" into wins support parameter
      adds  4864ac9   docs: insert function name "auto_services" into preload parameter
      adds  7783514   docs: insert function name "defaultservice" into default service parameter
      adds  b0ccb91   docs: insert function name "logfile" into log file parameter
      adds  023045f   docs: insert function name "_disable_spoolss" into disable spoolss parameter
      adds  372072f   docs: insert function name "wins_server_list" into wins server parameter
      adds  bb0b857   docs: insert function name "wins_dns_proxy" into dns proxy parameter
      adds  a416edf   param: rename and move usershare template parameter from LOADPARM_EXTRA_GLOBALS to param_functions.c
      adds  98e8126   param: rename and move log level from LOADPARM_EXTRA_GLOBALS to param_functions.c
      adds  907f49e   lib/param: Mark source code generators as group build_source
      adds  fefc596   libwbclient4: Add wbc_sids_to_xids
      adds  de7122d   source4: Use wbc_sids_to_xids
      adds  f275ce4   libwbclient4: Add wbc_xids_to_sids
      adds  d0932a1   source4: Use wbc_xids_to_sids
      adds  ba5f027   libwbclient4: Remove unused composite-based functions
      adds  1de725c   auth4: security_token_to_unix_token only needs a tevent_context
      adds  75d7c46   auth4: auth_session_info_fill_unix only needs a tevent_context
      adds  5124a9e   auth4: Do not generate just a temporary wbc_context
      adds  15700a9   pvfs: Use the tevent_context from the ntvfs_context
      adds  25e83a9   unixuid: Use the tevent_context from the ntvfs_context
      adds  5a42527   dcesrv_unixinfo: No wbc_context required
      adds  55dd08c   ntvfs_posix: No wbc_context required
      adds  f35f88d   ntvfs_unixuid: No wbc_context required
      adds  6b04558   auth4: Remove unused wbc_context
      adds  41ff0f4   winbind4: Remove unused winbind_get_idmap irpc operation
      adds  8507885   lib/ldb-samba: add more attributes with LDB_SYNTAX_SAMBA_GUID
      adds  91b3e41   librpc/ndr: fix headers in ndr_dcerpc.c
      adds  e2a6214   librpc/ndr: add NDR_ERR_INCOMPLETE_BUFFER and LIBNDR_FLAG_INCOMPLETE_BUFFER
      adds  ef5e0b7   librpc/ndr: remember INCOMPLETE_BUFFER missing bytes in relative_highest_offset
      adds  53e0ced   librpc/ndr: add support for a shallow copy to ndr_pull_subcontext_start/end
      adds  7b57170   librpc/ndr: add ndr_pull_append/pop()
      adds  3b2b0aa4  librpc/ndr: add ndr_syntax_id_[from|to]_string()
      adds  9c5664f   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_sec_vt_header2_[from_ncacn_packet|equal]()
      adds  1fd4842   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_sec_verification_trailer_check()
      adds  1137d62   s4:librpc/rpc: add forward declaration for struct resolve_context
      adds  2e093cc   s4:librpc/rpc: only propose header signing if we use sign or seal
      adds  7676bf3   s4:rpc_server: verifiy the auth_info against the per connection values
      adds  b58f06c   s4:rpc_server: check header of each packet fragment
      adds  0856c63   s4:rpc_server: check verification trailer
      adds  aeab960   s3:librpc/rpc: only propose header signing if we use sign or seal
      adds  b5f3020   s3:rpc_server: minor refactoring of process_request_pdu()
      adds  6836ffc   s3:rpc_server: only become the user if we have a valid context_id
      adds  1eef03a   s3:rpc_server: check header of each packet fragment
      adds  34e6d79   s3:rpc_server: check verification trailer
      adds  ffd0585   selftest: let "make testenv SCREEN=1" use tmux if it is running
      adds  c677498   librpc/idl: add witness.idl
      adds  8e4a786   s3:rpcclient: add witness command
      adds  d6c9150   librpc/ndr: add ndr_table_by_syntax()
      adds  d791f33   s4:librpc/rpc: use the correct _recv function in continue_open_pipe()
      adds  327c060   s4:librpc/rpc: remove prototypes which are already in librpc/rpc/rpc_common.h
      adds  6ab7621   librpc/rpc: let dcerpc_floor_get_rhs_data() return 'char *'
      adds  166766e   s3:dcerpc_ep: make struct dcerpc_binding_vector private
      adds  09d3a0c   s3:dcerpc_ep: only use an array of 'struct dcerpc_binding *'
      adds  754f2eb   s3:dcerpc_ep: only use the explicitly passed object_guid
      adds  f9cc660   s3:dcerpc_ep: make ep_register() more tolerant regarding the passes binding vector
      adds  47d7b8d   s3:dcerpc_up: avoid useless talloc_zero() calls
      adds  a22cc6b   s3:rpc_server: initialize struct dcerpc_binding completely
      adds  f1a1adc   s3:rpcclient: initialize struct dcerpc_binding completely
      adds  129c64f   s4:torture/rpc: initialize struct dcerpc_binding completely
      adds  e48b641   s4:torture/drs: remove unused variables.
      adds  42eb407   s4:torture/rpc: fix compiler warnings in spoolss.c
      adds  3fcb659   s4:torture/rpc: remove unused variable in backupkey.c
      adds  e795b6c   s4:torture/rpc: remove unused variable in dsgetinfo.c
      adds  8eb7ad2   s4:torture/rpc: remove unused variable in frsapi.c
      adds  312860e   s4:torture/rpc: remove unused variable in session_key.c
      adds  2bc1734   s4:torture/rpc: fix rpc.mgmt test
      adds  48148a4   s4:torture/rpc: test all auth_types (8bit) in rpc.mgmt
      adds  81add42   s4:torture/rpc: print out the object guid in rpc.epmapper.epmapper.Lookup_simple
      adds  9a6201e   s4:torture/rpc: pass object down to test_Map_display()
      adds  ce973f7   s4:torture/rpc: fix rpc.scanner test
      adds  4f344f3   s3:srv_epmapper: fix logic in endpoints_match()
      adds  ab32b67   s3:srv_epmapper: only replace ipv4 addresses in _epm_Lookup() and _epm_Map()
      adds  ca6da61   s4:rpc_server: fix talloc hierachie dcesrv_context => dcesrv_endpoint => dcesrv_if_list
      adds  cd4ae0f   s4:librpc/test: an empty hostname means b->host == NULL
      adds  e977884   s4:torture: handle binding_struct->host == NULL in torture_parse_target()
      adds  b5eb5d9   librpc/rpc: handle dcerpc_binding->host == NULL in dcerpc_floor_get_rhs_data()
      adds  d89ff85   librpc/rpc: fix dcerpc_floor_set_rhs_data() with NULL data.
      adds  98b08df   librpc/rpc: simplify dcerpc_binding_build_tower()
      adds  ded9576   s3:rpc_client: use address "" and port "135" for epmapper requests
      adds  9a084b4   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_transport_by_name()
      adds  6e813ab   s4:librpc/rpc: use dcerpc_binding_dup() in dcerpc_schannel_key_send()
      adds  4cf691c   s4:librpc/rpc: avoid some indentation levels in dcerpc_epm_map_binding_send()
      adds  4340590   s4:librpc/rpc: fix memory hierachie in dcerpc_epm_map_binding_send()
      adds  e42a674   s4:librpc/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_dup() in dcerpc_epm_map_binding_send()
      adds  e5e8757   s4:libnet: make use of dcerpc_binding_dup() in libnet_join.c
      adds  47fa7c8   s4:libnet: use dcerpc_binding_dup() in continue_epm_map_binding_send()
      adds  da9b3c1   s4:rpc_server/epmapper: make use of dcerpc_binding_dup() in build_ep_list()
      adds  fd79652   s3: vfs_dirsort module.
      adds  30cc8f4   s3: vfs_dirsort module.
      adds  a7d4185   build: don't execute tests/summary.c
      adds  aea623e   param: auto generate param_functions.c at build time
      adds  8685086   lib/param: Normalise "read raw" and "write raw" parameters
      adds  4ea7318   lib/param: Remove special handling for 'state dir' and 'cache dir'
      adds  66c2fbf   lib/param: update generate_param.py to generate more of loadparm
      adds  a29d885   lib/param: explicitly use mode=FUNCTIONS when running generate_param.py
      adds  526cf3c   param: use generate_param.py to generate param_proto.h
      adds  cc6a778   lib/param: generate the param_functions.h containing the prototypes
      adds  0c7ed5a   param: No longer have a special case for lp_configfile
      adds  b1de1ab   param: use generate_param.py to generate param_global.h
      adds  ac16049   param: use generate_param.py to generate param_local.h
      adds  5cab9f1   param: use generate_param.py to generate s3_param.h
      adds  2bf17a9   param: use generate_param.py to generate loadparm_ctx_table.c
      adds  89ff7b0d  param: remove special cases for tls files
      adds  6e954a5   param: move SMB2 defaults to lib/param and use in loadparm_init
      adds  8c22634   param: Move LOADPARM_EXTRA_GLOBALS to lib/param/loadparm.h to be shared between loadparms
      adds  f38b1db   param: change fstype to use a constant string
      adds  218d397   param: change share backend to use a constant string
      adds  6b378f2   ctdb-eventscripts: Run mmlsconfig only once and use cached results
      adds  9a2a5a2   ctdb-eventscripts: Create extra files for ganesha recovery
      adds  276b233   ctdb-daemon: Consult CTDB_DEBUG_HUNG_SCRIPT variable before running debug script
      adds  e02c94d   cmdline: Remove dynconfig hooks in command line processing
      adds  e4bad92   smbd: Fix an uninitialized read
      adds  f0a385f   smbd: Slightly simplify vfswrap_fsctl
      adds  69594df   auth: Make new_server_id_task() static to auth_samba4
      adds  9abf162   smbXsrv_open.c: Initialize local variable.
      adds  6a7c420   waf:lib/replace fix iconv checks on HP/UX
      adds  176ae6c   ctdb-eventscripts: Deleting IPs should use the promote_secondaries option
      adds  a226015   ctdb-tests-eventscripts: Testing support for promote_secondaries
      adds  50fc53d   ctdb-tests: New test to ensure "ctdb reloadips" manipulates IPs correctly
      adds  f1a20d7   ctdb-recoverd: Fix a bug in the LCP2 rebalancing code
      adds  a9ccdec   ctdb-tests: Handle interactions with monitor events
      adds  f8c179b   build: allow some python variable overrides
      adds  31a9274   auth/gensec: only include "librpc/gen_ndr/dcerpc.h"
      adds  6f527c8   s4:auth/gensec: only include "librpc/gen_ndr/dcerpc.h"
      adds  83bd478   s4:client: fix some compiler warnings
      adds  b51cc6e   s4:torture/rpc: s/pipe/p/ in order to avoid compiler warnings
      adds  da481b5   s4:wrepl_server: avoid some compiler warnings
      adds  dfd30a6   s4:rpc_server/remote: avoid compiler a compiler warning
      adds  6a19332   s4:libnet: avoid compiler warnings in libnet_lookup.c
      adds  1228a93   s4:librpc/rpc: use dcerpc_binding_dup() before modifying the given binding
      adds  05193b3   s4:torture/rpc: use dcerpc_binding_dup() before modifying the given binding
      adds  16b56d7   s4:torture/rpc: use dcerpc_parse_binding() in epmapper.c
      adds  7fd9ee6   s4:rpc_server/spoolss: use dcerpc_parse_binding() to create the notify binding
      adds  5e3d72e   s3:rpcclient: make use of dcerpc_parse_binding() to create the binding
      adds  352d096   s3:rpc_server: make use of dcerpc_parse_binding() to create a binding.
      adds  09c5bd9   librpc/rpc: add some talloc checks to dcerpc_binding_string()
      adds  33fa75c   librpc/rpc: remove the options array in dcerpc_parse_binding() if not needed
      adds  3f40cde   librpc/rpc: only interpret the first option as endpoint if there's no '=' in it.
      adds  6557b42   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_binding_get_string_option()
      adds  8dfba57   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_binding_set_string_option()
      adds  7c0985b   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_binding_copy_string_option()
      adds  5d22127   librpc/rpc: keep talloc hierachie sane in dcerpc_parse_binding()
      adds  e4b246a   librpc/rpc: handle "localaddress" in dcerpc_binding_[s|g]et_string_option()
      adds  91a367d   s4:librpc/rpc: use dcerpc_binding_[g|set]_string_option("localaddress")
      adds  c327a60   librpc/rpc: let derpc_binding_string() add ncacn_options before key=value options
      adds  afcd550   librpc/rpc: remove dcerpc_binding->localaddress and store it in the options array
      adds  05b54f5   librpc/rpc: add ncacn_option_by_name()
      adds  017338a   librpc/rpc: set more things via dcerpc_binding_set_string_option()
      adds  ed8adc2   librpc/rpc: handle ncacn_options in dcerpc_binding_[s|g]et_string_option()
      adds  9f5a59e   librpc/rpc: simplify dcerpc_parse_binding()
      adds  77d0098   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_binding_get_auth_info()
      adds  8dac967   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_flags()
      adds  f066bd7   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_object()
      adds  6ce8d76   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_transport()
      adds  5ba5430   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_assoc_group_id()
      adds  4380055   librpc/rpc: allow "assoc_group_id" in dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_string()
      adds  ebc1869   librpc/rpc: add dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_abstract_syntax()
      adds  f2c058b   librpc/rpc: avoid loosing data with dcerpc_binding_string() -> dcerpc_parse_binding()
      adds  c2e1ded   s4:librpc/tests: use dcerpc_binding_get*() functions
      adds  0641087   s4:librpc/tests: add dcerpc_binding target_hostname/target_principal tests
      adds  df4a900   s4:librpc/tests: add dcerpc_binding assoc_group_id tests
      adds  c112242   librpc/rpc: use dcerpc_binding_get_*() in dcerpc_default_transport_endpoint()
      adds  aa8b2d3   librpc/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_set*() in dcerpc_binding_from_tower()
      adds  8ccebf3   s4:librpc/rpc: the table argument to dcerpc_epm_map_binding_send() isn't optional
      adds  c50664f   s4:librpc/rpc: always call dcerpc_binding_set_abstract_syntax() in dcerpc_epm_map_binding_send()
      adds  16de18e   s4:librpc/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_* functions in dcerpc_epm_map_binding_send()
      adds  cef6b2d   s4:librpc/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_assoc_group_id()
      adds  870a06a   s4:torture/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_*() in torture_rpc_connection_transport()
      adds  e796fcd   s4:torture/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_assoc_group_id() in handles.c
      adds  fd5d86a   s4:rpc_server/remote: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_assoc_group_id()
      adds  84528b9   s4:libnet_become_dc: make use of dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_assoc_group_id()
      adds  a281574   s4:librpc/rpc: remove unused dcerpc_pipe->assoc_group_id
      adds  0007346   s4:librpc/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_*() in dcerpc_connect.c
      adds  a1e0135   s3:rpc_client: avoid using dcerpc_binding internals in rpc_pipe_get_tcp_port()
      adds  3547872   s3:rpcclient: make use of dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_*() in rpcclient.c
      adds  6fff55c   s3:rpcclient: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_abstract_syntax() in cmd_epmapper.c
      adds  a91a59b   s3:rpcclient: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("host")
      adds  03f7c31   s3:rpc_server: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_abstract_syntax()
      adds  52ccd28   s3:dcerpc_ep: make use of dcerpc_binding helper functions
      adds  caeef25   s3:dcerpc_ep: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_abstract_syntax()
      adds  7f5badb   s3:srv_epmapper: make use of dcerpc_binding_*() functions in endpoints_match()
      adds  149cf1c   s3:srv_epmapper: use dcerpc_binding_get_transport() in _epm_Insert() and _epm_Delete()
      adds  022abd4   s3:srv_epmapper: use dcerpc_binding_get_abstract_syntax() in _epm_Insert()
      adds  516b9d6   s3:srv_epmapper: make use of dcerpc_binding_*() functions in build_ep_list()
      adds  37849f5   s3:srv_epmapper: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_abstract_syntax()
      adds  de8e013   s4:libnet: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_*() in libnet_rpc.c
      adds  133c5ba   s4:libnet: use 'const struct dcerpc_binding' for local readonly variables
      adds  98e2b3c   s4:libnet: make use of dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_*() in libnet_join.c
      adds  cd0981b   s4:libnet: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_flags()
      adds  ab5f89b   s4:libnet: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("host")
      adds  776f5c6   s4:libnet: use helper functions to access dcerpc_binding->target_hostname
      adds  549001f   s4:libnet: add const to libnet_JoinDomain->out.samr_binding
      adds  9632f92   s4:lib/com/dcom: use dcerpc_parse_binding() to create the binding
      adds  efcae33   s4:rpc_server: use dcerpc_binding_get_*() in endpoints_match()
      adds  e300c76   s4:rpc_server: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("endpoint")
      adds  bc4c7d4   s4:rpc_server: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_transport()
      adds  fb49c42   s4:rpc_server/epmapper: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_abstract_syntax() in build_ep_list()
      adds  451ca21   s4:rpc_server/remote: use ndr_table_by_syntax() in remote_op_bind()
      adds  f67a7cb   s4:rpc_server/remote: use dcerpc_binding_set_*() in remote_op_bind()
      adds  fd8834c   s4:dsdb/repl: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_string_option("target_principal")
      adds  581ded9   s4:dsdb/repl: make dreplsrv_get_target_principal() static
      adds  196c6e0   s4:dsdb/repl: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("host")
      adds  785c0fe   s4:winbind: don't access dcerpc_binding internals in init_domain_binding()
      adds  7109688   s4:winbind: make use of dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_flags()
      adds  41eaba7   s4:torture: use dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("host") in smbtorture.c
      adds  451d703   s4:torture/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_transport()
      adds  e2c5938   s4:torture/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_*() in torture_rpc_scanner()
      adds  460272d   s4:torture/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_flags()
      adds  03846bc   s4:torture/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_abstract_syntax() in epmapper.c
      adds  57476e4   s4:torture/rpc: use dcerpc_binding_set_abstract_syntax() in epmapper.c
      adds  26c2a27   s4:librpc/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_flags()
      adds  75927a5   s4:torture/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_flags()
      adds  2e93d6f   s4:torture/drs: make use of dcerpc_binding_set_flags()
      adds  982d9a0   s4:torture/drs: use make use of dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("host")
      adds  ff0d4d3   s4:torture/drs: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("host")
      adds  da846ba   s4:torture/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("host")
      adds  4bed466   s4:torture/libnet: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("host")
      adds  f309d67   s4:librpc/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("endpoint")
      adds  4afe367   s4:librpc/rpc: use dcerpc_binding_get_string_option("target_principal")
      adds  79c76ee   s4:librpc/rpc: use dcerpc_binding_get_string_option() for "host" and "target_hostname"
      adds  2a68f5d   s4:librpc/rpc: don't create a ncacn_np: binding
      adds  30fa344   s4:librpc/rpc: only pass down dcecli_connection to the low level connect functions
      adds  0cc3e94   s4:librpc/rpc: pass dcerpc_binding arround as 'const'
      adds  4d4e4ef   s4:librpc/rpc: make dcerpc_pipe->binding const
      adds  e4997ea   librpc/rpc: finaly make struct dcerpc_binding private
      adds  a47f584   s3-dsgetdcname: print IP address for LDAP ping.
      adds  4e05bad   librpc/nbt: increase MAX_COMPONENTS limit for nbt_names.
      adds  bd47498   ctdb:vacuum: fix debug message typo in add_record_to_delete_list()
      adds  0535f73   ctdb:vacuum: move retrieval of freelist to after vacuum run
      adds  e0bf930   s3:smb2_notify: fix use after free on long living notify requests
      adds  938bbff   regedit_valuelist.c: Coverity fix; Initialize a variable.
      adds  9c34ae4   winbindd: Use the right flags in dsgetdcname
      adds  057adfa   tdb: tdbtool: dump record hash with fixed number of 8 hex digits
      adds  adb2cd1   tdb: tdbtool: dump record magic with fixed number of 8 hex digits
      adds  cde8e29   tdb: simplify tdb_delete_hash() a bit
      adds  41b7aca   tdb: in tdb_delete_hash, make lock/unlock bracket more obvious
      adds  001b958   tdb: always open internal databases with incompatible hash.
      adds  4f31b3d   s4:pyrpc: fix talloc hierachy in py_dcerpc_interface_init_helper()
      adds  bf1e65c   s4:pyrpc: let dcerpc_interface_new() use py_dcerpc_interface_init_helper()
      adds  699f86c   Revert "winbind4: Remove unused winbind_get_idmap irpc operation"
      adds  279ee16   Revert "auth4: Remove unused wbc_context"
      adds  d5e88c2   Revert "ntvfs_unixuid: No wbc_context required"
      adds  90222dc   Revert "ntvfs_posix: No wbc_context required"
      adds  ebf0068   Revert "dcesrv_unixinfo: No wbc_context required"
      adds  e17bec1   Revert "unixuid: Use the tevent_context from the ntvfs_context"
      adds  2a345b2   Revert "pvfs: Use the tevent_context from the ntvfs_context"
      adds  97c6fd4   Revert "auth4: Do not generate just a temporary wbc_context"
      adds  cb5d5ee   Revert "auth4: auth_session_info_fill_unix only needs a tevent_context"
      adds  c8fd40c   Revert "auth4: security_token_to_unix_token only needs a tevent_context"
      adds  c1bffac   Revert "libwbclient4: Remove unused composite-based functions"
      adds  2f41eca   Revert "source4: Use wbc_xids_to_sids"
      adds  9017764   Revert "libwbclient4: Add wbc_xids_to_sids"
      adds  c4efff1   Revert "source4: Use wbc_sids_to_xids"
      adds  97a62e2   Revert "libwbclient4: Add wbc_sids_to_xids"
      adds  e2b0d25   testprogs: Use system binary if we did not build ldbdel.
      adds  cd65571   s3: printing: Fix problem with server taking too long to respond to a MSG_PRINTER_DRVUPGRADE message.
      adds  0d9bb86   build: find FILE_OFFSET_BITS via array
      adds  3dc7226   s3-auth: Pass mem_ctx to make_server_info_sam().
      adds  4d792db   s3-auth: Pass mem_ctx to auth_check_ntlm_password().
      adds  79e2725   s3-auth: Pass mem_ctx to do_map_to_guest_server_info().
      adds  2532149   ctdb-scripts: Enhancements to hung script debugging
      adds  9e5ef44   ctdb-recoverd: Optimise check for rebalance candidates in LCP2
      adds  24b734f   ctdb-recoverd: LCP2 cleanups
      adds  d4298e9   ctdb-tests: Improvements to tests INSTALL script
      adds  c743fc4   ctdb-scripts: Update a misleading comment
      adds  c28d16e   Define the winbindd socket directory when building wbclient
      adds  2945596   clitar.c: fresh new compilable file.
      adds  1d142c6   clitar.c: expand context structure and implement cmd_block()
      adds  a896f04   clitar.c: add cmd_setmode(), remove typedef
      adds  b9b5bc4   clitar.c: add doc, remove _t suffix in enum name
      adds  342d38e   clitar.c: start of argument parsing
      adds  eebd378   client.c: remove trailing whitespace
      adds  45a45c8   implement argument parsing, split client_proto.h
      adds  431483e   client.c: remove unused extern declaration
      adds  113aa6f   clitar.c: add tar_dump() debug function, fix bugs
      adds  3a8e326   clitar: use lowercase for bool value
      adds  b753900   clitar.c: fix path name when adding them
      adds  60eec86   clitar.c, client.c: add flag to know if there's a tar operation to do.
      adds  50d0696   client.c, clitar.c: rename process_tar to tar_process, prepare code
      adds  0babaf7   s3/wscript, s3/wscript_build: add libarchive dependency.
      adds  ed9d220   client.c: fix negation in tar_to_process test
      adds  29542d1   clitar.c: start processing tar files in extraction mode
      adds  5af65f8   clitar.c: update TAR_DEFAULT_BLOCK_SIZE comment
      adds  dfd627b   clitar.c: factor path_list handling in a function, remove tar_fd
      adds  c9e23fd   clitar.c: fix_unix_path() now replace / with \
      adds  b7f6fd2   clitar.c: implement basic full extraction
      adds  ec1583e   clitar.c: don't create file when processing dir
      adds  9032fc7   clitar.c: implement basic tar creation
      adds  39a21cd   clitar.c: implement nosystem, nohidden and include filter.
      adds  d23074c   clitar.c: add line in DBG macro
      adds  d96e2b2   clitar.c: implement dry mode, add total_size and fix write bug
      adds  e2b0092   clitar: implement exclusion filter for extraction
      adds  cbad767   clitar.c: implement reset mode
      adds  b825854   clitar.c: fix include mode bug
      adds  6d0ff6d   clitar.c: fix creation exclusion, don't reverse in exclusion mode
      adds  5f99b09   clitar.c: operation INCLUDE_LIST same as INCLUDE
      adds  3348b13   clitar.c: cosmetic changes
      adds  679cd16   clitar.c: implement interactive command + respective test
      adds  7c973de   clitar.c: only list <include list> instead of whole share, handle wildcards
      adds  9cb9077   clitar.c: default block size was a multiple of TBLOCK
      adds  5fbe36c   clitar.h: delete file
      adds  3a7efaa   clitar.c: when returning int, always use 0 for success
      adds  cae6738   client: fix tar_parse_args() compiler warning
      adds  fc05ff3   clitar.c: blocksize in block unit, fix error handling in tar_create().
      adds  82dce8f   clitar.c: honor regex flag, emulate old behaviour (and quirks), add tests
      adds  5cd72b3   clitar.c: documentation
      adds  4426572   clitar.c: add prototype, rearrange definition for easier reading.
      adds  08f3c4e   clitar: remove unnecessary public function prototypes
      adds  68305d9   clitar.c: create and free talloc context properly
      adds  b8844fc   clitar.c: check all allocations return value
      adds  2155b5b   manpages/smbclient: update tarmode documentation
      adds  1be1303   manpages/smbclient: remove trailing whitespace
      adds  92356e1   s3/selftest/tests.py: add test_smbclient_tarmode.pl to test suite
      adds  95f9e60   s3: add --with-libarchive to build configuration
      adds  a66942d   clitar.c: fix segfault in cmd_block()
      adds  14c6e9b   s3: fix --with-libarchive bug, remove useless DEFINE()
      adds  8dc6f0f   clitar: get tar context handle via helper function
      adds  8524cf6   build: use configure var for libarchive depenency
      adds  3707fba   s3-clitar: Use ARRAY_SIZE macro.
      adds  a65f557   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of cmd_block().
      adds  7bb9836   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of cmd_tar().
      adds  034da62   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of cmd_setmode().
      adds  87c5258   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of tar_parse_args().
      adds  4dd84bb   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of tar_create_from_list().
      adds  f8ac29d   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of get_file_callback().
      adds  f58ef38   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of tar_extract().
      adds  75dbb27   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of tar_send_file().
      adds  f955bc4   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of tar_set_newer_than().
      adds  2ccba45   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of tar_read_inclusion_file().
      adds  98ede41   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of tar_path_in_list().
      adds  4f6552c   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of make_remote_path().
      adds  ef150e7   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of max_token().
      adds  3b207dc   s3-clitar: Improve readabilty of fix_unix_path().
      adds  9951184   s3-clitar: Simplify is_subpath().
      adds  6759008   s3-clitar: Fix identation.
      adds  43227c3   cli: do not dump libarchive absence warning on startup
      adds  497f032   build: check for libarchive version via pkgconfig
      adds  bce62e6   s4: pass down a memory context when performing share_string_option, to allow substitutions
      adds  1fb1f6b   lib/param: handle non-constant strings properly by passing in a memory context
      adds  12aa85a   lib/param: rename lp_string to lpcfg_string
      adds  9780113   param: use loadparm_globals struct instead of lp function pointers in s3_helpers
      adds  0941789   param: remove generated loadparm ctx table file and include it directly
      adds  a7d2f9a   param: change s3_param.h from a generated file to a static one
      adds  8246e53   param: remove lp_dnsdomain from s3
      adds  0c8e9cc   param: add const to a local variable to prevent a warning about lp_fstype
      adds  8f0d06f   heimdal_build: only enable libintl functions if everything was found
      adds  a93aaec   spoolssd: Use only one messaging_context per process
      adds  fb35d17   vfstext: Use just one messaging_context in vfstest
      adds  bd55fdb   messaging: Enforce just one messaging context
      adds  30cd122   winbindd: Avoid using deallocated memory
      adds  efed82c   krb5_locator: Slightly simplify code
      adds  69300c0   lib: Avoid a strlen call in xx_path()
      adds  eb4b319   messaging: Fix a memleak on error in messaging_tdb_init
      adds  72696c3   lib: Fix a typo
      adds  385f0c9   clitar: check for path_base_name() allocation errors
      adds  4d9e1b6   clitar: add error return to tar_create_skip_path()
      adds  6d5b56d   clitar: add error return to tar_extract_skip_path()
      adds  8522597   clitar: add error return to tar_path_in_list()
      adds  55de6d6   clitar: return allocation errors from is_subpath()
      adds  83a653f   clitar: propagate make_remote_path() talloc errors
      adds  913b2a1   clitar: don't panic, propagate talloc errors upwards
      adds  58c71be   s3:smbd: simplify exit_server_common()
      adds  52ccb40   s3:smbd: maintain smbd_server_connection->status
      adds  9677fae   s3:lib/ctdbd_conn: let release_ip_handler return bool
      adds  33f10d0   s3:smbd: avoid invalid lock_order panic triggered by "CTDB_SRVID_RELEASE_IP"
      adds  3413e64   s3:winbindd: fix _wbint_LookupSids() on error
      adds  66fb0ce   s3:winbindd: avoid directly asking a trusted domain in wb_lookupsids*()
      adds  58e7e56   kdc: Free the resource which is not used anymore
      adds  d871a31   heimdal: Use krb5_free_default_realm() for free()
      adds  153dfc5   selftest: Use the absolute path to the ldb modules.
      adds  f26db53   nsswitch: Fix idmap rfc2307 test with system ldb.
      adds  069015b   testprogs: Fix kinit test with system ldb.
      adds  293aac0   testprogs: Fix pkinit test with system ldb.
      adds  9a9e569   passdb: Patch memory leak in pdb_ldap.c
      adds  2b77b07   s3/libsmb: Free memdup'd local variable
      adds  68d5f27   s3:passdb: Fix the use of uninitialized scalar variable.
      adds  72f9932   s3:printing: Fix a possible NULL dereference.
      adds  538cbfe   libcli: Overflow array index read possible, in auth code.
      adds  1406371   Revert "libcli: Overflow array index read possible, in auth code."
      adds  8cd8aa6   libcli: Overflow array index read possible, in auth code.
      adds  209386b   s4: tidy up some null checks in ntvfs
      adds  d8d0619   s4: tidy up vfs cifs in regards to using share_string_option
      adds  695ece2   s4: tidy up vfs smb2 in regards to using share_string_option
      adds  fcf846a   ctdb-eventscripts: Switch on dumping of stuck nfsd threads
      adds  8fec421   samr: don't block the sam sid or the builtin domain sid in sid_to_name
      adds  ab7992b   rpc: correctly tread domain-only requests in rpc_sid_to_name()
      adds  0cb15c1   rpc: fix name-normalization in rpc_sid_to_name()
      adds  e35b1d8   passdb: spare superfluous call to lookup_rids() in lookup_sids()
      adds  148bbdd   s3-printing: Fix obvious memory leak in printer_list_get_printer().
      adds  910a56a   vfs_glusterfs: Comment the top of the file.
      adds  86aa43c   vfs_glusterfs: smb_stat_ex_from_stat commenting and cleanup.
      adds  64bae74   vfs_glusterfs: Remove "integer fd" code and store the glfs pointers.
      adds  5e07731   dbwrap: Slightly simplify dbwrap_watch_record_stored
      adds  cee11cf   pidl: Install pidl files corrently.
      adds  9b20055   waf: Add option to specify perl vendor dir.
      adds  f2cd999   ctdb-daemon: Always talloc tickle array off vnn instead of ctdb->nodes
      adds  75ca121   ctdb-daemon: Fix whitespaces
      adds  0723fed   ctdb-daemon: Implement ctdb_control_startup()
      adds  0269965   ctdb-daemon: After updating tickles on other nodes, set update flag to false
      adds  7d05baa   ctdb-recoverd: Check if callback function is registered before calling
      adds  562ade6   s3-spoolssd: Don't register spoolssd if epmd is not running.
      adds  f0030c6   pidl: Make perl(Parse:Yapp:Driver) installation optional.
      adds  abf08ed   s3: smbd: Ensure brl_get_locks_readonly() always returns a valid struct byte_range_lock even if there are no locks.
      adds  ca3998d   vfs: propagate snapshot enumeration errors
      adds  1dd2351   torture: Fix a buffer overrun
      adds  7e53506   torture: Fix a torture crash with -O3
      adds  925625b   dbwrap_ctdb: avoid smbd/ctdb deadlocks: check whether we can work locally in db_ctdb_parse_record()
      adds  ccc187f   pthreadpool: Fix pthreadpools with fork
      adds  7e12bfc   pthreadpool: Add test for fork crash
      adds  bbd0bda   smbd: Fix an uninitialized memory read
      adds  04e4346   s3: smbd - smb1 - fix read of deleted memory in reply_writeclose().
      adds  a5e5547   docs-smbdotconf: Fix build - add missing XML entities (config paths)
      adds  1b5a6d8   docs-smbdotconf: fix WINBINDD_SOCKET_DIR path in fallback table
      adds  96203d9   ctdb-build: Remove auto-generated header file in distclean
      adds  44520dc   ctdb-build: AIX does not have working C99 vsnprintf, requires libreplace
      adds  af3a168   ctdb-util: Do not use mlockall() on AIX
      adds  fb2631f   ctdb-daemon: Do not support connection tracking if there are no public IPs
      adds  ebe6627   rpc_client: retry open on STATUS_PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE
      adds  6f092cf   autobuild: Run "make dist" to ensure non-waf docs build is run
      adds  d9829df   bug #10471: Don't respond with NXDOMAIN to records that exist with another type
      adds  5bd47bb   dns: Extend tests for records with another type
      adds  7a53bb9   rpc_server: change unsupported pipe error
      adds  22dabda   libwbclient4: Add wbc_sids_to_xids
      adds  7289d1c   source4: Use wbc_sids_to_xids
      adds  53b7665   libwbclient4: Add wbc_xids_to_sids
      adds  eb8f4b8   source4: Use wbc_xids_to_sids
      adds  dcf29a8   libwbclient4: Remove unused composite-based functions
      adds  6edf7a3   auth4: security_token_to_unix_token only needs a tevent_context
      adds  b2c1394   auth4: auth_session_info_fill_unix only needs a tevent_context
      adds  aa048f6   auth4: Do not generate just a temporary wbc_context
      adds  d0dc6db   pvfs: Use the tevent_context from the ntvfs_context
      adds  0aa080b   unixuid: Use the tevent_context from the ntvfs_context
      adds  2122163   dcesrv_unixinfo: No wbc_context required
      adds  65c6daf   ntvfs_posix: No wbc_context required
      adds  5f7b8e4   ntvfs_unixuid: No wbc_context required
      adds  13affa6   auth4: Remove unused wbc_context
      adds  1f60aa8   winbind4: Remove unused winbind_get_idmap irpc operation
      adds  952bc3c   Remove a number of NT_STATUS_HAVE_NO_MEMORY_AND_FREE macros from the codebase.
      adds  d2beff5   Remove the remaining uses of the macro NT_STATUS_HAVE_NO_MEMORY_AND_FREE in the codebase.
      adds  4c9e0d5   Remove NT_STATUS_IS_OK_RETURN macro from the codebase.
      adds  856c74e   Remove NT_STATUS_IS_ERR_RETURN macro from the codebase.
      adds  0b8213a   Remove all uses of the NT_STATUS_NOT_OK_RETURN_AND_FREE macro from the codebase.
      adds  f580a7c   libcli: Add warning about flow control changing macros in ntstatus.h
      adds  9ed7555   nsswitch: Remove fallback setting of WINBINDD_SOCKET_DIR
      adds  3667a2e   s3:utils/smbfilter: use a local variable for the packet buffer
      adds  05e821b   s3:torture: use CLI_BUFFER_SIZE instead of BUFFER_SIZE
      adds  f0f245f   s3:client: only limit the buffer by the given length 'n'
      adds  74f8c35   s3:param: avoid using BUFFER_SIZE to limit the lp_min_receive_file_size()
      adds  900839e   libcli/smb: add SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MIN/MAX defines
      adds  7f3faa1   s3:include: let CLI_BUFFER_SIZE be an alias of SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MAX
      adds  a349b0b   s3:smbd: use SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MIN/MAX to limit lp_max_xmit()
      adds  5cd5c16   s3:smbd: use sconn->smb1.sessions.max_send = SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MAX
      adds  cce1eae   s3:smbd: reject a MaxBufferSize < SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MIN (500) in a session setup request
      adds  2ec49cf   s3:smbd: take less than SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MIN ('500') as header overhead in ipc.c
      adds  3dac00b   s3:smbd: fix lockread numtoread calculation to match reply_outbuf() arguments.
      adds  b86f906   s3:smbd: pass the final numtoread reply_outbuf() for the lockread reply.
      adds  f69be2c   s3:smbd: fix the lockread numtoread calculation depending on the max_send.
      adds  8b746f5   s3:smbd: fix the read numtoread calculation depending on the max_send.
      adds  734e1b65  s3:smbd: simplify maxentries calculation in reply_search()
      adds  c899d4f   s3:smbd: fix the maxentries calculation depending on the max_send.
      adds  032621d   s3:smbd: s/BUFFER_SIZE/LARGE_WRITEX_BUFFER_SIZE
      adds  66877df   s3:smb2_server: optimize req->in.vector allocation
      adds  ec498a2   s3:smb2_server: optimize smbd_smb2_request_setup_out()
      adds  0ac924b   s3:smb2_server: avoid a call to data_blob_clear_free() if not needed
      adds  a6ce800   s3:smb2_read: avoid 2 talloc* calls when using sendfile()
      adds  fd4c82f   s3:smb2_server: add smbd_smb2_generate_outbody() helper
      adds  c09292e   s3:smb2_break: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  2ecd5c9   s3:smb2_close: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  2c91f05   s3:smb2_create: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  208046b   s3:smb2_find: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  46840db   s3:smb2_flush: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  a021a25   s3:smb2_getinfo: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  a6ee7ce   s3:smb2_ioctl: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  2ddfe40   s3:smb2_keepalive: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  aa70bf5   s3:smb2_lock: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  59c185b   s3:smb2_negprot: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  b065578   s3:smb2_notify: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  c099797   s3:smb2_read: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  39832ff   s3:smb2_sesssetup: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  27222bb   s3:smb2_setinfo: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  ec8dedb   s3:smb2_tcon: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  d307953   s3:smb2_write: make use of smbd_smb2_generate_outbody()
      adds  adaf517   s3:smb2_server: optimize smbd_smb2_generate_outbody() for the common case
      adds  2edc730   s3:smb2_server: avoid talloc_zero_array() in smbd_smb2_request_error_ex()
      adds  cf77f16   s3:smb2_server: don't assume that req->out.vector is always a valid talloc pointer
      adds  9869358   s3:smb2_server: avoid talloc_zero_array() in smbd_smb2_request_setup_out()
      adds  6a46a25   ctdb-vacuum: improve output of delete list statistics
      adds  b4e0b01   ctdb-vacuum: cast freelist_size in comparison.
