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 tagged by  Jelmer Vernooij
        on  Sun Jul 31 17:07:24 2016 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 2:4.2.10+dfsg-0+deb8u3

Abhidnya Joshi (2):
      idmap_autorid: fix failure in reverse lookup if ID is from domain range index #0
      s3: fix missing braces in nfs4_acls.c

Alexander Bokovoy (6):
      lsa.idl: define lsa.ForestTrustCollisionInfo and ForestTrustCollisionRecord as public structs
      add systemd integration
      smbd: use exit_daemon() to support reporting to systemd from smbd
      nmbd: use exit_daemon() to report status to systemd
      winbindd: use exit_daemon() to pass startup status to systemd
      ad-dc: use exit_daemon() to communicate status of startup to systemd

Alexander Werth (1):
      s3: Remove old mode special substitution.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (1):
      Stop use after free

Amitay Isaacs (10):
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: Allow . to be specified for @ record
      tests: dnsserver: Add a update test with name set to '.'
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: Correctly set rank for glue NS records
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: Do not return NS_GLUE records with VIEW_GLUE_DATA filter
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: Do not search for deleted DNS entries
      s4-dns: Update template variables, change BIND98 --> BIND9_8
      s4-dns: Check DLZ_DLOPEN_VERSION for different BIND versions
      s4-dns: Update dlz_minimal.h based on BIND release 9.10
      s4-dns: Add support for BIND 9.10
      s4-dns: dlz-bind: Add trailing '.' to all fqdn strings

Anand Avati (1):
      vfs_glusterfs: Implement proper mashalling/unmarshalling of ACLs

Andreas Schneider (64):
      s3-winbind: Do not delete an existing valid credential cache.
      s3-waf: Rename regedit to samba-regedit.
      docs-xml: Remove obsolete swat manpage and references.
      nsswitch: Add OPT_KRB5CCNAME to avoid an error message.
      s3-libads: Print a message if no realm has been specified.
      s3-winbind: Fix a segfault passing NULL to a fstring argument.
      Followup patch for BUG: https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10082
      s3-winbind: Don't set a default directory for DIR.
      s3-winbind: Add support for the kernel krb5 keyring buffer.
      doc: Update documentation of pam_winbind krb5 support.
      idl: Add a new message for winbind domain states.
      s3-winbind: Add functions for domain online/offline handling.
      s3-winbind: Register handlers for domain online/offline messages.
      s3-winbind: Send online/offline message of the domain to the parent.
      vfs: Fix building the glusterfs module.
      vfs: Fix some build warnings in glusterfs.
      util: Remove 32bit macros breaking strict aliasing.
      s3-lib: Add grpname to talloc_sub_specified().
      s3-winbind: Pass the group name to fillup_pw_field().
      s3-libsmb: Use the right macro to set uint16_t attr.
      testsuit: Fix fprintf format.
      s3-utils: Fix scanf format in smbacls.
      s3-utils: Fix scanf format in sharesec.
      s3-libsmb: Fix scanf format in parse_ace().
      examples: Fix scanf format in perf_writer_disk.
      s3-vfs: Remove unused variable in vfs_glusterfs.
      s3-vfs: Make glfs_set_preopened() static.
      s3-libnet: Use a const char for realm.
      s3-lib: Fix %G substitution for domain users in smbd
      lib: Fix strict-aliasing warning in md5 code.
      s3-libads: Fix memory leaks in ads_build_path().
      wbinfo: Fix a memory leak in wbinfo_ping_dc().
      s3-passdb: Fix string duplication to pointers.
      s3-vfs: Fix stream_depot vfs module on btrfs.
      s3-spoolssd: Don't register spoolssd if epmd is not running.
      buildtools: Rename perl vendorarch configure option.
      buildtools: Add perl vendorlib configure option.
      autobuild: Set perl vendorlib direcotry.
      pidl-waf: Remove unused variable pidl_src.
      pidl-waf: Install pidl modules to the perl vendorlib directory.
      pidl-waf: Do not glob to install pidl modules.
      pidl-waf: Add a function to check for a system perl module.
      pidl-waf: Check for system perl(Parse::Yapp::Driver).
      pidl-waf: Only install Yapp::Driver if it is not available.
      s3-rpc_server: Fix handling of fragmented rpc requests.
      wafsamba: If perl can't provide defaults, define them.
      s4-dsdb: Fix a use after free segfault.
      ldb: Add a env variable to disable RTLD_DEEPBIND.
      selftest: Fix selftest where pid is used uninitialized.
      lib: Add daemon_status() to util library.
      nmbd: Send waiting status to systemd.
      libcli: Fix a segfault calling smbXcli_req_set_pending() on NULL.
      nsswitch: Skip groups we were not able to map.
      s3-libads: Improve service principle guessing.
      s3-libads: Add a function to retrieve the SPNs of a computer account.
      s3-libads: Add function to search for an element in an array.
      s3-libnet: Add libnet_join_get_machine_spns().
      s3-libads: Add all machine account principals to the keytab.
      s3-smbclient: Return success if we listed the shares.
      s3-smbstatus: Fix exit code of profile output.
      s3-lib: Do not require a password with --use-ccache.
      s3-libsmb: Set the netbios_name in use_ccache case too.
      s3-libsmb: Duplicate the memory before we free it.
      s3-netlogon: Make sure we do not deference a NULL pointer.

Andrew Bartlett (196):
      Rework series file to be in directory order
      Remove README.build and config.cache as it is not relevent with the waf build
      changelog for AD DC package
      Remove unused debian/clean file, not needed with waf build
      update copyright file for full AD DC package
      update libsmbclient.symbols for waf build
      update libwbclient0.symbols for waf build
      Update VERSION patch for new top level VERSION file
      Remove autoconf.patch, this is not needed with waf
      Remove autoconf-specific patch removing VFS examples build
      Remove AI_ADDRCONFIG patch, already upstream
      Remove autoconf-specific patch
      Remove shadow_copy2 backport
      Remove autoconf-specific undefined symbols patch
      remove waf-as-source patch, as this is now upstream
      Remove alternatives which are no longer required in a merged package
      Remove Samba docs no longer published by the Samba Team
      Remove patch to autoconf build system no longer in use
      An smbtorture manpage is now provided
      Remove patch for manpage not xml source.  TODO:  Merge upstream patch and backport to 4.0
      Remove patches to html pages we no longer ship
      TODO: Ensure upstream or against xml.  Drop documentation patches against generated output or html docs no longer shipped
      The remainder of the patch to merge with the samba4 package
      TODO: Install smbget and findsmb with WAF build
      sync .gitignore with samba4 package
      Allow a fully empty libreplace by using the system getpass()
      TODO: Upgrade script to move passdb.tdb and secrets.tdb from /var/lib/samba to /var/lib/samba/private
      fix usershare patch for 4.0.3
      Add Depends and Replaces to ease upgrades
      clarify which package basis this is
      make winbind replace winbind4 to permit upgrade
      Update to Samba 4.0.5 release
      Remove samba4-common-bin package and rename samba4 to samba-ad-dc
      make samba-ad-dc depend on samba
      Remove socket options from default smb.conf
      Remove printing configuration from default smb.conf page
      drop message command from example smb.conf.  Nobody uses this any more
      Remove (really bad) suggestion to turn back on winbind enum groups/users
      Remove confusing parameters in favour of the simple server role
      server string is not critical enough to setting up a new server
      name resolve order should not normally be changed
      Explain that the Domain section only works for classic domain controllers
      Drop auto-magic share for cdroms, CD-ROM drives are not special enough any more
      Remove silly suggestion about optimising the smb.conf
      Remove remainder of encrypted password support (smb.conf fragment already gone)
      move vfs modules *back* to the libsmbd0 package, as they are needed by the library
      put back --without-getpass-replacement to empty libreplace back out
      Add back patch to remove testprns (was documentation2.patch)
      Drop smbtar-bashism.patch
      Restore smbtar to the package.  Only findsmb is now missing.
      Add Replaces and Breaks per http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#s-replaces
      more TODOs
      Try to ensure samba-docs is upgrade over by the other packages safely
      Drop swat from the debian package
      Update tevent requirement
      update TODOs
      Fix up missing new-line on python scripts until 4.0.7
      match 3.6 package with recommends of libpam-winbind and libnss-winbind in winbind package
      TODO: 3.6 branch changes have now been merged
      move TDB files on upgrade
      Update changelog with a more verbose description
      Remove unused read of /etc/default/samba
      Do not start smbd/nmbd/winbind when we are an AD DC
      Add suggests of heimdal-clients to get kinit
      Remove last TODO now we have startup handling and more in the changelog
      move smbpasswd.8 samba.7 back to samba-common-bin to match 3.6
      move idmap_*.8 manpages back to winbind package
      Fix spelling in last changelog entry
      unbreak after binutils update by fixing deps on samba4kgetcred
      Update build-deps with autodep.py
      s4-lib/socket: Allocate a the larger sockaddr_un and not just a sockaddr_in in unixdom_get_peer_addr()
      dsdb-descriptor: Do not do a subtree search unless we have child entries
      dsdb: Rework subtree_rename module to use recursive LDB_SCOPE_ONELEVEL searches
      dsdb-ridalloc: Rework ridalloc to return error strings where RID allocation fails
      selftest: Ensure the DC has started and and got a RID set before we proceed
      dsdb: Add assert in drepl_take_FSMO_role
      rpc_server-drsuapi: Improve comments and DEBUG lines
      selftest: ensure samba4.rpc.samr.large-dc.two.samr.many is always tested
      torture/drs: Expand an error message to aid debugging
      dsdb: Prune deleted objects of links and extra attributes of replicated deletes
      dsdb: Ensure we always force deleted objects back under the deleted objects DN
      dsdb: Improve DRS deleted link source/target handing in repl_meta_data
      dsdb tests: Add member/memberOf checking to delete_objects testing
      dsdb: Include MS-ADTS doc references on deleted object contstraints
      samba-tool dbcheck: Correctly remove deleted DNs in dbcheck
      service_stream: Log if the connection termination is deferred or not (bug #9820)
      s4-winbindd: Do not terminate a connection that is still pending (bug #9820)
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.8.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.8.orig.tar.gz
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.8
      package Samba 4.0.8 security release
      depend on libaio-dev to get vfs_linux_aio
      scripting/join.py: Handle creating the dns-NAME account during a DC join
      scripting/samba_upgradedns: Tighten up exception and attribute list handling
      selftest: Test creation of the dns-SERVER account during selftest
      selftest: Start internal DNS server on domain provisioned for BIND9_DLZ
      selftest: Add a basic test of samba_upgradedns
      torture: Ensure that GSSAPI and SPNEGO packets are accepted by dlz_bind9
      Add missing dep on python-crypto needed by "samba-tool domain join subdomain"
      python-samba-tool fsmo: Do not give an error on a successful role transfer
      python/drs: Ensure to pass in the local invocationID during the domain join
      dsdb-repl_meta_data: Check for a NULL invocationID and do not proceed
      dsdb: Refuse to return an all-zero invocationID
      dsdb-repl_meta_data: Do not re-delete the Deleted Objects DN during replication
      dsdb-repl_meta_data: Make handling of Deleted Objects DN clearer in delete
      dsdb: Use WERR_DS_ATT_NOT_DEF_IN_SCHEMA for failed schema lookups
      Remove confusing TODO file
      Remove NEWS file containing confusing information
      smb.conf: Fill out the ntvfs handler smb.conf page from source4/NEWS
      dsdb: Refuse to replicate an all-zero invocationID GUID in replPropertyMetaData
      dbcheck: Look for and fix the all-zero invocationID in replPropertyMetaData
      selftest: Add script to assist in writing out a tree undump.sh can restore
      selftest: Only run referenceprovision and ldapcmp for the 4.0.0 test
      selftest: Add release-4-1-0rc3 saved provision
      selftst: add tests based on 4.1.0rc3 to check for zero invocationID in replPropertyMetaData
      dbcheck: Ensure to always increase the error_count
      pydsdb: Give KeyError when we fail a schema lookup in python
      pydsdb: Raise a more useful exception when dsdb_wellknown_dn fails.
      dbcheck: Add back the elements that were wrongly removed from CN=Deleted Objects
      dsdb: Convert the full string from UTF16 to UTF8, including embedded NULLs
      dfs_server: Use dsdb_search_one to catch 0 results as well as NO_SUCH_OBJECT errors
      kdc: Add belts-and-braces check that we fail if the hdb version changes
      CVE-2013-4496:s3-samr: Block attempts to crack passwords via repeated password changes
      CVE-2013-4496:samr: Remove ChangePasswordUser
      CVE-2013-4496:Revert remainder of ce895609b04380bfc41e4f8fddc84bd2f9324340
      CVE-2013-4496:s3-samr: Block attempts to crack passwords via repeated password changes
      CVE-2013-4496:samr: Remove ChangePasswordUser
      CVE-2013-4496:Revert remainder of ce895609b04380bfc41e4f8fddc84bd2f9324340
      dsdb: Do checks for invalid renames in samldb, before repl_meta_data
      winbindd: Ensure we do not look at rid_array before checking if it was returned
      pam_smbpass: Wrap calls in talloc_stackframe() to avoid warnings about leaking memory
      libsmbclient: Wrap more function calls in talloc_stackframe() to protect against talloc_tos() calls
      libsmb: Provide a talloc_stackframe() to external users of libsmb_setget.c
      dsdb: Provide a clearer error when we fail to store the sequence number in metadata.tdb
      dsdb: Do not give an error is metadata.tdb does not yet exist
      s4-rpc_server/drsuapi: Print ldb error showing why we failed to perform the access check
      passdb: Do not routinely clear the global memory returned by get_global_sam_sid()
      ldb: Show the type of failing operation in default error message
      ldb: pass module init errors back to the caller
      ldb: make the successful ldb_transaction_start() message clearer
      dsdb: Use dsdb_next_callback() rather than a no-op per-module callback
      dsdb: Ensure to sort replPropertyMetaData as UNSIGNED, not SIGNED quantities
      dsdb: Further assert that we always have an objectClass and an rDN
      dsdb: Do not update notify_uSN until the transaction is genuinely committed to the DB
      dsdb: Clarify how the DSDB_REPL_FLAG_PRIORITISE_INCOMING flag works
      dsdb: Improve errors and checks for missing objectClass values
      dsdb: Improve missing objectClass handling
      dsdb: Do not store a struct ldb_dn in struct schema_data
      dsdb: Do not refresh the schema using the wrong event context
      dbcheck: Directly call dn.get_rdn_{val,name}() for clarity and consistency
      build: Exclude source4/selftest/provisions/release-4-1-0rc3 from the tarball
      dsdb: Make it harder to corrupt the database by requiring DBCHECK or RELAX for final object deletion
      selftest: Add tests for dbcheck detection and removal of partial objects
      dsdb: Add more tests for DN+String and DN+Binary comparisons
      dsdb: Rename private_data to rootdse_private_data in rootdse
      dsdb: Do not permit nested event loops when in a transaction, use a nested event context
      dsdb: Add DSDB_SEARCH_ONE_ONLY support to dsdb_module_search*()
      dsdb: Specify no event context to smb_krb5_init_context() in dsdb
      kerberos: Remove un-used event context argument from smb_krb5_init_context()
      dbcheck: Ensure dbcheck can operate with --attrs set
      dsdb: Set syntax of userParameters to binary string, not unicode string
      dsdb: Always store and return the userParameters as a array of LE 16-bit values
      dbcheck: Add check and test for various invalid userParameters values
      torture-dns: Add test for dlz_bind9 lookups
      docs: Always declare rule to build parameters.all.xml and do it first
      CVE-2014-8143:auth: Force talloc type of session_info pointer to match
      CVE-2014-8143:pydsdb: Pull in UF_USE_AES_KEYS flag
      CVE-2014-8143:dsdb: Allow use of dsdb_autotransaction_request outside util.c
      CVE-2014-8143:dsdb-samldb: Check for extended access rights before we allow changes to userAccountControl
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.4.0+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      Updated version 4.2.9+dfsg from 'upstream/4.2.9+dfsg'
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.2.9+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      Add correct tdb and tevent deps
      Decrease minimum ldb version back to what samba 4.2.9 shipped with
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.4.1+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.4.1+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      Imported Upstream version 4.2.10+dfsg
      Updated version 4.2.10+dfsg from 'upstream/4.2.10+dfsg'
      Samba Security release 4.2.10
      Add coverity patches for backupkey and pam_smbpass fix
      changelog for previous entry
      Add regression patch from metze for Joining a 2003 AD domain
      Decrease minimum ldb version back to what samba 4.2.9 shipped with
      Add coverity patches for backupkey and pam_smbpass fix
      Add missing changelog entries
      make libsamba-debug.so.0 public for Openchange to use by changeing it back into a subsystem
      Add Breaks against openchangeproxy
      Fix remove of duplicate ctdb build
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'unembargoed/stable-update' into stable-update
      NEWS for big security patch and 4.2 bump
      Tidy changelog before jessie-security release
      Changelog for previous entry
      Add back better NEWS item for 2:4.2.10+dfsg-0+deb8u1

Arvid Requate (3):
      spoolss: accept XPS_PASS datatype used by Windows 8
      s4:samdb: respect SEARCH_FLAG_PRESERVEONDELETE
      passdb: fix NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_GROUP

Benjamin Franzke (10):
      s4:torture/cldap: Fix a typo
      s4:cldap_server: Move netlogon parsing into utility function
      provision: Fix string replacement ordering
      s4:dsdb/rootdse: Pass rootdse context to rootdse_add_dynamic
      s4:dsdb/rootdse: Support netlogon request
      s4:cldap_server: Do not handle netlogon ourself anymore
      s4:dsdb: Move cldap netlogon functions into samdb/ldb_modules
      libcli/cldap: Add utility to create netlogon filter
      s4:torture/ldap: Add test for netlogon over tcp
      s4:torture/netlogon: Test netlogon with additional attrs

