Bug#399945: libsdl1.2debian: NumLock modifier broken.

Bart Oldeman bartoldeman at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Nov 22 23:42:20 UTC 2006

Package: libsdl1.2debian
Version: 1.2.11-7
Severity: normal

Bug #317010 contains a patch to optionally change the handling of numlock
and capslock. However, it was applied in reverse; the default behaviour
has changed, and you only get the standard (stock SDL) behaviour if you set

I suggest changing

++static char *SDL_UseLockKeys;
++      SDL_UseLockKeys = getenv("SDL_DISABLE_LOCK_KEYS");
++      use_lock_keys = ( SDL_UseLockKeys && *SDL_UseLockKeys );


++static char *SDL_DisableLockKeys;
++      SDL_DisableLockKeys = getenv("SDL_DISABLE_LOCK_KEYS");
++      use_lock_keys = !( SDL_DisableLockKeys && *SDL_DisableLockKeys );

below is a simple test case: just press numlock a few times and look at
the terminal output.

/* compile with gcc -I/usr/include/SDL -lsdl test.c */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <SDL.h>

int main(void)
        SDL_Event event;
        SDL_SetVideoMode(640, 480, 16, 0);
        for(;;) {
                while(SDL_PollEvent(&event)) {
                        switch (event.type) {
                        case SDL_KEYDOWN:
                        case SDL_KEYUP:
                                printf("sdl:numlock is %s\n",
                                       event.key.keysym.mod & KMOD_NUM ?
                                       "on" : "off");
                        case SDL_QUIT:
        return 0;

-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
  APT prefers testing
  APT policy: (500, 'testing')
Architecture: i386 (i686)
Shell:  /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash
Kernel: Linux 2.6.18-exec-shield-1
Locale: LANG=en_NZ, LC_CTYPE=en_NZ (charmap=ISO-8859-1)

Versions of packages libsdl1.2debian depends on:
ii  libsdl1.2debian-alsa          1.2.11-7   Simple DirectMedia Layer (with X11

libsdl1.2debian recommends no packages.

-- no debconf information

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