      adds  af5568b   ctdb-vacuum: fix treatment of remaining records and statistics in delete_record_traverse()
      adds  48f2d11   ctdb-vacuum: treat value 0 of tunable RepackLimit as turned off.
      adds  24bec3d   ctdb-vacuum: reduce indentation in delete_queue_traverse
      adds  593bddf   ctdb-vacuum: simplify delete_queue_traverse() - free treats NULL pointers.
      adds  fe68b3c   ctdb-vacuum: simplify delete_record_traverse() - free treats NULL
      adds  5d5907c   ctdb-vacuum: use tdb_parse_record instead of tdb_fetch in delete_queue_traverse()
      adds  c88fd19   ctdb-vacuum: add consistency check for counts to ctdb_vacuum_db_fast()
      adds  01f359c   ctdb-vacuum: extract check for full vacuum run out of ctdb_vacuum_db_full()
      adds  951efa1   ctdb-vacuum: rename private->private_data in vacuum_traverse
      adds  04c2115   ctdb-vacuum: rename private->private_data in repack_traverse
      adds  d0b7b38   ctdb-vacuum: run the fast vacuum after the db traverse
      adds  ba49deb   ctdb-vacuum: change full db traverse vacuuming to fill delete queue
      adds  0309d5e   ctdb-vacuum: rename ctdb_vacuum_db_full --> ctdb_vacuum_traverse_db
      adds  c4478bd   ctdb-vacuum: update comment for ctdb_vacuum_traverse_db
      adds  cd877b6   ctdb-vacuum: rename ctdb_vacuum_db_fast --> ctdb_process_delete_queue
      adds  be2f1a0   ctdb-vacuum: update comment for ctdb_process_delete_queue
      adds  23be632   ctdb-vacuum: use tdb_parse_record instead of tdb_fetch in delete_record_traverse()
      adds  cf407d2   ctdb-vacuum: log error if records are left for deletion after ctdb_process_delete_list()
      adds  1b2fc1f   ctdb-vacuum: add consistency check for counts at end of process_delete_list()
      adds  6fdd250   ctdb-vacuum: treat value 0 of tunable VacuumLimit as turning off repacking
      adds  16837bc   ctdb-vacuum: remove VacuumLimit criterion for triggering a repack
      adds  974aa73   ctdb-vacuum: simplify delete_marshall_traverse_first: use tdb_null
      adds  83fa09e   ctdb-vacuum: use tdb_parse_record instead of tdb_fetch in delete_marshall_traverse_first()
      adds  72ea975   ctdb-vacuum: catch and log error of traverse in ctdb_process_delete_queue()
      adds  f3483de   ctdb-vacuum: catch and log errors to traverse the delete list in ctdb_process_delete_list()
      adds  7983946   ctdb-vacuum: don't stop in process_vacuum_fetch_lists when sending to one node fails.
      adds  1994870   ctdb-vacuum: make ctdb_vacuum_traverse_db() void.
      adds  776d4e8   ctdb-vacuum: make ctdb_process_vacuum_fetch_lists() void.
      adds  49eb503   ctdb-vacuum: make ctdb_process_delete_list() void
      adds  ec3f33c   ctdb-vacuum: remove unused counter vdata->total
      adds  551e9d7   ctdb-vacuum: systematize counters into various structs
      adds  5b81848   ctdb-vacuum: fix possible cause for delelete_list processing counts left records > 0
      adds  d8e110e   ctdb-vacuum: fix delete list counts in delete_marshall_traverse_first
      adds  c46aaf1   Revert "pidl: Make perl(Parse:Yapp:Driver) installation optional."
      adds  c2d58c3   Revert "waf: Add option to specify perl vendor dir."
      adds  87976b4   Revert "pidl: Install pidl files corrently."
      adds  04685ff   buildtools: Rename perl vendorarch configure option.
      adds  48f0183   buildtools: Add perl vendorlib configure option.
      adds  1d95410   autobuild: Set perl vendorlib direcotry.
      adds  0bb6b01   pidl-waf: Remove unused variable pidl_src.
      adds  17244ef   pidl-waf: Install pidl modules to the perl vendorlib directory.
      adds  b7b0ca1   pidl-waf: Do not glob to install pidl modules.
      adds  410ada4   pidl-waf: Add a function to check for a system perl module.
      adds  9e591e3   pidl-waf: Check for system perl(Parse::Yapp::Driver).
      adds  ee8f98f   pidl-waf: Only install Yapp::Driver if it is not available.
      adds  a571fe5   s4:lib/socket: use the same logic in iface_list_wildcard() as in smbd
      adds  f7883ae   s4:lib/socket: simplify iface_list_wildcard() and its callers
      adds  168627e   s3-kerberos: remove print_kdc_line() completely.
      adds  a8c0de3   s3-kerberos: remove unused kdc_name from create_local_private_krb5_conf_for_domain().
      adds  05daf6a   Add missing FSRVP_E_UNSUPPORTED_CONTEXT constant
      adds  3ac9cb3   For FSRVP use textual error messages instead of hex error codes
      adds  11cb110   build: Do not rely on sys.platform for ACL tests, combine UnixWare and Solaris ACL tests
      adds  05d01f4   build: Make order of arguments clearer by explicitly making the list of functions to look for a python list
      adds  cff0f8e   samba-tool: make provision check for bind version
      adds  8424d35   Fix a typo
      adds  e7856ed   Add usable stream name defines
      adds  80e5ae1   vfs_catia: add chmod()
      adds  8c01dbc   gencache: Add gencache values to memcache
      adds  41d8d99   CVE-2013-6442: s3:smbcacls - ensure we don't lose an existing ACL when setting owner or group owner.
      adds  932490a   s3-libads: pass down local_service to kerberos_return_pac().
      adds  baed403   auth/kerberos: fix a typo.
      adds  9725a86   s3-net: change the way impersonation principals are used in "net ads kerberos pac".
      adds  35a1ed2   s3-net: allow to provide custom local_service in "net ads kerberos pac".
      adds  1270e35   s3-kerberos: return a full PAC in kerberos_return_pac().
      adds  a8c2807   s3-kerberos: let kerberos_return_pac() return a PAC container.
      adds  9e01f3c   s3-net: modify the current "net ads kerberos pac" command.
      adds  9c8badc   s3-net: add a new "net ads kerberos pac save" tool.
      adds  0e4f239   s4:torture/smb2: accept NT_STATUS_RANGE_NOT_LOCKED after smb2_logoff/tdis
      adds  b498937   s3:smb2_lock: fix whitespaces/tabs in smbd_smb2_lock_cancel()
      adds  4d1d288   s3:smb2_lock: return RANGE_NOT_LOCKED instead of CANCELLED for logoff and tdis
      adds  506817d   s3:smb2_sesssetup: split smbd_smb2_logoff into an async *_send/recv pair.
      adds  195c2d8   s3:smb2_tcon: split smbd_smb2_tdis into an async *_send/recv pair.
      adds  7c26475   s3:smb2_sesssetup: cancel and wait for pending requests on logoff
      adds  95f96a8   s3:smb2_tcon: cancel and wait for pending requests on tdis
      adds  3a727d5   s4: smbtorture: Update the torture_smb2_notify_ulogoff test to demonstrate the problem.
      adds  9c677ff   s4: smbtorture: Add a proper change_notify going async followed by tdis test.
      adds  29d779c   smbreadline: switch to new-style readline typedef
      adds  824add8   CVE-2013-4496:s3-samr: Block attempts to crack passwords via repeated password changes
      adds  76e5ea3   CVE-2013-4496:s3:auth: fix memory leak in the ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT case.
      adds  9f53b61   CVE-2013-4496:samr: Remove ChangePasswordUser
      adds  48ffca0   CVE-2013-4496:Revert remainder of ce895609b04380bfc41e4f8fddc84bd2f9324340
      adds  cf73692   s3-auth: Make is_null_sid() check easier to read.
      adds  4081c29   s3-auth: Do not leak tmp_ctx if make_server_info() fails.
      adds  6030fac   s3-auth: Steal the memory to avoid duplication.
      adds  2b44c85   s3-libads: Use the IP instead of the name.
      adds  2dc799b   lib/popt: Small whitespace fix for readability.
      adds  f164e81   lib/popt: Patch memory leak in popthelp.c
      adds  ab9f021   script/autobuild: use --force-rebase option
      adds  1424695   selftest/subunithelper.py: correctly handle unexpected success in FilterOps
      adds  fee156f   selftest/subunithelper.py: correctly handle fail_immediately in end_testsuite of FilterOps
      adds  3632c59   selftest/subunithelper.py: correctly pass testsuite-uxsuccess to end_testsuite()
      adds  83fbdc8   kdc: Use correct KDC include path when building against the system heimdal
      adds  61b9788   dsdb: Ensure to sort replPropertyMetaData as UNSIGNED, not SIGNED quantities
      adds  9debea5   s3:modules/vfs_gpfs add gpfs:recalls option
      adds  1b7f387   docs: Add gpfs:recalls parameter to vfs_gpfs manpage
      adds  7db0def   ldapsrv: Pass struct ldb_result * rather than void *
      adds  d783697   wintest: Try harder to make wintest force the telnet server to start
      adds  9c9df40   dsdb: Further assert that we always have an objectClass and an rDN
      adds  5f7b481   tdb: Fix a tdb corruption
      adds  d1ce011   tdb: Don't purge records to a blocked freelist
      adds  255edd1   tdb: Do a best fit search for dead records
      adds  cb09d79   tdb: Move adding tailer space to tdb_find_dead
      adds  4ca0186   tdb: Add "last_ptr" to tdb_find_dead
      adds  92ce9fd   tdb: Make "tdb_find_dead" internally public
      adds  1461362   tdb: Make "tdb_purge_dead" internally public
      adds  3034a5a   tdb: Reduce freelist contention
      adds  8278d38   tdb: change version to 1.2.13.
      adds  cf0934c   s3: smbd: Fileserving share access checks.
      adds  b905523   s4-torture: add test_EnumPrinterDrivers_buffers function.
      adds  1351feb   s4-torture: add some tests for pre-allocated buffers in enumprinterdrivers call.
      adds  5277fc4   s3-rpc_server: Fix handling of fragmented rpc requests.
      adds  f596dc9   dbcheck: Ensure dbcheck can operate with --attrs set
      adds  efad13a   build: Exclude source4/selftest/provisions/release-4-1-0rc3 from the tarball
      adds  6034ab5   s3: smbd: Ensure we always go via getgroups_unix_user() when creating an NT token.
      adds  cfa6fe8   dfs_server: randomize the server redirect set
      adds  a699f0e   smbd: Explicitly pass "file_id" to rename_open_files
      adds  a5cd8a5   smbd: Explicitly pass "file_id" to schedule_defer_open
      adds  b27c5ca   smbd: Use fsp->file_id in open_file_ntcreate
      adds  c416b34   smbd: Explicitly pass "file_id" to rename_share_filename
      adds  ede6f44   smbd: Avoid checking the_lock->id for fresh locks
      adds  698f7f2   smbd: Keep "the_lock"s file id separately
      adds  9e75484   smbd: Remove unused "share_mode_data->id"
      adds  7fdb21c   ctdb/pmda: Fix metric identifiers
      adds  a947cf6   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Don't close stderr when running without_daemon commands
      adds  263e5ea   ctdb-tests: Remove old, unused copy of a CTDB tool unit test
      adds  3af858e   ctdb-tests: Support fake capabilities in CTDB tool stub
      adds  75cf99b   ctdb-tests: Update ctdb stub LVS tests and add some new ones
      adds  7710053   ctdb-tests: New natgwlist tests where nodes capability not set
      adds  798bd58   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Update natgwlist to filter nodes by NATGW capability
      adds  33b1fcb   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Generalise find_natgw() -> filter_nodemap_by_flags()
      adds  5fb7e38   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Fixes for "lvs" and "lvsmaster" commands
      adds  26c9a59   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Update LVS commands to use filter_nodemap_by_capabilities()
      adds  e728a35   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Update LVS commands to use filter_nodemap_by_flags()
      adds  ba69742   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Add and use function filter_nodemap_by_natgw_nodes()
      adds  9bede49   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Read NAT gateway nodes from a separate function
      adds  79d2800   ctdb-tests: Add "ctdb listnodes" and "ctdb xpnn" stub tests
      adds  91895b3   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Factor out function read_pnn_node_file()
      adds  555aa06   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Use DLIST_ADD_END() to avoid reversing the list
      adds  fad2b6b   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Remove redundant filtering of trailing empty lines
      adds  441e099   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Parse IP addresses when reading a list from a file
      adds  4f79fa6   ctdb-daemon: Fix tickle updates to recently started nodes
      adds  87d58fd   ctdb-eventscripts: Attach to persistent ctdb.tdb in "startup" event
      adds  ecafbce   ctdb-daemon: Do not disable monitoring when running eventscripts
      adds  058e14c   ctdb-eventscripts: Fix regression in IP add/delete functions
      adds  bafb915   ctdb-tests: Improve tickle tests
      adds  9b90753   ctdb/daemon: Make delete IP wait until the IP is released
      adds  20c7196   ctdb/daemon: Optimise deletion of IPs
      adds  5976791   lsa.idl: define lsa.ForestTrustCollisionInfo and ForestTrustCollisionRecord as public structs
      adds  1c1a2e4   wafsamba: add CONFIG_RESET()
      adds  b17c6ad   s3:wscript: create a libsamba-cluster-support.so
      adds  e5b5775   s3:ctdbd_conn: add ctdb_serverids_exist_supported()
      adds  0607b18   s3:ctdbd_conn: always provide ctdb_serverids_exist()
      adds  b2c9921   s3:lib: move all ctdb related dummy functions to ctdb_dummy.c
      adds  24054b5   s3:param: move lp_ctdbd_socket() to ctdbd_conn.c
      adds  fc04cad   s3:lib: add cluster_support_[available|features]()
      adds  47dbd4e   wafsamba: use cluster_support_features in build_options.c
      adds  4574602   s3:ctdb_conn: only use ctdb_protocol.h or ctdb_private.h in ctdb_conn.c
      adds  1c96c06   s3:serverid: use ctdb_serverids_exist_supported() runtime check
      adds  6c00795   s3:wscript: don't add ctdb include dir globally
      adds  91e5696   s3:wscript: only fill in CTDB_CFLAGS instead of config.h
      adds  e93b85d   s3:wscript: only build ctdb_dummy.c if we have no cluster support
      adds  74b359c   s3:build: remove global CLUSTER_SUPPORT define
      adds  11054a6   librpc: dump correct ndr_syntax_id on VT check failure
      adds  ba2db53   librpc: split type specific VT checks into helpers
      adds  5ccecec   librpc: inline VT CHECK macro logic
      adds  95d9f16   librpc: inline CHECK_SYNTAX macro logic
      adds  ea53ba1   s4:torture/rpc: fix error path in torture_leave_domain()
      adds  96e1bcd   libcli/smb: keep references to smbXcli_{conn,session,tcon} in tstream_smbXcli_np
      adds  6260de7   libcli/smb: make TSTREAM_SMBXCLI_NP_MAX_BUF_SIZE public
      adds  5b1d9f7   libcli/smb: add tstream_smbXcli_np_disconnect_cleanup() to handle talloc_free(req)
      adds  d6794ec   libcli/smb: reuse tstream_smbXcli_np_disconnect_send/recv as helper
      adds  7782fbe   librpc/rpc: let dcerpc_binding_set_transport() also reset the assoc_group_id
      adds  002a0fb   librpc/rpc: use dcerpc_binding_set_string_option(b, "endpoint", NULL) to reset the endpoint
      adds  983ec86   s4:torture/rpc: avoid using dcecli_connection->binding_string
      adds  c2f731e   s4:librpc/rpc: remove unused dcecli_connection->binding_string
      adds  dbf3700   s4:librpc/rpc: correctly map the fault code of alter context to NTSTATUS
      adds  8a66947   lib/util: let is_ipaddress_v6() cope with "fe80::1234%3"
      adds  0ecf01a   s4:librpc/tests: add more no transport tests
      adds  9f5bf79   librpc/rpc: add "schannel" => DCERPC_SCHANNEL as ncacn_option
      adds  4c98f16   librpc/rpc: handle ipv6 addresses without transport in dcerpc_parse_binding()
      adds  70fc746   s4:librpc/test: test ipv6 addresses in dcerpc_binding strings
      adds  0e902b8   s4:dsdb/repl: make use of dcerpc_binding_handle_is_connected()
      adds  66624e4   s4:selftest: don't run rpc.multibind anymore
      adds  495a76b   s4:torture/rpc: remove bogus rpc.multibind test
      adds  08ec255   s4:torture/rpc: fix altercontext test against windows
      adds  1d819ed   s4:torture/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_handle_auth_info() in lsa.c
      adds  df08804   s4:torture/rpc: make use of dcerpc_binding_handle_auth_info() in backupkey.c
      adds  46eb9fa   s4:torture/raw: fix debug message in torture_raw_qfileinfo_pipe()
      adds  a2ec730   s4:librpc/tests: reset the object on the binding created from the tower
      adds  5f402dc   librpc/rpc: maintain "abstract_syntax" as string option of dcerpc_binding
      adds  c25b5b3   librpc/rpc: finally maintain only the object guid
      adds  f17b5b2   s4:librpc/tests: assert the the abstract syntax has the expected value (null)
      adds  547111b   s4:librpc/rpc: use dcerpc_binding_get_object() in order to pass the object to the epmapper
      adds  a9fa097   s3: smbd: Factor out code that calls getgroups_unix_user() into a separate function.
      adds  a7df00c   s3-nmbd: reset debug settings after reading config file (bug #10239)
      adds  d3cd9f1   dsdb: Do checks for invalid renames in samldb, before repl_meta_data
      adds  233e3c9   selftest: Remove print_smbtorture4_version and smbtorture4_possible check
      adds  feeb984   ctdb-eventscripts: Use set_proc() to update /proc
      adds  7fdd6b7   ctdb-tests: Add some tests for 11.natgw eventscript
      adds  0953f57   ctdb-eventscripts: Improve readability of NAT gateway update code
      adds  4ee4925   ctdb-eventscripts: Sanity check NAT gateway configuration
      adds  c0e2394   ctdb-tests: Add a test for NAT gateway sanity checking
      adds  3c839c6   ctdb-eventscripts: Rename some NAT gateway functions
      adds  e22a22b   ctdb-eventscripts: Reformat natgw_clear()
      adds  8a3be1f   ctdb-eventscripts: Improve check in NATGW "startup" event
      adds  7705efc   ctdb-eventscripts: Clarify that CTDB_NATGW_DEFAULT_GATEWAY is optional
      adds  34682af   ctdb-eventscripts: New configuration variable CTDB_NATGW_STATIC_ROUTES
      adds  70bbbbe   ctdb-eventscripts: CTDB_NATGW_STATIC_ROUTES can specify gateways
      adds  3d5b80f   ctdb-tests: Add NAT gateway eventscript unit tests for static routes
      adds  20a665a   dsdb: Do not update notify_uSN until the transaction is genuinely committed to the DB
      adds  dac1411   dsdb: Clarify how the DSDB_REPL_FLAG_PRIORITISE_INCOMING flag works
      adds  df2ef57   dsdb: Improve errors and checks for missing objectClass values
      adds  74a83be   dsdb: Improve missing objectClass handling
      adds  5b1d6e7   samba-tool dbcheck: handle missing objectClass
      adds  2ac1ca4   auth/gensec: fix gensec_update() with ev == NULL.
      adds  40cf17e   s4:pygensec: don't pass an explicit tevent_context to gensec_update()
      adds  79f5275   auth/gensec: add a gensec_update_ev() function
      adds  b2b239a   auth/gensec: make use of gensec_update_ev() in spnego.c
      adds  31a2ddb   s4:dns_server: make use of gensec_update_ev()
      adds  26f497b   s4:kdc: make use of gensec_update_ev()
      adds  99e8bea   s4:ldap_server: make use of gensec_update_ev()
      adds  7cd8fbc   s4:libcli: make use of gensec_update_ev()
      adds  0153c01   s4:librpc: make use of gensec_update_ev()
      adds  a18fba4   s4:smb_server: make use of gensec_update_ev()
      adds  338332e   s4:rpc_server: make use of gensec_update_ev()
      adds  01575fa   s4:ntlm_auth: make use of gensec_update_ev()
      adds  2103c37   auth/gensec: remove tevent_context argument from gensec_update()
      adds  01c0299   auth/gensec/spnego: map SPNEGO_REJECT to NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
      adds  17a60b9   pthreadpool: Add a simple benchmark
      adds  84aa2dd   pthreadpool: Avoid a malloc/free per job
      adds  c5d07df   pthreadpool: Allow multiple jobs to be received
      adds  c35fec8   asys: Allow multiple results to be received
      adds  2e2137f   smbd: Use asys_results
      adds  ff1c85a   ctdb-locking: Avoid memory leak
      adds  d1c8f8d   ctdb-locking: Check for talloc_memdup error
      adds  f99a759   ctdb-locking: Instead of comparing key, compare key hash
      adds  234f8eb   ctdb-tests: Add a new NFS tickle test
      adds  aa7cd51   ctdb-tests: Fix and extend read-only records test
      adds  7801532   ctdb-client: ctdb_fetch_lock should check for readonly delegations
      adds  30f7d7d   ctdb-tests: Use ctdb_fetch_lock instead of ctdb_fetch_lock_readonly
      adds  533ad24   ctdb-tests: Do not mix bool and int data types
      adds  34d45a3   librpc/rpc: try to use DCERPC_NCA_S_* constants for error mappings
      adds  a496c18   dcerpc.idl: make use of DCERPC_NCA_S_* constants for the legacy DCERPC_FAULT_* codes
      adds  9730210   dcerpc.idl: fix typo s/ist/int
      adds  f73ef30   dcerpc.idl: fix dcerpc_bind_nack definition
      adds  eabdbc8   dcerpc.idl: hide (ndr->flags & LIBNDR_FLAG_OBJECT_PRESENT) logic behind a define
      adds  4f0d598   s4:librpc: compile python bindings for dcerpc.idl
      adds  ae02bf6   s4:pyrpc: add py_dcerpc_syntax_init_helper()
      adds  6d6427b   s4:pyrpc: add base.transfer_syntax_ndr*()
      adds  d29c143   pidl:Samba4/Python: add interface.abstract_syntax() to each interface
      adds  0dd648a   s4:librpc/rpc: remember "ncalrpc_dir" on the dcerpc_pipe->binding
      adds  a2c3479   Revert "s4:tls_tstream: allow mode of SSL keyfile to be 0400, not only 0600"
      adds  7667da6   ctdb-readonly: Do not use hard-coded value for readonly revoke timeout
      adds  465bb58   s3:rpcclient: fix build without HAVE_IPV6
      adds  07b495b   fix 2 typos
      adds  a9ebe2f   lib: Fix blank line endings
      adds  ccec132   lib: Pull up lp_ctx use one level
      adds  66e6ffd   lib: Add interim tdb_wrap_open_ without lp_ctx
      adds  6008e8f   param: Add lpcfg_tdb_hash_size()
      adds  e2e06b3   param: Add lpcfg_tdb_flags()
      adds  92d20d7   secrets: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in randseed_init
      adds  76318ac   dsdb: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in schema_metadata_open
      adds  eee3723   dsdb: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in partition_metadata_open
      adds  2ae3565   torture: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in test_tdb_speed
      adds  3a0ea07   ntvfs: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in pvfs_setup_options
      adds  0b59f05   ntvfs: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in py_wrap_getxattr
      adds  db630a5   imessaging: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in irpc_namedb_open
      adds  acbc1ed   dbwrap: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in db_open_tdb
      adds  d169d0d   messaging: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in messaging_tdb_init
      adds  12b8df1   messaging: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in messaging_tdb_parent_init
      adds  801b947   vfs: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in posix_eadb_init
      adds  604b970   serverid: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in serverid_parent_init
      adds  994d755   dbwrap: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in db_open_ctdb
      adds  328afb8   mutex: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in grab_named_mutex
      adds  f995c6e   ntvfs: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in py_wrap_setxattr
      adds  d6db35d   tdb_wrap: Remove tdb_wrap_open_ again
      adds  193bd7d   messaging4: Add "goto fail" to imessaging_init
      adds  da8b009   messaging4: Add some NULL checks
      adds  27d2cd4   messaging4: Store a names_db handle in the imessaging_context
      adds  1f43a4c   messaging4: Remove lp_ctx from imessaging_context
      adds  cb435fd   messaging4: Simplify irpc_namedb_open a bit
      adds  d9bc82d   rpcclient: append a trailing slash to FSRVP request UNCs
      adds  cbc6082   torture: test FSRVP UNCs with and without trailing slashes
      adds  d550acf   rpcclient: abort shadow-copy set on commit failure
      adds  dd56afc   ctdb:daemon take a shortcut in all_nodes_are_disabled()
      adds  6cdde27   ctdb:daemon avoid goto ctdb_remove_orphaned_ifaces()
      adds  c7c9694   s3-nmbd: Align debug level for the same information.
      adds  547f682   s3-smbd: Align debug level for the same information.
      adds  1bdc635   selftest: Remove reduction in time window in delaywrite test
      adds  bc5bd40   libsmb: Provide a talloc_stackframe() to external users of libsmb_setget.c
      adds  8f3a516   pam_smbpass: Wrap calls in talloc_stackframe() to avoid warnings about leaking memory
      adds  0143427   libsmbclient: Wrap more function calls in talloc_stackframe() to protect against talloc_tos() calls
      adds  7f2d12c   Rename module init functions from samba_init_module
      adds  d88f41f   wafsamba: require a ';' after STATIC_*_MODULES_PROTO
      adds  4dea4e3   wafsamba: port optional 'pkg' option from CHECK_BUNDLED_SYSTEM_PKG() to CHECK_BUNDLED_SYSTEM()
      adds  cec109c   wafsamba: simplify CHECK_BUNDLED_SYSTEM_PKG() by just calling CHECK_BUNDLED_SYSTEM()
      adds  764706c   wafsamba: allow CHECK_BUNDLED_SYSTEM() to check headers without functions
      adds  6ae4121   wafsamba: allow optional 'checkcode' argument to CHECK_BUNDLED_SYSTEM()
      adds  9a8e35a   wafsamba: simplify LIB_MAY_BE_BUNDLED()
      adds  ef380bb   wafsamba: simplify LIB_MUST_BE_BUNDLED()
      adds  c19e5a0   wafsamba: allow --bundled-libraries=NONE,popt
      adds  cc765ba   wafsamba: allow --bundled-libraries=ALL,!popt
      adds  b8f9169   lib/zlib: make use of conf.CHECK_BUNDLED_SYSTEM()
      adds  80dff80   tdb: don't alter errno on success of tdb_open_ex()
      adds  e301d1b   tdb/tools: avoid const warnings in tdbdump.c
      adds  71fddde   tdb/test: always call fflush() after [f]printf() in tap-interface.h
      adds  6871bf6   tdb/test: remove "\n" in diag() arguments
      adds  2a9d5a3   tdb/test: avoid const warnings by using 'discard_const_p(uint8_t,' instead of '(void *)'
      adds  835c95c   tdb/wscript: maintain a global list of unit tests
      adds  cc2bc23   lib/util: declare smb_panic_default() as _NORETURN_
      adds  f03653e   lib/util: fix const warnings
      adds  d99c0bb   libcli/security: s/remove/remove_ace/
      adds  0b757c9   librpc/idl: remove unused [gensize] from DNS_RPC_RECORD_STRING
      adds  c851900   examples/libsmbclient: avoid some compiler warnings
      adds  cd648ec   libcli/auth: s/encrypt/do_encrypt
      adds  71869a1   libcli/lsarpc: add struct trustAuthInOutBlob; forward declaration
      adds  fc95672   s3:lib: fix a const warning in client_match()
      adds  defe9aa   s3:lib/smbconf: fix const warnings in testsuite.c
      adds  18c19d5   s3:lib/netapi: fix some incompatible pointer type warnings in NetGetJoinableOUs_l()
      adds  59394b3   s3:lib/netapi/examples: fix invalid pointer value warnings in getjoininformation.c
      adds  7d3b35c   s3:lib/netapi/examples: fix const warnings in netlogon_control2.c
      adds  80c57ab   s3:lib/netapi/examples: remove unused variables
      adds  5964d49   s3:registry: fix invalid pointer type warning in reg_format.c
      adds  0cf9f9d   s3:smbd: avoid compiler warnings in smbd_tevent_trace_callback()
      adds  427db65   s3:smbd: let srvstr_pull_req_talloc() take 'const uint8_t *src'
      adds  88d0ff7   s3:torture: avoid explicit casting and compiler warnings in pdbtest.c
      adds  70b7ef9   s3:torture: remove unused variables in test_buffersize.c
      adds  5686c80   s3:torture: check the result of cli_nt_delete_on_close_recv() in test_notify.c
      adds  9e97106   s3:torture: avoid compiler warnings in vfstest.c
      adds  c2a26fe   s3:utils: avoid argv related const warnings
      adds  8f9c121   s3:utils: use char packet[] in smbfilter.c to avoid warnings
      adds  bba7f28   s3:utils: check the status of open_socket_out() correctly in smbfilter.c
      adds  b0d09ee   s3:utils: explicitly check the return value of fscanf() to avoid unused warnings in smbta-util.c
      adds  c3699d1   s3:winbindd: avoid argv related const warnings
      adds  ba10781   s4:libcli/resolve: avoid some const warnings
      adds  04c8c65   s4:auth/gensec: include gensec_krb5_util.h in gensec_krb5_util.c
      adds  876f0e0   s4:auth/gensec: fix declaration after code warning in gensec_tstream.c
      adds  e1d5b8a   s4:auth: avoid str_list related const warnings
      adds  fbc991c   s4:auth/ntlm: add auth4_sam_init() prototype to avoid a warning
      adds  1ac4fba   s4:ntvfs/common: explicitly check the status of imessaging_send() in notify_send()
      adds  0053603   s4:ntvfs/posix: avoid const warnings in pvfs_resolve_name_handle()
      adds  2b098c1   s4:ntvfs/posix: correctly reset errno on success in pvfs_sys_mkdir()
      adds  816a330   s4:ntvfs/sysdep: add sys_notify_inotify_init() prototype to avoid a warning
      adds  4fa922c   s4:smb_server/smb: fix declaration after code warnings in negprot.c
      adds  7377aa1   s4:smb_server/smb: fix invalid pointer type warnings in negprot.c
      adds  de773f3   s4:dsdb/ldb_modules: avoid declaration after code warnings
      adds  cd103d8   s4:dsdb/ldb_modules: avoid str_list related const warnings
      adds  ee06cbc   s4:dsdb/ldb_modules: avoid invalid pointer type warnings
      adds  2aebf16   auth/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  3f5e05f   lib/compression/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  8ba775b   lib/util/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  11736a3   lib/nss_wrapper/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  c19be3b   lib/socket_wrapper/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  d8ec961   lib/tdr/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  4e54049   lib/tevent/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  9594cf6   s4:lib/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  6788a40   s4:libcli/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  cc1c1f5   s4:librpc/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  cdaa33d   s4:param/tests: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  e794206   s4:torture/local: add missing #include "torture/local/proto.h"
      adds  2f0f7af   s4:torture/local: only pass prefix strings to tdb_add_record() in dbspeed.c
      adds  f2103cc   s4:torture/ldap: add includes to avoid compiler warnings
      adds  8195a71   s4:torture: avoid argv related const warnings
      adds  d71d0d4   s4:torture/libnet: add missing #include "torture/libnet/proto.h"
      adds  aa78d0e   s4:torture/unix: add missing #include "torture/unix/proto.h"
      adds  04f7fc0   s4:torture/nbt: add missing #include "torture/nbt/proto.h"
      adds  2812a4a   s4:torture/ntp: add missing #include "torture/ntp/proto.h"
      adds  79bb815   s4:torture/nbt: avoid str_list related const warnings
      adds  6199aa5   s4:torture/nbt: remove unused variable
      adds  e444aca   s4:torture/winbind: remove unused variable
      adds  0aba677   s4:torture/rpc: avoid declaration after code warnings
      adds  0e61696   s4:torture: avoid const warnings in smbtorture.c
      adds  e21aa7b   wafsamba: use multiple conf.ADD_CFLAGS() lines for developer CFLAGS
      adds  2f05932   wafsamba: use -Werror=declaration-after-statement if available
      adds  8cdd9f3   wafsamba: split out a conf.ADD_NAMED_CFLAGS() function
      adds  404f025   wafsamba: add an optional allow_warnings(default=True) to CURRENT_CFLAGS()
      adds  8a1f67b   wafsamba: add optional allow_warnings(default=True) to SAMBA_{SUBSYSTEM,LIBRARY,MODULE}()
      adds  06b48b0   s4:heimdal_build: explicitly pass allow_warnings=True to CURRENT_CFLAGS()
      adds  a939027   lib/ccan: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  f3fcb96   lib/ntdb: explicitly use allow_warnings=True for ntdb-test-helpers
      adds  9e0ae16   lib/ldb: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  ee3adcd   lib/popt: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  09fb085   lib/zlib: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  5158ae4   lib/socket_wrapper: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  35e9915   auth/kerberos: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  ba07368   s3:modules: explicitly use allow_warnings=True were needed
      adds  0f6c31c   s3:pam_smbpass: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  f420466   s3:rpc_server: explicitly use allow_warnings=True for RPC_SPOOLSS
      adds  7a53e14   s3:wscript_build: explicitly use allow_warnings=True where needed
      adds  7e3e573   s4:lib/com: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  19f30c3   s4:lib/events: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  1b16b42   s4:lib/messaging: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  835f8b7   s4:lib/registry: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  bb187cc   s4:lib/tls: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  6662c2b   s4:librpc: explicitly use allow_warnings=True where needed
      adds  daf6d0f   s4:auth/gensec: explicitly use allow_warnings=True for gssapi and sasl modules
      adds  daadf3b   s4:kdc: explicitly use allow_warnings=True for MIT_SAMBA
      adds  3f742fc   s4:rpc_server: explicitly use allow_warnings=True where needed
      adds  cea6d7e   s4:ntvfs/unixuid: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  a2c82a7   s4:torture/libnetapi: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  75cca8a   s4:torture/smb2: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  fce5bc4   s4:torture/winbind: explicitly use allow_warnings=True
      adds  b7f8ec9   s4:torture/wscript_build: explicitly use allow_warnings=True where needed
      adds  e1ec1f5   wafsamba: explicitly use allow_warnings=True for SAMBA_PYTHON()
      adds  4d50c75   s3-auth: Finally change make_user_info_*() use a parent talloc context
      adds  dd49939   auth_samba4: Fix auth_samba4 to correctly provide a messaging context for itself
      adds  d13b38d   s3-auth: Remember to always free the talloc_stackframe() in auth_samba4
      adds  8d28437   s3-auth: Add prototype for plugin function to reduce warnings in auth_samba4
      adds  95e0d75   winbindd: Ensure we do not look at rid_array before checking if it was returned
      adds  8175e98   selftest: Rename wbinfo_s3 to wbinfo_simple and reorder code for clarity
      adds  1dba07d   dlinklist: Fix a typo
      adds  44a624d   s3-samr: Refuse to set lockout_duration < lockout_window per rpc.samr.passwords.lockout
      adds  5a2eae4   torture-samr: Set lockout_seconds to 60 for samba3
      adds  3f8f997   torture/samr: Re-open the user when checking for ACB_AUTOLOCK
      adds  56d3e52   s3-auth: Only call pdb_get_acct_ctrl() once in check_sam_security
      adds  c8e4c6a   s3-auth: Do not reset bad password count to 0 if account is disabled
      adds  6f8297d   selftest: make blackbox_setpassword.sh test run independently
      adds  c3baddf   auth: Pass though error from GENSEC sub-mechanism
      adds  befae7f   ldb_ildap: Map some wrong username/password errors on to LDB_ERR_INVALID_CREDENTIALS
      adds  60024cd   kerberos: Map KRB5KDC_ERR_CLIENT_REVOKED to NT_STATUS_ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT
      adds  b822353   torture-samr: Actually fail on failures in rpc.samr, rather than just printing pretty warnings
      adds  2acfba3   torture-samr: Indent samba3-skip block
      adds  2d2dbaf   torture-samr: Make failures easier to trace with torture_assert
      adds  8e147f8   torture-samr: set min password age to 0 for lockout and badpwdcount tests
      adds  b53b3fa   torture-samr: Try breaking the NT hash first, as the LM hash may not be being checked
      adds  ae81cca   torture-samr: Lock accounts for 5 seconds in rpc.samr.passwords.badpwdcount test to ensure consistent results
      adds  fa8a3ca   torture-samr: Do not issue a TORTURE_FAIL unless *this* test failed
      adds  9e1a8dc   dsdb-tests: Remove pointless creation of ldaptestou
      adds  090c556   selftest: Run rpc.samr.passwords.lockout against the s3dc environment
      adds  5c1cfe2   s4:dsdb/util_samr: simplify dsdb_add_user()
      adds  9a36fab   s4:auth/sam: use a higher time resolution in authsam_account_ok()
      adds  9a3651e   dsdb-operational: Use a list for the extra attributes that may be required
      adds  1d266b4   dsdb-operational: Implement msDS-User-Account-Control-Computed
      adds  77e4beb   dsdb-operational: Implement msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed
      adds  6f8fb16   dsdb: Rework samdb_result_acct_flags to use either userAccountControl or msDS-User-Account-Control-Computed
      adds  a0de929   dsdb: Put password lockout support in samdb_result_passwords()
      adds  3f07737   s4:auth: Add password lockout support to the AD DC
      adds  526f983   dsdb: give a better error message and return code on failed password change
      adds  ba4c985   samba-tool add password lockout handling to samba-tool domain passwordsettings
      adds  0f3dd92   s4-auth: Rework memory handling to use a tmp_ctx
      adds  2dd71de   dsdb: Add samdb_result_passwords_from_history helper function
      adds  3ed5521   dsdb: collapse wrong password and no-password-hash errors into one handler
      adds  1a483a8   s4:dsdb/samldb: add let lockoutTime=0 reset badPwdCount=0
      adds  7e653f5   s4-auth: Add authsam_zero_bad_pwd_count to zero out badPwdCount and lockoutTime on successful login
      adds  30bae40   heimdal: Do not attempt password authentication for locked out accounts
      adds  580a705   heimdal: Match windows and return KRB5KDC_ERR_CLIENT_REVOKED when the account is locked out
      adds  d202191   heimdal: Only indicate successful authentication after successful authz
      adds  10cbd5e   kdc: Set flags.locked_out on a locked-out user.
      adds  997e120   kdc: Include values from msDS-User-Account-Control-Computed when checking user flags
      adds  752b817   kdc: call authsam_zero_bad_pwd_count on successful AS-REQ
      adds  26c0eb6   auth: Split out badPwdCount update into a helper function
      adds  8a89f7f   dsdb: Move dsdb_update_bad_pwd_count to dsdb/common/util.c
      adds  c918230   dsdb: Implement password lockout on LDAP password changes
      adds  afdd5fb   dsdb: check type with talloc_get_type_abort in samdb_set_password
      adds  9d5f4ca   lib/param: Add new parameter "old password allowed period"
      adds  f557f82   s4-auth: Support password history correctly, including allowing NTLM logins using the old password
      adds  a6b82ee   s4-samr: Escape the username in the LDAP filter
      adds  245d0f1   s4:dsdb/samldb: remove fantasy code from samldb_user_account_control_change()
      adds  6cb91a8   libds: add UF_PARTIAL_SECRETS_ACCOUNT to UF_ACCOUNT_TYPE_MASK
      adds  50b9748   s4:dsdb/samldb: rework samldb_user_account_control_change()
      adds  6ac62b3   s4:rpc_server/samr: passdown unmodified acct_flags to the ldb layer.