Björn Baumbach (13):
      s3-lib: fix segf while reading incomplete session info (bug #10003)
      s3-smbstatus: display [u|g]id of -1 as "-1" in connection list
      CVE-2013-4476: lib-util: add file_check_permissions()
      CVE-2013-4476: lib-util: split out file_save_mode() from file_save()
      CVE-2013-4476: samba-tool provision: create ${private_dir}/tls with mode 0700
      CVE-2013-4476: s4:libtls: Create tls private key file (key.pem) with mode 0600
      CVE-2013-4476: s4:libtls: check for safe permissions of tls private key file (key.pem)
      s3-nmbd: reset debug settings after reading config file (bug #10239)
      s3-lib/util: fix read across end of namelist string
      lib-util: rename memdup to smb_memdup and fix all callers (bug #10556)
      provision/sambadns: remove redundant site parameter
      samba-tool: add --site parameter to provision command (bug #10674)
      s3: enforce a positive allocation_file_size for non-empty files (bug #10543)

Björn Jacke (4):
      xattr: fix listing EAs on *BSD for non-root users
      net/doc: make clear that net vampire is for NT4 domains only
      docs: mention incompatibility between kernel oplocks and streams_xattr
      nss_winbind: add getgroupmembership for FreeBSD

Christian Ambach (23):
      s3:lib/system fix build on AIX 7
      waf: fix build on AIX7
      waf: add --without-gettext option
      waf: consolidate libintl related checks
      waf: replace dependency to libintl with samba_intl
      lib/util: use proper include for struct stat
      s3:winbindd fix use of uninitialized variables
      waf:lib/replace correct detection of libiconv
      waf:lib/replace fix up libintl related checks
      waf:lib/replace change detection of gettext
      waf:lib/replace fix gettext detection
      waf:lib/replace gettext configure checks
      waf:lib/replace fix iconv checks on HP/UX
      heimdal_build: only enable libintl functions if everything was found
      waf: improve iconv checks
      s4:dsdb fix compiler warnings
      s4:dsdb fix compiler warnings
      s4:dsdb fix compiler warnings
      lib/ldb fix compiler warnings
      lib/ldb fix compiler warnings
      s3:registry/regfio read SD from the correct location
      s3:registry/regfio fix some valgrind warnings
      s3:utils/profiles fix a use after free

Christian PERRIER (16):
      Remove all mention of "Samba 4" and "experimental version of Samba" in packages' description.  Samba version 4 is now production-ready.
      * Swedish (Martin Bagge / brother).  Closes: #727186
      Hebrew (Omer Zak).
      Japanese (Kenshi Muto).  Closes: #727218
      Indonesian (Al Qalit).  Closes: #727543
      Russian (Yuri Kozlov).  Closes: #727612
      Esperanto (Felipe Castro).  Closes: #727619
      Polish (Michał Kułach).  Closes: #727646
      Danish (Joe Hansen).  Closes: #727764
      Czech (Miroslav Kure).  Closes: #728100
      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-samba/samba
      Basque (Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio).  Closes: #728315
      Thai (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).  Closes: #728525
      Norwegian Bokmål (Bjørn Steensrud).  Closes: #729070
      German (Holger Wansing).  Closes: #729210
      Spanish translation update

Christian Perrier (28):
      Fix templates files names in POTFILES.in
      Regenerate all PO files
      Merge translations from samba 3.x packages
      Move libnss_winbind.so.2 and libnss_wins.so.2 to /lib as in 3.6.*
      Use appropriate package version number. Next upload is likely to not
      Use the same set of configure arguments than 3.6.15 (except those eventually specific to version 4 and above)
      Drop --cache-file, unsupported in waf builds
      Drop --with-fhs, unsupported in waf builds
      Drop --enable-static, unsupported in waf builds
      Turn --with-rootsbindir into --sbindir
      Reduced set of configure flags, after testing them one by one and removing the unsupported ones
      Add libctdb-dev to build dependencies as we're building with cluster support just like 3.6 packages
      Drop removal of usr/share/perl5/Parse/Yapp/Driver.pm
      Re-add --prefix=/usr which seems to be needed in order to avoid stuff in /usr/local
      Drop --sbindir that seems to be a bad idea to replace --with-rootsbindir
      Move libsmbclient manpage to the package and out of samba-doc. Also use dh_installman instead of dh_install to install it
      Drop trailing slash in Homepage that was triggering a useless diff wrt 3.6 packages
      Enforce include directory to /usr/include instead of /usr/include/samba-4.0 that is enforced by --enable-fhs
      Revert "Enforce include directory to /usr/include instead of /usr/include/samba-4.0 that is enforced by --enable-fhs"
      Move manpages to packages they belong to (manpages should rather be included with the binaries they document)
      Add samba-tools to binary packages (similar to the one in 3.x series)
      Drop samba-tools
      Install multiarchified VFS modules in the samba package
      Re-introduce mksmbpasswd for compatibility with 3.* packages
      Use right path for VFS module files
      Include mksmbpasswd in samba, really
      French updated (Christian Perrier).
      Mark one debconf string as non-translatable

Christof Schmitt (14):
      s3:smb2_find: Return that timestamps do not exist as directories
      s3-aio: Use correct locking context for SMB2
      s3: Return correct error code from SMB2 AIO read failure
      selftest: Introduce share for testing AIO
      selftest: Run smb2.lock tests also against AIO share
      selftest: Remove samba3.smb2.lock.*.rw-exclusive from flapping file
      FSCTL_GET_SHADOW_COPY_DATA: Initialize output array to zero
      FSCTL_GET_SHADOW_COPY_DATA: Don't return 4 extra bytes at end
      s3-winbindd: Use correct realm for trusted domains in idmap child
      idmap_rfc2307: Fix a crash after connection problem to DC
      s3: Move init_lsa_ref_domain_list to lib
      s3-winbindd: Do not use domain SID from LookupSids for Sids2UnixIDs call
      winbind: Retry LogonControl RPC in ping-dc after session expiration
      winbind: Retry after SESSION_EXPIRED error in ping-dc

Christopher R. Hertel (3):
      vfs_glusterfs: Fix excessive debug output from vfs_gluster_open().
      vfs_glusterfs: Comment the top of the file.
      vfs_glusterfs: smb_stat_ex_from_stat commenting and cleanup.

Daniel Kobras (1):
      sys_poll_intr: fix timeout arithmetic

Daniel Liberman (2):
      Fix bug 10162 - POSIX ACL mapping failing when setting DENY ACE's from Windows.
      s3: ldap client can return NT_STATUS_OK when an error occurs in a paged search.

David Disseldorp (28):
      spoolss: return the spoolss job ID in notifications
      printing: always store sytem job-ID in queue state
      torture: add zero length FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK test
      smbd/smb2_ioctl: fail zero length copy chunk requests
      vfs_btrfs: pass-through copy-chunk(len=0) requests
      rpc_client: retry open on STATUS_PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE
      doc: add "spoolss: architecture" parameter usage
      rpcclient: append a trailing slash to FSRVP request UNCs
      rpcclient: abort shadow-copy set on commit failure
      byteorder: do not assume PowerPC is big-endian
      printing: fix purge of all print jobs
      printing: traverse_read the printer list for share updates
      printing: only reload printer shares on client enum
      printing: reload printer_list.tdb from in memory list
      printing: remove pcap_cache_add()
      printing: return last change time with pcap_cache_loaded()
      smbd: only reprocess printer_list.tdb if it changed
      server: remove duplicate snum_is_shared_printer()
      smbd: split printer reload processing
      printing: reload printer shares on OpenPrinter
      dosmode: fix FSCTL_SET_SPARSE request validation
      spoolss: fix handling of bad EnumJobs levels
      printing: add jobid_to_sysjob helper function
      spoolss: fix GetJob jobid lookups
      spoolss: fix jobid in level 1 GetJob and EnumJobs responses
      spoolss: fix jobid in level 2 GetJob and EnumJobs responses
      spoolss: fix jobid in level 3 EnumJobs response
      spoolss: remove unused fill_job_info3()

Felix Botner (1):
      samba-tool dbcheck: handle missing objectClass

Garming Sam (8):
      dfs: always call create_conn_struct with root privileges
      provision: Fix failures on re-provision incorrectly blamed on posix acl support.
      provision: improve error message when connecting to samdb without the correct permissions
      pysmbd: improve the return of error codes in the python smbd bindings
      provision: capture slightly less generic exceptions during the test for acls
      docs: update XInclude year to conform with current standard
      docs: remove the file prefix from included path names
      docs: define and include entities for the docs

Gregor Beck (15):
      security.idl: add new security_secinfo bits
      Fix bug 9678 - Windows 8 Roaming profiles fail
      s3:winbindd: fix _wbint_LookupSids() on error
      s3:winbindd: avoid directly asking a trusted domain in wb_lookupsids*()
      s3:rpc_server: minor refactoring of process_request_pdu()
      s3:libsmb: pass creation or birth time in cli_qpathinfo_basic()
      s3:libsmb: add function cli_qpathinfo_standard()
      s3:libsmb: add function cli_qpathinfo3()
      s3:libsmb: SMBC_getatr try pathinfo2 only once
      s3:libsmb: SMBC_getatr do not let ino undefined on success
      s3:libsmb: SMBC_getatr use pathinfo3 for second try
      client: remove a write only variable
      s3:libsmb: cli_qpathinfo3 use cli_qpathinfo2 for smb2
      client: use cli_qpathinfo3 for allinfo
      s3:libsmb: SMBC_getatr() if no method worked, try all methods again on next attempt

Guenter Kukkukk (3):
      samba-tool: Fix enum values in dns.py
      samba-tool: Fix the IP output of "samba-tool dns serverinfo <some_server>"
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: Fix enumeration of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Gustavo Zacarias (1):
      smbreadline: switch to new-style readline typedef

Günther Deschner (105):
      wbinfo: allow to define a custom krb5ccname for kerberized pam auth.
      s3-winbindd: support the DIR pragma for raw kerberos user pam authentication.
      pam_winbind: update documentation for "DIR" krb5ccname pragma.
      s3-libads: Fail create_local_private_krb5_conf_for_domain() if parameters missing.
      s3-winbindd: fix fallback to ncacn_np in cm_connect_lsat().
      s3-winbindd: remove pointless variable assigment, see the strdup below.
      s3-winbindd: Fix memory leak in ads_cached_connection().
      s3-winbindd: Fix winbind on DC crash with trusted AD domains.
      s3-winbindd: use find_domain_from_name() instead of find_domain_from_name_no_init().
      s3-winbindd: make sure also the idmap code can deal with trusted domains.
      s3-winbindd: use get_trust_pw_clear() wrapper for AD connection code.
      s3-winbindd: remove unneded include of secrets.h from idmap_ad.c
      docs: point out side-effects of global "valid users" setting.
      s3-winbindd: Fix #10264, cache_traverse_validate_fn failure for NDR cache entries.
      s3-libnetjoin: Fix Bug #10262: use upper-case realm when composing default upn.
      docs: remove duplicate word "the" in idmap_ad manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate word "name" in nmblookup manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate word "name" in nmblookup4 manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate arguments listing in regdiff manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate word "the" in winbindd manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate mention of "smbtorture" in smbtorture manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate mention of "ntdbtool" in ntdbtool manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate mention of "smbta-util" in smbta-util manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate word "trust" from net manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate word "the" from net manpage.
      docs: mention more options in winbindd manpage.
      docs: mention --no-process-group in winbindd manpage.
      docs: mention --dc-info in wbinfo manpage.
      docs: mention --krb5ccname option in wbinfo manpage.
      docs: mention logoff options in wbinfo manpage.
      docs: mention --lookup-sids in wbinfo manpage.
      docs: mention --pam-logon in wbinfo manpage.
      docs: mention --remove-gid-mapping/--remove-uid-mapping in wbinfo manpage.
      docs: mention --set-gid-mapping/--set-uid-mapping in wbinfo manpage.
      docs: mention --sequence in wbinfo manpage.
      docs: mention --sids-to-unix-ids in wbinfo manpage.
      docs: remove unsupported options from nmbd manpage.
      docs: mention --daemon in nmbd manpage.
      docs: mention --foreground in nmbd manpage.
      docs: mention --hosts in nmbd manpage.
      docs: mention --interactive in nmbd manpage.
      docs: mention --log-stdout in nmbd manpage.
      docs: mention --no-process-group in nmbd manpage.
      docs: mention --port in nmbd manpage.
      docs: remove unsupported options from smbd manpage.
      docs: mention many more options in smbd options.
      docs: mention --numeric in smbstatus manpage.
      docs: mention -R|--profile-rates in smbstatus manpage.
      docs: mention -S|--setsddl in sharesec manpage.
      docs: mention -V|--viewsddl in sharesec manpage.
      docs: mention -p in dbwrap-tool manpage.
      docs: bring samba entity popt.common.credentials in line with popt_common_credentials.
      docs: remove now duplicate mention for 4 credential options in samba-regedit manpage.
      docs: add missing &popt.common.samba entity to smbcontrol manpage.
      docs: add missing &popt.common.connection entity to smbcacls manpage.
      docs: remove more duplicate options from samba-regedit manpage.
      docs: add new popt.autohelp entity.
      docs: mention --change-sid|--new-sid in profiles manpage.
      docs: use popt.samba.common entity in profiles manpage.
      docs: use popt.autohelp in smbtree manpage.
      docs: mention --update and --encrypt in smbget manpage.
      docs: mention more long option names in smbcquotas manpage.
      docs: mention -B|--browse to smbclient manpage.
      docs: better document -e|--encrypt option globally.
      docs: use popt.autohelp and remove duplicate -e option from smbclient manpage.
      docs: remove unsupported -h option from smbcacls manpage.
      docs: use popt.autohelp entity in smbcacls manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate -e option from smbcacls manpage.
      docs: mention --query-security-info|--set-security-info in smbcacls manpage.
      docs: mention --sddl and --domain-sid in smbcacls manpage.
      docs: remove unsupported -h option and use popt.autohelp entity in rpcclient manpage.
      docs: document all long option names in nmblookup manpage.
      docs: use popt.autohelp entity in dbwrap-tools manpage.
      docs: fix testparm manpage.
      docs: use &popt.autohelp entity in pdbedit manpage.
      docs: fix smbcontrol manpage.
      docs: fix ntlm_auth manpage.
      docs: use popt.autohelp entity in nmbd manpage.
      docs: use popt.autohelp entity in winbindd manpage.
      docs: use popt.autohelp entity in smbd manpage.
      docs: use popt.autohelp entity in samba.8 manpage.
      docs: mention more options in net manpage.
      docs: add net rpc vampire specific options in net manpage.
      docs: add net idmap specific options in net manpage.
      docs: add net rpc share migrate specific options in net manpage.
      docs: add net groupmap set specific options in net manpage.
      docs: add net rpc registry check specific options in net manpage.
      docs: add net registry import specific options in net manpage.
      docs: document remaining undocumented options in net manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate "a" from vfs_cacheprime manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate "the" from smb.conf manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate "to" from smb.conf manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate "not" from smb.conf manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate "or" from smb.conf manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate "on" from smb.conf manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate "must" from smb.conf manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate "line" from smb.conf manpage.
      docs: remove duplicate "used" from smb.conf manpage.
      librpc/nbt: increase MAX_COMPONENTS limit for nbt_names.
      libcli/auth: also set secure channel type in netlogon_creds_client_init().
      s3-libnet: Make sure we do not overwrite precreated SPNs.
      s3-proto: remove duplicate proto for add_string_to_array().
      lib/util: use size_t for add_string_to_array().
      samba: pass down size_t instead of int to add_string_to_array().
      pam_winbind: fix warn_pwd_expire implementation.

Har Gagan Sahai (1):
      Fixed a memory leak in cli_set_mntpoint().

