[Pkg-shadow-devel] Announce: shadow 4.0.16

Tomasz Kłoczko kloczek at zie.pg.gda.pl
Tue Jun 6 06:00:39 UTC 2006

4.0.16 was released and new tar balls are avalaible in usual location


My current (short) TODO list for next version:
- finish work on automation for translate man pages using xml2po and
- add -x, --exclude option for usermod (symetric to -a, --append)
- merge some pending patches form Debian (mainly minor changes).

This version have partialy finished automation for translate man pages.
Current status of this part:
- now is possible maintain .po files in man/<lang>/ directory
  (is avalaibnble update-po target in this directory),
- three languages have now more or less finished .po files for man
  pages: fr, pl, ru,
- if anyone want jon to above next language they must copy
  man/shadow-man-pages.pot to man/<lang>/<lang>.po and add <lang> to
  man/Makefile.am::LINGUAS variable (if it will be performed in
  --enable-maintainer-mode next run make will regenerate all Makefile),
- in man/ directory is avalaible gen-xmls target which allow genereate
  all translated xml files for languages specified in
  man/Makefile.am::LINGUAS variable.

To finish this must be:
- added generate translated roff files,
- fix some bugs in XSLT sheets. For example now during generate roff
  files are not translated NAME and SYNOPSIS section titles (all this
  kind bugs must be fixed with docbook XSLT sheets maintainer).

Current version shadow requires docbook-style-xsl-1.70.1 for regeenrate
roff files.
I think in next version or so will be possible finish this.

comments ?

shadow-4.0.15 -> shadow-4.0.16                                05-06-2006

*** general:
- userdel: better fix for old CERT VU#312962 (which was fixed in shadow
  fixed forgoten checking of the return value from fchown() before
  proceeding with the fchmod() (based on Owl patch prepared by
  Rafal Wojtczuk <nergal at owl.openwall.com>),
- userdel: use login.defs::MAIL_DIR instead hardcoded /var/mail in
  created mailbox path (based on Owl fixes submited
  by Solar Designer <solar at openwall.com>),
- by default do not use libshadow_getpass() as getpass() replacemement.
  Use libshadow_getpass() only when S/KEY support is enabled.
  Current glibc getpass() handles correctly longer than 8 characters
  passwords and libshadow_getpass() is used only because libc getpass()
  do not handles password prompting with echo enabled,
- move login.defs::MD5_CRYPT_ENAB to non-PAM part,
- userdel: rewrited for use getopt_log(),
- install default/template configuration files:
-- if shadow is configured with use PAM install /etc/pam.d/* files,
-- if shadow do not uses PAM install /etc/{limits,login.acces} files,
-- install /etc/login.defs and /etc/default/useradd files,
- fixed handle relative symlinks too in lib/commonio.c
  (merge patch from Fedora),
- properly notify nscd to flush its cache
- useradd, usermod: fixes for verify return values mkdir() and chown()
  on copy files (merge 482_libmisc_copydir_check_return_values Debian
- login, su (non-PAM variant): export MAIL only when MAIL_CHECK_ENAB
  is enabled (Mike Frysinger <vapier at gentoo.org>),
- pgck, grpck: warn when the members of a group differ in /etc/groups
  and /etc/gshadow (fixed http://bugs.debian.org/75181),
- su: fixed exit with a status 0 when the invoked command is terminated
  by a signal which was not catched
  (fixed by Eero Häkkinen <eero17 at bigfoot.com>),
- login: cancel login timeout after authentication so that patient
  people timing out on network directory services can log in with local
  accounts (http://bugs.debian.org/107148),
- chgpasswd: fixes for build correctly with --disable-shadowgrp
  (patch by Johannes Winkelmann <jw at tks6.net>).
- updated translations: cs, da, es, eu, fi, fr, gl, hu, id, pt, ru, sk,
  sv, vi.
- new translations: hu.
*** documentation:
- new cs man pages: groupmems(8), groupmod(8), grpck(8), gshadow(5)
  (by Miroslav Kure <kurem at upcase.inf.upol.cz>),
- regenerate roff man pages using docbook-style-xsl-1.70.1,
- bunch of cleanups in chfn(1), faillog(8), gpasswd(1), groupadd(8),
  groupmems(8), limits(5), login(1), login.defs(5), newgrp(1),
  passwd(1), passwd(5) and su(1) (by Yuri Kozlov <kozlov.y at gmail.com>),
- update pl vipw(8) man page,
- added chgpasswd(8) ru man page,
- updated ru login.defs(5), passwd(1), userdel(8), usermod(8) man pages,
- pw_auth(3) man page removed (outdated),
- install limits(5), login.access(5) and porttime(5) man pages only when
  shadow is builded with PAM support disabled,
- passwd(1): better document how password strength is checked
  (fixed http://bugs.debian.org/115380),
- usermod(8): added missing -a option description
  (by Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>),
- hu chsh(1), lugin(1), newgrp(1): fixed typos
  (by Koblinger Egmont <egmont at uhulinux.hu>),
- login.defs(5): remove information about CREATE_HOME (patch by
  Mike Frysinger <vapier at gentoo.org>),
- chgpasswd(8): new man page.

Current translations statistics:

language  translated  fuzzy  untranslated
  bs          41       15      335
  ca         355       31        5
  cs         391
  da         391
  de         330       41       20
  el         353       32        6
  es         391
  eu         391
  fi         391
  fr         391
  gl         391
  he          78       42      271
  hu         391
  id         359       28        4
  it         359       28        4
  ja         248       92       51
  ko         311       53       27
  nb         359       28        4
  nl         359       28        4
  nn         296       58       37
  pl         391
  pt         388        3
  pt_BR      359       28        4
  ro         359       28        4
  ru         391
  sk         391
  sq           7        5      379
  sv         387        4
  tl         359       28        4
  tr         296       60       35
  uk         348       35        8
  vi         391
  zh_CN      359       28        4
  zh_TW      311       54       26

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