      adds  05c2f83   dsdb: Allow SAMR server to return the computed, not actual badPwdCount
      adds  e266f61   selftest: Add test for password lockout
      adds  3c73178   torture-samr: Improve rpc.samr.passwords.badpwdcount test
      adds  6a4bedd   torture-samr: Add test for lockout with and without a password history
      adds  311de5f   selftest: Run rpc.samr.passwords.badpwdcount against s3dc
      adds  85f57eb   torture-samr: Add testing of account lockout and password change behaviour
      adds  027afd1   Add autogenerated HRESULT error codes and descriptions from MS_ERREF
      adds  57a4319   Allow FSRVP access generic HRESULT error message descriptions
      adds  4f9dd94   script to generate libcli/util/hresult.c & libcli/util/hresult.h
      adds  983fc4e   Use correct error code value for NT_STATUS_RPC_ENUM_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE
      adds  e9522b5   Add error codes and message descriptions for NTSTATUS
      adds  32b35b8   script to generate content for libcli/util/nterr.c & libcli/util/ntstatus.h
      adds  c3719a6   dfs_server: get_dcs: fix pointer list termination
      adds  70cfe22   autorid: store hwm as uint32_t in idmap_autorid_init_hwm()
      adds  6ec437c   autorid: reverse logic flow in idmap_autorid_init_hwm(), decreasing indentation.
      adds  758308c   autorid: print debug message when a HWM key has been created
      adds  0bfb078   autorid: fix a potential for data corruption.
      adds  38157a0   autorid: when storing a new range, always check it does not exist.
      adds  fd56a63   autorid: add a DEBUG upon talloc fail in the add_range function.
      adds  d9c2163   autorid: improve the precision of the DEBUG at the end of add_range
      adds  801556f   autorid: in idmap_autorid_saveconfig, add a debug msg when loading gives error
      adds  9e519d9   autorid: split idmap_autorid_db_open and idmap_autorid_init_hwms out of idmap_autorid_db_init
      adds  963a05b   autorid: initialize: store config directly before allocating well knowns.
      adds  20a2e7f   autorid: initialize: link commonconfig to dom as soon as it is allocated
      adds  3aaaef4   autorid: initialize: link config to commonconfig as soon as it is allocated.
      adds  90d8e0f   autorid: initialize: open the autorid db as late as possible.
      adds  e9796ed   autorid: initialize: use the split db_open and init_hwms function instead of db_init
      adds  fc987cf   autorid: initialize: fix typo in and further improve a debug message.
      adds  5cf6e9c   autorid: make the whole initialization atomic with one transaction.
      adds  837671f   s3: messages: Implement cleanup of dead records.
      adds  375d467   autorid: use the db argument in the initialize traverse action.
      adds  992c86d   s3: rpc_server/srvsvc: Added routines to count share connections.
      adds  e685472   s3: rpc_server/srvsvc: added routines to compute opens on share connections.
      adds  fe6ec8c   s3: rpc_server/srvsvc: count share connections in NetConnEnum
      adds  fc4845f   s3: rpc_server/srvsvc: count open files in NetConnEnum
      adds  5f8f1be   s3-kerberos: make ipv6 support for generated krb5 config files more robust.
      adds  a83c524   tevent: Update flags in tevent pkgconfig file
      adds  e1df75b5  talloc: Update flags in pytalloc-util pkgconfig file
      adds  a5d5bdc   vfs: Support NFS control flags in nfs4_acls.c.
      adds  69b7631   vfs: Store ACL control flags in gpfs vfs module.
      adds  c35b31f   s3: enforce a positive allocation_file_size for non-empty files
      adds  5963519   s3: smbd/nmbd/winbindd - fix append on trailing slash on system paths.
      adds  01de781   ctdb-daemon: Always update database priority cluster wide
      adds  9d91f01   s4-wbclient: Cope with winbind returning an error
      adds  85041c8   wafsamba: replace dots in library names
      adds  8f46b13   s3-lib/util: fix read across end of namelist string
      adds  4f59580   s3-lib/util: fix logic inside set_namearray loops.
      adds  1e1b7b1   torture: add local verification trailer parsing test
      adds  d956608   tdb: consolidate tdb allocation code - re-use dead records at hash top.
      adds  88ba811   s4-wbclient: Fix wbc_sids_to_xids to correctly indicate the length of the SID list
      adds  f5a3d74   s3: smbd: Performance optimization for RECVFILE.
      adds  4daf7d4   libs: s3 and s4: make our dns lookup code signal-safe.
      adds  f717802   s3:lib: use stack buffers in drain_socket() and default_sys_recvfile()
      adds  8d45b75   s3:smbXsrv_open: allow now==0 to skip the idle_time update.
      adds  77b6860   s3:smbd: use smb1srv_open_lookup() in is_valid_writeX_buffer()
      adds  7968749   s3:smb2_server: use the same logic to avoid recvfile() for IPC/PRINT shares
      adds  95df39b   s3:smb2_server: make sure we don't try recvfile for special NBT messages
      adds  1f767b2   s3:smb2_write: allow SMBD_SMB2_IN_DYN_LEN() to be 0 for the recvfile case.
      adds  80de72b   s3:smb2_server: prepare smbd_smb2_request_verify_sizes() for the optimized recvfile() case
      adds  535103e   s3:smb2_server: only allocate the required buffer in the smb2 recvfile() code path
      adds  e49bae7   s3:smb2_server: remove unused get_min_receive_file_size() wrapper function
      adds  9de0dc7   Typo: Specifing -> specifying.
      adds  d81bada   Typo: sucessfully -> successfully
      adds  23beb5b   Typo: s/prefered/preferred/
      adds  5521cf0   Typo: speciefied -> specified.
      adds  986e539   Typo: Commiting -> Committing
      adds  e0cddcd   Typo: s/preceeded/preceded/
      adds  1c72842   ctdb-daemon: Add control CTDB_CONTROL_DB_DETACH
      adds  ce18b3b   ctdb-client: Add client code to detach a database
      adds  a3fdb56   ctdb-tools/ctdb: Add ctdb detach command to detach databases
      adds  b681e89   ctdb-doc: Add "ctdb detach" and update "ctdb attach"
      adds  89bf1d2   ctdb-doc: Remove commands that have been deleted
      adds  c048011   ctdb-tests: Add a simple test for "ctdb detach"
      adds  ce8ac88   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Drop disconnected nodes when filtering by capability
      adds  2f2421b   ctdb-eventscripts: CTDB_NATGW_PUBLIC_* optional on slave-only nodes
      adds  3b82b6f   Do not install smbclient4 and nmblookup4
      adds  6478b6f   auth: Remove static variable ths_user from password_check() code
      adds  f5cff44   auth: Remove unused PASSWORD_LENTH macro from pass_check.c
      adds  94f0716   auth: Remove dfs_auth() from pass_check.c and s4's auth_unix
      adds  3fa67e6   auth: Remove afs_auth() from pass_check.c and s4's auth_unix
      adds  cec8330   auth: Remove plaintext OSF1 password support
      adds  e731655   auth: Remove support for plaintext auth on systems that use getprpwnam()
      adds  6e8eb60   auth: Remove linux_bigcrypt support from pass_check.c
      adds  634cc8f   auth: Remove USE_BOTH_CRYPT_CALLS block from pass_check.c
      adds  d7ce127   auth: Remove support for HAVE_TRUNCATED_SALT from pass_check.c
      adds  6d6bd96   libcli/smb: add smb_signing_is_desired()
      adds  a56c35a   s3:smbd: always allow SMB1 signing, but only announce it if configured.
      adds  fae7e5d   lib-util: rename memdup to smb_memdup and fix all callers
      adds  5adacb4   s3: use smb_xmemdup instead of smb_memdup and smb_panic
      adds  c6a8edb   selftest: Add a bash env file you can source.
      adds  ad3a431   wafsamba: Add set_target to CHECK_BUNDLED_SYSTEM.
      adds  f318a44   replace: Add uid_wrapper_enabled().
      adds  6d23354   lib: Change uid_wrapper to preloadable version.
      adds  751b2b2   Remove uid_wrapper related code.
      adds  9feeeb3   selftest: Pass uid_wrapper library to selftest and preload it.
      adds  d1c53eb   selftest: Enable uid_wrapper globally.
      adds  77b7dfd   selftest: Call smbpasswd as root.
      adds  363f76c   testprogs: Fix tests calling smbpasswd.
      adds  d2a7ce9   s3-utils: Do not disable the root check in smbpasswd.
      adds  28b87dd   s4-ntfs: Improve uid check in wrapper mode.
      adds  486fa4a   libwbclient: Handle uid_wrapper for pipe access.
      adds  15feb84   s3-lib: Add root_mode() which can deal with uid_wrapper.
      adds  6118c2e   s3: Use root_mode() to get uid_wrapper working correctly.
      adds  68c450a   lib: Add missing include for unistd.h in setid.
      adds  1a46269   lib: Add missing include for unistd.h in unix_privs.
      adds  30860e0   replace: Add nss_wrapper_enabled().
      adds  115a80d   replace: Add nss_wrapper_hosts_enabled().
      adds  f95e868   s4-torture: Remove nss_wrapper testsuite.
      adds  b2163f2   Remove special nss_wrapper code
      adds  5bb410f   lib: Change nss_wrapper to preloadable version.
      adds  d24a154   selftest: Preload nss_wrapper
      adds  a573441   selftest: Add the user running the test to passwd.
      adds  3381784   selftest: Set NSS_WRAPPER_MODULE variables for NSS module.
      adds  354744f   selftest: Write the nss_wrapper hosts file.
      adds  c29fb2e   wbclient: Check with nss_wrapper_enabled().
      adds  2522bb8   selftest: Rename WINBINDD_SOCKET_DIR environment variable.
      adds  4dca841   s3-libads: Use ldap_initialize() if available.
      adds  11e87cd   ldb: Add a env variable to disable RTLD_DEEPBIND.
      adds  5d7609c   selftest: Disable loading ldb modules with RTLD_DEEPBIND.
      adds  5de011b   s4-torture: Remove socket_wrapper testsuite.
      adds  a9c1d5b   replace: Add socket_wrapper_enabled().
      adds  d407446   Remove special socket_wrapper code.
      adds  0028819   lib: Change socket_wrapper to preloadable version.
      adds  0ed826d   selftest: Preload socket_wrapper.
      adds  d1ee35d   dns.py: Use the python socket module.
      adds  a0d314d   lib: Remove socket wrapper python module.
      adds  60db710   s3-libads: allow ads_try_connect() to re-use a resolved ip address.
      adds  b7b5a1f   auth: Move wbcAuthUserInfo_to_netr_SamInfo3 to the top level
      adds  aa79989   s4-auth: Make the auth_winbind_wbclient use more correct code now in auth/wbc_auth_util.c
      adds  c0651a3   vfs_gpfs: Avoid warnings in developer build
      adds  6549716   s3: srvsvc pipe - We should return WERR_BADFILE in _srvsvc_NetShareAdd if the path does not exist.
      adds  c9b1f6b   samba-tool/upgrade: Fix exception thrown during upgrade from samba3
      adds  8b68f9b   s4:KCC: Use dsdb.DS_DOMAIN_FUNCTION_2008 constant for DS-Behavior comparisons
      adds  42fb23b   s4:kcc_utils: Propagate 'samdb' into load_connection_transport() method
      adds  b241aac   s4:samba_kcc: Fix error handling opening export ldif file
      adds  1325e0a   s4:samba_kcc: fix reference to DSA object while building partial replica list
      adds  1b71f08   s4:kcc_util: fix loading connection transport object - used to refer to not defined object
      adds  9006198   s4:samba_kcc: Use 'dburl' passed from command line rather than lp.samdb_url()
      adds  13784b7   s3:smbd: fix typo in comment for set_conn_force_user_group()
      adds  aa8c8a7   add systemd integration
      adds  02a3b59   smbd: use exit_daemon() to support reporting to systemd from smbd
      adds  6771c23   nmbd: use exit_daemon() to report status to systemd
      adds  7496954   winbindd: use exit_daemon() to pass startup status to systemd
      adds  720f763   ad-dc: use exit_daemon() to communicate status of startup to systemd
      adds  1d4fb1b   ctdb-daemon: Do not allow database detach if AllowClientDBAttach=1
      adds  a1e1b81   ctdb-tools/ctdb: Detach databases only if all nodes disallow client access
      adds  bf83abc   ctdb-tests: Update "ctdb detach" test
      adds  d9d3af7   ctdb-daemon: Talloc tdb_wrap off ctdb_db_context
      adds  db0a1df   ctdb-client: Talloc tdb_wrap off ctdb_db_context
      adds  581ee2e   ctdb-tools/ctdb: Unlock records before closing tdb database
      adds  b31240a   ctdb-tests: Add test for re-attaching detached database
      adds  463ea9e   ctdb-recoverd: Detach database from recovery daemon
      adds  bafdecd   lib: Add poll_funcs
      adds  6dcf2c7   lib: Add unix_msg
      adds  3e24e07   lib: Move full_path_tos to util_str.c
      adds  29603d1   lib: Add messaging_dgm
      adds  b022038   lib: Remove messages_local
      adds  e616e3c   smbd: Add a timestamp to queued notify events
      adds  892bec8   smbd: Pass timespec_current to notify_fsp
      adds  da1778f   smbd: Pass timespec_current through the notify_callback
      adds  7009b49   lib: Introduce iov_buflen
      adds  e268360   lib: Add iov_buf
      adds  cdc99c1   messaging3: Add messaging_send_iov
      adds  3218c73   smbd: Pass on a timestamp in MSG_PVFS_NOTIFY
      adds  c6a2734   smbd: Sort notify events by timestamp
      adds  758b057   printing_cups: Call the msg_ctx destructor on exit
      adds  78543b9   smbcontrol: Clean up the msg_ctx
      adds  dac9b3d   smbd: Always clean up the child's msg_ctx
      adds  6874e4a   messaging_dgm: Add messaging_dgm_wipe
      adds  e22433a   smbcontrol: Add dgm-cleanup command
      adds  895d0ac   smbd: Call the msg_ctx destructor for background jobs
      adds  5ae7550   s3 : build system : Move lib/background.c from smbd_base to samba3core.
      adds  843f094   s3: messaging: Add infrastructure to clean up orphaned sockets every 15 minutes as a background task.
      adds  a35c9d6   s3: smbd: Call dgram cleanup init background setup.
      adds  6c60ff3   s3: nmbd: Call dgram cleanup init background setup.
      adds  eaa45a5   s3: winbindd: Call dgram cleanup init background setup.
      adds  4fa1235   s3: torture - Add required talloc frame for msgtest.c
      adds  ea27382   s3: torture - Fix racy assumption in original messaging test.
      adds  169c6d4   s3:auth: allow special SYSTEM and ANONYMOUS handling in auth3_generate_session_info()
      adds  fc59cc3   auth/gensec: use auth_ctx->generate_session_info() for schannel
      adds  2ed1789   s3:rpc_client: pass everything to gensec by default
      adds  054ef13   s3:rpc_server: handle everything but AUTH_TYPE_NONE as gensec in verify_final
      adds  5d3bb56   s3:rpc_server: make sure we have a unix token
      adds  2c5ed10   s3:rpc_server: let auth_generic_server_step() handle gensec_security == NULL
      adds  bfdd22b   s3-rpc_server: Return the status code from gensec.
      adds  06922f9   s3-rpc_server: Call pipe_auth_verify_final() if needed.
      adds  1f4c20f   s3:rpc_server: pass everything but AUTH_TYPE_{NONE,NCALRPC_AS_SYSTEM} to gensec
      adds  788f72f   gensec: add DCERPC_AUTH_TYPE_NCALRPC_AS_SYSTEM backend
      adds  8729d99   s3-auth: Register ncalrpc_as_system gensec module.
      adds  6a5cd18   s3:rpc_client: Use gensec for NCALRPC_AS_SYSTEM.
      adds  000168b   s3-rpc_server: Add special tsocket address for ncalrpc_as_system.
      adds  6ede575   s3-rpc_server: Use gensec for NCALRPC_AS_SYSTEM.
      adds  76a89a3   s3-rpc_server: Remove ncalrpc_as_system from pipes_struct.
      adds  d50c007   s3-rpc_server: Remove ncalrpc_as_system from make_server_pipes_struct().
      adds  377091a   idmap_tdb_common: fix a debug message in idmap_tdb_common_unixid_to_sid()
      adds  11b3937   idmap_tdb_common: fix a debug message in idmap_tdb_common_set_mapping()
      adds  26062b4   idmap_tdb_common: remove legacy comment.
      adds  1eeb4bc   idmap_rid: remove a legacy comment from sid_to_id
      adds  8408137   autorid: remove a legacy comment from sid_to_id
      adds  b2ddea9   autorid: improve wording in a debug message
      adds  b1cb75a   autorid: add debug messages to idmap_autorid_get_domainrange()
      adds  04a4dc9   autorid: improve a debug message in idmap_autorid_map_sid_to_id()
      adds  1da7b5b   autorid: fix uninitialized return code for successful autorid.tdb creation/opening
      adds  3c706e9   autorid: fix discard-const warning in idmap_autorid_init_hwm()
      adds  5d9d4c7   autorid: factor idmap_autorid_get_alloc_range() out of idmap_autorid_allocate_id()
      adds  22f7126   autorid: rename idmap_autorid_map_id_to_sid() -> idmap_autorid_id_to_sid_alloc()
      adds  31241be   autorid: rename idmap_autorid_map_sid_to_id() -> idmap_autorid_sid_to_id_alloc()
      adds  e32f6a2   autorid: rename idmap_autorid_sid_to_id() -> idmap_autorid_sid_to_id_rid()
      adds  79a2458   autorid: more explicitly and reasonably set map->state in idmap_autorid_sid_to_id_alloc
      adds  5d7b136   autorid: explicitly return NTSTATUS_OK in idmap_autorid_sid_to_id_alloc().
      adds  64e267c   autorid: make the checks for bumping num_mapped identical for alloc and rid case
      adds  eaf770a   autorid: factor idmap_autorid_sid_to_id() out of idmap_autorid_sids_to_unixids()
      adds  3f1297f   autorid: introduce idmap_autorid_domsid_is_for_alloc()
      adds  57e49d9   autorid: reverse order of arguments of idmap_autorid_sid_to_id_alloc()
      adds  a1adc88   autorid: reserve 500 IDs at the top of the ALLOC range.
      adds  0df8988   autorid: add high_id to range config and fill it where we also fill range->low_id.
      adds  90d9445   autorid: use dbwrap_trans_do() in idmap_autorid_sid_to_id_alloc()
      adds  2372bd7   autorid: Add allocation from above in alloc range for well known sids
      adds  7a26989   dsdb: Specify no event context to smb_krb5_init_context() in dsdb
      adds  086c06e   kerberos: Remove un-used event context argument from smb_krb5_init_context()
      adds  77b04f1   winbind: Allow winbindd to be run from inside "samba"
      adds  41c5277   s3: smbd : Fix wildcard unlink to fail if we get an error rather than trying to continue.
      adds  93796a3   messaging3: Fix formatting
      adds  3af130e   torture3: Add a bit more coverage to messaging_read
      adds  8117dcd   messaging3: Make "presult" optional in messaging_read_recv
      adds  d0590ee   messaging3: Fix messaging_read_send/recv
      adds  54118d2   torture3: Add local-messaging-read1
      adds  042f94b   torture3: Add a test deleting a different req
      adds  8dede57   ctdb: Fix a comment typo
      adds  aae9da9   ldb:pyldb: add some const to PyObject_FromLdbValue()
      adds  094c391   ldb:pyldb: fix doc string for set_extended_component()
      adds  771d7b8   ldb:pyldb: add some more helper functions for LdbDn
      adds  7f03a94   ldb: change version to 1.1.17
      adds  821d7dc   dbchecker: make the deleted objects container detection more generic
      adds  709ed04   dbchecker: verify and fix broken dn values
      adds  5b22222   s4:repl_meta_data: fix array assignment in replmd_process_linked_attribute()
      adds  393348d   dbcheck: Directly call dn.get_rdn_{val,name}() for clarity and consistency
      adds  e8a323c   smbd: Fix compile warning in dmapi.c
      adds  bed323c   s3 : smbd : Protect all possible code paths from fsp->op == NULL.
      adds  580eb94   s3: smbd : Ensure file_new doesn't call into smbXsrv_open_create() for INTERNAL_OPEN_ONLY.
      adds  e6e4084   s3: smbd: change file_set_dosmode() to use get_file_handle_for_metadata() instead of open_file_fchmod().
      adds  ffaa284   s3: smbd: Remove open_file_fchmod().
      adds  4b4f4e0   samba-tool ldapcmp: fix a typo
      adds  a0ab8cb   waf: fetch and use some exit codes of called processes
      adds  4b324f7   s3: Always cache idmapping results of pdb backend.
      adds  b19d80d   dsdb: Make it harder to corrupt the database by requiring DBCHECK or RELAX for final object deletion
      adds  7c2bf8d   selftest: Add tests for dbcheck detection and removal of partial objects
      adds  1cfc02d   s4:samr: allow builtin groups for samr_OpenGroup.
      adds  09fbc6c   s3:passdb: fix and improve debug message in pdb_default_sid_to_id().
      adds  81ca9ab   s3:passdb: improve a debug message in pdb_default_sid_to_id()
      adds  d7c22d5   ldb: make the successful ldb_transaction_start() message clearer
      adds  2995b93   poll_funcs: Fix a comment typo
      adds  be71a84   ctdb-eventscripts: Don't check if $iface is empty
      adds  e09147b   ctdb-eventscripts: Update comment in 11.routing
      adds  151b02c   ctdb-eventscripts: Add check for invalid policy routing configuration
      adds  cbd6beb   ctdb-daemon: Move a ZERO_STRUCT() to a better place
      adds  2c9683d   Fix an empty if statement.
      adds  8dc24d4   Minor typo fix in source3/wscript.
      adds  543c5bf   dsdb: Rename private_data to rootdse_private_data in rootdse
      adds  401f555   dsdb: Do not permit nested event loops when in a transaction, use a nested event context
      adds  5bf6ed5   byteorder: do not assume PowerPC is big-endian
      adds  5ac317e   build: unify and fix endian tests
      adds  6619055   build: make wafsamba CHECK_SIZEOF cross-compile friendly
      adds  db86180   build: tweak SIZEOF utmp->ut_line
      adds  9d4adbc6  build: find blkcnt_t size via array
      adds  dcb3f21   messaging: Nobody uses G_LOCK_RETRY anymore
      adds  294dd73   param: remove unnecessary temporary service in handle copy
      adds  a81279c   s3:loadparm: change memory allocations to use talloc
      adds  2dd7c89   param: remove string_init and inline it into string_set
      adds  e812b72   param: change the talloc context attached to globals structure in s3 loadparm to a pool
      adds  7c92cf3   s3:loadparm: fix intermediate string allocations to use talloc
      adds  c1c1f09   param: Add an lp_string_set function
      adds  84b98a2   param: allow special functions to be common across the two loadparms
      adds  3892086   param: attempt to consolidate handle_debug_level between the two loadparms
      adds  e06acfa   param: change assignment of lp_string in s3_helpers to be consistent with the other functions
      adds  a39d569   param: attempt to consolidate handle_logfile between the two loadparms
      adds  29cdb71   param: consolidate handle_realm between the two loadparms
      adds  4a86b69   param: remove lp_string_is_valid_boolean
      adds  5a9cef4   param: use correct memory contexts for parametric options
      adds  be0851f   param: move set_param_opt to lib/param
      adds  c34a063   param: make lib/param copy_service use set_param_opt
      adds  bbcd8d6   lib/param: remove duplicated copy service in lpcfg_add_a_service
      adds  aee7dfd   lib/param: remove some const warnings from using lists
      adds  9bac9a8   s3:param: attempt to fix up some const warnings
      adds  ab1030a   param: remove instance of lp_parm_ptr to be consistent with lib/param
      adds  7ea3441   s3:param: remove the double initialization in add_a_service
      adds  706ad20   param: remove unused init_service
      adds  8670f63   param: improve copy_service to use the correct talloc parents
      adds  31ada41   lib/param: fix copy service to correctly free the memory used by P_LIST
      adds  c8b499b   param: duplicate the copy service in lib/param into source3 loadparm
      adds  6f8b2ab   param: use a single copy_service function in lib/param
      adds  2f47965   s3:param: avoid the use the global variable iServiceIndex in handle_copy
      adds  c3c8f4f   lib/param: rename getservicebyname to lpcfg_getservicebyname to avoid conflicts
      adds  ef3d445   param: consolidate handle_copy method between the two loadparms
      adds  f2e03d8   param: remove unused lp_copy_service
      adds  7be7a81   s3:param: change add_to_file_list to stop using global variables
      adds  a62b655   lib/param: change add_to_file_list to not use a loadparm context
      adds  61103e1   param: use a single add_to_file_list method
      adds  b64ac37   param: move the declaration of the file_lists structure to a shared header
      adds  07f01b1   param: prevent an existing segmentation fault with setting [dos] charset
      adds  8e9d262   docs: change docs.py to test the setting of parameters to defaults
      adds  8abbfa9   docs: add test to docs.py to set parameters to some arbitrary value
      adds  47c4312   param: use a single init_copymap method in lib/param
      adds  1a92113   param: add getservicebyname to s3_helpers
      adds  58e8163   param: inline init_iconv into handle [dos] charset
      adds  e547e83   param: move special charset handlers to lib/param
      adds  b320953   param: fix a bug where set_cmdline doesn't ignore the whitespace
      adds  8d48211   param: use a single command line set_option in the code
      adds  3845138   param: remove unused lp_set_option
      adds  f6697ef   param: use a single handle_include function between the two loadparms
      adds  45184c9   param: remove duplicate lp_int function
      adds  8204345   param: remove duplicate lp_ulong function
      adds  7505ddf   param: remove duplicate lp_bool function
      adds  005bf97   param: change lp_set_enum_parm to indicate whether or not it fails
      adds  a540792   param: move lp_set_enum_parm to lib/param
      adds  a8cfa8b   lib/param: use lp_set_enum_parm
      adds  d7973e1   param: make init_printer_values use lpcfg functions
      adds  509cc45   param: add extra default parameter to get_parametrics_by_service
      adds  74e0a37   param: setup more variables in for the temporary loadparm context for the special functions
      adds  dce3bcd   param: move handle printing into lib/param
      adds  5376e6a   param: make lp_do_parameter_parametric use set_param_opt
      adds  64eb985   param: include init_ldap_debugging in the s3 helpers
      adds  f4d7f12   param: have a single handle_ldap_debug_level function
      adds  98dbc38   move str_list_make_v3 out of s3 code
      adds  47ae38c   param: setup ctx variable in loadparm globals
      adds  c03b8eb   param: include set_netbios_aliases in s3 helpers
      adds  1189724   param: use a single handle_netbios_aliases function
      adds  84ed185   param: add lp_do_parameter to s3 helpers
      adds  db19d74   param: use a single special handler for idmap parameters
      adds  ad09b3e   param: correctly use param_table.c as a regular C file
      adds  8d70514   param: fix copy service to copy over cmdlist
      adds  671d13f   s3:loadparm: Fix dump a parameter to use the file indicated
      adds  8363106   param: remove fstring from dump_a_parameter
      adds  a900fa0   param: move parametric parameter dumping to lpcfg_dump_a_parameter
      adds  aea7d62   lib/param: fix an error in the is_default method in lib/param
      adds  20159a5   lib/param: use strwicmp instead of strlower_talloc
      adds  b6b9f08   docs: enable checking of parametric options assignment
      adds  978b815   param: remove NUMPARAMETERS macro in s3
      adds  9976792   param: remove NUMPARAMETERS macro from lib/param
      adds  412a387   Add a comment regarding strwicmp only being an ASCII string compare
      adds  3d6a027   lib/param: Make and use lpcfg_dump_a_service() in common
      adds  b709304   lib/param: Make lpcfg_equal_parameter static (again)
      adds  5487f70   lib/param: Remove unused static variable defaults_saved
      adds  48a6624   param: fix incorrect return on lp_set_cmdline_helper
      adds  dc08cfa   param: refactor lp_set_cmdline_helper to not call store_lp_set_cmdline
      adds  b93ed0a   param: Provide a talloc_stackframe() to external users of lp_set_cmdline()
      adds  687b359   lib/param: clean up lpcfg_get_parametric
      adds  6633803   param: tidy up get_parametrics_by_service
      adds  9d90969   param: copy parametric option helper to lib/param
      adds  886e44f   param: remove unused get_parametrics_by_service
      adds  c517150   lib/param: use get_parametric_helper in lpcfg_get_parametric
      adds  dfc999e   lib/param: remove unnecessary get_parametric s3 helper function
      adds  994bb15   lib/param: change a comment regarding helper parametric functions
      adds  f4d090f   param: correctly return false when parsing invalid octal in lp_do_parameter
      adds  b2ce4e7   lib/param: change set_variable to be more consistent with s3 loadparm
      adds  fa48d52   param: replace P_OCTAL variable setting with s3 version which uses sscanf
      adds  9fdcf78   param: Use an explicit talloc_stackframe() in lp_do_parameter for clarity and certainty.
      adds  7736c96   param: Use an explicit talloc_stackframe() in lp_load_ex for clarity and certainty
      adds  a5b96ee   s3-krb5: Limit search for old kvno to 8bits
      adds  06c25eb   wbclient: ensure response struct is initialized
      adds  7a266c5   messaging3: Add messaging_filtered_read
      adds  8d65512   dbwrap: Use messaging_filtered_read
      adds  8e71945   messaging3: Fix 80-char line limit
      adds  5601576   messaging3: Add comments about not touching "waiters"
      adds  dca572f   lib: Enhance poll_funcs_tevent for multiple tevent_contexts
      adds  a6e49f9   messaging3: Add messaging_dgm_register_tevent_context
      adds  e750e2b   messaging3: Fix messaging_filtered_read_send
      adds  80365e0   torture3: Fix local-messaging-read1
      adds  c0f6ab9   messaging3: Push down the self-send callback
      adds  9988e62   messaging3: Factor out the self-send check
      adds  8763c8c   messaging3: Relax the self-send check a bit
      adds  50a66d5   torture3: local-messaging-read3
      adds  0ba276e   wafsamba: If perl can't provide defaults, define them.
      adds  1f8fe83   swrap: Do not leak memory in swrap_recvmsg_after().
      adds  b08c50b   swrap: Use the loaded libc open() directly.
      adds  b003f1a   Fix some typos.
      adds  a05728d   swrap: Fall back to RTLD_NEXT if we can't find libc.
      adds  98750aa   swrap: Update version to 1.0.2.
      adds  4bc9bbe   selftest: skip GETADDRINFO tests
      adds  2900dfa   s3: client - rename 'struct smb2_create_returns' to 'struct smb_create_returns' so we can use this in SMB1 create returns as well.
      adds  69e24b4   s3: client : Add extra return parameter to all client open calls.
      adds  3d8ba9b   s3: client : correctly fill in the struct smb_create_returns from cli_ntcreate(), cli_ntcreate_recv(), cli_nttrans_create() and cli_nttrans_create_recv().
      adds  b2ce244   s3: libsmbclient: Work around bugs in SLES cifsd and Apple smbx SMB1 servers.
      adds  2637890   wafsamba: Fail with error message if perl doesn't provide valid dirs.
      adds  d18ee9e   script/autobuild: make use of --with-perl-{arch,lib}-install-dir
      adds  cf75ef9   pidl/lib/wscript_build: make use of PERL_LIB_INSTALL_DIR
      adds  360ca8e   auth: avoid overwriting the auth_sam_reply.h header all the time.
      adds  74e2d6e   s3:lib: always use db_open(serverid.tdb)
      adds  ff2b896   pytdb: avoid const warnings by using discard_const_p()
      adds  e77cbe2   tdb: return ENOSYS if the tdb was created with spinlocks.
      adds  0927b0b   s4:nbt_server/wins: make use explicit use of the top level event context
      adds  7a34732   s4:irpc/tests: make use explicit use of the top level event context
      adds  a2f3c35   s4:auth_winbind: explicitly use dcerpc_binding_handle_set_sync_ev() for irpc
      adds  608d91e   s4:rpc_server/netlogon: explicitly use dcerpc_binding_handle_set_sync_ev() for irpc
      adds  ed48c70   s4:service_task: explicitly use dcerpc_binding_handle_set_sync_ev() for irpc
      adds  6cbf3ec   s4:pyrpc: explicitly use dcerpc_binding_handle_set_sync_ev() for irpc
      adds  a20c7e6   s4:irpc/tests: explicitly use dcerpc_binding_handle_set_sync_ev()
      adds  8413980   s4:imessaging: Remove dcerpc_binding_handle_set_sync_ev() call from irpc_binding_handle()
      adds  c1507bc   s4:imessaging: Remove event context from irpc and imessaging structures
      adds  3f60f0e   Fix selfetet environment user gid
      adds  a581f23   smbd: Remove unused code for dos attributes in stat struct
      adds  e9cff21   ldbsamba: Move pyldb-utils dependency to python_samba__ldb
      adds  5d99835   s3:vfs_gpfs: increase log level for EPERM and EACCES errors in gpfs_get_xattr()
      adds  593c810   talloc: Tune talloc_vasprintf
      adds  fc49cc9   add FSCTL_SET_ZERO_DATA fsctl define
      adds  accb76b   add FSCTL_SET_ZERO_ON_DEALLOCATION define
      adds  1e9750a   nsswitch: Fix the check for the privileged pipe.
      adds  66c099c   selftest: Run pdbtest under valgrind if specified
      adds  6c37cd6   auth: Allow auth_samba4 to be forced to run a specific auth module
      adds  c664859   selftest: Test auth_wbc, the auth4 winbind and winbind_wbclient modules using pdbtest
      adds  f27d8b8   lib: Fix build --without-winbind by adding winbind_lookup_usersids dummy
      adds  3aa3535   talloc: inline more static functions
      adds  014eecd   talloc: inline talloc_get_name()
      adds  b9fcfc6   talloc: avoid a function call in TALLOC_FREE() if possible.
      adds  eb95fc8   talloc: check for TALLOC_GET_TYPE_ABORT_NOOP
      adds  de822b5   talloc: fix compiler warning
      adds  8fbb819   talloc/tests: avoid some unused variable warnings
      adds  b8e5b68   talloc: version 2.1.1
      adds  efff779   s4-torture: fix test_openprinter_wrap fake test result.
      adds  93093fa   s4-torture: fix some build warnings in rpc samr test.
      adds  e5649ef   smbd: fix creation of BUILTIN\{Administrators,Users} when "tdbsam:map builtin = false"
      adds  392ec4d   bug #10609: CVE-2014-0239 Don't reply to replies
      adds  634f116   provision: Correctly provision the SOA record minimum TTL
      adds  efb4684   printing: fix purge of all print jobs
      adds  b328bb0   s4-torture: add print_test_purge
      adds  8935242   Add protocol version to smbstatus output
      adds  7815630   tdb/tools: add -l option to tdbbackup
      adds  b4b8e39   tdb/tools: add -l option to tdbtool
      adds  9bf4f10   tdb/tools: explicitly use TDB_NOLOCK in tdbdump
      adds  19fb729   tdb/test: correctly use stderr, not stdout, in fail()
      adds  417489a   tdb/test: add a "skip()" macro.
      adds  1cb1b13   tdb/test: add shutdown_agent() helper function
      adds  1e74ba4   tdb/test: add PING command to external-agent.c
      adds  1672643   tdb/test: add UNMAP command to external-agent.c
      adds  469e2fc   wscript: set conf.env.replace_add_global_pthread = True
      adds  a8a9183   libreplace: Move thread checks from source3/wscript
      adds  730745d   libreplace: only add PTHREAD CFLAGS and LDFLAGS globally if asked for
      adds  1993f60   libreplace: Add support for pthread_mutexattr_setrobust
      adds  4ea036c   libreplace: Add support for pthread_mutex_consistent
      adds  4baa2d0   libreplace-waf: Only check for _np functions if standard functions are not available
      adds  549338f   libreplace: Define PTHREAD_MUTEX_ROBUST along with pthread_mutexattr_setrobust
      adds  c0b0648   tdb: use asprintf() to simplify tdb_summary()
      adds  c29e64d   tdb: introduce TDB_SUPPORTED_FEATURE_FLAGS
      adds  cbd73ba   tdb: introduce tdb->hdr_ofs
      adds  db5bda5   tdb: add TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING support
      adds  fbaf94b   tdb/test: add mutex related tests
      adds  b39e8ea   tdb/test: add marklock deadlock test
      adds  bd54fea   tdb/tools: add -m option to tdbtorture
      adds  85fe2e8   tdb/tools: Allow tdbtool to r/o open mutexed tdbs
      adds  41cf51b   dbwrap_tdb: Use mutexes on demand
      adds  26b9155   selftest: use dbwrap_tdb_mutexes:* = yes for "plugin_s4_dc" and "member"
      adds  dcb8bfe   lib/util: s/daemon/name
      adds  55c279f   smbd: add missing newline to debug message in daemon_ready()
      adds  416958c   doc-xml: Add documentation for 'spoolss: os_[major|minor|build]' options.
      adds  be07b8b   tests: Add doc exception for spoolss: OSVERSION.
      adds  ce010d0   s3: smb2: Move from using SBVAL to put NTTIMEs on the wire to put_long_date_timespec.
      adds  f739480   s3: smb2: Move from using SBVAL to put NTTIMEs on the wire to put_long_date_timespec.
      adds  04cddfc   torture/smb2/dir: check create time match find
      adds  ec4496b   unix_msg: Simplify unix_msg_send a bit
      adds  b8ae6f8   s3:smbd: let default_sys_recvfile() and sys_recvfile() cope with non-blocking sockets.
      adds  aaaff84   dbwrap_ctdb: open locally with TDB_VOLATILE if requested
      adds  8f3be3d   Exit with ctdb_fatal if serverids_exist fails
      adds  a448699   torture3: Add a little gencache_parse load test
      adds  dfee057   s4:librpc/rpc: avoid using dcerpc_unix_socket_path()
      adds  4c11fa6   s4:librpc/rpc: optionally return the local address from dcerpc_pipe_open_socket_recv()
      adds  374c5c4   s4:librpc/rpc: return the local/remote ip from dcerpc_pipe_open_tcp_recv()
      adds  3aebaf4   s4:librpc/rpc: set "localaddress" and reset "host" for ncacn_ip_tcp
      adds  e4f7b90   s4:librpc/rpc: avoid using dcerpc_socket_peer_addr()
      adds  d1b5016   s4:librpc/rpc: remove some unused functions and structures from dcerpc_sock.c
      adds  ae406ac   s4:librpc/rpc: use DCERPC_REQUEST_TIMEOUT for smb opens
      adds  7ea0475   s4:librpc/rpc: remember some smbXcli_* pointers within struct dcerpc_pipe_connect
      adds  35192e8   s4:librpc/rpc: remove pipe_np_smb2_state and use pipe_np_smb_state
      adds  a13eeba   s4:librpc/rpc: split out continue_smb_open()
      adds  13b36be   s4:librpc/rpc: allow a shortcut in dcerpc_pipe_connect_ncacn_np_smb[2]_send()
      adds  f15d10d   s4-dns: dlz_bind9: Fix ipv6 updates
      adds  5e892fb   s4-dns: dlz_bind9: improve log message consistency
      adds  e3ca29f   smbd: Fix a typo
      adds  d108dad   serverid: Fix an incompatible pointer assignment
      adds  7c43a41   messaging3: Fix whitespace
      adds  b22b35e   messaging3: Remove a pointless return;
      adds  f52690d   libcli: Fix a memleak
      adds  f4b06b0   ctdb-build: Build ctdb_version.h before compiling files that include it
      adds  6edbbce   ctdb-build: Move internal include files in a separate directory
      adds  9487785   s3-build: Support building with in-tree CTDB
      adds  80ef004   libcli: Avoid a talloc/free
      adds  af83a15   libcli: Avoid a talloc/free
      adds  8bb5107   libcli: Avoid an explicit memset call
      adds  6218e5c   libcli: Simplify desc_expand_generic()
      adds  e72d8b7   libcli: Simplify desc_ace_has_generic()
      adds  f1d4b27   Remove obsolete README.packaging4.