Howard Chu (3):
      Cleanup map return codes
      Fix SEGV from improperly formed SUBSTRING/PRESENCE filter
      Add LDB_MAP_RENDROP option

Ivo De Decker (281):
      Update VCS URL's for new git repo.
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      Imported Upstream version 3.6.15
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.15'
      pristine-tar data for samba_3.6.15.orig.tar.xz
      New upstream bugfix release. Closes: #707042
      Lowering recommends of libnss- and libpam-winbind
      release samba 2:3.6.15-1 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.0+dfsg1
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.0+dfsg1.orig.tar.gz
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.3+dfsg1
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.3+dfsg1.orig.tar.gz
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.5+dfsg1
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.14' into samba_4.0_ivo
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.0.5+dfsg1' into samba_4.0_ivo
      remove unneeded leftover files
      fix permissions on debian/rules
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.5+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz
      update gbp.conf for samba_4.0 branches
      Restore samba.templates from samba 3.6
      move templates from samba4 to samba-ad-dc
      Don't harcode the branch in gbp.conf
      configure with --enable-fhs
      add multiarch libdir
      remove YAPP
      show waf command
      remove cleanup of pam modules
      multiarch location for with-modulesdir
      datadir: /usr/share
      get list of installed files in build log
      move nss modules from /usr/lib/... to /lib/...
      remove symlinks for nss modules
      don't create symlinks in /usr/lib for nss modules
      install correct upstream changelog for pam modules
      remove DM-Upload-allowed
      install manpages in .install to avoid build failure
      remove vfs modules from libsmbd0
      remove useless echo
      configure: add sysconfdir and localstatedir
      fix private_dir and smbpasswd location
      reimport pristine-tar data for samba_3.6.15.orig.tar.xz
      pristine-tar data for samba_3.6.6.orig.tar.bz2
      reimport pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.5+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz
      pristine-tar data for samba_3.5.6~dfsg.orig.tar.bz2
      update config for git-import-orig
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.6+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.6+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.0.6+dfsg' into samba_4.0
      update changelog for upstream 4.0.6
      Start list of TODOs for the next upload
      build dfs_samba4 and auth_samba4 as shared module
      TODO: fix install of samba-ad-dc when samba is installed
      don't remove log and state files during samba-ad-dc purge
      Imported Upstream version 3.6.16
      pristine-tar data for samba_3.6.16.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.16'
      update changelog for upstream version 3.6.16
      add gbp.conf for master branch
      refresh patches for upstream version 3.6.16
      release 2:3.6.16-1 to unstable
      update changelog for upload of 2:3.6.16-1
      fix description of GPL-3
      update debconf templates
      remove debian version from symbols to stop lintian complaints
      fix package name in libsmbclient symbols file
      release samba 2:4.0.6+dfsg-1 to experimental
      upload was rejected
      fix samba-common-bin dependencies (and some whitespace)
      release samba 2:4.0.6+dfsg-1 to experimental
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.7+dfsg
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.0.7+dfsg' into samba_4.0
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.7+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      update changelog for new version 2:4.0.7+dfsg-1
      refresh patches for new upstream version 4.0.7
      update build-deps on tdb and ldb for new version
      Make build-dep on libtevent-dev explicit.
      Fix waf-as-source.patch
      release samba 2:3.6.16-2 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 3.6.17
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.17'
      pristine-tar data for samba_3.6.17.orig.tar.xz
      update changelog for upstream version 3.6.17
      release samba 2:3.6.17-1 to unstable
      add CVE and bug information about security update
      Update documentation for git repo
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.8+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.8+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge branch 'upstream_4.0' into samba_4.0
      Add replaces for python-samba for packages that take over files from it.
      remove useless broken symlinks
      release samba 2:4.0.8+dfsg-1 to experimental
      Imported Upstream version 3.6.18
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.18'
      pristine-tar data for samba_3.6.18.orig.tar.xz
      update changelog for new upstream release 3.6.18
      release samba 2:3.6.18-1 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.9+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.9+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.0.9+dfsg' into samba_4.0
      update changelog for upstream version 4.0.9
      replace references to removed packages with new ones
      update TODO's
      integrate samba-ad-dc into samba
      remove recommends on tdb-tools, which is in depends
      update changelog
      sort samba-libs.install
      move all libs from samba to samba-libs
      move libs from samba-common-bin to samba-libs
      move libsamba_python.so.* to samba-libs
      add lintian override for outdated-autotools-helper-file
      move libwinbind-client.so.* to libwbclient0
      Remove systemd support for now, as it is broken.
      ship symlinks for nss modules
      update version for breaks and replaces to 2:4.0.9
      create symbols and shlibs files in separate script
      remove hardcoded dependencies
      update some TODOs
      add lintian override for samba-libs: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames
      add missing depends from libsmbsharemodes-dev on libsmbsharemodes0
      add missing depends for samba-dev on samba-libs
      release samba 2:4.0.9+dfsg-1 to experimental
      update vcs urls to point to samba instead of samba4
      update README.source for git repo
      Imported Upstream version 3.6.19
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.6.19'
      pristine-tar data for samba_3.6.19.orig.tar.xz
      update changelog for new upstream release 3.6.19
      release samba 2:3.6.19-1 to unstable
      move TODO's that aren't blockers
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.10+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.10+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.0.10+dfsg' into samba_4.0
      update changelog for upstream version 4.0.10
      Limit build-dep on libaio-dev to linux architectures.
      Adapt init script changes from master branch
      handle AD samba daemon in samba init script
      merge changelog up to 2:3.6.19-1
      remove fixed TODO's
      update lintian overrides for init script changes
      clarify that the init script check if they are needed
      document why we have a strict dependency ldb
      release samba 2:4.0.10+dfsg-1 to experimental
      sssd should be ready for new samba packages
      Remove Noël from uploaders
      Add myself to uploaders.
      add changelog for first upload to unstable
      release samba 2:4.0.10+dfsg-2 to unstable
      Include /etc/pam.d/samba in samba-common
      Remove unused alternatives links on upgrade in samba-common-bin.prerm
      Add support for 'status' in samba-ad-dc init script.
      Don't fail on errors in samba init script.
      Remove Sesse from uploaders
      Fix umask in make_shlibs
      Enable verbose build log.
      Revert commit to ease merge in samba_4.0 branch
      Merge branch 'master' into samba_4.0
      Run xsltproc under faketime
      Restore build-dep on libcups2-dev
      Add wrapper for cups-config
      Also add other build-deps which were present in samba 2:3.6.19-1
      remove more obsolete build-deps
      abort if tdb move can't be done on upgrade
      avoid moving only some tdb files and not others
      Document swat removal. Closes: #726751
      release samba 2:4.0.10+dfsg-3 to unstable
      Handle move of tdb files to private dir in samba-libs.preinst.
      add symlink for old location of tdb files
      Also do the tdb move in libpam-smbpass.preinst
      release samba 2:4.0.10+dfsg-4 to unstable
      Update samba-libs.lintian-overrides for moved libtorture0
      update README.source for 4.0 on master
      samba 4.0 is now on master branch
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.11+dfsg
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.0.11+dfsg'
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.11+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Import upstream security release 4.0.11
      Move world-readable private key file on upgrade
      Add check in init script for key file permission
      release samba 2:4.0.11+dfsg-1 to unstable
      Add build-dep on python-ntdb
      Add build-dep on libncurses5-dev
      Add depends on python-ntdb to samba
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.12+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.12+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.0.12+dfsg'
      update changelog for upstream version 4.0.12
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-samba/samba
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-samba/samba
      release samba 2:4.0.12+dfsg-1 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 4.0.13+dfsg
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.0.13+dfsg'
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.0.13+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      update changelog for upstream security release 4.0.13
      Fix invocations of 'update-alternatives --remove-all'
      Add empty prerm scripts for samba and samba-common-bin.prerm
      Don't fail in postinst when removing old alternatives fails
      release samba 2:4.0.13+dfsg-1 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.3+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.3+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.3+dfsg' into samba_4.1
      set debian branch to samba_4.1
      update changelog for upstream version 2:4.1.3+dfsg-1
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.0.13+dfsg' into samba_4.1
      Merge branch 'master' into samba_4.1
      release samba 2:4.1.3+dfsg-1 to experimental
      Add debug symbols for all binaries to samba-dbg
      Add lintian overrides for empty prerm scripts.
      release samba 2:4.1.3+dfsg-2 to unstable
      4.1 is now on master branch
      Update talloc build-deps to version 2.0.8.
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.4+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.4+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.4+dfsg'
      update changelog for upstream version 4.1.4
      python-samba: add depends on python-ntdb
      release samba 2:4.1.4+dfsg-1 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.5+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.5+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.5+dfsg'
      update changelog for upstream version 4.1.5
      Remove the part of patch 26_heimdal_compat integrated upstream.
      release samba 2:4.1.5+dfsg-1 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.6+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.6+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.6+dfsg'
      update changelog for upstream version 4.1.6
      Backport fix for readline 6.3 from master
      release samba 2:4.1.6+dfsg-1 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.7+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.7+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.7+dfsg'
      update changelog for upstream release 4.1.7
      Remove readline63.patch, integrated upstream
      Add build-dep on libkrb5-dev, no longer pulled in by libcups2-dev
      Don't try to delete Parse/Yapp/Driver.pm, which is no longer installed
      release samba 2:4.1.7+dfsg-1 to unstable
      Build-depends on heimdal-dev instead of libkrb5-dev
      Add versioned build-dep on libgmp10 for now.
      release samba 2:4.1.7+dfsg-2 unstable
      Remove workaround for #745233
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.8+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.8+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.8+dfsg'
      update changelog for upstream version 4.1.8
      Use the upstream version of the smb.conf.5 manpage
      release samba 2:4.1.8+dfsg-1 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.9+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.9+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.9+dfsg'
      update changelog for upstream version 4.1.9
      release samba 2:4.1.9+dfsg-1 to unstable
      filter chm files from upstream tarball
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.13+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.13+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.13+dfsg'
      start changelog for 2:4.1.13+dfsg-1
      update my email address
      sort samba-libs.install
      install libdnsserver_common.so.0
      Bump standards version to 3.9.6 (no changes)
      release samba 2:4.1.13+dfsg-1 to unstable
      Mask /etc/init.d/samba init script for systemd
      Disable samba init script on upgrade from wheezy to jessie
      use samba.links to create systemd symlink
      release samba 2:4.1.13+dfsg-2 to unstable
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.16+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.16+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.16+dfsg'
      start changelog for 2:4.1.16+dfsg-1
      Refresh patch add-so-version-to-private-libraries
      Fix installation of bind modules.
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.17+dfsg
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.17+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.17+dfsg'
      update changelog for upstream version 4.1.17
      backport torture test for CVE-2015-0240
      Add breaks on qtsmbstatus-server (<< 2.2.1-3~).
      Build-depend on reverted ldb version (with increased epoch)
      release samba 2:4.1.17+dfsg-1 to unstable
      Add samba.preinst to temporarily deactivate the old qtsmbstatusd initscript
      release samba 2:4.1.17+dfsg-2 to unstable

Jan Brummer (1):
      s3-winbindd: Fix DEBUG statement in winbind_msg_offline().

Jeffrey Clark (1):
      Support for Heimdal's unified krb5 and hdb plugin system.

Jelmer Vernooij (124):
      Update commentrs in autodeps.py conf file.
      autodeps.py: Fix parsing of control file.
      Integrate samba4 source package changelog.
      Break long lines in descriptions of libsmbsharemodes-dev and libsmbsharemodes0.
      Bump standards version to 3.9.4 (no changes).
      Suggest libwireshark-dev for libparse-pidl-perl, as it is necessary to build wireshark dissectors generated by pidl.
      Break long line in libsmbd0 description.
      samba-ad-dc: Drop suggests for removed packages swat2 and samba-gtk.
      samba: Remove inetd servers from suggests; inetd support was dropped in 3.6.16-1.
      Fix database errors during upgrade. Closes: #700768
      Fix indentation.
      Integrate most of the libraries into the samba-libs package and
      Integrate double Replaces lines.
      Add breaks.
      Fold libnetapi0 into samba-libs.
      Remove duplicate entries in install files, empty libgensec-dev.install.
      Fix package names.
      Move libtorture0 to samba-testsuite to reduce size of samba-libs and prevent dependency on libsubunit0.
      Update lintian-overrides for move of libtorture0.
      Switch over to 4.1 branch.
      Update instructions to reference upstream VCS tag.
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.1+dfsg
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.1+dfsg' into debian.
      New upstream release.
      Drop 0002-lib-replace-Allow-OS-vendor-to-assert-that-getpass-i.patch: upstream no longer uses getpass.
      Add source dependency on libntdb1, and stop passing --disable-ntdb, which has been removed.
      Remove handling for SWAT, which is no longer shipped upstream.
      Update files to install.
      Stop installation of disappeared source4/NEWS.
      Update libsmbclient symbols.
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.1+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
      Split VFS modules out from samba-libs into a separate binary package.
      Move samba-regedit.8 to right package.
      Move service and process_model modules from the samba-libs to the samba package. Prevents dependencies on libkdc2-heimdal and libhdb9-heimdal.
      Add 26_heimdal_compat: Fix compatibility with newer versions of Heimdal.
      Remove local copy of krb5-types.h to prevent it from interfering.
      Cherry-pick interface version fix.
      Cherry-pick fix for heim_octet_t.
      Fix invocations of 'update-alternatives --remove-all' in samba- common-bin prerm. Closes: #731192
      Revert "Fix invocations of 'update-alternatives --remove-all' in samba- common-bin prerm. Closes: #731192"
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-samba/samba into debian_4.1
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.2+dfsg
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.2+dfsg' into debian_4.1
      Update changelog for 4.1.2.
      Drop duplicate patch 26_heimdal_no_local_krb5_types.
      Depend on newer version of ctdb, as Samba won't build against older versions without --enable-old-ctdb.
      Remove Samba4-specific instructions on building packages.
      Add gitignore file.
      Bump standards version to 3.9.5 (no changes).
      Move libpac, db_glue and hdb module from samba-libs to samba package to reduce size of libs package.
      * Fix compatibility with newer versions of the Heimdal HDB API.
      Compare against old package version, rather than the string literal "upgrade".
      releasing package samba version 2:4.1.4+dfsg-2
      Move samba.dckeytab module to samba package, as it relies on hdb. Closes: #736405, #736430
      releasing package samba version 2:4.1.4+dfsg-3
      Fix watch file.
      Cope with first element in hdb_method having a different name in different heimdal versions.
      Remove smbd and nmbd from required-start and required-stop in samba.init. Closes: #739887
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.11.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.11.orig.tar.gz
      Imported Upstream version 4.1.11
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.11.orig.tar.gz
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.1.11' into debian
      New upstream release.
      CVE-2014-3560: Remote code execution in nmbd. Closes: #756759
      Fix filenames.
      releasing package samba version 2:4.1.11+dfsg-1
      Updated Italian translation. Thanks Luca Monducci. Closes: #760743
      Use HTTP in watch file, as ftp.samba.org is not working reliably for me.
      Use Excluded-Files in debian/copyright for DFSG-nonfree files.
      Update Dutch translation. Thanks Frans Spiesschaert. Closes: #763650
      Exclude pre-built zlib file.
      releasing package samba version 2:4.1.11+dfsg-2
      Add bug#.
      releasing package samba version 2:4.1.13+dfsg-3
      Imported Upstream version 4.2.0~rc2+dfsg
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.2.0_rc2+dfsg' into experimental
      New upstream release.
      Update 26_heimdal_compat.
      Remove upstream applied bug_598313_upstream_7499-nss_wins-dont-clobber-daemons-logs.patch.
      usershare.patch: refresh
      drop do-not-install-smbclient4-and-nmbclient4: applied upstream.
      Add build-dependency on libarchive-dev.
      Revert previous patch, since ldb has an active module version check. Instead, just depend on ldb 1.1.18.
      releasing package samba version 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4
      Merge 4.1 branch.
      Imported Upstream version 4.2.1+dfsg
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.2.1+dfsg' into experimental
      New upstream release - 4.2.1
      Refresh patch add-so-version-to-private-libraries.
      Drop samba_bug_11077_torturetest.patch: applied upstream.
      Drop dependency on ctdb - now bundled with Samba.
      Depend on newer talloc/tdb/tevent/ldb.
      Use bundled Heimdal as the system Heimdal doesn't contain the changes required for Samba.
      Add patch heimdal-rfc3454.txt: patch in truncated rfc3454.txt for building bundled heimdal.
      Re-add non-rfc txt files.
      Use released versions rather than rcs.
      Exclude non-rfc files.
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.2.1+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.2.1+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      Ignore debhelper.log files.
      Drop patches 25_heimdal_api_changes and 26_heimdal_compat.
      Use bundled comerr, as building against the system one breaks.
      Disable cluster support; it breaks the build.
      Stop attempting to install hdb_samba4.so.
      Ignore some debian output files, stop packaging of files that are no longer installed.
      Add patch no_wrapper: avoid dependencies on {nss,uid,socket}_wrapper.
      Move some libraries around.
      Move ownership of var/lib/samba and var/lib/samba/private to samba-common, remove obsolete samba4.dirs. Closes: #793866
      Remove ctdb-tests package as it problems and unclear what it is useful for.
      Remove ctdb-tests and ctdb-pcp-pmda packages as they contain problems and unclear what they are useful for, now ctdb now longer provides an external API.
      releasing package samba version 2:4.2.1+dfsg-1
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.3.0+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.3.1+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.21+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.21+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.3.2+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.1.22+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.3.3+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.3.5+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
      Re-enable cluster support.
      Disable socketwrapper.

Jelmer Vernooij (16):
      Depend on libgnutls28-dev rather than libgnutls-dev. Closes: #753146
      Remove outdated-autotools-helper-file overrides for config.guess and config.sub; files are no longer present upstream.
      Add branch to Vcs-Git header.
      samba.smbd.upstart: Remove leftover code for RUN_MODE=inetd, which was already removed elsewhere.
      [ Debconf translations ]0
      Remove trailing 0.
      Move dsdb-module library from samba-dsdb-modules to samba-libs, to prevent circular dependencies between samba-dsdb-modules and samba- libs. This is necessary since dsdb-module is now used by the dcerpc- server library.
      releasing package samba version 2:4.1.9+dfsg-2
      Update debian/rules to allow support for multiple upstream ldb versions, when verified.
      Update watch file to only check foer 4.2.X releases.
      Imported Upstream version 4.2.9+dfsg
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.2.9+dfsg' into stable-update
      New upstream release.
      Refresh patch.
      Drop patch Fix-CTDB-build-with-PMDA.patch: applied upstream.
      pristine-tar data for samba_4.3.6+dfsg.orig.tar.gz

