[Pkg-shadow-devel] Yet Another Shadow to go in testing

Christian Perrier bubulle@debian.org
Sun, 23 Jan 2005 09:29:22 +0100

In the process of making shadow of one of most babelish packages in
Debian as well as break the record for the number of successive NMUs
to a given package, a few translations have been added in the
4.0.3-30.8 release.

After 6 days, no critical problem has been raised against the package,
so it is certainly ready to enter testing.

So, if one of our beloved release managers could drop the small magic
in the appropriate place for this to happen when the 1 days delay has
been reached, I will add a few bits to the gratitude I already owe to
you all.

In the same time, the maintenance team for shadow is slowly being
built and plans for further updates of the package (post-sarge) are on
their way. People who would be interested in helping here, please
contact me privately. Please don't followup to -release.