      adds  c1deb87   ctdb-tools-ctdb: scriptstatus should not count disabled scripts
      adds  d735a4a   libcli/sd: remove redundant sec_desc_add_sid()
      adds  e3e01de   libcli/sd: remove redundant sec_ace_add_sid()
      adds  4a9d64e   sharesec: use NDR security descriptor print fns
      adds  f6e5af0   sharesec: remove unused security descriptor print fns
      adds  21b03f4   s3/rpc_server/spoolss: remove SETUP_SPOOLSS_NOTIFY_DATA_SECDESC
      adds  aef195d   s3/profiles: replace dup_sec_desc() usage
      adds  40bca3b   s3/net_rpc_printer: replace dup_sec_desc() usage
      adds  0c5911f   s3/posix_acls: replace dup_sec_desc() usage
      adds  4be7800   s3/rpc_server/spoolss: replace dup_sec_desc() usage
      adds  b82d436   s3/rpc_server/lsa: replace dup_sec_desc() usage
      adds  b7caabd   libgpo: replace dup_sec_desc() usage
      adds  23a9593   libcli/secdesc: replace dup_sec_desc() usage
      adds  58b8c87   libcli/secdesc: remove dup_sec_desc()
      adds  8605564   s3/profiles: improve copy_registry_tree() errors
      adds  256aa9b   libcli/security: clean up and fix make_sec_desc
      adds  f0bc0ac   libcli/security: remove dup_sec_acl()
      adds  8a2599a   libcli/security: remove unused sec_desc_del_sid()
      adds  f1a96f8   libcli/security: remove unused sec_ace_del_sid()
      adds  4de94ad   libcli/security: cleanup security_ace_equal()
      adds  3e1a477   s3/libsmb_xattr: use security_ace_equal instead of sec_ace_equal
      adds  124775c   s3/sharesec: use security_ace_equal instead of sec_ace_equal
      adds  bc70d58   s3/smbcacls: use security_ace_equal instead of sec_ace_equal
      adds  d9776c6   torture/attr: use security_ace_equal instead of sec_ace_equal
      adds  7226a89   secdesc: use security_ace_equal instead of sec_ace_equal
      adds  96c7e9b   libcli/security: remove sec_ace_equal
      adds  a27e59e   ctdb-pmda: Do not hardcode include paths
      adds  f2ef23c   ctdb-ib: Make infiniband transport compile again
      adds  4dd3822   ctdb-tools-ctdb: Make natgwlist and lvsmaster more resilient
      adds  e4453bd   s3:messaging: change messaging_backend to use iovec instead of data blob in send_fn
      adds  bd22312   s3:messaging: change unix_dgram_recv_handler() to use recvmsg, not recv
      adds  90f9db9   Fix several talloc stack frames not freed
      adds  839a45a   imessaging: Fix a comment
      adds  331296d   messaging3: The backend send_fn doesn't need a messaging_context
      adds  56a7ddd   messaging3: Introduce messaging_local_backend()
      adds  8ddbf18   messaging3: Add and use messaging_tevent_context()
      adds  c487937   messaging3: Make messaging_context private
      adds  c81f1aa   messaging3: Enforce just one messaging context
      adds  629f4e8   s3:smb2_server: fix invalid TALLOC_FREE(iov) in smbd_smb2_inbuf_parse_compound()
      adds  51077c6   s3:smb2_server: call smbd_smb2_flush_send_queue() directly
      adds  abedc71   vfs:aio_fork: simplify checking of MSG_CONTROL and MSG_ACCTRIGHTS
      adds  86be491   build: rename HAVE_MSGHDR_MSG_CONTROL to HAVE_STRUCT_MSGHDR_MSG_CONTROL
      adds  6a0ebc4   s3:messaging: protect use of msg_control with HAVE_STRUCT_MSGHDR_MSG_CONTROL
      adds  5afd30e   messaging3: Fix a talloc_tos memleak
      adds  ccc5b0a   docs: Remove references to SWAT (now removed)
      adds  20f9976   docs: Samba is now GPLv3
      adds  655cd95   docs: Remove most references to Samba-3 and change to just Samba
      adds  05d78aa   docs: Multiple passdb backend support has been removed
      adds  f9a9e18   docs: Remove out of date Kerberos and security chapter
      adds  34e8dec   selftest: consitently use the name s4member
      adds  b2c0a6a   selftest: Ensure winbindd is fully operating before running tests
      adds  2b558f2   selftest: Set winbind separator = /
      adds  a1c7aa0   selftest: Run samba4.blackbox.wbinfo against plugin_s4_dc
      adds  4688cf7   libwbclient-tests: No longer hardcoded password and test domain
      adds  6add082   selftest: Make test_wbinfo.sh work with s3-winbindd
      adds  67cdbde   selftest: enable winbind enum users/groups in s4 environments
      adds  5f29774   selftest: move all winbind test rules to one place
      adds  d62e0f8   selftest: Add knownfail entries for wbinfo --user-info tests only on the failing environments
      adds  822b492   dsdb: Do not give an error is metadata.tdb does not yet exist
      adds  04bc200   winbindd: explain that this check protects the AD DC machine account password (for now at least)
      adds  e85ab68   winbindd: Remove pointless if statement
      adds  902f14c   s3-rpc_server: Give log messages on failure
      adds  5a71f46   winbindd: Use rpc_pipe_open_interface() so that winbindd uses the correct rpc servers
      adds  191d754   s3-param: Add lp_dnsdomain() for use by winbindd
      adds  67a9d21   make winbindd work in "samba4" member server modes
      adds  5722831   winbind: Fix template homedir to match source3
      adds  a23c62a   s4-messaging: Make header guard less generic
      adds  23848f3   s3-rpc_server: Use C99 types in rpc_pipes.h
      adds  ed89624   docs: Update Roadmap
      adds  62b4d44   s3-winbind: Use strlcpy to avoid log entry.
      adds  89961ca   s3:lib/afs move afs.c to common lib dir
      adds  558850c   s3:lib/afs move afs_settoken.c to common lib dir
      adds  eafb7e3   waf: add --with-fake-kaserver option
      adds  b7ce3f6   waf: fixup build with fake kaserver enabled
      adds  c3607d2   vfs_afsacl: remove unused includes
      adds  2ee7d01   s3:vfs_afsacl fix compiler warnings
      adds  184f89d   Add YouCompleteMe config.
      adds  8855906   WAF: use libsystemd-daemon only if linking actually succeeds
      adds  4811cbe   ctdb:server: fix DEBUG message for wrong event script options.
      adds  7f36828   librpc: Fix a "ignoring asprintf return" warning
      adds  b5cd098   swrap: use LIBC_SO from GNU libc, if available
      adds  d652e06   swrap: Correctly set the bind iface address on connect().
      adds  1921da4   waf: Add check for HAVE_STRUCT_IN6_PKTINFO.
      adds  ed3c219   swrap: Add IP_PKTINFO support in setsockopt.
      adds  56d5bf9   swrap: Add swrap_msghdr_add_cmsghdr().
      adds  d5b204c   swrap: Add swrap_msghdr_add_pktinfo().
      adds  b534c45   swrap: Add swrap_msghdr_socket_info().
      adds  fb308da   swrap: Call swrap_msghdr_socket_info in swrap_recvmsg_after().
      adds  1df0810   swrap: Process control messages in recvmsg().
      adds  f288efc   swrap: Truncate the address if the buffer is to small.
      adds  7a386b3   swrap: Properly cache the handle also in LIBC_SO case.
      adds  7556e13   swrap: Silence a warning on OpenIndiana.
      adds  aa1e24e   swrap: Check if the in_pktinfo structure is available.
      adds  0247bdb   swrap: Implement support for IP_RECVDSTADDR on BSD.
      adds  c704966   swrap: Add swrap_sendmsg_filter_cmsghdr().
      adds  2fe9612   swrap: Add swrap_sendmsg_copy_cmsg().
      adds  6a35c67   swrap: Add swrap_sendmsg_filter_cmsg_socket().
      adds  efe4eb2   swrap: Add swrap_msghdr_filter_cmsg_pktinfo().
      adds  3689add   swrap: Call swrap_msghdr_filter_cmsghdr in swrap_sendmsg_before().
      adds  353709b   swrap: Support more socket options in getsockopt().
      adds  74ade40   swrap: We need to pass a pointer-pointer to not leak memory.
      adds  1f03de0   swrap: Make sure cmbuf is not NULL.
      adds  5ee936d   swrap: Setup myname in swrap_socket() for getsockname().
      adds  1b949b5   swrap: Add missing family check in bind().
      adds  6e6c817   swrap: Add support for bindresvport().
      adds  3700a46   swrap: add check for rpc/rpc.h - needed on freebsd for bindresvport
      adds  8f28674   swrap: extend input checks in swrap_bind()
      adds  f9ddd20   swrap: fix AF_UNSPEC special case in swrap_bind()
      adds  05c1e2d   swrap: implement check_addr_port_in_use()
      adds  b9d6ad8   swrap: check whether an address:port is already in use in swrap_bind()
      adds  f6023bb   lib: Bump socket_wrapper version to 1.1.0.
      adds  064592d   swrap: Disable incomplete bind checks (and tests) for EADDRINUSE.
      adds  fae59b4   lib: Bump socket_wrapper version to 1.1.1.
      adds  7091755   selftest: Add support for tmate.
      adds  4633114   s3/s4: smbd, rpc, ldap, cldap, kdc services.
      adds  536c799   lib: tevent: make TEVENT_SIG_INCREMENT atomic.
      adds  66a04ba   s3: libsmb : Move users of cli_dskattr to a 64-bit interface cli_disk_free().
      adds  d0a7d7e   s3: libsmb: Make cli_smb2_dskattr() a 64-bit interface.
      adds  9c6f1a5   s3: libsmb: Change cli_disk_size() to use the trans2/SMB_FS_FULL_SIZE_INFORMATION call in preference to the old SMB1 call.
      adds  e22a067   libndr: Use GUID_compare in GUID_equal
      adds  7c2b5e7   Use GUID_equal in a few places
      adds  f4e358b   libcli: Add a NULL check in dom_sid_string
      adds  6da8126   ctdb-eventscripts: New configuration variable CTDB_GANESHA_REC_SUBDIR
      adds  cda32d4   passdb: Do not routinely clear the global memory returned by get_global_sam_sid()
      adds  8327321   dsdb: Do not store a struct ldb_dn in struct schema_data
      adds  791c382   dsdb: Do not refresh the schema using the wrong event context
      adds  2e961bf   winbindd: Call set_dc_type_and_flags on the internal domain
      adds  597d2a7   auth: Provide a way to use the auth stack for winbindd authentication
      adds  cb79cc3   s3-winbindd: Register winbindd with irpc
      adds  223fbda   s3-winbindd: Listen on IRPC and do forwarded DNS updates on an RODC
      adds  f4ab082   librpc/idl: Merge wbint.idl with winbind.idl so we can forward IRPC requests to internal winbind calls
      adds  faa4452   s3-winbind rename winbindd_update_rodc_dns to be for more generic irpc
      adds  eabe7d7   s3-winbind: Transparently forward IRPC messages to the winbind_dual child
      adds  ba4467c   s3-winbindd: Implement SamLogon IRPC call
      adds  b297583   s3: smbd - SMB[2|3]. Ensure a \ or / can't be found anywhere in a search path, not just at the start.
      adds  62403c4   s3: smbd : SMB2 - fix SMB2_SEARCH when searching non wildcard string with a case-canonicalized share.
      adds  25c14ef   smbd: Use full_path_tos() where appropriate
      adds  4e95d78   smbd: tevent_req_nterror already returns bool :-)
      adds  1dda098   libsmb: Put the "smb2_lease" struct into idl
      adds  19fcf6f   ctdb-common: No need to save previous scheduler priority
      adds  fb0b389   ctdb-common: Do not abort if restoring scheduling policy fails
      adds  5b580e5   ctdb-common: Changing scheduler policy does not require ctdb context
      adds  3a9d375   ctdb-common: Drop ctdb prefix from utility functions independent of ctdb
      adds  8fa8b3b   ctdb-common: Do not dynamically allocate memory when not necessary
      adds  dd67243   ctdb-common: No dynamic memory allocation in mkdir_p()
      adds  890bd9f   ctdb-common: Separate system utilties that are ctdb independent
      adds  7226618   ctdb-common: Separate more system utilities that are independent of ctdb
      adds  0015b2a   ctdb-daemon: No need to block SIGPIPE at startup
      adds  da1a6a3   ctdb-common: Remove unused functions
      adds  d09f813   ctdb-daemon: Rename block_signal to ignore_signal
      adds  e114830   ctdb-common: Keep debug level related functions with logging code
      adds  22f7157   ctdb-daemon: Instead of passing ctdb context, pass valgrinding boolean
      adds  8c8ef56   ctdb-daemon: Rename ctdb_lockdown_memory to lockdown_memory
      adds  507207e   ctdb-common: Move lockdown_memory to system utilities
      adds  4736486   ctdb-daemon: Rename ctdb_mkdir_p_or_die to mkdir_p_or_die
      adds  49e3465   ctdb-common: Move mkdir_p_or_die to system utilities
      adds  27d1137   ctdb-logging: Split ringbuffer handling code from ctdb_collect_log
      adds  e7c7258   ctdb-logging: Move controls handling functions from common to server
      adds  71ed758   ctdb-daemon: Remove duplicate code from helper binaries
      adds  79a6bd2   ctdb-build: Remove duplicate library dependency
      adds  e9eed41   ctdb-daemon: Do not complain if node is inactive and db is not attached
      adds  9e6e487   ctdb-daemon: Reset scheduler policy for helper processes
      adds  89134fa   torture: convert torture_comment() -> torture_result() so we can knownfail flapping base.* tests
      adds  37e7b5a   torture: convert torture_comment() -> torture_result() so we can knownfail flapping base.delaywrite tests
      adds  0b4af49   waf: fix the name of the WINBIND "nss" module on AIX
      adds  2f15208   Remove .clang_complete.
      adds  0057388   leases: Fix uint32->hyper
      adds  3defbe2   locking: use correct conversion specifier for printing variables
      adds  f03e8b1   Convert samba_private_attr_name() to a public function
      adds  634bcb0   vfs_streams_xattr: add options "prefix" and "store_stream_type"
      adds  5c87425   man vfs_streams_xattr: new options "prefix" and "store_stream_type"
      adds  ddb7d7f   vfs: remove unused function vfs_pread_data()
      adds  9f6c4c4   vfs: update a bit-rotten comment
      adds  c709328   vfs:gpfs: fix a debug message
      adds  b359b0c   passdb: Allow a passdb module to do idmap for everything
      adds  ad53370   s3-winbindd: Honour pdb_is_responsible_for_everything_else()
      adds  26ab17f   s4-winbind: Use winbindd in the AD DC for fl2003dc and plugin_s4_dc
      adds  4106cf2   ctdb:build: fix building with external libtdb
      adds  0e9d4f6   build: fix the test and define for msg_accrights
      adds  7a3bda5   lib: Add server_id_str_buf
      adds  f0e1a8e   lib: Use server_id_str_buf in server_id_str
      adds  35dd4de   messaging3: Use server_id_str_buf
      adds  67e5746   ctdb:vacuum: adapt debug message for repacking.
      adds  ec2f1ab   ctdb:vacuum: remove a comment in ctdb_vacuum_and_repack_db()
      adds  368683d   ctdb:vacuum: use plain tdb_repack() instead of ctdb_repack_tdb()
      adds  413f99f   ctdb:vacuum: remove now unused ctdb_repack_tdb().
      adds  e0a1136   ctdb:vacuum: remove a superfluous and misleading comment
      adds  385e223   ctdb:vacuum: untangle assignmend and check for return of tdb_repack()
      adds  a99035a   ctdb:vacuum: remove a superfluous comment.
      adds  3cf0189   ctdb:vacuum: remove vacuum limit from vdata - not used
      adds  c3cb8c2   ctdb:vacuum: move init of vdata into init_vdata funcion
      adds  b8658b3   ctdb:vacuum: remove now unused talloc ctx argument from ctdb_vacuum_db()
      adds  026d79c   ctdb:vacuum: add missing return to ctdb_vacuum_traverse_db() error path.
      adds  5334881   ctdb:vacuum: always run freelist_size again
      adds  30f3a86   autobuild: add cflags and ldflags to find locally installed tdb
      adds  a4c50e2   autobuild: fix samba-ctdb samba build to pick up right tdb
      adds  6c6357b   lib: Use BVAL macro in interpret_long_date
      adds  c241176   s3: auth: Add some const to the struct netr_SamInfo3 * arguments of copy_netr_SamInfo3() and make_server_info_info3()
      adds  527f7b5   s3: auth: Change make_server_info_info3() to take a const struct netr_SamInfo3 pointer instead of a struct PAC_LOGON_INFO.
      adds  db775c6   s3: auth: Add create_info3_from_pac_logon_info() to create a new info3 and merge resource group SIDs into it.
      adds  0e5a9f4   s3: auth: Change auth3_generate_session_info_pac() to use a copy of the info3 struct from the struct PAC_LOGON_INFO.
      adds  e907f84   s3: auth: Fix winbindd_pam_auth_pac_send() to create a new info3 and merge in resource groups from a trusted PAC.
      adds  37b4c9e   s3: smb2 - Negprot should return INVALID_PARAMETER if flags2 signed bit is set.
      adds  1c44d9a   s3: smb2 - Check supplied impersonation level on SMB2_CREATE.
      adds  22c974f   s3: smb2 - strictly obey file name restrictions w.r.t. the SMB2 protocol spec.
      adds  d84d0fc   s3: torture test. We now pass "samba3.smb2.create.leading-slash" so remove from knownfail.
      adds  937d35b   s4: torture : Add test case to show that a bad impersonation level causes an error on a regular file open.
      adds  4ebd725   provision/sambadns: remove redundant site parameter
      adds  4ca1d69   samba-tool: add --site parameter to provision command
      adds  fe14a3f   samba-tool domain: remove duplicate check if site is set
      adds  32b45bf   lib: Apply const to nt_time_to_unix_timespec
      adds  4ca79b0   unix_msg: Lift sockaddr_un handling from unix_dgram_init
      adds  6ea627b   unix_msg: Lift sockaddr_un handling from unix_dgram_send_queue_init
      adds  0d81063   unix_msg: Lift sockaddr_un handling from unix_dgram_send
      adds  73a1205   unix_msg: Lift sockaddr_un handling from unix_msg_init
      adds  516e2f5   unix_msg: Lift sockaddr_un handling from unix_msg_send
      adds  748ffcc   messaging3: Remove use of full_path_tos()
      adds  94db1b2   messaging3: Remove two uses of talloc_tos()
      adds  e6b33ce   messaging3: Make the _send function return 0/errno
      adds  2f34350   messaging3: Make messaging_dgm_cleanup return 0/errno
      adds  9fd8d51   messaging3: Make messaging_dgm_wipe return 0/errno
      adds  4f46318   messaging3: simplify messaging_dgm_lockfile_remove
      adds  b84ea45   messaging3: Use "goto fail_nomem" where appropriate
      adds  364bdad   messaging3: Make messaging_dgm_init return 0/errno
      adds  6a552f1   ctdb-tests: Try harder to avoid failures due to repeated recoveries
      adds  6f43896   ctdb-daemon: Debugging for tickle updates
      adds  aac607d   ctdb-eventscripts: Ensure $GANRECDIR points to configured subdirectory
      adds  1e927a9   ctdb-build: Remove duplicate popt library
      adds  91274d9   ctdb-build: Remove duplicate replace library
      adds  893e6db   ctdb-build: Remove duplicate talloc library
      adds  7f14db4   ctdb-build: Remove duplicate tevent library
      adds  400cb4d   ctdb-build: Remove duplicate tdb library
      adds  b72abf4   ctdb-build: Remove duplicate socket_wrapper library
      adds  0a4fc92   ctdb-header: Protect against multiple includes
      adds  cd7f401   ctdb-mkversion: Support external VERSION specification
      adds  4a5ded2   wafsamba: allow samba_dist.dist() to be called from a different directory.
      adds  d646df1   ctdb-build: Remove autoconf build files
      adds  43c10db   ctdb-build: Add waf build for CTDB
      adds  fc71606   ctdb-tests: Fix the tests for waf build
      adds  fb56e72   ctdb-build: Add build files (configure/Makefile) to use waf
      adds  ae32b29   ctdb-packaging: Fix date/days in changelog
      adds  6e078c9   ctdb-packaging: Modify spec file to use waf build instead of autoconf
      adds  a39a5f4   ctdb-build: Add target to build RPMs
      adds  c3dc1f1   ctdb-packaging: Remove unused files
      adds  659a665   autobuild: Don't need autogen.sh anymore in the "ctdb" target.
      adds  46924f6   autobuild: Remove unsupported --enable-socket-wrapper option from the "ctdb" target.
      adds  b93a1e8   ctdb: Remove duplicate README.Coding
      adds  fe6685d   build: rename argument of list_directory_files(): abspath->path
      adds  89dafd1   ctdb:includes: add #ifdef guards for _PUBLIC_, _NORETURN_, and _PURE_
      adds  fd4bf96   ctdb:includes: add #ifdef guard for ZERO_STRUCT
      adds  47328f5   tdb:build: improve detection of srcdir.
      adds  befb394   tevent:build: improve detection of srcdir
      adds  cc86b41   talloc:build: improve detection of srcdir
      adds  e288885   ntdb:build: improve detection of srcdir
      adds  2c50c25   replace:build: improve detection of srcdir
      adds  09b991b   ldb:build: improve detection of srcdir
      adds  43d9670   ctdb: update configure.rpm with builtin and bundled library arguments
      adds  cef718c   autobuild: fix ctdb build of samba-ctdb target after switch to waf.
      adds  9a936f9   nss_wrapper: Align indentation with the rest of Samba
      adds  159d1dd   nss_wrapper: Fix some "discarding const" warnings
      adds  c9cac85   torture: validate FSCTL_SRV_ENUMERATE_SNAPSHOTS response
      adds  3d65bfe   torture: add timeout sleeps to fsrvp create helper
      adds  b8b4d88   torture: add FSRVP message sequence timeout test
      adds  f52158d   torture: add FSRVP share snapshot ACL test
      adds  f0876ff   libsmb: Make cli_smb2_create_fnum async
      adds  891e63b   libsmb: Add cli_create_send/recv
      adds  37f8cb1   libsmb: Replace async cli_ntcreate by cli_create
      adds  700b439   libsmb: remove smb2 switch from cli_ntcreate
      adds  7882762   libsmb: Align cli_ntcreate with other sync wrappers
      adds  5aeebc3   libsmb: Enable oplocks for smb2 cli_ntcreate
      adds  0a2209c   libsmb: Make smb2cli_create cancellable
      adds  c597c93   libsmb: Make cli_smb2_create_fnum cancellable
      adds  bb6b31d   libsmb: Make cli_ntcreate1 cancellable
      adds  01c197d   libsmb: Make cli_ntcreate cancellable
      adds  0ead434   smbd: Store "struct deferred_open_record" instead of anonymous data on pml
      adds  0c2e763   smbd: First watch, then defer
      adds  713518a   smbd: Fix bug 10593
      adds  cad1d0b   torture3: Reproducer for bug 10593
      adds  6221937   s3: Refactor smbd_smb2_request_process_negprot
      adds  439de09   s3: Fix fsctl_validate_neg_info to pass MS compliance suite.
      adds  0e003b3   torture: Use torture_assert() macros in rpc.samr test
      adds  456c616   selftest: Only run samba4.rpc.samr.passwords.{lockout,badpwdcount} once
      adds  567e0a8   torture: convert CHECK_STATUS into torture_assert_ntstatus_equal in raw.mux tests
      adds  794eb40   torture: convert raw.mux to use torture_assert() macros
      adds  dbe07a4   torture: convert raw.mux to use torture_comment() macros instead of printf()
      adds  24a73bb   torture: Store writetimeupdatedelay in a double to allow easier comparison
      adds  f407f58   torture: Only error if the write time was updated is less than the expected delay
      adds  0e22469   torture-base.delaywrite: assert the for a delayed write, that it just takes longer than our configured delay
      adds  00a83ef   selftest: Run base.delaywrite against plugin_s4_dc only, and with kerberos for faster connections
      adds  f3f2b52   torture: tidy up whitespace for clarity
      adds  f45f2d0   torture: Remove confusing reference to (1 sec == 0.25)
      adds  113c579   ctdb-build: Allow waf to build rpms without configure first
      adds  8cd48c6   ctdb-build: Add special target to get build version
      adds  7793aa5   ctdb-build: Use CTDB_RUNDIR instead of VARDIR/run/ctdb
      adds  4f6d668   ctdb-build: Use CTDB_ETCDIR instead of ETCDIR/ctdb
      adds  a0d2070   ctdb-build: Use correct path variables for ctdb_run_tests.sh
      adds  e9006db   ctdb-build: Fix sed expression to protect '\'
      adds  d097898   ctdb-build: Instead of default test_wrap, install fixed test_wrap
      adds  d77a742   s3: nmbd: Fix bug 10633 - nmbd denial of service
      adds  457d79f   s3: smbd - fix processing of packets with invalid DOS charset conversions.
      adds  31b3427   s3: smbd - Prevent file truncation on an open that fails with share mode violation.
      adds  c4f7c02   s4: torture: Add regression test case for #10671 - Samba file corruption as a result of failed lock check.
      adds  1dc5c20   smbd: Remove 2 indentation levels
      adds  8fa0cde   torture4: Add a little test that truncate actually works :-)
      adds  f5a777a   tdb: factor read_record_on_left() out of tdb_free()
      adds  87ac4ac   tdb: increase readability of read_record_on_left()
      adds  08a76aa   tdb: reduce indentation in tdb_free() for merging left
      adds  63673ae   tdb: fix debug message in tdb_free()
      adds  8be5c8a   tdb: factor merge_with_left_record() out of tdb_free()
      adds  66f3330   tdb: improve comments for tdb_free().
      adds  117807c   tdb: add utility function check_merge_with_left_record()
      adds  4bec28b   tdb: simplify tdb_free() using check_merge_with_left_record()
      adds  73c439f   tdb: add utility function check_merge_ptr_with_left_record()
      adds  843a8a5   tdb: add tdb_freelist_merge_adjacent()
      adds  56f9231   tdb: use tdb_freelist_merge_adjacent in tdb_freelist_size()
      adds  6502df5   tdb: add "freelist_size" sub-command to tdbtool
      adds  55ff3a3   tdb: defragment the freelist in tdb_allocate_from_freelist()
      adds  b0f5fa4   smb2: Fix smb2_lease_state
      adds  064dd03   dbwrap: Print wait times with full precision
      adds  68c7b33   s3-shadow-copy2: Add extreme debug output to shadow_copy2_strip_snapshot
      adds  16a6181   s3-shadow-copy2: Fix dir/@GMT-2012.10.15-13.48.43 form of paths
      adds  b053d4b   s3-shadow-copy2: Remove TODO and fix comments
      adds  87cad88   s3-shadow-copy2: Fix incorrect case submounts
      adds  1d48827   s3-shadow-copy2: Add more debugs
      adds  9c19532   s3-shadow-copy2: Protect against already converted names
      adds  fefb3a7   ctdb-packaging: Minimum required tevent library is 0.9.16
      adds  b2a7472   ctdb-packaging: Update configure.rpm with minimum library versions
      adds  508c09c   s3: smb2: Remove unused code from remove_pending_lock().
      adds  1a02a1e   s3: smb2: Simplify logic in reprocess_blocked_smb2_lock().
      adds  cee1531   s3: SMB2 : Fix leak of blocking lock records in the database.
      adds  fa2d7d6   smbd: Use common function for FORCE_DIS and KILL_CLIENT_IP in parent
      adds  654ca05   smbd: Make messaging_send_to_children static
      adds  9261f7c   vfs: add vfs_snapper module
      adds  377a1c8   vfs: add previous file version support for vfs_snapper
      adds  4478dfe   doc: add vfs_snapper manpage
      adds  224e1c1   vfs_snapper: don't redefine GMT_FORMAT macro
      adds  f0f18c5   vfs_snapper: use a talloc hierarchy for arrays
      adds  9f3e894   libcli: Make smb2cli_create return blobs
      adds  dcd6373   lib: Align unix_timespec_to_nt_time with nt_time_to_unix_timespec
      adds  379cbb6   lib: Align nt_time_to_unix_timespec with unix_timespec_to_nt_time
      adds  4964b06   libcli: Make cli_smb2_close_fnum async
      adds  9f2e907   smbstatus: Fix an uninitialized variable
      adds  9a27ed9   torture3: Add some brlock entries in cleanup2
      adds  3c2f4e3   smbd: Simplify validate_lock_entries
      adds  2282128   smbd: Factor out brl_delete_lock_struct
      adds  c5fb0f9   smbd: Simplify validate_lock_entries
      adds  8ae692c   smbd: validate_lock_entries does not need mem_ctx anymore
      adds  0a7290c   libcli: Remove an unused variable
      adds  4709373   torture: Add a check to verify MS-SMB2
      adds  7d71e8d   smbd: Clarify smb2 lock checks
      adds  f9bbb1f   smbd: Remove an unused variable
      adds  9fc9e48   smbd: Fix some typos
      adds  6767d51   s3:winbindd - fix bad bugfix for bug #10280 - winbind panic if AD server is down.
      adds  fbd418d   make: Add gdbtestenv target.
      adds  4774860   s3: smbd: Locking, fix off-by one calculation in brl_pending_overlap().
      adds  d70c1e4   s3-libnet: Improve error message.
      adds  b0c191e   ctdb-scripts: Always print footer when debugging hung script
      adds  a7c5500   ctdb-tests: Fix racy test for debugging hung scripts
      adds  4126f97   torture3: Fix bug 10687
      adds  517fa80   s3: smbd: Locking - convert to using utility macro used elsewhere.
      adds  12be57e   s3: smbd: Locking - add and use utility function lock_timed_out().
      adds  cc9de6e   s3: smbd: Locking - treat lock timeout the same as any other error.
      adds  954401f   s3: smbd: Locking - re-add pending lock records if we fail to acquire a lock (and the lock hasn't timed out).
      adds  64346a1   s4: smbtorture: Add multi-lock test. Regression test for bug #10684.
      adds  4205463   torture4: Adapt comment to code
      adds  0c97b7e   torture4: Make raw.lock.multilock fail after 20 seconds
      adds  a0105b8   secrets: Ensure we store the secureChannelType when written to secrets.ldb
      adds  95a55df   winbindd: Allow the AD-DC to call getdcname
      adds  5d069a0   selftest: Make the wbinfo userinfo tests work properly with the qualified name
      adds  0b77cd9   s4-auth: Do not override the NT_STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED error for winbindd
      adds  da3a798   selftest: Use s4 RPC servers in the s4member environment
      adds  af7f887   winbindd: Use a remote RPC server when we are an RODC when needed
      adds  f371032   s4-winbind: Use winbindd in the AD DC by default
      adds  27ef395   smbd: Remove an outdated comment
      adds  f93ae07   smbd: Factor out unlocking from smbd_do_locking
      adds  28df2b0   smbd: Use brl_delete_lock_struct in brl_lock_cancel_default
      adds  e2233fb   smbd: Remove two outdated comments
      adds  b08fe2d   smbd: Remove unused blocking_lock_record* from VFS_BRL_LOCK_WINDOWS
      adds  c886e66   smbd: brl_lock does not need "blr" anymore
      adds  f038cf7   smbd: do_lock does not need "blr" anymore
      adds  6f8fd3d   smbd: Remove unused blocking_lock_record* from VFS_BRL_CANCEL_WINDOWS
      adds  5a1fb2e   smbd: brl_lock_cancel does not need "blr" anymore
      adds  085c7a7   smbd: do_lock_cancel does not need "blr" anymore
      adds  c7b3be9   ctdb-daemon: Exit if setting the session ID fails
      adds  e454e5a   ctdb-daemon: Check PID in ctdb_remove_pidfile(), not unreliable flag
      adds  1677dd4   ctdb-daemon: Remove ctdbd_pid global variable
      adds  331fb7f   ctdb-recoverd: No need to set ctdbd_pid again
      adds  d747372   idl:drsuapi: Manage all possible lengths of drsuapi_DsBindInfo
      adds  ee32bc2   Order switch statements
      adds  1dddf6c   auth: Fix an incompatible pointer assignment
      adds  61b1fde   ctdb-scripts: Support NFS on RHEL7 with systemd
      adds  8bdb9b8   ctdb-recoverd: Log a message when releasing the recovery lock
      adds  a283b9e   ctdb-recoverd: Don't say "Election timed out"
      adds  1be8564   ctdb-common: Use SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK when setting SCHED_FIFO
      adds  e5cd81d   Revert "It was possible for ->recovery_mode to get out of sync with the new three db priorities in such a way that"
      adds  72c6500   ctdb-tools: There is no need for forcing a recovery
      adds  28a1b75   ctdb-recoverd: Set recovery mode before freezing databases
      adds  2855173   ctdb-daemon: Do not thaw databases if recovery is active
      adds  9c8c8a7   ctdb-tests: Check that ctdb wipedb cleans the database
      adds  eccce07   ctdb-tests: Add a test for ctdb restoredb
      adds  618b6fd   smbd: Use BVAL
      adds  296739d   torture4: Make sure we copy the parent_lease_key
      adds  b597d47   torture4: Add a test to break a handle twice
      adds  8b9f96e   torture4: Add smb2.lease.nobreakself
      adds  21d09dc   torture4: Add trivial epoch test
      adds  f0adcf3   net/doc: make clear that net vampire is for NT4 domains only
      adds  49b500a   smbcacls: parse config file argument prior to load
      adds  d6486cf   param: ensure CMD_LIST is freed when freeing a parameter
      adds  93448f4   param: change a number of parameters from P_LIST to P_CMDLIST
      adds  eda92c7   param: Use the plus/minus syntax for reading in lists in s3 loadparm
      adds  e9a2694   lib/param: factor out a common portion of set_variable
      adds  72651f9   param: pre-emptively correct use of str_list_make_v3 in lib/param
      adds  cafd607   param: Add null checks for upcoming str_list_make changes
      adds  867ed27   param: use str_list_make_v3 instead of str_list_make in s3
      adds  f47df32   param: attempt to align the set_variable_helper with lp_do_parameter
      adds  5da04ac   lib/param: change set_variable_helper formatting
      adds  bc810ee   param: make some more changes to lp_do_parameter to match set_variable_helper
      adds  5b5e3ec   param: finish the set_param_helper lineup by rearranging case order
      adds  f1c28fc   param: use set_variable_helper in s3 loadparm
      adds  bdbafe5   param: move defaults_saved global out of dump_globals function
      adds  6ad9333   param: avoid the use of lp_do_parameter in popt
      adds  ee722f4   param: remove unnecessary lp_local_ptr_by_snum function
      adds  83bc583   lib/param: add deprecated warning to be consistent with s3
      adds  5c0ce80   param: remove unnecessary calls to do_parameter in s3
      adds  acc7f79   param: rename do_section in s3 to lp_do_section to avoid conflicts
      adds  5a17187   param: add do_section to s3 helpers
      adds  a4f2f3a   param: allow fallback to s3 do_section in lib/param
      adds  2d9b302   param: attempt to start factoring out the bInGlobalSection parameter
      adds  090fb5a   param: flag fixes in s3 loadparm
      adds  288e29b   param: set the flags on a s3 loadparm context
      adds  85f5f86   param: Ensure the correct mem context is always being used from s3
      adds  39fb65e   param: replace lp_set_cmdline in s3 helpers to store_cmdline
      adds  e1c50d9   param: simplify lp_do_parameter
      adds  124140f   param: remove unnecessary dump a service
      adds  edc321d   param: fix FLAG_CMDLINE to be stored outside of the param table
      adds  c76a8a1   param: mark non default options using flags in s3
      adds  8628481   param: store the flags_list in the s3 lp context used for special
      adds  21d5c66   param: add failure case for loadparm_init_s3
      adds  8947af1   param: Use set_variable instead of set_variable_helper in lp_do_parameter
      adds  e87cb83   param: handle smb_ports as a special handler
      adds  76001ab   lib/param: rename do_parameter to lpcfg_do_parameter
      adds  9f519ca   s3:param: pass down lp_ctx in handle include
      adds  0eacbb6   param: change snum parameter in special functions to a loadparm_service pointer
      adds  cafe296   param: remove idmap parameters as special cases in docs.py
      adds  fdc9a32   param: Amend docs.py test to check dumping of flagged parameters
      adds  c6baacd   s3: VFS modules: Ignore EPERM errors on [f]chmod in crossrename module.
      adds  c324b9f   s4: torture: Add a new lock test to show that the Samba SMB1 multi-lock implementation is (currently) correct.
      adds  e118a36   ctdb-tests: Shutdown local daemons if the tests exit abnormally
      adds  dd1f23d   ctdb-build: Check the return value of RUN_COMMAND
      adds  34b4857   ctdb-build: Replace os.system with samba_utils.RUN_COMMAND
      adds  9163037   ctdb-build: Create ctdb only ctags
      adds  34be43d   ctdb-build: fix wscript formatting as per PEP8
      adds  bf7f2b0   ctdb-tests: Do not run ip command if running against local daemons
      adds  caa42ed   s4-auth-krb: Fix talloc access after free in smb_krb5_update_keytab
      adds  6fcc4f8   smbd: Make nbt_hdr a field of its own in smbd_smb2_send_oplock_break
      adds  49de2e9   smbd: Make tf a field of its own in smbd_smb2_send_oplock_break
      adds  b7fe854   smbd: Make hdr a field of its own in smbd_smb2_send_oplock_break
      adds  0d4bf91   smbd: no "dyn" in smbd_smb2_send_oplock_break
      adds  afb2b64   smbd: Rename smbd_smb2_send_oplock_break_state->buf to ->body
      adds  5f3a765   smbd: Factor out smbd_smb2_send_break
      adds  d3417b2   smbd: Avoid double-free in get_print_db_byname
      adds  f01af72   smbd: Use mutex instead of fcntl lock for echohandler coordination
      adds  1ed330f   ctdb-daemon: Use false instead of 0 for boolean arguments
      adds  91be76d   ctdb-daemon: Simplify code a bit
      adds  1627171   ctdb-daemon: Allow flag TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING to pass into db_attach
      adds  2e7b087   ctdb-daemon: Enable robust mutexes only if TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING is defined
      adds  55fbe36   ctdb-daemon: Support per-node robust mutex feature
      adds  26fa0b9   s4:dsdb/schema_load: make error message more verbose
      adds  fa17727   s4:dsdb/kcc: use SHOW_RECYCLED instead of SHOW_DELETED in when deleting tombstone/deleted objects
      adds  9e6349f   s4:dsdb/extended_dn_in: don't force DSDB_SEARCH_SHOW_RECYCLED
      adds  d64bc6c   s4:dsdb/repl_meta_data: make sure objectGUID can't be deleted
      adds  1592eaa   dsdb: Set syntax of userParameters to binary string, not unicode string
      adds  d7b4d10   dsdb: Always store and return the userParameters as a array of LE 16-bit values
      adds  9bfbff6   dbcheck: Add check and test for various invalid userParameters values
      adds  04e9d02   s4:dsdb/samldb: don't allow 'userParameters' to be modified over LDAP for now
      adds  c863c3a   libwbclient: Call correct function for wbcPingDc2 test
      adds  f4d8387   s3: libwbclient: Don't break out of loop too soon - find all parameters.