Jeremy Allison (170):
      Fix bug #10010 - Missing integer wrap protection in EA list reading can cause server to loop with DOS.
      Fix bug #10010 - Missing integer wrap protection in EA list reading can cause server to loop with DOS.
      Add ea_list_has_invalid_name() function.
      Ensure set_ea cannot set invalid Windows EA names.
      Ensure we never return an EA name to a Windows client it can't handle.
      Ensure we can't create a file using SMB2_CREATE with an invalid EA list.
      Add the ability to send an NTSTATUS result back with a trans2 reply so we can return a parameter block with an error code.
      Add error map of STATUS_INVALID_EA_NAME -> ERRDOS, ERRbadfile
      Ensure we can't create a file using TRANS2_OPEN with an invalid EA list.
      Ensure we can't create a file using NTTRANS with an invalid EA list.
      Ensure we do pathname processing before SD and EA processing in NTTRANS_CREATE.
      Reply with correct trans2 message on a setpathinfo with a bad EA name.
      Add torture tests to raw.eas to check sending Windows invalid names in the middle of an EA list.
      Wrap setting leases in become_root()/unbecome_root() to ensure correct delivery of signals.
      Fix bug #10063 - source3/lib/util.c:1493 leaking memory w/ pam_winbind.so / winbind
      Fix the erroneous masking of chmod requests via the UNIX extensions.
      Allow UNIX extensions client to act on open fsp instead of pathname if available.
      Fix the UNIX extensions CHOWN calls to use FCHOWN if available, else LCHOWN.
      s3:param: Correctly set up cli_maxprotocol, cli_minprotocol in our parameter block.
      s3:libsmb: Modify cli_start_connection_connected() to use lp_cli_minprotocol()/lp_cli_maxprotocol() instead of hard coding PROTOCOL_CORE, PROTOCOL_NT1.
      s3:libsmb: Ensure we ask for DEFAULT_SMB2_MAX_CREDITS on successful negprot.
      s3:smbcacls: Add -m<MAX PROTOCOL> option to smbcacls.
      libcli/smb: Fix smb2cli_write_recv() and smb2cli_write() to return the bytes written.
      libcli/smb: Change smb2cli_create() and smb2cli_create_recv() to return a parameter blob of the newly opened/created file.
      s3:lib: Factor read_ea_list_entry() and read_nttrans_ea_list() out so they can be used by the SMB2 client code.
      s3:libsmb: Add in the core of the libsmb client SMB2 functions.
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_rename() inside cli_rename().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_unlink() inside cli_unlink().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_mkdir() inside cli_mkdir().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_rmdir() inside cli_rmdir().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_create_fnum() inside cli_ntcreate().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_close_fnum() inside cli_close().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_getattrE() inside cli_getattrE().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_setattrE() inside cli_setattrE().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_setatr() inside cli_setatr().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_getatr() inside cli_getatr().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_dskattr() inside cli_dskattr().
      s3:libsmb: Fix cli_set_ea_path() to use frame instead of talloc_tos().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_set_ea_path() inside cli_set_ea_path().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_set_ea_fnum() inside cli_set_ea_fnum().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_get_ea_list_path() inside cli_get_ea_list_path().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_list() inside cli_list().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_qpathinfo2() inside cli_qpathinfo2().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_qpathinfo_streams() inside cli_qpathinfo_streams().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_qfileinfo_basic() inside cli_qfileinfo_basic().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_qpathinfo_basic() inside cli_qpathinfo_basic().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_qpathinfo_alt_name() inside cli_qpathinfo_alt_name().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_query_security_descriptor() inside cli_query_security_descriptor().
      s3:libsmb: Plumb cli_smb2_set_security_descriptor() inside cli_set_security_descriptor().
      Remove restrictions on setting iosize inside smbclient for SMB2 connections.
      As SMB3 has transport level encryption, allow smbclient -e to force encryted SMB3 transport.
      Add new "timeout" command and -t option to smbclient to set the per-operation timeout.
      Add "max protocol" command line documentation for smbcacls.
      Add "-e" encrypt transport command line option documentation for smbcacls.
      Expand on the documentation of -m max-protocol for SMB2/3 for smbclient.
      Fix the documentation for --send-buffersize for the new default value of zero for smbclient.
      Fix the documentation of the iosize command to explain the new zero default for smbclient.
      Fix the documentation of --encrypt to explain SMB3 encryption for smbclient.
      Add documentation for the new -t <timeout> parameter in smbclient.
      Add documentation for the new internal command timeout to smbclient.
      WHATSNEW: Add paragraph about SMB2/3 support for client tools/library.
      dsgetdcname_cache_fetch() doesn't use the site_name parameter so don't pass it.
      Refactor dsgetdcname to be called via a wrapper function.
      Move the manipulation of site_name into the caller function dsgetdcname().
      Move the retry logic when site_name is passed in a NULL or "" to the wrapper function.
      Optimization. Don't do the retry logic if sitename_fetch() returned NULL, we already did a NULL query.
      s3: libsmb : The short name length is only a one byte field.
      Fix is_legal_name() to not emit character conversion error messages.
      s3: libsmb SMB2 wrapper layer. cli_smb2_get_ea_list_path() failed to close file on exit.
      s3: libsmb : Bug 10150 - Not all OEM servers support the ALTNAME info level.
      s3: libsmb - 10150 - Not all OEM servers support the ALTNAME info level.
      Fix bug #10187 - Missing talloc_free can leak stackframe in error path.
      Fix bug #10229 - No access check verification on stream files.
      Add regression test for bug #10229 - No access check verification on stream files.
      Fix bug 10196 - RW Deny for a specific user is not overriding RW Allow for a group.
      Fix bug 10196 - RW Deny for a specific user is not overriding RW Allow for a group.
      s3-smbd: smbclient shows no error if deleting a directory with del failed
      s3-lib: smbclient shows no error if deleting a directory with del failed
      s3-client: smbclient shows no error if deleting a directory with del failed
      CVE-2013-4408:s3:Ensure we always check call_id when validating an RPC reply.
      CVE-2013-4408:s3:Ensure LookupSids replies arrays are range checked.
      CVE-2013-4408:s3:Ensure LookupNames replies arrays are range checked.
      CVE-2013-4408:s3:Ensure LookupRids() replies arrays are range checked.
      smbd: change flag name from UCF_CREATING_FILE to UCF_PREP_CREATEFILE
      smbd: Always use UCF_PREP_CREATEFILE for filename_convert calls to resolve a path for open.
      smbd - allow updates on directory write times on open handles.
      smbtorture: New torture test for bug #9870.
      ldb: bad if test in ldb_comparison_fold()
      s3: winbindd: Move the logic of whether to set 'domain->primary' into add_trusted_domain().
      s3: winbindd: Move calling setup_domain_child() into add_trusted_domain().
      s3:dir - In the old SMB1 search code, rename offset to wire_offset to distinguish between wire and native offsets.
      s3:dir - Introduce a function to map a directory cookie to a 32-bit wire cookie.
      s3: dir - Introduce 32-bit wire versions of the 'special' values.
      s3:dir - Cope with fixed mapping of 'special' values.
      s3:dir - Map wire offsets to native directory cookies.
      s3:dir - Add a new memcache type (non-talloc) - SMB1_SEARCH_OFFSET_MAP.
      s3:dir - Introduce a 64-bit directory offset <-> 32 bit wire offset map using memcache.
      s3:dir - We now pass the previously spinning directory tests on ext4.
      s3: smbpasswd - fix crashes on invalid input.
      s3: vfs_dirsort module.
      s3: vfs_dirsort module.
      s3: modules: streaminfo: As we have no VFS function SMB_VFS_LLISTXATTR we can't cope with a symlink when lp_posix_pathnames() is true.
      s3: printing: Fix problem with server taking too long to respond to a MSG_PRINTER_DRVUPGRADE message.
      s3-printing: Fix obvious memory leak in printer_list_get_printer().
      s3: smbd: Ensure brl_get_locks_internal() always returns a valid struct byte_range_lock even if there are no locks.
      CVE-2013-6442: s3:smbcacls - ensure we don't lose an existing ACL when setting owner or group owner.
      CVE-2013-6442: s3:smbcacls - ensure we don't lose an existing ACL when setting owner or group owner.
      s3: lib: Back-port tevent_queue_wait_send/recv -> smbd_tevent_queue_wait_send/recv
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: split smbd_smb2_logoff into an async *_send/recv pair.
      s3:smb2_tcon: split smbd_smb2_tdis into an async *_send/recv pair.
      s4: smbtorture: Update the torture_smb2_notify_ulogoff test to demonstrate the problem.
      s4: smbtorture: Add a proper change_notify going async followed by tdis test.
      s3: smbd: Fileserving share access checks.
      s3: smbd: Ensure we always go via getgroups_unix_user() when creating an NT token.
      s3: messages: Implement cleanup of dead records.
      s3-lib/util: fix logic inside set_namearray loops.
      s3 : smbd : Protect all possible code paths from fsp->op == NULL.
      s3: smbd : Ensure file_new doesn't call into smbXsrv_open_create() for INTERNAL_OPEN_ONLY.
      s3: smbd: change file_set_dosmode() to use get_file_handle_for_metadata() instead of open_file_fchmod().
      s3: smbd: Remove open_file_fchmod().
      s3: smbd : Fix wildcard unlink to fail if we get an error rather than trying to continue.
      s3: smb2: Move from using SBVAL to put NTTIMEs on the wire to put_long_date_timespec.
      s3: smb2: Move from using SBVAL to put NTTIMEs on the wire to put_long_date_timespec.
      s3: client - rename 'struct smb2_create_returns' to 'struct smb_create_returns' so we can use this in SMB1 create returns as well.
      s3: client : Add extra return parameter to all client open calls.
      s3: client : correctly fill in the struct smb_create_returns from cli_ntcreate(), cli_ntcreate_recv(), cli_nttrans_create() and cli_nttrans_create_recv().
      s3: libsmbclient: Work around bugs in SLES cifsd and Apple smbx SMB1 servers.
      s3: nmbd: Fix bug 10633 - nmbd denial of service
      s3: smbd - fix processing of packets with invalid DOS charset conversions.
      s3/s4: smbd, rpc, ldap, cldap, kdc services.
      s3:winbindd - fix bad bugfix for bug #10280 - winbind panic if AD server is down.
      s3: smbd: Locking, fix off-by one calculation in brl_pending_overlap().
      s3: smbd: Locking - convert to using utility macro used elsewhere.
      s3: smbd: Locking - add and use utility function lock_timed_out().
      s3: smbd: Locking - treat lock timeout the same as any other error.
      s3: smbd: Locking - re-add pending lock records if we fail to acquire a lock (and the lock hasn't timed out).
      s4: smbtorture: Add multi-lock test. Regression test for bug #10684.
      s3: libwbclient: Don't break out of loop too soon - find all parameters.
      s3: smbd - Prevent file truncation on an open that fails with share mode violation.
      s3: smb2: Remove unused code from remove_pending_lock().
      s3: smb2: Simplify logic in reprocess_blocked_smb2_lock().
      s3: SMB2 : Fix leak of blocking lock records in the database.
      lib: tevent: make TEVENT_SIG_INCREMENT atomic.
      s3: xml-docs. Ensure users of 'net time' know the remote server must be specified with -S.
      s3: net time - fix usage and core dump.
      s3: smbd: POSIX ACLs. Remove incorrect check for SECINFO_PROTECTED_DACL in incoming security_information flags in posix_get_nt_acl_common().
      s3: smbd - SMB[2|3]. Ensure a \ or / can't be found anywhere in a search path, not just at the start.
      s3: smbd : SMB2 - fix SMB2_SEARCH when searching non wildcard string with a case-canonicalized share.
      lib: strings: Fix the behavior of strcasecmp_m_handle() in the face of bad conversions.
      lib: strings: Fix the behavior of strncasecmp_m_handle() in the face of bad conversions.
      s4: tests: Added local.charset test for Bug 10716 - smbd constantly crashes when filename contains non-ascii character
      s3: winbindd: Add new parameter "winbind request timeout" set to 60 seconds with man page.
      s3: winbindd: On new client connect, prune idle or hung connections older than "winbind request timeout"
      s3: smbd: vfs_dirsort module.
      s3: winbindd: Old NT Domain code sets struct winbind_domain->alt_name to be NULL. Ensure this is safe with modern AD-DCs.
      s3: smbd - open logic fix.
      s3: smb2cli: query info return length check was reversed.
      lib: util: Signal handling - change CatchChild() and CatchChildLeaveStatus() to return the previous handler.
      s3: lib: Signal handling - ensure smbrun and change password code save and restore existing SIGCHLD handlers.
      pthreadpool: Slightly serialize jobs
      s3: nmbd: Ensure the main nmbd process doesn't create zombies.
      s3: daemons - ensure nmbd and winbindd are consistent in command line processing by adding POPT_COMMON_DYNCONFIG.
      s3-nmbd: Fix netbios name truncation.
      s3: libsmbclient - smb2. MacOSX 10 SMB2 server doesn't set STATUS_NO_MORE_FILES when handed a non-wildcard path.
      s3: nmbd: Ensure NetBIOS names are only 15 characters stored.
      libcli: SMB2: Pure SMB2-only negprot fix to make us behave as a Windows client does.
      s3: smbd: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return convention.
      s3: smbd: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return convention.
      s3: modules: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return convention.
      CVE-2015-0240: s3: netlogon: Ensure we don't call talloc_free on an uninitialized pointer.

Jeroen Dekkers (10):
      Reorder calls to dh_installinit so nmbd and smbd init scripts are installed before the samba init script
      Call dh_installinit reload-smbd with --noscripts
      Add so version to the private libraries so dpkg-shlibdeps works
      Drop patch 01_no_private_lib_suffix
      Merge branch 'samba_4.0' into samba_4.0_integration
      Drop 10_messaging_subsystem patch
      Remove lintian overrides of binary packages that have been dropped
      Remove leftover debian/samba-tools.manpages
      Add patch to not install smbclient4 and nmblookup4 and remove
      ldb: Do not build libldb-cmdline when using system ldb.

Jose A. Rivera (3):
      Minor typo fix in source3/wscript.
      Fix an empty if statement.
      vfs_glusterfs: Remove "integer fd" code and store the glfs pointers.

Kai Blin (4):
      bug #10471: Don't respond with NXDOMAIN to records that exist with another type
      dns: Extend tests for records with another type
      bug #10609: CVE-2014-0239 Don't reply to replies
      provision: Correctly provision the SOA record minimum TTL

Karolin Seeger (100):
      VERSION: Set version to 4.1.0rc1-GITSNAPSHOT.
      WHATSNEW: Start release notes for Samba 4.1.0rc1.
      WHATSNEW: Some updates.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.0rc1 release.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.0rc2...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.0rc2.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.0rc2 release.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.0rc3...
      docs: Add man page for vfs_linux_xfs_sgid.
      docs: Add basic man page for vfs_syncops.
      docs: Add man vfs_syncops.8 to waf build.
      docs: Fix variable list in man vfs_crossrename.
      ntdb.3.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
      ntdbbackup.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
      ntdbdump.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
      ntdbrestore.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
      ntdbtool.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
      docs: Add man samba-regedit.8.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.0rc3.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since 4.1.0rc2.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.0rc3 release.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since 4.1.0rc2.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.0rc3 release.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.0...
      WHATSNEW: Start to add changes since 4.1.0rc3.
      docs: Fix typos.
      VERSION: Set version to 4.1.0rc4.
      WHATSNEW: Add changes since 4.1.0rc3.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since rc3.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.0rc4 release.
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.0rc5...
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.0rc4 release.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.0.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.0...
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.1...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.1.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.1 release.
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.1' into v4-1-test
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.2...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.2.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.2 release.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.3...
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.3...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.3.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.3 release.
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.3' into v4-1-test
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.4.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.4.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.5...
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.4 release.
      docs: Fix typos in vfs_shadow_copy2.8.xml.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.5.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.5 release.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.6...
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.6...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.6.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.6 release.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.6.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.6 release.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.7.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.7.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.8...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.8.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.8 release.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.9...
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.9...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.9.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshot for the 4.1.8 release.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshot for the 4.1.9 release.
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.9' into v4-1-test
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.10.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.10.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.10 release.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.11...
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.9' into v4-1-stable
      Merge commit 'origin/v4-1-test^' into v4-1-stable
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.11...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.11.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.11 release.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.11.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.11 release.
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.12.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.12.
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.13...
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.11' into v4-1-test
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.13.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.13 release.
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.14...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.14.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.14 release.
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.15...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.15.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.15 release.
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.16...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.16.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.16 release.
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.17.
      VERSION: Re-enable git snapshots.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.17.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.17 release.

Korobkin (1):
      Raise the level of a debug.

Luk Claes (3):
      s3/libsmb: Use smbXcli_conn_use_unicode instead of smb1 specific test
      libcli/smb: Introduce smbXcli_conn_dfs_supported
      s3/libsmb: Use smbXcli_conn_dfs_supported instead of test on CAP_DFS

Marc Muehlfeld (1):
      docs: Fix typos in smb.conf (inherit acls)

Mathieu Parent (10):
      Fix socketpath parsing
      Fix CTDB build with PMDA
      Merge ctdb source package
      ctdb-dbg needs python
      libctdb-dev has been dropped
      Renamed ctdb-dbg to ctdb-tests
      Changelog for previous commits
      Fix privacy breach on google.com from documentation
      Fix CTDB behavior since CVE-2015-8543 (Closes: #813406)
      Don't build ctdb twice

Matt Rogers (1):
      s3-keytab: fix keytab array NULL termination.

