Package sdl-sound1.2 ready to fly

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo manuel.montezelo at
Sun Feb 5 21:02:42 UTC 2012


So I prepared a release with which I am basically happy, please review
and upload when you're happy too.


- Adopting the package, as agreed with Ari Pollack

- Conversion to newer standards, as usual (including multi-arch, build
hardening and so on)

- Revisiting debian/copyright and conversion to DEP-5, it's now much
more documented than before (individual copyrights of some files, etc)


- It's developed by Ryan Gordon (icculus), but not along and the main modules (mixer, image, ttf, etc).  So some
things differ, e.g. it didn't switch to zlib/libpng license, doesn't
have pkg-config files that the late versions of the other modules
have, and it's really at version 1.0 (even if the source and bin
package names in Debian contain the "1.2" too)

- I changed the source package name from libsdl-sound1.2 to
sdl-sound1.2, as discussed on IRC a few days ago.  Mostly for
consistency with the rest, even if the main one (libsdl1.2 and 1.3)
break the rules here.

- It contained the example programs playsound and playsound_simple and
their manpages.  I removed them because I don't think that they belong
in lib packages.  I don't know if we treat all of the examples like
this one, but with e.g. showimage of sdl-image we only ship the source
code and a makefile, as ship it in ...-dev.examples

- It contains library symbols file, but apparently incomplete, and I
don't know how to deal with them yet.

Finally, I think that with this package everything related with SDL
(and not being gamewhatever-sdl, mediaplayer-sdl or bindings to
languages) is under the team umbrella.  Did you notice anything else


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