      adds  f365f9f   s3:smbd: make dptr_ReadDirName() static.
      adds  e7c683b   s3:vfs:gpfs: remove extra empty lines.
      adds  6704799   libwbclient: allow only one initial_blob/challenge_blob in wbcCredentialCache()
      adds  740d12d   libwbclient: reject unknown named blobs in wbcCredentialCache()
      adds  1000e42   s3:smb2_negprot: allow "smb max {read,write,trans}" up to 8MiB
      adds  a6523d7   s3:smb2_negprot: change "smb max {read,write,trans}" to 8MiB (as default)
      adds  b280395   selftest: teardown the environments also on getting SIGPIPE
      adds  fa06617   s3:winbindd: remove unused get[pw|gr]ent_initialized from winbindd_cli_state
      adds  7c5ea40   s3:smb2_read: let smb2_sendfile_send_data() behave like send_file_readX()
      adds  573ca6e   s3:vfs:gpfs: store the winAttrs in the struct_ex when we got them in vfs_gpfs_fstat()
      adds  31e6750   s3:vfs:gpfs: fix flapping offline: always get winAttrs from gpfs for is_offline
      adds  26290ba   s3:vfs:gpfs: log when winAttr-garbage is detected (by heuristics) in is_offline
      adds  02bcdd1   s3:smbd: initialize stat_ex buffer in smbd_dirptr_get_entry()
      adds  208b2d8   ctdb-ltdb: Use tdb_null instead of zeroing TDB_DATA variable
      adds  ca1e4af   As David Woodhouse points out, this breaks backwards compatibility.
      adds  6608402   torture: test_ntlm_auth.py now has a require-membership-of argument
      adds  4b68871   ntlm_auth: added require-membership tests
      adds  b722167   s3-rpc_client: return info3 in rpccli_netlogon_password_logon().
      adds  c735823   s3-winbindd: call interactive samlogon via rpccli_netlogon_password_logon.
      adds  cf0ae51   s3-winbindd: add wcache_query_user_fullname().
      adds  1839417   s3-winbindd: use wcache_query_user_fullname after inspecting samlogon cache.
      adds  403693f   s3-winbind: Don't set the gecos field to NULL.
      adds  2a790a5   s3-winbindd: prefer "displayName" over "name" in ads user queries for the fullname.
      adds  e0128fd   samlogon_cache: use a talloc_stackframe inside netsamlogon_cache_store.
      adds  776c7ed   samlogon_cache: avoid overwriting info3->base.full_name.string.
      adds  dff649f   lib/zlib: Remove undeeded files that trigger GPL issues.
      adds  8d33cdd   ldb-samba: fix a memory leak in ldif_canonicalise_objectCategory()
      adds  d7cbc63   s3:lib/memcache: use uint8_t instead of uint8
      adds  91105d1   s3:lib/memcache: make use of talloc for memcache_elements
      adds  b560fac   s3:lib/memcache: only include the required header files
      adds  4580702   lib/util: move memcache.[ch] to the toplevel 'samba-util' library
      adds  321ebc9   s4:rpc_server/netlogon: keep a global challenge table
      adds  d90f332   s4:torture/rpc: add rpc.netlogon.ServerReqChallengeGlobal
      adds  705e417   ctdb-recoverd: Gently abort recovery when election is underway
      adds  658b7ec   messaging4: Use tdb_append in irpc_add_name
      adds  1603d2d   messaging4: Add NULL check to irpc_add_name
      adds  5db7759   messaging4: Move str_list_add
      adds  e64359c   messaging4: Remove an unused NTSTATUS var
      adds  fe79d75   messaging4: Remove unnecessary locking
      adds  53d1bbd   messaging4: Fix a memleak in an error path
      adds  1dd6434   messaging4: Change irpc_servers_by_name to NTSTATUS
      adds  5907b0c   sys_poll_intr: fix timeout arithmetic
      adds  70c79f5   ctdb: Avoid a talloc in ctdb_queue_send
      adds  478ef94   ctdb: Fix verbose_memory_names
      adds  a017280   messaging4: Fix a just-introduced error memleak
      adds  ff53cde   lib: Fix a valgrind error
      adds  f77caa3   smbd: Simplify unpack_nt_owners
      adds  b3d1d56   smbd/nmbd: Remove HAVE_LONGLONG
      adds  bd787be   smbd: Add comments
      adds  823215b   smbd: "err" is no longer set in get_lock_offset
      adds  ff9a0a8   smbd: Use %ju/uintmax_t in source3/locking
      adds  164e0cb   smbd: Simplify strict_lock_default with early returns
      adds  432130c   smbd: Use a struct initializer brl_lock
      adds  e75e4b2e  smbd: Rename lck1->lock in brl_conflict_other
      adds  2d8576e   smbd: Rename lck2->rw_probe in brl_conflict_other
      adds  a48c0a4   smbd: Fix indentation, {} and line length in brl_conflict_other
      adds  50b74cc   smbd: Restructure brl_conflict_other
      adds  188017e   smbd: Simplify brl_locktest
      adds  d27f3ef   smbd: Fix a typo
      adds  7dee885   smbd: Remove superfluous ()
      adds  c6ec923   smbd: Add missing {}
      adds  67fb294   smbd: ?True:False is pretty pointless :-)
      adds  2f86c7d   smbd: Fix a typo
      adds  9a4a9cc   ctdb-vacuum: Fix talloc hierarchy in delete_marshall_traverse
      adds  fa4a81c   ctdb-vacuum: If talloc_realloc fails, terminate traverse
      adds  5eac230   ctdb-util: Fix nonempty line endings
      adds  64ea6e3   ctdb-util: Refactor ctdb_marshall_record
      adds  42ba7a0   ctdb-util: Refactor record marshalling routines to avoid extra talloc
      adds  6edc4f2   ctdb-vacuum: Use ctdb_marshall_add to add a record to marshall buffer
      adds  f87b7f6   ctdb-vacuum: Use existing function ctdb_marshall_finish
      adds  9d6f187   ctdb:vacuum: stop vacuuming when the first delete_list traverse fails.
      adds  11fa417   selftest: check for fs specific options of the share dir only after creating it
      adds  44e9ab2   Revert "s3:vfs:gpfs: log when winAttr-garbage is detected (by heuristics) in is_offline"
      adds  16a040f   s3:vfs:gpfs: Remove all reading uses of stat_ex.vfs_private from vfs_gfs.
      adds  d87d13f   s3:vfs:gpfs: remove all writing uses of stat_ex.vfs_private from vfs_gpfs.
      adds  eb0577d   s3:vfs:gpfs: remove a block and reduce indentation in gpfs_is_offline()
      adds  cd95937   s3: remove stat_ex.vfs_private completely
      adds  78e46d7   s4:libcli/smb2: remove unused 'primary' argument of smb2_session_init()
      adds  720189f   s4:libcli/smb2: add smb2_session_channel()
      adds  1250d62   s4:torture/smb2: add smb2.session.bind1
      adds  dbc1ad2   torture4: Use sizeof(char-array) instead of constant
      adds  09fb44d   librpc: Add NETWORK_INTERFACE_INFO IDL data structure
      adds  017db6d   torture: Add FSCTL_QUERY_NETWORK_INTERFACE_INFO torture test case to source4/torture/smb2/ioctl.c
      adds  7ca5e83   s3:smbd: avoid using client_get_tcp_info()
      adds  3f6926d   s3:smbd: remove unused client_get_tcp_info()
      adds  7f623cb   messaging3: Remove two procid_str_static calls
      adds  be2b891   messaging3: Simplify ping_message()
      adds  f7fb9e2   messaging4: Simplify ping_message with server_id_str_buf()
      adds  dfc98d7   messaging3: Remove an unnecessary variable
      adds  3c6ec89   s3:idmap: don't log missing range config if range checking not requested
      adds  3ac00c9   s3:idmap: in idmap_init_domain() load methods before loading further config
      adds  f354917   s3:idmap: move loading of idmap options together before range checking in idmap_init_domain()
      adds  b78d44f   s3:idmap: only check the range values if a range setting has been found.
      adds  b51809c   s3:idmap: fix talloc hierarchy in idmap_passdb_domain()
      adds  f481009   winbind/i18n: update Japanese pam winbind translation
      adds  2b9c35d   lib: Simplify directory_create_or_exist with an early return
      adds  f5efddb   lib: directory_create_or_exist() does not use "uid" parameter
      adds  8621870   unix_msg: Use empty arrays in structs
      adds  f1f4388   unix_msg: Use struct initializers
      adds  f4e7a49   unix_msg: simplify unix_msg_send
      adds  d7b4f86   messaging3: messaging_array is no longer used
      adds  d697c9f   messaging4: Simplify imessaging_path
      adds  cb94eba   ctdb-eventscripts: Remove NAT gateway "monitor" event
      adds  d011e70   ctdb-tests: Add another LCP2 takeover test
      adds  7c2c674   ctdb-eventscripts: Remove unused argument to natgw_ensure_master()
      adds  4d8f345   Fix now erroneous comment for directory_create_or_exist()
      adds  a49ba00   selftest: Fix a typo (SIGTERm --> SIGTERM)
      adds  4b4e30b   s4-rpc: dnsserver: Allow . to be specified for @ record
      adds  6d10418   tests: dnsserver: Add a update test with name set to '.'
      adds  2535803   s3: winbindd: Add new parameter "winbind request timeout" set to 60 seconds with man page.
      adds  f958867   s3: winbindd: On new client connect, prune idle or hung connections older than "winbind request timeout"
      adds  ff13e28   tests: dnsserver: Remove duplicate empty test function
      adds  9919c90   s3: xml-docs. Ensure users of 'net time' know the remote server must be specified with -S.
      adds  6abeff5   s3: net time - fix usage and core dump.
      adds  86d68c9   lib/util: remove outdated comment from debug.c
      adds  27b0d97   s3:param: move a variable into scope in lp_file_list_changed
      adds  9ee7b02   smbd: Change logging level for denied share access
      adds  4fa9873   s3:param: simplify lp_do_parameter to use lpcfg functions
      adds  622e54f   param: Use the correct flag locations with lpcfg_parm_is_cmdline
      adds  0864d49   s3:param: use lpcfg_do_*_paramter instead of lp_do_parameter in do_parameter
      adds  3377c0f   s3:param: add lp_ctx as a parameter to init_globals
      adds  cf2aa92   param: remove unnecessary uses of lp_string_set
      adds  611a402   s3:param: remove lp_string_set from the s3_fns.
      adds  ad7be09   param: add extra condition in lpcfg_service_ok
      adds  bc46178   param: use lpcfg_service_ok in s3 loadparm
      adds  a1d2e52   param: remove unused service_ok function
      adds  6edf710   param: make is_default more generic
      adds  a7c4446   param: remove is_default method in s3
      adds  a348fa9   param: allow dump_globals to check the actual defaults
      adds  6f9a0b8   param: rename dump_globals
      adds  26a6f05   param: use lpcfg_dump_globals in s3 loadparm
      adds  42f21ad   param: remove unused dump_globals
      adds  2aedc10   param: make is_default method static again
      adds  0b6bf02   param: add missing talloc_free in lpcfg_file_list_changed which are present in s3
      adds  308d802   param: add the necessary new line for the debug message in handle_copy
      adds  397a3ec   param: change init_printer_values to take an lp ctx
      adds  f605832   param: move init_printer_values to lib/param
      adds  71eb592   param: remove init printer values from s3-helpers
      adds  adeb284   s3:param: Ensure that the service pointers are not used directly.
      adds  0796dc6   s3:param: move all lp context setup to a single function
      adds  47f10ac   param: remove lp_get_parameter
      adds  0693b5d   param: remove unnecessary lp_do_parameter call
      adds  bb8fa51   param: remove unused lp_do_parameter from s3 helpers
      adds  72642f1   param: get rid of unnecessary get_default_loadparm_service pointer
      adds  e17c241   param: Add errors for when an s3 context is used incorrectly
      adds  bc59e50   ctdb-eventscripts: Remove special case for virtio_net
      adds  83eac53   smbd4: Remove process_model_thread
      adds  85a03c8   debug: Remove thread-related code from debug.c
      adds  98426ad   lib/param: change the default for "winbind expand groups" to "0"
      adds  b7f4b0c   s3:param: remove unused function lp_string_set()
      adds  64b9f52   param: remove a redundant (and wrong) comment frop lpcfg_service_ok()
      adds  f77c3a6   libcli: Fix a typo
      adds  d997d93   lib: Remove unused serverid_register_msg_flags()
      adds  d8cb678   debug: Fix indentation in debug_parse_params
      adds  9aee4ba   debug: Move variables where they are used
      adds  02a06ae   debug: Factor out debug_parse_param()
      adds  2229969   debug: Add some readability to debug_logtype
      adds  3349c56   debug: Remove a dependency on charconv
      adds  1581356   nmbd: Call DEBUGADD instead of Debug1
      adds  6c9be49   debug: Make Debug1 static
      adds  dd4c019   debug: Fix debug_parse_params
      adds  9026820   debug: Statically allocate format_bufr
      adds  2aa1492   lib: Add timeval_str_buf
      adds  8799120   lib: Use timeval_str_buf in timeval_string
      adds  0753c1b   lib: Create time_basic.[ch]
      adds  15b0f57   debug: Simplify dbghdrclass with an early return
      adds  601b2b0   debug: Use timeval_str_buf in dbghdrclass
      adds  cff585b   debug: slprintf->snprintf
      adds  44c77e8   debug: Move adding timeval and loglevel
      adds  1929b1f   debug: Only call Debug1 once in dbghdrclass
      adds  b0221d5   debug: Remove two pointless assignments
      adds  138a65c   debug: Remove an "else"
      adds  610bb4a   debug: Simplify Debug1() -- no va_args
      adds  85c5551   debug: Simplify debug_parse_levels
      adds  200d94e   debug: Fix a typo
      adds  06a0b1c   debug: In dbghdrclass, don't call strlen repeatedly
      adds  8792de7   debug: Increase maximum header length
      adds  0e448f8   debug: Fix blank line endings
      adds  e249e79   debug: Avoid dependency on str_list_make
      adds  b7f9d3b   uwrap: Fix memory leak on error.
      adds  a88f5a6   uwrap: Add mutex in uwrap_destructor().
      adds  9711f77   uwrap: Fall back to RTLD_NEXT if we can't find libc.
      adds  6bbf9fa   uwrap: Check for HAVE_FUNCTION_ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT.
      adds  0a3d142   uwrap: Add a better logging function.
      adds  41d7b64   uwrap: Log error if we are out of memory.
      adds  de1f924   uwrap: Add logging if uwrap is enabled correctly.
      adds  8c251d6   uwrap: Support dropping all supplemetary groups with setgroups()
      adds  95d1828   waf: socket_wrapper should check for HAVE_FUNCTION_ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT.
      adds  36ecbf3   libcli/auth: Ensure that the dns_names in/out parameter is preserved
      adds  c01ee46   winbindd-irpc: Ensure not to call irpc_send_reply twice on error
      adds  a058397   samba: Retain case sensitivity of cifs client
      adds  9b24abe   fix unstrcpy
      adds  2dd8b6b   lib: Add close_low_fd
      adds  b310ea6   lib: Use close_low_fd in close_low_fds
      adds  4ac12fb   debug: Use close_low_fd in reopen_logs_internal
      adds  a7c243b   lib: Make close_low_fd() independently linkable
      adds  811e0e6   lib: Make DEBUG a subsystem of its own
      adds  fb9d8c4   lib: Remove unused nstrcpy
      adds  ed225d7   selftest: Use the actual name of the nmblookup binary.
      adds  eb2637c   selftest: Improve check to detect if nmbd is working.
      adds  8aa6c03   ctdb-locking: Fix the lock_type_str corresponding to LOCK_ALLDB
      adds  b93d9c0   ctdb-locking: Remove unused structure members
      adds  a89f350   ctdb-locking: Remove multiple lock requests per lock context (part 1)
      adds  19b3810   ctdb-locking: Remove multiple lock requests per lock context (part 2)
      adds  c9664b4   ctdb-locking: Schedule the next possible lock based on per-db limit
      adds  97a5c57   ctdb-locking: Remove unused function find_lock_context()
      adds  e0d5459   ctdb-locking: Allocate lock request soon after allocating lock context
      adds  59d45ea   ctdb-locking: Add new tunable LockProcessesPerDB
      adds  3ff8ec0   ctdb-locking: Increase number of lock processes per database to 200
      adds  3aa96c3   ctdb-locking: Remove unused variable lock_num_pending
      adds  7189437   ctdb-locking: Add DB lock requests to head of the pending queue
      adds  dce68a2   ctdb-locking: Update ctdb statistics for all lock types
      adds  aa1ff30   ctdb-locking: Decrement pending statistics when lock is scheduled
      adds  a890e76   ctdb-locking: Simplify check for locks on record or database
      adds  f73adff   ctdb-locking: Update a comment
      adds  88f6a6c   ctdb-locking: Add per database queues for pending and active lock requests
      adds  9380478   lib: strings: Fix the behavior of strcasecmp_m_handle() in the face of bad conversions.
      adds  dfe8dd8   lib: strings: Fix the behavior of strncasecmp_m_handle() in the face of bad conversions.
      adds  ca16171   s4: tests: Added local.charset test for Bug 10716 - smbd constantly crashes when filename contains non-ascii character
      adds  64271c4   lib: strings: Simplify strcasecmp
      adds  380c282   locking: Avoid a pointless cast
      adds  40386ee   locking: posix_lock_list does not use "fsp"
      adds  318eb4b   s3:smbd: add smbXsrv_connection_dbg()
      adds  2fd5322   s3:smbd: avoid get_peer_addr() and use smbXsrv_connection_dbg()
      adds  25952d3   s3:smbd: move sconn->nbt.* to xconn->transport.nbt.*
      adds  0ccffff   s3:smbd: move sconn->sock to xconn->transport.sock
      adds  9557ac4   s3:smbd: move sconn->smb1.fde to xconn->transport.fde
      adds  b05b4ca   s3:smbd: move sconn->status to xconn->transport.status
      adds  cd81054   s3:smbd: move sconn->smb1.negprot.* to xconn->smb1.negprot.*
      adds  7cf7fd7   s3:smbd: move sconn->smb1.sessions.* to xconn->smb1.sessions.*
      adds  314ef69   s3:smbd: move sconn->smb1.signing_state to xconn->smb1.signing_state
      adds  b0fe6c5   s3:smbd: move sconn->smb1.echo_handler.* to xconn->smb1.echo_handler.*
      adds  c6c7532   s3:smbd: move sconn->smb1.unix_info.* to xconn->smb1.unix_info.*
      adds  1d8e7a5   s3:smbd: move xconn->msg_state to xconn->smb1.msg_state
      adds  3afdd77   s3:smbd: move libasys state from smbXsrv_connection to smbd_server_connection
      adds  3e23698   s3:smb2_server: use xconn->transport.fde also for smb2
      adds  f9ef2a5   s3:smb2_server: move sconn->smb2.request_read_state to xconn->smb2.request_read_state
      adds  e644406   s3:smb2_server: move sconn->smb2.send_queue* to xconn->smb2.send_queue*
      adds  ce76a40   s3:smb2_server: move sconn->smb2.negprot_2ff to xconn->smb2.allow_2ff
      adds  e79b011   s3:smb2_server: use xconn->smb2.server.max_* instead of sconn->smb2.max_*
      adds  4f3f889   s3:smb2_negprot: remove unused variable 'conn' we already have 'xconn'...
      adds  36e3484   s3:smb2_server: move sconn->smb2.*credits* to xconn->smb2.credits.*
      adds  92e96be   s3:smb2_server: move sconn->smb2.requests to xconn->smb2.requests
      adds  b38cb03   s3:smb2_server: talloc smbd_smb2_request as child of smbXsrv_connection
      adds  39f5566   s3:smb2_server: remember smbXsrv_connection for each smbd_smb2_request
      adds  6669a84   s3:smbd: remember smbXsrv_connection for each smb_request
      adds  a8e5590   s3:smbd: rename 'conn' to 'xconn' in smbd_process()
      adds  c5ab955   s3:smbd: rename 'conn' to 'xconn' in exit_server_common()
      adds  77b40fd   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_register_ips()
      adds  4c9c53f   s3:smbd: use smbXsrv_connection in switch_message()
      adds  95bd792   s3:smbd: let construct_reply() also use smb_request_done()
      adds  b87ec64   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to process_smb()
      adds  96ef921   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to fd handlers
      adds  59a25a6   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to fd handlers
      adds  d1d3294   s3:smb2_server: rename 'conn' variables to 'xconn'
      adds  330febb   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_smb2_flush_send_queue()
      adds  aaa072a   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to smb2_validate_sequence_number()
      adds  f3b2416   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to smb2_validate_message_id()
      adds  bfc702b   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to smb2_set_operation_credit()
      adds  3a622c7   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_smb2_first_negprot()
      adds  694c048   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_initialize_smb2()
      adds  90b27f1   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_smb2_request_create()
      adds  1ac9e52   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_smb2_request_next_incoming()
      adds  c02afe6   s3:smb2_server: use req->xconn in smbd_smb2_request_setup_out()
      adds  a319b89   s3:smb2_server: talloc smbd_smb2_request_pending_state on smbXsrv_connection
      adds  cedf403   s3:smb2_server: remove unused 'sconn' from smbd_smb2_request_pending_state
      adds  65ad96a   s3:smb2_server: use req->xconn in smbd_smb2_request_process_cancel()
      adds  323fe07   s3:smb2_server: use req->xconn in smbd_smb2_request_check_session()
      adds  0e2cf47   s3:smb2_server: use req->xconn in smbd_smb2_request_verify_creditcharge()
      adds  7ee78c7   s3:smb2_server: use req->xconn in smbd_smb2_request_dispatch()
      adds  4faec1e   s3:smb2_server: use req->xconn in smbd_smb2_request_error_ex()
      adds  b76cd04   s3:smb2_server: remove unused 'sconn' from smbd_smb2_send_break_state
      adds  b7eeb65   s3:smb2_server: use req->xconn in is_smb2_recvfile_write()
      adds  c9e171f   s3:smb2_*: make use of smb2req->xconn where possible
      adds  4a07b14   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_server_connection_terminate*()
      adds  888ddd1   s3:smb2_negprot: remove NBT_HDR_SIZE from smbd_smb2_first_negprot()
      adds  e9fb54c   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to negprot_spnego()
      adds  05779e3   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to get_challenge()
      adds  628af0e   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to reply_special()
      adds  6e514e6   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to netbios_session_retarget()
      adds  5159038   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_do_qfsinfo()
      adds  fb2630b   s3:smbd: use req->xconn in vfs_[p]write_data()
      adds  3437da2   s3:smbd: remove unused 'sconn' in call_trans2setfsinfo()
      adds  967ff18   s3:smbd: use req->xconn to send_trans2_replies()
      adds  d799fb3   s3:smbd: use req->xconn in files.c
      adds  b32b5fe   s3:smbd: use req->xconn in send_trans_reply()
      adds  bd97eee   s3:smbd: use req->xconn in nttrans.c
      adds  0760555   s3:smbd: remove unused 'sconn' from is_encrypted_packet()
      adds  45de625   s3:smbd: remove unused 'sconn' from valid_smb_header()
      adds  8c457da   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to is_valid_writeX_buffer()
      adds  4b20680   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to reply_readbraw_error()
      adds  5ee5de8   s3:smbd: use req->xconn in sesssetup.c
      adds  3eacd0c   s3:smbd: use req->xconn in reply.c
      adds  5361b12   s3:smbd: use req->xconn in message.c
      adds  6ea5171   s3:smbd: use req->xconn in smb_request_done()
      adds  6905bb6   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_[un]lock_socket_internal()
      adds  4dbe105   s3:smbXsrv_tcon: don't pass smbXsrv_connection to smbXsrv_tcon_create()
      adds  f261dd9   s3:smb2_sesssetup: split out smbd_smb2_session_setup_auth_return()
      adds  d47c006   s3:smb2_sesssetup: make use of smb2req->xconn
      adds  bd19fd1   s3:smbd: remember the time of the session setup auth_time
      adds  c18a62e   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection explicitly to fake_sendfile()
      adds  cac1591   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection explicitly to sendfile_short_send()
      adds  2f47729   smbd: Use %s/__func__
      adds  d9716cb   s3:smb2_server: propagate NTSTATUS from smb2_sendfile_send_data() to smbd_smb2_flush_send_queue()
      adds  245e395   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to smb1 encryption functions
      adds  3805249   s3:smb2_server: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_smb2_send_break()
      adds  bb8e6d4   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_[un]lock_socket()
      adds  9f596c1   ctdb-locking: TALLOC_FREE copes with NULL
      adds  e185ff2   ctdb-locking: Simplify ctdb_find_lock_context()
      adds  a2a6872   ctdbd_conn: Remove ctdb_packet dependency
      adds  c71b0c4   ctdbd_conn: Remove ctdb_packet
      adds  332eeb8   ctdbd_conn: Only poll if there's a timeout
      adds  679d77a   Redescribe --userou usage
      adds  4639f6d   docs: Fix typos in smb.conf (inherit acls)
      adds  5c6a1da   s4:torture: remove an unused variable and bogus check from the defer_open test
      adds  3f42217   s4:torture: consistently log "pid %u: ..." in the defer_open test
      adds  a6e098f   s4:torture: use torture_assert instead of torture_comment and return in defer_open test
      adds  02d22d6   vfs_full_audit: Pass "vfs_full_audit_private_data" to log_failure/success()
      adds  7efee03   vfs_full_audit: Save full_audit:facility in private_data
      adds  b76bc4b   vfs_full_audit: Save full_audit:priority in private_data
      adds  221afae   vfs_full_audit: Add "full_audit:syslog"
      adds  4d9432f   vfs_full_audit: Optionally log security descriptors in FSET_NT_ACL
      adds  685af03   doc: Add new parameters to vfs_full_audit man page
      adds  3f7b80f   s4-dsdb/samdb: use smb_krb5_make_principal for compatibility reasons with MIT.
      adds  6b3d985   lib/krb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_get_pw_salt().
      adds  016cd35   lib/krb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_create_key_from_string().
      adds  22c6766   samba: use smb_krb5_create_key_from_string() in some places.
      adds  38d454e   lib/krb5_wrap: remove unused create_kerberos_key_from_string_direct().
      adds  561c746   lib/krb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_get_allowed_weak_crypto().
      adds  3d56bcc   s4-torture: use smb_krb5_get_allowed_weak_crypto() in remote PAC test.
      adds  fb2a8b3   auth/credentials-krb5: use get_kerberos_allowed_etypes().
      adds  5c66368   lib/krb5_wrap: move krb5_princ_size replacement code to lib/krb5_wrap/krb5_samba.c.
      adds  f5ce0ee   lib/krb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_principal_get_comp_string().
      adds  feabae7   s4-dsdb/samdb: use smb_krb5_principal_get_comp_string in ldb ACL module.
      adds  7f61950   s4-kerberos: remove duplicate macros.
      adds  759c9b0   s4-auth/kerberos: add a note how to implement krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_win2k() with MIT.
      adds  57b6517   s4-heimdal: fix krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_process_last_req().
      adds  9fed7ed   lib/krb5_wrap: add krb5_copy_data_contents.
      adds  d487bce   s4-gensec_krb5: fix memleak in gensec_krb5_session_info().
      adds  a6145a2   wscript: add check for krb5_keyblock_init.
      adds  1a58585   lib/krb5_wrap: use const principal in smb_krb5_principal_get_realm().
      adds  763cae6   lib/krb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_principal_set_realm().
      adds  abc2d81   auth/credentials_krb5: silence a build warning.
      adds  0e25549   lib/krb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_principal_get_type().
      adds  6bc619d   lib/krb5_wrap: define KRB5_PW_SALT if it is not already there.
      adds  7b1a517   lib/krb5_wrap: provide CKSUMTYPE_HMAC_MD5 type matching MIT.
      adds  c0d0006   lib/krb5_wrap: use krb5_copy_data_contents in smb_krb5_principal_set_realm.
      adds  9c5470b   lib/krb5_wrap: provide krb5_warnx() replacement.
      adds  1e83435   printing: traverse_read the printer list for share updates
      adds  4f4501a   printing: only reload printer shares on client enum
      adds  e5e6e2c   printing: reload printer_list.tdb from in memory list
      adds  6d75e20   printing: remove pcap_cache_add()
      adds  30ce835   printing: return last change time with pcap_cache_loaded()
      adds  a2182e0   smbd: only reprocess printer_list.tdb if it changed
      adds  2685df1   server: remove duplicate snum_is_shared_printer()
      adds  2706af4   smbd: split printer reload processing
      adds  1ad71f7   printing: reload printer shares on OpenPrinter
      adds  3913961   wscript: Only build gensec_krb5 with heimdal.
      adds  496bbd1   lib/krb5_wrap: make sure smb_krb5_principal_get_realm returns a malloced string.
      adds  d9167c3   s3-libads/krb5_setpw: free realm from smb_krb5_principal_get_realm().
      adds  cef0ee2   s4-dsdb/cracknames: free realm from smb_krb5_principal_get_realm().
      adds  abcc290   krb5_wrap: Use com_err in krb5_warnx.
      adds  0e45b40   s4-auth: Initialize the tokens by default.
      adds  17f4066   Revert "doc: Add new parameters to vfs_full_audit man page"
      adds  f215cf1   passdb: add missing newline to debug message in get_primary_group_sid()
      adds  61dd665   nsswitch: Fix bogus #include line.
      adds  cdbcb7b   third_party/iniparser: Initial copy of iniparser.
      adds  f46b79b   third_party/iniparser: Initial support for iniparser.
      adds  ea3d62e   lib/iniparser: Remove non third_party iniparser.
      adds  e8e8568   third_party/zlib: Initial copy of zlib.
      adds  ba8ee8c   third_party/zlib: Initial support for zlib
      adds  b08cbc6   lib/zlib: Remove non third_party zlib.
      adds  8cc9667   third_party/popt: Initial copy of popt.
      adds  38de110   third_party/popt: Initial support for popt.
      adds  587befb   lib/popt: Remove non third_party popt.
      adds  976f479   ctdb-build: Replace indentation tabs with spaces
      adds  21974a9   ctdb-build: popt has moved from lib/ to third_party/
      adds  9d5fba1   param: remove unimplemented find_service() check
      adds  b19283c   param: avoid dereferencing null lp_ctx
      adds  f6684f8   messaging3: Fix an error path memleak
      adds  86f9146   MAINTAINERS: Remove MAINTAINERS.txt
      adds  446de4f   vfs3: Pass "lease" through SMB_VFS_CREATE_FILE
      adds  1230954   smbd: Pass down "lease" to create_file_unixpath
      adds  174275e   smbd: Pass down "lease" to open_file_ntcreate
      adds  42e1556   smbd: Add debugs to smbXsrv_open.c
      adds  371e999   messaging_dgm: Receive through a cb function
      adds  706ba59   messaging3: Explicitly pass tevent_context to messaging_dgm_init
      adds  7cb94e6   messaging3: Explicitly pass server_id to messaging_dgm_init
      adds  dcd3e2f   messaging_dgm: Remove unused "messaging_context"
      adds  32d45cf   messaging3: Add messaging_cleanup
      adds  28db680   smbd: Use messaging_cleanup()
      adds  3aa3c6e   messaging3: Directly refer to messaging_dgm in messages.c
      adds  7c6a6cd   messaging3: Move sec_init() call out of messaging_dgm_init()
      adds  99e288c   messaging3: Move [un]become_root() calls out of messaging_dgm_send()
      adds  f408a42   messaging3: Pass cache_dir to messaging_dgm_init()
      adds  bab01d1   messaging3: Pass dir_owner to messaging_dgm_init()
      adds  a0efa09   messaging3: Avoid "enum messaging_type" in messages_dgm
      adds  ea5280e   messaging3: I don't see 2 versions running concurrently...
      adds  274998f   messaging3: Pass on msg_type unmasked
      adds  a1529c3   messaging3: Add messages_dgm.h
      adds  d22bb34   messaging3: Protect messaging_dgm against multiple contexts
      adds  90a2246   messaging3: Remove one-context protection from messages.c
      adds  6e63420   messaging3: Save 48 bytes .text
      adds  bff27ee   messaging3: Only store the pid in messaging_dgm_context
      adds  121d3dd   messaging3: Move messaging_hdr handling to messages.c.
      adds  c2f66e7   messaging3: Include messages_dgm.h only in messages.c
      adds  f34ffd0   Fixed a memory leak in cli_set_mntpoint().
      adds  b8e9f6b   ctdb-doc: Fix default database directories in ctdbd.1
      adds  f96f395   ctdb-readonly: Add an early return to simplify code
      adds  c6d0e8d   ctdb-readonly: Do not abort if revoke of readonly record fails on a node
      adds  63acc8e   Add tini parser.
      adds  ed66a98   Use tini in preference.
      adds  51bea0b   Add tiniparser - tiny version of iniparser that only implements what Samba uses.
      adds  8bbf901   Replace all uses of iniparser with tiniparser.
      adds  a4fa658   Don't build iniparser anymore.
      adds  dd383d4   Remove popt/iniparser from .clang_complete
      adds  c134f02   Remove iniparser.
      adds  6243b24   librpc: Remove obsolete idl-deps script.
      adds  097c5b1   lib: Remove parser code, now replaced with tini parser.
      adds  3dfca72   dsdb: Also redact the clearTextPassword input-only attribute
      adds  4f58041   tdbtorture: print details when run with -n 1
      adds  2afacf9   build: fix configure to honour --without-dmapi
      adds  335171e   s4:torture: use torture_assert instead of torture_comment and return in defer_open test
      adds  b3d17aa   Fix AFP_BackupTime byte order and use ISO C99 integer types
      adds  4df557e   New VFS module vfs_fruit
      adds  e4a696b   vfs_fruit: add manpage
      adds  ed81d09   s4:torture:smb2: add utility function torture_smb2_con_sopt()
      adds  e935c62   s4:torture: add boilerplate code for testing specific VFS modules
      adds  4a0ae59   s4:torture: add wrapper functions
      adds  b15da5f   s4:torture: add boilerplate code for vfs_fruit
      adds  79a220e   s4:torture:vfs_fruit: add test reading Netatalk metadata
      adds  f773593   s4:torture:vfs_fruit: add test writing Netatalk metadata
      adds  953c883   s4:torture:vfs_fruit: add tests for resource fork IO
      adds  47e7440   replace: Remove unused item returned by FAILED()
      adds  26a02a6   ctdb-tools: Factor out new function find_node_xpnn() from control_xpnn()
      adds  72fa984   ctdb-tools: Be more helpful when CTDB CLI tool is run on unconfigured node
      adds  fcd6ee1   ctdb-common: Copy functions sys_read() and sys_write() from source3
      adds  c1558ad   ctdb: Use sys_read() and sys_write() to ensure correct signal interaction
      adds  2807b18   ctdb-util: Fix warning about ignored result from system()
      adds  6fd3ce5   ctdb-daemon: Fix some strict-aliasing warnings
      adds  e411873   ctdb-build: Avoid unused variable warning in output from rpcgen
      adds  4f105b2   wafsamba: Correctly locate the 'third_party' directory
      adds  9f0b2f9   ldb: Fix check for third_party
      adds  c53c3df   ctdb-build: Remove unnecessary third_party symlink
      adds  9b720ab   ctdb-build: Add missing dependency on popt
      adds  2036cbd   s4-rpc: dnsserver: Correctly set rank for glue NS records
      adds  c9169a5   s4-rpc: dnsserver: Do not return NS_GLUE records with VIEW_GLUE_DATA filter
      adds  131437e   lib: Check socket length in ctdbd_connect
      adds  12c781b   messaging3: Don't print a message if there's nothing to clean up
      adds  236ccbb   smbd: Only DEBUG errors from messaging_cleanup
      adds  5c26a01   smbcontrol: Fix a typo
      adds  52063e9   s3:libsmb: Set a max charge for SMB2 connections
      adds  f56bfff   security.idl: add SMB_SUPPORTED_SECINFO_FLAGS
      adds  1b3ee5e   s3:smbd: mask security_information input values with SMB_SUPPORTED_SECINFO_FLAGS
      adds  5cbda7e   libcli/security: add better detection of SECINFO_[UN]PROTECTED_[D|S]ACL in get_sec_info()
      adds  8deb851   messaging_dgm: Use %ju to fill lockfile
      adds  8d96a28   messaging_dgm: Factor out messaging_dgm_lockfile_name
      adds  815bde2   s3: smbd: POSIX ACLs. Remove incorrect check for SECINFO_PROTECTED_DACL in incoming security_information flags in posix_get_nt_acl_common().
      adds  1057240   brlock: Do auto-cleanup at conflict time
      adds  8593509   brlock: Remove validate_lock_entries
      adds  513584a   torture: Run the cleanup2 test against 2 nodes
      adds  0ddfdb8   torture: Fix cleanup2 to utilize on-demand cleanup
      adds  ff9a083   selftest/Samba4: avoid warnings about 'path' not specified on 'ntvfs handler = cifs' shares
      adds  4288c54   messaging3: Add msg_sink/source -- perftest
      adds  1c4284c   pthreadpool: Slightly serialize jobs
      adds  46e9122   lib: Introduce server_id_same_process()
      adds  20ef305   messaging3: Avoid messaging_is_self_send
      adds  6174bfa   Don't discard result of checking grouptype
      adds  7f44432   passdb: fix NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_GROUP
      adds  e914c2c   smbd: Properly initialize mangle_hash
      adds  deb21a9   s4:dns_server: handle WERR_DNS_ERROR_NAME_DOES_NOT_EXIST in werr_to_dns_err()
      adds  d0f424a   s4:dns_server: map LDB_ERR_NO_SUCH_OBJECT to WERR_DNS_ERROR_NAME_DOES_NOT_EXIST
      adds  99d5a5e   s4:dns_server: split out a private 'dnsserver_common' library
      adds  342a087   s4:dns_server: split out dns_common_extract() and dns_common_lookup()
      adds  7e7df78   s4:dns_server: remove const from dns_replace_records()
      adds  0689e79   s4:dns_server: split out dns_common_replace()
      adds  3ff025a   s4:dns_server: use .wType = DNS_TYPE_TOMBSTONE instead of ZERO_STRUCT()
      adds  a0a81ab   s4:dns_server: make sure dns_common_lookup() doesn't return tombstones
      adds  bb3ca93   s4:dns_server: add DNS_TYPE_TOMBSTONE support to dns_common_replace()
      adds  4917153   s4:dns_server: handle tombstones in handle_one_update()
      adds  fbebe7e   s4:dlz_bind9: avoid some compiler warnings
      adds  5d397c8   s4:dlz_bind9: do an early talloc_free(el_ctx) in dlz_allnodes()
      adds  7f18a3b   libcli/dns: add AAAA support to dns_hosts_file.c
      adds  3fcc4a5   libcli/dns: ignore NS entries in dns_hosts_file.c at a higher log level for now
      adds  0e7abb3   selftest: export _IPV6 environment variables
      adds  5d4b36d   selftest/Samba4: also bind to ipv6
      adds  a9545f3   selftest/Samba3: also bind to ipv6
      adds  5533d9c   python/join: use lowercase for the dnshostname.