Matthieu Patou (9):
      libcli: continue to read from the socket even if the size is 0
      drs-crackname: Fix cracknames for the format UNKNOWN when the data is actually a GUID
      drs-cracknames: When cracking NT4 names we should just look at netbios for the match
      drs-crackname: Fix error code so that we have the same as windows
      drs-cracksname: fix problems that prevented to pass our torture tests
      pyldb: decrement ref counters on py_results and quiet warnings
      librpc-idl: replace int32 by the enumeration as it's the type that we use in union's switch drsuapi_DsGetDCInfoCtrLevels
      librpc-idl: change the drsuapi_DsBindInfoCtr so that it match what is on the wire both in NDR32 and NDR64.
      librpc/ndr_drsuapi: Allow ndrdump to dump dsinfo52 blobs

Michael Adam (67):
      s3:winbind: fail ads_cached_connection_connect() if realm == NULL
      client: add missing newlines to error messages for invalid iosize parameter.
      loadparm: add new parameter "acl allow execute always"
      s3:smbd: ease file server upgrades from 3.6 and earlier with "acl allow execute aways"
      docs: document "acl allow execute always"
      shadow_copy2: break overly long lines in shadow_copy2_snapshot_to_gmt()
      shadow_copy2: add comment header describing shadow_copy2_strip_snapshot()
      shadow_copy2: add header comment explaining have_snapdir()
      shadow_copy2: add comment block explaining shadow_copy2_find_snapdir()
      shadow_copy2: add comment block explaining shadow_copy2_insert_string()
      shadow_copy2: add comment block explaining shadow_copy2_convert()
      shadow_copy2: add comment explaining the SMB level GMT format pattern
      shadow_copy2: introduce config struct and function shadow_copy2_connect()
      shadow_copy2: introduce the bool "snapdir_absolute" in the config.
      shadow_copy2: disable "snapdir:crossmountpoints" if the snapdir is absolute.
      shadow_copy2: re-add the basedir option.
      shadow_copy2: introduce "shadow:mountpoint" option
      shadow_copy2: add rel_connectpath to config.
      shadow_copy2: add snapshot_basepath to the config.
      shadow_copy2: log resulting config at the end of shadow_copy2_connect()
      shadow_copy2: implement disk_free
      shadow_copy2: in the classical case, use configured path in shadow_copy2_find_snapdir()
      shadow_copy2: make shadow_copy2_find_snapdir() return const char *
      shadow_copy2: shadow_copy2_insert_string(): do not prepend a "/" in absolute mode
      shadow_copy2: factor shadow_copy2_posix_gmt_string() out of shadow_copy2_insert_string()
      shadow_copy2: introduce shadow_copy2_snapshot_path()
      shadow_copy2: add comments explaining decisions in shadow_copy2_strip_snapshot()
      shadow_copy2: add some debug to shadow_copy2_strip_snapshot()
      shadow_copy2: fix shadow_copy2_strip_snapshot() in the classical case
      shadow_copy2: initialize "converted" string to null in shadow_copy2_convert()
      shadow_copy2: add some blank lines for visual separation to shadow_copy2_convert()
      shadow_copy2: fix shadow_copy2_convert() in the classical case.
      shadow_copy2: improve debug in shadow_copy2_convert() in snapdirseverywhere mode
      shadow_copy2: use stored mount_point instead of recalculating.
      s3:module:shadow_copy2: add my (C)
      s3:modules:shadow_copy2: improve headline comment
      s3:modules:shadow_copy2: remove redundant documentation comment block
      docs: update the manpage of vfs_shadow_copy2
      shadow_copy2: revert expensive and unnecessary zero-initialization
      shadow_copy2: add a comment explaining why we don't talloc_zero_array().
      build: fix ordering problems with lib-provided and internal RPATHs
      ldb:build: improve detection of srcdir
      s3:idmap: don't log missing range config if range checking not requested
      s3:vfs:gpfs: store the winAttrs in the struct_ex when we got them in vfs_gpfs_fstat()
      s3:vfs:gpfs: fix flapping offline: always get winAttrs from gpfs for is_offline
      s3:vfs:gpfs: Remove all reading uses of stat_ex.vfs_private from vfs_gfs.
      s3:vfs:gpfs: remove all writing uses of stat_ex.vfs_private from vfs_gpfs.
      s3:vfs:gpfs: remove a block and reduce indentation in gpfs_is_offline()
      s3: remove stat_ex.vfs_private completely
      build: fix configure to honour --without-dmapi
      s3:smbd: fix a race in open code
      s3:smbd:open_file: use a more natural check.
      wafsamba: remove unused variable from copy_and_fix_python_path
      wafsamba: improve wording in a comment
      dynconfig: implement PERL_LIB_INSTALL_DIR.
      dynconfig: implement PERL_ARCH_INSTALL_DIR
      wafsamba: add samba_perl.py with SAMBA_CHECK_PERL() higher level check.
      build: do full SAMBA_CHECK_PERL() check in configure
      pidl/wscript: don't check for perl again.
      s3:build: don't detect perl in source3/wscript again.
      wafsamba: add perl_fixup parameter to INSTALL_FILES
      pidl: fix the perl module search path (use lib ...) when installing pidl.
      pidl: remove superfluous "use lib ...".
      Revert "wafsamba: Fail with error message if perl doesn't provide valid dirs."
      Revert "wafsamba: If perl can't provide defaults, define them."
      Revert "buildtools: Add perl vendorlib configure option."
      Revert "buildtools: Rename perl vendorarch configure option."

Michele Baldessari (1):
      Fix typos in man-pages

Nadezhda Ivanova (4):
      s4-dsacl: Fixed incorrect handling of privileges in sec_access_check_ds
      s4-openldap: Remove use of talloc_reference in ldb_map_outbound.c
      s4-dsdb: instanceType NC_HEAD is only allowed combined with WRITE for an originating add operation
      s4-samldb: Do not allow deletion of objects with RID < 1000

Niels de Vos (1):
      vfs/glusterfs: in case atime is not passed, set it to the current atime

Noel Power (2):
      CVE-2012-6150: Fail authentication for single group name which cannot be converted to sid
      s3: smbd - smb1 - fix read of deleted memory in reply_writeclose().

Pavel Reichl (1):
      ldb: use of NULL pointer bugfix

Poornima Gurusiddaiah (1):
      vfs_glusterfs: Enable per client log file

Ralph Wuerthner (6):
      Ensure gpfs kernel leases are wrapped in a become_root()/unbecome_root() pair.
      s3:smbd: return NT_STATUS_INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH for GetInfo in case output_buffer_length is too small
      s3:smbd: allow GetInfo responses with STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW to return partial, but valid data
      s3:smbd: allow status code in smbd_do_qfsinfo() to be set by information class handler
      s3:smbd: allow info class SMB_QUERY_FS_VOLUME_INFO to return partial data
      s3:smbd: allow info class SMB_QUERY_FS_ATTRIBUTE_INFO to return partial data

Richard Sharpe (2):
      Fix bug #10097 - MacOSX 10.9 will not follow path-based DFS referrals handed out by Samba.
      There are tests all over the SMB1 code to check that srv_send_smb fails, but it never returns false.

Roel van Meer (1):
      Don't discard result of checking grouptype

Ross Lagerwall (1):
      s3:libsmb: Set a max charge for SMB2 connections

Rusty Russell (1):
      Man pages for ntdb tools missing

Salvatore Bonaccorso (2):
      Move libraries back to samba-libs
      Imported Debian patch 2:4.2.10+dfsg-0+deb8u3

Samuel Cabrero (2):
      s4-dns: dlz_bind9: Create dns-HOSTNAME account disabled
      idl:drsuapi: Manage all possible lengths of drsuapi_DsBindInfo

Shirish Pargaonkar (1):
      samba: Retain case sensitivity of cifs client

Stefan Metzmacher (212):
      s3-lib: hide incomplete smbXsrv_tcon_global records
      lib/util: add 'ldb' debug class
      lib/ldb-samba: make use of DBGC_LDB
      lib/ldb-samba: only debug LDB_DEBUG_TRACE at level 10
      lib/param: sync debug related options with source3/param
      s4-lib/socket: Allocate a the larger sockaddr_un and not just a sockaddr_in in unixdom_get_my_addr()
      dsdb/samdb: use RECYCLED it implies DELETED...
      dsdb/repl_meta_data: split out replmd_deletion_state()
      s4:rpc_server: make sure we don't terminate a connection with pending requests (bug #9820)
      s4:server: avoid calling into nss_winbind from within 'samba'
      s3:client: avoid interpret_protocol()
      s3:torture: avoid interpret_protocol()
      s3:lib: remove unused interpret_protocol()
      s3:lib/netapi: make use of lp_cli_maxprotocol()
      s3:winbindd: make use of lp_cli_{min,max}protocol()
      s3:libsmb: use lp_cli_minprotocol() in do_connect()
      s3:libsmb: make use of lp_cli_{min,max}protocol() in SMBC_server_internal()
      libcli/smb: fix the credit handling on a SMB1 => SMB2 negotiate
      libcli/smb: calculate the credit charge on the input and output dyn_len
      libcli/smb: pass max_dyn_len to smb2cli_req_create()
      libcli/smb: pass max_dyn_len to smb2cli_req_send()
      libcli/smb: add smb1cli_conn_req_possible()
      libcli/smb: add smb2cli_conn_req_possible()
      s3:libsmb: rewrite cli_push* to use smb1cli_conn_req_possible()
      s3:libsmb: rewrite cli_pull* to use smb1cli_conn_req_possible()
      s3:libsmb: remove unused cli_readall*
      s3:client: use the default io size
      s3:client: fix compiler warning
      s3:libsmb: add SMB2 support to cli_push*
      s3:libsmb: add SMB2 support to cli_pull*
      s3:libsmb: add support for SMB2 in cli_writeall()
      s3:libsmb: make cli_tdis_send/recv static
      s3:libsmb: only set tcon to invalid in smb2cli_tdis*
      s3:libsmb: call smb2cli_tdis() from cli_tdis()
      s3:libsmb: make cli_ulogoff_send/recv static
      s3:libsmb: call smb2cli_logoff() from cli_ulogoff()
      python/pyglue: filter out loopback and linklocal addresses unless all_interfaces is given
      s4:samba_upgradedns: don't pass linklocal=False to interface_ips_v6()
      python/provision: remove unused linklocal=False argument from interface_ips_v6()
      libcli/smb: use SMB1 MID=0 for the initial Negprot
      libcli/smb: fix non mendatory signing against some vendor SMB2 servers.
      libcli/smb: only check the SMB2 session setup signature if required and valid
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.0rc4' into v4-1-test
      Revert "Support UPN_DNS_INFO in the PAC"
      dsdb/tests/ldap: fix test_ldapServiceName against w2k8r2
      s4:dsdb/rootdse: report 'dnsHostName' instead of 'dNSHostName'
      libcli/smb: fix smb2cli_ioctl*() against Windows 2008.
      CVE-2013-4476: selftest/Samba4: use umask 0077 within mk_keyblobs()
      CVE-2013-4408:librpc: check for invalid frag_len within dcerpc_read_ncacn_packet_done()
      CVE-2013-4408:librpc: check for invalid frag_len within dcerpc_read_ncacn_packet_next_vector()
      CVE-2013-4408:s3:rpc_client: check for invalid frag_len in dcerpc_pull_ncacn_packet()
      CVE-2013-4408:s3:rpc_client: verify frag_len at least contains the header size
      CVE-2013-4408:s4:dcerpc: check for invalid frag_len in ncacn_pull()
      CVE-2013-4408:s4:dcerpc_smb: check for invalid frag_len in send_read_request_continue()
      CVE-2013-4408:s4:dcerpc_smb2: check for invalid frag_len in send_read_request_continue()
      CVE-2013-4408:s4:dcerpc_sock: check for invalid frag_len within sock_complete_packet()
      CVE-2013-4408:async_sock: add some overflow detection to read_packet_handler()
      CVE-2013-4408:s3:util_tsock: add some overflow detection to tstream_read_packet_done()
      CVE-2013-4408:libcli/util: add some size verification to tstream_read_pdu_blob_done()
      CVE-2013-4408:s3:ctdb_conn: add some length verification to ctdb_packet_more()
      s3:smb2_server: fix drain_socket error handling
      s3:smb2_server: for performance reasons we use tevent_fd and readv/writev directly
      s3:smb2_server: use tevent_req_notify_callback() in smbd_smb2_request_pending_queue()
      s3:smb2_server: allocate smbd_smb2_request on talloc_tos()
      s3:smb2_server: generate a header blob for the sendfile path
      s3:smb2_server: avoid calling set_current_user_info() for each request
      s3:smb2_notify: fix use after free on long living notify requests
      s3:libsmb: make use of smb1cli_tcon_set_values()
      libcli/smb: add smbXcli_tcon_is_dfs_share()
      libcli/smb: add smbXcli_tcon_{set,get}_fs_attributes()
      libcli/smb: add FLAGS2_DFS_PATHNAMES for SMB1 operations against dfs shares
      libcli/smb: move Filesystem Attributes defines to smb_constants.h
      libcli/smb: add FLAG_CASELESS_PATHNAMES based on FILE_CASE_SENSITIVE_SEARCH to smb1 requests
      libcli/smb: add SMB2_HDR_FLAG_DFS for SMB2 Create operations on dfs shares
      s3:libsmb: call smbXcli_tcon_{get,set}_fs_attributes() from cli_set_case_sensitive()
      s3:libsmb: don't pass down FLAG_CASELESS_PATHNAMES and FLAGS2_DFS_PATHNAMES anymore
      s3/libsmb: make use of smbXcli_tcon_is_dfs_share()
      s3:libsmb: add SMB2/3 support to cli_dfs_get_referral()
      s3:libsmb: remove unused cli_state->dfsroot
      s3:libsmb: remove unused cli_state->case_sensitive
      s3:libsmb: call smbXcli_tcon_set_fs_attributes() directly
      s3:smbd: simplify exit_server_common()
      s3:smbd: maintain smbd_server_connection->status
      s3:lib/ctdbd_conn: let release_ip_handler return bool
      s3:smbd: avoid invalid lock_order panic triggered by "CTDB_SRVID_RELEASE_IP"
      pidl:NDR/Client: fix dcerpc_function() with [out,ref] pointers
      CVE-2013-4496:s3:auth: fix memory leak in the ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT case.
      CVE-2013-4496:s3:auth: fix memory leak in the ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT case.
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.6' into v4-1-test
      tevent: fix crash bug in tevent_queue_immediate_trigger()
      s4:torture/smb2: accept NT_STATUS_RANGE_NOT_LOCKED after smb2_logoff/tdis
      s3:smb2_lock: fix whitespaces/tabs in smbd_smb2_lock_cancel()
      s3:smb2_lock: return RANGE_NOT_LOCKED instead of CANCELLED for logoff and tdis
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: cancel and wait for pending requests on logoff
      s3:smb2_tcon: cancel and wait for pending requests on tdis
      s3:utils/smbfilter: use a local variable for the packet buffer
      s3:torture: use CLI_BUFFER_SIZE instead of BUFFER_SIZE
      s3:client: only limit the buffer by the given length 'n'
      s3:param: avoid using BUFFER_SIZE to limit the lp_min_receive_file_size()
      libcli/smb: add SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MIN/MAX defines
      s3:include: let CLI_BUFFER_SIZE be an alias of SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MAX
      s3:smbd: use SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MIN/MAX to limit lp_max_xmit()
      s3:smbd: use sconn->smb1.sessions.max_send = SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MAX
      s3:smbd: reject a MaxBufferSize < SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MIN (500) in a session setup request
      s3:smbd: take less than SMB_BUFFER_SIZE_MIN ('500') as header overhead in ipc.c
      s3:smbd: fix lockread numtoread calculation to match reply_outbuf() arguments.
      s3:smbd: pass the final numtoread reply_outbuf() for the lockread reply.
      s3:smbd: fix the lockread numtoread calculation depending on the max_send.
      s3:smbd: fix the read numtoread calculation depending on the max_send.
      s3:smbd: simplify maxentries calculation in reply_search()
      s3:smbd: fix the maxentries calculation depending on the max_send.
      s4:lib/socket: use the same logic in iface_list_wildcard() as in smbd
      s4:lib/socket: simplify iface_list_wildcard() and its callers
      wafsamba: Fail with error message if perl doesn't provide valid dirs.
      script/autobuild: make use of --with-perl-{arch,lib}-install-dir
      pidl/lib/wscript_build: make use of PERL_LIB_INSTALL_DIR
      s4:repl_meta_data: fix array assignment in replmd_process_linked_attribute()
      script/autobuild: use --force-rebase option
      selftest/subunithelper.py: correctly handle unexpected success in FilterOps
      selftest/subunithelper.py: correctly handle fail_immediately in end_testsuite of FilterOps
      selftest/subunithelper.py: correctly pass testsuite-uxsuccess to end_testsuite()
      s4:dsdb/ldb_modules: avoid declaration after code warnings
      s4:dsdb/ldb_modules: avoid invalid pointer type warnings
      dsdb/tests/ldap: fix test_distinguished_name against w2k8r2
      ldb:rdn_name: reject 'distinguishedName' depending of the MOD flags
      ldb:pyldb: add some const to PyObject_FromLdbValue()
      ldb:pyldb: fix doc string for set_extended_component()
      ldb:pyldb: add some more helper functions for LdbDn
      ldb: change version to 1.1.17
      s3:smb2_read: let smb2_sendfile_send_data() behave like send_file_readX()
      s4:dsdb/repl: make use of dcerpc_binding_handle_is_connected()
      dbchecker: make the deleted objects container detection more generic
      dbchecker: verify and fix broken dn values
      s4:dsdb/schema_load: make error message more verbose
      s4:dsdb/kcc: use SHOW_RECYCLED instead of SHOW_DELETED in when deleting tombstone/deleted objects
      s4:dsdb/extended_dn_in: don't force DSDB_SEARCH_SHOW_RECYCLED
      s4:dsdb/samldb: don't allow 'userParameters' to be modified over LDAP for now
      libwbclient: allow only one initial_blob/challenge_blob in wbcCredentialCache()
      selftest: teardown the environments also on getting SIGPIPE
      s4:dsdb/repl_meta_data: make sure objectGUID can't be deleted
      selftest/knownfail: ignore samba3.smb2.oplock.exclusive5 failures in v4-1-*
      ldb-samba: fix a memory leak in ldif_canonicalise_objectCategory()
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.10' into v4-1-test
      selftest/knownfail: add ^samba4.rpc.netlogon.*.invalidAuthenticate2 for v4-1-*
      s4:torture/rpc: add invalidAuthenticate2
      s3:lib/memcache: use uint8_t instead of uint8
      s3:lib/memcache: make use of talloc for memcache_elements
      s3:lib/memcache: only include the required header files
      lib/util: move memcache.[ch] to the toplevel 'samba-util' library
      s4:rpc_server/netlogon: keep a global challenge table
      s4:torture/rpc: add rpc.netlogon.ServerReqChallengeGlobal
      security.idl: add SMB_SUPPORTED_SECINFO_FLAGS
      s3:smbd: mask security_information input values with SMB_SUPPORTED_SECINFO_FLAGS
      libcli/security: add better detection of SECINFO_[UN]PROTECTED_[D|S]ACL in get_sec_info()
      libcli/dns: add AAAA support to dns_hosts_file.c
      libcli/dns: ignore NS entries in dns_hosts_file.c at a higher log level for now
      selftest: export _IPV6 environment variables
      selftest/Samba4: also bind to ipv6
      selftest/Samba3: also bind to ipv6
      python/join: use lowercase for the dnshostname.
      s4:samba_dnsupdate: don't lower case the registered names
      s4:samba_dnsupdate: fix dnsobj.__str__()
      s4:samba_dnsupdate: cache the already registered records
      s4:samba_dnsupdate: don't try to be smart when verifying NS records
      s4:samba_dnsupdate: provide more substitution variables e.g. IF_RODC
      s4:setup/dns_update_list: make use of the new substitution variables
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: return DNS_RANK_NS_GLUE recors when explicitly asked for
      s4:dns_server: handle WERR_DNS_ERROR_NAME_DOES_NOT_EXIST in werr_to_dns_err()
      s4:dns_server: split out a private 'dnsserver_common' library
      s4:dns_server: split out dns_common_extract() and dns_common_lookup()
      s4:dns_server: remove const from dns_replace_records()
      s4:dns_server: split out dns_common_replace()
      s4:dns_server: use .wType = DNS_TYPE_TOMBSTONE instead of ZERO_STRUCT()
      s4:dns_server: make sure dns_common_lookup() doesn't return tombstones
      s4:dns_server: add DNS_TYPE_TOMBSTONE support to dns_common_replace()
      s4:dns_server: handle tombstones in handle_one_update()
      s4:dlz_bind9: avoid some compiler warnings
      s4:dlz_bind9: do an early talloc_free(el_ctx) in dlz_allnodes()
      s4:torture:dlz_bind9: fix spnego tests
      torture-dns: Add test for dlz_bind9 zonedumps
      torture-dns: Add test for dlz_bind9 updates
      s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_lookup() for name lookup
      s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_extract()
      s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_replace()
      s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_lookup() before removing records
      s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_lookup() before add/modify
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: handle updates of tombstoned dnsNode objects
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.12' into v4-1-test
      s3:smbd: fix file corruption using "write cache size != 0"
      wafsamba: fix dependency calculation for SAMBA_GENERATOR()
      wafsamba: fix dependency for SAMBA_GENERATOR() when passing vars!=None
      wafsamba: allow an optional dep_vars list to be passed to SAMBA_GENERATOR()
      wafsamba: fix dependencies on environment variables for python_fixup
      wafsamba: let SAMBA_BLDOPTIONS() use dep_vars=['defines'] instead of always=True
      dynconfig/wscript: add dynconfig_varnames()
      docs-xml/wscript_build: pass dep_vars=bld.dynconfig_varnames() to SAMBA_GENERATOR()
      lib/ldb/wscript: pass dep_vars=['LDB_VERSION'] to SAMBA_GENERATOR()
      Revert "script/autobuild: make use of --with-perl-{arch,lib}-install-dir"
      Revert "autobuild: Set perl vendorlib direcotry."
      pidl/wscript: remove --with-perl-* options
      s4:dsdb/rootdse: expand extended dn values with the AS_SYSTEM control
      testprogs/test_ldb: check rootdse search with extended-dn control
      s3:smb2_server: use the global signing key to check if signing is required
      s3:smb2_server: allow reauthentication without signing
      libcli/smb: only force signing of smb2 session setups when binding a new session
      drsuapi.idl: change the range for attribute values to 26214400 bytes.
      librpc-idl: replace int32 by uint32 as the values are always > 0
      wafsamba: add optional keep_underscore=True to SAMBA_LIBRARY()
      selftest: use shared/libnss_wrapper_winbind.so.2
      nsswitch: fix soname of linux nss_*.so.2 modules

