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Thu Jan 26 21:43:10 UTC 2017

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        at  34d40d3   (tag)
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  replaces  upstream/4.5.0+dfsg
 tagged by  Mathieu Parent
        on  Mon Oct 31 14:53:55 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 4.5.1+dfsg

Amitay Isaacs (3):
      ctdb-protocol: Fix marshalling for GET_DB_SEQNUM control request
      ctdb-recovery-helper: Add missing initialisation of ban_credits
      ctdb-common: Add routines to manage PID file

Andreas Schneider (4):
      nsswitch: Add missing arguments to wins gethostbyname*
      nsswitch: Also set h_errnop for nss_wins functions
      s3-lib: Fix %G substitution in AD member environment
      s3-utils: Fix loading smb.conf in smbcquotas

Andrew Bartlett (17):
      selftest: Correct name of samba4.blackbox.dbcheck.release-4-5-0-pre1
      pydsdb: Raise TypeError for type errors, rather than incorrectly raising an LdbError
      ldb-samba: Add new extended match rule DSDB_MATCH_FOR_EXPUNGE
      kcc: Move kcc/kcc_deleted.c into kcc/garbage_collect_tombstones.c
      dsdb: Rework kcc_deleted() into dsdb_garbage_collect_tombstones()
      dsdb: Rework more KCC service-specific details out of dsdb_garbage_collect_tombstones()
      dsdb: move tombstone lifetime calculation out of dsdb_garbage_collect_tombstones()
      dsdb: Expand garbage_collect_tombstones to expunge links also
      python: Add binding for dsdb_garbage_collect_tombstones()
      samba-tool: Add command-line tool to trigger tombstone expunge
      dsdb: Expose ldb error string to dsdb_garbage_collect_tombstones() callers
      dsdb: Use a date comparison in the search to avoid returning all deleted objects
      selftest: Add test for 'samba-tool tombstones expunge'
      samba-tool: Run samba-tool domain tombstones expunge in a transaction
      dsdb: Add comments to dsdb_garbage_collect_tombstones()
      lib/ldb-samba: Add test for DSDB_MATCH_FOR_EXPUNGE match rule
      dsdb: Do not check isDeleted as a possible link

Anoop C S (1):
      vfs_glusterfs: Fix a memory leak in connect path

Björn Baumbach (1):
      s3-printing: fix migrate printer code (bug 8618)

Bob Campbell (2):
      dsdb: refactor part of garbage_collect_tombstones into new function
      copyright: Add the missing notices for garbage collect tombstones

Christian Ambach (5):
      s4:param add log_level function to retrieve log level in Python code
      tests/param add a test for LoadParm.log_level
      python/drs_utils: do not attempt to parse log level, use parsed value
      python/join: do not attempt to parse log level, use parsed value
      s4:samba_spnupdate: do not attempt to parse log level, use parsed value

Christof Schmitt (2):
      idmap_ad: Fix retrieving credentials from clustered secrets.tdb
      winbind: Fix passing idmap failure from wb_sids2xids back to callers

David Disseldorp (2):
      smbd/ioctl: match WS2016 ReFS get compression behaviour
      torture/ioctl: test compression responses when unsupported

Garming Sam (13):
      kcc: Don't check schedule if None
      gc_tombstones: Typo fix
      torture: Remove unnecessary whitespace
      rpmd: Add the ldb error string to a debug
      rpmd: Remove the seq_num check for skipping additional work
      rpmd: Add a TODO regarding the additional work performed
      rpmd: Skip bump of USN when vanishing forward links
      tests: Assert vanishing links doesn't bump USN
      tombstone-expunge: Assert than an expunge does not bump the USN
      dbcheck: Make it clearer about temporary output
      tests: Check that USN bumps when modifying a linked attr
      tests: Skip a test for reveal internals for passing Windows
      dbcheck: assert uSNChanged values in release-4-5-0-pre1