      adds  c5088f3   s4:samba_dnsupdate: don't lower case the registered names
      adds  6e85370   s4:samba_dnsupdate: fix dnsobj.__str__()
      adds  25ec8e8   s4:samba_dnsupdate: cache the already registered records
      adds  b139740   s4:samba_dnsupdate: don't try to be smart when verifying NS records
      adds  f1544e8   s4:samba_dnsupdate: provide more substitution variables e.g. IF_RODC
      adds  4383ec5   s4:setup/dns_update_list: make use of the new substitution variables
      adds  76943bf   s4:torture:dlz_bind9: fix spnego tests
      adds  2189470   torture-dns: Add test for dlz_bind9 lookups
      adds  e23621e   torture-dns: Add test for dlz_bind9 zonedumps
      adds  914a366   torture-dns: Add test for dlz_bind9 updates
      adds  96dcebe   s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_lookup() for name lookup
      adds  dedcf30   s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_extract()
      adds  fd952bf   s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_replace()
      adds  11bbfd9   s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_lookup() before removing records
      adds  d68a2eb   s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_lookup() before add/modify
      adds  4ee65a4   Fix typo in ldbrename manpage
      adds  0751495   dosmode: fix FSCTL_SET_SPARSE request validation
      adds  de2164b   idl: define sparse file fsctl structures
      adds  9dc7aaf   torture: test FSCTL_SET_SPARSE
      adds  9a3e88b   torture: test FSCTL_SET_SPARSE against a directory
      adds  a3aee061  torture: test FSCTL_SET_SPARSE without SetSparse buffer
      adds  5e3b5b5   torture: trivial test_ioctl_network_interface_info cleanup
      adds  b43a581   ntvfs/posix: don't advertise FS_ATTR_SPARSE_FILES
      adds  67aa2c4   torture3: Allow padding byte for LARGE_READX responses
      adds  52630eb   selftest: Add readx test for dc to known fail
      adds  2132acb   smbd: Add padding byte to readx response
      adds  aea680b   s4:libcli/raw: Make flags2 and offset available to callers of readx
      adds  61dbb57   torture: Add test for 16 bit alignment of readx data
      adds  ba8bc46   torture: Use torture_fail macro in check_buffer for read requests
      adds  d29362e   torture: Use torture_assert macro for status check in raw.read
      adds  f796694   torture: Use torture_assert macro for value check in raw.read
      adds  934b452   torture: Also run raw.read against the aio share
      adds  c203c72   s3-winbindd: Use correct realm for trusted domains in idmap child
      adds  b20fce8   s3-winbindd: Use more descriptive parameter names in ads_cached_connection_connect
      adds  f8ec0f9   s3-winbindd: Document parameters in ads_cached_connection_reuse
      adds  b972482   source4: Remove script to find unused makefile variables.
      adds  d86f38b   find_unused_macros: Remove obsolete script that finds unused macros.
      adds  3f04ec3   Remove mention of compatibility with Python 2.4.
      adds  2c3203f   replace: remove unused and duplicate imports.
      adds  3c28ccc   replace: remove tabs.
      adds  2440845   Look for system setproctitle before trying -lbsd.
      adds  fdbd6ef   samba.netcmd.domain: Just catch ImportError, not any parsing errors in cmd_domain_export_keytab.
      adds  3b04d16   samba.netcmd.domain: Remove unused import.
      adds  daaddc4   samba.netcmd.domain: Fix incorrect variable names, causing NameErrors.
      adds  b122971   samba.netcmd.domain: desactivating -> deactivating.
      adds  6824f1a   Remove trailing whitespace.
      adds  bfdc874   Various updates to the pidl README file.
      adds  1fb7901   dsdb: Change acl module to look for instanceType flag rather than list of NCs
      adds  05375cd   selftest: Pass DC_REALM to the subdom_dc environment
      adds  c11a89a   join.py: Reinstate full_nc_list and make creation of NTDS-DSA object common
      adds  6ad24d0   provision: Only calculate ForestDNSZone GUID if we need it
      adds  79ee8fc   s4-gensec: Fix spelling in debug message
      adds  204337f   provision: Use names.domainsid and names.domainguid
      adds  c9f613f   dsdb: Permit creation of partitions of type INSTANCE_TYPE_UNINSTANT
      adds  964e412   python: Use the security.dom_sid type for ctx.domsid in join.py and provision
      adds  0edc147   join.py: Ensure we set the SID of the parent domain on the trust record
      adds  a348959   winbindd: Do not segfault if the trusted domain has no SID
      adds  aa6a740   selftest: Set admin password on subdom_dc environment
      adds  b6ade7d   dsdb: Make log message more clear
      adds  b50d7a0   selftest: Improve connection between primary domain and subdomain for krb5
      adds  36085a2   provision: Only create hard links for ForestDnsZones if it exists on this DC
      adds  80be699   auth: Split out fetching trusted domain into sam_get_results_trust()
      adds  7356152   passdb: Use sam_get_results_trust() and implement pdb_samba_dsdb_get_trusteddom_pw
      adds  7a29173   winbindd: Add debugging to assist in locating errors creating NETLOGON pipes
      adds  1c979b1   dsdb: improve debugging in DsCrackNameOneFilter
      adds  5602377   set_dc_type_and_flags_trustinfo: Use init_dc_connection and wb_open_internal_pipe
      adds  8485cc9   s3-rpc_client: Do not give NT_STATUS_NO_MEMORY when the source string was NULL
      adds  b9e1736   join.py: Ensure to fill in samAccountName so we get the domain$ account
      adds  470e5b8   s4-netlogond: Give a better error if we do not have a flatname attribute
      adds  980ce21   selftest: Use the dns domain in the hosts file.
      adds  7982c37   testprogs: Use the system binaries for KRB5 if we don't build in-tree heimdal.
      adds  af7613f   testprogs: allow to run passwords test with MIT and Heimdal kinit.
      adds  6bdde64   Remove duplicate definitions
      adds  1d779bd   Remove custom password change code in libads
      adds  9e42b01   s3-kpasswd: send a netbios krb5 address to avoid invalid net address errors from heimdal.
      adds  3ba74c8   lib/texpect: add texpect binary based on heimdals rkpty.
      adds  fa39e02   testprogs: use texpect in passwords test file instead of rkpty.
      adds  a78a87a   testprogs: test kpasswd via "net ads password".
      adds  c4e15e0   testprogs: use texpect instead of rkpty.
      adds  638a8ed   s4-heimdal: do not build rkpty anymore.
      adds  aaf2cae   s3-kpasswd: Fix build warning.
      adds  eee14f7   samba-tool/ldapcmp: update the list of non replicated attributes
      adds  b55a91e   join.py: Set NT ACL on crossRef object for new partition
      adds  80f00ea   ctdb-build: SAMBA_BINARY targets should not include bin/ prefix
      adds  7f976f4   s3: smbd: vfs_dirsort module.
      adds  6f2862e   s4-rpc: dnsserver: Do not search for deleted DNS entries
      adds  2c342e4   s4-rpc: dnsserver: handle updates of tombstoned dnsNode objects
      adds  0b4a3b7   s4-rpc: dnsserver: return DNS_RANK_NS_GLUE recors when explicitly asked for
      adds  6d2f56d   selftest: Fix selftest where pid is used uninitialized.
      adds  d9e4622   ctdb-locking: Run debug locks script only if the node is active
      adds  374cbc7   ctdb-locking: Talloc lock request from client specified context
      adds  2592ae5   ctdb-locking: Remove unused function ctdb_free_lock_request_context
      adds  13d5af4   ctdb-include: Remove declaration of non-existent function
      adds  bd13389   ctdb-common: Refactor code to convert TDB_DATA key to aligned uint32 array
      adds  deb7bb8   ctdb-daemon: Remove duplicate code with refactored function
      adds  ef59f2e   ctdb-daemon: Defer all calls when processing dmaster packets
      adds  6f072f8   ctdb-locking: Do not reset real-time priority for lock helpers
      adds  2c57cc9   ctdb-call: Drop all deferred requests from older generation
      adds  ca06fac   wafsamba: remove unused variable from copy_and_fix_python_path
      adds  210d7de   wafsamba: improve wording in a comment
      adds  ee8fbbd   wafsamba: fix dependency calculation for SAMBA_GENERATOR()
      adds  da8c763   wafsamba: fix dependency for SAMBA_GENERATOR() when passing vars!=None
      adds  04bb8ff   wafsamba: allow an optional dep_vars list to be passed to SAMBA_GENERATOR()
      adds  7316653   wafsamba: fix dependencies on environment variables for python_fixup
      adds  a41a9ad   wafsamba: let SAMBA_BLDOPTIONS() use dep_vars=['defines'] instead of always=True
      adds  bab349c   ctdb/wscript: pass dep_vars=['VERSION'] to SAMBA_GENERATOR()
      adds  32ddd5b   dynconfig/wscript: add dynconfig_varnames()
      adds  de0443a   docs-xml/wscript_build: pass dep_vars=bld.dynconfig_varnames() to SAMBA_GENERATOR()
      adds  bb9a939   lib/ldb/wscript: pass dep_vars=['LDB_VERSION'] to SAMBA_GENERATOR()
      adds  e5d54c5   dynconfig: implement PERL_LIB_INSTALL_DIR.
      adds  6ad6781   dynconfig: implement PERL_ARCH_INSTALL_DIR
      adds  75c3e24   wafsamba: add samba_perl.py with SAMBA_CHECK_PERL() higher level check.
      adds  7bf9e93   build: do full SAMBA_CHECK_PERL() check in configure
      adds  191fc0e   pidl/wscript: don't check for perl again.
      adds  e7fc38a   s3:build: don't detect perl in source3/wscript again.
      adds  f73a0c2   wafsamba: add perl_fixup parameter to INSTALL_FILES
      adds  b537c5a   pidl: fix the perl module search path (use lib ...) when installing pidl.
      adds  fac24e1   pidl: remove superfluous "use lib ...".
      adds  8c3e0f8   script/autobuild.py: remove explicit --with-perl-*-install-dir options
      adds  b760056   torture: fix whitespace/tab mixup in internal_torture_run_test()
      adds  b1b3167   selftest: Show filename or script we had trouble reading
      adds  3cd5e67   s4-auth: Use sizeof() rather than a fixed constant in memcmp() call
      adds  c0dfda3   passdb: Avoid use-after-free when setting a plaintext password
      adds  b8fc4d4   Use correct size for test string, sizeof() was of the pointer
      adds  cb25480   s3-lib: Do not walk past the end of the dos_to_ntstatus_map array
      adds  e93affb   torture: allow us to correctly use sizeof(buf) in raw.open tests
      adds  34cc5bd   winbindd: Do not use user_list->out.resume_index after free
      adds  b19750d   winbindd: Do not use group_list->out.resume_index after free
      adds  01a1881   s3: smbd: smb2-sessionsetup. Fix use after free when the sessionsetup request state is freed before struct smbXsrv_session struct.
      adds  815fdb4   samba-tool: fix reply when zero day pwd expiry is set
      adds  abe499b   torture: Correctly initialize array size
      adds  3fcbfa9   torture: test oversize FSCTL_SET_SPARSE request
      adds  9a9cae9   torture: split pattern write into helper function
      adds  10e86bf   torture: basic FSCTL_QUERY_ALLOCATED_RANGES test
      adds  750e67a   torture: malformed FSCTL_QUERY_ALLOCATED_RANGES tests
      adds  5d8bfb5   torture: add file zero-range checker
      adds  cd87d9f   torture: basic FSCTL_SET_ZERO_DATA tests
      adds  ee21487   pidl/wscript: remove --with-perl-* options
      adds  c5dd2f1   Revert "wafsamba: Fail with error message if perl doesn't provide valid dirs."
      adds  42990ca   Revert "wafsamba: If perl can't provide defaults, define them."
      adds  0b91f7d   Revert "buildtools: Add perl vendorlib configure option."
      adds  1f878b9   Revert "buildtools: Rename perl vendorarch configure option."
      adds  dec0243   s3:smbd: close the connection if the client doesn't start with a SMB1 Negprot or old messaging call.
      adds  af23d5e   smbd: Move make_dir_struct() to reply.c
      adds  e8f76e1   s3:smbd: fix a comment typo
      adds  b3b1bb0   WHATSNEW: Start release notes for Samba 4.2.0rc1.
      adds  210c647   docs-xml: Bump version up to 4.2.
      adds  1d16555   ctdb-util: Variables should be declared extern in headers
      adds  b0f9d33   ctdb: Fix some "declarations after code" problems
      adds  5de4a97   ctdb-util: Remove util/strlist.c and references to str_util_*()
      adds  6674949   ctdb-tests: Mark some functions as static
      adds  6336b95   ctdb-tests: Add missing declarations caused by #define magic
      adds  a81dccf   ctdb-daemon: Move some inline declarations to header file
      adds  751ad4b   ctdb-common: Add some missing #includes
      adds  ef72188   ctdb-build: Allow configure and Makefile to find waf in tarball
      adds  4cb92e4   ctdb-build: Make ctdb-client depend on ctdb-util and ctdb-util-misc
      adds  05f08d5   ctdb-build: Don't try to set lib64 directory automatically in build
      adds  f031d5b   ctdb-build: Fix includes for SAMBA_BINARY()s
      adds  94a5e28   ctdb-common: Move hex_decode_talloc() to the lock helper
      adds  cd2b166   ctdb-util: Remove declaration of non-existent ctdb_fault_setup()
      adds  b831829   ctdb-client: Rename static function server_id_equal()
      adds  a4e76b5   ctdb-util: Add extra max_size argument to file_lines_load()
      adds  c5c74e4   ctdb-daemon: Drop the argument to fault_setup()
      adds  6e15681   ctdb-tools: Move definition of timeval_delta() to tools/ctdb.c
      adds  0c0f323   ctdb-recoverd: Change include of dlinklist.h to contain directory
      adds  01598ce   ctdb-build: Add extra includes to help recursive utility compilation
      adds  97dc127   ctdb-logging: Factor out ctdb_logging.h from includes.h
      adds  8b39141   ctdb-logging: Move variable debug_extra from debug.*
      adds  088e4ab   ctdb-build: Make ctdb-util a wscript build subsystem
      adds  acf2608   ctdb-util: Rename db_wrap to tdb_wrap and make it a build subsystem
      adds  9c69a71   ctdb-build: Drop lib/util from includes
      adds  86430d5   ctdb-build: Tests don't include lib/util/*.c, link ctdb-util instead
      adds  5629cfc   ctdb-util: Make tdb_wrap self-sufficient - it doesn't need includes.h
      adds  485cf56   s4:torture:base: move i++ down in loop in run_deferopen()
      adds  5893448   s4:torture:base: add torture_comments to the loop of the deferopen test.
      adds  868e8f4   s4:torture: fix multi_smb_test child status tracking.
      adds  551ae16   smbd: Fix a typo
      adds  8ae8c63   s3:smbd: fix a race in open code
      adds  c7c1f64   s4:torture:base: slightly more generous timing in the defer_open test
      adds  9da09b5   s3:smbd:open_file: use a more natural check.
      adds  29b00ca   s3: smbd: Ensure we don't call qsort() with a size of -1.
      adds  0c53b29   vfs_acl_common: dacl size must be updated
      adds  9726e17   ctdb-includes: Remove some unnecessary declarations
      adds  68fe0dd   ctdb-util: Clean up dependencies
      adds  1c00533   ctdb-build: Remove unnecessary lib/util include path from tests
      adds  01d4c0e   torture: Provide enough space for test EA name in raw.eas test
      adds  e6127a9   ctdb-daemon: Increment pending calls statistics correctly
      adds  4e5a6b1   ctdb-locking: Set real-time priority for lock helpers
      adds  518247b   s3: smbd - open logic fix.
      adds  4038eb8   media_harmony: Fix warnings
      adds  8c1b143   media_harmony: Fix a crash bug
      adds  2e17b0e   ctdb-locking: Add argc parameter to lock_helper_args()
      adds  7ae7a9c   ctdb-locking: Fork lock helper with vfork_with_logging()
      adds  d410b20   ctdb-daemon: Make sure ctdb runs with real-time priority
      adds  3c1bae1   ctdb-tests: Do not expect real-time priority when running local daemons
      adds  f5f11e1   ctdb-daemon: Decrement pending calls statistics when calls are deferred
      adds  efd34bb   ctdb-doc: Add ctdb-statistics manual page
      adds  d744eb0   ctdb-doc: Add reference to new magepage ctdb-statistics
      adds  c6e726f   s3: smbd: streams - Ensure share mode validation ignores internal opens (op_mid == 0).
      adds  6a795c0   Adding new oplock test 'batch26'.
      adds  bc5a75a   ntvfs: Skip the new smb2.oplock.batch26 test
      adds  27b2ddc   docs: mention incompatibility between kernel oplocks and streams_xattr
      adds  0cd4561   namecache: fix uninitialised pointer returns
      adds  188120b   messaging_dgm: Remove an unnecessary cast
      adds  2858c66   messaging_dgm: Reformatting
      adds  c3f98b9   messaging_dgm: Avoid talloc_tos()
      adds  9c5b1ee   messaging_dgm: messaging_dgm_lockfile_create does not use tmp_ctx anymore
      adds  c95d9a5   messaging_dgm: messaging_dgm_lockfile_remove does not use tmp_ctx anymore
      adds  55a894c   messaging_dgm: Avoid a talloc
      adds  9269a8e   messaging_dgm: Avoid a talloc
      adds  7bc2e2d   messaging_dgm: Don't expose the messaging_dgm_context
      adds  92da0b2   s3: winbindd: Old NT Domain code sets struct winbind_domain->alt_name to be NULL. Ensure this is safe with modern AD-DCs.
      adds  c56a88d   vfs_gpfs: Fix the build with profiling-data
      adds  6bce3d8   s3: utils: Don't directly manipulate errno inside strupper_m().
      adds  5c7e272   s3: smbd: srvstr_push() was changed to never return -1, so don't check for that as an error.
      adds  c7b89bb   s3: smbd: Ensure types for all variables called 'len' used in srvstr_push() are correct.
      adds  0519088   s3: smbd: Change the function signature of srvstr_push() from returning a length to returning an NTSTATUS with a length param.
      adds  2bddcee   s3: smbd: Change smbd_marshall_dir_entry() to return an NTSTATUS. Returns STATUS_MORE_ENTRIES on out of space.
      adds  d17fc79   s3: smbd: smbd_marshall_dir_entry() no longer needs explicit 'out_of_space' parameter.
      adds  5293dd2   s3: smbd: SMB2 - change smbd_dirptr_lanman2_entry() to return an NTSTATUS.
      adds  c9877ea   s3: smbd: Remove unneeded 'out_of_space' parameter from smbd_dirptr_lanman2_entry().
      adds  2fc8d0e   s3: smbd: Change get_lanman2_dir_entry() to return the full NTSTATUS.
      adds  6d03aed   s3: smbd: Fix a couple of tricky slow-path cases - don't return a mangled name for a name that cannot be converted.
      adds  df800ea   Add test suite for iconv conversion fail of bad names over SMB1/SMB3.
      adds  5355f5e   tdb:tools: fix a compiler warning
      adds  1f7da1c   tdb: change version to 1.3.1
      adds  e899658   lib: Move "large_file_support()" to the source4 smb server
      adds  4be5834   lib: Remove unused file_lines_slashcont
      adds  4b788ff   lib: Avoid a talloc in write_data_iov
      adds  b3cc5e2   replace: Make EWOULDBLOCK always available
      adds  6ce6262   lib: Make nt_err_code_struct private
      adds  fb9c49f   ctdb-util: Log an error if there is no way to set scheduler
      adds  d692be0   ctdb-build: Improve platform check
      adds  a0a21af   ctdb-build: Add some missing configure checks
      adds  e4b9beb   ctdb-build: Check for ETIME in errno.h
      adds  d1ea95e   ctdb-build: Check for libpcap
      adds  8509bff   ctdb-scripts: Fix a typo
      adds  22257dd   ctdb-scripts: Do not export variables if they are not set
      adds  9f5f5fa   lib: Add daemon_status() to util library.
      adds  2df601b   nmbd: Send waiting status to systemd.
      adds  9fca4f7   s3: vfs module: Adding new vfs module for Symantec VxFS.
      adds  25df58a   lib: Make samba-debug a private library
      adds  32d190a   lib: Make set_blocking() available independently
      adds  6a1c51e   lib: Reduce deps for "smb_transport"
      adds  fb9067c   Remove a few #ifdef EWOULDBLOCk
      adds  3ffff13   lib: Fix samba-util dep in "errors" module
      adds  5454f71   lib: Move tdb lock timeout fns to source3
      adds  02d4b74   tdb_wrap: Only pull in samba-debug
      adds  041eb5c   lib: util_tdb does not need samba-util
      adds  81d79e6   messaging4: Fix an error path memleak
      adds  b365d44   ctdb_conn: Fix a small memory leak when releasing an IP
      adds  ed00ac2   lib: Add EMSGSIZE to map_nt_error_from_unix
      adds  221d9f7   lib: Polish echo_server
      adds  b9d3fd4   lib: util: Check *every* asn1 return call and early return.
      adds  5d1aecf   ctdb-build: Add missing configure checks for backtrace
      adds  4b6febc   s4:libcli/composite: correctly finish composite smb and smb2 requests
      adds  dfcc683   libcli/smb: correctly report disconnect errors after getting STATUS_PENDING
      adds  2a8a6ed   libcli/smb: Add routine to reset the Channel Sequence number.
      adds  4c64d41   libcli/smb: Add routines to enable/disable SMB2_HDR_FLAG_REPLAY_OPERATION flag.
      adds  6975ff0   s3:selftest: run the smb2.replay test against the //$SERVER_IP/durable share
      adds  bb21243   s4:torture: Add Replay tests to examine server behaviour when Multiple Channels are utilized.
      adds  17f8729   s4:torture/smb2/lock: Add Lock Replay detection test case.
      adds  7e006d1   s3:smb2_server: use the global signing key to check if signing is required
      adds  7f649f9   s3:smb2_sesssetup: use smb2req->sconn in smbd_smb2_reauth_generic_return()
      adds  93f7e62   s3:smbd: use smbXsrv_connection_dbg() inreceive_smb_raw_talloc_partial_read()
      adds  9fe6665   s3:smbd: use smbXsrv_connection_dbg() in receive_smb_talloc()
      adds  e3ab0a0   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to receive_smb*()
      adds  4b9f17e   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to srv_send_smb()
      adds  f253314   s3:smbd: use req->sconn in reply_negprot()
      adds  20bcbb0   s3:smbd: use req->sconn in reply_ntcancel()
      adds  47f00fe   s3:smbd: use req->sconn in sesssetup.c
      adds  92d2748   s3:smbd: use req->sconn in reply.c where possible
      adds  0b99a8a   s3:smbd: only pass smbXsrv_connection to fork_echo_handler()
      adds  7c1553f   s3:smbd: support xconn=NULL in init_smb_request()
      adds  3a26bd1   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to smb1_parse_chain()
      adds  7408736   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to construct_reply*()
      adds  21eee0e   s3:smbd: pass smb_request to make_connection()
      adds  2dd2159   s3:smbd: pass smbd_smb2_request to make_connection_smb2()
      adds  2405415   s3:smbd: pass smb_request to make_connection_smb1()
      adds  d27ae4a   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to make_connection_snum()
      adds  e23785a   s3:smbd: introduce 'struct smbXsrv_client' in order to prepare multi-channel support
      adds  78951fb   s3:smbd: use xconn->client->sconn in process_smb()
      adds  fda21db   s3:smbd: use xconn->client->sconn in reply_special()
      adds  d83ecf5   s3:smbd: use xconn->client->sconn in construct_reply()
      adds  981fb26   s3:smbd: use xconn->client->sconn in smb1_parse_chain()
      adds  f3fa664   s3:smbd: use xconn->client->sconn in make_connection_snum()
      adds  b970db1   s3:smb2_server: use xconn->client->sconn in smbd_smb2_io_handler()
      adds  fe00c8e   s3:smb2_server: use xconn->client->sconn in smbd_smb2_first_negprot()
      adds  4bece82   s3:smb2_server: use xconn->client->sconn in smbd_smb2_request_create()
      adds  e2af19a   s3:smb2_server: use xconn->client->sconn in smbd_smb2_request_next_incoming()
      adds  f9d65d4   s3:smbXsrv_session: use xconn->client->sconn in smbXsrv_session_logoff()
      adds  4a5ca44   s3:smbXsrv_open: use xconn->client->sconn in smb1srv_open_table_init()
      adds  7012008   s3:smbd: remove now unused smbXsrv_connection->sconn
      adds  bf22882   s3:smbd: use sconn->client->connections in reload_services()
      adds  555b3d1   s3:smbd: use sconn->client->connections in keepalive_fn()
      adds  d7e66e5   s3:smbd: use fsp->conn->sconn->client->connections to send SMB1 oplock breaks
      adds  80e226d   s3:smbXsrv_session: change smbXsrv_session->connection to smbXsrv_session->client
      adds  9afc37b   s3:smbd: use tevent_loop_wait() in the child process event loop
      adds  1d615ee   s3:smbd: use tevent_loop_wait() in the parent smbd process.
      adds  333707f   s3:smbd: move smbXsrv_{session,tcon,open} tables to smbXsrv_client
      adds  d8cffad   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to open_was_deferred()
      adds  b05ae37   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to remove_deferred_open_message_smb()
      adds  56d454b   s3:smbd: pass smbXsrv_connection to schedule_deferred_open_message_smb()
      adds  a6ff17f   s3:smb2_create: pass smbXsrv_connection to *deferred*_smb2
      adds  33bffc3   s3:smb2_break: pass smbXsrv_connection to smbd_smb2_send_oplock_break()
      adds  6e28bf1   s3:smb2_break: use fsp->conn->sconn->client->connections to send SMB2 oplock breaks
      adds  04a9b0a   s3:smb2_glue: remove chained fsps from all connections in remove_smb2_chained_fsp()
      adds  1d53557   s3:smb2_lock: always use tevent_req_defer_callback() if we go async
      adds  0944797f  s3:smb2_lock: iterate over all sconn->client->connections
      adds  7a45ddb   s3:smbd: remove now unused smbd_server_connection->conn
      adds  e773851   s3:smbd: split out a smbd_add_connection() helper function.
      adds  cd7c24a   s3:smbXsrv_session: remember the smbXsrv_connection on channel attached to a session
      adds  6ed4eeb   s3:smbXsrv_session: add smbXsrv_session_find_channel()
      adds  5003232   s3:smb2_server: add smbd_smb2_signing_key() helper function
      adds  89c6d67   s3:smb2_sesssetup: we don't need to do a 2nd smb2srv_session_lookup()
      adds  44b3fa6   s3:libsmb: add 'cli_state_client_guid'
      adds  fe670be   s3:torture: use cli_state_client_guid in run_smb2_multi_channel()
      adds  7f59711   nsswitch: Skip groups we were not able to map.
      adds  427afe2   util: Fix indentation
      adds  a757df9   dynconfig: Remove include of nsswitch/winbind_struct_protocol.h
      adds  2f7ba81   replace: Fix includes of unistd.h
      adds  d55cdc3   charset: Avoid compiler warnings with --enable-developer
      adds  5c5f631   lib/crypto: Protect crypto.h against multiple inclusion
      adds  8b2c280   tdb: tdb.h needs bool type
      adds  9f0f6bf   tdb_wrap: tdb_wrap.h doesn't need struct loadparm_context
      adds  f8bd892   tdb_wrap: Standalone compile without includes.h
      adds  e0a5c43   debug: Standalone compile without includes.h
      adds  1bf36f1   lib/util: Move idr_get_new_random() to new source file idtree_random.c
      adds  f3d50e5   lib/util: Move next_token* functions to util_str.c
      adds  6d450b3   lib/util: Return some functions to util_str.c
      adds  0f9669e   lib/util: Drop unnecessary use of talloc_tos()
      adds  277f041   passdb: Use talloc_zero_array
      adds  fc70caa   WHATSNEW: Winbindd/Netlogon improvements
      adds  e28b087   WHATSNEW: Larger IO sizes for SMB2/3 per default
      adds  6efb366   WHATSNEW: Improved DCERPC man in the middle detection
      adds  3360f9a   WHATSNEW: mention overhauled "net idmap" command
      adds  e3a0c3e   WHATSNEW: Mention tdb mutexes
      adds  c84a66d   WHATSNEW: Mention unix domain datagram messaging
      adds  b3325c9   WHATSNEW: Fix typos.
      adds  9b39602   s3: reset tracepoint handler in reinit_after fork.
      adds  31d3224   smbd: fix a comment typo.
      adds  68e5fa5   WHATSNEW: Mention combined CTDB
      adds  febde16   selftst: run the smbtorture3 local tests in the "none" environment
      adds  48c12a2   s3:smbtorture: mention "-e" in the help text
      adds  6148c94   s3:smbtorture: align explanations for parameters
      adds  8260ae6   ncacn_http: Add http library
      adds  cc55bc2   ncacn_http: Authentication modules for http library
      adds  d617230   ncacn_http: Client implementation
      adds  594d036   ncacn_http: DCERPC pipe open using http transport
      adds  9e1313d   s4:rpc_server: ignore ncacn_http endpoints for now
      adds  3b18dea   librpc/idl: specify ncacn_http endpoint mapper endpoint
      adds  f65c1f0   s4:librpc: use authenticated epmapping for ncacn_http
      adds  f92086f   libcli: Fix a segfault calling smbXcli_req_set_pending() on NULL.
      adds  8a6445d   WHATSNEW: some fixes
      adds  4b8cfe4   ctdb-tests: Simplify and rename wait_until_ips_are_on_nodeglob()
      adds  81213af   ctdb-tests: Factor out new function get_test_ip_mask_and_iface()
      adds  e3089d7   ctdb-tests: Make all_ips_on_node() do what it should
      adds  81a8758   ctdb-tests: Remove dependency on log ringbuffer from missing IP test
      adds  3715432   ctdb-tests: Clean up some tests where IP movement is checked
      adds  93423cb   ctdb-logging: Add forward declaration of debug_level
      adds  fbcd912   s3:messaging: use struct initializers for 'struct messaging_rec'
      adds  eca6d83   s3:unix_msg: use sendmsg() in unix_dgram_send_job()
      adds  c9d08be   s3:unix_msg: add close_fd_array()
      adds  5b6f041   s3:unix_msg: read fds from recvmsg in unix_dgram_recv_handler()
      adds  3f519a5   s3:unix_msg: pass the fd array to the unix_dgram recv_callback function
      adds  af573af   s3:unix_msg: add fds-array to unix_dgram_send() for fd-passing
      adds  c689547   s3:unix_msg: pass the fd array to the unix_msg recv_callback function
      adds  1b35d2e   s3:unix_msg: add fds-array to unix_msg_send() for fd passing
      adds  64d1401   s3:messaging: make it possible to receive a fd array from another process
      adds  1667839   s3:messaging: add fds-array to message-backend send function
      adds  0102636   s3:messaging: add fds-array to messaging_send_iov()
      adds  db809c5   s3:torture: add test LOCAL-MESSAGING-FDPASS1
      adds  31e5faa0  selftest: run smbtorture3 LOCAL-MESSAGING-FDPASS1 test
      adds  5ed8be7   s3:torture: work on LOCAL-MESSAGING-FDPASS2
      adds  17055cc   selftest: run smbtorture3 LOCAL-MESSAGING-FDPASS2 test
      adds  db384ef   s3:torture: in LOCAL-MESSAGING-READ3, tell child to exit and wait
      adds  5d22bcf   s3:torture: in LOCAL-MESSAGING-READ3, print some messages to child
      adds  17998fc   tdb: Improve wording in a comment
      adds  c64369c   ctdb-locking: Reset ttimer before doing an early return
      adds  f1e281c   ctdb-scripts: Fix the regular expresssion for parsing /proc/locks
      adds  57310f8   ctdb-recoverd: If obtaining recovery lock fails, try again
      adds  0f92de8   ctdb-daemon: Fix the usage for lock helper
      adds  5e5f060   s4:torture:vfs_fruit: add test for OS X AppleDouble conversion
      adds  ef4b415   vfs_fruit: fix unpacking of AppleDouble files
      adds  cafb233   s4:torture:vfs_fruit: add size checks for resource fork IO
      adds  87347f9   vfs_fruit: fix resource fork length calculation
      adds  168191d   vfs_fruit: ad_write: path may be NULL for rfork
      adds  b6ec190   vfs_fruit: update rfork size in AppleDouble header
      adds  f102752   lib: util: asn1 fixes - check all returns.
      adds  4dba8fd   auth: gensec: asn1 fixes - check all returns.
      adds  612b742   lib: util: asn1 tests. Check every asn1 return.
      adds  53f21ff   libcli: auth: Ensure all asn1_XX returns are checked.
      adds  a713623   s3: libsmb: Ensure all asn1_XX returns are checked.
      adds  a2f779f   s3: tldap: Ensure all asn1_XX returns are checked.
      adds  e6cf99c   s4: auth: gensec: asn1 fixes - check all returns.
      adds  ac54f51   s3: tldap_util: Ensure all asn1_XX returns are checked.
      adds  b1a1f69   s4: libcli: ldap controls - Ensure all asn1_XX returns are checked.
      adds  69a7e3c   s4: libcli: ldap message - Ensure all asn1_XX returns are checked.
      adds  83c62bd   s3-libads: Improve service principle guessing.
      adds  4eaa4cc   s3-libads: Add a function to retrieve the SPNs of a computer account.
      adds  e1ee4c8   s3-libads: Add function to search for an element in an array.
      adds  5d58b92   s3-libads: Add all machine account principals to the keytab.
      adds  7e0b8fc   s3-libnet: Add libnet_join_get_machine_spns().
      adds  0aacbe7   s3-libnet: Make sure we do not overwrite precreated SPNs.
      adds  0b08db4   Add some plumbing in our top level Makefile to make life easier
      adds  f872875   s3-net: add "net ads enctypes {list,set,delete}".
      adds  215b9f5   s3-net: add manpage documentation for "net ads enctypes".
      adds  f64e76d   s3-libnet: set list of allowed krb5 encryption types in AD >= 2008.
      adds  edda534   s4-auth/kerberos: fix salting principal, make sure hostname is lowercase.
      adds  a744dba   torture: Fix use-after-free in ldap.nested-search
      adds  1ac96a4   librpc/ndr_drsuapi: Allow ndrdump to dump dsinfo52 blobs
      adds  a3ecad4   idl: Merge NETR_TRUST and LSA_TRUST definitions into one set only in lsa.idl
      adds  f8643b9   librpc: Remove user/domain from struct pipe_auth_data
      adds  d0a0af3   librpc: gensec is our security provider abstraction, remove a void *
      adds  f807809   provision: explain why this is required
      adds  3fc5b22   Fix commented out code in kpasswd server to use correct function
      adds  4281c11   credentials: Allow the secrets.tdb password to be newer than the secrets.ldb password
      adds  043585f   WHATSNEW: Update WHATSNEW for new default winbind implementation
      adds  d7d70c0   smbd:smb2: improve smbd_smb2_protocol_dialect_match(), removing code duplication
      adds  a4edec4   s3:unix_msg: fix a tab<->space mixup in unix_msg_recv()
      adds  e3a796f   s3:torture: in LOCAL-MESSAGING-FDPASS2, close fds after passing them
      adds  5ae9ada   dsdb: Be less verbose when announcing kcc is being invoked.
      adds  354f146   acl: Fix typo: structrual -> structural
      adds  270f7b3   s3:passdb: add pdb_get_trust_credentials()
      adds  85437d7   samba_dnsupdate: Look for ForestDnsZones in the right place
      adds  c22564a   Declare empty target as phony otherwise they are caught by the '%' rule
      adds  321e948   libcli: Remove unreachable code in dns_hosts_file.
      adds  763d37e   libcli: Remove unreachable code in cldap.
      adds  321404a   fileserver: raise debug level for share connection closing for non-IPC to 2.
      adds  775d1f8   pidl: Strip trailing whitespace from pidl, for easier exchange of patches with wireshark.
      adds  a59b00d   s3-winbindd: Require SMB signing by default to disrupt MITM attacks with our DC
      adds  8280bc5   lib/param: set the kccsrv:samba_kcc option to false by default
      adds  ceb2625   lib/util: Do not duplicate the protocol list, use smb_constants.h
      adds  f3ce6b4   s3:net_rpc_printer: make use of cli_credentials_get_username()
      adds  16594e7   s3: Move init_lsa_ref_domain_list to lib
      adds  9c92164   s3-winbindd: Do not use domain SID from LookupSids for Sids2UnixIDs call
      adds  bf0ee5f   ldb: fix a typo in the comment, LDB_FLAGS_MOD_xxx -> LDB_FLAG_MOD_xxx
      adds  b9701a0   provision: Change the default functional level of new Samba domains to 2008R2.
      adds  e2cd325   winbindd: Do not make anonymous connections by default
      adds  afe02d1   winbindd: Change value of "ldap sasl wrapping" to sign
      adds  736098e   WHATSNEW: Include info on secured winbindd connections
      adds  22eb416   repl: Specify the target realm in dreplsrv_get_target_principal()
      adds  1ea3364   tevent: remove unused exit_code in tevent_poll.c
      adds  a65df7e   tevent: remove unused exit_code in tevent_select.c
      adds  1dbd0be   tevent: version 0.9.22
      adds  40b4853   s3:messaging: fix uninitialized data introduced by padding
      adds  2795bdf   s3:messaging: msg_type int->uint32_t in struct messaging_hdr
      adds  698e8a2   s3:unix_msg: add "close_fds" exit point to unix_msg_recv()
      adds  9fa673b   s3:unix_msg: don't close the fd-array at the end of unix_dgram_send_job()
      adds  9ddb661   s3:unix_msg: remember errno in unix_dgram_send_job in case of send error.
      adds  2564a5f   s3:unix_msg: use a buffer pointer instead of array indexes for the iov buffer
      adds  e38f4f4   s3:unix_msg: rename a variable buflen->data_len in queue_msg()
      adds  a96f0f4   s3:unix_msg: use an iov in unix_dgram_msg/queue_msg instead of buffer and length
      adds  67684dc   s3:unix_msg: simplify queue_msg() by moving space calculations up.
      adds  20cd934   s3:unix_msg: factor extract_fd_array_from_msghdr() out of unix_dgram_recv_handler()
      adds  b38ed73   s3:unix_msg: add close_fd_array_cmsg()
      adds  d8af3e7   s3:unix_msg: don't fill cmsg buffer in unix_dgram_send_job()
      adds  00d9ee0   s3:messaging: allow the messaging receive callback to change the fds
      adds  6e47886   s3:messaging: upon receiving fds, dup them so the caller can safely close them.