Steve Langasek (34):
      Drop support for running smbd from inetd; this is not well-supported upstream, and can't correctly handle all of the long-running services that are needed as part of modern samba.  Closes: #707622.
      Split the samba init script into nmbd and smbd init scripts, for better alignment with how init systems other than sysvinit work.  This also drops the override of the arguments to update-rc.d in debian/rules, no longer needed in the post-insserv world.
      Remove the old samba init script on upgrade
      Remove the links to the obsolete samba init script.
      Add upstart jobs from Ubuntu for smbd, nmbd, and winbind.
      Update logrotate scripts for the new split init script
      Update the DHCP hook for the new split init script
      Include the reload-smbd upstart job in the package
      Finish removing smbtar bashism
      Make samba-common Conflicts: swat, which is now obsolete and no longer built from samba 4.0; the old versions of swat in the archive are incompatible with smb.conf from samba 4.0, so force them off the system to avoid configuration corruption.
      Drop support for running smbd from inetd; this is not well-supported upstream, and can't correctly handle all of the long-running services that are needed as part of modern samba.  Closes: #707622.
      Merge support for upstart jobs
      Don't drop the samba init script after all, we want this as a wrapper for
      Merge branch 'init-script-split-and-upstart-jobs'
      The samba-ad-dc upstart job should be installed unconditionally, not just in Ubuntu.
      Don't exclude our private libraries from the shlibs generation.
      Disable the init script when on upstart
      Don't pass --noscripts for reload-smbd: we need the old /etc/init.d/reload-smbd
      call dh_installinit with --noscripts for samba, since it's just a wrapper
      By default, don't start/stop /etc/init.d/samba in any runlevel
      Bah, spell the option name right (--noscripts)
      Port debian/autodeps.py to python3 and build-depend on python3 so we can invoke it correctly from debian/rules.
      Add lintian overrides for another set of wrong lintian errors for the NSS modules.
      Pass --parallel to dh rather than to dh_auto_build, which is slightly more correct.
      Check testparm explicitly instead of ignoring all errors
      Drop wrong build-dep on libkrb5-dev, samba4 uses heimdal instead.
      debian/patches/bug_221618_precise-64bit-prototype.patch: adjust the LFS handling to work independently of header include order.  Closes: #727065.
      Move update-alternatives upgrade removal handling to the postinst, where it belongs.  Closes: 730090.
      Really remove all references to encrypted passwords: the samba-common.config script still included references, which could cause upgrade failures in some cases.  Closes: #729167.
      Check for alternative's presence before calling update-alternatives --remove-all, instead of silently ignoring all errors from update-alternatives.
      dhcp3-client is superseded by dhcp-client; update the references in the package.  Closes: #736070.
      Move the dhcp client hook from /etc/dhcp3 to /etc/dhcp. Closes: #649100.
      debian/bin/xsltproc: don't use $FAKETIME as the variable name in our wrapper script, this seems to make faketime unhappy.
      Further cleanup of the dhcp hook: remove /etc/dhcp3 directory once it's empty.

Steven Chamberlain (7):
      ctdb: Fix detection of gnukfreebsd (Closes: #802621)
      Revert "Changelog for previous entry"
      Revert "ctdb: Fix detection of gnukfreebsd (Closes: #802621)"
      Imported Debian version 2:4.2.10+dfsg-0+deb8u1
      Imported Debian version 2%4.2.10+dfsg-0+deb8u1
      ctdb: Fix detection of gnukfreebsd (Closes: #802621)
      Changelog for previous entry

Susant Kumar Palai (1):
      VFS plugin was sending the actual size of the volume instead of the total number of block units because of which windows was getting the wrong volume capacity.

Volker Lendecke (56):
      smbd: Fix a 100% loop at shutdown time
      smbd: Fix async echo handler forking (Bug 10086)
      smbd: Fix a profile problem
      smbd: Simplify dropbox special case in unix_convert
      libsmb: Fix a bunch of Coverity IDs
      smbd: Use #defines in smb2_getinfo_send
      smbd: qfilepathinfo has fixed/variable buffers
      smbd: qfsinfo has fixed/variable buffers
      smbd: Correctly return INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH in smb2_getinfo
      smbd: Correctly return BUFFER_OVERFLOW in smb2_getinfo
      smbd: Revert a93f9c3
      smbd: Fix error return for STREAM_INFO
      smbd: Correctly return INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH for smb1
      dbwrap_ctdb: Treat empty records as non-existing
      smbd: Simplify find_oplock_types
      smbd: Don't store in-memory only flags in locking.tdb
      smbd: Rename parameter "i" to "idx"
      smbd: Fix flawed share_mode_stale_pid API
      torture3: Trigger a nasty cleanup bug in smbd
      ccan: Fix calling memset with zero length parameter
      nsswitch: Fix short writes in winbind_write_sock
      smbd: Fix a talloc hierarchy problem in msg_channel
      smbd: Fix bug 10284
      smbd: Fix regression for the dropbox case.
      smbd: Fix a panic when a smb2 brlock times out
      s3-winbind: Improve performance of wb_fill_pwent_sid2uid_done().
      smbd: Fix memory overwrites
      smbd: Fix an ancient oplock bug
      smbd: Fix bug 10593
      msg_channel: Fix a 100% CPU loop
      smbstatus: Fix an uninitialized variable
      smbd: Avoid double-free in get_print_db_byname
      torture3: Fix bug 10687
      samdb: Fix CID 1034910 Dereference before null check
      samdb: Fix CID 1034910 Dereference before null check
      samdb: Fix CID 1034910 Dereference before null check
      ldb: Fix a const warning
      ldb: Fix CID 1034793 Dereference null return value
      pyldb: Fix CID 1034792 Dereference null return value
      ldb_map: Fix CID 1034791 Dereference null return value
      ldb: Fix CID 240798 Uninitialized pointer read
      ldb: Fix CID 241329 Array compared against 0
      ldb: Fix 1138330 Dereference null return value
      torture4: Adapt comment to code
      torture4: Make raw.lock.multilock fail after 20 seconds
      smbd: Remove 2 indentation levels
      fix unstrcpy
      fix unstrcpy
      lib: Remove unused nstrcpy
      lib: strings: Simplify strcasecmp
      smbd: Properly initialize mangle_hash
      media_harmony: Fix a crash bug
      s3: smbd: streams - Ensure share mode validation ignores internal opens (op_mid == 0).
      smbd: We now survive smb2.oplock.stream1
      registry: Don't leave dangling transactions
      pdb_tdb: Fix a TALLOC/SAFE_FREE mixup