Günther Deschner (1):
      s3-spoolss: fix winreg_printer_ver_to_qword

Jeremy Allison (19):
      lib/poll_funcs: free contexts in poll_funcs_state_destructor()
      lib: poll_funcs : poll_funcs_context_slot_find can select the wrong slot to replace.
      s3: winbind: Make WBC_AUTH_USER_LEVEL_PAC prime the name2sid cache.
      s3: auth: Use wbcAuthenticateUserEx to prime the caches.
      s3: winbind: refresh_sequence_number is only ever called with 'false'.
      s3: winbind: Trust name2sid mappings from the PAC.
      s3: winbind: Ensure we store name2sid with the correct cache sequence number.
      s3: nmbd: Add fd, triggered elements to struct socket_attributes.
      s3: nmbd: Ensure attrs array mirrors fd's array for dns.
      s3: nmbd: Now attrs array mirrors fd's array use it in preference.
      s3: nmbd: Add (currently unused) timeout and fd handlers.
      s3: nmbd: Add a talloc_stackframe().
      s3: nmbd: Change over to using tevent functions from direct poll.
      s3: nmbd: Final changeover to stock tevent for nmbd.
      s3: winbind: Remove dump_event_list() calls.
      s3: server: s3_tevent_context_init() -> samba_tevent_context_init()
      s3: events. Move events.c to util_event.c
      s3: cldap: cldap_multi_netlogon_send() fails with one bad IPv6 address.
      s3: libsmb: Fix cut and paste error using the wrong structure type.

Karolin Seeger (3):
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.5.1.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.5.1 release.
      Revert "script/release.sh: use 8 byte gpg key ids"

Martin Schwenke (17):
      ctdb-tools: CID 1125617 String not null terminated (STRING_NULL)
      ctdb-tests: CID 1125635 Dereference null return value (NULL_RETURNS)
      ctdb-ipalloc: Store known public IPs in IP allocation state
      ctdb-ipalloc: Whether IPs can be hosted need not depend on merged IP list
      ctdb-ipalloc: Optimise check to see if IPs can be hosted
      ctdb-ipalloc: Drop known_ips argument from merged IP list creation
      ctdb-ipalloc: Move merged IP list creation to ipalloc()
      ctdb-ipalloc: ipalloc_set_public_ips() can't fail
      ctdb-tests: Factor out new local daemons functions ps_ctdbd
      ctdb-tests: Add new public IP takeover no-op test
      ctdb-packaging: Fix systemd network dependency
      ctdb-daemon: Use PID file abstraction
      ctdb-daemon: Bind to Unix domain socket after PID file creation
      ctdb-daemon: Don't try to reopen TDB files
      ctdb-daemon: Drop attempt to connect to Unix domain socket
      ctdb-daemon: Log when removing stale Unix domain socket
      ctdb-scripts: ctdbd_wrapper should never remove the PID file

Mathieu Parent (1):
      New upstream version 4.5.1+dfsg

Noel Power (2):
      Add a blackbox tests for id & getent to test domain at realm type credentials
      s3/winbindd: using default domain with user at domain.com format fails

Ralph Boehme (2):
      s3/smbd: in call_trans2qfilepathinfo call lstat when dealing with posix pathnames
      s3/smbd: set FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY as necessary

Stefan Metzmacher (5):
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.5.1...
      s3:nmbd: fix talloc_zero_array() check in nmbd_packets.c
      HEIMDAL:lib/krb5: destroy a memory ccache on reinit
      s3:libads: don't use MEMORY:ads_sasl_gssapi_do_bind nor set "KRB5CCNAME"
      s3:libads: don't use MEMORY:ads_sasl_spnego_bind nor set "KRB5CCNAME"

Uri Simchoni (6):
      s3-sysquotas: correctly restore path when finding mount point
      s3-cliquota: correctly handle no-more-entries
      smbcquotas: fix error message listing quotas
      cliquota: fix param count when setting fs quota
      smbd: free talloc context if no quota records are available
      ntquotas: support "freeing" an empty quota list

Volker Lendecke (6):
      smbd: Reset O_NONBLOCK on open files
      gencache: Bail out of stabilize if we can not get the allrecord lock
      glusterfs: Avoid tevent_internal.h
      spoolss: Fix caching of printername->sharename
      lib: Fix bug 12291
      kcc: Fix a -Werror,-Wformat-security error


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