official release of SDL_sound with SDL2 support

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Thu Apr 8 16:34:17 BST 2021

>  From my scan of the shortlog, it seems like SDL2 is now supported in both
> the master & stable-1.0 branches, with master dropping SDL 1.2 support.
> Have I understood this correctly?  If so, are you planning on making any
> future releases to signify this? Ultimately, I'd like to get a new version
> of SDL_sound, which supports SDL2, into Debian proper -- rather than the
> current package based on 1.0.3. This would be made easier if there were an
> official release to base the package on.

My plan is to get an actual 2.0.0 release out shortly. Just need to test 
and tweak some things.

Do we need a new 1.0.x release, too, to support SDL 1.2-based packages?


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