[Pkg-shadow-devel] Re: [debian-bugs@coolhack.net: lastlog: fails when high UID's present]

Christian Perrier bubulle@debian.org
Mon, 10 Jan 2005 18:06:55 +0100

Hi David, 

I started looking at this bug report this week-end and first tried the
solution you propose, ie using appropriate CFLAGS.

There has also been some comments from Tomasz, upstream author, in the
bug log, mentioning that the bug is fixed in upstream versions.

As you probably know, Debian's shadow package is quite late (4.0.3
with several patches, especially to su) when compared to upstream
(4.0.7 being prepared).

There is no chance that I can manage to put 4.0.7 in Debian sarge, so
if we want to fix this bug, we have to backport upstream changes.

However, up to now, Tomasz did not send me the needed patch for
that...and it may be likely that he won't. I can't put pressure on him
about this as, after all, not having followed upstream closer is more
Debian's fault than his.

So, we (Debian) are more or less on our own. And my own skills are not
enough for dealing with this, I repeat this again.

At the moment, I would need a test case for knowing whether my fix
(just changing CFLAGS) is enough or not.

I tried to create a user with a UID of 2000000 and have him log
in...and then later use "lastlog". However it does not fail...even
with 4.0.3-30.7...:-). This just creates a giant lastlog file in
/var/log, but lastlog still works.

So, do you think you can provide me with a test case? Or could you
test my built packages? Or any kind of help on that matter,