bubulle (589):
      Added Malayalam translation
      Tamil translation added
      releasing version 3.0.23d-3
      Add Slovenian translation. Yes, one more update to come and, this time,
      3.0.23b-4 released (/me hides)
      Fix pointers to the documentation in the default smb.conf file
      Prepare for 3.0.24-1
      Adapt the patch for 3.0.24
      Corret typo
      Separate the list of security advisories in two parts: those affecting
      Do not expose the Samba verison anymore (merge Ubuntu change)
      Default workgroup set to WORKGROUP
      Fix FTBFS for GNU/kFreeBSD
      Add "winbind enum*" settings to smb.conf as a kind of answer to #368251
      Remove changes from the trunk
      French translation update
      While I'm at it, convert to UTF-8
      Slovenian translation (sent directly to me)
      Malayalam translation update
      Traditional Chinese translation update
      Turkish translation update
      Stupid mistake by stupid translator
      Italian translation update
      Finnish translation update
      Dutch translation update
      Nepali translation update
      Portuguese, Arabic, Russian updates
      Greek translation update
      Norwegian Nynorsk added
      Marathi translation added
      Remove conflict markers. Thanks, Julien.
      Modify for 3.0.25rc1
      Update for 3.0.25. There have been file organization changes upstream, so a
      No longer useful after upstream changes
      Modified for 3.0.25rc1
      Refresh and modified for 3.0.25rc1 (one change was merged upstream)
      Modified for 3.0.25rc1
      Upstream no longer has unbreakable spaces in manpages
      Refresh all patches for 3.0.25rc1
      Changelog for the new upstream version
      Upstream bug #3634 is fixed in 3.0.25. These bugs seem related to it
      Just for the sake of it (359155 and 366800 are merged anyway)
      Convert to UTF-8 (the file will be better handled in Pootle)
      This will be fixed in 3.0.25
      Typo in closed bug
      Yet another documentaiton bug that'll be fixed in 3.0.25
      Some more issues fixed in 3.0.25
      Refresh patches for 3.0.25rc2
      #388282 is fixed in 3.0.25
      /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/samba tests for /etc/init.d/samba
      Add a header for comments...and put comments in
      Comment all patches
      Wolof debconf translation updated
      Changelog for the released version
      Enforce building with ADS support
      Merged a small Ubuntu change: use PIDDIR instead of hardcoding /var/run/samba
      Change the default file permission in [HOMES] from 0700 to 0600
      Recreate winbindd_cache.tdb in the cache directory and not the lock
      Adapt to 3.0.25a
      Next version will be 3.0.25a
      Refresh for 3.0.25a
      Refresh all patches for 3.0.25a (cosmetic refresh)
      Back to 0700 as Steve has more points than me..:-)
      Wrap too long line in packages' descriptions
      Fix an old badly formatted Closes: statement
      swat and samba depend on openbsd-inetd | inet-superserver and no longer
      type-handling has been fixed for the new ostable format so we can use it again
      Document the revival of type-handling
      Wrap description lines also in control.in (sigh)
      Avoid installing extra GPL license files in the documentation directory
      Release 3.0.25a
      Comment the patch
      Give credit where it's due
      Note that the patch has been forwarded and unmess Steve's first name
      Split out samba.patch which seems made of two different fixes
      Document that we forwarded this really nice piece of "what is this meant
      Give credit
      Remove unused patch top avoid extra cruft in built packages
      Give credit and mention the bug that this patch probably fixes
      Give credit and record forwarded bugs
      Split out samba.patch again. One chunk is more or less identified while the
      More comment about this patch
      Danish translation updated
      Add comments from investigations by Sherlock Langasek
      Remove the splitted part. By chance several pair of eyes are watching over
      Clean out some remaining files that are still there after "make clean".
      Drop smbmount-unix-caps.patch and add the missing userspace patches
      Refresh patch after dropping smbmount-unix-caps.patch
      Note that we reminded upstream about this patch
      Add winbind and samba-common to samba-dbg
      This patch has bene applied upstream
      Replace all occurrences of ${Source-Version} by ${binary:Version}
      don't forget control.in....:-)
      Release 3.0.25a-2
      Refresh for 3.0.25b
      Open new changelog entry for 3.025b
      Dropped patch (applied upstream)
      Refresh all patches for 3.0.25b
      Add bug closure lines for bugs fixed upstream
      Prepare for the new release
      Prepare the release of 3.0.25b-1
      bail out if there's no "mail" command
      Remove Extra Capitalization As We Are Not Speaking German
      Gujarati translation updated
      Use Ubuntu wording for the comment (except that "valid users" is
      Correct syntax in example
      Really correct syntax
      Ignore the declaration of the function as well
      Prepare the new future release
      Refresh patches for 3.0.25c
      Fix the build of Python bindings
      Turn the dependency of swat on samba-doc to a Recommends
      Drop the python-samba package
      Prepare for release
      Prepare 3.0.26
      Remove the samba-common/unsupported-passdb debconf template dealing with
      Remove the useless samba/tdbsam debconf template
      Run debconf-updatepo before the release
      Hebrew translation updated
      The Hebrew translation is added, not updated
      Split out fhs.patch
      Better comment for that patch. The bug it fixes has now been identified.
      Lost changes when I splitted fhs.patch out
      Doh, again....
      Bug numbers were inverted in the patch rationale
      Compile with DNS update support
      Update the "built by" part of README.debian
      Remove very outdated parts of README.debian
      Release 3.0.28-1
      Mark two patches as being applied upstream
      Mark patch as applied upstream
      Release 3.0.28-2
      Indonesian debconf translation added
      Prepare the 3.0.28a release
      make-distclean.patch was applied upstream
      linux-cifs-user-perms.patch was applied upstream
      Yet another patch that was applied upstream
      Refresh for 3.0.28a following the usual method
      Adapted for 3.0.28a. The patch wasn't applying cleanly.
      Cleaner patch
      This patch was applied upstream as well
      Patch applied upstream
      Refresh patches wrt 3.0.28a
      Split last entry to have a linear changelog
      Fix doc-base section
      Fix copyright
      Fix section in doc-base documents
      Upgrade Standards
      Don't use -1 revision in Build-Depends (thanks lintian)
      Document build-depends change
      Release 1:3.0.28a-2
      Drop "invalid users = root" from default smb.conf
      Remove versioned Build-Depends as they're all satisfied in etch
      Remove Conflicts with non-existing packages
      Drop dpkg-dev as it is Build-Essential
      "New" policy for commented settings in smb.conf:
      No longer gratuitously use /usr/lib/libsmbclient.so.0.1
      Add idmap_*(8) man pages
      Create the entire set of directories needed by clients for Point-and-Click printing (including old clients)
      Update copyright and README.debian information wrt current and past maintainers
      I forgot to correct that file
      Add doc-base files for samba-doc-pdf
      There was a bug report about "invalid ursers = root".
      Remove "socket options" which is the default value anyway
      Kurdish translation added
      Keep the "socket options" setting
      Load samba-3.0.29 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Load samba-3.0.29 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge upstream 3.0.29 in trunk
      Adapt patches for 3.0.29
      Two more lines to change
      Release 3.0.29-1
      Load samba-3.2.0rc1 into branches/samba/upstream-3.2.
      Load samba-3.0.30 into branches/samba/upstream.
      3.0.30-1 released
      (brown paper bag) release
      Add soft dependency on slapd in init script
      Load samba-3.2.0rc2 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Release version
      Follow new naming scheme of cups package
      Localize SWAT in German
      Fix upstream bug 5517. Thanks to Jamie Strandboge
      Load samba-3.0.31 into branches/samba/upstream.
      I apparently forgot updating the trunk with 3.0.30-4
      merge upstream 3.0.31
      Changes for 3.0.31-1
      Update this patch for 3.2.1
      Update this patch for 3.2.1
      Update this patch for 3.2.1
      Next release will be 3.2.1-1: The RMs said yes...
      Load samba-3.2.2 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.2.2
      cifs.spnego is replaced by cifs.upcall
      No more need to renamed libsmbclient.so
      Adapt for 3.2.2
      Adapt for 3.2.2
      Adapt for 3.2.2
      Fix FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD
      Georgian translation added
      Polish translation added
      Release 3.2.3-3
      Correct changelog entry
      Create /var/lib/samba in samba-common
      The typo in cifs.upcall.8 is fixed in 3.2.4
      Release 3.2.4-1
      Better document cases where using a master file for smb.conf is not a good
      Add (commented) example add machine and group scripts in the default smb.conf file
      Load samba-3.3.0pre2 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Revert the merge of 3.3.0~pre2 in upstream branch
      Move Homepage to Homepage: field
      Load samba-3.2.5 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.2.5
      Released 2:3.2.5-1
      Fix typo in bug number in a comment
      Add missing /usr/lib/samba/nss_info/*.so files and relevant links
      Fix for bug #459243
      Released 2:3.2.5-2
      Fix links in HTML documentation index file
      We'll drop the spurious file in next release
      Release 2:3.2.5-3
      Patches for bugs #509101 and #500129 are reported to be OK. Commit them
      Correct bug closure
      Traditional Chinese translation update
      Load samba-3.3.1 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.3.1
      Update for 3.3.1
      Update for 3.3.1
      Next release is 3.3.1
      Bugs closures for bugs fixed upstream
      Use an alternative also for smbstatus.1
      Re-fix slave links for manual pages in samba-common. Closes: #517204.
      Load samba-3.3.2 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.3.2
      Next upload will be 3.3.2
      Refresh for 3.3.2
      Release 2:3.3.2-1
      Move samba-dbg to Section: debug
      Update copyright for year 2009
      Dropping Adam from Uploaders:
      Drop Eloy from Uploaders after his agreement
      Release 2:3.3.2-2 (and minor formatting change to changelog)
      Load samba-3.3.3 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.3.3
      Refresh for 3.3.3
      Adapt for 3.3.3
      Drop patch that was applied upstream
      Next release will be 3.3.3-1
      Two bugs fixed upstream
      Prepare 2:3.3.3-1 release
      Bengali translation added
      Add idmap_tdb2 module
      Document change
      No longer apply shrink-dead-code as it breaks VFS modules
      BEtter comments after digging into patches with Michael Adam
      Load samba-3.3.4 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Next release will be 3.3.4, new upstream
      Comment that this patch is applied upstream in 3.4
      No longer shrink dead code from smbd as suggested by Michael Adam on IRC
      Bug fixed by 3.3.4
      merge upstream 3.3.4
      winbindd and vfstest also shouldn't be trimmed
      No longer compiler with clustering support on non-Linux platforms
      Basque translation update
      Release 2:3.3.4-2
      Italian translation update
      Update comment for that patch
      Drop patch. The issue that was worked around by this patch had been fixed by
      Load samba-3.3.5 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.3.5
      Revert the 3.3.5 merge which I did in an unclean copy of the trunk..:-(
      Really merge 3.3.5
      Adapt for 3.3.5 (file renamed)
      New upstream version
      File was renamed upstream
      File was renamed upstream
      Revert accidental commit. 3.3.5 is not yet released
      Really copy the right file
      Use a versioned dependency on debhelper to fit what we have in debian/compat
      Don't use an absolute path when calling mksmbpasswd
      Update Standards to 3.8.2
      Upgrade debhelper compatibility level to 6
      Release 2:3.3.5-1
      Load samba-3.3.6 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.3.6
      New upstream release
      Prepare release
      Updated Czech translation
      Updated Russian translation
      Load samba-3.4.0 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.4.0
      Merge experimental branch and prepare the release of 3.4.0 in unstable
      Back to 3.8.2 for Standards
      Release 3:3.4.0-1
      German translation update
      File rename forgotten in r2977
      Release 2:3.4.0-2
      Fix "invalid argument" when trying to copy a file from smb share
      Release 2:3.4.0-3
      Use DEP-3 for patch's meta-information
      Use DEP-3 for all patches
      Load samba-3.4.1 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.4.1
      Patch is applied upstream
      New upstream release
      More fixed upstream bugs
      Change build dependency on libreadline*-dev
      Load samba-3.4.2 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.4.2
      Release 2:3.4.2-1
      Load samba-3.4.3 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.4.3
      Open changelog entry for new upstream release
      Patch was applied upstream
      Adapt to 3.4.3
      Bump Standard-Version to 3.8.3 (checked)
      One bug fixed by new upstream version
      Refresh all patches to avoid fuzzy applies (from the source 3.0 wiki
      Switch to source 3.0 (quilt) format
      Better example for "add machine script"
      releasing version 2:3.4.3-2
      Allow building on sparc64
      The list of arches is updated by the update-archs target, I forgot
      Load samba-3.4.4 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.4.4~dfsg
      Drop now useless patch
      Adapt to the slightly new format of manpages in 3.4.4
      Update for 3.4.4
      New upstream version
      Mark upstream bugs as fixed
      Adapt watch file to the upse of "~dfsg"
      No longer include /var/run/samba in samba-common. The directory is
      No longer prepend a patch before mksmbpasswd call
      Load samba-3.4.5 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.4.5~dfsg
      New upstream release
      Load samba-3.4.5 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge with new version of DFSG-free upstream tarball
      Declare a versioned dependency of winbind on libwbclient0
      Versioned dependency for samba too
      Bugs fixed upstream
      Release 2:3.4.5~dfsg-1
      No longer maker (u)mount.cifs setuid root
      Use dh_lintian instead of manual install of lintian overrides
      Use dh_makeshlibs for winbind too, removing a (useless?) lintian
      pdate Standards to 3.8.4
      Release 2:3.4.5~dfsg-2
      Load samba-3.4.6 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.4.6
      New upstream release
      Adapt patches for 3.4.6
      Release 2:3.4.6~dfsg-1
      Add correct build dependency on libtalloc-dev
      Add bug closure for #572603
      Add avr32 to arches with a build dependency on ctdb
      Load samba-3.4.7 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge upstream 3.4.7
      New upstream release
      Release 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1
      No longer build the smbfs package
      Portuguese debcofn translation
      Merge 3.5.1 from experimental
      Revert to 3.4.7...for now?
      add an if-up.d script for samba to try to start nmbd, if it's not
      allow "NetworkManager" as a recognized address family... it's
      Release 2:3.4.7~dfsg-2
      Spanish (Omar Campagne).  Closes: #579011
      Drop deprecated 'share modes' parameter from default smb.conf
      Fix typos
      Enable PIE during configure. Closes: #509135
      * Avoid winbind's logrotate script to fail when there is no
      Add explanations about "passdb backend" default setting change
      Load samba-3.4.8 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.4.8
      New upstream release
      Bug closures for bugs fixed upstream
      Release 2:3.4.8~dfsg-1
      Don't copy system accounts from /etc/passwd to
      Update Standards to 3.9.0
      Backport patch for upstream bug #7139 to fix "owner of file not
      Galician (Jorge Barreiro).  Closes: #592809
      Galician (Jorge Barreiro).  Closes: #592789
      Revert extra changelog entry
      Revert to original file
      Merge upstream 3.5.4~dfsg
      Diff between 3.4.7~dfsg-2 and 3.5.2~dfsg-2
      Sync with changes between 3.5.2~dfsg-2 and 3.5.4~dfsg-1
      Merge 3.5.4 in upstream branch
      Drop irrelevant patch for 3.5.*
      Clean out changelog from cruft coming from various merges
      Drop 0-byte patches. They were not in the experimental branch
      Release 2:3.5.4~dfsg-2
      Arabic (Ossama Khayat).  Closes: #596164
      Fix comment in swat's postinst. It is not turned off by default
      Drop transition code from (pre-etch) 3.0.20b-3 version in swat postinst
      Load samba-3.5.5 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge upstream 3.5.5
      New upstream release
      Release version 2:3.5.5~dfsg-1
      Load samba-3.5.6 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.5.6
      New changelog entry
      Adapt autoconf.patch for 3.5.6
      Add mention of Debian bug fixed upstream
      Release 2:3.5.6~dfsg-1
      * Catalan (Jordi Mallach).  Closes: #601101
      Kurdish (Erdal Ronahî).  Closes: #601719
      * Japanese (Kenshi Muto).  Closes: #601364
      Dutch (Remco Rijnders).  Closes: #602220
      Commit Turkish translation that I previously forgot
      Support armh port. Closes: #604523
      Greek (Konstantinos Margaritis).
      Revert armh port support changes
      Include upstream's patch for "gvfsd-smb (Gnome vfs) fails to copy
      Release 2:3.5.6~dfsg-2$
      Bump libwbclient0 shlibs to match the newest version in the symbols file.
      Mark libwbclient0 as breaking other samba packages with versions older
      Release 2:3.5.6~dfsg-3
      Brazilian Portuguese (Adriano Rafael Gomes).  Closes: #607402
      Fix pam_winbind file descriptor leak with a patch
      Release 2:3.5.6~dfsg-4
      Fix FTBFS on Hurd. Closes: #610678
      Only try parsing dhcpd.conf is it's not empty,
      Release 2:3.5.6~dfsg-5
      Use architecture wildcard "linux-any" in build dependencies
      Really so the following:
      Load samba-3.5.7 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.5.7
      New upstream release
      Fix syntax
      Load samba-3.5.8 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Release 2:3.5.7~dfsg-1
      merge upstream 3.5.8
      New upstream release
      * New upstream release. This fixes the following bugs:
      printing from Windows 7 fails with 0x000003e6
      Adapt patches for 3.5.8
      Use db_settitle in debconf questions and make these
      Update PO(T) files
      French (Christian Perrier)
      Test the presence of testparm before trying to use it in init script
      Document the newly introduced "map untrusted to domain" parameter
      Add Closes
      * French (Christian Perrier)
      * Esperanto (Felipe Castro).  Closes: #626558
      Update translations
      Unfuzzy Hebrew translation with translator's agreement
      Revert the new NEWS.Debian entry. It only belongs to the squeeze branch
      Italian (Luca Monducci).  Closes: #626674
      Add cups to Should-{Start,Stop} in LSB headers of
      Translation updates
      Drop libsmbclient-dev useless dependency on samba-common
      Czech (Miroslav Kure).  Closes: #627442
      * Italian (Luca Monducci).  Closes: #626674
      Release 2:3.5.8~dfsg-3
      Spanish debconf translation
      Swedish (Martin Bagge / brother).  Closes: #627849
      Brazilian Portuguese (Adriano Rafael Gomes).  Closes: #627866
      Simplify changelog
      bug_601406_fix-perl-path-in-example.patch:  fix path to perl
      Release 2:3.5.8~dfsg-4
      Fix "tdb2.so undefined symbol: dyn_get_STATEDIR" by fixing a typo
      Add bug closure
      Release 2:3.5.8~dfsg-5
      Load samba-3.6.0rc2 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Revert upstream branch to 3.5.8....oops
      Add "--quiet" to start-stop-daemon call in reload target in init script. Closes: #572483
      Add examples/LDAP in examples for the samba package. With this, samba.schema will be provided in some way in the package. Closes: #190162
      patches/bug_221618_precise-64bit-prototype.patch: precise
      Don't close #190162
      Load samba-3.5.9~dfsg into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge release 3.5.9
      Next release is a new upstream release
      Restore a really correct version of this patch, which apaprently got
      Adapt patch to 3.5.9
      Adapt patch to 3.5.9
      patches/no-unnecessary-cups.patch: dropped after upstream
      Update Standards to 3.9.2 (checked, no change)
      Add build-arch and build-indep targets in debian/rules
      Release 2:3.5.9~dfsg-1
      Load samba-3.5.10 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge upstream 3.5.10
      New upstream version
      Correct version
      Load samba-3.5.11 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge upstream 3.5.11
      New upstream release
      Release 2:3.5.11~dfsg-1
      Merge  upstream 3.6.1 source
      Merge from experimental branch
      Release 3.6.1-2
      Increase libkrb5-dev dependency to avoid depending on
      Release 2:3.6.1-3
      Load samba-3.6.2 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge upstream 3.6.2
      * New upstream release
      Release 2:3.6.2-1
      Polish (Michał Kułach).  Closes: #657770
      Load samba-3.6.3 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.6.3
      * New upstream release
      Release 2:3.6.3-1
      Set minimal version of tdb ot 1.2.6 in Build-Depends
      (thanks, backports!)
      slo slk sk Slovak (Ivan Masár).  Closes: #661125
      Fix example samba.ldif syntax. Closes: #659963
      * Removed references to the testprns command from documentation
      Lower priority of debconf question to medium after some pondering.
      * Merge some Ubuntu patches:
      samba.postinst: Add more informative error message for the case
      Release 2:3.6.3-2
      Correct changelog to reflect files that were really changed
      After some thoughts, find another way to document the changes that were really made in 3.6.3-2
      Load samba-3.6.4 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge upstream 3.6.4
      Released 2:3.6.4-1
      Load samba-3.6.5 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge upstream 3.6.5
      Prepare new upstream release
      Build-Depend on debhelper >= 9~ (which is in unstable for a few
      Use "set -e" in winbind postrm instead of passing -e in the
      Update Standards to 3.9.3 (checked, no change)
      Use "set -e" in all maintainer scripts
      Release 2:3.6.5-1
      Make samba-common "Multi-Arch: foreign"
      Adapt patch in upstream #7499 and stop nss_wins clobbering other
      Add some mention about some use for the user information in Kerberos
      The yearly "SambaXP bug cleaning party" release. 11 years
      Drop link to no longer provided "Using Samba" documentation in
      Provide WHATSNEW.txt in samba-doc too as it is linked from the
      Fix typo in changelog
      Fix link to WHATSNEW.txt in HTML documentation summary file. This
      Use lp_state_dir() instead of get_dyn_STATEDIR() in
      Disable smbtorture4 build
      Add upstream commit that adds waf source to the buildtools/
      Record that this patch has been forwarded
      Properly use "Forwarded:" and "Bug:" to record whether patches have
      Move update-inetd calls from postrm scripts to prerm.
      Revert r4076
      Build-Conflict with python-ldb and python-ldb-dev to avoid build
      Rename fix-samba.ldip-syntax.patch to fix-samba.ldif-syntax.patch
      Put correct forwarded information in patch
      * Split NSS modules into a new libnss-winbind binary package.
      Typo fix
      Drop code that was moving files around in samba.postinst for
      Drop code that was modifying a deprecated "passdb backend" setting
      Drop code that was moving files around in samba.postinst and
      Add Should-Start dependency to winbind init script to guarantee
      Provide a (basic) manpage to smbtorture(1). Closes: #528735
      Turkish debconf translation update (Atila KOÇ).  Closes: #672447
      Drop the code that generates an smbpasswd file from the system's
      Add lintian overrides for new libnss-winbind package
      Drop libnss lintian overrides from libpam-winbind package
      Run debconf-updatepo to update translation afterremoval of a template
      * Merged from Ubuntu:
      Add debian/libnss-winbind.lintian-overrides
      Release 2:3.6.5-2
      Add Breaks and Replaces on libpam-winbind for newly created
      Release 2:3.6.5-3
      Make libpam-winbind depend on libnss-winbind.
      Add libutil_drop_AI_ADDRCONFIG.patch  that allows running nmbd when
      No longer install if-up script
      Release 2:3.6.5-5
      Not yet released
      Release 2:3.6.5-6
      Load samba-3.6.6 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.6.6
      Drop patches that have been applied in 3.6.6
      Refresh for 3.6.6
      Refresh for 3.6.6
      Next release will be a new upstream
      Adapt for 3.6.6
      Release 2:3.6.6-1
      Use xz compression for binary packages. Release 2:3.6.6-2
      Load samba-3.6.7 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge upstream 3.6.7
      New upstream release, meant for experimental
      Release 2:3.6.7-1 in experimental
      Load samba-3.6.8 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.6.8
      New upstream release
      Released 2:3.6.8-1
      Load samba-3.6.9 into branches/samba/upstream.
      Merge upstream 3.6.9
      Release 2:3.6.9-1
      Load samba-3.6.10 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.6.10
      releasing version 2:3.6.10-1

ctrlsoft-guest (5):
      Note that some patches have been forwarded upstream and will be part of 3.0.26.
      Fix bashism in smbtar.
      Add missing newline.
      Really fix missing newline.
      Add ldb-tools to suggests of Samba.

idd-guest (36):
      * Update symbols file for libsmbclient and libwbclient0
      fix typo in Colin Watson's name
      git-svn-id: svn://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-samba/trunk/samba@4105 fc4039ab-9d04-0410-8cac-899223bdd6b0
      * Backport vfs_shadow_copy2 from master, to allow shadow copy to work
      * libnss-winbind: Suggests libpam-winbind
      Enable ctdb for non-linux archs.
      * Update symbols file for linux-only symbols in libsmbclient. This should
      * Remove old if-up script during upgrade.
      2:3.6.5-7 is released
      Only enable swat in inetd.conf on first install. Closes: #658245
      minor lintian fix: debian-news-entry-uses-asterisk
      Minor lintian fix:
      minor lintian fix:
      Lintian fix: add patch description
      Minor lintian fixes.
      Remove DHCP hook. Closes: #652942, #629406, #649100
      Don't reload smbd when running from inetd. Closes: #678741
      Don't start smbd when guest account doesn't exist. Closes: #653382
      Only export public symbols in libsmbclient and libwbclient.
      Load samba-3.6.12 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.6.12
      upstream version 3.6.12
      Install pkgconfig file in libsmbclient-dev. Closes: #700643
      release 2:3.6.12-1 to experimental
      Load samba-3.6.13 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.6.13
      upstream version 3.6.13
      refresh patches for new upstream
      samba: Suggests winbind. Closes: #689857
      releasing 2:3.6.13-1 to experimental
      * Move binary files out of /etc/samba to /var/lib/samba,
      release 2:3.6.13-2 to experimental
      Load samba-3.6.14 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.6.14
      import upstream release 3.6.14
      release 2:3.6.14-1 to unstable

jelmer (8):
      Fix slave links for manual pages in samba-common. Closes: #517204.
      Properly rename smbstatus.1 for alternatives. Closes: #534772
      Add libwbclient-dev package.
      Build against external libtdb.
      Bump standards version to 3.9.1 (no changes).
      debian/samba.if-up: Use invoke-rc.d.
      revert use of invoke-rc.d
      Allow installing smbclient package together with newer versions of

luk (2):
      * Ship wbclient.pc so cifs-utils can be built again (Closes: #672733).
      Ship wbclient.pc file in multiarch safe directory (Closes: #674215).