      adds  0ab5e89   s3:unix_msg: close the fds in unix_dgram_recv_handler() after the callback has run
      adds  d7d9ec3   s3:unix_msg: document closing of fds in the receive handler
      adds  797ada1   s3:messaging: explain why the messaging_send*() functions need a tevent-loop.
      adds  f16dd64   s3:torture: add LOCAL-MESSAGING-READ4 - send 1MB message
      adds  bc5c029   selftest: run LOCAL-MESSAGING-READ4
      adds  3628102   s3:torture: fix a message in LOCAL-MESSAGING-FDPASS2 test
      adds  d4bf2be   s3:torture: wait in tevent-loop for child to confirm receive in FDPASS2 msg test
      adds  ba33426   s3:torture: transfer 1M message with fds in LOCAL-MESSAGING-FDPASS2 test
      adds  16e460e   s3: nmbd: Ensure the main nmbd process doesn't create zombies.
      adds  fc8e105   lib: util [ctdb]: Signal handling - change CatchChild() and CatchChildLeaveStatus() to return the previous handler.
      adds  93e81d423 s3: lib: Signal handling - ensure smbrun and change password code save and restore existing SIGCHLD handlers.
      adds  703ef59   tdb: Fix a comment
      adds  760f23a   s3:smb2_negprot: allow really large io sizes up to allmost 16MB
      adds  854f579   s4:libcli/smb_composite: don't try anonymous smb signing
      adds  e9a5074   s3:libsmb: remove unused ';'
      adds  aa4310b   libcli/smb: support additional_flags = SMB2_HDR_FLAG_SIGNED
      adds  ca1081e   libcli/smb: add smbXcli_session_is_authenticated()
      adds  e954f92   libcli/smb: add smb2cli_tcon_should_encrypt()
      adds  8c846f7   libcli/smb: add smb2cli_tcon_{should_sign,is_signing_on}()
      adds  7ee18fb   s3:smb2cli_tcon: use smb2 signing if possible
      adds  b77bb5a   libcli/smb: move smb2cli_tcon.c to the toplevel
      adds  d11b0c4   s3:libsmb: remove unused smb2cli.h
      adds  c723d57   s4:libcli/smb2: make use of smb2cli_tcon*() in connect.c
      adds  a8d1f26   s4:torture/smb2: torture_smb2_tree_connect() creates a secondary tree connect
      adds  04d0110   s4:torture/smb2: use torture_smb2_tree_connect() in notify.c
      adds  fe13b0c   s4:torture/smb2: use smb2cli_tcon*() in torture_smb2_tree_connect()
      adds  609b31a   s4:torture/smb2: remove unused variable in torture_smb2_con_sopt()
      adds  a51b623   s4:libcli/tcon: remove unused smb2_tree_connect*()
      adds  6a82cb7   libcli/smb: list NT_STATUS_FILE_CLOSED as expected ioctl response.
      adds  7729ba5   libcli/smb: add smb2cli_validate_negotiate_info*()
      adds  26ff9f3   libcli/smb: call smb2cli_validate_negotiate_info*() after each authenticated tcon
      adds  04ebed1   vfs_fruit: fix possible uninitialized use
      adds  b2626c2   vfs_fruit: remove redundant assignment
      adds  1ef2be6   vfs_fruit: deal with vfs_catia not being loaded
      adds  3011777   VERSION: Bump version up to 4.2.0rc1...
      adds  137c096   VERSION: Re-enable git snapshots.
      adds  ff9dd62   WHATSNEW: Fix typo.
      adds  ce0c5f6   registry: Don't leave dangling transactions
      adds  c7ebcd6   s3: smb2cli: query info return length check was reversed.
      adds  0288af3   regedit: silence some warnings
      adds  c7802fc   regedit: add white on blue color scheme
      adds  bb1b0ab   regedit: add padding for key labels when there's not a prefix.
      adds  93aa394   regedit: add borders around key and value lists, and change headings
      adds  196055d   regedit: free value list subwindow
      adds  1ab3b87   regedit: sort keys
      adds  f5ac8ec   regedit: add a color scheme for path and context help sections
      adds  ca81665   regedit: add search feature.
      adds  1ca1c74   regedit: add multicolumn list widget
      adds  db7aef6   regedit: make value list display data in multiple columns
      adds  fe5b9cd   regedit: restore list cursor when window is resized
      adds  2b74ee0   regedit: use talloc typesafety features
      adds  4867e76   regedit: handle awkward window sizes better
      adds  544c4ec   regedit: notify user if there's a failure loading subkeys
      adds  d4c1b36   regedit: include error description in popups
      adds  92d302f   regedit: don't fail loading keys if just a few are unavailable
      adds  36cd9af   regedit: set cursor to the parent node when ascending
      adds  6d61540   regedit: set cursor after creating a new key
      adds  894f516   regedit: reopen parent keys when adding or removing subkeys
      adds  ee89de1   regedit: reopen key after editing or removing values
      adds  8bc4a73   regedit: add a refresh command to clear cache and reload current path
      adds  5e3df48   regedit: make all hives descend from a root node
      adds  1fb0690   regedit: add a panic handler to restore terminal
      adds  bff6822   regedit: simplify cleanup after loading children
      adds  7e11ecb   regedit: add padding to fit REG_MULTI_SZ to the text field
      adds  ceafd11   regedit: improvements for hexedit
      adds  47caf0b   regedit: Introduce a new API to build the dialogs.
      adds  a226a52   regedit: move cursor to edited value in list and report edit errors
      adds  00ff031   regedit: use the right function to reopen a hive
      adds  77d9d4c   regedit: clear value list after creating new key
      adds  afafda2   regedit: use pad as a canvas for dialogs
      adds  60b6297   regedit: don't use subwindows in hexedit
      adds  45afe22   regedit: flesh out search dialog and simplify search opts
      adds  05be096   regedit: search values and repeat search from cursor positions
      adds  d9b67e6   regedit: find previous items
      adds  27e99f6   regedit: adjust some variable names to make them more distinct
      adds  7720184   regedit: handle DEL key in text fields
      adds  cf71665   regedit: don't expand single line text field buffer with cursor movement
      adds  6c736e2   regedit: add a number input box
      adds  0f548f9   regedit: add a button to resize hexedit buffer
      adds  fb01459   regedit: grow hexedit buffer as the user types
      adds  0b70ddd   regedit: handle del and backspace in hexeditor
      adds  96a5321   regedit: handle pgup/pgdn/home/end keys on lists
      adds  a38ad98   regedit: print error msg if opening registry fails
      adds  13c7b80   regedit: remove an old comment
      adds  02e1c6b   SO_PROTOCOL is platform-dependent
      adds  3430afa   idmap_rfc2307: Fix a crash after connection problem to DC
      adds  25d26f4   WHATSNEW: Add samba-regedit.
      adds  63017ac   [PATCH] WHATSNEW: Add more features for Samba 4.2
      adds  721033d   WHATSNEW: Fix typos.
      adds  4cc2dda   WHATSNEW: Fix typo.
      adds  066fb45   [PATCH] WHATSNEW: Added information about the VFS WORM module that is
      adds  2cd5450   libcli/smb: fix smb2cli_validate_negotiate_info with min=PROTOCOL_NT1 max=PROTOCOL_SMB2_02
      adds  9164e5f   build: do not install texpect binary anymore.
      adds  8309ab7   WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.2.0rc2.
      adds  e05a432   VERSION: Set version to 4.2.0rc2...
      adds  4f35415   Imported Upstream version 4.2.0~rc2+dfsg
      adds  77fc66d   Merge tag 'upstream/4.2.0_rc2+dfsg' into experimental
      adds  1f85a63   New upstream release.
      adds  6464c34   Update 26_heimdal_compat.
      adds  9cd4156   Remove upstream applied bug_598313_upstream_7499-nss_wins-dont-clobber-daemons-logs.patch.
      adds  e59c540   usershare.patch: refresh
      adds  f4f38e5   drop do-not-install-smbclient4-and-nmbclient4: applied upstream.
      adds  9b42010   Add build-dependency on libarchive-dev.
      adds  4788ff0   Merge 4.1 branch.
      adds  89617c9   VERSION: Set version to 4.2.0rc3...
      adds  e10ffb3   WHATSNEW: Remove double entry.
      adds  8428085   WHATSNEW: Remove double entry.
      adds  9f8ad38   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v4-2-stable' into v4-2-test
      adds  dcfa1a1   WHATSNEW: vfs_fruit
      adds  aac155a   lib: uid_wrapper: Fix setgroups and syscall detection on a system without native uid_wrapper library.
      adds  4393649   nss_winbind: add getgroupmembership for FreeBSD
      adds  ec9437d   winbind3: Fix pwent variable substitution
      adds  241da63   s3-nmbd: Fix netbios name truncation.
      adds  bab7e51   spoolss: fix handling of bad EnumJobs levels
      adds  703957e   s3: libsmbclient - smb2. MacOSX 10 SMB2 server doesn't set STATUS_NO_MORE_FILES when handed a non-wildcard path.
      adds  fd4cc75   samba-tool group add: Add option --nis-domain and --gid
      adds  e430584   s3: smbd: Preparation for leases code merge. Ensure VFS is ready for 4.2.0.
      adds  ac37fae   s3:locking: Rename share_mode_forall->share_entry_forall
      adds  cfa74dc   s3:locking: Introduce share_mode_forall
      adds  b527525   s3:locking: allow early return for share_entry_forall()
      adds  4ff4c58   s3:param: Add new option "strict rename".
      adds  beb05a1b  selftest:Samba3: use "strict rename = yes"
      adds  b5cc961   s3:smbd: Don't rename a dir with files open underneath
      adds  1fd4868   s4:torture/smb2: test rename dir deny with open files
      adds  38b8e09   s3:locking: Change from ndr_pull_struct_blob() to ndr_pull_struct_blob_all() so we fail if not all bytes are consumed.
      adds  e7a90aa   s3:locking: remove dead code from brl_get_locks_readonly()
      adds  dd558ff   lib/util: Clean up includes for blocking.c
      adds  c540f7d   lib/util: Clean up includes for xfile.[ch]
      adds  8d0900a   lib/util: Clean up includes for data_blob.[ch]
      adds  71be3ed   lib/util: Clean up includes for time.[ch]
      adds  b9d0aa6   lib/util: Clean up includes for signal.c
      adds  000f583   lib/util: Replace an SMB_ASSERT()
      adds  e1479e0   lib/util: Clean up includes for substitute.c
      adds  1e76601   lib/util: Clean up includes for fault.c
      adds  37e8478   lib/util: Clean up includes for util.c
      adds  0a9dc8d   lib/util: Factor out subsystem samba-util-core from samba-util
      adds  412fc6e   lib/util: Use charset_compat.h if SAMBA_UTIL_CORE_ONLY
      adds  d5e0a0c   ctdb-logging: Remove log ringbuffer
      adds  01c8b6f   ctdb-tests: Make the fake log timestamp string easy to modify
      adds  2f59dd9   ctdb-logging: Change LogLevel to DEBUGLEVEL
      adds  06b0dea   ctdb-logging: Update to use Samba style debug.h/debug.c
      adds  bf70856   ctdb-build: Move generation of ctdb_version.h earlier
      adds  a75db09   ctdb-build: Add generation of Samba-style version.h
      adds  3ca8895   ctdb-build: Change from ctdb-util to samba-util
      adds  525bee6   ctdb-build: Fix handling of public headers
      adds  874ac87   ctdb-build: Rename define BINDIR to CTDB_HELPER_BINDIR
      adds  6423a2b   ctdb-build: Make some steps conditional on standalone build
      adds  18405d4   build: Hook CTDB into top level build using --with-cluster-support
      adds  43c3851   ctdb-logging: Add missing newline when logging to file
      adds  42f0859   build: Remove configure option --enable-old-ctdb
      adds  65df9df   build: Remove checks for ctdb features
      adds  6a5ce20   build: Remove configure option --with-ctdb-dir
      adds  1528ae0   ctdb: Rename ctdb socket variable from CTDB_PATH to CTDB_SOCKET
      adds  0f19c13   build: Remove configure checks for ctdb headers
      adds  f0c6853   build: Simplify check for building with ctdb
      adds  2522be0   ctdb: Rename CTDB_VERSION to CTDB_PROTOCOL
      adds  80a51bb   autobuild: adapt samba-ctdb target does not need a separate ctdb build any more
      adds  9c6e0fd   build: further simplify --with-cluster-support case in configure
      adds  3bd42c0   build: adapt comments for the clustering choice
      adds  b2b76b8   autobuild: check whether ctdbd has been installed in the samba-ctdb target
      adds  ce6b7c8   WHATSNEW: Mention smbclient archival improvements
      adds  a7085ff   s3: nmbd: Ensure NetBIOS names are only 15 characters stored.
      adds  f2cb16e   s3:smbd: fix file corruption using "write cache size != 0"
      adds  5907060   s3:smbstatus: fix return value in print_share_mode()
      adds  aea86fb   WHATSNEW: CTDB integrated build
      adds  e95a6c0   printing: add jobid_to_sysjob helper function
      adds  65d62dc   spoolss: fix GetJob jobid lookups
      adds  3a3577d   spoolss: fix jobid in level 1 GetJob and EnumJobs responses
      adds  2a9764a   spoolss: fix jobid in level 2 GetJob and EnumJobs responses
      adds  b7f4c0f   spoolss: fix jobid in level 3 EnumJobs response
      adds  c1ca930   spoolss: remove unused fill_job_info3()
      adds  c279635   btrfs: don't leak opened directory handle
      adds  db7234f   Added note about the support end of Samba 3 to WHATSNEW.TXT
      adds  7552e2e   s3-keytab: fix keytab array NULL termination.
      adds  d1b9915   pdb_tdb: Fix a TALLOC/SAFE_FREE mixup
      adds  8e2765b   dbwrap_ctdb: Pass on mutex flags to tdb_open
      adds  05d0f5f   s3-proto: remove duplicate proto for add_string_to_array().
      adds  26f9bf1   lib/util: use size_t for add_string_to_array().
      adds  943f2b6   samba: pass down size_t instead of int to add_string_to_array().
      adds  8ba5688   s4-dns: Update template variables, change BIND98 --> BIND9_8
      adds  3f8552a   s4-dns: Check DLZ_DLOPEN_VERSION for different BIND versions
      adds  6e7d183   s4-dns: Update dlz_minimal.h based on BIND release 9.10
      adds  d2d6c49   s4-dns: Add support for BIND 9.10
      adds  e1b2b08   s4-dns: dlz-bind: Add trailing '.' to all fqdn strings
      adds  a0b93c9   s3-smbclient: Return success if we listed the shares.
      adds  e914042   s3-smbstatus: Fix exit code of profile output.
      adds  6af694e   param: fix testparm to show hidden share defaults
      adds  fb6d916   samba-tool: Fix enum values in dns.py
      adds  bf66d71   samba-tool: Fix the IP output of "samba-tool dns serverinfo <some_server>"
      adds  3b722dd   s4-rpc: dnsserver: Fix enumeration of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
      adds  2acf54b   vfs_streams_xattr: fix check with samba_private_attr_name()
      adds  b619f83   vfs_streams_xattr: initialize pointer
      adds  e7f393c   vfs_streams_xattr: check stream type
      adds  dc0c274   tdb: allow tdb_open_ex() with O_RDONLY of TDB_FEATURE_FLAG_MUTEX tdbs.
      adds  6902d47   tdb: Fix tdb_runtime_check_for_robust_mutexes()
      adds  efe372a   tdb: version 1.3.2
      adds  cd154b8   tdb/test: TDB_CLEAR_IF_FIRST | TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING, O_RDONLY is a valid combination
      adds  cbda5fd   tdb: version 1.3.3
      adds  d4503fa   lib/ldb: fix compiler warnings in ldb_modules_list_from_string()
      adds  5509a43   lib/ldb: fix compiler warnings in ldb_tdb.c
      adds  e418c82   lib/ldb: remove unused 'allow_warnings=True'
      adds  c4d3398   lib-pyldb: Avoid SEGFAULT in case we can't convert passed value to py_String
      adds  a7d2060   lib-pyldb: Avoid leaking memory in error cases
      adds  06b0465   lib-pyldb: Throw exception when we can't create MessageElement object
      adds  eb8c868   lib-ldb: Check for input parameter when searching attributes by name
      adds  e6b7e82   lib-ldb_ldif: Stop processing if ldb_message element name is NULL
      adds  fd55b04   lib-pyldb: Avoid crash when copying MessageElements between Python Message objects
      adds  fd215d1   lib-ldb-test: Test copying message element from a message to a new message
      adds  efcd88e   lib-pyldb: Fix docstring for msg.add() method - it was "S.append()"
      adds  726cb76   lib-pyldb: Block elements should be surrounded by {} in py_msg.setitem()
      adds  1e7e417   ldb: version 1.1.18
      adds  22e6ce3   libcli: SMB2: Pure SMB2-only negprot fix to make us behave as a Windows client does.
      adds  53e0e53   pam_winbind: fix warn_pwd_expire implementation.
      adds  30999a3   s3-winbindd: Allow winbindd to connect over SMB2 to servers
      adds  6eb4aa2   s4:torture: Add smb2.oplock test batch9a and raw.oplock test batch9a
      adds  f85ee9b   libcli/smb: remember the lease_version in struct smb2_lease
      adds  c813932   libcli/smb: mask off SMB2_LEASE_FLAG_PARENT_LEASE_KEY_SET for version 1
      adds  fae8aca   libcli/smb: add smb2_lease_key_equal() helper function
      adds  ee617e4   libcli/smb: Add smb2_lease_equal() which compares client_guids and keys.
      adds  a2f10ba   s3:smbd: break oplocks to none with FILE_OVERWRITE
      adds  55fe857   s3:smbd: move all oplock granting code to grant_fsp_oplock_type()
      adds  eb5ae0c   s3:smbd: Don't set fsp->oplock_type before we've granted any oplocks.
      adds  fa9a935   s3:locking: convert brl_have_read field to brl_num_read.
      adds  56da06a   s3:smb2_break: First test for NT_STATUS_INVALID_OPLOCK_PROTOCOL, then for in_oplock_level being reasonable
      adds  a69a575   Revert "libcli/smb: mask off SMB2_LEASE_FLAG_PARENT_LEASE_KEY_SET for version 1"
      adds  eecd04d   s3:smb2_create: send interim responses after 0.5 milliseconds
      adds  2cd321c   s4:libcli/smb_composite: use the options on the transport
      adds  19141e1   s4:libcli/raw: fix up the max_protocol value for the current transport connection
      adds  ac4b453   s4:libcli/smb2: allow the caller to specify a specific value for max_protocol.
      adds  7ee9174   s4:param: don't expand PROTOCOL_DEFAULT in lpcfg_smbcli_options()
      adds  4cc1b07   s4:libcli/smb2: add new_epoch to struct smb2_lease_break
      adds  98e2dd6   s4:libcli/smb2: initialize ls->lease_version
      adds  43235a0   s4:torture/smb2: skip lease tests if the server doesn't support them
      adds  ef7ddd5   s4:torture/smb2: make lease tests more reliable by calling torture_wait_for_lease_break()
      adds  9f6162f   s4:torture/smb2: lease per test fnames
      adds  b341d29   s4:torture/smb2: verify lease_flags in CHECK_LEASE_BREAK()
      adds  c5bddf4   s4:torture/smb2: always verify the v2 lease epoch.
      adds  e37a059   s4:torture/smb2: don't check the lease break connection against samba3
      adds  e5c0f23   s4:torture/smb2: pass the expected flags to CHECK_LEASE()
      adds  3ddd8ce   s4:torture/smb2: add smb2.lease.[v2_]complex1 tests
      adds  b561f46   s4:torture/smb2: add smb2.lease.v2_epoch[2|3] tests
      adds  fe2cac8   s4:torture/smb2: make it possible to skip the automatic ack of lease breaks.
      adds  44587fb   s4:torture/smb2: smb2.lease.breaking1 test
      adds  544e458   s4:torture/smb2: smb2.lease.breaking2 test
      adds  34bcf75   s4:torture/smb2: smb2.lease.breaking3 test
      adds  3002568   s4:torture/smb2: smb2.lease.breaking4 test
      adds  f722f42   s4:torture/smb2: smb2.lease.breaking5 test
      adds  490eeac   s4:torture/smb2: smb2.lease.breaking6 test
      adds  c9ddda4   s3: leases - torture test for timeout of responding to lease break request.
      adds  4ee38b0   s4: smb2 : torture: Add new dynamic_share leases test.
      adds  ef6b3da   s4: torture: leases - Add test for leases and blocking locks.
      adds  5cc5048   profiling: Make "struct profile_header" static
      adds  21be4da   profiling: Fix a typo
      adds  03c2e8a   profiling: Move some #defines to profile.c
      adds  ba7829b   profiling: Fix a typo
      adds  c4063ef   profiling: Only compile utils/status_profile.c if profiling is enabled
      adds  ddbcf7e   profiling: Only compile profile/profile.c if profiling is enabled
      adds  0090cb4   profiling: Remove some #ifdefs
      adds  24ce08e   profiling: Remove a big DEBUG statement
      adds  7885650   profiling: Make WITH_PROFILE span more in smbprofile.h
      adds  6986398   s4:torture:smb2: Add test that shows the client can respond to a lease break over a different connection.
      adds  d6b596e   s4:torture:smb2: Add smb2.lease.v2_breaking3 test.
      adds  5f230d5   s4:torture:smb2: let smb2.lease.[v2_]complex1 check the R->NONE breaks
      adds  7756eb7   s3:smbd: factor out a send_break_to_none() helper function
      adds  30c662e   s3:smbd: Add fsp_client_guid() utility function to return the connected client guid.
      adds  f873966   s3:smb2_server: allow smbd_smb2_send_break() with session == NULL and tcon == NULL
      adds  de36824   s3:smb2_server: add smbd_smb2_send_lease_break() helper function
      adds  a1492ca   s3: leases: libsmbsharemodes no longer works with SMB2 leases inside our locking.tdb.
      adds  42e94bc   s3:locking: add leases_db infrastructure
      adds  a53965d   s3:open_files.idl: add data structures for SMB2.1 and SMB3.0 leases.
      adds  83943f9   s3:locking: ensure all share mode removal functions go through a common lease refcount manager.
      adds  3f2abc4   s3:locking: cleanup leases_db from share_mode_cleanup_disconnected()
      adds  4b74ec5   s3:locking: add downgrade_share_lease() helper function
      adds  84bd71b   s3:vfs.h: add more elements to struct fsp_lease
      adds  2a36fc7   s3:smbd: add fsp_lease_type() and get_lease_type() helper functions
      adds  de762d2   s3:smb2_create: allow durable handles with SMB2_LEASE_HANDLE
      adds  b29d5b5   s3:smb2_create: validate durable reconnects with leases
      adds  6b15f9d   s3:smbd: add file_find_one_fsp_from_lease_key() helper function
      adds  dabc728   s3:smbd: add lease related helper functions to open.c
      adds  b2b0570   s3:smbd: add lease key validation functions to open.c
      adds  9da5e9f   s3:smbd: add lease related helper functions to oplock.c
      adds  5a5345c   s3:smbd: Implementation of SMB2.1 and SMB3.0 leases.
      adds  b93a2d4   s3:smb2_create: support leases and pass them down to the VFS layer.
      adds  1e2a543   s3:param: Add "smb2 leases" parameter. Default "false".
      adds  73d1501   s3:smb2_negprot: announce support for SMB2.1 leases.
      adds  ca0dab7   selftest:Samba3: use "smb2 leases = yes"
      adds  553ff29   s3:smbd: document the interaction between "smb2 leases" and "write cache size"
      adds  6cabeb5   docs-xml: document the interaction between "write cache size" and "aio read/write size"
      adds  0694d3f   s3: leases: Add leases_db_rename() to cope with renaming a leased file.
      adds  241fb75   s3: leases : Cope with renaming leased open files.
      adds  0b61761   s3: leases: Make aio_add_req_to_fsp() public.
      adds  06db0a4   s3: leases: send_break_message() public.
      adds  daabdfe   s3: leases: Make SMB2 setinfo SMB2_FILE_RENAME_INFORMATION_INTERNAL async.
      adds  94c3e96   s4: torture: leases. Simple lease_v2 rename test "v2_rename".
      adds  f7254bd   s3-lib: Do not require a password with --use-ccache.
      adds  55d388b   s3-libsmb: Set the netbios_name in use_ccache case too.
      adds  861d34a   s3-libsmb: Duplicate the memory before we free it.
      adds  bfc4cb7   vfs_snapper: check for <linux/ioctl.h>
      adds  3ad8b94   s3:vfs: add SMB_VFS_READDIR_ATTR()
      adds  5f468c8   s3:smbd: allocate out_context_blobs with talloc
      adds  0e30cea   s3:vfs: add create tags to SMB_VFS_CREATEFILE
      adds  96056e3   s3:smbd: add SMB2 AAPL create context defines
      adds  f684837   libcli/security: add NFS SID mappings
      adds  c8bdd6c   libcli/security: add a function that checks for MS NFS ACEs
      adds  ee5c54a   s3:smbd: ignore dacls with MS NFS ACEs
      adds  1422d17   vfs_fruit: AAPL support
      adds  0a1b415   s3:smbd: add SMB_VFS_READDIR_ATTR() to marshall direntry
      adds  2999c1d   s4:libcli/raw: make short_name available in buffer
      adds  965bd1f   s4:torture:vfs_fruit: smb2/create context AAPL test
      adds  8b67f30   vfs_fruit: add AAPL options
      adds  4d0390b   s3: smbd: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return convention.
      adds  46489da   s3: smbd: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return convention.
      adds  3e8a168   s3: modules: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return convention.
      adds  ee6209b   WHATSNEW: Apple's SMB2 extension AAPL
      adds  82bcad3   swrap: fix build when neither HAVE_STRUCT_IN_PKTINFO nor IP_RECVDSTADDR is defined
      adds  40a5196   swrap: fix discard const warning in swrap_remove_stale()
      adds  0f61a73   swrap: fix discard const warning in swrap_bind()
      adds  596cfe8   swrap: fix another discard const warning in swrap_bind()
      adds  049a0e7   Provide a compatible declaration of CMSG_ALIGN
      adds  183fb06   swrap: Fix type punning warnings.
      adds  4041dfa   swrap: Rename socket_wrapper_pcap_file().
      adds  7a23bdf   swrap: Rename swrap_packet_init().
      adds  17b0e33   swrap: Rename swrap_marshall_packet().
      adds  92b0c5f   swrap: Rename swrap_pcap_get_fd().
      adds  e4d79ef   swrap: Rename swrap_pcap_dump_packet().
      adds  728ed20   swrap: Use a sockaddr_un for the unix path in socket_info.
      adds  848ca71   swrap: Use swrap_address in the socket_info struct.
      adds  55046c7   swrap: Remove unused sockaddr_dup() function.
      adds  cbe2d33   swrap: Use swrap_address in swrap_accept().
      adds  d09501a   swrap: Wrap fopen to detect stale file descriptors.
      adds  2eaca17   swrap: Update copyright notice.
      adds  e046e44   swrap: Fix whitespace errors.
      adds  39aebaf   swrap: Fix access to struct members in log messages.
      adds  fee8d88   swrap: Fix type punning warnings when loading functions.
      adds  b1d8ee8   swrap: Silence alignment warnings.
      adds  ec00684   swrap: Include the function name in the debug output.
      adds  48a42c5   swrap: Implement fcntl() to catch F_DUPFD.
      adds  c70e36a   swrap: Add a trace message for swrap_socket().
      adds  6c220fc   swrap: Add support for eventfd with unsigned count variable.
      adds  bb2177e   swrap: Bump version to 1.1.2.
      adds  636d109   socket_wrapper: Add missing prototype check for eventfd.
      adds  4cf99a2   s3:locking: pass servicename_new to leases_db_rename()
      adds  8f2b0eb   s3:locking: prepare the data model for leases_db to cope with dynamic path renames.
      adds  8ad49ec   s3:locking: Add new utility function leases_db_copy_file_ids()
      adds  0547beb   s3:locking: pass down servicepath to leases_db_add()
      adds  434edeb   s3:locking: Change the data model for leases_db to cope with dynamic path renames.
      adds  2151f1d   WHATSNEW: Announce SMB2 leases support.
      adds  5c4a1bb   ctdb-vacuum: Track time for vacuuming in database statistics
      adds  6027371   ctdb-vacuum: Stagger vacuuming child processes
      adds  df0b424   ctdb-vacuum: Use non-blocking lock when traversing delete queue
      adds  9fdde0e   ctdb-vacuum: Use non-blocking lock when traversing delete tree
      adds  7d4e0f0   ctdb-vacuum: Do not delete VACUUM MIGRATED records immediately
      adds  decb761   ctdb-recoverd: Process all the records for vacuum fetch in a loop
      adds  9acafe9   ctdb-tools: Produce machine readable output with new function printm()
      adds  dbfc67a   ctdb-tools: Add -x option to specify delimiter for machine readable output
      adds  a5ffa96   ctdb-tools: Add -X option for machine parsable output with separator '|'
      adds  8df3a81   ctdb-scripts: Update eventscripts to use ctdb -X instead of ctdb -Y
      adds  dbda14a   ctdb-tools: Update onnode and ctdb-diagnostics to use ctdb -X
      adds  645f1e2   ctdb-tests: Update integration tests to use ctdb -X
      adds  2524621   ctdb-tool: Fix "ctdb -Y ifaces" output to have trailing delimiters
      adds  4d3d4bc   ctdb-doc: Update examples to use ctdb -X
      adds  410c785   ctdb-utils: Update Nagios code to use ctdb -X
      adds  fd796e6   ctdb-scripts: Add IPv6 addresses support in ip_maskbits_iface()
      adds  231fab1   ctdb-scripts: New functions ip6tables() and iptables_wrapper()
      adds  cd26059   ctdb-scripts: Make 10.interface IPv6-safe
      adds  6e59d32   ctdb-daemon: Trust vnn->interface for an IP when releasing it
      adds  fee8c94   ctdb-eventscripts: Specify broadcast optionally to ip addr add
      adds  dd6534f   ctdb-scripts: Wait until IPv6 addresses are not "tentative"
      adds  78f35cb   ctdb-daemon: Fix IP address comparisons for IPv6 addresses
      adds  6c245c5   ctdb-tools: Bracket IP addresses in onnode (for IPv6)
      adds  5d4a412   ctdb-tests: Extend regexp to match IPv6 addresses
      adds  4f05acc   ctdb-tests: Try to handle IPv6 addresses for local daemons
      adds  6299649   ctdb-tests: Bracket IP addresses in NFS mounts and scp command (for IPv6)
      adds  2b9facf   ctdb-tests: Extend regexps to handle IPv6 address matching
      adds  1e6681f   ctdb-tests: Use ping_wrapper to do relevant ping or ping6
      adds  aa84dec   ctdb-tests: Match IPv6 connections in netstat output
      adds  fe23b5b   ctdb-tests: Generalise the gratarp and tickle sniffing code for IPv6
      adds  67bda03   ctdb-tests: Use ip neigh command instead of arp
      adds  bdaa7f2   ctdb-tests: Make tcpdump output more verbose
      adds  7787cfa   ctdb-tests: More debug on SSH failure
      adds  12c1e89   ctdb-daemon: Gratuitous ARP equivalent for IPv6 is neighbor advertisement
      adds  0055b0d   ctdb-tests: Need to drop public IPs in kill-failover tests
      adds  238eb48   s3:registry/regfio read SD from the correct location
      adds  adb4618   s3:registry/regfio fix some valgrind warnings
      adds  02ad559   s3:utils/profiles fix a use after free
      adds  23e43c3   s4:dsdb/rootdse: expand extended dn values with the AS_SYSTEM control
      adds  4190813   testprogs/test_ldb: check rootdse search with extended-dn control
      adds  c0aee74   vfs_streams_xattr: add missing call to SMB_VFS_NEXT_CONNECT
      adds  8bb6039   s3:smb2_server: allow reauthentication without signing
      adds  27219c0   libcli/smb: only force signing of smb2 session setups when binding a new session
      adds  d09a0e0   ctdb-build: Fix the indentation
      adds  6c01512   ctdb-build: Fix the installation of config files for top-level build
      adds  c0d778c   packaging: Include CTDB man pages in the tarball
      adds  5d3a3c8b  ctdb-build: fix build without xsltproc
      adds  f80a108   s3:locking: fix uninitialiazed variable in brl_get_locks_readonly_parser()
      adds  a13c21b   credentials: Set secure_channel_type from secrets.tdb in cli_credentials_set_machine_account
      adds  a81b814   credentials: Improve error message on failure to set machine account password
      adds  e3b6d3b   credentials: Allow the secret.tdb handle to be passed in to cli_credentials_set_machine_account()
      adds  d26278a   auth/credentials: Ensure that we set the realm when reading secrets.tdb
      adds  b14bed4   passdb: Use common code in cli_credentials_set_machine_account_db_ctx()
      adds  741ac3b   account_pol: don't leak state_path onto talloc tos
      adds  a681688   pdb_tdb: don't leak state_path onto talloc tos
      adds  f1f0ca3   pdb_tdb: Avoid a nasty error message with ctdb
      adds  f87e9b1   s3:passdb: always copy the history in pdb_set_plaintext_passwd()
      adds  0c32df4   s3:passdb: avoid invalid pointer type warnings in pdb_wbc_sam.c
      adds  d655b56   idmap: unify passdb *id_to_sid methods
      adds  1a91c09   idmap: return the correct id type to *id_to_sid methods
      adds  dac59a2   pdb: Increase version number to fix ABI
      adds  ddc2bba   s3:idmap_cache: remove unused idmap_cache_set_sid2[u|g]id()
      adds  611e95e   pdb: fix build issues with shared modules
      adds  26c011d   s3:passdb: add optional get_trusteddom_creds() hooks
      adds  60748d1   s3:passdb: let pdb_get_trust_credentials() try pdb_get_trusteddom_creds() first
      adds  2277f6a   WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.2.0rc3.
      adds  f139544   VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.2.0rc3 release.
      adds  93b73bf   VERSION: Bump version up to 4.2.0rc4 and...
      adds  953d373   tdb: allow transactions on on tdb's with TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING
      adds  9ec5518   tdb/test: add tdb1-run-mutex-transaction1 test
      adds  4a52345   tdb/toos: allow transactions with TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING
      adds  2887007   tdb: version 1.3.4
      adds  2201a3c   ctdb-daemon: Use correct tdb flags when enabling robust mutex support
      adds  c6dc67a   nss_wrapper: check for nss.h
      adds  4701d74   tdb_wrap: Make mutexes easier to use
      adds  ec07387   winbind: Retry LogonControl RPC in ping-dc after session expiration
      adds  d196b54   winbind: Retry after SESSION_EXPIRED error in ping-dc
      adds  bdc182f   s3-util: Fix authentication with long hostnames.
      adds  561eb6c   s3:passdb: fix logic in pdb_set_pw_history()
      adds  92b34c5   net: Fix sam addgroupmem
      adds  f0040c6   [PATCH] vfs: Add glusterfs manpage.
      adds  2141975   spoolss: clear JobInfo on GetJob error
      adds  9762d72   spoolss: clear DriverInfo on GetPrinterDriver2 error
      adds  e9e576a   spoolss: clear FormInfo on GetForm error
      adds  d2d2f8a   spoolss: clear info on GetPrintProcessorDirectory error
      adds  4e3e5e7   spoolss: clear info on GetPrinterDriverDirectory error
      adds  a756e65   spoolss: clear PrinterInfo on GetPrinter error
      adds  ec80439   lib/util: Avoid collision which alread defined consumer DEBUG macro.
      adds  eaeeb51   s3-libads: Fix a possible segfault in kerberos_fetch_pac().
      adds  e3d7893   vfs_fruit: fix base_fsp name conversion
      adds  923827c   vfs_fruit: mmap under FreeBSD needs PROT_READ
      adds  239c0f2   CVE-2014-8143:auth: Force talloc type of session_info pointer to match
      adds  0b97e8b   CVE-2014-8143:pydsdb: Pull in UF_USE_AES_KEYS flag
      adds  df1f7ce   CVE-2014-8143:dsdb: Allow use of dsdb_autotransaction_request outside util.c
      adds  2a699e4   CVE-2014-8143:dsdb-samldb: Check for extended access rights before we allow changes to userAccountControl
      adds  8fdb354   WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.2.0rc4.
      adds  c88a4f4   VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.2.0rc4 release.
      adds  77d8786   VERSION: Re-enable git snapshots...
      adds  74ee2f7   dsdb: Add tokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal, tokenGroups, tokenGroupsNoGCAcceptable
      adds  e9d45f6   wafsamba: add optional keep_underscore=True to SAMBA_LIBRARY()
      adds  5de1063   selftest: use shared/libnss_wrapper_winbind.so.2
      adds  a52c6cb   nsswitch: fix soname of linux nss_*.so.2 modules
      adds  31b2dad   s3: auth: Add a utility function - SamInfo3_handle_sids() that factors out the code to handle "Unix Users" and "Unix Groups".
      adds  d8b2eee   s3: auth: Convert samu_to_SamInfo3() to use the new utility function.
      adds  a9e58a2   s3: auth: Plumb in the SamInfo3_handle_sids() utility function into passwd_to_SamInfo3().
      adds  c789398   s3: auth: Add previously missing allocation fail check.
      adds  837c146   s3: auth - tests: Add test for "force user" being a unix-only user, not in passdb.
      adds  f24a9e5   lib: Use tdb_parse_record in gencache_set
      adds  12ea070   s3:gencache: fix logic in stabilization when deleting a record from stable cache
      adds  0810b53   s3:gencache: simply stabilize() a bit more: remove error from state
      adds  ad16a9a   s3:gencache: don't use transaction non non-persistent gencache_notrans.tdb
      adds  980bba3   gencache: Convert gencache_notrans to use tdb_wrap
      adds  20d4a67   gencache: Convert gencache.tdb to tdb_wrap
      adds  091a3aa   gencache: Request mutexes for gencache_notrans.tdb
      adds  c2f8c93   samba3.py: Correctly initialize cache directory for passdb test
      adds  e8bf65d   libsmb: reuse connections derived from DFS referrals
      adds  8b95fb7   libsmb: provide authinfo domain for DFS referral auth
      adds  7b78b08   libsmb: provide authinfo domain for encrypted session referrals
      adds  9994410   vfs_glusterfs: In vfs_gluster_sys_acl_get_file/fd, reduce the number of getxattr calls.
      adds  11d3349   vfs_glusterfs: Remember the connect path too for reopening.
      adds  d56da88   vfs_glusterfs: Set connectpath as snapdir-entry-path.
      adds  bab4805   vfs_glusterfs: Change sys_get_acl_file/fd to return ACLs corresponding to mode bits when there are no ACLs set.
      adds  d35fa8e   vfs_glusterfs: Implement AIO support
      adds  1d05617   vfs/glusterfs: Change xattr key to match gluster key.
      adds  42b9b52   vfs_glusterfs: Replace eventfd with pipes, for AIO use
      adds  7e0e0e0   vfs:glusterfs: whitespace fix.
      adds  0c9e53b   vfs: Fix a typo
      adds  ffc1cca   vfs_glusterfs: Add comments to the pipe(2) code.
      adds  f922899   s3-vfs: Fix developer build of vfs_ceph module.
      adds  1381ac0   vfs_snapper: free dbus req messages in error paths
      adds  428c582   vfs_snapper: add DBus string encoding and decoding helpers
      adds  69dd558   vfs_snapper: encode and decode Snapper DBus strings
      adds  a5d30bd   cli_connect_nb_send: don't segfault on host == NULL.
