[Pkg-shadow-devel] Re: Bug#131654: [Adduser-devel] Re: Processed: Re: --force-badname unsupported by groupadd

Christian Perrier bubulle@debian.org
Tue, 8 Feb 2005 17:13:56 +0100

> > We should probably consider some day declaring useradd and groupadd
> > obsoleted by adduser and addgroup which have far more features.
> useradd is the standard way that is available on most UNIX systems.
> additionally, adduser uses useradd to do the actuall adding of the new
> account.
> adduser, otoh, is a Debianism.
> To use other words: adduser is the front-end, useradd is the back-end.

OK, fine. I was completely missing that point. My remarks are thus
irrelevant, of course.

So, now, my problem is that I absolutely don't see where is the bug

adduser --group --force-badname nameservercontroller
Adding group `nameservercontroller' (1006)...

In other words, groupadd is OK with the mentioned group name.

This was probably corrected during the upstream switch from
20000902 to 4.0.3 which occurred on Sep 18 2002.

Hence closing the bug report.