mparent-guest (3):
      enable clustering by default (CTDB). Closes: #514050
      * ensure clustering is enabled with --with-cluster-support=yes
      samba suggests ctdb

noel (8):
      starting 3.0.25a-3 entry
      3 bugs fix this release from the bts
      added samba-tools, smbfs is removed in smbfs package, make the listing a bit more readable
      3.2.1 fixes #493752, Fix trusted domain handling in Winbindd.
      starting coming 3.2.2
      fixing lintian warning build-depends-on-1-revision
      Document the samba-common-bin split in NEWS.Debian. Closes: #534717
      reverted last commit after discussion that the bug #534717 is already fixed with the Recommends:

obnox-guest (1):
      samba:shrink-dead-code.patch: add a comment why this patch is bad

petere (2):
      Don't ignore errors from make distclean, as per lintian check
      * Removed myself from Uploaders

sathieu (3):
      Corrected Vcs-Browser
      Builddep on ctdb-dev or ctdb < 1.10
      ctdb-deb -> libctdb-dev

vorlon (324):
      directory for samba packages under the new heirarchy
      finish shuffling directories, giving us a samba tree in a
      Bump the version for a proper non-native upload
      restore changes to the trunk -- changes should always be committed to the
      support creating /etc/samba/dhcp.conf the first time the script is
      mark the release for upload to unstable, to see what the release team says
      Documentation fix for a problem affecting upgrades from sarge: if passdb
      Galician translation updated
      Updated Swedish translation; closes: #414610.
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation; closes: #414603.
      Updated German translation; closes: #414630.
      Updated Norwegian Bokmål translation; closes: #414619.
      Updated Bulgarian translation; closes: #414624.
      Updated Romanian translation; closes: #414629.
      Updated Tagalog translation; closes: #414637.
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Khmer translation
      Updated Thai translation; closes: #414664.
      Updated Slovak translation; closes: #414665.
      normalize the .po file so we can have sane diffs :)
      Updated Simplified Chinese translation; closes: #414671.
      Updated Japanese translation; closes: #414673.
      Updated Hungarian translation; closes: #414677.
      Updated Dzongkha translation; closes: #414680.
      Updated Estonian translation; closes: #414679
      Updated Catalan translation
      normalize again
      Updated Albanian translation; closes: #414778.
      Updated Czech translation; closes: #414793.
      minor revision
      change the upload target
      Updated Korean translation; closes: #414883.
      normalizing po's
      normalize po's
      Fixed the regexp used for matching broken passdb backend settings, since
      Arrrgh, cut'n'paste error in the regexp in the last upload, so the bug is
      New Esperanto translation; thanks to Serge Leblanc.  Closes #417795.
      Updated Basque translation; thanks to Piarres Beobide.  Closes: #418196.
      bump the version number to the latest RC, use ~ in the version string so
      refresh patches with conflicts for 3.0.25rc3
      document the refresh process /within/ the patch :)
      fix the python bindings so that they build in 3.0.25rc3; patch should be
      Fix up for 3.0.25.
      Further fix-ups for 3.0.25
      Bump version for the 3.0.25 release
      Comment out use of type-handling in the clean target, because type-handling
      mark for release
      samba and swat should both depend directly on update-inetd, because
      Update samba.config to not override user preference on passdb.tdb creation
      restore wrongly-dropped no_smbmount_symlink patch
      Drop the last vestiges of the unified samba.patch; this reverts the change
      Vietnamese debconf translation updated; closes: #426979.
      Don't start nmbd if 'disable netbios' is set in the config. Closes: #429429.
      Always use opt_gid and opt_uid, set to those of the invoking user, when
      Fix up fhs.patch for some new FHS regressions:
      support setting a default uid and gid value when mount.cifs is called as
      canonicalize mount point names when umount.cifs is called, to avoid
      The CIFS_IOC_CHECKMOUNT ioctl check in umount.cifs assumed that errors would
      refresh from control.in with the current list of known Linux archs
      quilt refresh with --no-timestamps, so that future refreshes for new upstream
      Fix pam_smbpass to no longer call openlog() and closelog(), since this will
      swat should depend only on inet-superserver, not update-inetd, per Marco
      fix the patch to apply cleanly against pristine upstream sources
      Update patch to use pam_vsyslog if available; consistent with the behavior of
      Revert svn revision 1480; as discussed with Christian privately, the previous
      mark for release
      revert "syntax" changes; the leading double-quote is part of the search
      * fhs.patch: net usershares should also be stored under /var/lib, not under
      move {data,state,cache}_path() functions into fhs-newpaths.patch, which is
      tag with the mergeWithUpstream option for svn-buildpackage
      merge locally committed changes (yay, bzr-svn?)
      On Ubuntu, support autopopulating the sambashare group using the existing
      Using addgroup in the postinst requires a dependency on non-essential adduser
      patch submitted upstream
      Update Samba to explicitly use the C locale when doing password changes, to
      Enforce creation of the pid directory (/var/run/samba) in the samba init
      drop the patch to force bsd as the default printing system, as CUPS is now
      new upstream release, fixes CVE-2007-5398 and CVE-2007-4572
      mark for release
      Drop the deprecated "printer admin" example from the default smb.conf.
      Creating directory for import
      Load samba-3.0.27a into branches/upstream.
      whoops, put the branch under the package name
      merge upstream 3.0.27a into svn
      new upstream version, closes: #451839
      no longer use the "mergeWithUpstream" property
      Patch newly-merged upstream
      refresh patches to apply cleanly against current upstream
      Add a *new* debian/patches/cups.patch to *enable* cups as the default
      Updated list of linux architectures, per type-handling
      Set the default value for the workgroup question to "WORKGROUP" in
      Drop some code from samba.postinst that only applies to upgrades from
      mark for upload
      disable plaintext authentication on the client, and lanman authentication on
      merge revisions 1599-1613 from the no-more-smbfs branch
      * Don't build the userspace tools for the deprecated smbfs kernel driver
      and we don't need lintian overrides for the removed binaries any more, either
      close another (Ubuntu) bug with the smbfs change
      * debian/panic-action: detect when we're on an Ubuntu system and direct bug
      * debian/samba.init: call log_progress_msg separately for each daemon on
      * Drop smbldap-tools to Suggests:, consistent with the textbook meaning of
      * Get rid of the build-dependency on type-handling:
      releasing version 3.0.27a-2
      Load samba-3.0.28 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.0.28
      switch to using sed -i, cleanup to facilitate switching to ucf
      add documentation on merging new upstream versions
      move the config file name into a variable for brevity
      * Drop some further code in samba-common.postinst that's specific to
      * Make the mount.smbfs wrapper a bash script instead of a POSIX sh script,
      ownership of /var/log/samba has moved, so move the lintian override too
      ... but get the package name right in the override file
      * debian/patches/gcc42-arm-workaround.patch: work around an arm compiler
      * mount.smbfs: map the smbfs "guest" option to "guest,sec=none", which is
      * Apply the arm workaround to the armel architecture as well.
      * Add missing eventlogadm(8) manpage.
      * Refresh the list of Linux architectures from type-handling, to pick up
      * Convert handling of smb.conf to use ucf, so that we can sanely manage
      the ucf code slipped a version, update the version check to match
      * Drop the arm optimization workaround, as the compiler is now reported
      To use ucf --three-way, the option has to be used for each invocation of ucf.
      add back the 'db_go' that went missing somewhere along the line
      fix up the regular expression for dhcp include handling, so that removing
      mark for release
      Load samba-3.0.28a into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.0.28a
      - cups.patch
      * Drop debian/patches/gcc42-arm-workaround.patch, which should have been
      revert inconsistent whitespace changes to patch
      * Merge smb.conf changes from Ubuntu:
      * Add an additional sed command to samba-common.postinst to cleverly
      apply the same sed command from the previous commit to upgrades from pre-ucf
      * debian/patches/manpage-encoding.patch: fix up the manpage synopses to
      Creating directory for import
      Load samba-3.2.0pre2 into branches/samba/upstream-3.2.
      Drop dpkg-dev and binutils from Build-Depends, since the versioned
      nitpick a typo :)
      minor language tweaks to preceding change; and our setting for
      debian/patches/no-unnecessary-cups.patch: don't try to connect to a cups
      Load samba-3.2.0rc2 into branches/samba/upstream-3.2.
      take 3.2.0rc2 back off of the upstream branch; everything should now be in order
      merge 3.0.30 into the debian branch... three releases late(!)
      Romanian debconf translation updated
      Load samba-3.2.0 into branches/samba/upstream-3.2.
      upstream-3.2 branch is now the upstream branch
      merge samba 3.2 experimental branch to unstable
      drop libwbclient.so symlink, which we aren't using anywhere
      Re-add docs/registry to samba-doc, restored upstream
      roll back a bzr property that was copied from the experimental branch; this may
      Move schannel_store.tdb out of /etc/samba to /var/lib/samba, where it
      Upload to unstable.
      Add a patch that somehow went missing in the 3.2 merge
      document the tagsUrl directory for svn-buildpackage, so we don't have to look
      document that mutex.tdb is ok for /var/run
      * Brown paper bag bug: add a change to debian/patches/fhs-filespaths.patch
      mark for upload
      Build-depend on keyutils only on the linux archs.  Closes: #493401.
      Load samba-3.2.1 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.2.1
      use 'UNRELEASED' until we're ready to upload, for extra dch goodness.
      patch update for 3.2.1
      * New patch debian/patches/shrink-dead-code.patch: throw all .o files into
      * Build-depend on libcups2-dev | libcupsys2-dev, to facilitate backports.
      document another upstream bugfix
      mark for upload
      no need to prime the list of contributors in the blank changelog, dch will do
      cifs.upcall should only be enabled on Linux archs; and should be installed in
      really move cifs.upcall to /usr/sbin
      don't leave dead code commented out
      no renames for libwbclient, either
      this patch had to be adjusted for 3.2.2 anyway, so make sure it applies cleanly
      New patch debian/patches/CVE-2008-3789-ldb-permissions.patch, fixing the
      take care of fixing up the group_mapping.ldb perms on upgrade
      High-urgency upload for security fix
      mark for upload
      Load samba-3.2.3 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.2.3
      use the upstream fix for CVE-2008-3789, since 3.2.3 is a targeted security fix
      mark for upload
      Add missing manpage for cifs.upcall; thanks to Per Olofsson for pointing
      Load samba-3.2.4 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.2.4
      new upstrem version.
      we don't need to move cifs.upcall around, it's now installed to the right
      refresh patches for new upstream version
      Merge samba-3.3.0 into branches/samba/upstream.
      merge upstream 3.3.0
      merge revisions 2197:2203 from experimental
      merge revisions 2217:2223 from experimental
      merge revisions 2238:2521 from experimental
      merge revisions 2525:2532 from experimental
      remove patches that aren't needed for 3.3.0
      add a missing header file that should have been here since 3.2 on, but missed
      import 3.3.0-2 upload
      * Re-add smb.conf fixes that were dropped in the 3.3.0 merge to unstable.
      Vietnamese updated.  Closes: #515235.
      Slovak updated.  Closes: #515240.
      Make samba conflict with samba4, not with itself.
      releasing version 2:3.3.0-3
      Build-Depend on libcap2-dev.  Closes: #51851.
      Belarusian added.  Closes: #516052.
      updated Swedish debconf translation
      debian/patches/fhs-filespaths-debatable.patch: Add a missing prototype
      releasing version 2:3.3.0-4
      also fix up cache_path to treat its argument as const
      Add Vcs-{Browser,Svn} fields to debian/control.
      When populating the sambashare group, it's not an error if the user
      * debian/libpam-smbpass.pam-config, debian/libpam-smbpass.postinst,
      debian/patches/fix_wrong_gnu_ld_version_check.patch: new patch to fix
      refresh debian/libsmbclient.symbols for 3.3.1.
      bump the versioned dependency for libpam-runtime to match the version that
      releasing version 2:3.3.1-1
      Add missing debhelper token to libpam-smbpass.prerm.
      document bugs closed upstream
      document an Ubuntu bug closed upstream
      libcap2-dev is only available on Linux, so make this build-dependency
      updated Esperanto translation from Felipe Castro
      this is a VCS; don't comment things out, remove them properly (and fully) if
      Recommend logrotate instead of depending on it.  Closes: #504219.
      debian/patches/undefined-symbols.patch: fix up patch so that it's
      debian/patches/proper-static-lib-linking.patch: apply the rules to
      revert 2830; setting a one-minute timeout is an inferior solution when we can
      Enable the ldap idmap module; thanks to Aaron J. Zirbes.  Closes: #536786.
      debian/control: samba-common-bin has no reason to depend on
      * debian/samba.pamd: include common-session-noninteractive instead of
      rename debian/samba.pamd to debian/samba.pam and call dh_installpam
      don't call pyversions from debian/rules, this throws a useless error
      fix up the list of files that need to be removed by hand in the clean
      remove a few more files in clean target
      debian/rules: fix the update-arch target for the case of unversioned
      Pull avr32 into the list of supported Linux archs.  Closes: #543543.
      Fix LSB header in winbind.init; thanks to Petter Reinholdtsen for the
      Change swat update-inetd call to use --remove only on purge,
      Add missing build-dependency on pkg-config, needed to fix libtdb
      debian/patches/external-tdb-support.patch: fix the Makefile so it works
      Add a patch header; and oops, this is about libtalloc, not libtdb.
      and set the variable in the right spot
      resurrect autoconf.patch, needed for external-talloc-support
      debian/rules: build with --without-libtalloc
      really fix the libtalloc dep - don't built static libtalloc either here.
      one final tweak to the patch
      releasing version 2:3.4.0-4
      Make samba Replace: samba-common, since /etc/pam.d/samba accidentally
      revert previous change - this needs to live in samba-common for samba4
      Move /etc/pam.d/samba back to samba-common, because it's shared with
      also have to pass an option to dh_installpam to DTRT :(
      releasing version 2:3.4.0-5
      adjust patches for new upstream version, which partially fixes the
      Don't build talloctort when using --enable-external-talloc; and don't
      releasing version 2:3.4.1-1
      and remove talloctort references from debian/rules
      ./configure --disable-avahi, to avoid accidentally picking up an avahi
      releasing version 2:3.4.1-2
      * The "I hate non-declarative alternatives" upload:
      Revert the "bashisms" fix from version 2:3.3.0~rc2-4; "local foo=bar"
      no, winbind.lintian-overrides was added for a reason - do not create shlibs
      Add a PAM profile for pam_winbind.  Closes: #566890, LP: #282751.
      winbind.prerm: don't forget to remove the PAM profile on package
      Fix winbind.pam-config to not interfere with password changes for
      revert changes to the samba logrotate script, which are irrelevant since this
      Drop the per-release smb.conf templates, only needed for upgrade paths
      Call /etc/init.d/samba directly from the logrotate script instead of
      Fix a bashism in the samba postinst that can cause the package
      Add symlink from /etc/dhcp/dhclient-enter-hooks.d to
      releasing version 2:3.4.8~dfsg-2
      Danish (Joe Dalton).  Closes: #592789.
      restore accidentally dropped patch
      debian/patches/fhs-filespaths.patch, debian/samba.postinst,
      and make sure adapt_machine_creation_script.patch gets added back to the series
      revert wrong changes to update-alternatives handling, which don't seem to
      revert more wrong changes to update-alternatives handling, which don't seem
      debian/control: winbind needs libpam-runtime (>= 1.0.1-6) for
      minor translation fix
      normalize the po file formats
      fix broken spacing in debian/control, which breaks the update-archs rule...
      Fix debian/rules update-archs target to not add extra spaces on every
      mark this as fixing bug #594088, not partially-fixing it
      move this change to a new changelog entry where it belongs, so I don't lie to
      use the correct title template for samba
      Don't export DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS in debian/rules, this is only used locally.
      Use dh_links instead of manually creating directories and symlinks from
      skip creation of other directories that can be autocreated for us
      --without-cifsmount is now used on all platforms, move it to the common args
      drop stale files for the long-gone smbwrapper package
      Switch from dh_movefiles to dh_install and adjust for debhelper compat
      Where possible, use dh_installman and dh_install's support for target
      We don't need to mess with perms on usr/include/libsmbclient.h anymore
      group our directory creation together with file installation
      Use debian/clean instead of removing left-behind files by hand in the
      Convert debian/rules to dh(1).
      Don't run debconf-updatepo on clean; not worth the divergence in
      Don't install debian/README.build in the package; this is really only
      Bump to debhelper compat level 9 and build libraries for multiarch.
      Drop Makefile.internal from libsmbclient-dev examples so that we can mark
      don't forget to actually add the Multi-Arch header
      don't use dh_makkeshlibs on winbind since that will actually *create* a shlibs
      Exclude .c files from dh_compress, so our .c examples can build out of
      libwbclient-dev also checks out as multiarch clean
      Bump build-depends on debhelper to 8.9.4, so we ensure we have
      fix a typo in the winbind lintian file
      Use DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE instead of passing override options to
      move more options into DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE instead of -X options
      don't exclude .c files from dh_compress after all, because we have no sane way
      be a bit more brief
      * Pass --sourcedirectory=source3 to dh instead of having to pass it to each
      panic-action needs to be installed executable
      ironically, adding Makefile.internal to DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE means dh_clean won't
      Drop a few configure options from debian/rules that shadow the built-in
      debian/libsmbclient.lintian-overrides: yes, we know the package name
      releasing version 2:3.5.11~dfsg-2
      Split winbind into separate packages, winbind and libpam-winbind,
      get the current version comparison in Breaks/Replaces
      releasing version 2:3.5.11~dfsg-3
      Lintian override for libpam-winbind; it's not a shared library so doesn't
      export DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS := hardening=+bindnow, taken from Ubuntu.
      releasing version 2:3.5.11~dfsg-4
      debian/patches/initialize_password_db-null-deref: Avoid null
      Mark samba-common Multi-Arch: foreign.
      Fix the libpam-winbind description to more accurately identify the
      Use Debian copyright-format 1.0 in debian/copyright.
      changelog cleanup
      never use Debian revision numbers in .symbols files
      Restore the DHCP hook.
      releasing version 2:3.6.6-2


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