      adds  e38f3ea   utils: Fix 'net time' segfault.
      adds  f45d30c   s3-pam_smbpass: Fix memory leak in pam_sm_authenticate().
      adds  3a97cea   ldb: Allow to register extended match rules
      adds  84008fe   ldb: bump to version 1.1.19
      adds  62487b6   Remove use of the "staticforward" macro
      adds  cd82192   lib/ldb: fix logic in ldb_val_to_time()
      adds  a707d53   ldb: version 1.1.20
      adds  8a5df7d   s4:dsdb/tests: add test_timevalues1() to verify timestamp values
      adds  99b4213   s3: lib, s3: modules: Fix compilation on Solaris.
      adds  488def5   Remove last instances of pep8 error E712 (use 'is' rather than '==' for booleans)
      adds  ac06d67   Fix more pep8 issues in code I touched recently.
      adds  94aceed   Don't use a nested function when testing for visibility attribute support.
      adds  1b31b8e   Reduce the no-op build times by 30%
      adds  5a257a0   wafsamba: add -Werror=return-type for developer builds
      adds  fe9897b   wafsamba: fill PRIVATE_NAME() logic again
      adds  1b57443   wafsamba: check for rpath compiler/linker flags
      adds  cb71b4b   wafsamba: let TO_LIST(mylist) return a copy of mylist
      adds  17ae6ba   wafsamba: move compiler / cflags related stuff from lib/replace to wafsamba
      adds  1e84abd   wafsamba: move WERROR_CFLAGS checks from lib/replace to wafsamba
      adds  57855ba   wafsamba: move '-fstack-protector' checks from lib/replace to wafsamba
      adds  c6f5361   wafsamba: move -fvisibility=hidden checks from lib/replace to wafsamba
      adds  f36016e   wafsamba: let CURRENT_CFLAGS() use bld.env.VISIBILITY_CFLAGS
      adds  320ee4e   wafsamba: improve -fvisibility=hidden, we should check it together this WERROR_CFLAGS
      adds  c2a5e08   wafsamba: make it possible to specify ADDITIONAL_{CFLAGS,LDFLAGS} as env var to ./configure
      adds  28e48f3   wafsamba: fix ordering problems with lib-provided and internal RPATHs
      adds  573c452   wafsamba: filter out standard library paths from RPATH and LIBPATH
      adds  b2bb6ae   wafsamba: flags from enviroment are put before our own internal versions
      adds  deb4041   wafsamba: generate an empty.c file if a SAMBA_{LIBRARY,SUBSYSTEM} doesn't have any source files
      adds  8001ec4   Revert "waf: added suncc_wrap"
      adds  aada20e   wafsamba: remove commented out code.
      adds  23a4ba8   wafadmin: backported the openbsd fixes from waf 1.7
      adds  f9fbb92   wafsamba: make it possible to pass bundled_name to SAMBA_LIBRARY()
      adds  3e865e1   wafsamba: passing 'subsystem' to SAMBA_MODULE() is not optional
      adds  47c1038   wafsamba: remove unused variable in SAMBA_MODULE()
      adds  a4fdd14   wafsamba: create unique names when building shared modules
      adds  fc8cab8   s3:smb2_server: always try to grant the credits the client just consumed
      adds  26f58b7   s3:smb2_server: protect against integer wrap with "smb2 max credits = 65535"
      adds  9cfaed4   printing/cups: pack requested-attributes with IPP_TAG_KEYWORD
      adds  b4f965d   s3: smbclient: Allinfo leaves the file handle open.
      adds  8409939   samba-tool: Create NIS enabled users and unixHomeDirectory attribute
      adds  8b7e8ee   s3: smbd: leases - new torture test shows stat opens can get leases.
      adds  6eadda1   s3: smbd: leases - losen paranoia check. Stat opens can grant leases.
      adds  22578e8   s4: smbtorture: leases - show stat opens grant leases and can be broken.
      adds  66acf5b   s3: smbd: SMB2 close. Add utility function setup_close_full_information()
      adds  381e601   s3: smbd: SMB2 close. Call utility function setup_close_full_information()
      adds  bba7796   s3: smbd: SMB2 close. If a file has delete on close, store the return info before deleting.
      adds  9988930   CVE-2015-0240: s3: netlogon: Ensure we don't call talloc_free on an uninitialized pointer.
      adds  3bd8850   s3-netlogon: Make sure we do not deference a NULL pointer.
      adds  5ab7f96   WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.2.0rc5.
      adds  6c9d254   VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.2.0rc5 release.
      adds  3a1f881   VERSION: Bump version up to 4.2.0...
      adds  38d6d20   debug: Set close-on-exec for the main log file FD
      adds  9c5e310   doc:man:vfs_glusterfs: remove extra % signs.
      adds  081a730   doc:man:vfs_glusterfs: improve and update description.
      adds  aadfc40   doc:man:vfs_glusterfs: improve the configuration section.
      adds  a8d285f   vfs: Add a brief vfs_ceph manpage.
      adds  811fad3   smbd: Stop using vfs_Chdir after SMB_VFS_DISCONNECT.
      adds  3c4e071   ctdb-io: Do not use sys_write to write to client sockets
      adds  2f50cd2   Update the tevent_data.dox tutrial stuff to fix some errors, including white space problems.
      adds  bc8585b   Add Solaris ports as a tevent backend.
      adds  d0a5a6f   tevent: version 0.9.23
      adds  f645571   snprintf: Try to support %j
      adds  f158785   doc-xml: Add 'sharesec' reference to 'access based share enum'
      adds  93fe498   Add link to the Samba User Survey 2015 to WHATSNEW.txt
      adds  899f4db   s4-backupkey: Ensure RSA modulus is 2048 bits
      adds  0b75a0c   s4-backupkey: Cert lifetime of 365 days, not secs
      adds  c998e9d   s4-backupkey: check for talloc failure
      adds  0dd6cfa   s4-backupkey: de-duplicate error handling
      adds  0d6e32f   s4-backupkey: Set defined cert serialnumber
      adds  a03df47   s4-backupkey: Comply with [MS-BKRP] 2.2.1
      adds  2ee3031   s4-backupkey: Initialize ndr->switchlist for print
      adds  87c525d   s4-backupkey: fix ndr_pull error on empty input
      adds  a701eeb   s4-backupkey: IDL for ServerWrap subprotocol
      adds  48a659d   s4-backupkey: typo fix
      adds  0168673   s4-backupkey: improve variable name
      adds  2ff5c42   s4-backupkey: consistent naming of werr variable
      adds  3d44076   s4:torture/rpc/backupkey: Require 2048 bit RSA key
      adds  bad22e6   torture-backupkey: Add consistent assertions that createRestoreGUIDStruct() suceeds
      adds  9ddd067   torture-backupkey: Assert dcerpc_bkrp_BackupKey_r call was successful
      adds  c6b61e1   backupkey: begin by factoring out the server wrap functions
      adds  9372640   backupkey: Improve IDL
      adds  8d45cf5   backupkey: Move SID comparison to inside get_and_verify_access_check()
      adds  a0bf67d   backupkey: Improve function names and comments for clarity
      adds  9408f0c   backupkey: Implement ServerWrap Encrypt protocol
      adds  b3dd7ae   backupkey: Use the name lsa_secret rather than just secret
      adds  b66edeb   backupkey: Improve variable names to make clear this is client-provided data
      adds  2533cef   backupkey: Handle more clearly the case where we find the secret, but it has no value
      adds  ff5494a   backupkey: Implement ServerWrap Decrypt
      adds  3b27850   backupkey: Change expected error codes to match Windows 2008R2 and Windows 2012R2
      adds  a29cf10   backupkey: Add tests for ServerWrap protocol
      adds  c39dccc   backupkey: Better handling for different wrap version headers
      adds  3e03d5f   torture-backupkey: Add tests that read the secret from the server, and validate
      adds  b39c155   build: Require GnuTLS if building with Active Directory
      adds  defd635   backupkey: replace heimdal rsa key generation with GnuTLS
      adds  19796dc   torture-backupkey: Check the dcerpc call return code before calling ndr pull
      adds  7ad61f9   backupkey: Explain more why we use GnuTLS here
      adds  5db8d19   tevent: Ignore unexpected signal events in the same way the epoll backend does.
      adds  1309af4   tevent: version 0.9.24
      adds  b32bc91   WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.2.0.
      adds  1d4445a   VERSION: Disable git snapshot for the 4.2.0 release.
      adds  cb42626   VERSION: Bump version up to 4.2.1...
      adds  5eb19c7   Initialize dwFlags field of DNS_RPC_NODE structure
      adds  d020a34   waf: Fix the build on openbsd
      adds  b3d812b   build:wafadmin: fix use of spaces instead of tabs.
      adds  3ad9fc5   lib/texpect: portability fix, include signal.h
      adds  447c9bf   lib/texpect: make the code more portable by using "replace.h" and "system/wait.h"
      adds  dcb39ce   lib/texpect: fix compiler warnings
      adds  d770ca9   lib/texpect: prefer bsd/libutil.h if available
      adds  6eaa807   lib: texpect. Fix the build on Solaris.
      adds  7c48f53   brlock: Use 0 instead of empty initializer list
      adds  5c1b979   printing: split out printer DN and GUID retrieval
      adds  df9b1ca   printing: add nt_printer_guid_retrieve() helper
      adds  f296297   printing: rework nt_printer_guid_store to return errors
      adds  9e69843   spoolss: retrieve published printer GUID if not in registry
      adds  defd8b3   Remove unused imports.
      adds  7af1da1   urgent_replication: Use subunit reporting, remove allow_empty_output.
      adds  a72824b   samba3dump: Add subunit-enabled test for samba3dump.
      adds  b6c9783   filter-subunit: Drop support for allow_empty_output hack.
      adds  b01799a   dirsync test: Create and run a single testsuite, should easy migration to regulary Python unit tests.
      adds  27c6ebf   speedtest: Create and run a single testsuite, should easy migration to regulary Python unit tests.
      adds  df1e7b9   dsdb.tests.ldap: Create and run a single testsuite, should easy migration to regulary Python unit tests.
      adds  d9c4441   dsdb.tests.acl: Create and run a single testsuite, should easy migration to regulary Python unit tests.
      adds  daa54fd   Fix subunit test suite name.
      adds  88b864a   Support using system ldbmodify.
      adds  48a92dd   filter-subunit: Consistently use spaces rather than tabs.
      adds  5ef9651   Add bundled copy of 'extras' python module used by newer versions of testtools/subunit.
      adds  4e1e255   Add convenience class for old-style Samba subunit python tests.
      adds  2969bbe   subunitrun: Use new samba.tests.subunitrun module.
      adds  247974b   Move option parsing to samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  368e50f   Move option handling into samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  8f76884   sec_descriptor test: Simplify, use samba.tests.subunitrun module.
      adds  c41dfc5   credentials test: Use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  84d21d8   speedtest: Use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  c42d07e   sites: Use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  17f62c0   token_group: Use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  fb37077   sec_descriptor: Use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  0bd1fde   passwords: Use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  2494914   password lockout: Use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  6fbfee3   ldap_syntaxes: Use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  fbf9611   deletetest: use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  c845ccb   ldap: Use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  502f424   Include mimeparse, which is used by subunit/testtools.
      adds  84547fa   Use samba.tests.subunitrun in urgent replication test.
      adds  f847bb0   Use samba.tests.subunitrun in dsdb ldap and ldap_schema tests.
      adds  6bf5d33   sam: Use samba.tests.subunitrun.
      adds  df04a81   selftest: Drop support for TESTSUITE-IDLIST, and remove its last user.
      adds  b953fbd   Re-use add_prefix function.
      adds  d8aafcd   selftest/tests.py: Remove testsuite samba.tests.samdb which does not have any tests.
      adds  ebcba7a   selftest: Add separate command line for listing tests, allowing us of subunit-filter (which doesn't support subunit v2).
      adds  e92a548   Be consistent about what functions add $LISTOPT and $LOADLIST to the command-line.
      adds  bb97c5e   s3-winbind: Fix chached user group lookup of trusted domains.
      adds  599ca10   lib: talloc: Fix bug when calling a destructor.
      adds  a21e4e2   lib: talloc: Allow destructors to reparent the object they're called on.
      adds  f6df1e9   lib: talloc: Test suite for the new destructor reparent logic.
      adds  0693e46   talloc: fix _talloc_total_limit_size prototype
      adds  f56d56e   talloc: version 2.1.2
      adds  7f787b4   Make winbind client library thread-safe by adding context
      adds  ae434f4   Use global context for winbindd_request_response
      adds  a52f418   Add wbcContext struct, create and free functions
      adds  b9d75f6   Add wbcContext to wbcRequestResponse
      adds  bb70e50   Add context versions of wbclient functions
      adds  fe5ac73   Move wbc global variables into global context instead
      adds  7b7602c   Update libwbclient version to 0.12
      adds  1346811   libcli/auth: Match Declaration of netlogon_creds_cli_context_tmp with implementation
      adds  e1bf5b7   docs/idmap_rid: remove deprecated base_rid from example
      adds  6f262f6   s4: lib: auth: If NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_TARGET_INFO isn't set, cope with servers that don't send the 2 unused fields.
      adds  6b4a52c   s3: lib: ntlmssp: If NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_TARGET_INFO isn't set, cope with servers that don't send the 2 unused fields.
      adds  a5156c6   s3: libcli: smb1: Ensure we correctly finish a tevent req if the writev fails in the SMB1 case.
      adds  1f4edb0   s3: lib: libsmbclient: If reusing a server struct, check every cli->timout miliseconds if it's still valid before use.
      adds  2ee70a1   lib/tls: Fix behaviour of --disable-gnutls and remove link to gcrypt
      adds  b8253f2   backupkey: Explicitly link to gnutls and gcrypt
      adds  84782d4   replace: Remove superfluous check for gcrypt header.
      adds  1dca6ee   Ensure we always initialise the winbind context
      adds  903dfd6   backupkey: Use ndr_pull_struct_blob_all()
      adds  f93f74c   s3:winbind:grent: don't stop group enumeration when a group has no gid
      adds  c286a17   vfs_fruit: enhance handling of malformed AppleDouble files
      adds  faaf9af   docs: Mark 'client use spnego principal' as deprecated and also a bad idea.
      adds  f4525a5   s3: client - "client use spnego principal = yes" code checks wrong name.
      adds  6cab690   s4:auth/gensec_gssapi: let gensec_gssapi_update() return NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE for unknown errors
      adds  100cd28   lib: tdb: Use sigaction when testing for robust mutexes.
      adds  fad13d7   s3: libsmbclient: Add missing talloc stackframe.
      adds  57f54da   s4-process_model: Do not close random fds while forking.
      adds  be7b660   s3-passdb: Fix 'force user' with winbind default domain
      adds  172cdbd   WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.2.1.
      adds  c2633a9   VERSION: Disable git snapshot for the 4.2.1 release.
      adds  efcc3d2   Imported Upstream version 4.2.1+dfsg
      adds  5a85ae7   Merge tag 'upstream/4.2.1+dfsg' into experimental
      adds  e426047   New upstream release - 4.2.1
      adds  28d3551   Refresh patch add-so-version-to-private-libraries.
      adds  6be2331   Drop samba_bug_11077_torturetest.patch: applied upstream.
      adds  855bd5d   Drop dependency on ctdb - now bundled with Samba.
      adds  3442ad1   Depend on newer talloc/tdb/tevent/ldb.
      adds  f2b82df   Use bundled Heimdal as the system Heimdal doesn't contain the changes required for Samba.
      adds  c2cebaa   Add patch heimdal-rfc3454.txt: patch in truncated rfc3454.txt for building bundled heimdal.
      adds  e8b21c8   Re-add non-rfc txt files.
      adds  3d9779d   Use released versions rather than rcs.
      adds  4c74b1d   Exclude non-rfc files.
      adds  35264ad   Ignore debhelper.log files.
      adds  ce2b9cc   Drop patches 25_heimdal_api_changes and 26_heimdal_compat.
      adds  22119b9   Use bundled comerr, as building against the system one breaks.
      adds  6a22fb0   Disable cluster support; it breaks the build.
      adds  17085c7   Stop attempting to install hdb_samba4.so.
      adds  cebda1e   Ignore some debian output files, stop packaging of files that are no longer installed.
      adds  45691ad   Add patch no_wrapper: avoid dependencies on {nss,uid,socket}_wrapper.
      adds  86c240f   Move some libraries around.
      adds  05aaa71   Fix socketpath parsing
      adds  ce02783   Fix CTDB build with PMDA
      adds  f88cb2d   Merge ctdb source package
      adds  3dd6d24   ctdb-dbg needs python
      adds  117d016   libctdb-dev has been dropped
      adds  444a970   Renamed ctdb-dbg to ctdb-tests
      adds  bf0fe03   Changelog for previous commits
      adds  515a7f7   Fix privacy breach on google.com from documentation
      adds  9a8912d   Move ownership of var/lib/samba and var/lib/samba/private to samba-common, remove obsolete samba4.dirs. Closes: #793866
      adds  2c58f07   Remove ctdb-tests package as it problems and unclear what it is useful for.
      adds  7e8cbab   Remove ctdb-tests and ctdb-pcp-pmda packages as they contain problems and unclear what they are useful for, now ctdb now longer provides an external API.
      adds  4d81183   releasing package samba version 2:4.2.1+dfsg-1
      adds  961f72a   Fix watch file.
      adds  cb378e6   Fix upstream_4.3 branch.
      adds  230cc5e   Re-import txt files.
      adds  eb5f23f   VERSION: Bump version up to 4.3.0pre1.
      adds  3419a20   WHATSNEW: Start release notes for Samba 4.3.0pre1.
      adds  122fdf5   loadparm: Allocate service->copymap in service memory context
      adds  0fbce14   loadparm//init_copymap: Add braces around if/for blocks to match coding style
      adds  7e7c649   regedit: silence some warnings
      adds  994f1ed   regedit: add white on blue color scheme
      adds  b48f081   regedit: add padding for key labels when there's not a prefix.
      adds  c79837c   regedit: add borders around key and value lists, and change headings
      adds  b5d0eb8   regedit: free value list subwindow
      adds  bd8abef   regedit: sort keys
      adds  b8b8350   regedit: add a color scheme for path and context help sections
      adds  0ab07cb   regedit: add search feature.
      adds  7ad7536   regedit: add multicolumn list widget
      adds  ec6a7a7   regedit: make value list display data in multiple columns
      adds  d38eba5   regedit: restore list cursor when window is resized
      adds  c85cc6b   regedit: use talloc typesafety features
      adds  5566251   regedit: handle awkward window sizes better
      adds  0b334dd   regedit: notify user if there's a failure loading subkeys
      adds  df36fe7   regedit: include error description in popups
      adds  aba2b04   regedit: don't fail loading keys if just a few are unavailable
      adds  baf491f   regedit: set cursor to the parent node when ascending
      adds  2a8beb9   regedit: set cursor after creating a new key
      adds  75045f0   regedit: reopen parent keys when adding or removing subkeys
      adds  5732d3f   regedit: reopen key after editing or removing values
      adds  41d5112   regedit: add a refresh command to clear cache and reload current path
      adds  f9a2f2e   regedit: make all hives descend from a root node
      adds  fec275a   regedit: add a panic handler to restore terminal
      adds  c94c765   regedit: simplify cleanup after loading children
      adds  42df2e6   regedit: add padding to fit REG_MULTI_SZ to the text field
      adds  30ae8f1   regedit: improvements for hexedit
      adds  a728c39   regedit: Introduce a new API to build the dialogs.
      adds  061d3e9   regedit: move cursor to edited value in list and report edit errors
      adds  1b6445a   regedit: use the right function to reopen a hive
      adds  cc22cb5   regedit: clear value list after creating new key
      adds  c272178   regedit: use pad as a canvas for dialogs
      adds  982c06f   regedit: don't use subwindows in hexedit
      adds  0924517   regedit: flesh out search dialog and simplify search opts
      adds  bcab659   regedit: search values and repeat search from cursor positions
      adds  fd95b0a   regedit: find previous items
      adds  58db858   regedit: adjust some variable names to make them more distinct
      adds  0076554   regedit: handle DEL key in text fields
      adds  5bbed3d   regedit: don't expand single line text field buffer with cursor movement
      adds  8acb87e   regedit: add a number input box
      adds  4badab3   regedit: add a button to resize hexedit buffer
      adds  3c6541c   regedit: grow hexedit buffer as the user types
      adds  b96c432   regedit: handle del and backspace in hexeditor
      adds  3b80f25   regedit: handle pgup/pgdn/home/end keys on lists
      adds  61cc518   regedit: print error msg if opening registry fails
      adds  fa9630e   regedit: remove an old comment
      adds  304e390   idmap_rfc2307: Fix a crash after connection problem to DC
      adds  7f17e01   idmap_rfc2307: Remove unsed parameter and variable
      adds  6c05cd3   s3: smb2cli: query info return length check was reversed.
      adds  a7a4779   swrap: fix build when neither HAVE_STRUCT_IN_PKTINFO nor IP_RECVDSTADDR is defined
      adds  bebbd28   swrap: fix discard const warning in swrap_remove_stale()
      adds  f6fe9a9   swrap: fix discard const warning in swrap_bind()
      adds  6163643   swrap: fix another discard const warning in swrap_bind()
      adds  5e70d80   SO_PROTOCOL is platform-dependent
      adds  95c9917   Provide a compatible declaration of CMSG_ALIGN
      adds  2be25ab   swrap: Fix type punning warnings.
      adds  c626aad   swrap: Rename socket_wrapper_pcap_file().
      adds  e64ea9c   swrap: Rename swrap_packet_init().
      adds  7d4c6cf   swrap: Rename swrap_marshall_packet().
      adds  79e545b   swrap: Rename swrap_pcap_get_fd().
      adds  9da1ff9   swrap: Rename swrap_pcap_dump_packet().
      adds  4402ba1   swrap: Use a sockaddr_un for the unix path in socket_info.
      adds  8897474   swrap: Use swrap_address in the socket_info struct.
      adds  891e837   swrap: Remove unused sockaddr_dup() function.
      adds  f8584ab   swrap: Use swrap_address in swrap_accept().
      adds  9731516   swrap: Wrap fopen to detect stale file descriptors.
      adds  a504686   swrap: Update copyright notice.
      adds  9ba259e   swrap: Fix whitespace errors.
      adds  b3c72e1   swrap: Fix access to struct members in log messages.
      adds  088db7f   swrap: Fix type punning warnings when loading functions.
      adds  872e1ae   swrap: Silence alignment warnings.
      adds  2efd5b2   swrap: Include the function name in the debug output.
      adds  8efc095   swrap: Implement fcntl() to catch F_DUPFD.
      adds  539fa2c   swrap: Add a trace message for swrap_socket().
      adds  afe2f47   swrap: Add support for eventfd with unsigned count variable.
      adds  47f307d   swrap: Bump version to 1.1.2.
      adds  82c7ab2   Create talloc-less functions for formating GUID
      adds  072bf22   lib: Use GUID_buf_string in GUID_string
      adds  15ab764   idl: frsrpc cleaning, opnum 4->10 didn't exists
      adds  7bc3b37   idl: frsrpc we don't need NDR_REMAINING as size of the blob is one the wire
      adds  f1d03e7   idl: add nt backup blobs format
      adds  4cc86bb   idl: add fscc needed by frsrpc
      adds  51e7f76   idl: frsrpc depends on bkupblobs.idl and fscc.idl
      adds  a5701c2   idl: Add compression_guid
      adds  c396660   idl: Add frs blobs for dumping of frs related blobs with ndrdump
      adds  c67468d   idl: improve frsrpc by adding missing flag, fixing typo (W -> VV) and making needed structure public
      adds  c768433   idl: frstrans.idl add frstrans_RdcClose
      adds  7f242d0   idl: declare frstrans_VersionVector public so that we can dump it to blob and vice versa
      adds  fae589b   torture: add torture_assert_int_not_equal
      adds  23cd60f   torture: add torture_assert_u64_not_equal()
      adds  6cb9d97   s4:torture:basic: whitespace cleanup in delayed_write_update
      adds  4df9406   s4:torture:basic: use torture_assert macros in delayed_write_update
      adds  dc9ea4f8  s4:torture:basic: remove two unused variables from delayed_write_update3c
      adds  5d8a498   s4:torture:basic: whitespace fix in delayed_write_update1
      adds  4808e3d   s4:torture:basic: make use of torture_assert macros in delayed_write_update1
      adds  32dee45   s4:torture:basic: add update into past as error condition in delayed_write_update1
      adds  91c5940   s4:torture:basic: add check for size after initial write to delayed_write_update1
      adds  bc93c82   s4:torture:basic: use assert in the second loop in delayed_write_update1
      adds  1d2d0bc   s4:torture:basic: eliminate potential for false failures in delayed_write_update1
      adds  e99a550   s4:torture:basic: fix spacing in the delayed_write_update1a test.
      adds  218a14f   s4:torture:basic: make use of torture_assert macros in delayed_write_update1a
      adds  17c78b9   s4:torture:basic: add update into past as error condition in delayed_write_update1a
      adds  de8dcde   s4:torture:basic: add check for size after initial write in delayed_write_update1a
      adds  2e1cb12   s4:torture:basic: use assert in the second loop in delayed_write_update1a
      adds  372d91b   s4:torture:basic: eliminate potential for false failures in delayed_write_update1a
      adds  c0cbad7   s4:torture:basic: whitespace cleanup in delayed_write_update1b
      adds  dbb3a54   s4:torture:basic: make use of torture_assert macros in delayed_write_update1b
      adds  339f2fb   s4:torture:basic: add update into past as error condition in delayed_write_update1b
      adds  08432cd   s4:torture:basic: add check for size after initial write in delayed_write_update1b
      adds  2907950   s4:torture:basic: use assert in the second loop in delayed_write_update1b
      adds  970ae65   s4:torture:basic: eliminate potential for false failures in delayed_write_update1b
      adds  641a8a2   s4:torture:basic: whitespace cleanup in delayed_write_update1c
      adds  884f747   s4:torture:basic: make use of torture_assert macros in delayed_write_update1c
      adds  874788f   s4:torture:basic: add update into past as error condition in delayed_write_update1c
      adds  8d19876   s4:torture:basic: add check for size after initial write in delayed_write_update1c
      adds  95d333f   s4:torture:basic: use assert in the second loop in delayed_write_update1b
      adds  ca9e46d   s4:torture:basic: eliminate potential for false failures in delayed_write_update1c
      adds  5e43cec   Fix typo in samba-tool manpage
      adds  0d1e326   librpc: simplify ndr_pull_dnsp_string
      adds  540f3ad   waf: add k5crypto to the list of system libraries if they are reported by the krb5config but not found as requied by the different tests
      adds  1c5ef28   Reduce the no-op build times by 30%
      adds  902086d   winbind3: Fix pwent variable substitution
      adds  7c1f6c7   profiling: Make "struct profile_header" static
      adds  d523e0b   profiling: Fix a typo
      adds  0e1b60e   profiling: Move some #defines to profile.c
      adds  a33b445   profiling: Fix a typo
      adds  17c7f45   profiling: Only compile utils/status_profile.c if profiling is enabled
      adds  c7c300f   profiling: Only compile profile/profile.c if profiling is enabled
      adds  5254a7e   profiling: Remove some #ifdefs
      adds  f74ac71   profiling: Remove a big DEBUG statement
      adds  5496270   profiling: Make WITH_PROFILE span more in smbprofile.h
      adds  3d6675f   lib/util: Clean up includes for blocking.c
      adds  2d7dfe3   lib/util: Clean up includes for xfile.[ch]
      adds  1f0e5cb   lib/util: Clean up includes for data_blob.[ch]
      adds  fd9f0c2   lib/util: Clean up includes for time.[ch]
      adds  b69edfe   lib/util: Clean up includes for signal.c
      adds  2426130   lib/util: Replace an SMB_ASSERT()
      adds  d929408   lib/util: Clean up includes for substitute.c
      adds  8dac190   lib/util: Clean up includes for fault.c
      adds  db15cc5   lib/util: Clean up includes for util.c
      adds  1fd4556   lib/util: Factor out subsystem samba-util-core from samba-util
      adds  c12aa0c   lib/util: Use charset_compat.h if SAMBA_UTIL_CORE_ONLY
      adds  d46081b   s3-winbindd: Remove extern declaration for cache_methods from winbindd_dual.c
      adds  0e3ea71   s3-winbindd: Make wcache_sid_to_name static
      adds  b7af51a   smbd: Use MIN macro in fake_sendfile
      adds  6ab998f   smbd: Pass only cmd to construct_reply_common instead of complete req
      adds  5da31a9   smbd: Always use uint8_t for inbuf pointer
      adds  1584095   windbindd: Make cm_connect_lsa_tcp static
      adds  7366204   lib: uid_wrapper: Fix setgroups and syscall detection on a system without native uid_wrapper library.
      adds  57bcb80   s3: lib, s3: modules: Fix compilation on Solaris.
      adds  b544073   ctdb-logging: Remove log ringbuffer
      adds  1c8c0be   ctdb-tests: Make the fake log timestamp string easy to modify
      adds  3105737   ctdb-logging: Change LogLevel to DEBUGLEVEL
      adds  b4589b9   ctdb-logging: Update to use Samba style debug.h/debug.c
      adds  ba3e2ec   ctdb-build: Move generation of ctdb_version.h earlier
      adds  43266be   ctdb-build: Add generation of Samba-style version.h
      adds  59c3025   ctdb-build: Change from ctdb-util to samba-util
      adds  88b2485   ctdb-build: Fix handling of public headers
      adds  7b4f266   torture: Reorder torture_winbind_struct_domain_info tests
      adds  92ca4f5   winbindd: Do not overwrite domain list with conflicting info from a trusted domain
      adds  3450347   Add a definition of the NETWORK_RESILIENCY_REQUEST so I can write a torture test for it.
      adds  e4c27cb   Add a status code for VHD support gleaned from some Win8.1 stuff.
      adds  e8ee9bb   gencache: don't leak cache_path onto talloc tos
      adds  3c592ea   gpo: don't leak cache_path onto talloc tos
      adds  58b18e2   printing: don't leak cache_path onto talloc tos
      adds  21ed805   nmbd: don't leak cache_path onto talloc tos
      adds  3c85465   samlogon_cache: don't leak cache_path onto talloc tos
      adds  8cc41b0   lanman: don't leak cache_path onto talloc tos
      adds  0fa1689   smbd: Fix nonempty line endings
      adds  1044497   status: 80 chars per line
      adds  cfc1e72   smbd: Simplify remove_child_pid
      adds  bdebf96   idl: Fix a typo
      adds  b376a82   printer_list: fix talloc tos leak of tdb record
      adds  3eef853   libcli/smb: fix smb2cli_validate_negotiate_info with min=PROTOCOL_NT1 max=PROTOCOL_SMB2_02
      adds  1fa8861   libcli/smb: add SMB3_DIALECT_REVISION_310 define
      adds  d22fd00   libcli/smb: add PROTOCOL_SMB3_10
      adds  664ca0e   libcli/smb: negotiate SMB3_DIALECT_REVISION_310 if PROTOCOL_SMB3_10 is requested
      adds  2fcf1b8   lib/param: add PROTOCOL_SMB3_10 handling
      adds  50cf2c3   s3:torture: add PROTOCOL_SMB3_10 handling
      adds  6db8a55   docs-xml: document SMB3_10 as available protocol for the client side
      adds  9d92074   libcli/smb: add SMB 3.10 related defines
      adds  5c5a33c   libcli/smb: add smb2_negotiate_context.c
      adds  a00fe90   libcli/smb: add smb2cli_req_get_send_iov()
      adds  2f732db   libcli/smb: implement SMB 3.10 negprot
      adds  c290ece   libcli/smb: implement SMB 3.10 session setup
      adds  2a4290f   libcli/smb: avoid validate info after tcon for SMB 3.10
      adds  d021a2d   libcli/smb: pass tcon flags to the server for SMB 3.10
      adds  72d3f93   libcli/smb: use SMB 3.10 flags for the transform header
      adds  3e2d419   libcli/smb: remove unused SMB2_TF_ALGORITHM define
      adds  3783f49   tests: Pass the test context as lp_ctx for messaging tests
      adds  91d6f60   s3-winbindd: Pass the whole winbindd_domain to invalidate_cm_connection()
      adds  14f6256   s3-winbindd: Allow winbindd to connect over SMB2 to servers
      adds  74dcde5   s3-rpc_client: Adapt cli_rpc_pipe_open_spnego to use enum credentials_kerberos_state
      adds  8166eca   s3-rpc_client: Adapt cli_rpc_pipe_open_generic_auth to use enum credentials_kerberos_state
      adds  6f97237   s3-rpc_client: Migrate to cli_rpc_pipe_open_generic_auth and remove cli_rpc_pipe_open_spnego
      adds  6b98ddc   ctdb-build: Rename define BINDIR to CTDB_HELPER_BINDIR
      adds  d568be6   ctdb-build: Make some steps conditional on standalone build
      adds  e94422a   build: Hook CTDB into top level build using --with-cluster-support
      adds  ae72733   s3-winbindd: Attempt to connect to NETLOGON over NCACN_IP_TCP if we can
      adds  4237138   registry: Don't leave dangling transactions
      adds  1b27b73   s3-net: display full value of "msDS-SupportedEncryptionTypes".
      adds  6979082   nwrap: Fall back to RTLD_NEXT if we can't find libc.
      adds  94c87d1   nwrap: Fix resolving hostnames with a trailing dot.
      adds  895b32b   nwrap: Don't overflow the in_addr if convert IPv6.
      adds  2bbd403   nwrap: Use DNS_NAME_MAX cause it is not available on BSD.
      adds  c298542   nwrap: Make sure addr is initialized.
      adds  678b75d   nwrap: Bump version of nss_wrapper to 1.0.3.
      adds  c1f4b6c   build: do not install texpect binary anymore.
      adds  644e53d   configure: Unload the wrappers so waf configure succeeds.
      adds  ccb0d9d   lib/texpect: portability fix, include signal.h
      adds  9ae65ba   ncacn_http: fix GNUism
      adds  4986359   pidl: Make the compilation of PIDL producing the same results if the content hasn't change
      adds  5740a06   pidl: Improve string delection in function ContainsString
      adds  343db53   pidl-wireshark: Handle the case when the DATA_TYPE is not a simple type
      adds  7e5048d   pidl-wireshark: cosmetic reformat
      adds  755bc4e   pidl-wireshark: add a function to change the type of a hf_field
      adds  87fb54b   pidl-wireshark: add the type dom_sid28 and call ad-hoc dissector
      adds  5d0d45c   pidl-wireshark: generate an error for the new Pipe type in typedef
      adds  fa331f6   pidl-wireshark: insure that we have an entire match for the variable name
      adds  aa2a6c7   s3: smbd: Preparation for leases code merge. Ensure VFS is ready for 4.2.0.
      adds  6d2c8f5   smbd: Fix a use-after-free
      adds  8686da2   dsdb: Fix a crash in an error return
      adds  f593835   vfs_posixacl: catch ACL_EVERYONE on FreeBSD
      adds  bf0db7ec  dsdb: Do not attempt to return beyond the end of the password history array
      adds  1c2ae58   lib/util: Use snprintf() instead of strftime() in timeval_str_buf()
      adds  bcf298e   lib/util: Add RFC3339 timestamp support to timeval_str_buf()
      adds  bbaa739   Remove remaining instance of pep8 E211 (too many spaces before operator).
      adds  2553714   Remove last instance of pep8 error E701 (more statements on one line).
      adds  b605d15   pep8: Import new version.
      adds  bd6faaf   Remove last instances of pep8 error E712 (use 'is' rather than '==' for booleans)
      adds  9a014d2   Remove last instances of pep8 error E602 (old style exceptions).
      adds  0c24085   Fix more pep8 issues in code I touched recently.
      adds  997ee57   Remove obsolete pep8 test.
      adds  2cdf553   samba.tests.source: Fix lint.
      adds  8bf6036   Fix pydoctor invocation.
      adds  eef3a7b   samba_tool_drs: Fix docstring formatting so pydoctor groks it.
      adds  08ca688   py_net: Fix typo in change_password docstring, and indentation in set_password docstring.
      adds  d9458aa   samba.tests.unicodenames: Fix docstring formatting so pydoctor understands it.
      adds  c7b6897   Run duplicate symbol check as just another test, rather than as part of "waf test".
      adds  7cc7093   Don't ignore testsuites without --list support, but consider them as atomic entities.
      adds  b2e4f31   Don't import into testr when --load-list was specified, as testr will take care of that itself.
      adds  edc1ced   selftest: Actually honor --with-selftest-prefix.
      adds  7043a8b   testr: Use waf testonly and create a custom directory for new workers.
      adds  23ac8d1   urgent_replication: Use subunit reporting, remove allow_empty_output.
      adds  77b72d4   samba3dump: Add subunit-enabled test for samba3dump.
      adds  0c2c75a   filter-subunit: Drop support for allow_empty_output hack.
      adds  9ec531d   lib/crypto: add and build a copied version of SHA512 functions.
      adds  b8fce2c   libcli/smb: use lib/crypto SHA512 functions, do not depend on heimdal.
      adds  ee9d075   nss_wrapper: check for nss.h
      adds  d04659f   Update zlib using update-external.sh.
      adds  c4022cb   Fix path to zlib in update-external.sh.
      adds  9f5a842   update-external.sh: Update upstream URLs for testtools and subunit.
      adds  d81d77a   lib/util: Protect time_basic.h against multiple inclusion
      adds  1ab23ac   libcli/smb: use conn->smb2.server.cipher != 0 instead of conn->smb2.server.capabilities & SMB2_CAP_ENCRYPTION
      adds  ed38abb   libcli/smb: pass 'uint16_t cipher_id' to smb2_signing_[de|en]crypt_pdu()
      adds  2ed2f00   libcli/smb: pass the negotiated cipher to smb2_signing_[de|en]ncrypt_pdu()
      adds  b460459   s3:smb2_negprot: remember xconn->smb2.server.cipher
      adds  1ed30a6   s3:smb2_server: check xconn->smb2.server.cipher instead of xconn->smb2.server.capabilities
      adds  eef76b9   s3:smb2_server: pass xconn->smb2.server.cipher to smb2_signing_[de|en]ncrypt_pdu()
      adds  6fb2a98   libcli/smb: prepare smb2_signing_[de|en]crypt_pdu() to support multiple ciphers
      adds  03bf8fe   lib/crypto: add aes_gcm_128 support.
      adds  778ff0c   libcli/smb: support SMB2_ENCRYPTION_AES128_GCM in smb2_signing_[de|en]crypt_pdu()
      adds  71cb574   libcli/smb: try to negotiate SMB2_ENCRYPTION_AES128_GCM
      adds  470af88   ctdb-tools: Fix heap-use-after-free problem
      adds  022f1ca   tests: Allow "max open files" to differ from the documentation
      adds  72687b1   selftest: Run samba.tests.messaging in an environment where it has servers to list
      adds  adb3eb7   credentials: Set secure_channel_type from secrets.tdb in cli_credentials_set_machine_account
      adds  89daf5d   credentials: Improve error message on failure to set machine account password
      adds  35b8ed7   credentials: Allow the secret.tdb handle to be passed in to cli_credentials_set_machine_account()
      adds  e9dc642   auth/credentials: Ensure that we set the realm when reading secrets.tdb
      adds  37f5d82   passdb: Use common code in cli_cre